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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  June 30, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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♪ >> right now at 11:00 a popular park the scene of a frightening a tack. police say man forced a woman into a secluded area and assaulted her. where a community is now on ed edge. and a giant sink hole opens up on a reasonable street in berks county. what may have caused the big crater. but first, neighbors are stunned 13-year-old boy is shot and killed outside a germantown home. what police say was happening right before the shooting. hello, i'm ukee washington.
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>> i'm jessica dean. right now investigators say there are still a lot of unanswered questions. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live outside police headquarters with what we do know tonight. david? >> reporter: jessica this is such a sad story you can really feel for this boy's family 13-year-old we don't know his name. we're told he was playing in the backyard with friends when one gunshot went off. tonight police are investigating but at 13-year-old lost his li life. philadelphia police were on scene minutes after neighbors heard a gunshot come from behind this home on east walnut street off germantown avenue. >> this hits home. i got young child myself. i got a son that plays in this neighborhood too. >> reporter: this man who asked us not to use his name lives a few doors down he saw police arrive on scene. >> not like when i grew up. you can just ride your bike around and have fun. you know, you got to be in fear for your life these days much it's sad. >> reporter: ambulance rushed the 13-year-old to einstein medical center where he was pronounced dead at 6:00 p.m. police recovered a gun in the
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backyard. >> my heart dropped. 13 summertime just starting. it's just starting. i mean he didn't even get a chance to start to realize his dreams. >> reporter: colin williams is part of cease fire anti gun violence group that shows up at crime scenes like this one. williams says he wants to spread his message to prevent something like this from happening again. >> violence is actually a disease. and like any other disease, it needs to be eradicated. >> reporter: detectives spent the last few hours interviewing adults that may be connected to this case at this point no charges have been filed. ukee and jessica, they want to find out who actually owned this gun. roaring live tonight at police headquarters, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, david, thank you. police in delaware are asking for the public's help tonight to identify a man they wanted to talk to in connection with a sexual assault. the brazen attack happened in broad daylight in a popular wilmington park. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do has more now from wilmington. >> reporter: wilmington police want to question this man in
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relation to a sexual assault in brandywine park. the attack happened around 9:30 tuesday morning on south park drive near the brandywine river. a woman told police that a man was harassing her, pull out a weapon and forced her to secluded area. people in the neighborhood were shocked to hear about the assault in the popular park which is often full of walkers, runners and bikers. >> people like to walk through here. so, yeah -- >> will you change any of your habits going to the park now upon hearing this. >> probably start walking with people. >> i'm concerned because i come here often. so, um, you know something were to happen kind of unthey have beening. >> reporter: investigators described the man they're looking for around their years old with facial hair. he was wearing a black shirt and tan pants. >> wilmington police are asking anyone who recognizes the man in the photo give them a call in brandywine park, i'm trang do cbs3 "eyewitness news". the fbi also asking for the public's help to find what they
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call a serial bank robber. the man scene here is being sought for 10 armed bank robberies in montgomery and bucks counties from 2012 to 2015. the f bit. says he's a professional and operates very carefully and he has used numerous disguises over the years. they say he enters the bank usually wearing surgical gloves and has a small black handgun. >> he's carrying a gun so i'd say he could be violent but most of his things are very professional, very cam, be quiet, give me the money. i want the money that kind of a thing. never i'm going to kill you if you don't give me the money the gun has been brandished a few times. >> whitpain township police drew this sketch of the suspect after an eyewitness saw him removing his mask after a robbery in january 2014. if you have any information you're urged to contact the fbi. a cab driver is in stable condition tonight after he's stabbed several times by a passenger. surveillance video shows the man police are looking for. detectives tell "eyewitness news" the attack happened after juan for tuna dropped the passenger off at an apartment
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complex in camden overnight. police say for tuna intentionally crashed his cab no a parked car to stop the attack. he's being treated for several stab wounds to the shoulder. south jersey is remembering the victims of the orlando massacre tonight. camden county hosted the march for love at cooper river park in pennsauken. dozens rallied to honor the 49 people shot and killed inside the pulse nightclub june 12th. they also spread message of love and equality. a local therapy dog group that traveled to orlando to help survivors deal with the stress from the tragedy was at the march tonight. provides a respit for people to kind of get their mind off things. one woman was petting tess for probably about 10 minutes and looked up to me and said this is the first time i'm able to breathe in a week. thank you for being here. for us that was the whole reason why we went. >> the names of each of the 49 victims were also red read at the march tonight. and the death toll is climbing after the terror attack
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in tougher keep airport in istanbul is back open one day after three suicide bombers killed at least 42 people and injured more than 200 others. >> nicole brewer is here now with what authorities are saying about those responsibility. ukee and jessica it appears this was a very carefully orchestrated attack inside one of the world's busiest airports and while the death toll has climbed to 42 people, the us state department says no americans were killed or seriously hurt. at istanbul's main airport three suicide bombers set off three separate blasts tuesday killing dozens of people and wounding hundreds more. armed with automatic weapons, grenades and suicide vests, officials say the killers arrived by cab together then coordinated their attacks. as one assailant blew himself up near x-ray officials say a second attacker was able to access departures. while the third waited outside detonating his explosives as people rushed out. >> the blast woke me up from a
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short nap and the shooting you heard gunfire and then the people started running immediately. you just ran. you just ran. >> really no place to go. there's no place to hide. hearing about explosions, hearing about gunfire but not being able to get out is a frightening feeling. feeling of terror. >> dna tests are underway identify the attackers while isis has yet to claim responsibility u.s. intelligence officials came close to as signing blame. >> despicable attack at instant bull's international airport yesterday that killed dozens and injured many more certainly bears the hallmarks of isil's depravity. >> international threat the u.s. department highlighted one day earlier in an updated turkey travel warning. cbs news has since learned there was isis chatter in recent months that involved transportation hubs in turkey being targeted including the airport. >> a u.s. intelligence source says turkish investigators tracked down the taxi driver who dropped off the attackers at the airport. the driver said he didn't recognize the language they were speaking.
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now there is one working theory that suggests they may have been college chen jihad different from southwestern russia with ties to isis much this is all preliminary information and the investigation continues. >> thanks nicole. >> two presidential nominees are responding to turkey's terror attack. tonight republican donald trump addressed his supporters in maine. he renewed his call to bring back so-called enhanced interrogation techniques including water boarding to help defend the united states from isis military officials say water boarding does not work. trump said america needs to try it again. >> isis is signing up people over the internet. they know how to use the internet better than we dork and we do nothing about anything. they're taking our youths -- you know why they're taking our youth because they look like they're winning? we have to give them a big fat ugly defeat. >> democrat hillary clinton did not hold any public events today. she has spoken out against the use of water boarding in the past calling it torture.
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new poll shows clinton with a two-point lead over trump in potential general election matchup. philadelphia is counting down the days until the democratic national convention begins. we are now just 26 days away from the dnc and starting to pop up around town today crews began installing the first of the official dnc host committee welcome banners in center city. "eyewitness news" along market street east of city hall. dnc says this is the first of several welcome messages that will be going up throughout the city leading up to the convention. and we've also learned there will be some major star power in the town during the convention. lady gaga, lenny kravitz and dj jazzy jeff will perform at the special concert in camden just hours before hillary clinton is expected to accept her party's nomination. the concert at the bb and t palistinean called camden rising tickets will be available for convention delegates and thousands of invited guests. governor chris christie says
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he's greed to a plan with new jersey state assembly to raise the gas tax by 23 cents a gallon. the agreement includes a lowering the state's sales tax from seven to 6% over the next 18 months. the governor claims drivers would spend an extra $100 per year in gas taxes but the average household would save $400 a year in sales tax. the measure would also lower income tax on retired people. >> never signed attacks increase in the seven years as governor. not particularly thrilled to have to sign this one. but i've said all along if that represents attacks fairness, that i would do that. >> the measure now goes to the senate when it couldn't scenes tomorrow. majority leader loretta weinberg strongly criticized the deal saying it's far different than the one the senate passed that was committee last week. new tonight the philadelphia fire department is adding to the ranks dozens of cadets graduated during a ceremony at temple university tonight. fire commissioner adam thiel
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presented medals to the class of 191 and one into. mayor jim kenney was also oh and hand to congratulate the city's newest firefighters. day at the amusement park didn't turn out to be fun for some people. >> they got stuck on a roller coaster. still ahead at 11:00 we'll tell where you emergency crews rescued these riders one by one. also, a huge sink hole appears on quite residential street in berks county. what crews think may have caused it. kate? >> what a beautiful day today, behind me a time lapse from down the shore earlier today. will the holiday weekend be as beautiful as this was? that's big question and i've got your latest outlook coming up. >> and as the jersey shore gears up for the fourth of july casino workers in atlantic city are threatening to strike. what they say they want in order to stay the job. ♪
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪ well some people in oklahoma spent a little more time on roller coaster and that they planned to. the roller coaster got stuck at the frontier city amusement pa park. seven children and one adult were stuck on the silver bullet someone hundred feet above the ground. the oklahoma city fire department had to come in and rescue the passengers walking them down to the ground. no one was hurt. this is the third time in 10 years that roller coaster has gotten stuck with passengers on it. well new tonight crews in berks county busy trig to fix this large sink hole that opened up today. chopper three flying over the huge hole on abington drive in wyomissing. about eight homes and two business do's not have water right now. we're told into gas lines were
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installed in the same spot just two days ago. so the water department is trying to figure out if that led to the sink hole. they hope to finish the repairs by the end of the night. vice-president joe biden hosted the first ever cancer moon shot submit some washington, d.c. vice-president called for doubling the progress against cancer in the next five years. he also outlined several initiatives including expanding patient participation in clinical trials and improving data sharing among researchers. biden was joined by ledger carry comedian carol burn nest both lost children to cancer. >> today is remark cal for many reason none the least of which is hope. >> time matters. dadays matter. minutes matter. >> more than six to us hand others took part in cancer moon shot summit today across the country including fox chase cancer center in philadelphia. a a strike involving casino
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workers could be looming in atlantic city just ahead of the july 4th weekend. local 54 of the unite here union says it will go on strike this friday if it cannot reach new contracts with five atlantic city casinos. workers at bally's caesars harrah's, tropicana and the taj mahal are all setter set to hit the picket line. the union says it's only seen salaries go up 80 cents since 2004. and they are due for a raise. >> the mega millions jackpot has grown to $415,000,000.3 largest jackpot in history. the drawing is friday one lucky ticket was purchased for last in it's drawing in new jersey. christie pass bar and grill in egg harbor sold one of two, $1 million mega million tickets. other was sold in the state of texas. here are the numbers for last in it's drawing once again 15, 17, 20, 35, 55 and the mega ball is 07. jackpot rolls over to $415 million on friday. if you play, good luck. preparations underway in philadelphia ahead of the city's
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big fourth of july celebrations this weekend. >> the stage at the art museum is starting to take shape and barges have been loaded fop are the fireworks show on the delaware friday and saturday nights. on independence mall crews were getting ready for tomorrow foss beaus free hoagie day event and block party. >> hundreds of people are working on this year's festival to make sure that everyone, one, had a as great time, two, they're well entertained, and then, of course, to make sure that people have a safe jul july 4th. >> for more information on events in the city during the holiday weekend, go to and it was a beautiful night for a movie maybe a classic on the steps of the art museum. fans watched rocky outside tonight as part of welcome america. that screening was free. tomorrow night national treasure will be shown at penn's landing and on friday, p minions will play at the piazza at schmidts. >> kate, jessica said it was beautiful tonight. excellent night. >> today turn out to be great day. we started off a little steam mow but the humidity dropped
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through the afternoon and i'm happy to report tomorrow looks like another great day. >> hey, hey. >> finishing out the move june on a nice note. of course we got to talk about the big holiday weekend the fourth of july just around the corner a lot of people are starring to make those plans. we'll get into that forecast in just a moment. let's start with the near term. outside right now it's a great night. clear sky, there's a waning crescent moon outside. headed toward a new moon as we get toward the next couple of days. beautiful outside tonight though starlit sky get away from the city at all and away from the light pollution you can definitely see that tonight. feeling good outside with temperatures still in the 70s the humidity is low and still a nice breeze. storm scan looks good as well. clear skies. no problems through tonight or tomorrow. our next system is well off to the north and west. this is it right here over the northern plains. that will dive down on friday it will first bring a warm front through the area friday morning. tolyed quickly by a cold front later friday afternoon or friday evening and that means friday is the day we'll have to watch for
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scattered shower and thunderstorm activity at any time and the humidity ramps up as well nothing to talk about as far as humidity tonight. feels great outside. 75 current until philadelphia. it's 67 in allentown. 69 in wilmington. 73 down in wildwood and the current dew point is still in the 50s. 56 degrees the current dew point of course that's a measure of how much moisture is in the air. dew points in the 50s, very very less sap. couldn't raft that with last night when we had dew points in the 70s. we were right in that oppressive range. it feels soupy outside. this evening feeling great and tomorrow we'll see dew points in the generally upper 50s during the course of the afternoon that will feel nice as well. high pressure overhead through the day tomorrow. a nice breeze from the west. really nice day to get outside and again not too steamy, but friday things start to change. warm front lifts through in the morning we'll start the day with some clouds. again just couple of scattered showers here and there during the morning hours. and then the cold front starts to push through during the afternoon and that brings increased risk for late day showers and even thunderstorms
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friday evening into friday night. the good news, though, we get both fronts done in the same day get that system out of here and the weekend looks a whole lot better. it's a get away friday if you're traveling friday afternoon watch for slow downs with showers around. friday also the most humid day of the week that's when the humidity spikes again. but once we clear that front out friday night humidity drops and we've got comfortable conditions saturday and sunday. so through the overnight hours it's clear, comfy starlit sky. 64 degrees. your thursday is beautiful sunny, nice, not too humid, 87 for the last day of june. let's fast forward to fourth of july monday because i can tell you saturday and sunday look great. monday the one day i'm a little nervous about. there's a system moving in from the west there could be a couple of showers that sneak in generally monday evening much these systems sometimes like to get in early so especially in the city we've got to watch for a couple of showers moving in just in time for the fireworks displays i'm hopeful we can hold it off but definitely something to watch.
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so if you're doing an evening barbecue or anything like that i would definitely recommend saturday and sunday. i know monday is the fourth. fireworks displays hopefully will go off without a hitch we'll keep an eye on that advancing system which could bring some instead dough rain monday night into tuesday morning. but the vast majority of of the weekend looks awesome. >> hello. >> that's the take away. >> come on. >> don you like that. >> no doubt. you guys were talking about the powerball earlier. >> yeah. >> you know, whew, find out who sign the richest contract in nfl history. the sports version of powerball. see why pete mackanin says the phillies are a different team since they left philly.
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[ male announcer ] you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. >> i've been waiting awhile to say this don. >> ut-oh. >> they're back, baby! (applause). >> yes. >> they are. >> they actually look like the team they were earlier in the year. >> i love it. >> about time. we want the phillies to do well when we left philly we became another team. that's what manager pete money can nan said after today's game in arizona. the phillies were in the middle
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of an epic slump zero for sick home stand but since hitting the road they've won five out of nine. finally. wild game against the diamondbacks today. top of the eighth phils down seven-six. herrara with grounder. jay lamb. the phils tie it up. goodell deep fly ball to right much this is the worse highlig highlight. nobody likes to show sack flys but you have to because this is how they take the lead at nine nine-eight. brett comes in and gets his first major league safe. the phils sweep the diamondbac diamondbacks. >> all right. (applause). >> first sweep since may first. cubs visiting the reds at cincinnati first inning anthony rizzo fly ball. left fielder adam duvall cut in front of center fielder billy hamilton he could make the grab. it deflected off hamilton's face rizzo circles all the bases. all of them. wow! >> that is brutal way to go.
2:31 am
the cubs sweeping cincinnati nine-two your final score. the sixers have exerciseed their team on shop forward hollis thompson he shot 39% from three. the the team could use outside shooting. dario is coming. 20 hurricane irene 14 lottery pick dario plans to join the sixers this season right now he's playing in turkey. dario says that he promises the sixers he would make his way to the us after two years. now, if you're not a man of your word, it doesn't matter what's written oh a piece of paper much that's what he had to say. all right to the nfl andrew luck just got paid. indianapolis colts quarterback just signed the rich chest contract in nfl history. six years, $140 million. 87 million guaranteed. the previous high for guaranteed was 65 for eli manning and philip rivers. ridiculous.
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michael phelps making history tonight at the us olympic swimming trials. phelps wins the 200-meter butterfly final and now he's the first american male swimmer to qualify for five olympic games count them five. >> wow. >> that mean he'll get a chance to add to his treasure chest. care to guess how many medals he has. >> many. more than five. >> 18 gold medals. 22 overall. that will weigh you down. >> it does feel like he's in the olympics forever. >> five. >> incredible. >> all right. >> it's amazing. >> thank you buddy. up next everyone is talking about one dad's selfie.
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washington dad got fed up with arguing with his dater over heiress kay selfies on social media so he got a little reven revenge. >> this is what he did. that. >> is that the daughter? >> no, no new york city. >> he recreated selfies duck
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face and all. got tattoos going. similar clothing. no word if it work. you got to give him credit for trying to do something. >> those boys will get with him now. >> we'll be right back.
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don't miss out on the laughs coming up next the late show with stephen colbert followed by the late late show with james corden. our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00. for kate, don everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean we're always on at >> thanks for watching. have a good night, family, and sleep well. have a good night, family, and sleep well. ♪ >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation from worx. [ dramatic music plays ] nothing offends these members of the mount parnassus garden club like a neglected lawn. and they're here to do something about it. [ clicks ] their weapon of choice -- the all-new worx gt 2.0... the next-generation lithium-battery-powered
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