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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> developing right now at 11 o'clock, tragedy on the water. a father and son die in a water craft accident in somers point atlantic county. good evening, everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us. one other person was rushed to the hospital as well. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do has the very latest. >> reporter: a horrific accident took the lives of a father and son in somers point. witnesses say the pair was on a jet ski when it collided with another jet ski just before 5:00 p.m. on the pat kong creek. melissa was bringing in her boat for dinnertime when she saw police tow boats and people rendering emergency aid to the father. >> very unsettling. it's unsettling tonight knowing what happened and we came upon it, thinking about them and their families and hoping that everyone is doing okay tonight. >> reporter: medics took the person on the other jet ski to shore memorial hospital. their condition is unknown. no word yet on the cause of the accident but state police are investigating.
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meanwhile that family friend tells us that the father and son were visiting new jersey from out of state. in egg harbor township, atlantic county, i'm trang do, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> also tonight septa has taken all 120 of its silver liner five train cars off the tracks because of an unspecified structural defect. the cars make up about one third of the regional rail fleet. septa says service will not be impacted thought this fourth of july weekend. they were introduced back in 2011. a beautiful july 4th so far. a perfect night for fireworks. lauren casey joins us with her holiday forecast. how is it looking. >> looking pretty good today, definitely a nice day. humidity level topping off after a very humid and stormy day yesterday. nice and quiet temperatures are pretty cool in some spots, 68 in allentown, down to 61 in millville, middle 60's in a.c. right now but still up at 71 degrees in philadelphia. you also notice a big
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difference in the dewpoints. it was so steamy yesterday with dewpoints up into the 70's. dewpoints now in the 50's and 40's. feels nice and comfortable. you can leave those windows opened, some good sleeping weather tonight. storm scan3 showing us a trend for the second half of the day, we had some of those dense high level clouds moving in filtering out our sunshine. high clouds still around but this is up high in the atmosphere. we're not going to see any precipitation from these clouds overnight nor tomorrow if you're heading out to the phillies game. 1:35, taking o on the royals. temperatures still feeling good 83 degrees, some sun especially for the first half of the day. we'll see showers and a few thunderstorms moving in as we head into the second half of the fourth and we'll talk more about the timing on that, who has the best chance of rainfall and when we could see some heavy rain and that's coming up in your full forecast in just a couple of minutes. >> lauren, thank you. penn treaty park meantime
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fishtown hosted a big fourth of july celebration today. thousands came out to enjoy a free outdoor rock concert. four local bands entertained the crowd. the park's holiday concert is in its fifth year and this year is the biggest. for some the annual musikfest has become a family tradition. >> great. i've never known about this park and i lived in philadelphia most of my life. so, we came out because this friend right here is a guitar player in a gland lots of fun out there. it was a perfect day to celebrate a birth at any in penn treaty park. welcome america festivity continued across the region. crews are putting the final touches on the stage for monday's big concert on the parkway. the chairs are in place, some of the instruments as well. a slew of performers will entertain the crowd this july 4th and then of course a huge fireworks display will cap off the night. welcome america organizers honored the officers of the police athletic league today. "eyewitness news" at the go forth and learn ceremony at the national constitution
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center. philadelphia mayor jim kenney was there to congratulate the officers. each officer received a thousand dollars to go towards summer programming at their pal center. for a list of all the nearby fireworks shows family events and other activities this week, you can just head to our web site. it's all there for you, now to other news tonight. a delaware county community is in shock after a huge fire destroys a home and kills the couple who lived inside. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has more now on this holiday tragedy from morton borough. >> reporter: there was supposed to be a big fourth of july party here full of food and family. >> it's a sadness that comes over. >> reporter: around 5:00 a.m., those plans were lost along with so much more. >> they received word that there were two victims trapped inside the house. >> reporter: crews in morton, delaware county, were called to a home on the 600 block of cedar lane where heavy smoke and fire had
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consumed the rear end of the house. >> we're investigating that the fire may have begun on the deck of the house in the rear. >> reporter: they're also investigating a slow cooker being you'd to prepare for the party as a possible cause. neighbors say that the homeownerrer theodore fine was a talented chef. he and his wife barbara were pronounced dead at the scene. neighbors say the couple were very security minded and that the lock required a key from the inside to get out. the fire marshal says that the couple's bodies were found just feet from that door. the fines who just celebrated 35 years of marriage were as good a neighbors as they come according to those who lived around them. >> they were good people so, um, i'm just very saddened at the loss. >> reporter: a holiday that was supposed to be now marked by loss. in delaware county, alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, the couple owns slacks hoagie shack on baltimore pike in springfield
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and a catering company. shocked employee say the couple was very involved in the community. >> great people to work for. very good hearted. give you the shirt off their back. they always gave to the community, to the soccer teams, springfield, the football teams, springfield, lacrosse team, always donating. >> employees say their death is certainly a huge loss for the community. and today a funeral service was held for little sania holmes. the child's mother shakia holmes is facing involuntary manslaughter charges and her boyfriend demetrius williams is facing reckless endangerment charges in connection with the child's death. police say williams illegally possessed the semi automatic handgun used in the shooting. a 71-year-old man has died after getting pulled under a septa bus in west philly. this happened at 2:30 this afternoon. police say the man was running to catch the route 15 bus but
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somehow got caught under the rear tire. medics pronounced him dead at the scene. the victim name hasn't been released yet. the world has lost holocaust survivor and author elie wiesel. his book gave a firsthand account of the horrors inside nazi concentration camps. cbs news correspondent marlie hall has a look back at his life. >> reporter: elie wiesel's life mission was to shed light on hatred. the annihilation of jews and ethnic conflicts around the world. at 15 he was sent to the auschwitz concentration camp and branded with the number a7713. in the mid 1950's, he wrote his first book, "night," a devastating account of the holocaust. he would author many more books over the years. >> i as a jew can say words that have meaning to nonjews as well. >> reporter: weasel eventually made new york city his home and taught at several prestigious institutions
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including yale and boston university. he received many awards throughout his life including the congressional gold medal in 1985. the nobel peace prize and the presidential medal of freedom the nation's highest civilian honor. he spoke at the holocaust memorial in washington. in 2009 he joined president obama german chancellor angela merkel at the buchenwald concentration camp where they placed white flowers to honor those killed there. president obama tweeted elie wiesel was a great moral voice of our time and a conscience for the world. he was also a dear friend. we will miss him deeply. elie wiesel was 87. marlie hall for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> the white house says that a u.s. citizen was among the 20 hostages kill in the attack on a restaurant in bangladesh. amateur video captured the gunfire and the explosions when commandos moved in to end the 10-hour hostage crisis in the capitol city of dhaka.
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two police officers and six gunmen were also killed. some of the hostages who escaped say the attackers asked them to recite versus from the koran. if they could not they were tortured then killed. [speaking foreign language] >> the interpreter: we don't want these terrorists in bangladesh. this type of situation is a first in bangladesh. until now they were committing individual murders. but now suddenly they created this type of situation. what they did here was a very heinous act. >> isis has claimed responsibility for this deadly attack. and hillary clinton met with the fbi for more than three hours today as part of the e-mail investigation. investigators interviewed clinton about the use of a private e-mail server while she served as secretary of state. the presumptive democratic presidential nominee's campaign says she talked voluntarily to the fbi. the meeting may indicate the investigation is nearing an end. and tens of thousands of brits gathered in central
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london today rallying against britain's exit from the european union. the 2-mile march for europe from hyde park to parliament was organized on social media. british voters passed the referendum to leave the eu last week though many now say they regret their decision and they want another vote. stay with us everyone. still to come tonight on "eyewitness news" police say this serial bank robber has been hitting branches all over our area for years. where he struck again this weekend and how much money is being offered to try to catch him. also there is something in the water it appears that's forcing many people to stay away from the beach. what it is and where it's happening now. lauren. >> it's been a dry start to the holiday weekend but it could be a wet end. we'll talk about the timing of some rainfall on the fourth plus get something heat and humidity for the summertime and i'll let you know when high temperatures hit the 90's in your full forecast coming up next. >> coming up in sports nascar under the lights and the huge wreck in daytona.
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we'll show you more of this incredible video when we come right back. stay with us. >> ♪
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>> in san bernadino dean knee california a fast moving brush fire burned several homes and also injured three firefighters. the flames erupted on a hillside quickly consuming five homes. several other homes are in danger of catching fire and the neighborhood has been evacuated. more than a hundred firefighters are fighting these flames. four florida counties under a state of emergency because of a toxic algae bloom on their shores. the algae spread quickly after the army corps of engineers released water from lake okeechobee to prevent flooding. the algae eventually spread to the beaches and the residents say the bloom smells awful, it is wrecking the tourism business. algae blooms can be dangerous for the liver, the skin and gastrointestinal systems. local police and the fbi need your help trying to catch a serial bank robber.
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police say this bandit hit the pnc in north wales this morning. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. he is also suspected in 10 other bank robberies in pennsylvania. including horsham, yardley and plymouth meeting. several hundred ticketers were back on the boardwalk in atlantic city at a, their strike against the trump taj mahal is in its second day entering a third. about a thousand members of the local 54 union walked off the job. they consist of cooks housekeepers bell men and servers. the union was unable to reach a new contract with the casino. no new talks have been scheduled. the casino and the hotel remain opened. a landmark in a philadelphia neighborhood is get something tender loving care. members of the wynnefield residents association spruced up the war memorial today. "eyewitness news" at the intersection of wynnefield avenue, woodcrest avenue and 54th street. they beautified the area with
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mulch, flowers, shrubs and a lot of hard work. the memorial is dedicated to the soldiers of wynnefield who lost their lives in worl world r i. >> so nice. click off the ac, open up the windows, get outside. felt so good after yesterday. >> beautiful. >> brutal. humidity. then we had severe storms especially across southern new jersey. now all is quiet getting a live look at center city philadelphia. can yotemperatures feeling good right now 71 degrees, a wind out of the west at about 8 miles per hour. we tone have a feels-like temperature because of those comfortable humidity levels and it is cooler checking in on our live neighborhood network over the last 24 hours we're down about 3 degrees in camden county, clementon. down three also in pottstown, 66 degrees the currents temperature, 62 in clementon so feeling nice. definitely have those windows opened. we're still in the 70's in
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philadelphia but down into the 50 in the poconos, mid to upper 60's down the shore and temperatures we're pretty mild today. we had a land breeze for much of the day today but we didn't see that extreme heat because temperatures across the area were below average but we're a little cool in cape may, 63 degrees right now but still up at 71 in ocean city. big notice -- big difference you'll notice when you step outside all throughout the day today, the dewpoints. we had that steamy day yesterday but dewpoints down significantly on the order of close to 20 degrees in trenton, feeling much more comfortable and we'll keep the comfortable humidity levels around through the day tomorrow as well. storm scan3 showing us cloud cover in place but this is high level cloud cover, high serious clouds. not going to see any precipitation from this cloud cover but the clouds did roll in and filter our sunshine especially across the southern half of the area. the main storm system is back off to the midwest. some of that moisture rode in on the jet stream and obscured some of our sunshine throughout the second half of the day.
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high patchy clouds tonight but staying dry and nice and pleasant 66 degrees light winds out of the northwest. for today another pretty nice lookly today, comfortable, temperatures running a few degrees below average topping at 83 degrees in philadelphia. we may still have some of that cloud deck in place especially south of the city and across our shore points tomorrow morning. beautiful day up towards the poconos and lehigh valley. could see a shower meek sneaking in south of the city late day tomorrow but otherwise dry conditions. as we head into monday the holiday will start off with sunshine and then increasing clouds and now this particular model the latest one even different from the 10 o'clock newscast, it is bringing that precipitation shield earlier in matching up with some of our other models. so 10 o'clock the time of the fireworks we have to keep a close eye on this. prepare for rain, maybe even thunderstorm activity. we could be dealing with rain and thunderstorm activity starting to build in and then it will really ramp up as we
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head after midnight on monday. for tomorrow, best rain chance just a passing shower down the shore otherwise some sunshine. a gorgeous day in the poconos, 75 and sunshine and a mix of sun and clouds here in philly at 83 degrees but that best chance of rain will be through the day, just a passing shower mainly in our southern shore points and maybe across delaware beaches but not picking up any measurable rainfall tomorrow. monday showers likely earlier in the day down the shore. poconos still looking good. we still have to watch out for showers and embedded thunderstorms moving in in the evening hours on the fourth of july in philadelphia and along the i-95 corridor. as we head into tuesday we warm things up. 85 trees with spotty showers around especially for the first half of the day. then on wednesday sunshine returns with a big dose of heat and humidity. 91 degrees. yeah, that's feeling like july and temperatures stay in the eyewitness news. that humidity is up as we head thursday, friday and even into
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next weekend. >> oh, boy. >> steamy. thank you very much. lesley is here with sports and what's coming up. >> little bit of a mystery. why is tom brady meeting with the celtics? also the phillies to win their fifth
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>> lesley phillies trying for another win today. >> all good things must come to an end. fireworks at the bank but the phillies anything but on fire tonight. here's a little bright spot. little phanatic in training one of the few bright spots in the game. first inning peter bourjos lines one out to center field. went from home plate to third in 10 and a hal second he would score on a mike kale franco single. the royals quickly take over. second inning, kendis morales will hit a three run shot that bounces off of the video screen in right field. five to one.
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morales ended the day with two home runs and four rbi's. aaron nola gave up five runs on his four straight loss. royals snapped the phillies four game winning streak winning six to two but nola says, hey, he's healthy. >> i don't think i had a bad arm. maybely ball wasn't coming out as good but i was hel healthy three this month. feeling pretty good. i think it was some command issues and trying to overthrow. union hone to get back on track after losing two of their last three games taking on the dynamo in houston. to the 95th minute the dynamo with a free kick goes under the crossbar right there for the dynamo win this, one to one. sam cleary beat defending champ novak djokovic in third round play. that kind of upset has not
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happened in 14 years. djokovic will not play in this month's davis cup final. nba trade talks heating up. reports surfacing sixers are interested in free agent point guard rajon rondo. the 11 year veteran receiving interest from the kings bulls and pelicans. rondo led the league in assists three times. he averaged 11 points a game with the kings. celtics met with free agent kevin durant in the hamptons at a. they also brought along someone to help them recruit the nba m.v.p. new england patriots quarterback tom brady seen here in this snapchat post. no word on what brady's role is during this going. still interesting. nascar in daytona for the coke 0400. take a look at this nasty wreck in lap 90. jamie mcmurray making contact with jimmy johnson. 22 cars go everywhere. half the field taking out clearing the way for brad
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kikilows can ki. this is henle wentz. over the last few weeks he's documented his trip across country to join carson, his latest post is this one saying finally made it home to damned henle already has several hundred followers. >> my gosh. >> very interesting. i'm not even on instagram and henle is. we got to catch up. he's cool. when we come back how high the mega millions jackpot has grown after nobody won big
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>> ♪ >> oh, boy, just having a little fun here. welcome back. the mega millions jackpot rolls over now to $449 million. doesn't that sound good? lovely. the numbers will be drawn on tuesday. it's been more than two years since a mega millions jackpot grew this big. still check last night's tickets everyone. you may have won a smaller prize. i'll take it. >> i'll take $49. [laughter] >> i'd be happy with that. >> i'd take 49 cents. we have the winning numbers on our web site i'll take anything. >> anything. four dollars. >> a win is a win. >> yeah, two dollars
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>> welcome back. it's christmas in july. santa and the burlington county marine corps league collected toys today for kids. "eyewitness news" at the
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burlington county farmers market in moorestown for the kickoff of the month long christmas in july celebration. santa traded in his hot red suit for a cooler outfit. i to believe that's a little hawaiian shirt. >> i like it. >> are those capris. >> snazzy santa. >> today will be another comfortable day 83 degrees mix of sun and clouds. mainly dry. monday we're dry across much of the area, could see showers down shore and watching out for showers and embedded thunderstorms during the evening hours on monday and then getting hot and humid by wednesday, up into the 90's and looks like we have a little heat streak going on there for the second half of the next week. >> lauren thank you so much. thank you so much for joining us tonight. i'm natasha brown. for lauren lesley all of us here, thanks for joining us and if you're up early join our morning team starting at 6:00 a.m. we're always on for you, have a great night there ♪
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