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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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never for jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. katie and meisha have a lot to talk about today, so good morning. >> yes, we do, waking up to fatal accident in mt. laurel right now 295 all northbound lanes are till blocked right now. we have a lot of construction still out there. not going to slow you down too much. make note there is a lot of activity going on. >> as you mention, some wet weather on the way for us, at least on quiet note in the weather departmentment we have little bit every drizzle that's been falling in some locations thanks to the eyewitness weather watchers for brink that to our attention here, even though sometimes you see things on radar doesn't mean it is actually verifying at the brands level. so you need the eyewitness reports, where the watchers come in, we start things off here with a look at the live neighborhood network, beautiful start to the day. live picture for you here, little hazy granted as the moisture starts to nudge in from southwest to northeast, essentially here, and you can see some of the moisture starting to pop up, as well, in the form of very light showers and/or drizzle, but more than anything the clouds are going to be building with time here today. and eventually some steadier rain does work it way in. the timing just, again,
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doesn't look ideal at this point. a mid upper 60s currently being reported ac into philadelphia, at 49 degrees, with pretty calm wind as well at mount pocono. and as the day prague row cents here, we will tart to see not only the clouds start to rebuild but the moistures creeping up. humidity starts to build with time, as well, and steadier rain will begin to approach for us by 3:00 p.m. give or take from south to north as well. so, coming up a little later in the broadcast, i'll tike it out, so many fireworks displays, what's it actually mean when it comes to the rain moving through? and i'll give that you sense of timing here coming up. in the meantime, though, a string of 90 plus degree days and more building humidity on tap for us, in the days ahead, meisha? >> very hot days ahead. katie, thank you so much. right now what you are looking at video behind me, what i was just talking about if you caught it when i was up at the desk talking about fatal dent that happened in mt. laurel earlier this morning, what you are looking at crews are still out there. again, this is 295 northbound
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route 73, all northbound lanes, are still blocked, you will have to use alternate around this route 70, probably going to be your best bet until all of this get cleared out of your way, so again, 295 northbound route 73, all northbound lanes are closed, you will have to use alternate, and again, this is in mt. laurel. we also have an accident, 95 southbound, the off ramp to front street. doesn't look like it will be slowing you down, in fact, any, any highway or interstate that we've been looking at all morning long, early risers but no where near what we would typically see outside after holiday monday. this is where we have some event closures, take a look, chestnut between fifth and front, closed from 5:00 a.m. until 11:00 also between ninth and sixth. closed 10:45 a.m. until 1:30 p.m., you will have to use alternate, race or pine street your best bet. and i'll be tweeting that out as well, brooke, back to you. >> thanks, meisha a we all know philadelphia does it big for july 4th. there have been event going on around town for the last week all leading up to today. >> and there are bunch to choose from, throughout the
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day. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live on the ben franklin parkway, with one of the biggest events of all. jan, good morning. >> joe, brooke, good morning, and happy fourth of july. there are so many things to do all across center city philadelphia today, and you know what, there is no better place to celebrate the fourth every july than right here in america's birth place. you can see behind me, this morning, the stage is set, everything is ready to go for tonight's free concert, and big fireworks show here on ben franklin mark way, and eakin's oval. i have a feeling a lot of people won't let any rain get in their way. great way to cap off your extended weekend of celebration than with patriots i can music and a spectacular fireworks show. but before that spectacle, there are number of patriots i can events in center city philadelphia. from ten to 11:00 this morning, the celebration of freedom ceremony at independence hall, that kicks off the days events, with music and read willing of the declaration of independence by leslie odom, jr. from the hit musical hamilton.
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from 11:00 to 12:00 independence parade, party then heads over here to eakins over from noon to 4:00, party on the parkway, free food and fun, and the welcome america concert, you can see, in our video that the set is up already done, ready to go, that concert features brotherly love, the o.j.'s, philly pops and many many more. now, after the concert, the fantastic five works show, that starts at 10:00 this year. and it will be a fitting way to cap off the july 4th holiday. >> a mix every everything, i mean, family, friends, foreigners, people from all over the country, i feel like there is a lot of people from everywhere that are here. and it is great to see. >> happy fourth of july to each and everybody out there. hey! >> i have a feeling she will be ready to party again tonight. now, remember, if you are driving in this area, the ben franklin parkway is shutting down, it will stay closed for 24 hours, because, remember,
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we have the big party out here, the concert, fireworks, then the clean up that will happen overnight. so it won't reopen until 5:00 tomorrow morning. but we will be out here for all of the fun and have a happy fourth of july, everyone, reporting live from the ben franklin parkway, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", joe, and brooke, back into you. >> thanks a lot, jan. >> philadelphia may leave the celebration, but the nation's capitol also throwing pretty big party. >> ♪ >> singing our national anthem during the sunday rear hers al for capitol fourth. it is on the west lawn of the us capitol in washington. even have to rehearse the cannon for the 1812 overture. the real thing airs tonight at 8:00 on pbs. >> no holiday for security in washington as tourists and resident head for the nation's capitol. most of the police force is working around the clock. washington dc police cathy
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says there are no known threat to the district. you know, the fourth is a federal holiday. congress declared it as such back in 1941. that means, no mail delivery, it also means federal court are closed, as well as the stock market. >> well, get readied for less breathing room on septa's regional rail line. >> someone found a problem, that's actually forced transit agency to pull who are than 100 cars off the tracks. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is here zero explain the impact on your ride. justin, what's going on? >> brooke, joe, a big find. we could see commuter impact as soon as tomorrow once the morning rush resumes. now, some warn you may even see full cars forced to skip stops. this is the trickle down after septa was forced to pull a third of its regional rail cars from service due to cracks on critical steel beams. at septa headquarters, emission from the top, that frustrations are its commuters futures. >> something that came up out of the blue, it is no way we want the holiday to end.
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>> 120 septa silver liner five cars pull from service, after inspector noticed something odd about midnight friday. tilted train car found with so-called fatigue cracks, to heavy low bearing beams, out every caution, more cars were inspected, and more damage in varying degrees was found. >> as soon as we could get them out of service we did. so from midnight, friday morning, until friday night saturday midnight, it was a 24 hour to get it out of service. >> between 2010, 2013, cost at close to $300 million, and they remain under warantee. what caused the cracks remains unclear, the focus now, fixing them. >> it is a task that to get in there and replacer one anywhere from 30 to 60 hours. so a big effort.
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couple hundred of the beams, materials, that have to be fabricated. >> starting tuesday, septa rolls out modified saturday schedule with rush hour service roughly every 30 minutes. chan may not be enough, so commuters are encourage today try other options, too, such as bus, subway, and trolley service, even driving. >> we're fortunate it is happening in the summer when riders get this down little bit. but still, every rush hour train is going to be very crowded. >> septa is working on fare credit system, the agency in talks with this, and fact tour, about expediting repairs, now, meantime, septa is also looking into leasing quint from amtrak and new jersey transit. officials call this, again, major finds, saying the cracks found are the kinds and happy that's been averted now. >> and the fact they caught this, and then it is my understanding they've stayed the whole holiday weekends going through this entire fleet, and figuring out how to now address tuesday morning.
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>> working from midnight friday, we heard, all the way until midnight saturday, the trains pulled from service by that midnight saturday. perhaps until august, september, past the dnc, we could be without our regional rail service. >> again, how lucky this was to be caught when it was. >> absolutely. >> our coverage continues on line, you there, you can watch the entire septa news conference at >> right now police are investigating the murder after teenager in grays ferry. it happened at around 12:30, near the corner of moore and 31st street. sixteen year old was with group of people in a backyard when someone started shooting, he was taken to children's hospital of philadelphia, where he was pronounced dead. it is not clear what happened before the shots started, and police have not released a suspect description yet. >> possible dui, investigators say a car, hit someone walking near the intersection of fifth and west ruscomb street early
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this morning. >> driver did stay on the scene. >> spring of fires in south camden over the weekends attracting the attention of arson investigators. seven firefighters were hurt while responding to them, total of 12 fires broke out between saturday and sunday, mostly an empty buildings. one of those fires rose to two alarms. >> they happened in quick success which took its toll on firefighters. >> some because physically exhausted from going from one fire to the next, one went one right behind the other. >> arson unit now looking into those fires, investigators are asking anyone who may have seen something suspicious to give them a call. >> the biggest attack happened in central baghdad, a truck blue up, killing at least 115 people hurting 200 more. second bombing killed five people. >> coming up a he can motion
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in central park. find out what set off the blast. >> plus, we have new details in the disney alligator attack. the father of the boy who was killed, revealed frightening factor that has not been reported until now. >> this fourth every july, why nasa is so focused on giant spacecraft headed for jupiter. >> blank stream soldiers, the acoustic gripe, here to get us into the spirit. happy fourth! >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> happening giant spacecraft getting closer and closer to jupiter. take a look, nasa keeping close eye on juno, the solar powered spacecraft set to start orbiting jupiter today. jupiter today. to see how the planet and the solar system person forms, get ready for stunning picture, juno has great camera to take up close color pictures, its mission will ends in 2018 when it will actually crash into jupiter. >> well, frightening scene in new york city central park this weekend, when explosion sends college student to the hospital with severe injuries. >> homemade fire work likely caused the blast, 18 year old college student visiting from washington dc walking with two of his friends when he climb down a rock detonating the device and severely hurting
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his foot. family members say his leg from knee down may have to be amputated. investigators don't believe this was an act of terror. >> and new york's empire state build something all lit up in red, white and blue for the fourth. the big apple is planning one of the nation's largest fireworks displays tonight. will this forecast hold out for our fireworks here? >> katie, what can we expect? >> i'm keeping my finesser crossed, weaver number of different displays going on here tonight it, looks like any activity that's out there, at that time, would be somewhat scattered. kind of those are you feeling lucky kinds of situations. i walk you through, so joe is feeling lung i, that's good sign, but i want to show you future weather. here is the tis tell we are talking about, warmfront lifting north, area every low pressure riding along it, so the odds are not necessarily in our favor that links will stay rain free here tonight. who get hit when. now the warmth that comes along with this warmfront, almost like you can see where
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it is strung out here specially with the colors on the contour map. temperatures are currently even at this hour, sun's barely been up, into the 80s birmingham, charleston, some of the warmth will be headed our way. so we walk you through. take you through 6:00 p.m. tonight portions even delaware starting to see some of their fireworks displays get underway, scattered showers to dodge, to the appointed hours we go, 9:00, 10:00 or so again scat nerds nature but thick cloud deck regardless that might be enough to postpone depending on the venue, still 10:00 tonight into philadelphia there will be some showers it look like headed toward that point. now, overnight the steadiest stuff comes in. so at least that bypasses us until tomorrow. recall i morning, see rain roll through the area, before skies gradually start to clear. so calling for not just showers but likely embedded thunderstorms to be developing with temperatures hung around 70 degrees or so in time for fireworks displays at lows in the city every philadelphia. looking forward beyond this
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point warmfront. boy does it live up to the name. we hit the low 90s for the majority of the next seven days, and along with that building heat, humidity starts to really spike, meisha. >> yes, humidity that get us, katie, thank you. good morning, everyone, and happy fourth of july. this is what we're looking at, looking very quiet. ninety-five south at cottman, coming around the s curve from to work today, from to jump on the interstate you are in fantastic company. up to 295, looking very, very quiet, basically anywhere we look will look a lot like that. speaking of mass transit, switch gears, septa regional gears running modified schedule, rush hour service running at 30 minute intervals
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until further notice due to rail car defect, be sure to check your schedules on line septa, patco, dart, running on a holiday schedulement check schedules on line, a lot of things are changing, joe, over to you. >> still ahead, local baseball star makes major announcement about his future plans. plus: >> as we go to break, a look at some of the fireworks shows going in our area tonight weather permitting. see full list at >> ♪
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>> burlington county times reports on community effort to regulate dog and cat sales to reduce the number every animals that come from puppy and kitten mills. >> bucks county courier times reports people in bristol township are so upset about noisy cars in their neighborhoods, they're smith ago petition to their council, asking for action. >> and the the intelligence, reflect on ideals every independence, what it means in the modern area. >> there is your look from headlines across the delaware valley. >> a major league stand out from south jersey has just raised the bar for every other guy asking for his
6:22 am
girlfriend's hands in marriage. >> angel slugger mike trout got a sky write tow help him pop the question to long time sweetheart jessica cox. it said: will you marry me jess? i love that. they met at millville senior high put this photo on instagram. of course she said yes. no word yet on a wedding date. >> how about that? very nice, lot involved there. coming up: where things stands this morning. nine taj mahal strike. >> new details in the disney alligator attack. find out what the father said while he was trying to save his son from the gator. katy? >> brooke, looking ahead heretofore cast that un for the i starting to a bit downhill on our fourth of july. one thing that goes up is the humidity, plus the temperature, all of the details and much more when we come back.
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don't take botox® if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. don't take your chronic migraine lying down. stand up. prevent headaches and migraines. talk to a headache specialist today. back now, frightening new details in the disney alligator attack. father of the toddler killed in the attack last month say two alligators were involved, newly release details, say he was attack by second alligator as he tried to save his son. the little boy was pulled into the water outside the grand floridian resort, body later discovered intact 15 yards from shore. >> it is ugly, it smells, and it is coating beaches and rivers in four florida counties. the toxic algae happened when water loaded when agricultural runoff was released from an inland lake. florida senator marco rubio
6:26 am
calls the impact on tourism and residents catostrophic. he wants president obama to delay state of emergency. >> giant landslide has changed the landscape of the ice field in glacier bay national park alaska, pilot shot this video hours after it happened. last tuesday, debris poured down the face after mountain on to the glaser, according to the earthquake center. field of debris at least six and a half miles long. >> coming up: septa ride coaster face commuter nightmare tomorrow morning. we'll show you what you need to know to plan accordingly. >> and philly prepares to celebrate the fourth of july, jan, good morning. >> reporter: the stage is set here at eakin's oval. you know what, plenty happening all across center city from independence mall here to the ben franklin parkway. i'm jan carabeo, reporting live, what you can expected to if you are headed down to center city, pat?
6:27 am
>> we have list of things going on today. we hope the rain holds off. come join us. hey, meisha? >> looking great out there, pat. all right. good morning, everyone, accident 95 southbound, fatal crash in mt. laurel, as well, update mass transit all coming up but first a quick break, stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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>> we celebrate our great nation's birthday. >> mother nature could impact your fourth every july celebrations, katie is tracking some rain. >> good morning, let's get right to katie live on the cbs-3 skydeck with the holiday forecast, hey, katy? >> guys, actually right. we've got the clouds building
6:31 am
in already. no rain at least here in philadelphia, at the moment. we've had showers and drizzle, already, so this warmfront is making it presence known already in some locations, but it is going to have to get little worse before it can get better. that said timing looks little less than ideal where you might plant to see fireworks tonight, it looks like that rain is going to be with us. now looking at storm scan, local level here, do you have again hint of moisture already crossing through. portions every delaware as well as song new jersey, the combination after dew point increase as well. currently, we've got measurement of 63 degrees in other words to the terribly muggy just yet. a the that is progresses flirting with right around 65 degrees on the dew point, might get higher than that as we head toward evening with the increase in the dew point in other words you start to see the humidity against starting to go up. so currently here's where we stand with the actual air temperature low mid upper 60s, even hands full of 50's
6:32 am
depending on location, further north go, more comfortable it is right now, but as the day progress cents expect mid 70s at the shore, in the mountains, starting with sunshine, the further north you are, but the clouds will be building from south to north. eventually wet weather comes with it, coming up: we will time it out hour by hour, give you sense what's on the radar later today. meisha? >> thank you, happy fourth of july. still, accident, sweeper truck actually went into a guardrail here, 59 south onramp. it has been busy in the traffic department, so far this morning, good news a lot of construction we're seeing getting cleared out of the way. update you on sewer year krause, but right now what we are looking at that accident where that sweeper truck went into the guardrail hopefully that he did get it cleared out sometime soon. not that it will affect your drive at any stretch. take a look i, this is the
6:33 am
roadways we're working with this, more 202 north at this skewing, anywhere around the schuylkill, it is good day. it is a very good day. the vine looking good both moving in the westbound and eastbound side. a lot of people at home are taking the day off. can't say we blame them. this is where we had a very serious crash mt. laurel earlier this morning, 295 north, all northbound lanes were closed now that's all since been cleared. great news there. lingering construction 42 freeway both directions between 544 and 295-6789 we will will have some lane shifts in the area. brooke, over to you. >> thank, meisha. looking foreplays toss celebrate independence day, a lot of options to choose from. >> festivities taking place throughout the day today all over town. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo is live along the ben franklin parkway, where thousands will turn out for one of them. jan, good morning. >> reporter: joe, brooke, good morning, i finally start seeing some walkers, some people getting in their morning jog, however, you
6:34 am
don't see cars, and that's because the ben franklin parkway now closed, will remain closed through 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. of course that's because we have big party, concert and fireworks happening here today. of course overnight the big clean up begins. but take a look behind me here this morning, the staining is set, ready for the concert and fireworks show, all we need now are few thousand party goers. the concert start 5:00 p.m. tonight including act from leslie odom, jr., from hamilton, brotherly love, o.j.'s, philly pops and many more. after the concert the fantastic fireworks show this year start at 10:00. it will be a fitting way to cap off the july 4th holiday weekend. nearly 10,000 people already got into the patriots i can spirit last night as philly pops played outside independence hall, the crowd enjoyed patriots i can music in the shadow of the birth place of america, also followed full day of event on the mall including gigantic block party.
6:35 am
beautiful day for the families and for those who make the trip a tradition. >> to see people say hey i'm going to go out to see this and enjoy the celebration of our country birth, i think that's terrific. >> if i missed philly pops it is fantastic, playing in the free concert tonight, as those fireworks go up, again, the fireworks show set for 10:00. city -- katie saying it might be rainy, but i think people will come out, put on hat, rain jacket, you'll be just fine. reporting from the ben franklin parkway, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> from the city to the shore. where thousands of families are celebrating the holiday. >> what in the world is pat gallen doing? festivities get start in the just a few hours, pat, look over here, over here.
6:36 am
>> oh, high guys, how are you? yes, just looking out at the beautiful ocean here in ocean city this morning. if you saw us earlier in the 5:00 hour, beautiful sunrise, actually double rainbow on one seemed rain holding off little drizzle so far, but not keeping people off the board walk, a lot of families out walking around, a lot of bikers and people on the surreys, and we will be happening quite soon as i had my surrey as well. >> the hope it holds off all day long, we have a lot of things happening here in town to tell us more michael hartman the special event coordinator. good morning. >> i know the bike parade starts pretty soon. >> we have jam packed day, celebrating america's birthday, we start with two bike parades here in ocean city either end of the islands. 9:00 a.m. registration tore both, and 10:00 a.m. the bike parade starts. so you have time to decorate your bike grab your family go on down to the bike parade. >> one leap from the longport bridge, the other leaves from
6:37 am
40th and asbury avenue. >> which i was towelly in in as a kid, north ends, my sister painted herself blue like the statue of liberty. i don't foe if she won that year but she should have. what else do we have? >> at noon special free show in the park, in our downtown, we encourage people to stop at restaurant, do some shopping, see quick 20 minute patriots i can salute the corner of ninth and asbury tonight avianca noon at the beach and the board walk, we end cite everyone to come to up our kite flying competition, and demo, we have got some hoola hoop competition, a loft fun things happening at 6:00 and then of course the evening caps off at fireworks. >> what i want is it ask but, the fireworks obviously holding off hopefully holding off the rain. the fireworks, everyone lovers it. >> you can't go wrong with fireworks at the beach for sure. they start at 10:00 p.m. right here, inbetween ninth and eighth street. they are shut off from a born. and they can be seen all along the bore walk, along the beach
6:38 am
celebrating the big day. >> we appreciate the time. thanks forgetting one morning, we hope the rain holds off. guys as you know i have this surround fry 13th street bike, so i mice ride off into the sunrise. >> yes. >> so guys, we throw it back to you. i've had good time in ocean sit. we hope the good times keep rolling this morning, see you guys. >> this is a boardwalk kind of day. not a beach day. he's got it made here. >> he always knows what to do. >> bye. >> see you, sir. >> here is some fun fact, americans plan to spend nearly $7 billion on food this fourth of july. that's according to the finance website wallet hub. can you believe that? and, a lot of that money will be on hotdogs, because americans eat 150 million hotdogs each july 4th holiday. >> we will bring it full circle, cbs-3 morning team, downing few dogs this morning. there is our multi-talented direct or joe, grilling hotdogs, right until the news
6:39 am
room, 7:45, here at cbs-3. >> -- 3:45 a.m. this morning. >> we're told striking work, at atlantic city trump taj mahal are taunting gamblers crossing the picket lines. strike by local 54, of the unite here union; in it fourth day. there are no new talks, to come up with a deal, workers want a contract that restores its members health insurance and pension plans. the former owners got bankruptcy judge to cancel those benefits, in 2014. the trump taj mahal is currently owned by billionaire carl icon. >> if you ride septa's regional rail line to work, get ready for a commuter nightmare when you head back to work tomorrow. now, the rail line has pull 120 silver liner five cars out of service after inspector found one of them leaning. later someone discovered cracks in the trains main suspension system. septa says it won't and problem on weekends and
6:40 am
holidays like today. the 120 cars, though, make up about one third of septa's entire regional rail fleet. it is working with the trains manufacturer on affix, which may not be completed until august. >> our coverage of this big story continues on line, you can watch the entire septa news conference at still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, michael phelps is one of the most decorated olypians of all time now going for more goals if rio. we'll show you the event he qualified for next. plus: the fbi is nearing the conclusion of its investigation into hillary clinton's news after private e-mail server, this as her likely opponent donald trump attacks her honesty with the american people. i'm hena daniels at cbs broadcast center, the latest on. on campaign 2016 coming up. >> and all morning long, six string soldiers, the army's premiere four member acoustic group is here to get us into the holiday spirit, and a good job they've done, talking to
6:41 am
them nextment happy fourth every july. >> ♪
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>> fbi session is in its final phase. >> hena daniels reports, the investigation comes days after controversial meeting between bill clinton and the attorney general. >> hillary clinton broke her silence over the weekend hours
6:45 am
after speaking with federal investigators about the private e-mail server she used during her time as secretary of state. >> i never received nor sent any material classified, i'll continue to be as forthcoming as i can. >> in a series of tweet yesterday, donald trump blasted his likely democratic opponent. saying, quote, crooked hillary new her husband wanted to meet with lynch to work out a deal. other democrats, came to clinton's defense. >> she will work very, very hard to gain trust. >> both have their sites set on key battlegrounds state of north carolina this week. clinton will appear at rally in charlotte alongside president obama for the first time tomorrow, trump holds rally same time in raleigh. hena daniels, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> meantime, countdown continuing to the democratic national convention right here if philadelphia, news just 21
6:46 am
days until it starts at the well fargo center. >> fireworks, we're hoping that the rain chills out little bit today. >> kate it doesn't have good news on that, though. >> but it is not her fault. it is mother nature. >> do not shoot the messenger. >> i appreciate. that will it bears repeating sometimes. you know, thankfully not talking about any kind of soaking, drenching wash-out for fireworks time, guys. and it won't even be terribly widespread. but it looks like the placement of the showers that do move through, are going to affect handful of the upcoming fireworks displays tonight. but before we get to that, we'll check in with the eyewitness weather watch respect, hands full reporting this morning, happy fourth everyone, pretty much the sentiment we're watching from the watchers. lisa out in wilmington, has been reporting little quick shower that has passed through, but regardless saying happy fourth everyone, how to stay have a safe day. from john carol this morning
6:47 am
in mullica hill reporting more of dull overcast than anything. but also hoping that any of the wet wet letter hold off as long as possible, and it certainly will. but eventually, mouse tire has to work it way, in under full sunshine, talk about the different set it can make by going what 60, 70 miles north, full sunshine up in the lehigh valley and also wishing julia wishing everybody happy fourth every july. going to the maps, see what's going on. okay, all courtesy of warmfront with an area of low pressure that will ride along it, this whole mess just climbs north with time. as it does so will ever over pled our area with more scattered showers tort night fall. eastern as early as now to the afternoon see couple of showers dotting the area radar. while not a wash out, cloudy, scattered showers firing up with time, steadier rain comes into the overnight. quick check on the beach forecast, rip countries being nice and low, uv index interestingly high for now.
6:48 am
up to eight. see more clouds building in. so it is another good reminder make sure to wear the sun block, clouds do not shield you from the sun's harmful rays, by tomorrow that warmfront will have certainly done its job. looking at string every 90 plus degree days. >> i see that, katie, thank you. good morning, everyone, happy independence day. looking outside. look at these roadways guys. ninety-five south at girard looking great. looking quiet, enjoy, take a lock at this, usually right around the 7:00 hour, i would say, we are bumper to bumper not moving. looking like a parking lot right now just looks gorgeous. boulevard moving in the southbound direction, same story do. have accident in delaware, 459, edgemore road, left lane is block, not going it cause any slow downs, also, we've got some event closures, ben franklin parkway closed both directions between art museum
6:49 am
circle and 20th street from 5:00 a.m. today, until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. you will have to take these alternate, girard, the vine, jfk boulevard or market street, again that lifts tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. also mass transit running holiday schedule. septa, patco, dart, all of them running new schedules, so make sure to check your schedules on line. i will be tweeting this information out as well, joe, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. now 6:49. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. jeff joining us live from new york with a preview. good morning. >> good morning to you. we will talk with fran towns send about the recent string of terror attacks, what it means for the us. plus former president george w. bush advisor mark motorcycle kennan in studio 57. we'll get his take on hillary clinton's testimony to the f.b.i. and the conventions. also, alarms clocks to flashlights, how you may be handing over your control to hackers. celebrating 240th birthday today of the country, don't know much about history is her
6:50 am
sees joins us what you might not know about independence day. the news back in the morning, see in you about ten minutes. >> jeff, thank you very much. see you then. >> it is another win for michael phelps. he came out on top at the 100-meter butterfly. phelps also qualified for the 200-meter butterfly make that and the 200-meter individual medically. phelps is already the most decorated olympian of all time. with 22 medals, 18 of them gold. we have been feeling rather pat tree attic. brooke and katie in the great hall with some very special guests, guys, good morning. >> good morning, once again, joined this morning, by the musical group six string soldiers. >> how did you get together? >> sure. we started about a year and a half ago. we were in a large rock group. we realize that by breaking
6:51 am
things down it is really resonating with the people we were performing for, gave us unique opportunity to go bedside and to va homes and really casino of celebrate the men and women that put a lot of time into, you know, serving the country. so it is pretty unique thing. >> awesome. unique and pretty awesome. >> absolutely, guys, i know you have been playing all around philadelphia, played in so many different places what's up next for you? >> this afternoon six flags great adventure in new jersey, for everybody out there who want to come and see us, fan that is he can time performing down here philadelphia for all of the wonderful people of the city. hope to see you, everybody that sees them coming near them. >> if you work with us in the last hour, will play for us, and you've being playing patriotic songs. >> that's not all they do. >> exactly, not all they do. we'll hear more from you now,
6:52 am
before you get started on behalf of all every us, thank you for your service and for being here and happy fourth of july. take it away, guys. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
6:53 am
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>> before you leave here's what you need to know today. it is three to go. >> final preparations wand own the parkway, and all across the delaware valley as we celebrate this independence day. philly fireworks hit the skies at 10:00 tonight. >> septa is bracing for commuter chaos tomorrow morning after taking third of its cars off the regional rails. and inspector found one of those cars leaning. >> nasa's five year mission to jupiter culminates today as the spacecraft juno enters the planet's orbit. that's three to go. >> let's get last check on weather, and traffic. >> yes, we are certainly looking at least nice start to the day. outside palmyra cove nature park here in new jersey off in the distance, philadelphia, and the betsy ross bridge there, 67 degrees, very comfortable thus far. but the humidity beginning to build, the wet weather is clearly on the way. eventually some showers to
6:58 am
dodge primarily it happens tonight, but there could, in fact, already seen couple of showers rolling through the southern counties, later today, though, how much, watching for more after broader more widespread patch hereof some showers, perhaps few thundershowers, as well, that could mess with some of the fireworks displays, meisha. >> katie, take a look at this. we never see the schuylkill look like this. specially at city avenue, especially, moving toward the 7:00 hour. enjoy the open roadways if you have to hit it out there. also event closures, ben franklin parkway closed both directions between the art museum circle and 20th street. closed five p.m. to 5:00 a.m. i'll be tweeting out as well, overall, roadways looking phenominal. moving in the 7:00 hour. i'm so happy about that. >> meisha, thank youment next cbs this morning, what really happened in july of 1776. the surprising story of independence day. >> remember to join us right and early each weekday
6:59 am
morning, although it is never really bright. but you know what i mean. starting here at 4:30. right now we leave you with the sounds six string soldiers. army's premiere four member acoustic group. happy fourth of july. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, july 4th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a suicide bombing explodes outside the u.s. consulate in saudi arabia. the attack comes a day after isis killed more than 160 in baghdad. cbs news has learned hillary clinton's three-hour interview with the fbi could mean the investigation is nearing its end. a teenager is seriously hurt after stepping on an explosive device left in new york's central park. now police are trying to figure out how it got there. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. the new bombing attack overseas, this time near a u.s. consulate inau


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