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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 3, 2016 6:05am-7:01am EDT

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a 71 year-old man has died after getting pulled under a september bus in west philadelphia. it happened on the corn are of girard and belmont avenues at 2:30 in afternoon. man was running to catch the route 16 bus but got caught under the rear tire. medics pronounced him dead at the scene and name has in the yet been release. septa has pulled its silver liner five train cars off the tracks. it leaves a significant structural defect but didn't elaborate. they make up a third of the regional rail fleet. septa says there will be no impact on riders through the holiday weekend, rail line is new developing a contingency plan for regular weekday travel. and welcome america continues today, and america's birthplace of philadelphia festivities continued across the region yesterday, take a look, from outputting the finishing touches on the stage for tomorrow's big concert on the ben franklin parkway, chairs are in place and so are the instruments and a slew of the performers will entertain
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the crowd tomorrow. huge fire works display will follow the concert. ♪ >> and this evening the philly pops will perform it annual free concert on independent mall. the 55 piece orchestra will include patriotic favorites so bring your lawn chairs, your blankets and picnic basket but get there early because of course it is first come, first served. welshing penn treaty park in fishtown hosted a big fourth of july weekend celebration sat the day. thousands enjoyed a free outdoor rock concert, four local bands entertained the crowd, park's holiday concert is in the fifth year and this year we're told is biggest one yet, the annual music festival has become a family tradition. >> great, i have never known about this park and i lived in philadelphia mess of my life, so we came out because it is right here, guitar player and a band. >> as we heard from justin earlier it was a perfect day to celebrate the weather was
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perfect, and perfect day to celebrate a birthday in penn treaty park. welcome america organizers, ordered officers of the the police athletic league. "eyewitness news" at go forth and learn ceremony at national constitution center. philadelphia mayor jim kenney as you can see there was there to congratulate the officers. each officers received one you this dollars to go toward summer programming at their pal center. for a list of all of the nearby fire works shows, family end and other celebration this is weekend you can head to our web site at cbs and still to come this morning he experienced hate during the holocaust but then he became a messenger of love and peace, world mourns the loss of the eli weasel but first here's justin. good sunday morning, waking up to pleasant conditions and we are seeing sunshine right now but there is chance for holiday showers. we will break it down coming up in eyewitness weather. it is summer season and that means blueberries are fresh and ripe for the pickings. coming up you'll find out
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where to pick your own and how to find the biggest, most juicy best blueberries. as we go to break take a a look at your screen, we have listed some of the places where you can see fourth of july fire works around the city this weekend, lots going on, lots on your screen and we will be right back, stay with us.
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back on "eyewitness news" and developing news out of baghdad this sunday morning. iraqi officials say car bombing has killed 78 people and wounded 160 others. it was carried out the bias lamb i can state group in a busy shopping district in the center of baghdad. in an on line statement islamic state group claimed responsibility for the attack but statement has not been independently verified. a second bomb attack in eastern baghdad killed five people and wounded 16. white house says an american is among the 20 hostages killed in the attack on the restaurant in bangladesh. amateur video captured gunfire and explosions, when commandos ended the ten hour standoff. two police officers and six gunman were also killed. hostages say the attackers, asked them to recite verses from the karen and if they
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could not they were tortured and kill. >> we don't want these terrorist in bangladesh. this type of situation is first in bangladesh. until now they were committing individual murders but now suddenly they have created this type of situation. what they did here was a very heinous act. >> isis has claimed responsibility for this attack as well. a funeral will be held in new york city for noble prize winner eli wise he will, his book was firsthand account of the horrors inside nazi concentration camp. marley hall has a look back at his life. >> reporter: eli weasel was to shed light on hatred, the annihilation of juice and ethnic conflicts around the world. at 15 he was sent to auschwitz concentration camp and branded with the number, in the mid 50's he wrote his first book night, a devastating account of the holocaust, he would author much more books over the years. >> i, as a jew, can say word
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that have meaning to non-jews as well. >> reporter: weasel eventually made new york city his home and taught at several prestigious institutions including yale and boston university. he received many a ward throughout his life including the congressional gold medal in 1985, noble peace prize and presidential medal of freedom the nation's highest civilian honor. he spoke at the dedication of the u.s. holocaust memorial in washington. in 2009 he join president obama, german chancellor angela chance merkel where they placed white flowers to honor those killed there. president obama tweeted eli weasel was a great moral voice of the time and conscious for the world. he was also a dear friend. we will miss him deeply. eli weasel was 87. marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a landmark in philadelphia neighborhood is getting tend are loving care.
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the members of the wynfield residents association spruced up the war memorial. "eyewitness news" at intersection of the wynfield avenue, wood crest avenue at 54th street. they have beautified the area with flowers, shrubs and of course hard work. memorial dedicated for soldiers on have wynfield who lost their lives in world war two. justin joining us now. a good day yesterday to get out, get some yard work done. you cannot ask for better weather. >> perfect for early july. enjoy it now. things will change this week. summer weather fans will love this forecast coming up. another pleasant day to day. low humidity. the just a few more clouds. we will keep things nice and dry. get outside and enjoy this nice holiday weekend we are having so far a lot of sun toward the poconos, a a nice day, temperatures should hold in the 70's, it is in the 40's, right now, up in mount pocono at this hour. we are looking at the lake from big boulder, we will see more sunshine farther north we are today across the viewing area. storm scan three does have rain showing up, we will show
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from basically dover on south where it is not all reaching the ground, pretty light stuff, steady rain well to the south across sussex county moving into parts of the upper maryland's eastern shore, salisbury maryland. the these showers could get into cape may county this morning. we will be okay in the afternoon. don't expect to see sun as we hit the shore and delaware beaches. delaware beaches best chance to see those showers but we're dry up around philadelphia and points north. we will call it partly sunny skies today but more rain chances return, especially later tomorrow, especially at nighttime. we will talk about that in just a bit. sixty's to the south and millville. 67 degrees in dover delaware. rehoboth beach, close to 07 degrees, and outer suburbs in the lower 60's. mullica 62 degrees. it is 59 up in chalfont and cooler to the lehigh valley. allentown 59. pottstown then 47 degrees feeling good up in mount pocono at this hour. dew point temperatures remains on the low side, right now sitting a at 52 degrees.
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we don't see that a whole lot in july. that feels awesome. so that is the trend today. as we head to tuesday big difference we will start to jump up in the humidity and steamy level feeling oppressive or insufferable when you we factor in the heat index over hundred degrees by even of the week. another great day for baseball. phillies/royals 1:35. first pitch 80 degrees at the start of the game. partly sunny skies, low humidity, nice light breeze. the shore forecast generally mostly cloudy skies. we could get that stray shower or two early this morning. air temperatures in the 70's. ocean water at 67. you uv index lower. we will get sunburn to put on the sun block wind very light, low risk for rip current. here's set up, frontal boundary hanging to the south, that is focus for showers we are seeing, south of the city right you this but they should dissipate in the afternoon. high pressure is dominating our weather. tomorrow it is a dry start. early afternoon we are dry too
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but some showers try to move in on monday night. these are scattered and then pick up in coverage as we head through the overnight monday. it is into tuesday morning. we will dry out by tuesday afternoon. lets get a closer look, planning things out especially checking out some fire works displays and if anything is happening tonight we're good. just some cloud rolling in. tomorrow morning no problems early afternoon we're dry, maybe a couple scattered showers getting in here by mid afternoon, better chance of the later at night and then initially it is hit and miss so we could look out here in the city for big fire works display and concert in the parkway. hopefully that is the case. today pleasant partly sunny 48 . and then tonight 64 still comfortable with low humidity. here's your holiday forecast at the shore 76 degrees with the shower late in the day. same deal in philadelphia with a high of 82. staying dry in the poconos mid 70's. we have 80's now, string of 90's return, lower 90's maybe a shower still on thursday but rahel when you factor in that humidity it will feel like 100
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by the week. >> summer is here. >> all right, justin thanks. just in time for fourth of july holiday treats, blueberries are ripe for the picking and it is blueberry season in south jersey, vittoria woodill ventured over to mood's farm market in mullica to stake some for herself and it turns out there is a technique for finding the best berries, check it out. >> you are eating them all. >> i can't help it. >> reporter: her irresistible, summer is ripe and so are the perfect blueberries in new jersey. mood's farm market in mullica has been family owned and operated for over 100 years and fourth generation patty mood tells us they pick all produce but right now. >> right now it is all about blueberries. >> reporter: they pick by hand and use a machine to help sort the best but here you can play farm hand, bring your own container and pick your own. >> pay for what you pick in entrance fee. >> reporter: what makes the the perfect blueberry. >> they are probably big,
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juicy, very sweet. >> reporter: i have noticed the bigger ones are on the bottom a lot of people don't want to bend down to get bottom ones so yes you can find them down underneath bushes. >> reporter: that is the key to get down. >> get down and look underneath. >> reporter: which is why it is great for kid. do you think you guys will share with me. >> no. >> reporter: come on you guys, please? no. >> just one. >> reporter: just one. >> no. >> reporter: if you want to share too culinary director of sally's market fresh, shows us they are great for entertaining. like in a perfect sandwich or even as a garnish. >> fourth of july just happened in my how the you the. >> reporter: in short blueberry season brings it all together an isn't it sweet. >> great. >> reporter: i met a with man who was 31 years old and said i have been come here picking blueberries for five years abe it never gets old. if you are looking to start a brand new family tradition
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mood's farm and blueberry picking on your own is the way to go. vittoria woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> sweet. remember the ice bucket challenge to help als? well, now is there a new viral challenge on social media. coming up next find out what as expired a local woman to start the paws up challenge and important cause it was supporting. as we go to break where you can see fire works around the city this weekend, we will be back in a moment.
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by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems. back now on eyewitness nice and cbs-3 healthwatch a new video challenge to help children with brain tumors, health reporter stephanie stahl explains the head connection. >> hold off for brain. >> reporter: new video challenge created by jennifer pennal who has three brain tumors. >> i'm not sad. i'm doing what i need to do. i realize is there not a lot of awareness for brain tumors. >> reporter: jennifer, 43, has brain tumors that are inoperable and has tremendous pain. >> they call it suicide disease because pain from the illness is so surreal and unreal that there has been a lot of people that took their own lives because of the pain.
6:24 am
>> reporter: she has a hope tattoo and butt are flies hoping better treatments will allow her to fly away from the agony. her paws up challenge is for children with brain tumors, people post videos with their pets to raise awareness and money for pediatric brain tumor foundation. >> tell us about the brain. >> animals love children and children love animals. >> this is a letter from president obama. >> reporter: jennifer, lives in the northeast, has reached out to community leaders and politicians. the president, responded. >> each day i'm up expired by people like you. >> reporter: paws project is their second video challenge. two years ago she started the air guitar challenge to help adult with brain tumors. >> that was just something silly, i came up with because i loved music. music is, therapy for me. >> reporter: her mission now is to help children. >> it is making these kids smile and forget about their illness and they see videos
6:25 am
and they think wow, look what this person and this animal is doing for me. >> reporter: jennifer has been collecting videos on her paws up for brains facebook page for about two months now. we will have a link at cbs on health. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a serial bank robber strikes again, coming up next on "eyewitness news", police have a name for this bandit because of his unique disguise, what it is and his local crimes coming up next. plus this. the fbi interviews hillary clinton about her private e-mail server, i'm weijia jiang in washington with that story coming up next. and great weather so far this holiday weekend justin is back to tell us what we can expect today when "eyewitness news" continues.
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good morning. i'm rahel solomon. thanks so much for being with us. the let's send it out to justin drabick outside on the sky deck and justin, not a bad assignment you background looks beautiful.
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>> it the is july. the feels so nice. we are talking about temperatures in the 50's in the suburbs and 40's in the mountains. if you like yesterday you will like today. we have a few more cloud, but other than that it will feel good. 68 degrees currently at philadelphia but surrounding suburbs dropping in the lower 60's, interior south jersey, 58. up in allentown at 47 degrees in the poconos at this hour reported at mount pocono officially. sixty-six in palmyra. sixty-two mount holly, new jersey. we have an area of rain well to the south beginning to southern delaware we are seeing a band of light showers, breaking out, some of that could get into parts of the extreme southern new jersey, especially at southern cape may county because right now it is south of dover and not all is reaching the ground this hour. there you go we can see steady rain out of our area but shore points, cape may, wildwood may get a sprinkle or two and that should die down in the afternoon. further north from philadelphia we will see more sunshine today but still
6:30 am
overall, pleasant temperatures with highs running a few you degree below average. what to expect this morning, clouds, comfortable, 50's and 60's this afternoon we will call it partly sunny. seventy's to low to mid 80's. 84 degrees. that is below average. we should be at 87. upper 70's at the shore. not the best beach day. you may get an early morning shower in the poconos, nicer there with more sunshine, that is 76 degrees. tomorrow we will start off dry, bringing in some shower chances on monday night. we will talk about that in a bit. rahel, back to you. >> justin, thank you. the city that gave bit to america is in the middle of the birthday bash, and philadelphia has invited the rest of the country. chere greg from our sister station kyw news radio is live from independent mall where philly pops take the stage tonight, chere. >> so take a will behind me city workers are busy putting
6:31 am
the lights together, they have just rolled in and behind me across the street at fifth and market outside independent hall, tens of thousands of area residents and tourist will be here, for that performance, by the when and only philly pops. take a look the at the video we have, perfect for fourth of july eve, a free patriotic concert, performance by 65 feet pops orchestra and the voices of the pops ensemble, music from last year is any indication of what is to come it will certainly be a hit. students from the school district of philadelphia's all city jazz program will be performing as well as historic philadelphia a block party right here at this fifth and market street. you will hear familiar sound, by chubby checker, boys to men and jill scott. tonight's pops concert is part of the several days of entertainment, including multiple fire works displays, leading up to tomorrow's fourth of july celebrations, that will begin with the parade on ben franklin parkway
6:32 am
and culminate with the party on the parkway and fourth of july jams, tone a ward winning actor leslie odom, o.j.'s will perform and, of course, that will be followed up by grand finally fire works at 10:00 p.m. of course, as you can see there preparations are on ben franklin parkway for that stage are all ready underway. now that free pops concert begins right here at 8:00 o'clock tonight 7:00 o'clock the all city orchestra will perform. now if you decide to come down here take public transportation or catch a cab because those parking restrictions go into place at 7:00 p.m. and rahel, i understand we're matching, twins, we have our patriotic red on today but people, of course, will be wearing that red, white and blue. live from independent hall, cherri gregg for cbs-3 eyewitness news. >> cherri, thank you we are on the same wave length.
6:33 am
nobody does fourth of july like philly. for a list of the nearby fire works shows, family events, and other celebrations this weekend, head over to our web site at cbs strike against the trump taj mahal casino is in the third day. 1,000 members of the unite here local 54, walked off the job on friday over health insurance and pension plans. at this point no new talks are scheduled. striking workers include cooks, housekeepers, bellman and servicer. the casino hotel does remain opened. donald trump no longer runs the casino that bears his name, it is owned by businessman karl icon. an investigation is underway in the fatal watercraft accident in atlantic county. new jersey marine police say father and his young son were on a jet ski in patcan creek when they collided. father and son were kill. both were from maryland. other jet ski driver a woman from egg harbor township suffered a wrist injury. fire investigators are trying to pinpoint what
6:34 am
sparked a house fire that killed a delaware county couple. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff has the story now from morton. >> reporter: there was supposed to be a big fourth of july party here, full of food and family. >> it is a sadness that comes over. >> reporter: around 5:00 a.m. those plans were lost, a long with so much more. >> they received word that there were two victims trapped inside the house. >> reporter: crewness morton delaware count write called to the home on the 600 block of cedar lane, where heavy smoke and fire had consume a rear end of the house. >> we're investigating that the fire may have begun on the deck of the house in the rear. >> reporter: they are also investigating a slow cooker used to prepare for the party as a possible cause, neighbors say that the home owner theodore fine was a talented chef, he and his wife barbara were pronounced dead at the scene. neighbors say the couple was very security minded and their lock required a key from the inside to get out. fire marshall says that the
6:35 am
couple's bodies were found just feet from that door. the fine's who just celebrated 35 years of marriage were as good as neighbors as they come according to those who lived around them. >> they were good people. i'm just very saddened at the loss. >> reporter: holiday that was supposed to be now mark by loss. in delaware county, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and the fbi in montgomery township police want you to help them catch an alleged bank robber. get this police call him the straw hat bandit, investigators say he rob a pnc bank in north wales yesterday morning. he is also a suspect in ten other robberies including at horsham, yardley and plymouth meeting. is there a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and convictions. presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton met with federal investigators for more than three hours yesterday morning. as we gentleman jiang reports the fbi interviewed clinton about the use of the private
6:36 am
e-mail server while she served as secretary of state. >> motorcade surrounded hillary clinton's washington home on saturday morning, she was in town for an interview with the fbi about her use of a private e-mail server while she was second of state. afterward, clinton spoke to msnbc. >> it was something that i had offered to do since last august, i have been eager to do it and i was pleased to have the opportunity to assist the department in bringing its review to the conclusion. >> reporter: probe comes just four weeks before she's set to be formally nominated as democratic presidential nominee but some believe the damage to her credibility has been done. >> this entire scenario, situation though is a public relations disaster of the clinton's own creation. >> reporter: campaign sources say they lasted for three and a half hours at fbi headquarters. although meeting was not a surprise it capped off an already trying week for
6:37 am
clinton. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch decided not to be involved in the final decision in the case after her private meeting with clinton's husband former president bill clinton spark controversy. >> i certainly wouldn't do it again, you know, because i think it has cast a shadow. >> reporter: clinton's critics has long called for formal charges but legal experts review criminal prosecution as exceedingly unlikely. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meantime for the republicans who hold their convention in two weeks, speculation centers around donald trump's running mate washington post reports former house speaker newt gingrich is at the top of the trump's list. he said however don't bet on him. gingrich spoke with the aspen ideas festival in colorado also had choice words about former president bill clinton. >> it is just who he is, one of the most charming people i have never known, astonishingly brilliant and there is a screw loose.
6:38 am
it is just unfortunate because in many ways he is a remarkable leader. >> gingrich says he would only take the vice-presidential position if he could do meaningful work in trump's administration. we have learned that president obama has the same late night snack every night. new york times reports that after dinner with the first family the commander in chief always enjoys seven lightly salted almonds, very precise. they are good for you, they are high in monounsaturated fat that helps lower cholesterol. a panoramic photo on facebook we will show you how to up load an interactive photo coming up next. plus a police chase at more than a hundred miles an hour, a dangerous scene involving children. and a car crash and flames shoot into the air, still ahead, we will look at this explosive scene. pleasant for now but shower chances return, justin's back with tell us how they could impact this holiday
6:39 am
weekend. and once again a lot going on this weekend we will look at the fire works happening around town, this july 4th, we hope you are having a happy holiday, stay with us, we will be right back.
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check out this scene outside detroit a car crashed through a fence and hit a gas main sitting off the blaze. this happened in melvin dale michigan. one person was hurt and the took fire fighters three hours to just put out the flames. now for an incredible story police investigating a 12 year-old girl who allegedly took her grandmother's koran a joy ride. marley hall has the store friday texas. authorities had to step on the gas, to keep up with the 12 year-old behind the wheel. police dash cam video shows dangerous pursuit just north of houston as speeds well beyond legal limits. weaving in and out of the cars racing through red lights and on coming traffic. montgomery county attorney j.d. landbright says it is one of the most incredible chases he has ever seen. >> i'm amazed that somebody wasn't t boned, in all of
6:43 am
this. there wasn't a head on collision. there is 1.2 cars are coming at her and somehow she manages to drive right between them. >> reporter: girls grandmother called police thursday evening saying that the 12 year-old and her five-year old sister were missing along with the car. authorities used on star to track down the vehicle, spotted the older sister in the driver's seat and tried to pull her over and that is when the chase start. >> by the time she's in the center lane, other times in the eastbound lanes and then she moved as far as to her left, she's on the shoulder, in the eastbound lanes going the wrong direction. so there is many, many, many cars coming at her. >> reporter: on star ultimately ended the chase by remotely disabling the car but not before the 12 year-old sideswiped at least one other vehicle, remarkably, no one was injured. marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and large hail caused significant damage in
6:44 am
colorado, check out the destruction at this apartment complex in castle rock which is just south of denver 30 minutes south. all of this damage from hail about the size of golf balls. it appears to be concentrated in one spot, tens of thousands of dollars of damage was cost to homes and cars. apartment complex is now working to cover as many broken out windows as they can. the quite incredible. justin joining us now quite severe weather in colorado. we are not seeing much of anything like that here. >> nice and quiet. our severe season peak of it the is in the month of june and early july. we have been lucky for the most part this weekend, nice, pleasant, low humidity, and it will be a nice day. thinking of hitting the shore here's what it looks like in margate we have overcast skies, don't expect to see a whole lot of sunshine today. maybe a shower or two in parts of the southern cape may county earlier this morning but other than that it is dry. still comfortable temperatures in the 70's a. i wouldn't cancel your peach plans. wear sun block because that
6:45 am
sun can get through overcast skies. is there bulk of the rain over del marva peninsula south of the dover delaware. some showers could get into cape may county. probably not as far north as atlantic city. a lot of it is not even reaching the ground. more showers extend to the west. we will have to watch this next cluster in the ohio valley impacting us later on monday night. independent day for the most part stays dry but we will talk about more scattered shower chances returning later tomorrow night. until then, nice and pleasant, 50's in the lehigh valley at this hour. upper 60's around philadelphia. nice cool pocket of air over the northeast, 54 in state college and scranton. we are waking up to pleasant conditions. if you're getting that morning jog or work out in outside, it feels real good, enjoy it for now. high temperature should be in the upper 80's. we will not hit that today or tomorrow. we will be below average, tuesday, different story, humidity starts to creep backup, closer to average and then we are just off to the races, start than on wednesday into next weekend highs in the 90's and then we will bring in
6:46 am
high humidity as well. it will feel like mid 90's or hundred degrees by end of the week. cloud, maybe shower early at the shore. 78 degrees. tomorrow, again limited sunshine, maybe shower late in the day and i wouldn't cancel your beach plans just yet for fourth of july itself and watch out for morning showers on tuesday and then we will start to warm up at shore points back in the 80's. ocean water temperatures feeling better off the coats of atlantic city, 68 degrees, near cape may 7o delaware, maryland beaches hitting lower 70's currently this morning. ocean slowly warming up. that is average for this time of the year lower 70's. high temperatures inland today, warm spots, low, potentially mid 80's. farther north we will see more sunshine. berks county, lehigh valley, poconos, mostly sunny skies, later on today. tonight still pleasant, keep windows opened, 50's and 60's by the time you wake up tomorrow morning and then some more cloud will start to stream in for monday afternoon, that will keep the temperatures back down to around 80 degrees, pretty much at best. here's the change for later this upcoming week.
6:47 am
jet stream moves to the north. we have not seen this persistent pattern just yet, this is classic midsummer time stuff, we will get high pressure adrift just off shore, southeasterly wind brings in the heat and humidity. we will have a extended period of 90-degree temperatures back in the forecast. the pleasant today 84. partly sunny skies. tonight nice and quiet, just some cloud around, comfortable. lower of 64 for city a and 50's in the suburbs. again tomorrow night here in the city the fire works and the concert, there will be some showers that develop, initially, they are scattered so hopefully we will luck out and we will dodge these showers but they will pick up in coverage as we head overnight none in to tuesday morning. maybe a thunderstorm. eighty's today and tomorrow. upper 80's on tuesday. then we will kick off 90's starting wednesday and could be that typical afternoon shower or thunderstorm on thursday. rahel, summer weather fans are loving this forecast by end of the week. >> if you enjoy pleasant weather we have a couple more days. >> something for everyone. >> justin, thanks. time is 6:47. lets check on the roads with
6:48 am
ann evans in the cbs traffic center, hi, ann. >> reporter: hello rahel, happy independent day weekend. ninety-five south the at highland avenue right lane is block due to an accident. it is a car off the roadway there and they are in the process of clearing it but as you can see it the is impeding traffic and is there a bit of the the delay here, i-95 southbound at high land avenue. we will move the traffic cam to the schuylkill at vine street expressway, schuylkill that sits at the top of the screen, vine street from the middle, no delays, if you are traveling around. again, we will go to the ben franklin bridge now, if you are heading to the shore now is a good time. up like yesterday, it was so busy. this morning roadways all look good. area bridges look good, 42, 55 look already. in problems on the atlantic city expressway or garden state parkway, route nine, 47, 347 look good. black horse and white horse pikes. just drive carefully and have a great holiday weekend. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans now rahel back to you. it is christmas in july,
6:49 am
the burlington count may reen core league collected toys for children, "eyewitness news" at burlington county farmers market in moorestown for kick off for month long christmas in july celebration. they are trading in their hot red suit for a cooler outfit. and you may already use facebook to share regular photos but now the social media site supports interactive 360-degree photos n this tech minute alexis shows thousands make them with your smart phone. >> reporter: got a minute. the here's thousand make and post 360-degree photos from facebook. while cameras, create this photo this facebook feature actually works panoramic photos taken on a phone. for apple users open up camera app and capture panorama a. and newer than iphone 4s or tablet newer then ipad mendte
6:50 am
will work. android down load the camera app toss take a pan ram a samsung galaxy owners can try surround shot mode in the default camera app which does the same thing. then, up load the image to facebook and it turns it into a interactive photo the owe. tilt, retait your phone to explore or use your curser to explore on a desk top. panorama need to be 100 degrees or wider for facebook to display it as a 360-degree tote owe. in san francisco, i'm a licks, for cbs news. what can't you do nowadays. still to come to this morning nascar under the lights and it is a huge wreck in day tone, leslie van arsdal has more on incredible video coming
6:51 am
mr. brady, we've been expecting you.
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can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] vince vel questions gets the start as phillies take on the royals at 1:35. check out this little fanatics in training, one of the few bright spots for the game. to the first inning peter borges lines within to center field, check out his, home plate from third in just ten and a half seconds. he would score on a miguel
6:54 am
franco single. but the royals will quickly take over in the second inning, morales will take a three run shot, bounces off the video screen in right field. just like that five-one. morales had two home runs and four rbi. aaron nola gave up five runs for his fourth straight loss. royals snapped phillies four game winning streak winning six-two. nola says he is healthy. >> just a couple bad pitches here and there and they scored some runs. i feel really good. for me it is just, you know, command and trying to get early outs and i felt like i got in and out pretty quick in the last three innings. >> surprise upset at wimbledon forty-first ranked sam query beat top seed defending champ djokovic in the third round of the play. that kind of upset has not happened in 14 years. djokovic won 30 consecutive grand slam matches. he said he was playing injured. he will not play in the davis
6:55 am
cup final. nba trade talks heating up, reports surfacing sixers are interest nothing free agent, rondo. the 11 year veteran receiving interest from the kings, bulls and pelicans. rondo led the league in assist three is times spent last year with the kings averaging 11-point a game. boston celtics met with nba superstar, and free agent kevin durant in the hamptons yesterday. they brought someone a long to recruit former nba, mvp, new england patriots quarterback tom brady seen here in the snap chat post no word what brady's role is during this negotiating process but still interesting. nascar under the lights for the daze tone a 0400, and we have a nasty wreck in lap 90. nearly three wide, jamie mcmurray making contact with jimmy johnson. the this is huge, cars are every where. nearly half of the field is taken out including chase elliott. jimmy johnson, and dale
6:56 am
earnhardt junior. carson wentz is, settling into life in philadelphia and now his best buddy. this is carson's dog, he is on instagram, qb 11 under score henley. he documented his trip across country, to join carson his latest post is this one, saying finally made it home to dad, henley is already home. that is all for sports i'm leslie van arsdal have a great day. that is too cute. that is "eyewitness news" at 6:00. here's what we have at 7:00. incredible video of the police officer saving a man's life when his car burst into flames. hear what he a says about his heroic actions. plus, pets and fire works do not mix, loud noise and bright lies could scare dogs, we will tell you how to calm your pet this holiday weekend and keep them safe. justin says there is a chance of rain this holiday weekend, he times it out for outdoor festivities when we
6:57 am
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well, what better place to celebrate the fourth of july then nation's birthplace, we are looking live at independent hall where holiday festivities will take place tonight and we have been live with the preview of the events as justin has your holiday forecast. and also this morning, tragedy at new jersey shore when a father a and son are killed in the jet ski accident, what authorities say went wrong. and developing right now, bombings in baghdad killed at least 83 people and areas packed with families after breaking their rama thedan fast. today is sunday july 3rd, good morning to you i'm rahel solomon. all eyes are on the holiday weekend forecast, let's turn it over to justin drabick because it has been a nice holiday weekend but we are tracking showers. >> we are dealing with showers, some parts this morning and then certainly later on tomorrow night we will talk about another chance that could impact, some fire works in some spots, depending where but keyword is scattered, but until then prettyle


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