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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  June 30, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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good morning, paying more at the pump big vote that could lead the way to higher gas prices in the garden state. and shocking grief in germantown after a three-year old boy was shot and killed. this morning authorities are working to figure out exactly what happened, we will have an update on their investigation. this is man police say is wanted for brazen broad daylight attack in a wilmington park what the victim says happened just before the a assault. today is thursday, june 30th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. we're getting your day start i with a check of weather and traffic with katie and meisha. >> how are roads looking. >> we have a ton of construction, you guys this will hang up around you. around 5:00 it clears but some hanging around until six or
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7:00. >> ton of people out trying to get a jump on their holiday travel too so we will see how that perhaps out, but weather will not mess up your travel but other than sun glare. that is a nice trade off. storm scan three is totally empty. we will keep high pressure on our side throughout the day w that high hang ordinary overhead it means low or relatively comfortable humidity continues to be the theme for us. i love when storm scan is empty nothing to track earnings really nice weather and that is what we will fine today. currently temperatures are actually on the cool side, but comfortably so. low 60's in lancaster, allentown, mid 50's reported at mount pocono and right at 07 degrees at philly international as well as down the shore in wildwood. lets go to a couple other shore points. depending where you are we have a pocket of cool air here. check out cape may at 57 degrees. sixty-eight in over city. we are off to a comfortable, very cool, start, but for summer standard, it still
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feels really nice. as day progresses sun will shine all afternoon, all morning and men to the evening time and we will continue to keep these temperatures, in the mid to upper 80's. the seasonal summer day and moon us worst of the humidity. not much to complain about at all. >> perfect day for a jog you bet. >> or whatever. >> thanks, very much. sound good to me. happy thursday. looking outside this is where we have our first accident of the morning 95 south at route one. it has been cleared. right lane and off ramp block for some time. traffic producer was driving by and said it looks bad. but this is all clear. still looking really good and quiet moving southbound on interstate 95 anywhere as i look as i should around 4:30. shrine was closed, for construction between schuylkill and broad. you can see westbound side is now opening, eastbound side is not opened but it does around 5:00 o'clock or slightly before. eastbound side, eastbound. westbound looking good the on the vine. construction on 42, some of it
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right here 42 freeway north bound between route 55 and 2953 lanes block until 5:00 a.m. i have more construction in ten minutes. jim, over to you. well, new this morning police are interviewing victim of the hit and run in the point breeze section of the philadelphia. woman in her 30's was hit by a car just after midnight on 23rd and moore street. she is in stable condition. police are interviewing possible eyewitnesses for a description of the hit and run car. in other news this morning a plan to raise the new jersey gas taxis heading to the state senate. >> that is after governor chris christie said yesterday he agreed to the deal with assembly leaders. under the plan gas taxings up by 23 cents a gallon. governor christie says drivers will spend an extra $100 per year with the new rate but deal includes dropping the state's sales tax from seven to 6 percent. he said that will save average household $400. at agreement including lowering income tax honorary tired people. >> i have never sign a tax
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increase in the seven years as governor. i'm in the particularly thrilled to have to sign this one but i have said a all along that if that represented tax fairness, that i would do that. >> reporter: senate majority leader loretta weinberg is strongly criticizing the deal. she said it looks different from the measure senate passed last week. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is following the story and will have a full report in the next hour. thirteen year-old boy was shot and killed playing with friend in the germantown neighborhood. >> detectives have the gun man and this morning they are trying to figure out who it belongs to shooting happened yesterday in the backyard on east walnut lane, police say a group of teens were playing with the gun when a teenage boy was shot in the face. he died at the hospital. you have to be looking out for your life these days. my heart dropped. thirteen. summertime just starting. it the is just starting. he didn't get a chance to start to realize his dreams. >> detectives are interviewing several adults that may be connect to this case, to find
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out who owns the gun. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch will have a live update in about 30 minutes. police in delaware hope public can identify a man in connection with the sexual assault. at attack happened in broad daylight in brandywine park. "eyewitness news" reporter tabg do has more from wilmington. >> reporter: wilmington police want to question this man in relation to the sexual assault in brandywine park. the attack happened around 9:30 tuesday morning, on south park drive near the brandywine river. a woman told police that a man was harassing her, pulled out a weapon and forced her to a secluded area people were shocked to hear of the assault in the popular park which is of full of walkers, runners and bikers. >> people like to walk through here, so yeah. >> reporter: unaudible. >> probably start walking with people. >> i'm concerned because i come here very often, you know, if something were to happen, kind of unnerving.
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>> reporter: investigators described the man they are looking for as around 30 years old with facial hair. he was wearing a black shirt and tan pants. >> wilmington police are asking anyone who recognizes the man in the photo to give them a call n brandywine park i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". federal up investigators need your help identifying a serial bank robber. man seen here is sought for ten armed bank robberies in montgomery and bucks count that i owe kurd from 2012 through 2015. the fbi says he is a professional and operates very carefully using numerous disguisees over the years. they say he enters the bank, usually wearing surgical gloves, and has a small black handgun. >> carrying a gun so i say he could be violent but most are very professional, very calm, be quiet, give me the money, i just want the money that kind of thing. never i will kill you if you give me money but gun has been out and brandished a few times. >> whitpain township police drew this suspect from a
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eyewitness who saw him remove a mass income january 2014. if you have any information, cat fbi. this morning i can driver is still recovering after being stabbed, several times, while on the job. we're now getting a look the at person who police say did it. we told but this yesterday morning. camden county police released this surveillance video of the suspect. this happened, the at the john wesley village apartments and state and front street. here's the surveillance video they say this man stopped juan fortuna several times before he crashed his koran purpose to stop the attack. the man then ran off toward state street. anyone with any information call camden county police at (856)757-7042. south jersey is remembering victims of the orlando massacre. camden county hosted the march for love at coupe are river park in pennsauken last night. dozens rallied to honor the 49 people, shot and killed in the pulse nightclub on june 12th. they also spread message of
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love and equality. local therapy dog group that traveled to orlando to help survivors deal with stress from the strategy also attended the march. >> it provides a rest for people to get their mind off things. one woman was playing catch for probably ten minutes, and looked up and said this is first time i'm able to breathe in the week thank you for being here. for us that was whole reason why we went. >> the names of the each of the 49 victims were read at the march. this morning the world continues to show solidarity with the victims of the istanbul airport a tack n germany, the gate was lit up in the colors of the turkish flag where several hundred people gathered to pay their respects. authorities are still trying to figure out who was behind the deadly attack, no one has claimed responsibility just yet but turkey and u.s. intelligence say it is probably isis. so far, 42 people have died as a result of the attack, u.s. state department says in of them are americans and that no americans were seriously hurt.
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but the cia's top official says isis is probably planning similar attacks in the united states. >> in the united states as we will well know is leading coalition to try to destroy as much of this poison as soon as possible. it is important that isil is in the trying to hit us both in the region as wells in our home land. >> authorities have interviewed the istanbul taxi driver who took the attackers to the airport. he did not recognize language they were speaking. one theory is that a tackers may have been from southwest russia with ties to isis. well, still ahead we will tell you where to get a free hoagie today. >> plus city is getting ready for democratic national convention and it is not just banners being hung around town, we will have the site you will see all over center city. katie is keep an eye on our holiday weekend as we look
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hoagie experts make everybody's favorite sandwich. today's hoagie, will be the largest ever 6-ton masterpiece under construction at the national constitution center. it will be served free, at noon time. wawa is also underwriting free admission to the national constitution center to day, too. philadelphia is counting down days until the democratic national convention begins. we are just 25 days away and images of the dnc are popping up around town. later today convention host committee will announce installation of the 57 fiberglass donkeys around town. all will be in place in time for the fourth of july weekend and will be on display until september 9th. crews began installing first of the official dnc host commit thee welcome banners in center city yesterday. "eyewitness news" on market street just east of the city
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hall one of the first sites delegates wille when they arrive in town next month. the major star power will be in town during the convention. lady g a aga, lenny cravats and dj jazzy jeff will perform at a special concert in camden hours before hillary clinton is expect to accept her parties nomination. the concert is at bb and t pavilion and being called camden rising. tickets will be available for convention delegates and thousands of invited guests. more stormy wet's cross the nation's midsection, this was the scene in omaha, nebraska. first rain was filled by pounding hail. some people actually seem to enjoy it. the time is 4:43. >> katie is here with another check of your forecast, katie. >> i don't know how you can enjoy hail. that can be painful. that leaves black and blue marks. hey, to each their own i suppose. we have not seen anything in that regard here today so
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absolutely a a gorgeous day is already underway here. you can see light of day because we have such a clear sky and, of course, sunnies coming up early in the morning. light of the day very visible here, outside here at ocean city. did i just cover them up? maybe he is out of the shot guy making the stand nice and pretty for folks outside on the beach later today. this place will be packed as the day goes on. of course, holiday weekend. people getting a jump start on it. weather looks like it will really cooperate. lets take a peak at storm scan and not a heck of a lot. high pressure anchored overhead and continues to bring sinking air and that brings out cloud cover and it brings that lower humidity a and in the meantime we are off to a really comfortable start here. eventually there will be a system that pushes through that comes a long tomorrow which we will get to in the seven day. we will talk dew points. i talk about this a lot. dew point measures moisture in the air and lower it is, dryer the air and right now it is pretty low, currently dew
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point is a at 56, that puts you in the range of pleasant, if you wanted it to be as crisp as possible it would be down about 50. pleasant isn't bass as we are wrapping up moth of june. we will take it. as we look forward in the forecast, overall it looks like a great holiday weekend. tomorrow is where wet weather glitch comes along, warm and cold front that crosses through in one swoop. there is a one day event. shower, thunderstorm anytime. some could be feisty as we go through the day. monday right now there is a system to our south. if it decide to move far enough north there may be showers for fire works monday night. we will keep a eye on that but otherwise this weekend looks fantastic. >> on is places have fire works early in the weekend. great weekend for that in case machine does not work out. thanks, katie. construction here 202 north bound between 401 and 252 the right lane is still block, and should be moving out soon this camera is near 401. we have more construction
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here, route 202 southbound between the two and route 30. that right lane is also block. just make note we have construction on 202, might slow you down ever so slightly as it does get cleared as we will get through 59:00 o'clock hour. vine was closed for construction around schuylkill and broad. the westbound side is now opened, and the ramp is still opened but the eastbound side of the vine is still closed so make note eastbound you saw later but we see these exit and entrance points open up the eastbound side is slowly going to catch up to the westbound side. westbound side we are looking good. forty-two freeway in new jersey northbound we have construction between route 55 and 295 just a while ago you could see them. you cannot see it now. we have roving crews out there three lanes blocked until 5:00 . where ever that is on 42 freeway now should be clearing sometime very shortly, jim, over to you. welshing still ahead popular retailer is getting ready to offer huge savings. >> looking to shop you will want to hear this in money
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watch. also the latest on the possible casino strike in atlantic city in time for the holiday weekend, we will be ♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator.
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i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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welcome back on "eyewitness news". heading out the door stay updated with katie's forecast on our sister station kyw news radio 106o local members of the jewish community are concerned about a synagogue near graterford prison. plus a preview of the next month's political fest at dnc. review of the new film swiss army man. check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. with the fourth of july holiday weekend coming up a local union is threatening a strike begins atlantic city casinos. local 54 of the unite here union threat tones strike begins bally's, harrah's, caesars, tropicana a and trump taj man man hall unless a new contract is reached. investigators talk until late last night.
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union wants return of concessions it gave casinos when finances were more shaky. 4:50. time for a check of business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the insuring stock exchange. jill, i hear there is good news for banks. >> thirty-one of 33 big u.s. banks cleared final round of the stress test. this is looking at what their banks could withstand another financial crisis. u.s. banking units, and santander, morgan stanley needs to resubmit capital plan. this is welcomed news. banking stocks got slammed in the wake of the brexit vote. >> that is good to hear. >> we hear amazon is holding its second annual prime day on july 12th. >> reporter: that is right, so amazon says it will slash prices on 100,000 items, which makes it the biggest sales day ever. last year amazon sold more items on prime day then black friday and spark a wave of new
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sign of prime service. >> good for amazon and good for us, right. >> are you a member of the amazon prime? >> reporter: not only am i not a member of the amazon prime i have never ordered anything from amazon. >> i ordered a book yesterday but i'm not a member of prime. i will go on there once a year. i'm not a big amazon person. >> reporter: it is funny, jim, because i'm getting to know you better and i was thinking you were going to say something that you don't use amazon and i was going to say in this case i'm's with you. i'm not a big on line shopper. >> i ordered a book yesterday as a gift for a friend, we will see. >> jill, he is not on amazon, he ordered a book. >> i'm thinking brooke, you are. >> of course. >> see you in the next hour. >> well, coming up after the break we will get another check of weather and traffic. >> katie says a that is day and that makes jim happy. show us when the next chance for showers will be.
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what a gorgeous day this is promising to be. majority of the forecast looks good as well. you can expect to see full sunshine, low humidity continuing and it does get very warm. don't get me wrong. but if you have outdoor lance, keep them. this will be a breeze of the day. we will show you what is happening on storm scan. not a lot, guys. you barely have a cloud in the sky. courtesy of the nice clear sky all right light of the day popping over the horizon. sun will come up in 40 minutes or so from now but in addition to the clear skies, and comfort, you have got a light wind, really doesn't get better then this wind flow primarily coming from the west but you're not going to notice it that much today with the high anchored overhead is there not much wind to be produced. we hit 87 in the sunshine. what more could you ask for. come tomorrow we have a warm and cold front that moved through in one fail swoop and that will lead to the shower
4:55 am
or thunderstorm shot for anytime of the day. we will sit in the marginal risk for damaging then are storms. some could turn feisty. we will keep an eye on that for you. saturday, sunday, awesome and then included start to rebuild in time for the holiday, meisha, over to you. >> thanks, katie, good morning, everyone, happy thursday. i-95 south at the airport looking good in both directions on i-95. both moving in the not and southbound side. nice and quiet around the airport. right now though no delays at the airport that we have heard of. ben franklin bridge coming from new jersey into center city moving from the westbound side see how nice, quiet, great it is looking there. early risers, this is why we travel early because be in is out there. forty-two freeway north bound construction between route 55 and 295. three lanes blocked until 5:00 . roving crews are moving out of the way. we are looking good here. we could see in the camera shot no longer. they are picking that up. we have a down tree in phoenixville pike between
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spring mill pike and warn are lane. all lanes are block. you will to have use an alternate route 29 is your best bet, jim, over to you. well this morning there are several dozens new fire fighters in philadelphia. >> that is after a graduation ceremony held at temple university. fire commissioner adam thiel presented medals to members of the class 191, 192 last night. mayor jim kenney was there to congratulate the cadets. mayor kenney's father, jim kenney, he was a firemen. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" we are live at police headquarters with the latest on the teen shot and kill. also a head we will tell you what caused this giant sinkhole in berks county and is what being done to fix to it day. how philadelphia lawmakers are honoring muhammad ali, we are back at the top of the hour, stay with us.
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detectives are trying to figure out the circumstances surrounding a 13 year-old boy being shot and kill. we will have the latest on the investigation. new this morning authorities are working to track down driver of the car that hit a woman and kept going. we will have the update on the victim's condition. new jersey state senate could get ready to take up a proposed gas tax increase. we are live with drivers who say they don't want anymore pain at the pump. it is thursday, june 30th good morning i'm's jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. katie and meisha are here keeping an eye on things. >> they are out on the road. >> our drivers do not the agree with that. they do not want gas prices up. >> roads are looking okay.
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just a ton of construction. good news it is moving out of our way but we have had accidents here, and we will talk about that in a a little bit. >> one good thing about the construction is these guys have had perfect weather. >> and that is how it is for everybody else too. this is absolutely a stellar sunrise underway here. we will start things off by going outside to my personal favorite. isn't this gorgeous. >> yes. >> it is so beautiful, right. we have nothing but clear skies and because it is so clear light of the day will start to show up more readily here this morning. sun isn't obviously officially up. we have to talk about another 35 minutes and change. 56 degrees is your current temperature at kutztown area middle school and very modest win. goose egg of the wind flow right now at kutztown it is just so comfortable and beautiful outside. depending where you are you may want to think about an extra layer. 56 degrees is a little on the cool side. st


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