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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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cab moments after stabbing its driver. >> hispanic male, late teens, early 20's, light colored shirt. >> reporter: family and friend say victim is juan fortune a driver for five star cabs now recovering at the hospital. >> i don't think he is doing very well, but he is hanging in there. >> reporter: around midnight was dropping off the suspect at these apartments in north camden. >> when he got the to the location his fare asked to go to a remote location. >> reporter: he refused. >> the taxi driver did not have have a good feeling about that. >> reporter: then second later the cabdriver was attacked. >> suspect then asked for change for a 50-dollar bill. >> he said he looked in the rear-view mirror and guy said what are you looking at? then he like red flag, immediately. >> he began to attack the cabdriver, and stabbed the cabdriver several times in the upper shoulder area about four or five times. >> no one knows, but no vital organs. >> reporter: he purposely
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crashed his car in the park car on the lot. >> it was a reaction to him being attacked and, you know, quite certain it was a defensive move. >> reporter: neighbors rush to help but the suspect still managed toes scape. fortunately tonight, that cabdriver is in the hospital, and in stable condition, a cord to go family and friend. he is expect to make a full recovery. the camden county police department has not yet made any arrests if you happen to know who that person is in, that surveillance video, of course, pick up the phone and call police. we're live from camden greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thanks very much. president obama is pledge to go dismantle organizations, of hate. the president expressed his condolence to the turkish people during a meeting in canada today. suicide bombers killed at least 41 people the at one of the world's biggest airports on tuesday. more than 200 people were wounded. so far no one has claimed
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responsibility. but turkish officials are blaming the a tack on isis, islamic state terror group. cbs news correspondent jonathan vigliotti has latest on the investigation. >> reporter: work crews rushed shards of glass from empty window frames in the airport and passenger, went past reminders of the tuesday's deadly terror attack. >> unaudible. >> reporter: this businessman return to the airport after witnessing yesterday's triple suicide bombing. >> suicide killers blew you himself up. >> reporter: turkey's government is blame the a tack on isis although islamic state group has not yet claimed responsibility. president obama who is meeting with north american leaders in canada has spoken with turkey's president. >> we have offered all assistance that we have available to our alley, turkey, and we stand prepared to assist them during this difficult time. >> reporter: security experts say that the attackers were targeting the airport's large crowds. >> these individuals likely
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were not as well armed but trained and certainly had coordinated before the attack and likely planned this out for a number of weeks if not months. >> reporter: airports around the world increased security in response to the attack. >> vatican city jonathan vigliotti for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". federal government wants to screen the social media of foreign travelers to help identify possible terrorist. home land security department proposal was entered into the federal register last week. it the is now in a 60 day public comment period before it is formally considered. under this proposal foreign will travelers would be asked to volunteer their handles on social media platforms like facebook and twitter. meantime pope francis and pilgrims in st. peters square took pray to the people of turkey following the terror attack. he asked the lord to convert the hearts of the violent. pope francis visited turning any 2014. after striking a tiehl with the new jersey assembly governor christie is trying go to do the same with the state
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senate, to fund transportation needs. he has agreed to raise the gas tax while lowering the sales tax but not everyone is on board. new jersey reporter cleve bryan joins us in trenton where the governor is trying to build support, cleve report report ukee, it is one of those spend a little bit more here and save here, that is the deal governor christie work out with the new jersey assembly going in to 1:00 in the morning on tuesday, now he has got to get the senators on board. >> good afternoon, everybody. >> reporter: after doing what many never thought possible, governor christie took the podium wednesday to explain why he has agreed to a plan with the state assembly to raise the gas tax 23 cents per gallon. >> the fact is it will help to i am have prove mass transit in our state, it will help to improve roadways in our state and help to improve bridge necessary our state. that is all a good thing. that is what compromise is all about. >> reporter: governor ended the deal lowering the sales tax from 67 to 6 percent.
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the average driver would spend an extra $100 per year in gas steaks but the average household saves about $400 a year in sales tax. plus part of the deal lowers income tax on people who are retired. >> i have never signed a tax increase in the seven years as governor. i'm not particularly thrilled to have to sign this one, but i have have said all along that if that represented a tax fairness, that i would do that. >> reporter: but it taste more than two to tango. governor must get the senate to pass the plan which they convene on thursday. earlier today democrat and majority leader loretta weinberg strongly criticized the beal which she says is far different from the senate plan passed through commit thee last week. >> this is the worst government, the worst kind of government being done at a really inappropriate time. >> reporter: christie believes the gas and sales tax trade off to fund transportation needs will get done. >> the assembly got their work done time for the senate to get their work done.
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>> reporter: governor says that if the senate does approve the plan, the 23 cents per gallon tax increase could go into effect just in time for fourth of july travel, so hold on to your extra four or five bucks to fill up. reporting live, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i hear you, cleve. on the cbs-3 healthwatch the first cancer moon shot summit was held at cancer centers all across the country including here in philadelphia it was hosted by vice-president joe biden who is leading the project. health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more. >> it was a big summit. goal to get researchers, doctors, drug companies and patients working together to speed up cancer research, and, treatment. more than 6,000 cancer experts and patients took part in this summit today from all 50 states. hundreds of leading cancer experts joined vice-president joe biden and actress carroll burn it at howard university for the first cancer moon shot summit. >> we hold future generations to take this moment.
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>> reporter: both biden a and burr net lost children to cancer. >> today is remarkable for many reasons, none the least of which is hope. >> reporter: the vice-president called for doubling the progress against cancer in the next five years. >> time matters. days matter. minutes matter. >> reporter: biden outlined several initiatives including expanding patient participation in clinical trials and improving data a sharing among researchers. he also threaten to cut federal funding for cancer stud that is don't submit results on time. many doctors hope that the moon shot meetings will lead to better access to treatment for everyone. >> some places some patients really do get great care and get access to the new drugs but frequently they don't. >> reporter: twenty year cancer survivor, kathy, attended the d.c. summit. >> i believe more we share information more cures we will see. >> reporter: cancer research has come so far but still has a long way to go. now the obama administration
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has pledged $1 billion to jump start the cancer moon shot mission but vice-president biden says that there need to be a lot more cooperation, between pharmaceutical companies, and research hospitals. and coming up at 6:00 o'clock the sum from it fox chase today, where a mom fighting for her life spoke out. we will bring you her story at 6:00. >> she was very impact full. >> thank you you, stephanie. weather-wise, it is a beautiful day. one speed bump on the way to the holiday weekend. meteorologist kate bilo is live on the cbs-3 sky deck with a first lot the forecast, kate. >> fantastic to be out here on the skies deck, i am in the shade but not all that steamy out here. temperatures in the 80's, late june summer day but there is a nice breeze from the west and humidity has been dropping. lets take a quick look at storm scan three and not much to see there. we have got clear skies across the region, some showers, developing right along the pennsylvania, new york state border, those should stay away indicating where our breeze is
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coming from. out of the north and west. that will continue tonight and tomorrow. humidity values continue to drop through next couple hours and they will be comfortable as well. temperatures right now cooler to the north at 71 in mount pocono. eighty-one in a allentown. eighty-six in atlantic city. west wind means shore towns staying warmer, sea breeze right on the sand. eighty-four in philadelphia right now and 18 down in wilmington delaware. here is difference, dew point was 71. dew point right now 55, that puts us in the pleasant range and with this next breeze and low humidity it feels pleasant. humidity keeps on tanking for the next day or so. we will talk about that next blip on the radar when we can see more rain moving in and latest on the holiday weekend including the chance for possibly a little will bit of wet weather on fourth of july monday i'll tell you if it will impact your outdoor plans coming up when i join you you inside. for now back over to you.
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still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight fire on the plane heading to philadelphia a, passengers look out to see fire fighters dousing flames, we will hear their frightening story and why one woman said it could have been worse. you have to play to win, mega millions sores, and you need to get your tickets. the cradle of liberty prepares for its moment in the spotlight, how crews getting ready for their fourth of
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and a american airlines flight headed to philadelphia, catches fire, just before take off, in seattle. officials say that flight 728 was on the runway out of seattle tacoma international when smoke started coming out of the back of that plane. investigators sigh a sparking auxiliary power unit just below tail section started a small fire which was quickly extinguished. no one was injured. passengers said the incident could have been much worse. >> i was traveling with my 12 year-old son, he was more
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concern then me. we're on the ground, son, thank goodness it didn't take off and then they saw the smoke and the flames. >> i had to tell my mom that they found that and i'm here so i know she was worried especially traveling so far away. >> that mom was probably very happy to hear from him. flight was rescheduled, 151 passengers and six crew members left for philadelphia at 2:00 this afternoon. $75,000 cash bail stand for two lehigh county men charged in connection to a weapon seizures at holland tunnel last week. lawyers for john cranston and dean smith attended a bail reductions hearing in north jersey to day. they wanted a judge to allow their clients to post 10 percent of their bail instead of the full amount. the judge denied their request. he and smith are facing weapons charges for allegedly driving into new york city with guns and ammunition women arrested with the pair retained a new lawyer, and was not in court. local lawmakers teamed up with anti gun violence
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advocates in philadelphia for a rally in observance for national the day of action to disarm hate. >> the gun violence in philadelphia and all across this nation is senseless. >> participants demanded action on congress from key gun violence prevention policies. a local woman who lost a son to gun violence one years ago came out in support of the new gun control legislation. >> unaudible. >> my son and all of the other sons and daughters hoff been taken from their families. >> organizers say that the day of action was a continuation of the last week's unprecedented sit in by democrats, on the house floor. the mega millions jackpot has grown to 415 million-dollar, that is the third largest jackpot in mega millions history. one lucky ticket was purchased for last night's drawing in new jersey, christie's bar and grill in egg harbor township
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sold one of two, one million-dollar mega a millions tickets. friday's drawing is the tenth largest in the u.s. lottery history. if you took the cash option it would be $286 million. now here are the numbers in case you won a smaller prize, 15, 17, 20, 35, 55, and the mega ball is seven. the jackpot jumps to 415 million-dollar on friday, july t for mega millions so far this year in the game's third biggest ever. >> putting together, the lottery do you collect money. >> i can do it. >> i saw something happening in the news room. >> you have to join those because, can you imagine if they all won. >> my lawyer is on speed dial. >> i love y'all but hey. >> that would not be fair. >> i'm in on that pool. >> through go, through go. >> we hit the weather lottery today and it looks like a
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great fourth of july weekend. we have a couple blips as we talk about heading toward the holiday weekend but otherwise things are looking really nice out there. it was beautiful outside today if you get a chance to head out, take a walk after din are, nice night to do it. we will take you down the shore and what a perfect day down the shore as well, and after 5:00 o'clock 5:17, still a lot of folks playing in the surf this evening. water temperatures, generally right around 70 degrees up and down jersey shore. not as cold as it was and we will continue to warm up heading toward fourth of july weekend. looking really nice in ocean city cape may county at the moment a few kids out in the water and parents as well. that would be wet suit before i ventured in 71 degrees ocean temperature. but better than 65. lets look at our live neighborhood network where we have some fluffy couple less cloud from reading. kutztown about the same, blue skies, 77 degrees. beautiful afternoon there middletown ship high school in cape may courthouse it is
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gorgeous, blue skies, clouds, what a great night to be down the shore taking a walk on the sand. in the city, pretty nice as well. storm scan three looking good. we have a few showers through portions of new england that system impacted much of the the region yesterday starts to get out of here. we have high pressure building through the day tomorrow that will keep us dry and comfortable. lets take another look at water vapor loop and may remember yesterday i showed you this same graphic. we had humid air right over philadelphia now that humid air is out to sea and we are enjoying this nice sweep of dry air, moving in from the north and west. you can see how it is moistening up the blue shading off to the west that will get back in here for friday a and humidity levels rise. take a look at how dew point has tanked in the past 24 hours, down 16 degrees and you will feel that in the air outside. the last night was very steamy. this evening, feeling fantastic. future weather keeps us clear, dry as we start off your thursday with sunshine, through the day everything
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looks good but friday, that is when things change this next system approaches. moisture pulled from the south. we can have a shower or thunderstorm anytime. breaks of sun here and there as well. 11:00 p.m. friday still dealing with showers and clears out nicely as we head in the start of the holiday weekend. overnight we are dropping down to 648 degrees? 64 degrees. that would be a little hot. eighty-seven tomorrow. sunny and nice. a pol guys for that typo there don't want to scare anyone. here's you're witness wet per day forecast which keeps temperatures right where they should be, 60's at night, 80's during the day. if you are traveling, getaway weekend for upcoming holiday, that could slow you down on friday but sat the day looks great, you do have something to talk about for fourth of july monday that could impact fire works, i'll tell but that next hour. >> thanks, kate. still ahead tonight, parenting in the world of social media can be a august war.
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>> one dad cut matters in his own hand when he had fun with the this. >> how do we follow that up? i got nothing. well, sort of. rahim thompson wanted to give kid another choice. he took matters in his own hand but not quite like. that don't miss remarkable story about one of the best playground leagues in the country, sports coming up
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if america's favorites - (vo)burgers, tacos and chili ask could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch.
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don's here now and often we talk about professionals. >> yes. >> sports isn't just about the pro players. >> the pros, no. >> you to have give back. >> no, it business giving back and also about those trying to achieve their dreams, pros, college, et cetera. >> yes. >> we have some stuff to talk b exactly a week ago city of philadelphia a parks and recreation department handed out sports volunteer award. hardware went to rahim thompson of the chosen league. after watching this story, you'll see why rahim deserves
5:24 pm
all of the props he gets. in the summer at tenth and olney you can see future nba stars hone their craft in the chosen league. it was founded by rahim thompson in 2002 as a way to help kid stay out of trouble. >> a lot of people complain about the youth of fill but like i say you cannot complain about the youth if you do not give them outlets. if they see people from their community to if i have back and in the community, it inspires them. >> reporter: only sponsored high school league in the country free of charge to the players and fans, and several nba players have been a part of the chosen league. >> you can see kyle lowery, shane clark, you can see wayne nelson, you can see the morris twins, dahntay cunningham and all these dudes they all played here. >> reporter: brahim using the league to teach players skills that they can use the rest of their lives. >> it teaches them discipline, being on team, and it teaches them to be accountable. >> reporter: kids hope to be noticed by coach and get full
5:25 pm
or partial scholarships. >> in college, i go to college for free if i can play this game. if i don't go to the nba, go to college get my degree. >> reporter: many former players come back and coach and teach the next generation. >> it put me in more kid lives, made moore accessible and allowed me to touch and motivate more kids, by using the league as a platform. >> reporter: and a community has embraced brahim and chosen league. >> bringing the community together as a whole, you know, they don't come here from every different neighborhood to watch a basketball game and there is no problems whatsoever. they are here for one thing, to see the best high school basketball players in the city of philadelphia. >> amazing league. also want to let you know this is a stat that wasn't in there, since 2002, 1300 players in this league have had full or partial scholarships to college. 1300. >> i like what that young man said if he doesn't make it to
5:26 pm
the next level, getting those grade. >> through go. >> i agree. >> that is what it is all about. >> thanks, don. coming up next how city is preparing for democratic national convention today and getting ready for the fourth. if you think that fourth of july celebration just lasts for one day, welshing then you have never celebrated here in the city of philadelphia, i'm alexandria hoff and coming up i'll explain preparations that go into planning such a big event. beyonce, kanye, rihanna, will they drop new albums this year. what you need to know. >> we will talk about it. then new a at 6:00 tonight is there something fishy swimming around a local lake and it is causing concern, invasive fish has made its way to our region, what it is and the problem associated with
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setting the stage for american birthday, preparations kick nothing to high gear across the city for is what expect to be philadelphia's most exciting fourth of july celebrations, yet. there are also many free activities around the city leading up to the big event. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30 good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm ukee washington. alexandria hoff joins us on the parkway with more, alex? >> reporter: does anyone around here not love the fourth of july? i will say this is my favorite holiday mainly for the a tire and color choices which you will see in a moment. as you can see stage is getting set and getting ready to host countless performers that will rock it out all weekend into monday. is there a screen set up where there is a 7:00 o'clock showing of rocky tonight. it is time of the year when
5:31 pm
colors of our nation not only wave from above, but move through the streets. >> party on the park and then all restaurants and places to go and hang out and down by river, both of them actually. good place to be. >> reporter: big birthday party if you will for this country in the city where it was born 240 years ago. >> we have 350 performers alone, probably another 500 people who were working in various ways at the festival. >> reporter: welcome america week long celebration kick off on monday with free events throughout the city. on independent mall organizers assembled what will be tomorrow's wawa free hoagie day, plus holiday block party. as for fire works bulk of them are currently loaded on to a barge on the delaware river. >> you can catch fire works on the delaware river water front or camden side on friday and saturday, or come here for the parkway for giant fire works july 4th. >> we came to see liberty bell and jim's steaks to have steaks. >> reporter: visitors are wearing their monday's best,
5:32 pm
meaning red, white and blue. organizers say this years crowd is expect to be twice that of last year with the fire works celebration being the largest since 2011. >> if we have not been to the bell and hall which is global symbols worldwide, i will come down and check it out again. >> reporter: among performers who will take the stage gamble and hough and leslie odom, junior, best known for playing aaron burr in the broadway hit hamilton. there is a lot to do, grab your sun screen and come out and celebrate america's birthday. reporting live, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> it will be quite the celebration, thanks alex. for more on the preparations leading up to july 4th and other festivity taking place around the region just go to cbs the count down is on, we're now just 26 days away from the start of the democratic national convention here in philadelphia, and take a look what delegates will see when they arrive in town next month.
5:33 pm
crews began installing first of the dnc host committee welcome banners in center city. "eyewitness news" on market street east of city hall. dnc says thinks first of several welcome messages going up to the city, leading up to the convention. hillary clinton will be officially nominated as presidential candidate at dnc in philadelphia new quinnipiac university poll shows clinton with only a two-point lead over presumptive republican nominee donald trump, 42-40 percent, in a potential general election match up. cbs news correspondent craig boswell says terrorism is once again a issue following the deadly attacks in turkey. >> reporter: donald trump reiterated his pledge to fight terrorist with many strength after suicide bombers attacked an airport in is stan bull. >> we have to stop it. we have to be so strong, we have to fight so viciously and violently because we're dealing with violent people. vicious people. >> reporter: trump called american leaders weak for not
5:34 pm
doing more to stop terrorism. he says america need to bring back water boarding. >> i said i like ate lot, but i don't think it is tough enough. >> we cannot do water board bug they can do chopping off heads, drowning people in steel cagees they can do whatever they want to do. >> reporter: hillary clinton has spoken out against water boarding in the past calling it torture and u.s. military officials say it does not work. the clinton issued a statement after turkey bombing saying today's attack in istanbul strengthen our resolve to defeat forces of terrorism and radical gee haddism around the world. clinton says that trump supporters should not be fooled by his message. >> i understand why people are frustrated and even fearful but don't look for easy answers and misleading promises that cannot deliver what you're hoping for. >> reporter: craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president obama is in canada a for summit of north american leaders.
5:35 pm
today, the united states canada and mexico vowed to boost trade. the president also saw to reassure both canadiens and mexicans about the direction of the immigration debate in the presidential campaign. he said anti immigration sentiment has been exploded before but he is not worried americans will follow that path. three crew members are still missing after a, train collision in the texas panhandle. texas woman was able to catch a portion of the collision on her cell phone. the wreckage from the collision continued to smolder today as workers prepared to move the boxcars, from the track. one member of the crew jumped from one of the trains prior to collision. he remains hospitalized in stable condition. in an effort to combat a gas pipeline that runs through parts of the garden state the a new jersey congress woman is introducing a bill to reform the federal energy regulatory commission. congress woman bonnie watson coleman will introduce a bill
5:36 pm
that aims to approve the u.s. gas pipeline process. the pipeline would run from pennsylvania through parts of the clinton and mercer counties in new jersey. congress woman says there need to be more government oversight of pipeline applications. >> you just can't take the word of the individual who is going to benefit from this, that it is necessary and it is right citing and all those things. we need to establish on behalf of the people and of the states that are involved that this is absolutely necessary, it is necessary in this particular location and why. >> penn east has responded saying some groups and individual are opposed to the project, however simply because they object to the pipeline doesn't mean that it is not needed or that it isn't involved in a thorough environmental review. an update to a story we brought you earlier this month, warminster township police identified the person responsible for slashing tires on 59 cars, on june 18th. charges have been filed
5:37 pm
against 19 year-old colin francis jones, the total damage jones is being accused of causing close to $37,000 worth. jones currently in custody for a separate incident. still to come on "eyewitness news", if you like cereals, anytime of the day, a new restaurant is just for you but it is not just traditional cereals. we will tell you fun options on the menu. and these sort of, well, little disturbing but this daddies hoping they send a strong message, stories behind these selfies up next, kate? blue skies and sunshine to finish out month of june but we are tracking chance for rain that could impact part of the holiday weekend. i'll tell you which part and which days to plan your outdoor activities all coming up when we come back.
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well, wal-mart is giving customers a chance to try out its unlimited two day free shipping program at no cost starting to day people can sign up for 30 day trial of wal-mart shipping pass, the annual membership cost $49. existing shipping pass customers will get an extra month for free. the program rivals amazon prime and offering free shipping on products but prime at $99 a year also includes music, and movie streaming. kelloggs unveils a new concept focused around most important meal of the day, the cot will open up a cereals cafe at times square july 4th. all of the menu is cereals and each bowl will cost $7.50. customer can have it with milk, yogurt or even ice
5:42 pm
cream. >> um, um. >> do you remember that place in university city seriality, it had all different choices. >> yes, yes, i do. >> that remind me of that you can eat cereals all day can't you. >> sure, why not. >> things have changed over the year, no more fruit loops, raisin brand now. up next, dad's revenge, hilarious way he got back at his daughter for refusing to stop taking
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it was like a police chase out of move any houston, on tuesday, an officer jumped out of the chop tore take down a suspect. the burglary suspect was on the run in an open field with a police helicopter swooped in. the chopper flew low and used its down draft, from its rot or to slow down the suspect. then a sergeant in the chopper jump out and tackled the suspect, police officers on the ground moves into help make the arrest. >> a washington dad got fed up with arguing with his daughter offer her sexy selfies on
5:46 pm
social media so he decided to get revenge. so, this is what he did. those are photos of him recreating herself ease duck face and all, with fake tattoos, dressed like her, you know, posed. several, several times did he this. now no word on if it worked, but listen, he stepped out of the box there. >> yes, he did. >> fun and different. >> if that was your dad, if would you just stop doing that. >> dad, come on, all right, exactly, please. my friend are looking at this. >> sometimes you have to humiliate them in good behavior i guess. >> yes, you do. >> he had a nice technique. >> yes. >> smokey eyes. >> he had some help, that was pretty good. >> kate has our forecast heading in the holiday. >> yes, this fourth of july weekend already and it looks like vast majority of the weekend saturday, sunday, monday at least looks really good but there is a blip on the radar for first friday and then gannon monday evening, we're tracking a system moving
5:47 pm
in touring the day, fourth of july monday, mostly holding off until night fall. problem is, a lot of big things happen after night fall on fourth of july. fire works all over the region. hope is we can keep them at bay at least until fire works go off monday evening but that is something we will keep an eye on throughout the rest of the week and weekend. lets start off with what is going on right now what a gorgeous day it is all across the region. look at the lake in carbon county jack frost big boulder, we have got blue skies, patchy cloud, breezy, cooler up in the poconos this afternoon. temperatures in the 70's, for the most part, lower 70's, even 60's up there in the higher elevations and mountaintops. beautiful day as we check in reading once again at white field elementary school. you can see mountains in the background looking sunny and fantastic. quick look at storm scan three shows not a whole lot going on, a few scattered showers over new england, rest of the region is sitting pretty. we have to zoom out before you see next system that will eventually impact us, see a
5:48 pm
front dipping down from portions of the great lakes, portions of the northern plains, eventually that system will head towards bus warm front that will draw in this moisture bringing it northward as we head into friday. warm front early, cold front follows in the afternoon and that will bring us next chance of rain through the day friday. the lets check with our weather watchers and seeing how they are enjoying a beautiful wednesday afternoon. temperatures the scattered across the map in the lower 80's depending where you are. thirty-eight checking with andrew in medford, we have got some sun peeking out and lovely photo of him ape his daughters there. thank you for. that we have 79 degrees, cooler moving up toward bucks county john in yardley says dew point dropped all day and now nicer then the morning. i can attest to. that i was out for a run this morning sweating like crazy, dew points in the 60's. dew point in the 50's. if you didn't get the run in this morning this evening is a better bet. wayne hunter had to share his photo, great day out on the water. if you sent another picture of him with his catch of the day,
5:49 pm
great day fishing or whatever you planned to do great evening as well. lets peak at what we can expect moving forward. you can still see scattered showers down to the deep south. those will climb in, but they don't get here until friday but tonight looks clear, tomorrow we will stop at 3:00 on the future weather picture and it will look like today. blue skies, patchy clouds, beautiful afternoon tomorrow. but watch how this starts to lift from the south. warm front begins to lift during the day friday. we will start the day with cloud. not a total wash out but scattered showers here and there 10:00 a.m. they will keep lifting from the south around 2:00 p.m. more showers and thunderstorms. front will come in later friday evening. basically friday you have to be on guard for pop up shower or thunderstorm at anytime and that is when our humidity will spike. pleasant humidity tomorrow, back to steamy on friday and then drops again to just a beautiful holiday weekend saturday and sunday. looks better. sixty-four overnight tonight with the star lit skies, for
5:50 pm
your thursday sunny and nice, not to humid at 87. here's your monday forecast. eighty-six. start date with sun but there could be a few showers creeping in just in time for the fire works monday evening. that said mess of the holiday weekend looking great and seasonal into next week as well. ukee and jessica back to you. music lovers it has been a good year so far so many artists heating up the charts. >> year isn't over yet. the insider now joins us from los angeles with more, kelce. >> ukee and jessica we are breaking down best albums of 2016, so far starting with the queen. >> ♪ >> and neat are are we, beyonce's lemonade continues to quench the thirst of music lovers. u.s.a. today digital eld for, says that is why queen bee's sixth record that includes a short film about her reported rocky marriage london their list of top albums of the the year. >> she really plays the ge nre
5:51 pm
and it all worked. >> it needed to be big, impact full. >> rihanna just released her new single sledge hammer feature in the star track beyond and it is her unique album that includes a collection of curve balls making it one of the most interesting releases of her 13 year career. >> result is something you have never heard from her before. >> i have been waiting to put out this record for a really long time. >> ♪ >> with ariana grande's dangerous, bona fide top star third album, is particularly good to win over fans or singles but you lucky for us. >> it is, what i want to do is make music that i'm's proud of with integrity and that people love and can dance to. >> reporter: much more on the insider, ukee and jessica back to you in the studio. >> i love that music. >> it makes you you think about an album and what your
5:52 pm
favorite might be. >> yes. >> i know you have a couple. >> i do, thriller, michael jackson. >> classic. >> you can start to finish, everything is a hit. and also have you heard this one before, songs in the the key of life, great album. >> what where yourself. >> i enjoy beyonce four. i like all of her albums, but this one has, i can listen to it start to finish. >> would i know a song on beyonce four. >> love on top, who runs the world, girls. >> i'm getting old. >> don't worry, we can sing during the commercial break. don't you worry. >> i'm getting old. >> they don't want to hear me hum any bars, trust me. coming up a montgomery county man walking to raise money for chop, reaches a a huge milestone. >> when i first started my goal was a couple hundred dollars. >> since this winter he raised, way more than that. i caught up with him and got
5:53 pm
the grand
5:54 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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5:56 pm
back in february i told but a montgomery county teacher who started walking around his neighborhood hoping to collect a few hundred dollars for chop. >> i remember that. those walks, went a lot further then he ever dreamed. how his walk around the block ended, it is this weeks story of brotherly love. >> so, i started walking at nighty first met paul deamco, in the dead of winter in december to lose some weight. then he found out a former student had cancer. >> i was saying i wonder what i could do? i had this idea to to my walk but go to peoples houses and collect money for chop. >> reporter: he told his facebook friend give me your address and i will walk to pick up your donations. >> it got ball rolling. i set up schedule for my first walk to orland a 9-mile total walk and i raised over $1,200 on the first night.
5:57 pm
>> hey. >> hi, how are you doing. >> reporter: paul called it chop around the block, he kept walking at every house he took a selfie, and money just kept coming in. selfies multiplied. by the time our story aired he had raised $17,000. >> i thought would i raise a couple hundred dollars. how far can you go with this. >> i don't know. >> reporter: 17,000 was just, a start. the story spread all over the country. donations came in through his chop fund raising site, local businesses, offered to throw part toys raise money. >> so then i thought 20,000, well then people were like no, you got 50,000. i'm thinking i'll never get to 50,000. >> reporter: oh, he did a few weeks ago paul presented a check for $50,000 to chop, for their child life department. alyss explains his money will go to entertain sick children. >> whether that is art, crafts, or helping kid get chemo paul's donation will
5:58 pm
goat directly to that we are over 600 donors three, hundred some selfies, money from all over the country. it turned into something pretty special. >> reporter: that it did. my man. paul is taking a break from walking but he still has that chop donation web site. find a link at cbs pauley d. what a man. will volunteers with the dnc and other organizations rolled up their sleeves today, to help, build a health and wellness garden at children's hospital. this is all part of the volunteer day, they planted vegetables, trees, the goal of the garden is 30 toss pivotalty impact the hospital's young patients and even rich the community long after 2016 democratic convention. i like that theme there. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 search for serial bank robber one man has been able to allude the fbi for four years and now hunt for him intensifies. why authorities say they are having a hard time, catching him. also the first cancer moon shot summit led by the vice-president joe biden, is
5:59 pm
held at cancer centers all across the country including right here in philadelphia what one local cancer patient says is the most important part of this ground breaking research, kate. and oh, my a beautiful evening, here in philadelphia, low humidity, lots of sunshine if only it could stay this way right through fourth of july weekend but we have one speed bum top get over before we get to the holiday weekend, i will tell what you that is weather-wise coming up. >> this isn't as bad a fish problem it is causing at a local lake. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. we begin at 6:00 with a serial bank robber, on the run, fbi says this man has hit at least ten banks, and has been able to escape authorities for the past four years. all of the banks targeted have been in the montgomery and bucks county. good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm ukee washington.
6:00 pm
tonight fbi is asking for your help. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is outside a wells fargo bank in plymouth meeting hit by this serial robber, joe. >> reporter: ukee and jessica, good evening. this guy has been operating the fbi says for four years. they call him a smooth operator. get this in one day, just a couple years ago they say he robbed a bank, and dye pack exploded, so he robbed a second bank. he studies locations a and that has allowed him to get away without making too many mistakes. and, pillowcase over his face, baseball caps, and, back robber, fbi describes is a professional was first known as straw hat bandit when he struck at colonial american bank in horsham. >> always wearing some type of a hat, mask, range between suits, sweat pants. it seems like he is trying to blend in the


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