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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 3, 2016 5:05am-6:06am EDT

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>> what was it like having those braces on all those years, america? >> the hilarity is the day we were going to shoot betty's mouth, my mouth, in rehearsal at 6:00 in the morning, i ran into a mannequin and chipped my tooth. >> ugly betty still lives on today, streaming on hulu. but what about a reboot? >> i would be interested in a ugly betty continuation in any form. >> you know, they get a first look deal on our two-hour movie special that we're declaring right now. i mean i'm making this up. >> one of america's favorite episodes was her tv sister, ana ortiz getting hitched to adam rodriguez. >> i adore you. >> what was it about shooting that wedding that was so emotional for you? >> whenever anything emotional happened on the show, it felt like these characters, but it was also us. it was our family.
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>> e.t. was on the set 15 times, and we even captured that epic cat fight between vanessa williams and judith light. >> and i don't know why. >> yes, queen. >> you get over -- >> oh! >> it was the most fun. and of course because we know each other, we knew that we were going to be safe with each other. so nothing was going to happen. we had such a good time. >> and listen to this. judith light may even have more to celebrate very soon because her current show, transparent -- such a good show. well, it could be among the nominees for an emmy award this year. the nominations will be announced just over a week from now on thursday, july 14th. >> down in austin, she also got to talk with some cast members of another emmy-winning show, friday night lights. the gang all back together ten years later just as connie britton got some news about her
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canceled show coming back. >> connie, i've got to congratulate you. nashville is coming back. >> that was an example of fans being really enthusiastic, and we really owe that all to the fans. >> is there a chance we could see more reyna? >> of course. >> it's not the first time fans have saved one of connie's shows. they did the same for friday night lights. >> if you don't fight for this, i think we're going to regret it. >> now ten years since the premiere, 21 cast members reunited at the atx television festival in austin. >> when it was canceled, there was a huge outcry about that. >> it felt to the audience they were right there with us. i think it really is cool. >> to celebrate, they did a little tailgating on the real panther field. >> the memories when you come into this field all over again. >> we rode a bus here to get to the actual field, which is what we would do when we were filming. like as a cast, we would get on a bus and drive to set, so it was very nostalgic. >> i met some of my dearest friends in the world on this show. it was like a lost island.
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we all became such dear friends. >> while the cast is still close, they say fans shouldn't expect a reboot. >> we feel like we kind of caught lightning in a bottle, and i think it's darn near impossible to do it again. >> i really think the show ended on a good note, and i think that maybe let it go. like the stairs behind us. >> those are our bleachers. look at them. they have trees growing on them. nobody is taking care of this place. >> who's in charge here? >> this show's pilot episode was actually shot in austin. the man behind the series, peter berg, insisted it film in texas. in fact, he said if not, it would be a deal breaker for him. that's laying down the law. now check this out. >> what an incredible stroke of luck. a helpless waif. fishnet tights and go go boots. >> hi, paul. >> i think that all of america had a crush on winnie cooper. i mean how perfect was dan ca mckell ar in the wonder years, right? that first episode aired nearly
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30 years ago. this year, she returned to prime time in a made for tv movie but as initiate shell turner found out wherever dan ca goes, winnie is sure to follow. >> can i sit hit with you? >> can you hear, what would you do? >> you hear it when i walk into a restaurant because start playing it just for me. ♪ what would you do if i sang out of tune ♪ >> now 41, danica has barely changed. >> could you ever do me a solid and have a wonder years reunion? >> fred savage said he would never do that. >> no, no. none. >> maybe he'll change his mind. danica just starred in a hallmark channel movie, wedding bells, as a bridesmaid who falls for a best man. >> i do. >> i do. >> in real life, the ph.d. in mathematics had her own fairy tale wedding to an attorney. >> after the second date i told
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my best friend if he asked me to marry him, i'd say yes. scott and i got married in kauai, and we did a sun rise wedding. i was walking down at aisle at 6:30 in the morning just as the sun was coming up. it was so beautiful. >> her son from her first marriage was part of the ceremony, and her cake was a three-tiered confection. to celebrate her new role, john lockhart set up a little wedding cake tasting. >> now we have red velvet. >> oh, yes. >> here's what i like. you can taste the cream cheese. >> yes. >> can you say died and gone to heaven? i fell in love with the coconut, but that triple berry. ode to my future husband. this is going to be our cake. >> okay. where is our cake, nichele? >> i'm getting a little hungry over here. >> up next, our special. we're with 90s heart throb freddy prinz jr. secrets to his 13-year marriage to sarah michelle gellar. >> that was why she married me.
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7joining her daughter'st tyoga class.ut she was thinking about her joints. but now that she's taking osteo bi-flex, she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort. with continued use, it supports increased flexibility over time. karen: "she's single." it also supports wonderfully high levels
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of humiliation in her daughter. karen: "she's a little bit shy." in just 7 days, your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. osteo bi-flex. you were made to move. so move. >> oh, yeah, that is how most of us remember freddie prinze jr. as a 90s heart throb. in she's all that and i know you did last summer. >> he's been married to actress sarah michelle gellar for 13 years. we found out about their family life at home with freddie in the kitchen. >> this food looks awesome. >> thanks. i appreciate it. >> first, what are you making the most? >> it's usually the pork chops or the pork cutlets. >> he's a hands-on dad with two kids, with wife sarah michelle gellar skbrks it turns out he's quite the amateur chef. >> so your wife, is she a big fan of your cooking? >> yeah, that's why she married me. it wasn't for any other reason.
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>> i cook probably four nights a week. >> sarah co-starred with robin williams in the crazy ones. >> robin williams and you guys became close, and you planned on doing a thanksgiving dinner together. >> we always talked about having this dinner and the foods he liked and foods i loved to create. he's go, yeah, next week, yeah, next wek. then one day he was just gone, and we never got to have that kneel. >> freddie's new cookbook, back to the kitchen, features family friendly recipes. married for 13 years, he has a bone to pick with howard stern because of this. >> you're going to cheat. >> no, i'm not. >> you are. >> i'm not. >> you're going to end in divorce. >> no, i'm not. >> he bet me a million dollars that sarah and i would divorce and break up in five years. you owe me a million bucks, bro. >> way to prove howard stern wrong. howard, you got to pay up, man. >> all right. well, freddie just turned 40 this year. stacey dash from the 90s hit clueless is turning the big 5-0 in january. i mean she looks amazing, right?
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well, now the fox news contributor could be of course a lightning rod for controversy. but as nichelt turner found out she's actually pretty fun, especially talking about her days as dionne in clueless. >> i think it's just an epic classic. >> you almost sounded like dionne when you said it was an epic classic. of course entertainment tonight was on the set then all that time ago, and we got to play this is your life and bring you back. do you remember this girl this day? >> this is the patent leather look. now, this is very in. >> that's so funny. yeah. that's right. >> woman, why don't you be answering any of my pages? >> i hate when you call me woman. >> it's the movie we still love to watch over 20 years later, and just when we thought we'd heard all the stories, stacey shared some clueless secrets from the set with us. >> i didn't realize that you were actually 27 when you did that film. everyone else was around 18. they were younger.
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were you apprehensive at all about trying to pull off being a junior in high school? >> when i got the script, i knew it was mine. >> there goes your social life. >> the film launched alicia silver stone's career. in her new book, there goes my social life, from clueless to conservative. like dion's boyfriend murray, turns out donald fay son had some commission for the role. check out his ad lib when we were on the set. >> you should get a job at fox network. you got a real talent fort fabrications. >> how close was terrence howard to getting that role? >> i have no idea. all i know is that donald and i had better chemistry. >> how fun was the wardrobe? it had to have been the most fun. >> i mean we had a room full from ceiling to floor of clothes for each of us. >> who do you still keep in touch with from the movie? >> twink and donald. >> and twink was the -- >> we all gelled. we all got along. it was just a party every day. every day.
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>> they really were rollin' with the homeys. my favorite part of the movie. >> i can't even. i can't even. coming up, alyssa milano, following up on her diet after baby. >> she does what women rarely do. reveal her current weight. then we're taking you back to the set of ba improvement. >> this is my ship right here. >> oh, my gosh. >> why tim the
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now sopranos actress jamie-lynn sigler. her new role. she just played a teacher on baby daddy, and we were on the set during the taping just a month after she announced that she had m.s. how have you had to alter your approach to a shoot day? >> it's sort of like a gas tank, and you have your amount of energy for the day, and you just sort of allocate and use it where you know you're going to be needed. >> all right. let's go. let's go. >> how is the response then? >> it's been overwhelming in a
5:20 am
good way. you know, i think everything that i feared about coming out about it has not happened. the complete opposite happened. i've been working consistently since, which is crazy. >> sigler was only 16 when she was cast on the sopranos. it was halfway through that nine-year run when she was diagnosed with m.s. until now, it was a secret she was always afraid to make public. >> i thought it would mean that people were going to be judging me, and i don't feel that way necessarily. also for my son. you know, he is coming towards an age where he will be aware and we'll have to have a conversation. and i don't want him to think that i had to hold anything back. >> her son, beau, with husband cutter dykstra is 2 1/2. >> all he wants to know is mommy can hold and cuddle him. >> exactly. and mommy can play baseball and mommy can hang. i don't run the bases, but i'm up and doing everything i can. >> cutter and jamie lynn were actually only just married in january. >> it's fun to say husband and wife, and it is.
5:21 am
we're a unit. we're a team. we always have been but it's even that more official and real. >> you know, you always made me feel better about not having a man in my life. >> it's not exactly up to you, now, is it? >> that is patricia richardson reuniting with her home improvement hubby. now, the first time that we talked to them 24 years ago on the set of that classic comedy, and it was high time that we took them back to tool time. >> we're here tonight taping our 100th episode of home improvement. >> look at the babies. oh, my gosh. >> thank you, america. >> i look like my younger brother. it's -- it's depressing. >> oh, it's not that bad, tim. we should know. e.t. was there for the first ever taping of home improvement back in 1991. >> are you saying the car's not running? >> we now own a 4,000-pound fou four-boulder. >> it was so much fun on the set. we would just crack up, i mean,
5:22 am
and just lose it and not be able to get it together. >> one of the most watched sitcoms of the 90s, the show launched the career of one pamela anderson, and made tim l allen a household name. and when we first met the boys, jonathan taylor thomas was 10. zachary ty brian was 9 and taryn noah smith was all of 7 years old. >> this is my ship. >> it was your ship. >> i see zach quite a bit because he kind of works with my oldest daughter, and they kind of hooked up in the production business. i see debbie dunning a lot, and i see richard karne a lot. >> it's so cool to see patricia and tim working together again. she refriezed her role as team's neighbor on his show, last man standing. >> it's like being around family. >> i think you matured a lot. >> he's very mature. >> very mature. >> here's something you may not
5:23 am
know about home improvement. frances fisher was originally cast as jill taylor. patricia richardson replaced her just days before they shot the pilot. >> it is so painful to hear those words. can you imagine getting that call? >> as an actor it's hard to hear, but it worked out in the end. >> remember who's the boss star alyssa milano? i do. samanthamy selly. i love watched a character with my name as a kid. well, she's 43 now and a mom of two. alyssa dropped a whole bunch of weight since having her most recent baby a little over a year and a half ago. she told our senior news editor how she slimmed down, but first they had to talk about another change to her look. >> easier to manage now, harder? >> easier for sure. i mean the messier it is the better. so basically to style it, i just sleep. >> exactly. >> another big change in alyssa, her weight loss since giving birth to her daughter, who is now 22 months. remember this promise back in
5:24 am
september? >> i've just signed up with atkins to try to lose this last ten pounds. >> well, she did it. from 172 pounds to her so-called happy weight with atkins, 126. >> my energy level, i feel so much better than i did before. it's crazy. you know that feeling when you're dieting where it's like your stomach's growling and you kind of feel -- you're hangry and moody. >> yeah. >> there's none of that because you're actually getting fats and protein, which is so great. >> we love following you on instagram. i mean your beautiful pictures, especially breast-feeding. has that helped lose the weight at all? >> no. that's a myth. i don't know who started that mother. >> what do you think the best part of motherhood? >> every aspect is amazing. he's got this two little toes that cross each other. i was looking at my husband's feet and i was like those are where those toes came from. >> alyssa grew up before our eyes and after the relaunches of full house, we had to ask.
5:25 am
will you guys ever do a relaunch of who's the boss? >> i don't think any of us are opposed to it. >> where could you even see it going? >> tony would have to be a grandfather to my kids. >> you know, i could totally setony dan za has a grandpa. it worked well for a few minutes for john statement oemos. we're producing it. in the meantime, our tiffani thiessen throw back. >> i totaled your ferrari. >> plus we have the cast of the hills ten years later. where are they now? >> every won from me being awful. >> who left the country, and which star attempted suicide? that's next. >> closed captioning provided by --
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but eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. knowing eliquis had both... ...turned around my thinking. don't stop eliquis unless you doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious, and in rare cases, fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. if you had a spinal injection while on eliquis call your doctor right away if you have tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... and it may take longer than usual for bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt & pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made switching to eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you. welcome back to our fourth of july weekend special flashback with some of your
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fafrtd stars of film and tv. it has been more than 20 years since saved by the bell left the air, but will those old friends get back together for a series reboot? well, we but the question to kelly herself. tiffani thiessen, who has gone from 90s it girl to cooking queen. there's been so many reboots, what do you think? saved by the bell? ♪ >> i don't know if you'll be able to get all of us. >> hi, zach. >> hey, kel. >> our whole thing of doing jimmy fallon, making fun of it in a light way is the way we wanted to do it. >>. i'm pregnant. >> whether it premiered in '89 e.t. was on the set as bay side high's hottest couple almost kissed. >> zach, i totaled your ferrari. >> i'm too upset to talk right now. >> one of your earliest e.t.
5:30 am
interviews we want to show you. >> oh, gosh. >> who handles your fan mail? >> actually, my mom and i do. >> i think the bangs were a little more calmed down. i remember when i first started the show, it was a lot of aqua net. >> zach and kelly fans were psyched when they reunited on season two of dinner at tiffany's cooking show. >> the most anticipated guest, mark paul gosselaar. >> tiffany is now 42 and a mom to two. during our sit down at hollywood sierra kitchen, i asked her if hubby helps with the cooking. >> i tend to do the cooking, and he does amazing dishes. he does the cleanup. >> secrets to a successful marriage. way to spin that. >> it's true. >> he does amazing dishes. >> he does. he really does. it works well. >> that's right. nothing wrong with getting your hands dirty doing a little dishes. >> that's how it goes down in our house. >> when your wife can cook that well -- now, tiffany also had a
5:31 am
role on beverly hills 90210. >> we used to gather in the dorms to watch it. but one of the soapiest shows of the new millennium has to be mtv's the hills. ten years ago the laguna beach spinoff premieres and it was part soap, part reality, and all drama all the time. >> you hated spencer and heidi and loved lauren conrad, right? well, in honor of their ten-year anniversary this year, we tracked down the entire cast to find out where are they now. >> i didn't realize it was going to turn into this soap oprah. it was a wild, crazy time, but it was fun. ♪ >> beautiful people and their delicious drama. millions of viewers couldn't get enough. >> you know why i'm mad at you? >> why, lauren? >> you know why i'm mad at you. you know what you did. >> heidi montag and spencer pratt earned super villain street cred on the hills. the couple married in 2009, but spencer never lived down his rep for amping up the crazy.
5:32 am
>> you know it, and you're going to burn for it. >> stop it. >> they told me the show was getting pulled after season one. they needed a bad guy. so everybody won from me being awful. >> so where are they now? a reported $25 million fashion and lifestyle empire. and just published her ninth book. >> it's really cool, especially like a week like this where i'm doing book signings everywhere. i am so fortunate. >> kristin's a mom of three and married to jake cutler. we knew from our first interview with her she was destined to hit it big in the world of fashion. >> here we are at my third fashion show of the day. >> and the others, corey bowen on the hills, last friday had his baby. >> this is probably the biggest change for me. and then being engaged, planning a wedding. it's -- it's like i'm all grown up now. >> and justin bobby's all about his band, bobby rocks. >> what was your life like after the show ended? what did you do?
5:33 am
>> i went to nicaragua, surfed my brains out, ate a lot of good food, and then i opened up a salon down there. >> but fame hasn't been as kind to team speedy. >> what are you guys doing now? >> we did celebrity and that took care of many years of having to not worry about working. now we just keep doing television shows. >> so this is -- >> this is my parents' rental house that we are house -- property managers of. i've been managing the property for six years. i mean we don't go buy designer clothes anymore and buy fancy cars and go to all the fancy restaurants. so we just eat tacos and walk dogs. it can pretty much survive on reality television. >> it hasn't been an easy road for jason waller either. he was known for his partying ways. he's almost six years sober now and running a post-rehab home in
5:34 am
laguna beach. >> my addiction drove me to suicide. >> right. >> not contemplation. actually, you know, attempting suicide, and somebody found me, and that's why i'm still here today. and i'm very grateful for that. >> do you think what happened was inevitable, or do you think being on a reality show -- >> i do not blame tv at all for my addiction. >> who do you keep in touch with? >> i talk to kristen a lot. >> i talk to heidi and audrina all the time. >> justin bobby. >> justin bobby is the biggest rock star i communicate with. >> if you guys could go back, would you do it all over again? >> i absolutely would do the hills all over again. >> oh, i would do it so much better. >> i was 17 and 18. i don't care. i was young. i was stupid. i was having fun. it just was what it was. it's made me who i am today. i think during the show it forced me to look inside and really figure out who i was because i knew the girl on the show wasn't who i wanted to be. so it made me grow up. for that, i'm very thankful.
5:35 am
>> there is talk there could be a hills reunion show on netflix. just sayin'. >> what will they think of next? >> all right. straight ahead on our fourth of july weekend flashback special, awkward moments as cameron relived his makeouts with susan lucci. >> they put your buttons on snaps that could just go like that. >> then new kids on the block. ♪ >> from teenage heart throbs to fathers in their 40s. how they're still bringing the sexy. >> we're seeing a lot
5:36 am
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do you have any idea how this movie ends? >> you see that's the best part. i have absolutely no idea. >> oh, we know how it ends. you got all kinds of hot and steamy stuff coming on with susan lucci back in the day on all my children. >> if you really want to know if our chemistry still burns, just watch our reunion. >> are you sorry that i came back? >> no. >> how is this for a flashback? >> that was the beginning. >> wow. >> we got to wash ttch the kiss maybe that's awkward. >> good awkward. >> so susan and i go way back, and both of us remember when i was a soap newbie. >> they're like, okay, for your second day, you're going to go work with susan lucci, like a television icon and you're going to ged naked and stand in your
5:39 am
underwear. >> they called you snaps. in order to get them off quickly, they put your buttons on snaps. >> she played the legendary erica cane for 41 years. she is a legend. >> what do you miss most about erica cane? >> she was a juicy character. in airports and things, people stop and say how much they really loved the show, and to hear all that now because, you know, there was a period of mourning with the people still feel so affected by it. it keeps me company in that respect, you know. >> i hate her. >> but la lucci fans rejoice. she is back as diva-like beverly hills housewife for season four of devious maids, which required this. >> peter darling -- >> how do you two know each other. >> >> the trailer, there's a little scene, a quick little shot there. you're all naked lying on the couch with some very strategically placed props in
5:40 am
the right places. how do you get to a place where you feel more comfortable being exposed like that? >> i don't think i saw that. >> never? okay. >> no. it's always just like, you know, a lot of butterflies and preparation. you hope you did everything you're supposed to do. lots of extra pilates and not eating lunch and, you know, all of that stuff. >> that's my girl. that's for sure. now, can we just take a second to point out how amazing susan looks? she turned 70 this year. she looks like that. amazing. >> pretty unbelievable she does. i know that you have gone on a couple of those soap cruises. you know a trip on the high seas where all those rabid fans get to meet you, stalk you back to your cabin. last month, season two of rock this boat kicked off on pop tv. that's a cruise with new kids on the block and hundreds of die-hard block heads. our senior news editor got to hang out with don nooe, joey, danny and jonathan and found out all about season two.
5:41 am
♪ >> we're seeing a lot of abs this year. i feel like the first season we didn't see too much shirts off. this season, you guys all have your shirts off. >> you know, sometimes we'll just like hand the baton. joey will go shirtless one tour, and we'll all eat donuts. then the next one, we're like, i can't do it. i need protein or carbs. so one of us will take the baton and get in shape. >> this season you will see a lot more of the guys mingling with their die hard fans, known as block heads. ♪ >> how many people, how many cameras, how many hours of down time? >> 3,000 fans, us five, and around 20 or so cameras. we just really went all out to give our side of the cruise. the first season was the fans' experience. now we wanted to share what it's like for us. >> what is it like being able to interact and still hang out with your fans who are now adults and not young, screaming girls
5:42 am
anymore? >> yeah, they're still screaming. we've been together so long and been together with our fans. i mean we know so many of them. >> even though there's 3,000 people, it's a very intimate experience. >> what's been the craziest fan encounter yet. >> sometimes when we crowd surf, they're holding us up. so sometimes they grab certain parts going through places. >> e.t. goes way back with the band to when they were teenagers. ♪ >> you guys ever get tired of ladies screaming your names and throwing themselves all over you? >> it's terrible. >> it's so awful that we just want it all to go away, you know. it's just awful. but no, of course not. we love it. >> what stayed the same over these years, and what has changed? >> wow. what's changed? >> we're getting old, man. we're getting old. >> jennifer moderated a panel discussion between the band and a group of mommy bloggers. today all of the guys are now in their 40s.
5:43 am
joey's son griffin is a chip off the new kid block. >> this is my son griffin. >> what's up? ♪ remember when we said >> griffin was at our interview, but he's got other career plans. >> i want to be a soccer player or a football player. >> jenny mccarthy is the first wife to be part of the cruise, and got a first-hand look at how there are thousands of other women who are crazy for her husband. >> she was awesome because she knows how much the cruise means to the fans and to us. it's just amazing, and it's very special and i'm glad that she got to see it and be a part of it. >> what advice do you guys have for young kids that have reached stardom. >> i really don't know what i would tell someone coming up, you know. just keep your family close and enjoy it. have fun. >> step by step. >> there you go. >> that was the right stuff.
5:44 am
>> and there's another behind the scenes secret about season two of rock this boat. the series added five new consulting producers and, guess what? they are all block heads to the core. still to come on our fourth of july weekend flashback special, the stars of ferris bueller's day off 30 years later. ♪ well shake it up baby now >> on the set hookups and behind the scenes secrets revealed. plus on the road again with thelma and louise 25 years later. >> it ruined me to drive normally in the real world because we got to beat around and do tricks. >> that is ahead. but first this weekend in the e.t., which x men star once competed in a world championship rock paper scissors tournament. was it michael fassbender, i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to clean better than a manual. he said sure...but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b.
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geena davis and susan sarandon as thelma and lieu he's. classic. hit theaters 25 years ago and it was a game changer for women in hollywood and all over the world. >> it was nominated for six oscars and this year when the stars reunited for the anniversary, we opened the e.t. vault because, well, we've been with thelma and louise for the whole wild ride. >> woo! >> you are disturbed. >> road trip. thelma and louise in a '66 t
5:48 am
bird convertible taking a two day break from their dreary lives. >> i mean it ruined me to drive normally in the real word. >> now reuniting with their ride in times square, reenacting their famous selfie. back then, ahead of their time. >> that's the idea of the polaroid came in and that wasn't in the script. >> the reunion for harper's bazaar is just around the corner from the world premiere we covered in 1991. >> it's not really a buddy film. it's a little bigger than that. >> how come darryl let you go? >> because i didn't ask him. >> i think it's a movie about a women finding their strength, taking responsibility for their lives. >> also attending, 27-year-old brad pitt, who was paid only $6,000 for the role that launched his career. >> make me a man.
5:49 am
>> on the set, we witnessed director ridley scott prep the climb actick scene where thelma and louise take their revenge on a sexest trucker. >> you have really bad manners. >> action! >> i don't think he's going to apologize. >> i don't think so. [ gunshots ] >> god love you. >> i don't know what i did. >> as for the t bird, we all know what happens in the end. ♪ they used three cars for the scene, five total in the film. >> one burned. two of them went over the side, and two of them went to -- >> the film was a surprise hit and became a girl power classic. >> where did you get this? >> stole it. >> you get what you settle for. so the whole point is to not settle and if it's a --
5:50 am
>> where would they be today. >> assuming they're not in prison. >> mexico. >> running a bar. >> all right. >> okay. >> love that movie. and, you know what, louise is getting another grandchild. susan sarandon's daughter is expecting her second child. this one, a boy. >> now here is another classic film for you, ferris bueller's day off. this might make you feel old. the play hooky movie turned 30 last month. e.t. of course, we're 35, so we've got plenty of material to put together this ferris bueller flashback. >> i loved doing it. it was one of my favorites. but i didn't know that it was one that would last so long. none of us knew that. ♪ well shake it up baby now ♪ shake it up baby >> no one played hooky like ferris bueller. >> maybe fer isz is sliethdly bigger than life. >> and e.t. was right there behind the scenes for that spectacular chicago parade scene
5:51 am
three decades ago. >> and we're rolling. >> we're reliving it with five secrets you never knew about the teen classic. >> i'm taking the day offment now get dressed and come on over. >> first, bueller's parade crash, it was the real deal. >> what are you doing? i didn't know you could sing. >> that's actor alan ruk on set as bueller's best friend cameron. this is him today. he says director john hughes improvised along the route. >> one weekend was the actual germany-american day parade. and what we would do is we'd have matthew on the float, and they'd kind of sneak him into the parade and go down a couple of blocks and then circle around the block and sneak him back into the parade. we did that for a whole saturday. >> rhe sparred with his sister f the film, jennifer grey. >> please don't be upset with me. you have your health. >> the undercover couple.
5:52 am
no one knew broad rick and gray were dating. this was them at the oscars in 1987. >> matthew, jennifer, you two are acting pretty media savvy as you come down here. is this easy for you? >> yeah -- no, it's pretty nerve-racking for me. i'm nervous. >> are you nervous, jennifer? >> definitely. >> you're getting a lot of attention, especially being here together tonight. now, there won't be any picking on each other, will there? >> no. we never fight. >> gray might have kept that quiet on set but she actually spilled secret number three. charlie sheen's casting. >> why are you here? >> drugs. >> they made out on screen and it turns out she got charlie the part. >> i was helping them cast, and i said, would you please use charlie? he's great. >> so they bought him on your recommendation? >> they didn't even audition him. they just said, okay, let's take him. >> smart move. next, secret number four. movie magic and that smokin' red
5:53 am
ferrari. yeah, it was a big time lemon, part of a collection. >> they weren't real ferraris. they were fiberglass bodies or mustang chassises. >> pretty much when they sent that thing flying into the ravine, the whole crew was like -- because it was a tiresome car. >> and let's wrap with secret number five. the movie was actually the anti-breakfast club. at least that's how writer director john hughes explained it. >> i've dealt a lot with the problems of being high school age. this is about the undiluted joy of being that age. saying to everybody take a day off. look around your ordinary world and, you know, you'll find some pretty interesting things. >> one thing that the movie isn't, it's not cynical, you know. that all goes back to hughes because hughes actually -- he treated teenagers as complete human beings. and i think that's why people respond to it. ♪
5:54 am
matthew broad rick just had something else to celebrate. his twin girls turned seven years old last week. >> that
5:55 am
5:56 am
considerations provided by --
5:57 am
♪ look at all those stars with birthdays this weekend. lindsay lohan is 30. larry david, 69. tom cruise is celebrating turning 54. now take a final look at your choices. which x men star once competed in a world championship rock, paper, scissors tournament? that's olivia munn, who is celebrating turning 36 this weekend. happy birthday to everybody. monday on e.t., the biggest star scandals setting off fireworks over hollywood. plus, the stars with the hottest summer beach bodies. that's monday. for all the late breaking hollywood news, just go to our website, but before we go, check out the video from jason derulo for his song, if it ain't love. >> the sexy hit has become another contender for hit of the summer. >> enjoy it and the rest of your fourth of july weekend, everyone. >> bye-bye. ♪ ♪ feels so good .
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a tragedy off the jersey shore this july 4th weekend a father and his nine year-old son are killed in the jet ski accident is there and that put the brakes on 120 regional rails cars by septa, trouble that is taking trains off the tracks. and our guide to july 4th family fun, final touches put on the welcome america stage. we will tell you what is happening today as city celebrates the holiday weekend. today is sunday july 3rd, good morning, i'm rahel solomon thanks so much for being with us. lets get your sunday started with weather. justin is joining us now. every where i went people were talking about how nice it was, just beautiful. >> you need to take advantage of it now. >> because it with get hot. >> we have a extended period
6:01 am
of heat, but until then we have to hit the fourth of july holiday. there is a rain chance but most of the day will be dry. overall pleasant day. we are waking up with more cloud cover, still real comfortable and certainly not resembling our relevant i july a cross the delaware valley no matter where you are. we're looking south through center city. we have clouds. nice sunrise off to the east, clearing going on, further north, we will see more sunshine. we will call it partly sunny, waking up to comfortable conditions. sixty-eight at the airport. northwest breeze coming in lightly that the 3 miles an hour and there is temperature spread over the region, upper 50's in the lehigh valley, look at mount pocono dipping down to 47 degrees. what month is it? feels good up in the mountains. sixty's down toward the shore points. mid 50's in quakertown. the this is real nice stuff. dew point changes compared to yesterday, there are actually a little bit lower as well, so that justin dates that dry air mass continuing to build in,
6:02 am
and there are the cloud cover basically from the northwestern suburbs southward. we will get up toward lehigh valley, poconos clear. stray shower or two in far southern cape may county over next couple hours but mostly the rain stays to our south. we will keep today dry. check it out temperatures still below average 84 degrees for philadelphia, more cloud around the shore, limited sunshine upper 70's and feeling good in the mid 70's in the poconos. for independence day there is a a rain chance, we will time that out and talk about that heat and humidity returning in the seven day and we will check it the out in a few instant. new jersey marine police are investigating a watercraft collision that killed a father and his young son. third person involved suffered a wrist injury, it happened on patconn creek in atlantic county. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do pick up the story. >> horrific accident took the life of the father and son in the somers point they were on a jet ski when it collided
6:03 am
just before 5:00 p.m. melissa was bringing in her boat for dinner time when she saw police, toe boats and people rendering emergency aid to the father. >> very unsettling night knowing what had happened and we came upon that. thinking about them and their families and hoping that everyone is doing okay tonight. >> reporter: medics took the person on the other jet ski to shore memorial hospital and their condition is unknown. no word on the cause of the accident but state the police are investigating. that family and friend tells us that father and son were visiting new jersey, from out of state. in egg harbor township atlantic county i'm trang to for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". investigators are trying to find out what caused that house fire that killed a delaware county couple. though door and barbara fine died when flames destroyed their home in the 600 block of cedar lane in morton. fire investigators say it may have start on the rear deck but what they are trying to understand if a flow cover being used to prepare for a
6:04 am
fourth of july cover may have caused a fire. slack's hoagie shock on baltimore pike in springfield and catering company. shocked employees say the couple was very involved in the community. >> great people to work for, very good hearted. give you the shirt off their back. they always gave to this community. they gave to the soccer team, springfield, football team lacrosse team. always donating money. >> employee said their death is a big loss for the community. family and friend paid their final respects to four year-old sina ai holmes, funeral services were held for four year-old girl who died after accidentally shooting herself in north philadelphia last month. the child's mother, shakeia holmes is facing involuntary manslaughter charges and her boyfriend demetrius williams is facing reckless endangerment charges in connection with the death. williams illegally possessed 40 caliber semiautomatic handgun used in the shooting.
6:05 am
a 71 year-old man has died after getting pulled under a september bus in west philadelphia. it happened on the corn are of girard and belmont avenues at 2:30 in afternoon. man was running to catch the route 16 bus but got caught under the rear tire. medics pronounced him dead at the scene and name has in the yet been release. septa has pulled its silver liner five train cars off the tracks. it leaves a significant structural defect but didn't elaborate. they make up a third of the regional rail fleet. septa says there will be no impact on riders through the holiday weekend, rail line is new developing a contingency plan for regular weekday travel. and welcome america continues today, and america's birthplace of philadelphia festivities continued across the region yesterday, take a look, from outputting the finishing touches on the stage for tomorrow's big concert on the ben franklin parkway, chairs are in place and so are the instruments and a slew of the performers will


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