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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 29, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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to that in a moment. but katie, the vine is now opened. >> thankfully. >> yes, now thaw are here. >> i'm telling you, it makes your morning rough. >> vine is opened,. >> if you can save two or three minutes, on your commute. >> especially when you get up at 2:00 a.m. >> you said it, sister. thankfully things are not dry for guys out there in the hard hats and girls too but is there a transition mode on storm scan three. even in the last couple hours there is still a couple little bits on the radar. they have been cleared in cape may county here one little pocket of very, very light mist that may still be falling across this area, however, further northwest, more it starts to clear out nicely. with that said things are not only clearing out overhead but when it comes to the atmosphere cleaning itself out. that is where it drops off. air temperatures are still off
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to the nice and mild start in the poconos they cool off a bit here but in the lower 70's in ac, wildwood, cover at the airport as well and within that range by a couple degrees here in other locations, pal my, yeah mount holly both check in the upper 160's. looking forward in the forecast we may still feel muggy walking out the door. we are still transitioning. we will start off mug which time that dew point drops lower and lower and as it does so skies will continue to clear for more and more sunshine. by 3:00 p.m. beautiful afternoon. eighty-four and sunshine and feeling a lot more comfortable. coming up later in the show, of course we have holiday weekend upon us. we have promised some heat but does weather cooperate? i'll have the answer later in the show. meisha. >> thank you. good morning. if you are just waking up with us, happy wednesday to you. looking at ben franklin bridge we are looking good, nice, quiet starting off we have had an overturn vehicle at spring garden just to update you,
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that is all clear. ben franklin bridge also looking good. dealing with some construct for sure in the new jersey area, route 322 both directions at new jersey turnpike we have roving moving vehicles until 5:00 a.m. that should be lifting any moment now. construction on i-95 north between girard and allegheny we are reduced to one lane wednesday and thursday between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. i will tweet this all out for you as well. we have more construction walt whitman bridge between toll plaza and the vine all lanes block intermittently between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. on thursday. this is something you want to pay attention between those driving between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. you will to have use an alternate. ben franklin bridge is your very best bet. we have an accident here disable vehicle the rather 295 southbound at route 42 freeway. right lane is block right now and also a little bit more, down trees in campbell lane, tree limb into wires. make net of that. it ace lieutenant have
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information. i will tweet it out for you. brooke, over to you. a cabdriver was stabbed multiple times in camden. >> lets get out to "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao live at the police station with the latest. what have you learned so far. >> reporter: jim and brooke good morning. we have confirmed that the man stabbed here in camden was an on duty cabdriver and taken to the hospital in pretty bad shape after being stabbed a number of times. police are not releasing much information but do take a look, this is where it would all happen, where stabbing victim was fun just after midnight, his cab ended up here in the parking lot of the apartment at state and north front street. an ambulance was called to that location but when medics arrived victim had pneumonia taken to the hospital. his company five star cabs says taxi was in service and driver was on duty at the time of the assault but cab company is not releasing any other information this morning. police are investigating trying to figure out exactly what happened and what led up
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to the stabbing and they are trying to track down suspects. we have reached you the to many contact den county police and we are waiting more information, we will bring it straight to you. for now we are live, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim and brooke back over to you. one person hurt have after this fire in germantown. this is new video back from the scene on the 200 block. we are told that the homes only occupant was rushed to temple. right new we are trying to get an update on the condition with you we do know fire is under control. turkey's busiest airport has partially reopened after suicide bombers killed at least 36 people and injured dozens more. >> u.s. intelligence source believes it has all of the trademarks of an isis attack. tina krause is live from london as the investigation continues. good morning, tina. >> reporter: jim and brooke, good morning. the istanbul's airport is major hub to sit is in africa and across the middle east. it was 11th busiest airport last year and it was packed
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with travelers at the time of these attacks. this video posted on social media appears to show moment one of the explosions tore through turkey's largest airport on tuesday. shortly before the blast turkish officials say assailants armed with ak-47 opened fire at entrance of the international terminal. this footage appears to show an officer taken one down moments before the suspect blew himself up. outside the airport frantic passengers ran to safety as emergency crews rush into help the wounded. >> one guy had holes in his back from blast. >> reporter: ors rushed to the nearby hospital where victims were being treated. this turkish man was desperate looking for his mother. distraught relatives, were behind him. while there has been in claim of responsibility federal officials tell cbs news that the incident has all of the hallmarks of the isis attack.
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speaking from aspen secretary of state john kerry says attacks like these are signs that the militant group is getting weaker. >> we have to get it right 24/7, 365, they have to get it right for ten minutes or one hour. if you are desperate and losing and you want to give up your life, then obviously do some harm. >> reporter: officialness turkey are assessing the damage at the airport as investigation continues to un fold. just this week u.s. state department issued a public warning that terrorist groups both foreign and tomorrow stick were seeking to attack americans. as of right now no u.s. citizens are confirmed to be casualties of these attacks. jim and brooke. >> thanks, tina. >> tina, were there any americans in the airport. >> there were some, we are finding out through twitter and facebook, people tweeting what they witnessed. most remarkable steven nabill was on his way back from his honeymoon with his new wife
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and they were in the airport transit go through istanbul heading back to new york city. they had separated. he had gone upstairs to get food while she was at a coffee shop. he heard gunfire. he started running toward her and they hidden side a closet in an hair salon. they felt like sitting ducks. she was injured in a tax. >> it is one of the busiest airport in the world. thanks tina for up that tait. stay with "eyewitness news" as we learn more about the terror attack in particular. we are constantly updating our web site cbs also overseas, eu leaders are meeting in brussels for a second day to discuss brexit vote. david cameron says it is up to britain to deciding whether to start divorce proceedings. we will have more on how wall street is reacting to the brexit developments in the next half an hour. in an hour we are expected to learn more about the treks of the campaign 2016 with the release of a new quinnipiac poll seven topics will include
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candidates and growing ranger of the campaigns. mr. trump was in pennsylvania yesterday, to discuss trade deals, and the economy. miss clinton was visiting a work force trach center in denver. now abington township police hope you can help them fine the suspects who stole a wallet at the whole food store in jenkintown. police are looking for one man and two women seen in the surveillance video they say three stole a shopper's wallet last week and then used victim's credit card for more than $4,000 in purchases at blooming dale's in the the willow grove mall. if you have any information call the police right away. it is supposed to be a reminder of the world we are living in. radnor police will hold a seminar on how to react to the active shooter situation. community is welcomed to attend, there will be discussions on lone wolf attacks and survival strategies. it is from 6:30 to 8:00 at township's moon mal build than on ivan avenue. also, local lawmakers will
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observe a national day of action to disarm hate. this is a continuation of the last week's historic congressional sit in. congressman boyle, mayor kenney and representative brady are joining the conversation at city hall at 10:45 and they are demanding action on key gun violence prevention policies. in other news it appears likely that there ab a casino strike in atlantic city on industry. president of the local 54 unite here, bob mcdevitt, says at least one casino will see workers on the picket line. he said talks continue at bally's, caesars, trump, tropicana and taj mahal. other casinos are not affect but union wants to make sure casino continue to provide a decent middle class living for its workers. still ahead, you won't believe a helicopter crew member took a suspect down. they were running from police. >> that suspect had been just hit by a police cruiser. hear from authorities about the hectic scene.
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plus this... also ahead a suspect record himself during a police chase, we will tell you what he did in the moments before the pursuit. and wild weather out west continues, this is no winter wonderland, that is hail, that fell in denver yesterday. here at home katie is updating the holiday weekend forecast coming up. >> ♪ mega millions jackpot is growing this morning. we will tell you what it is up to when we come right back, stay with us.
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kfc. it's extra crispy good. hey there your dreams of hitting the big in the lottery are still alive this morning no one won last night's mega a
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millions drawing for 390 million-dollar, and i thought meisha won because she's always sipping in the morning. but here are the numbers in case you won a smaller prize, 517, 20, 35, 55 and mega ball is seven. jackpot now jumps to 415 million-dollar on friday, july r mega millions so far this year in the game's third biggest jackpot ever. >> wow. >> it was like a police chase in a a move any houston on tuesday. an officer jumped out to take down the bad guy. the burglary suspect was on the run in an opened field when police swooped in. chopper flew low and used its rotor wash to slow down suspect. sergeant jumped out and tackled the suspect. >> i work patrol and worked streets a long time before being promoted. after i was promoted, my goal, we have a suspect, bad guy, we do whatever it takes to get him in custody. >> police officers then moved
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into help make at rest. another bizarre police chase caught on video in ohio but get this, the person taping, was the actual suspect. police say that a woman got in the argument with her boyfriend and then he took off in her car with her cell phone. when police caught up with the suspect he refused to pull over and began recording the chase on her cell phone. >> as they are driving, they are noticing he keeps sticking cell phone out of the sun roof of the car. he is basically videotaping from his point of view this car chase. >> police say that the pursuit lasted about 15 minutes through the streets of the akron before smith came to a stop, thankfully no one was hurt in the crash, and smith is now facing several charges. wonder why. search is on in texas for three train work hours went missing following a fiery crash. the two freight trains collided yesterday morning in the town of panhandle near amarillo. one worker jumped from the
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train and is okay. woman captured head on collision on her cell phone. investigation is underway to determine if positive train control was used. the new technology can automatically stop a train before a collision. wild weather continues, across much of the nation. this was the scene in denver, colorado yesterday afternoon. they dumped bucket of rain and even hail. flash flood warning, in spots and at its peak 4,000 customers were without power. >> um-hmm. katie, i woke up this morning, did it rain again? i keep sleeping through this. i looked outside and said it is wet. i don't to have water the plants. >> apparently something moved through. we had strong thunderstorms that rumbled through parts of the delaware valley, jim and brooke but at this point that system is pulling away. you don't to have worry about these ghost showers anymore but we are going to see things clearing out nicely for a couple days here and high pressure regaining control. we will get back to what is going on across the front range of the rockies and right
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now it is relatively small area, being affect, but you're getting hit hard where it is coming through in kansas right now very heavy rain, you can see that wind driven, bowing that takes place when you have those kind of severe thunderstorms rumbling in here. this system thankfully in the spec to do much. we will end up with more sunshine then anything in the next couple of taste, as we look at what is happening right now this is still transition through our area because this front, a little sluggish but wet weather is basically done at this point and cloud lifting. now with that said we do still have another light wind as well as enough moisture that it looks like this, outside, in a lot of spots. visibility isn't this poor in most locations but we will have some patchy areas of very dense fog. typically we will see not only campus at pleasant valley middle and high school here but mountain in the distance. clearly you cannot tell. maybe in the clearly that is not the right word to use but you cannot see much beyond this point in the foreground.
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keep that in mind you could run into those issues but with that said we will go back now as we start to wrap up june, can you believe june is almost over here? we will look at how we faired. we will end up with temperatures in the 90's and as low as 50's here but precipitation as well as temperature in the terribly out of the ordinary above or below average here but we do end up with one full degree above seasonal average. quick check of the beach forecast if you are hitting the waves, uv index is high, partly sunny but with the humidity starting to drop off it end up a nice beach day. overall this entire seven day is looking like great beach weather. there will be a shower or thunderstorm on friday very early saturday and otherwise we are looking at sunshine, meisha, good stuff. >> looking at fourth of july it looks beautiful, thanks so much, katie. it is hard to imagine like katie said june is almost over. don't even get me started what is coming next. we are looking at downingtown 202 southbound, route 30 bypass, just imagine a all we
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will see, all day, gorgeous shot here on 202. anywhere in downingtown we are looking at this morning including this area right here is looking very nice. plymouth meeting same story here, blue route southbound at ridge pike moving in the southbound direction you're in great company. looking good both from the southbound direction and north bound side. anywhere basically in plymouth meeting is looking good. where we are heating up is majors like schuylkill, starting to heat up, i-95. we have a vehicle in the fence at welsh road and pine road that has not been cleared out of the way. also we have a down tree in springfield, flourtown avenue at campbell lane a tree limb in the wires. crews are trying to get that cleared out. that will slow you town just maybe a little bit. just know it is still out there construction on the walt whitman bridge both directions between the vine, both lanes blocked between evening 0:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. until thursday. you will to have use the ben franklin bridge. brooke and jim, back over to
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you. new for a look at newspaper headlines across our region. >> delaware county daily times manufacturer of the county's 911 system is looking into what caused a system glitch during the shooting of folcroft police officer christopher dorman. during the incident emergency services computer began rebooting while a dispatcher was speaking with officers on the scene and communications were cut off for four minutes. on the cover of the times hurled, an early morning by montgomery county sheriff deputies netted 12 dead beat parents. eleven men and one woman were arrested. collectively they owed more than 50 you this dollars in child support for 20 kid. in the bucks county courier times, n icu cameras provide live stream video are helping family keeps an eye on their premature babies. lehigh valley hospital center started with nine of the cameras and now have 40. abington, jefferson health just got 38 cameras after a couple made a hundred thousand
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dollars donation, following the care of their twins. that is a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. still ahead could phillies make it two in a row in arizona in we have highlights from their late night game. >> tributes pour in for former eagles coach buddy ryan who passed away yesterday, we will hear from the voice of the eagles merrill reese when we come right
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i love that shot. phillies wrap up their road trip with day baseball today in arizona diamond backs ace zach, left last night's game with the injury after just two innings but still a good come back to win. andreas blanco had a rbi single and ryan hurt drew a bases loaded walk to out last
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d backs four-three. phillies won back to back games for the first time since last month, and i would say that is progress. >> indeed it is funeral arrangements are being planned for former eagles head coach buddy ryan. this morning tributes pour in from all across eagles nation. the sports director don bell has a look at some of the memories being shared. >> buddy bowl was sim will if you played defense for him, he loved it. if you played against his defense, you hated it. buddy ryan is arguablably the greatest defensive mind in the history of the game. yesterday he lost his battle with cancer. he was 85 years old. he created the famed 46 defense in 1984, he was master mind behind a bears defense that set nfl record 72 sacks in the single season. that same defense led bears to the title in 85. buddy was head coach of the eagles from 86 to 91. he was fired after three straight playoff seasons with first round exits, reaction from those who knew him best.
5:26 am
>> they loved buddy ryan because he had that blue collar tough mentality and like the city of philadelphia, he was particularly against the dallas cowboys. he hated the dallas cowboys. >> he knew about entertainment. football is entertainment. so he puts on little act but when you get to know him a real good person, committed, loyal person. so i knew if i ever were to get in the jam or in a situation where i needed help, buddy ryan is one of the guys i could call. >> just a great character. the nfl it is a big loss to the league. he will leave a great legacy behind but buddy ryan is a huge looks to football. >> buddy ryan gone at the age of 85. that is all for sports. i'm don bell. have a great day. coming up in the next half an her of "eyewitness news" we will hear from local travelers about heightened security precautions in the wake of the airport attack in turkey. plus we will check on wall
5:27 am
street for how markets are reacting, justin. a celebrity super advocate is lending her support to local worries with war business their drinking water. coming up more on their meeting in willow grove and the cause of their concern, jim. vegas is used to strange marriage ceremonies with you this may top them all, it is not who they are marrying but what he is marrying. we will explain when we come (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them.
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cameras captured a moment of blast goes off in a crowded airport in turkey. impact was so powerful that the cameras in to this image. good morning i'm brooke thomas. i'm jim donovan. we will shoal you more from inside the terminal but first here's what you need to know before i start your day in the morning minute. >> we all ran the other way and then the bombs went off. >> turkish, u.s. officials say all signs point to isis behind attack on istanbul's airport. three suicide bombers killed 36 people and wounded 147 others,. >> we are looking for answers and clean water and we're going to help you


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