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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  July 4, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> from the i to the shore, weaver you covered this holiday weekend. >> good morning, i'm joe holden. >> i'm brooke thomas. over to katie for the weather. >> beautiful looking sunrise, beautiful red sky out there. but, not always meaning that there is something on the horizon whether it comes to the weather, flight we are eventually going to see, yes, eventually going to see some rain that builds in here. just checking in with some of the eyewitness weather watch ers, frank out in chester county reporting little breast he will already. see hint evergreen over my shoulder, so let's go ahead, take you right outside.
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show you what's happening out there. first and for moist on storm scan full screen, atmosphere beginning to moisten up again getting rot of drizzle in some of the eyewitness weather watchers, so if you are finds that, that's why, atmosphere moistening up, front begins to lift n so not going to be widespread watch out today. most of the day generally just going to feature more clouds than anything, but picturesque sunrise it is lead to go that said currently temperatures are anywhere from the low to up ear's, some of the higher terrain, or at least some of the northern suburbs, and only into the mid 60s, right now, in philadelphia. it is actually pretty comfortable start. notice, we throw the wind direction on here, take you down to the shore, predominantly still a west flow. that is going to turn more southerly with time. and eventually, again, that's going to help all point basically lead to us getting some wet weather later today. specially at night. but the timing is less than ideal certainly with some rain and thunder showers moving in,
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in time for a lot of fireworks displays tonight. 80 degrees our eventual high. and happy fourth of july, miss meisha. >> yes, to you, as well, katie. i know a lot of people are just oh, hanging onto every word, because of that celebration tonight and possible rain. thank you so much, katie. you guys it has been kind of busy morning in the world of traffic. starting off with some not so great news. in fact, this is very sad news. this is in mt. laurel. what you are looking at right now is video of a fatal crash in mt. laurel, 295 northbound, at route 73. right now, all northbound lanes are currently blocked, the investigation is certainly underway. i will update you with any, any pieces of information that we get along the morning, but what we know right now is again all northbound lanes are block 295 northbound, at route 73, and again, this is in mt. laurel, you will have to take an alternate around this area. right 70 is probably going to be your best bet, and that's what we know right now. i will be tweeting out this information for you, as well, and update you like i said
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with anything new that we do get. this is a live look outside beautiful shot here route one headlight moving in the northbound direction, at business route one. then we look at 309 southbound looking the same thing look at this, guys, almost nobody outside. i can't blame you if you have the day off. great for you. past the turnpike looking very quiet. pretty darn sure we will be talking about how quiet the roads are today because of the fourth of july festivities going on and everyone taking the holiday offment construction route 42 freeway both directions between route 544 and 295, there is lane shifts in place, i'll let you know that lift, joe, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you very much. fourth every july festive tis will be getting under nay just a few hours. >> "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen is enjoying this holiday weekend in ocean sit, pat, i hear you have a look at some of the events happening there today, and what a cool picture of the sky you have on urine is that gram page. i loved it. >> isn't this amazing site here on the ocean city
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boardwalk? not me on the surrey. this view of the sunrise this morning incrediblement take a look at that, guys. first off, thank to you 13th street bikes and surrey forgetting me this surround toy move up and down the board walk this morning. so not only do we have this amazing view, but there is a full rainbow over ocean city. not only are we starting off the fourth of july on the right foot, but we have an amazing view, we've got runners out here this morning, bikers, as women, as they are getting ready for all of the festivities that come along with july 4th. kind of a shame it is going to rain little later on as katie said. you know why the sky locks this way because rain. traffic on the way home last night, i had friends that left wildwood around 8:00 last night, said they hit some traffic. i guess people were trying to get a head of the storm. so casino of a shame they weren't table see this beautiful sunrise and of course this rainbow this morning. but there is a ton going on
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here in ocean city. later today, festive tis, we have the garden bike parade, actually as youngster, as a youth, i was part of. my sister and myself would gear up our bikes, decorate them, it is up in the gardens, which is in the north part of ocean sit, so it kicks off at 10:00 today. also we've got little later on the star spangled salute with the ocean city beer company. there is a yo-yo contest, a hoola hoop contest, fireworks display, obviously we hope the rain holds offer for that here in ocean city so we can see the fireworks tonight which is at 10:00 here on the board walk, at ninth street. so it should be beautiful view again fingers crossed if the rain holds off, ocean city looking beautiful. guys coming at 6:00 we will talk to family and couple of people involved in the bike parade, here in ocean sit, see if i can get this thing geared up, ready to go. guys, what do you think? >> i think -- >> pat, i got to point out,
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you have sunrise that's incredible, you're on a surrey and you have rainbow. >> look at this rainbow, guys, riding off into the rainbow. >> hey watch where you're going! >> and he's off. >> to the other side. >> thanks, pat. >> well, july 4th has some special meaning here in philadelphia, as we all know, after after all it is america's birth place. >> bunch of events taking place today to celebrate. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live along the ben franklin parkway where thousands will turn out for one every them, hey, jan, good morning. >> brooke, joe, good morning. hey, our sunrise is not too shabby hire in center city ear. little pink and blue, peaking out through the art new see thumb morning, that's right, long and extend dollars holiday weekends, will all come to close right here on the ben franklin parkway at eakin's oval tonight with big celebration, with a concert, and of course, that fireworks show, and i know those party goers aren't going to let a little rain get in the way. uncle see, behind me this morning, the stage is set. the act will soon be getting ready. all we now now are few
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thousand people ready to celebrate the fourth every july. now the concert here on eakin's oval starts at 5:00 p.m. tonight. will feature act including leslie oath em junior from the hit musical hamilton, brotherly love, the o.j.'s, the philly pops, and many, many more. after the concert is the fantastic fireworks show, this year, that start at 10:00. it will be a fitting way to cap off the july 4th holiday. nearly 10,000 people already got into the patriots i can spirit last night, as the philly pops played outside independence hall. the crowd enjoyed that patriots i can music, in the shadow the birth place of america. the concert also followed a full day of events on the mall including a huge block party. it was a beautiful day for families, who came out for the first time, and for those who make the trip a tradition. >> there is not enough patriotism in this country today, and to see people say, hey, i'm going to go out and see this, and i'm going to enjoy the celebration of our country's birth, i think that's terrific.
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>> and if you missed the philly pops last night, they're playing in this free concert tonight, here on eakin's oval. they are fantastic. you doesn't want to miss it, just have to bring the hat and poncho i think as katie's forecast indicates. coming up in the next half hour, we'll learn a moth more about the event happening from independence mall all the we are here to the ben franklin parkway, so many things to get new the spirit and finally celebrate july 4th on america's birthday. reporting live along the ben franklin parkway, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", joe, brooke, back into you. >> you're right, your sunrise is being look good out there, too. >> all right, welshes americans plan to spend nearly $7 billion on food this fourth every july. that is according to the finance website wallet hub. that of course is a whole lot of hotdogs and buns. as we celebrate the nation's birthday, check out this fact from the financial website wallet hub. nearly 64% of americans own an american flag. flag makers in essex county,
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new jersey is actually the nation's oldest flag manufacturer, for a list every all of the fireworks shows and events this holiday weekends check out our website >> starting tomorrow it will be tougher for septa regional rail line commuters to get to their destinations, now the rail line has pulled 120 silver liner five cars out of service after inspector found one every them to be leaning. later engineers discovered tracks in the main suspension system, affect nearly third of all regional rail commuter trains in the entire system. septa expects repairs could last until august. the transit agency does not expect problems on weekends and holidays, but on weekdays, if you can find another way to get around, you're urged to take it. >> our coverage of this big story continues on line. you can watch the entire news conference at >> still ahead: dozens of fans injured at a kenny chesney concert in western pennsylvania, we'll tell you what happened, and why some were arrested.
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>> a scary stuff. we go to break, enjoy some patriots i can music from the us army field band live in the great hall of cbs-3. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪ ♪ the best way to get together,
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>> several people arrested at the kenny chesney concert. twenty-five people were taken to the hospital and treated for dehydration. >> the first family is gearing to up celebrate the four of july, some good news for you here, independence, on the south lawn of the white house scheduled to include performance cents by grammy nominated singer and songwriter sheinelle mo'ne, grammy wing rapper kendrick lamar. annual event for military families also includes a barbeque, and of course
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everything you need on the fourth fireworks. >> right. i mean, you know, fireworks, the barbeque sunrise? >> my gosh, gorgeous. >> so beautiful. yes, and let's throw some rain in there while we're at it? >> and, trust me, i hate to be the bearer of this casino every news, because the timing just looks like it is perfectly imperfect to see the rain move in just in time for so many of the fireworks displays tonight. trust me, i'm not happy about there is really don't want to give this news, guys, but will he me soften the blow by showing this shot. another stellar sun rides for us. we go back to the whole red atlantic city and morning routine where yes, that's very scientific phenomenon. sailors always said it, say it for a ryan, continue to see the beautiful sunrise popping over the horizon right now, with the red colors that get
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skewed on the color spectrum it basically tells you things are tart took change in the atmosphere. now, we've got some really beautiful sunrise pictures that i wanted to share with you here, we check in very quickly with some of the eyewitness weather watchers, look, you can see, the colors already, just some beautiful looking views here. the red sky this morning, from phil chap line, we have another one that came in from john hang man, beautiful. i mean, absolutely stellar. >> this was take never northeastern philadelphia. last night sunset, purple, pink, bit of spars showing this morning from the watchers, get it, a lot of people are sleeping in. thanks for joining us, 63 degrees, came in from fran, and he's the one and only spot out in the watchers we're reporting in i drizzle, happy birthday america he says. little drizzle won't stop folks. looking at storm scan, what's
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happening out there on the radar. >> other than drizzle, no the a lot. off to the south and, we zoom it way out, pretty decent looking warmfront, with an area of low pressure building along it, all strung all the way back into the mississippi valley. so all of this is going to do continue to track north with time. as it does so with low riding along it we likely get struck by some pretty steady rain before all said and done. time being looks like primarily comes tonight to early tomorrow. to the seven day, i was going to show you the future heat index, next couple every days feels like upper 90s, triple dilling its, string of 09 plus degrees heat with some sunshine and building humidity, meisha, a man it is feeling like summer for sure. >> thank you, pulling your attention to this video. what you are looking at right
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now fatal crash in mt. laurel, happened earlier this morning, 295 northbound at route 73, all northbound lanes right now, are closed, you will have to use alternate around this area. you're looking at route 70, probably going to be your best bet for as long as this investigation is underwayment i'll let you know as soon as it clears, make note it is still out there in mt. laurel, as soon as we get updates i'll be updating you through the morning, nine at north at betsy ross, both directions looking good as they should on holiday monday, take a lock at this, we do have some event closures, chestnut street between fifth and front is closed from 5:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. also between ninth and sixth, you're closed, 10:45 until 1:30 p.m. you have to use alternate around here, race street or pine street. then also take a look at this as well, outer drive ben franklin parkway closed between the art museum circle, from 5:00 a.m. today until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. use these alternates, girard, the vine, jfk or market street. all be tweeting that out, as
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well. >> as we head to break, more from the us army field bands. >> they're performing live in our great hall when we come back. >> ♪ >> ♪ pastime is preserved for all time. ♪ and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪
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>> so many every our brave military members are serving around the world. >> to honor them this independence day, welcoming the six street soldiers part of the united state army field band. meisha is in the cbs-3 great hall with them right now, hey, meisha? >> hey, guys, i'm so grateful to be standing next to these guys. they're our power troopers, it is our fourth of july, celebrating today, and let me tell you, this is army's premiere four member acoustic band, and it is an honor, such an honor, to have you guys this morning. so, first of all, i have to ask how does this group bet put together? >> going into the va homes it was so much easier with these instruments, we can walk in, play bedside, listen to somebody's story, we can also sing the anthem at a ballgame, we can gained of go anywhere, very modular. >> i know, absolutely is.
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>> we love your show. >> you can. you know what, it is our bless that you're hereby the way. hey, so i hear that you guys played for philadelphia yesterday? >> sure did. >> so where else do you guys go in do you travel all over? >> we do. we travel all over the country, and as my boss here, said, we one day will be in a veterans home playing bedside for vet that's not fortunate enough to come out to a beautiful park like you have downtown here, and sees us perform. but then we also do anthems, at ballgames, pretty much anywhere that will happen. very happy to come out and say thank you and represent soldiers all across the globe pro ticking our current. >> i that's what i was going to say, real quickly, if you were to say what your message is out there when you perform, what would that be? >> any time somebody sees me in uniform, they say thank you for your service, and we have the opportunity to take large groups of people, thank you for your support, because without your support, the army can't thrive.
5:54 am
we can't do our mission, and pro ticking our way of life here. >> so important, i know you guys have a song, so i'll back out and let you do your thing. take it away, you guys. and thank you for all you do. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, you guys.
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that is so nice, because i think it not only is it so nastolgic, but it is so great for everyone to be reminded what this country stands for. thank you for being here, all right, you guys, i'll sends it back into the studio. it is an honor if you get a chance, come out here, meet these guys, to all of you at home, so happy you got a chance to see that. >> they sound awesome. thanks so much, meisha a coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", katie has your holiday forecast. >> plus, specking commuter nightmare thomas septa takes third of its cars off the tracks. how this will impact thousands of riders. and frightening new details in the disney alligator attack. fine out what the little boy's father says happened while he was trying to save his son. it is next.
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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> we are celebrating the fourth every july, no one does it better than philly. live with details on the party on the parkway. >> we are a little worried about the weather, though, tracking rain on storm scan3, katie, is actually tracking rain, and katie is timing it all out for us, so you can plan your outdoor festive tis. >> major traffic alert hitting the roads this morning, right now all lanes on 295 northbound near route 73 mt. laurel are closed after deadly crash involving a pedestrian and a tractor-trailer. >> today is monday, the fourth every july. good morning, i'm joe hole
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never for jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. katie and meisha have a lot to talk about today, so good morning. >> yes, we do, waking up to fatal accident in mt. laurel right now 295 all northbound lanes are till blocked right now. we have a lot of construction still out there. not going to slow you down too much. make note there is a lot of activity going on. >> as you mention, some wet weather on the way for us, at least on quiet note in the weather departmentment we have little bit every drizzle that's been falling in some locations thanks to the eyewitness weather watchers for brink that to our attention here, even though sometimes you see things on radar doesn't mean it is actually verifying at the brands level. so you need the eyewitness reports, where the watchers come in, we start things off here with a look at the live neighborhood network, beautiful start to the day. live picture for you here, little hazy granted as the moisture starts to nudge in from southwest to northeast, essentially here, and you can see some of the moisture starting to pop up, as well, in the form of very light showers and/or drizzle, but more than anything the clouds are going to be building with time here today. and eventually some steadier rain does work it way in. the tg


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