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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  June 28, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> the number of people homeless this morning after the overnight rain leads to a roof collapse. we'll have that number for you. not over yet. parts of our area will be moving out. also, your taxes are going up. we'll have the reason you may see a higher bill next year. good morning, everyone, today is tuesday, june 28th, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. we have a lot to get to including the toll the overnight rain took on a home. first, a check on the parts of our area still getting rain right now with katie and a look at whether the rain impacting roads with meisha. >> good morning, they are impacting roads actually. we have couple of accidents out there. we have some debris in the roadway, a lot of construction, but the dent is where my focus is right now.
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>> and the rain still falling depending where you are, you saw it on storm scan. let's take you right on out to a snapshot basically on the radar, where the rain still falling quite heavily, across southern new jersey, especially, and into portions of delaware. so, this first batch is beginning to move away. however, we are not as we just said out of the woods just yet, even when it does winds down, so a lot of moisture currently building up in the atmosphere, heavy rain currently falling through specially cumberland, cape may counties, and this is going to slow you down, where your travels take you here, certainly not going to be waking to up quiet weather in these locations either. now, temperatures as they stands are generally into the low 70s across most of the board, back to the 60s up in the poconos, very muggy start to the day, so we're building up that moisture content in the atmosphere, again, setting stage for even another round of showers and very likely thunderstorms later today. once we hit the later part of the day specially if we get enough sunshine could end up seeing locally stronger thunderstorm out of this.
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any thunderstorms that do erupt later today do look like very likely scattered in nature, not wash out after day but definitely unsettled one, meantime, you'll notice that humidity creeping up on you the second you walk out the door, meisha, a over to you. >> going to be one of those days, katie, thank you so muchment looking outside, first accident of the morning, the skewing eastbound, onramp from 26th street, left lane of the ramp is now blocked. it was completely block for just a moment while maneuvering around, so again, the schuylkill eastbound, onramp from 26th street, that left lane, is partially block right now, but it is going to be fully block as they're intermittently trying to get this thing out of the way. make mother of. that will also, waking to up vine closures overnight construction between the schuylkill and broad, westbound and eastbound still clothes dollars, toyed deal with that this morning as well. good news the roads in this area still look dry. for now. we'll see how long they stay dry today with the on and off
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showers we will be getting construction here downingtown 202 southbound route 401, one lane blocked there, lower providence township egypt road, another accident this morning, brooke, over to you. >> one man dead, another in critical condition after this crash in middletown township. the two cars collided around 11 doctor 30 last night at frosty hollow road, levittown. police tell us the 60 year old man died in the crash, right now, investigators are trying to figure out if speed or alcohol were factors. >> just as rain moves through the region, checked out the damage, good morning, jan. >> reporter: good morning, l & i has already been to the scene and has already deemed this home uninhabitable for the time being. that means, four adult, and one little girl, are left without a place to stay.
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fortunately, everyone off to other housing, authorities see the damage from the outside, but take a lock at the individual joe, see how the sealing came down inside of the tioga home. collapse lands about 10:30 last night, 2300 block every west atlantic streetment folks who live here tell us heavy rain seeped through the roof, brought the sealing down, adult inside including pregnant woman and nine year old little gill were not injured. "eyewitness news" spoke to the building manager of this boarding house just short time ago. >> there was a leak and then the roof came down. before this everything up to code, landlord on top of everything, he is not a slumlord, everything is all right. however, when i got here, just water coming out. >> came home from work, singing to go to sleep, took a shower, and, you know, i come home, and can't even go in my room. i got to go somewhere else to go to sleep, ridiculous. >> now, again, the red cross has been to the scene, is
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helping all of these people with temporary housing this morning, and the building manager tells us, l and i will be back out here on the scene little later today, to reassess the damage, in daylight, figure out exactly what happened, and determine how to get affix in place. we'll stay to up date with the story, for now live in tioga, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news", brooke, jim, back to you. >> right now philadelphia police officer is not just off the job, he's in jail. that's after investigators say he robbed a man, of cash. philadelphia police officer michael winkler is suspended for a month and likely to be fired. bristol township police say winkler on duty when he drove to meet several men. men say winkler hired them to do work at one every his properties and set up the meet to pay them, but they say winkler demanded one of them hanover all of the cash in his pocket. winkler now tied to robbery, theft, harrassment, a 16 year veteran of the department. >> a man is charged with murdering his wife with a crossbow in northeast
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philadelphia. the couple married just nine days. forty year old paul confess today killing 42 year old pamela night hunks lineer sunday night, 3100 block. willits road. they say he shot her in the chest with a crossbow and the victim died at the hospital. both have two children each, but all were away at the time. >> this morning folcroft police officer chris door man is at home after getting hero welcome at his hometown firehouse. (applause). >> check out that huge rounds of applause, as he left pen presbyterian medical center, among the people who greeted him philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett. you remember he too was shot on the job, hit three times in a ambush attack in january. as for officer dorman, he's thankful for the support. >> i would like to say thank you for everybody for being therefore me and my family and my fellow brothers in blue
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through this, and everybody support me. i appreciate it. >> of course we still have a long recovery, but dorman said he's ready to get back to work as soon as he can. >> how do you notice these police cruisers parked along admiral wilson boulevard? camden county police say it is a reminder that officers are out there. police chief scott thompson tells our sister station the patrol cars discourage various crimes from robbery, to graph eat i. police also say there are additional cameras on the boulevard, and some of the cameras have caught vandals in the act. >> well, if you live in philadelphia, you may be among the 23,000 or so property owners who will see increase in next year's tax bill. the pew philadelphia research institute came up with that figure after a city-wide reassessment of land values. the city adopted ten year tax abatement in 2,000 to spur development. now, with the reassess many of the amount of the abatement on
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thousands of properties has dropped. >> today expected to learn more about plans to give north broad street a facelift to encourage economic development. the community development cover ration is revealing its strategic plan this afternoon. the non-profit governs the stretch of north broad street from city hall to germantown avenue. now, right now, we know the first steps will include picking a company to take over the maintenance, later they'll started a g safety patrols and putting in brighter lights, details of the plan are being unveiled this afternoon, at the mural loft on north broad street at 5:00 p.m. the law firm associated with consumer advocate aaron brock very much will meet with horsham residents to address water concerns. found in the ground water forcing many public and municipal wells to close. council wants the navy to paul all costs a owes ate dollars with the issue since it is linked to activity on local military bases. justin finch with live update on tonight's meeting in the next hour. >> and plans for development
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in maple township, have run into a roadblock. the development called the cardinal crossing would be built off of sprawl road in the side of the old don glennellen school. with just three days before the sale, township leaders still questioning the decision by the archdioces to sell the land to the developer. some neighbors think the development would be too much. >> the development that he just wants to put in there is four times the size of the granite run mall complex. it is huge. >> the $47 million deal is still expected to close thursday. but township leaders say the most attractive option for the lands is leaving it as it is. now, we have reached out to cardinal crossing real at this, but they have not returned any of our requests for comment l. >> coming up: talk about a bump in the road. >> seriously, imagine you are riding down the rolled, when a hole opens up in front of you. when police in one california town are actually having to warn about. finds out about the one thing
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being blamed after a rash of sinkholes open up when we get back. >> tough talk, the strong words from a scottish leader in parliament, and the dramatic action he says his country may take in response to brexit. we'll be right back.
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yesterday, the scottish national party leader in parliament said when it comes to the eu, scotland is not going anywhere. >> we are an european country and we will stay the european country. if that means we have to have an independent referendum, then so be it.
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>> about 62% of scott's vote today remain in the european union. meanwhile, ikea plans to unveil details after recall on millions of dressers. they're blamed for the death of three children, including a boy from west chester. the mom dressers can tip over if they're not fastened to the wall. that's how two year old curren died in 2014. last year ikea distributed repair kits advising owners to attach the dressers to the wall, since then, a third child has died from a falling chest. >> california town is dealing with sinkholes opening up unexpectedly. four have developed in the last week, and the most recent one opened up sunday. now, take a look, this is south of fresno. california highway patrol said truck driver noticed dip in the pavement. when he drove past it the road gave way, damaging two cars behind the truck. the drought affecting the region may to be blame, so drivers being warned to watch out. here in our area, roads were slick, thanks to the rain that moved through the area. you can see here, people along tenth and market had their umbrellas handy as it came
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down last night, and katie, a chance for some areas to get even more rain today? >> absolutely there is system isn't completely out of here yet guys. even though it may look free and clear in wake of the wet weather currently falling here in our area, this is going to be an area that starts to bubble up with activity as the day progresses once more we'll show that you in future weather. but for now, kind of just in the midst of the worse of what at least is falling currently across the mid-atlantic, up to the northeast, very heavy rain currently through the delmarva, specially southern most new jersey, we will again see more activity on the radar as the day goes on, catch little bit after break, but don't bank it will stay that wayment throughout the course of the day, so lets track this, 4:00 a.m., initializing pretty darn well. heaviest rain currently through the southern tear of our area. then we jump you all the way to lunchtime. catch again bit of a break for the late morning, into the very early afternoon, eventually more speckles start to show up on the radar, looks as though some spots could end up with locally strong
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thunderstorm. at this point, we do sit in slight risk for severe weather through the northwest most corner of our region actually how future weather also predicting it, so heavy rain, gusty win, possibility of small hall, as well, even into the overnight toward midnight overnight we'll likely still have some rain to dodge. then we start to clear things out, gets progressively nicer and nicer. let's take you through the rest of the day. mid 80s the expectation, few more clouds, limit the heat, scattered thunderstorms, man muggy outside, will linger all day, later tonight we drop down to 68 still scattered variety of showers, thunderstorms. looking ahead we start to transition away from the muggies wednesday, see the clouds breaking for more and more sunshine, as that happens, setting ourselves up for gorgeous looking thursday. primarily, seeing sunshine on both friday, saturday, for that matter, it will be hot for sure, both days could also trigger shower or a thunderstorm. >> nice pay off, thanks. morning, giles, not even in the 5:00 hour i can tell you, we've just started with a bang, so right to t we have
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this truck fire right here, take a look at this, route one southbound at business route one. blocking part of that obviously the shoulder but part of the right lane, as well, crews are there, right now, trying to get this under wrap for you. what's also happening, in the only do they have the market in the road now, you have lot of gaper delay a lot of people already putting on the brakes. so this struck still fully engulfed with flames, i'll let you know as soon as it gets under wrapsment again route one southbound business route one use caution around the area or avoid it altogether if at all possible. the vine was closed overnight for construction between the schuylkill and broad, westbound side now opening, eastbound side still closed do have accident here lower providence township egypt road rittenhouse road. also water main break lawndale, see this lawndale street closed between tioga and bristol. use alternate, probably best bet is hunting park avenue. just make note of this. this has been the juniata section, also construction passyunk, i'll get to in a in just a moment, jim, back over to you. >> thank, meisha a coming up on "eyewitness news" this
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>> welcome back, if you are headed out the door stay updated when katie's forecast on sister station "kyw news radio" 10606789 also the pennsylvania state house is expected to send the senate a budget bill today ahead of thursday's deadline. some montgomery county college students are truly changing the landscape on mars, and a promising development for drug for women at risk of breast cancer because after gene mutation, check in two, three, four times a day, on "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. >> well, time now 4:49. time for check on business news. >> mine watch's jill wagner joins us live this morning, from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill, another bad day at the markets on monday, after the brexit vote. any chance today will look
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better? >> reporter: well, so far actually, yes. most asian markets rebounded today and closed higher, european markets are also trading higher this morning, the brexit aftermath has wiped out 900 points from the dow in just two days, the pounds is at its lowest level in three decades, yesterday, s&p's stripped the uk of its top credit ratings, so, certainly last of the fall out from this, but maybe today things will start to turn around. brooke, jim? >> hopefully, i'm not looking at anything related to my 401k until december, exactly. jill, we hear pepsi is changing its recipe on diet soda again? >> reporter: that's right. so pepsi is putting as pertain back into some of it diet drinks, less than a year after removing the artificial sweetner, because some customers had health concerns about it. well, now, customers say they don't like the new taste. so the sweeter is going back into pepsi max, which is being re-brands dollars as pepsi zero sugar diet pepsi though
4:51 am
still will not have the as per tame. >> i can't do diet soda. >> i can't even keep up with all of the names. i have one, pepsi or coke. i don't drink all of this plus, extra, jazzy stuff. >> thanks a lot, jill. >> if you can't pronounce it, probably not good for you, right? >> that's a good plan. >> check in with you in the next hour. if you are just waking up with us, you may hear some rain falling outside. >> those showers won't stay with us all day, though, when we come back katie will tell us the time they're expected to move out and when the next round of rain comes in.
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still locally steady rain currently falling here in our area. most notably down near some of the shore points, in southern new jersey just in general. so that's where we will turn our focus, give you sense of what's happening. not everyone getting hit obviously here, highly localized but through delaware specially cumberland, cape may, atlantic counties, let's zero in.
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you have pretty soaking rain coming down, at the moment, though, no embedded thunder or lightning, all rain, that's at least good. you don't have to worry about any thunderstorms with this, how much, some of the rain falling very steadily, we zero in on heaviest rainfall intensity, talking just over inch per hour. >> this isn't going to be with you the entire hour, over any given location, but, it is going to lead to some brief and very heavy downpours, as you're trying to travel say the garden state parkway here. now, what can you expect the rest of the day? unfortunate news, guys, not out of the woods, by this afternoon scattered again, scattered, but locally heavy showers and thunderstorms are set to fire up again. some of those could be locally strong, and looks like the best shot for the strongest storms, would go to the northwest corner of our area, lehigh valley, inland suburbs, out toward the farmland, that's where you will very likely finds heaviest storms, hail, gusty winds, likely threats there. by wednesday though we transition away from not just the storms but also the humidity, and thursday looks like beautiful day. at this point, meisha, a the holiday weekends should be nice summer like weekends, as well.
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>> that's good, that's the pay off. all right, katie, thank youment well, this morning, if we just look at this morning, i can tell you guys, not even the 5:00 hour and already string every incidents, let's get into it, truck fire see the truck still fully engulfed with flames, route one southbound at business route one. the right lane leading to up this is blocked the ramp to route one, southbound, is also blocked right now, crews are trying to get this under control. so just make note, if you're even headed in this direction, it will start to get very slow, we will start to see the gaper delay, crews trying to get this under wraps not to mention the fact when you see something like this no doubt about it you will put on your brakes and take a peak what's going on. that's what we're dealing with right there, vine, closed overnight, westbound side, now reopened between the schuylkill and broad, eastbound side still closed, we do have accident this morning, lower providence township egypt road at rittenhouse road, not had any report on what's exactly block. make note it is out there. water main break in juniata, lawndale street closed between tioga and bristol street. have to use alternate, hunting
4:56 am
park avenue, passyunk bridge between 28th and 61, blocked intermittently between nine a.m. and 3:00 p.m. you will have to use alternate platt bridge will be your best bet. jim, brooke, back to you. >> meisha, right now doctors are looking for way to combat the zika virus, new research finds another mosquito born disease could be the answer. >> that diseases fever, researchers say people engaged when fever develop anti bod that's cross-react with zika, neutralizing the virus, now conducting experiments to see if the anti bod kiss help create effective zika vaccine. >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3, "eyewitness news", pregnant woman is attacked at work, wait until you hear the reason why. >> also ahead, we will talk about the legislation of pennsylvania senator proposing after the supreme court's ruling on abortion. >> and we will tell you where it rained so hard, one resident went tubing down her street. we're back at the top of the hour, stay with us.
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>> well, a soggy start to your tuesday morning, much of the area saw rain overnight, a live look at storm scan3, shows, moving offer to the sea, but katie is tracking more storms headed our way. >> also, new this morning, one person is dead, and another is critically injured in a crash in bucks county. we'll show you why investigators are say this stretch of road is particularly dangerous. and the rainy weather being blamed for causing a roof to collapse in the city's tioga section, liver with the residents were displaced how they're being hemmed this morning. well, today is tuesday, june 28th, good morning everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. katie and meisha are here keeping an eye on things this morning. >> were you busy this morning. >> good morning, very busy guys, truck fire on route one, water main break, we have a sinkhole problem, we have
5:00 am
accidents out there, so a lot going on. so i'll get to that in just a moment, but kate when is the rain coming in. >> here is the thing, rounds moving out right now, looks like there will be fresh rounds of showers and storms that reignite later on. so right to the maps, show you what's going on at storm scan at the local level. heavy rain currently very localized across southern new jersey, portions every delaware, heaviest rain obviously into new jersey, right now, but, regardless, even though this is going to taper off, we will see some sun here today, you cannot get too used to the fact that the sun will shine, because eventually fresh rounds of showers and storms reignite. so this is some pretty heavy stuff. we have rainfall rate over an inch per hour currently falling in the areas. so you're getting doused. but there is a break on the horizon, and in addition to this, though, notice how muggy it is when you walk out the door, whether the rain is falling or not, you have dew points flirting with or actually into the 70s here, so really, really moisture rich air mass, and as that translates to the thermometer, base lurks the closer that dew point gets to the air temperature, thee


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