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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  July 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> right now on "eyewitness news" a delaware county community is in shock tonight after a huge fire destroys a home and kills the couple who lived inside. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us. fire engines were on the scene within five minutes of getting the call but it was too late. "eyewitness news" reporter
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alexandria hoff has more from morton borough. >> reporter: there was supposed to be a big fourth of july party here full of food and family. >> it's a sadness that comes over you. >> reporter: around 5:00 a.m. those plans were lost along with so much more. >> they received word that there were two victims trapped inside the house. >> reporter: crews in morton, delaware county were called to a home on the 600 block of cedar lane where heavy smoke and fire had consumed the rear end of the house. >> we're investigating that the fire may have begun on the back of the house in the rear. >> reporter: they're also investigating a slow cooker being used to prepare for the party as a possible cause. neighbors say that the homeownerrer theodore fine was a talented chef. he and his wife barbara were pronounced dead at the scene. neighbors say the couple was very security minded and that their lock required a key from the inside to get out. the fire marshal says that the couple's bodies were found just feet from that door. the fines who just celebrating 35 years of marriage, were as
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good as neighbors as they come according to those who lived around them. >> they were good people. so, i'm just very saddened at the loss. >> reporter: a holiday that was supposed to be now marked by loss. in delaware county, alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, the couple owns slacks hoagie shack on baltimore pike in springfield an catering company. shocked employees there say the couple was very involved in the community. >> great people to work for. very good hearted. they always give to the community. the soccer teams, springfield, the football teams, springfield lacrosse team. always tone 98ing. >> well, employees say their death is certainly a huge loss for that community. also tonight a 71-year-old man has died after getting pulled under a septa bus in west philadelphia. it happened on the corner of girard and belmont avenues at 2:30 this afternoon. police say the man was running to catch the route 15 bus but
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got caught under the rear tire. medics pronounced him dead at the scene. we are turning to our weather, fourth of july weekend is off to a sunny lovely start so far and we're hoping the weather holds for tonight's big fireworks show at penn's landing. lots of folks already there. let's see how this is going to work out tonight lauren. >> reporter:. >> thanks, natasha. we had sunshine this morning, feels so great humidity-wise but we haven't seen the high clouds moving in especially in the city and points south right now so some of those dense high clouds blocking out our sunshine but the temperature feels great. 77 degrees right now, winds out of the northwest at around 12 miles an hour so a nice breeze. storm scan3 showing us it might look a little ominous in your neck of the woods because of that high level cloud deck especially in the city and across parts of southern new jersey, down the shore as well, poconos beautiful mostly sunny conditions but these are just high clouds and the main system hundreds of miles away. this upper level moisture being pulled in by the jet
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stream so we are not aunts paying any type of precipitation as we head into the evening hours so fireworks are going to be good to go. temperatures right now feeling great to kick off this holiday weekend. a lot of upper 70's. 77 degrees right now in allentown, feeling great down the shore with temperatures in the upper 70's and feeling even better than the temperatures the dewpoint temperatures. they are down into the 40's and 50's. when they get down to that level it feels nice, even crisp certainly not july-like dewpoints and that comfortable feeling will stick around as we head into the evening and tomorrow. monday will start to increase some moisture a little bit. our outlook for the fourth of july we have a chance at seeing some showers. we'll talk about the time frame of the shower activity, who has the best chance of staying dry on the fourth, the best chance of getting wet and we'll talk more about the high temperatures across the region on the holiday itself coming up. >> lauren thanks so much. fourth of july festivities are kicking off all around the region right now. many are having a great time at penn treaty park this evening. "eyewitness news" reporter
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trang do joins us live from the park in fishtown. trang, i can hear the music already. how are you. >> reporter: oh, yeah, natasha, local band just took the stage and they sound really great. this music is going to continue until 9 p.m. and that's when the night will be capped off in a very july 4th fashion with a fireworks show. >> ♪ >> reporter: a perfect day to celebrate a birthday in penn treaty park. america's. >> the band, beautiful weather. can't beat it. >> reporter: how old are you turning. >> seven. >> reporter: this is the biggest year yet. >> bring your kids, grille, family friendly event. >> reporter: four local bands entertained the crowd even drawing visitors from across the river. >> it's great. i've never known about this park and i've lived in
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philadelphia most of my life so we came out. >> reporter: for some, the annual concert has become a family tradition. >> we've been here at least four times. >> reporter: others just hope to make it to the fireworks. >> i might take a power nap before that. >> reporter: and you could see still plenty of room here to claim your spot over on the grass. now, organizers say by the time this event ends, there will be about 5,000 people here to see that fireworks show. again the fireworks kick off at 9 p.m. for now we're live from penn treaty park, i'm trang do, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> trang thank you very much. welcome america festivities continue all around the region today. crews are putting the final touches on the stage for monday's big concert on the parkway. the chairs are in place as you can see and some of the instruments as well. a slew of performers will entertain the huge crowd that's expected for the fourth of july. a huge fireworks display will
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also follow the consentually come america organizers honored the officers of the police athletic league today. "eyewitness news" at the go fourth and learn ceremony at the national constitution center. philadelphia mayor jim kenney was there to congratulate the officers. each officer received $1,000 to go towards summer programming at their pal center. and for a list of all the nearby fireworks shows we've got you covered. lots of family events and other celebrations this weekend. you can just head to our web site and get the latest on where things are happening. local police and the fbi need your help trying to catch a serial bank robber here is the suspect here dubbed the straw hat bandit for a previous disguise. police say he hit the pnc bank in north wales montgomery county this morning. a $10,000 reward is now being offered for information leading to an arrest in the robbery. now, this bandit is also suspected in 10 other bank robberies around pennsylvania including horsham, yardley and
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plymouth meeting. presumptive democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton met with the fbi for more than three hours today. agents interviewed her about the use of a private e-mail server while she served as secretary of state. cbs news correspondent weijia jiang tells us the meeting may indicate the investigation is nearing an end. >> reporter: a police motorcade surrounded hillary clinton's washington home on saturday morning. she was in town for an interview with the fbi about her use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of straight. >> the truth here is going to be how candid was she in the interview, how many questions did she answer freely in a forthcoming manner. >> reporter: the clinton campaign released a statement about the interview calling it voluntary. it suggested the year long investigation is wrapping up saying she is pleased to have had the opportunity to assist the department of justice in bringing this restructure a conclusion. but some believe the damage to
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her credibility has been done. >> this entire situation, though, is a public relations disaster of the clinton's own creation. >> reporter: campaign sources say the interview lasted for about three and a half hours here at fbi headquarters. although the meeting was not a surprise, it capped off what was an already trying week for clinton. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch decided not to be involved in the final decision in the case after her private meeting with clinton's husband former president bill clinton sparked controversy. >> i certainly wouldn't do it again . >> [laughter] and -- because i think it has cast a shadow. >> reporter: clinton's critics have long called for formal charges but legal experts view criminal prosecution as exceedingly unlikely. weijia jiang for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> holocaust survivor and nobel laureate elie wiesel has died. weasel survived two concentration camps and went on to publish more than 50 books in his lifetime.
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he's best known for his book "night" which was based on his experiences during the holocaust. weasel was awarded the nobel peace prize in 1986. elie wiesel was 87 years old. stay with us. still to come on "eyewitness news" this evening, septa pulls more than a hundred train cars out of service. find out why they're all off the tracks at this hour and what it means for service this busy holiday weekend. plus. plus, there is new information tonight on the victims of a terror attack in bangladesh. we'll have the latest. lauren. >> a dry start to our holiday weekend but some of us will be seeing some raindrops as we head into the fourth of july itself. i'll talk about the best chance of rain coming up in your full forecast just after this. >> and straight ahead in sports eagles quarterback carson wentz is reunited with a friend who traveled all the way across the country. we're going to show you when we come back. stay with us, everyone.
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>> septa has taken all 120 of its silver liner five train cars off the tracks because of an unspecified structural defect. the cars make up about a third of the regional rail fleet. septa says service will not be impacted through the july 4th weekend. the silver liner five cars were introduced back in 2011. now the white house says a u.s. citizen was among the 20 hostages killed in the attacks on a restaurant in bangladesh.
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amateur video captured the gunfire and the explosions when commandos moved in to end the 10-hour hostage crisis in the capitol city of dhaka. two police officers and six gunmen were also killed. some of the hostages who escaped say the attackers asked the hostages to recite versus from the koran. if they could not, they were tortured and killed. [speaking foreign language] >> we don't want these terrorists in bangladesh. this type of situation is a first in bangladesh. until now they were committing individual murders. but now suddenly they created this type of situation. what they did here was a very heinous act. >> isis has claimed responsibility for this deadly attack. tens of thousands of brits gathered in central london today rallying against britain's exit from the european union. the 2-mile march for you're front hyde park to parliament was organized on social media. british voters passed the referendum to leave the eu
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just last week though many now say they regret their decision and that want another vote. several hundred picketers were back on the boardwalk in atlantic city today, their strike against the trump taj mahal, it is in its second day now. about a thousand members of the local 54 union walked off the job yesterday morning at 6:00 a.m. they consist of cooks housekeepers bell men and servers. the onwas unable to reach a new contract with the casino and no new talks are scheduled. the casino and the hotel remain open. also a landmark in philadelphia at a neighborhood here getting some tender losing care. members of the wynnefield resees dense association spruced up the war memorial today. "eyewitness news" at the intersection of wynnefield avenue, woodcrest avenue and 54th street. they about the if i'd th beautih a lot of hard work. the memorial is dedicated to the soldiers of wynnefield who lost their lives in world war i. very if i think a lovely day to do some sprucing up waiting
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out hanging on fireworks tonight. >> very comfortable conditions. we have had clouds move in especially across the southern half of the area. taking a live look at margate, looking a bit sparse but i just watched a bit of a mini exodus. the sky does look kind of threatening but it's just dense high level cloud cover blocking out some of our sunshine but you still need the sunscreen despite that. we'll be staying dry despite some of the clouds moving in across the southern portion of the area. the temperatures, they are feeling great. not typical july type temperatures. 77 degrees, we'll take it in philly, 78 degrees in millville, 70 degrees in mount pocono. down the shore temperatures, still up into the mid to upper 70's. have that land breeze going so temperatures having cooled off, 78 degrees right now in ocean city and 77 in stone harbor. maybe you're going to be taking a dip on this holiday weekend. water temperatures feeling pretty nice. not too bad. might be a little bit brave if you head out in ac, 65 degrees
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the current water temperature. we're up to 74 degrees water temperature in cape may. dewpoints, remember yesterday when it was so steamy, humid. dewpoints tell us about that sticky factor and they are down 23 degrees in philadelphia. meaning it feels so much more comfortable when you step outside and that's going to be the trend tomorrow. dewpoints stay within that 50-degree range so feeling awesome to pleasant throughout the day on our comfort index for our sunday and overnight tonight comfortable as well, can probably leave those windows opened, just a few patchy clouds, staying dry for all the fireworks displays and then tomorrow kind of a mix of sun and clouds, a high temperature 83 degrees so below average. possibility of just a passing shower mainly off to the south of the city. storm scan3 showing us that trend sunshine in the morning and then some of these high clouds moving in. over the last couple of hours filtering out some of our sunshine but the closest precipitation to us is well off in advance of this weather system that is providing us that high level cloud cover jet stream strong winds higher
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up in the atmosphere helping to pull some of that moisture our way. but as we head into tonight, we'll see some patchy high level cloud cover lingering. that will be the trend again tomorrow morning, mainly south of the city. nice and sunny up into the lehigh valley and poconos through much of the day tomorrow. tomorrow night i think we have a chance at seeing an isolated shower, though this particular model isn't painting it in, mainly south side of the city but it's really not going to mess up too many of your plans and then we head into the fourth of july. sunshine to start, increasing clouds into the second half of the day and some spotty showers unfortunately developing into the afternoon. it's not going to be a washout but if you have those outdoor plans want to keep your eye to the sky because we could see a few embedded thunderstorms but rain chances will start to increase as we head into monday night and early tuesday morning but for tomorrow across the region, best looking spot is going to be the poconos, nice and sunny, 75 degrees. just a chance of a passing late day shower down the shore and kind of a mix of sun and clouds right in between in the city and surrounding counties and then on monday itself, we do have the chance of seeing a
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few showers as we head into the afternoon and evening hours in philadelphia. we'll have to keep an eye to the sky especially for the fireworks display on the parkway, rain chances will have increased by the 10 o'clock hour, could even see some storm activity so keep yourself attuned to the changing forecast, the evolving forecast as we head into monday, the shore some showers around. poconos still looking great mostly sunny on the fourth of july so we'll have to dodge a few of those showers and storms on monday. tuesday spotty showers still lingering around and then the heat is on as we head into the second half of the seven day. 91 on wednesday, hot and humid and we stay in the 90's for wednesday, thursday, friday, even into the start of next weekend. it's going get a little steamy. enjoy the comfortable humidity right now. >> i honed right in on that 91. [laughter] >> thank you so much lauren. lesley's got a little baseball action. >> phillies really found their groove right now. the phillies continue their series with the world champion royals down at the bank after
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taking that first game of the series last night four to tree. aaron nola on the mound for the phils and peter borges went from home to third base in 10 and a half seconds and the phillies scored so it is now one-nothing in the second inning. well, the first place philadelphia union hoping to get back on track after losing two of their last three games when they take on the dynamo in houston tonight became time 9 o'clock. and a surprise upset in wimbledon. forty-first ranked american sam inquiry the top seed defending champ novak djokovic. that kind of upset has not happened in 14 years. djokovic had won 30 consecutive grand slam matches. he says he was playing injured. he will not play in this month's davis cup finals. nba trade talks heating up. reports that sixers are interested in rajon ron do. the 11 year veteran receiving interests from the kings bulls and pelicans.
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he led the league in assists three times. he spent last year with the kings averaging 11 points a game. boston celtics met with nba superstar kevin durant in the hamptons. they brought along someone special to help recruit the nba m.v.p. and that would be new england quarterback tom brady very persuasive. no role on what brady's role is during this going but i would say this is still very interesting. nascar in daytona the coke 0400, defending sprint cup series champion kyle busch taking a hard hit during yesterday's practice run. blew a left rear tire crashing hall into the wall. he is okay. he will start third tonight. pretty good bifflgreg biffle ha. carson went is settling into life with his philly and his best buddy. this is henle wentz. he's on instagram.
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henle has documented his trip across the country to join his best friend carson. saying finally made it home to dad. henle has several hundred followers. he's quite popular. >> he's already got 700 followers. he has more than i do. >> i feel so ashamed. >> henle is more popular than we are. thank you so much. when we come right back, how high the mega millions jackpot has grown after nobody won big last night. i already checked. we didn't win. >> i did
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>> welcome back everyone. it is christmas in july. san tan the burlington county marine corps league collected toys for kids today. "eyewitness news" at the burlington county farmers market in moorestown for the kickoff of the month long christmas in july celebration. santa traded in his hot red
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suit for a cooler outfit. yes, he's fitting in there. no big winners. the mega millions jackpot rolls over to $449 million. tuesday's jackpot will be the largest since a new jersey family won a $430 million jackpot on may seventh. still, though, check last night's tickets. if you have them, you may have won a smaller prize. any little bit will do. we've got the winning numbers on our
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> over her use of private email server. and lost in the dark fess of anxiety and depression, teen suicide is on the rise. we'll hear from several survivors who pulled through. >> i had kind of lost my faith. didn't know what other way of escaping this other than to die. this is the "cbs weekend news."


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