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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  July 3, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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well, what better place to celebrate the fourth of july then nation's birthplace, we are looking live at independent hall where holiday festivities will take place tonight and we have been live with the preview of the events as justin has your holiday forecast. and also this morning, tragedy at new jersey shore when a father a and son are killed in the jet ski accident, what authorities say went wrong. and developing right now, bombings in baghdad killed at least 83 people and areas packed with families after breaking their rama thedan fast. today is sunday july 3rd, good morning to you i'm rahel solomon. all eyes are on the holiday weekend forecast, let's turn it over to justin drabick because it has been a nice holiday weekend but we are tracking showers. >> we are dealing with showers, some parts this morning and then certainly later on tomorrow night we will talk about another chance that could impact, some fire works in some spots, depending where but keyword is scattered, but until then pretty pleasant low humidity.
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we have another nice day today for the most part across the region, outside waking up to a little bit of cloud cover across the delaware valley. farther north we will see more sunshine. partly to mostly cloudy, looking through south on center city there. 69 degrees. wind currently calm. we have low humidity. there is cloud cover from the lehigh veil on south, then we will get a batch of rain mainly south of dover, delaware that is not even reaching the ground. i'll check current observationness dover. may need a sprinkle or two in southern cape may county but bulk of the rain stays to the south. we are dry today pretty much every where. sixty's and 50's, earlier mount pocono in the 40's now up to 53. fifty-nine in quakertown. so a great day to be outdoors once again today and dew point temperatures stay on the low side they are in the 50's indicating a very dry air mass, temperatures, we will get to about 84. that is about it for philadelphia under partly sunny skies, below average.
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so don't expect to see a whole lot of sunshine. poconos in good shape with the high of 76. tomorrow we will start off with some sunshine, cloud, pick it up, scattered showers arrive late in the day and then certainly at night we will time that out in the full forecast in a few more minutes, rahel, back to you. in the meantime nice day on celebrate and once again philadelphia is hosting america's birthday party welcome america continues in america's birthplace. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live from independent hall looking very beautiful in ready must say. cherri, philly pops are performing there tonight. >> that is correct. >> reporter: good morning. nothing makes it feel like fourth of july weekend like a patriotic performance by the philly pops. take a look behind me, the city workers are busy building the stage in time for tonight's concert. they are putting up metal barricades to get ready forest mated 20,000 people, expect to gather here outside of
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independent hall, later on today. >> it is perfect for fourth of july eve, a free patriotic cans earth performance by 65 feet pops orchestra, and the voices of the pops ensemble. it is music from last year is any indication of what is to come it will certainly be a hit. students from the school district of philadelphia all city jazz program will perform tonight at historic philadelphia block party right here, at fifth and market streets. and be ready to hear familiar sound including music by philadelphia bread stars like chubby checker, boys to men and jill scott. tonight's pops concert is part of the several days of entertainment, including multiple fire works displays, leading up to tomorrow's fourth of july celebrations, that will begin with the parade on ben franklin parkway, and culminate with the party on the parkway, a and fourth of july jam. tone a ward winning actor leslie odom, the o.j.'s and others will perform, followed
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by the grand finally fire works at 10:00 p.m. of course, you can see preparation for that stage are already on the way on the parkway. here at independent hall lots of work going on in advance of tonight's concert at 8:00 p.m. philadelphia pops will perform, the all city orchestra will perform at 7:00 . you'll see a lot of people and their red, white and blue and rahel, you and i are getting started, white nails, wednesday dress and there we go. all together live on independent mall, cherri gregg for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cherri, i'm sporting the white nails if you can believe that. >> thank you. and for a look at nearby fire works show family events and other celebration this is weekend head to our web site at cbs philly to the come. new jersey marine police are investigating a watercraft collision that killed a father and his young son. the third person involved
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suffered a wrist injury, it happened on patcong creek, in somers point. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do has the story. >> a horrific accident has taken the life of a father and son they were on the jet ski when they collided with another jet ski on the path the pathcong creek. melissa saw police, toe boats and people rendering emergency aid to the father. >> very unsettling tonight, it has been unsettling knowing what happened and we came upon them and i'm thinking about them and their families, and hoping that everybody is doing okay tonight. >> reporter: medics took the person on the other jet ski to shore memorial hospital and their condition is unknown. in word on the cause of the accident but state police are investigating. the meanwhile that family and friend tells us that the father and son were visiting new jersey from out of state. in egg harbor township, atlantic county i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". investigators are trying to find out what caused a a
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house fire that killed a delaware county couple. theodore and barbara fine, both 58, died when flames destroyed their home in the 600 block of cedar lane in morton. fire investigators think it may have started on the rear deck but you what they are still trying to understand if a slow cooker used to prepare for a fourth of july party may have caused the fire. we have learned that fine's own slack's hoagie shock on baltimore pike. the couple was also very involved in the community. >> great people to work for. very good hearted. give you shirt off their back. they always gave to this community. soccer teams, springfield, foot the ball teams, the lacrosse team, always donating. >> employees say there is just a big loss. we are following developing news out of baghdad this sunday morning. this is video just in iraqi officials say that a car bombing in the busy shopping district have killed at least 78 people, and wounded 160
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others. in an on line statement islamic state group claimed responsibility for the a tack but statement could not be independently verified. a second bombing attack in eastern baghdad killed five more people and wounded another 16. both areas were packed with families after breaking fast for ramadan. three students attending american colleges are a monk 22 victims of the terror attack and hostage crisis in bangladesh, one from florida. wendy gilette brings us up to date on the investigation. >> reporter: amateur video captured gunfire and explosions when commandos moved in, to end the ten hour hostage crisis in bangladesh. at least 28 people were killed in the attack in the capitol city of dh aka, 20 hostages, two police officers and six gunman. some of the more than dozen hostages able to escape described horrific hours inside a popular spanish restaurant in the cities diplomatic zone. they said the attackers asked
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the hostages to recite versus from the koran and if they could not they were tortured and killed. most of the hostages who were murdered were foreigners, nine were from italy, seven from japan and three attending college from u.s. two were emery university students in georgia, american citizen abina camer and hussein a business school students from dhaka. >> students with bright future and that is why they came here to finish their high studies. >> reporter: third student taraji james was a sophomore in berkley. islamic state claimed responsibility for the attack saying it was targeting what it called citizens of crusader countries. prime minister of bangladesh called for two days of national mourning. wendy gilette for cbs news. president obama is calle lie weasel a great moral voice of our time. noble peace prize winner and holocaust survivor died
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saturday. at satisfaction was sent to the auschwitz concentration camp. his book night was a devastating account of the holocaust. wow spend his life advocating for holocaust remembrance. eli weasel was 87. still ahead western wild fires put homes in jeopardy. see is what making it tough for fire fighters to gain the upper hand. and a panda escapes its even close another at bush gardens, what he did when he was free. justin has your fire works forecast and see if rain will put a damper on your festivities when we c
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back on "eyewitness news" with dramatic video out west where wild fires are destroying homes and triggering more evacuations. fire fighters have been bat telling fire in central california since friday, and it has burned nearly 3,000 acres and it is only 25 percent contain. fire shut down a major highway for a while but it has reopened, the causes now under investigation. san bernardino where three fire fighters were injured fighting this fast moving fire, flames erupted on a hill side and quickly burned five homes. several other homes are in danger of catching fire, neighborhood has been evacuated. more than 100 fire fighters are battling these flames. justin, hard to see we have severe weather happening all over the country out west but fortunately, very quiet here. >> we will bring back rain chances in the forecast later
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tomorrow night into tuesday and then we will talk about typical mid-july heat on our way, and certainly humidity by end of the week. we will get back to that typical summer-like pattern but until then it is real nice. bucks county, 62 degrees. the farther north we will go, you will see more sunshine. you can see blue skies here, high, thin cloud, so more, sun now out further north in the lehigh valley poconos. still some cloud around the city. we have wet weather to the south, go south of dover delaware in rain reportedly in dover, but light rain in the dover area and southern new jersey, cape may county over next couple of hours as this batch of rain continues to push to the east. everybody else stays dry today, still nice and pleasant. then we will see next round of rain starting to arrive later tomorrow night and impact us overnight into tuesday morning but still very comfortable outside right now, dew point temperatures measures that moisture contend in the air and humidity. right now it is 52 degrees. that feels awesome on the comfort index, and you
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sometimes when i post this on social media we will get comments, this is inlaw meter, longer they stay at your house, it is insufferable. this is what we are dealing with by even of the week. this is impressive or insufferable when you factor in the heat and humidity. no humidity at all. sixty-one for current temperature in allentown. near 07 in philadelphia feels good. look at that cool era cross the great lakes continuing, in michigan, 50 degrees. forty's earlier. in mount pocono. we will get the next 24 hours, to go here with nice conditions, and then we will bring back that humidity. we will call it pleasant today, tomorrow. we will start to feel difference. feel more humid but not bad for july and then steamy tuesday, wednesday and continues all the way through end of the week into next week even. we are at the a good stretch of hot and humid weather coming at us in our forecast. high pressure still dominates us. we will have cloud around. the most of the showers should dissipate by the afternoon. tonight looks good. tomorrow morning should be dry.
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then we will see next batch of rain starting to move in, initially showers will be scattered, hopefully that doesn't impact fire works displays but overnight monday into tuesday morning there could be periods of steadier showers that roll in here and then by tuesday afternoon we will clear out again and then heat just returns starting on tuesday and builds each day. not much happening through the rest of the afternoon we will call it partly sunny, fire works displays tonight. looking good in the lehigh valley down towards the shore points. tomorrow morning just some cloud and then we will see showers building in but this model is not showing a whole lieutenant of widespread shower activity. if this is the case by 11:00 we're in good shape around philadelphia we will wait and see whether that plays out. overall pattern cool picket of air to the north, nice and comfortable but we will heat up, each day, jet streams on the move. get building ridge of high pressure just off the coast of the you had and that brings in that heat and humidity starting wednesday all the way into next week even, persistent pattern coming at us but that is typical for this time of the year. partly sunny, pleasant.
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eighty-four. tonight still comfortable at 64. partly to mostly cloudy skies. fire work forecast i mentioned those showers start to develop, mid 70's, tomorrow night around the parkway and for the concert and the fire works display. here's that extended forecast 80's today and tomorrow, upper 80's more humid on tuesday, morning showers and then we're back to sunshine on wednesday, great pool and beach weather to beat the heat, hot, humid, highs in the lower 90's could feel more like 100 degrees when we factor in the humidity a hell shaking her head going there goes my hair. >> and there goes that philly summer that is what you think about. >> typical east coast stuff. >> justin, thank you. time is 7:16. lets see how traffic is moving with ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center. i necessity were you watching that accident on 95 southbound. any update there. >> that has cleared, we're in good shape there we will talk about that in a minute but thinks ben franklin parkway, rahel, outbound and in bound shut down in the inner drive,
7:17 am
between 20th street and art museum circle due to the welcome america festival preparations. concert and fire works tomorrow night very exciting events in our city. we will see the traffic cam here, to i-95, highland avenue what we were talking about. i-95 looks good now with no delays or problems, that accident all cleared up, and we will move traffic cam within more time to the ben franklin bridge. if you are heading to the shore like folks are you'll have a lot of company. no delays so far, area bridges look good. forty-two freeway 55, ac expressway, garden state parkway looks okay. 147, 347 look good. so do black horse and white horse pike. finally entrance to the shore points look okay. have a great time if you are shore bound. that is latest from the traffic center, i'm ann evans now rahel, back to you. well, septa has pulled all silver lining five train cars off the track. it blames a significant structural defect but didn't
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elaborate. 120 cars make up one-third of the regional rail fleet, septa says there will be no impact on riders through the holiday weekend, the line is now developing a contingency plan for regular weekday travel. on the cps3 health wash first cancer moon shot summit was held the at cancer sent's cross the country this week including right here in philadelphia a health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the summit which was hosted by vice-president joe biden. >> reporter: hundreds of leading cancer experts join vice-president joe biden, and actress carroll burr net at the howard university for the first cancer moon shot summit. >> we owe it to future generations to take this moment. >> reporter: both biden and burnett loss children to carbs. >> today is remarkable, in the least of which is hope. >> reporter: the vice-president called for doubling the progress against cancer in the next five years. >> time matters. days matter. minutes matter.
7:19 am
>> reporter: biden oath lined several initiatives including expanding patient participation in clinical trials and improving data sharing among researchers. he also threatened to cut federal funding for cancer studies that don't submit results on time. many doctors hope the meetings will lead to better a access to treatment for everyone. >> some places some patients really do get great care and access the two to you new drugs but frequently they don't. >> reporter: this 20 year-old cancer survivor kathy attended d.c. summit. >> i believe more we share information more cures we will see in everybody's lifetime. >> reporter: she says cancer research has come so far but still has a long way to go. vice-president biden called out drug companies, for unnecessarily price increases and, major research hospitals for in sufficient collaboration. issues that the moon shot project, aims to fix. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". an orangutan tries to make a escape and it is all caught on camera.
7:20 am
on friday, she escaped her habitat at bush gardens in tampa forcing the people to evacuate. bush gardens employees and florida wild life commission got her back to the enclosure in about an hour and fortunately, no one was hurt. >> just jumped branch to branch. you could see a little panic. we got a little situation. >> she's actually the second orangutan in less than three weeks to escape from the bush gardens enclosure. that animal was also recaptured. coming up, the most followed person on twitter and it is not justin beiber. plus the music concert or adele or broadway hit hamilton you know how hard it can be. there is a reason why you are getting shut out. find out what they are. justin drabick is, tracking chance of rain this holiday weekend, find out when wet weather could move? as we go to break we will
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wish you a happy holiday this july 4th and also a look at the fire works show going on in our area tonight and tomorrow, and by the way you can see awe full list on cbs, stay with us, we will be right back.
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. well, twitter atmosphere has a new queen, katie perry is first person to ever reach 90 million followers on twitter, and justin beiber is not too far around with
7:24 am
84 million and taylor swift has 79 million. perry is very active on twitter, she talks about everything from what she likes to eat to what kind of music she listens to. when she learned about breaking the twitter record she tweeted dang this is tight. math the you mcconaughey is taking on a new role, he will be a teacher. the that is right, this fall actor will teach a film class at his alma matter university of texas at austin. and dame judy dench surprised people when she celebrated her eighty-first birthday. she got a tattoo, yes, on her wrist and says carp diem which means seized the day. she says that is her motto and it was a gift from her daughter. very cool. there is a reason it is harder then ever for beyonce fans to land concert tics, shows like beyonce, u2 and broadway hit hamilton may be sold out because of ticket bot s. jamie youkiss has plans to crackdown on the machines that
7:25 am
sometimes steel the show. >> ♪ >> if you are looking for a ticket to broadway's hottest show, it is going to be hard to find, and it will cost you plenty. >> so for only, $1,945. that is the lowest price. >> ♪ >> reporter: it is not just ham hamilton it is next to impossible to get ticket for popular concert as ticket sellout. one reason is you are not competing for tickets with humans. you are compete ago begins computers called ticket bot s, modern tool of old fashion scalpers and it is not a fair fight. single ticket bot scooped up 520 seats to beyonce cons inert brooklyn in three minutes. another snag up to a thousand tickets, and two tickets to one show in a single minute. >> unfair advantage when we have software programs and systems that start doing it
7:26 am
far faster then anyone could normally do it. >> reporter: they were supposed to be stopped by the captured boxes the broken up letters that ask to you type in that humans can detect until now. >> is there software that can do character recognition. >> reporter: scalpers sell those tickets object retail web sites like stub hub where they can be markup many times. >> secondary ticket market is really like the wild west. >> reporter: new york attorney jenner i can sniderman led the charge in new york's new stiffer penalty. ticket bot violation where is hand with the a fine. >> we're talking about thousands of toll a ars worth of fines for people to make millions of dollars. >> reporter: but as governor cuomo signs the bill in the law offenders could face jail time. >> more than that. >> this is kind of crime that is white collar crime we candy ter. they don't want to be slapped with a indictment. >> reporter: jamie youkiss for cbs news, new york. and a story about a french bull dog that is taking the internet by storm, take a
7:27 am
look, this is daisy, and she's going viral because of her romantic connection to a fish. that is right, a fish. the daisy loves to visit frank the coy fish in her backyard pond and they even kiss. my god. daisy's owner says they are an odd couple but they are capturing hearts all over the world, what can you say, the heart wants what the heart wants. still to come on "eyewitness news", former house speaker newt gingrich, responds to rumors he will be donald trump's running mate and he has choice words about former president bill clinton. plus most are not big fans of fire works, so, we will hear what this weeks pet project how to calm your dogs nerves this fourth of july weekend. the justin. good morning. waking up to pleasant temperatures but there is a rain chance for the holiday. we will time it out coming up in the forecast whe
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today is sunday july 3rd, good morning to you i'm rahel solomon. let's get out to justin drabick on the cbs-3 sky deck with eyewitness weather. it looks more beautiful then it did an hour ago. >> really. we have clouds over us but so comfortable outside, almost cool in some spots especially in the mountains. if you are up in the poconos you woke up to temperatures in the 40's. that is impressive for this time of the year. trend continues for another 24 hours, with nice comfortable
7:31 am
conditions. now we have overcast skies, little area of rain to the south. we have to go south of dover delaware where we pick up that steady rain in sussex county. delaware beaches get something rain. some showers could get in extreme southern cape may county and showing up on radar may not reach the ground just yet. we may get a couple sprinkles. by the afternoon that is gone and we are left with partial sunshine. further north more sunshine we will see. temperatures compared to yesterday are actually a bit cooler, 5 degrees cooler in wilmington. degree cooler in philadelphia, four in millville. if you liked yesterday you will like today's forecast. exception is less sunshine. so not the best beach day but, by the afternoon, all of the beaches should be on the dry side. so, 60's for the most part for current temperatures right now, and 50's showing up in the cooler suburbs, especially up in the poconos, and now up to 60 degrees in doylestown at this hour. today near 84 for philadelphia, upper 70's at the shore mid 70's at the poconos. tomorrow overall still good
7:32 am
days and some cloud. we will talk about scattered showers returning late in the day and time it the out in a few more minutes, back to you. >> justin, back to you. city that gave birth to america is in the middle of the birthday bash. philadelphia has invited rest of the country to come celebrate with us. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio is live looking very patriotic and philly pops will perform tonight, cherri? >> reporter: that is correct, rahel, and let me tell new just a few hours it will be all about the music and nothing says fourth of july weekend, of course, then a performance of the star spangled banner and other patriotic songs by philly pops. take a look behind me over past hour it has gotten extremely busy, you can see city workers are setting up the stage, lights, and barricade all to get ready for tens of thousands expect to gather here outside of independent hall for tonight a's concert. it is perfect, for fourth of july, evening, a free
7:33 am
patriotic concert performance by 65 feet pops orchestra, and voices of the pops ensemble, it is music from last year is any indication of what is to come it will certainly be a hit. students from the school district of philadelphia's all city jazz program will perform tonight, at the historic philadelphia block party right here, at fifth and market streets. be ready to hear familiar sound including music by philadelphia bread stars like chubby checker, boys two men and jill scott. tonight's pop concert is just part of the several days of entertainment, including multiple fire works displays, leading up to tomorrow's fourth of july celebrations, that will begin with the parade on ben franklin parkway, and culminate with the party on the the parkway, and fourth of july jam. tone a ward winning actor leslie odom, the o.j.'s and others will perform, followed by grand finally fire works at 10:00 p.m. of course, you can see preparations for that stage are already underway on the
7:34 am
parkway. lots of activity here, on independent mall. now that pops on independence concert begins at 8:00 o'clock tonight, the all city orchestra will perform at 7:00 . but, of course, this entire area will be filled with people, lots of activity, expected well before then. so if you want a good spot come early, you will see areas where you can lay your blankets out and have a fun right in front of the place where independent all began in america. live from independent mall, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cherri, thank you. atlantic city strike against trump taj mahal casino hotel is in the third day. 1,000 members of the unite here local 54 walk off the job friday over health insurance and pension plans. the at this point no new talks are scheduled. striking workers includes cooks, housekeepers, bell men and servicer. the casino hotel is still
7:35 am
opened. donald trump no longer runs the casino that still bears his name, it is owned by businessman karl icon. investigation is underway into a fatal watercraft accident in atlantic county. new jersey marine police said a father and his young son was on a jet ski in patcong were colliding with another jet ski they were both from maryland. other jet ski driver a woman from egg harbor township suffered a wrist injury. and new this morning, just into our news room philadelphia police are trying to solve a murder this one in kensington. officers responded to a shoot ago long jasper in east sayer street around 5:00 this morning. investigators say the man died just as emergency crew is a arrived on the scene. the fbi in montgomery township police want to you help them catch someone they are calling the straw hat bandit. investigators say he robbed a pnc bank in north wales yesterday morning, and they also say he is suspect in ten other robberies including in
7:36 am
horsham, yardley and plymouth meeting. is there a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. well, presumptive democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton met with federal investigators for more than three hours yesterday morning. as we gentleman jiang reports the fbi interviewed clinton about the use of the private e-mail server while she served as secretary of state. >> reporter: motorcade surrounded hillary clinton's washington home on saturday morning, she was in town for an interview with the fbi about her use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state, afterward, clinton spoke to ms nbc. >> it was something that i offered to do since last august. i have been eager to do it. i was pleased to have the opportunity to assist the department in bringing its review to the conclusion. >> reporter: probe comes just four weeks before she's set to be formally nominated as the democratic presidential nominee but some believe the
7:37 am
damage to her credibility has been done. >> this entire scenario, situation they is a public relations disaster of the clinton's own creation. >> reporter: campaign sources say interview lasted for three and a half hours here at fbi headquarters. although meeting was in the a surprise it capped off what was an already trying week for clinton. u.s. attorney general loretta lynch decided not to be involved in the final decision in the the case, after her private meeting with clinton's husband former president, bill clinton, spark controversy. >> i certainly wouldn't do it again and, you know, i think it has cast a shadow. >> reporter: clinton's critics have long called for formal charges but legal experts view criminal prosecution as exceedingly unlikely. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". turning new to the republicans who hold their convention in two weeks speculation centers around donald trump's running mate, washington post reports former house speaker newt gingrich is at the top of the trump's list
7:38 am
but he says not him. he spoke at aspen ideas festival in colorado and had choice words about former president bill clinton. >> he is just who he is, one of the most charming people i have never men, astonishingly brilliant and there is a screw loose. so, it is just unfortunate because in many ways he is a remarkable leader. >> gingrich said he would only take the vice-presidential offer if he could do meaningful work in trump's administration. well, still to come this morning on "eyewitness news" caught on cameras a police officer saved the man's life when his car burst into flames. hear what the officer said about his heroic actions. plus a high speed police chase puts drivers on the road in danger but police weren't given up on the suspect find out how they were so determined to catch the driver. and justin is tracking some rain, for part of our holiday weekend. he will time it all out when we come right
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you are watching dash cam video of what a texas prosecutor called one of the most incredible chases he has ever seen and police say the driver is a 12 year-old girl. authorities say she took her grand the mother's koran a joy ride and led them on a chase reaching speed of 118 miles an hour. the girl is now in custody. fortunately in within was hurt including her five-year old sister in the back seat. well, in may los angeles
7:42 am
police officer received a medal of valor from president obama and for the first time you will see why he got the it. >> get him out of there. >> on christmas morning 2013, donald thompson was on his way to work when he a saw this koran fire. he pulled over, hopped over center divider toward burning car and he knew the driver was trapped. >> i reached around the door and grabbed him and pulled him out of the car. he weighed over 200-pound but he was so light. he felt like he only weighed an ounce or two. adrenaline is absolutely amazing. >> medical emergency called, blackout saying he is alive thanks to officer thompson's heroic actions. job well done. four florida counties are under a state of emergency this morning because of a toxic allergy along the coast. the allergy spread after the army core of engineers
7:43 am
released what ther from a nearby lake to prevent flooding. residents say it is blanketing the beaches and a foul smelling muck is hurting tourism. allergy can be dangerous for liver, skin and gastrointestinal system. severe weather hits colorado and it is not snow but hail and it left behind damage. take a look, people living in this apartment complex, in a town of castle rock say the storms hit fast. >> it came down in buckets. the hail was bigger than golf balls and there is not a thing you could do it destroyed all of my plants. >> my radar app alerted me that there was thunderstorm, hail in my direction and 30 seconds later started pounding down. i thought there was a tornado coming. i ran up to the windows and hail was busting through the window and see my neighbor's car detroit with the other houses getting drilled with hail. >> the damage is estimated to be in the tens of thousands of dollars. and justin joins us with the weather watchers. what do you see. >> comfortable conditions. people are dealing with overcast skies but they are
7:44 am
not complaining it is just so nice for early july. good sunday morning. the just like yesterday humidity stays low and temperatures running a few degrees below average this time of the year. sixty's at this hour, we will go to south jersey toward the shore where it is 67 degrees in ocean city, and james house, he says happy fourth of july weekend, everyone, we will see you on the the beach. rub in it james you know i have to work. i would be there if i was off. in delaware similar conditions. slightly cooler in newark. delores lee 63 degrees. we will head up further are north into pennsylvania where another cooler spot, jeff moore, in hatfield, he has got 61 degrees, overcast skies. nice picture this morning, check out this shot from phil here in philadelphia, nice sunrise, we have had good color with the cloud around and some clear skies, so it is good orange this morning. now we have seeing overcast sky but further north we will get more sunshine. lets go up to it looks like, berks county, we have the sun but lets go back down to the the shore in margate we have
7:45 am
overcast conditions and there is a potential for a few showers especially into cape may county. we will go from wildwood on south or make some rain early this morning. other than that just some cloud. it is not a bad beach day. we will not see a whole lot of sunshine. is there bulk of the rain over del marva peninsula salisbury maryland getting heavy rain in maryland. some rain trying to get into southern new jersey and north of dover, a lot of this not reaching the ground. showers extend out to the west. we will watch this batch of rain impact us later mainly tomorrow night, and that could impact fire works display in the philadelphia region. initially it looks like scattered showers, so hopefully they will stay scattered enough before widespread rain moves in tomorrow night. pleasant for now, enjoy, temperatures below average today and tomorrow. then we will surge well above average, lower 90's, feeling hotter then that when you factor in the humidity later this week. another great day for baseball heading out to the ballpark, royals in town, 80 degrees at first pitch at 1:35 this
7:46 am
afternoon. shore forecast like i said maybe a shower, very early this morning other than that mostly cloudy skies, pleasant day, air temperature in the upper 70es a. uv index five out of ten but make sure you have sun block on. wind light, so pleasant to hang out on the beach today. as we go through time we should see more sun this afternoon with showers moving off shore, but then here comes the next round of some showers, initially some cloud role in early tomorrow morning. afternoon some scattered showers moving in especially west of the city, mostly staying dry, and then at nighttime more scattered showers start to arrive later on after sunset, and then through the overnight, monday into tuesday morning we will see steadier showers. later this week if you like heat and humidity you'll love this forecast, jet stream moves to the north, classic, midsummer time, weather pattern, hot, humid conditions, for several days, starting to arrive, kicking off on wednesday, today though it is pleasant. temperatures still below average at 84. tonight comfortable, partly cloudy.
7:47 am
64 degrees. here's your holiday forecast, mid 70's at the shore, lower 80's in philadelphia, mid 07's in the poconos and scattered showers roll in later during the day. extended forecast 80's today and tomorrow, upper 80's with humidity tuesday with morning rain and hot and humid starting on wednesday all the way into next week even, rahel, back to you. >> thanks, justin. time is 7:47. time to check on the road and highways, ann evans has breaking news in the the cbs-3 traffic center. what can you tell us. >> we have a terrible accident on the schuylkill westbound, rahel. right lane is blocked from conshohocken, conshohocken curve and blue route. it may be a fatal accident. we do know injuries are involved. now on the eastbound lanes on the conshohocken curve you can see left lane is block where emergency vehicles and again, folks at penndot are moving the camera, just seeing the extent of the accident and what is happening here. once again on the schuylkill westbound jammed between conshohocken curve and blue route. it is due you to an accident. right lane is block.
7:48 am
we have big delays there. that is latest from the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm ann evans new back to you. thank to you are that report. still ahead this morning, carroll erickson joins with us this weeks pet project and we're talking about fire works. so what they do to calm your pet and keep them safe. as we go to the break we hear at cbs-3 want to wish you a happy fourth of july. also here's a look at the fire works shows in our area tonight and tomorrow. see the full list on our web site at cbs back to
7:49 am
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vince vel questions get the start as phillies take on the royals at 1:35. check out this fanatic in training last night one of the few bright spots of the game. to the first inning peter borges lines one to center field. check this out, all the way to third in ten and a half seconds. he would score on a miguel franco single but the royals will quickly take over in the second inning, morales will hit i three run shot. this bounces off the video screen in right field. and then five-one. morales ended up with two home runs and four rbi's. aaron nola gave up five runs for a fourth straight loss. royals snapped phillies four game winning streak, winning six-two but nola says he is healthy. >> a couple of bad pitches here and there.
7:52 am
i felt really good. for me, it is just, you know, command, keep the ball down and try to get early outs. i felt like i got in and out pretty quick in the last three innings. >> a surprise upset at wimbledon forty-first ranked american sam query the top seed defending champ novak djokovic in the third round of play. that upset has not happened in 14 years. djokovic won 30 consecutive grand slam matches and he said he was playing injured. he will not play in this months davis cup final. nba trade talks heating up reports now surfacing sixers are interested in free agent point guard rondo 11 year veteran receiving interest from the kings, bulls and pelicans. rondo led the league in assist three times, he spent last year with the kings averaging 11 points a game. boston celtics met with nba superstar and free agent kevin durant in the hamptons yesterday. they brought someone along to help recruit the former nba, mvp. that would be new england
7:53 am
patriots quarterback tom brady seen in this snap chat post n word what brady's role is during this negotiation process but still interesting. nascar under the lights for the daytona coke 0400. and we have a nasty wreck in last 90, lap 90, jamie mcmurray making contact with jimmy johnson. this is huge. cars are every where. nearly half the field is taken out, and chase elliott. jimmy johnson's, kevin newman and dale earnhardt, junior. eagles quarterback carson went is settling into life in philly and now his best buddy. this is henley wentz, carson's dog, he is on instagram, qb 11 under score henley. over last few weeks henley documented his trip across country to join carson. the his latest post is this one saying finally made it home to dad, henley already has several hundred followers. that is all for sports i'm leslie van arsdal, have a great the day. well, if you happened to join us last week you saw a
7:54 am
new series launch in partnership with the pennsylvania spca cbs-3 pet project is here to provide helpful information for your fury family member and pets in need of a good home. carroll erickson and friend of the organization, joins to us day and every sunday with advice. today we're talking about how to get your pets through the july 4th holiday weekend. >> this is the time that all members love to celebrate, competent -- except the pets. so many are terrified with fire works. we will give you a couple hints. fire on the not just july 4th. we have been listening to them a couple days. then we will talk this wonderful dog we have here. thinks a dog we are seeing here not afraid of fire works but many, many dogs and cats are startled and stressed by the sound that go along with fire works. more pets, runaway, this is so important, they runaway, more of them, then any other time of the the year, on that fourth of july holiday, and it makes their safety, in peril. here's one of the best from the pennsylvania spca.
7:55 am
>> dogs can be reactive to a number of different noises and even develop a noise aversion that they can become sensitized too. it can be different things beside just fire works in this season for sure. >> and that was doctor steve du pont one of the best at pennsylvania spca. what do you to before the fourth? well, we will go to this other numbers. first make sure your pet has proper id. i cannot tell you how important that is. the these dogs get lost, there are good samaritan whose would love to find your dog and help you get you back but they can't do it unless you have id, micro chipping and pennsylvania spca will be able to do that for you. next if you cannot avoid fire works just completely you can prepare your dog by acclimating them to the sound by playing recordings of fire works. people find that just very time consuming. they will in the do it. if you don't have time for that this is probably easiest and safees thing to do and that is create an environment, safe one whether it is in the dog's bed, in their create,
7:56 am
someplace where they are familiar and comfortable with this the surrounding. and also if you can, stay with them. that will help them more than anything. also create positive association with fire works like you may give a special toy when is there something stressful like this, most importantly you need to stay calm as well and that way your dog and cat will pick up on your behavior and also remember gates are being opened and closed, doors are being opened and closed. you may think you have your dog secure and you may not. have a quiet place with no windows. they don't want to see these lights. we love it, they don't. it is very important thaw play a radio or tv or something like that. >> yes. >> exactly, and special toy. i want to show you this dog. this is a dog, wake up tour morning coffee. coffee, you are so sweet. this is one of the nicest dogs you have ever found. >> he has been so sweet. >> he has lived in the house, completely house broken. he is five years old. he is available for adoption at spca. works better with just being
7:57 am
the only dog. some dogs love being the only dog. i would have coffee the only dog. but he is just a great, great animal. he will be in your lap. come up and get on my lap, come on. >> he is a lap dog. >> yes, he is an absolutely love. coffee available at pennsylvania spca a lot of people want to see a cat. we've got one. >> we have cats, dogs. >> there you go. >> that is the cat, sully domestic short hair, lovely cat, one of the staff favorites and you can tell somebody how to find these animals. >> a adopt this pet or the cat visit pspca erie headquarters, bring a photo id and proof of address. bring any children as we just heard carroll say, coffee would be lovely dog. contact the spca on line or their phone number. we will be right
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
developing news, bloodshed this baghdad, two car bombs and now a devastating death toll. a tragedy off the new jersey shore this holiday weekend a father and his young son are killed in a jet ski crash. and finishing touches are put on the welcome america stage, we have your guide to what is happening today as the city continues to to celebrate, our nation's independent this july 4th weekend. and today is sunday july 3rd good morning happy holidays to you i'm rahel solomon. lets get started with justi


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