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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  July 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> celebrating america, parties are taking place all over the delaware valley right now. we will take you to the ben franklin parkway where a big party is about to kick off ahead of tonight's fireworks. >> thanks gore joining us. >> all you need to know for july 4th in america's birth place first a check on the forecast to see if the weather will cooperate. >> depend on what type of day you're talking about, looks as though later gets, more likely the rain will not move in. but at least for now actually
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looking really nice outside. this morning, we just absolutely stellar sunrise, such beautiful vibrant shades, of red and orange and yellow, and we actually also had a full rainbow. >> this picture came into us early this morning from pam down in ventnor on philadelphia avenue. and she took that picture this morning, we also had very similar viewing of this rainbow from pat gallen on the morning news, just phenominally beautiful out there. at this point you can see the clouds beginning to skew some of the skyline, and even though we do still have more blue skies than anything even in philadelphia, it is something that's going to be changing with time here, as our next warmfront begins to lift in. and as that happens, eventually, rain starts to become more prominent, in the forecast now in allentown where you have bright sunshine, already at 81 flirting with about 80 degrees in philadelphia, as the clouds continue to build, and really, as we go into the afternoon, especially tonight, not just some showers, but likely some embedded thunderstorms start to move in with the latest,
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and we'll time out that rain for you little more detail, as the show goes on, and also tell but a string of heat days, or rather 90 plus degrees days, coming our way later on. >> all right, katie, thank you very much. the july 4th celebrations just kick off on the parkway. just few minutes ago, thousands expected there tonight. >> that's just one place holding sell braces today. "eyewitness news" reporter tori woodill live on the parkway, tori, what's happening out there? >> it has gun fourth every july has gun, party on the parkway, can you hear it? can you hear it? yes. yes, that's right. it is fourth of july, everybody. happy fourth of july. we have many already gathered as the concert kicks off at noon, kicked off already, let me tell you, philadelphia's already been celebrating all morning long, including, at independence hall where the festivities got started with a patriots i can tribute by the philly pops.
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>> that's right, there is nothing that sounds more like the fourth of july than that tribute right there. not only was there music but also the signing of the declaration of independence by philly's own mayor mayor kenney, and also phillies on broadway's musical star, leslie odom, jr., and if that wasn't enough to kick things off, among thousands and thousands of people among those gathered independence parade, thousands around the area, historic philadelphia, that's right, our hometown. it was fantastic, colorful, close, many people gathered together in celebration, families, and fun, and that's what the fourth of july is all about. >> family, barbeque, i'm telling you, we have a lot to be thankful for. this is our sit, we love it,
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and glad to be here. >> everybody is having a good time today. that's the energy that we're feeling already on the parkway, and if you want to come down to the parkway, it is free free is me, and me and you. brooke, joe, are you with me? >> we are with you. what a sales pitch. >> there she goes. >> i love it. >> tori, thank you. >> i just want to watch her. like i don't want them to cut her. thanks, tori. all right the parkway not the only place you can go watch fireworks light up the night sky. you can also head to allentown for a fireworks display at 9:15 at crumb stadium. fireworks at the wilmington riverfront, those start at dusk, cherry hill has its fireworks display cherry hill high school, start at 9:00 also watch fireworks from any margate beach tonight starting at 9:30. finds full list every events all over the delaware vale on our website and on the cbs local app. for a list of all of the nearby fireworks shows and
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family events this holiday weekends, you can head to our website >> fourth of july celebration press continue across the country this noon hour, among those cities, washington, d.c. rehearsal for a cam toll fourth. that's the national anthem from yesterday's rehearsal, now the practice run for this even involved cannon fire, which they go off, join the 1812 overture. other performers, who will be there, smokey robinson, and grammy winner, kenny loggins. the event is taking place on the west lawn of the us capitol, it will be broadcast tonight on pbs. now, as you would expect, security is tight around washington, d.c., ahead of tonight's festivities. city's police chief says local and federal law enforcement agencies are fully deployed at this time. and she also tells radio
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station wtop working over the holiday is somewhat of a tradition for members of the metropolitan police. >> and another place where security tight is new york city. there have been increased patrols all weekend long, high profile places like sometimes square. us coast guard patrols also around the statute of liberty since more boaters are expected there. also, on patrol, more than 1200 new police officers, who just graduated. >> new at noon, the boom wasn't the sound of fireworks, heard the explosion early this morning from a tmm from strawberry mansion, investigators expect explosive device went off outside barber shop on the 2500 block of lehigh avenue. police say no one was hurt, and no one got any cash. >> now, police have identified the 16 year old shot and killed overnight, in grays ferry. brown was shot around 12:30 near moore and 31st street, with a group of people in a backyard, not clear what
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happened before the shooting. philadelphia police say they've limited information, but they say, dark colored vehicle was seen driving away, northbound. >> car hit someone walking in ogontz. police say the driver, 62 year old man, hit the person near the intersection of fit and west ruscomb streets after 2:00 a.m. that person is in critical condition. >> one hit and killed while walking on 295 in burlington county. tractor-trailer hit the person around 3:45 this morning near exit 40, mt. laurel exit. the driver was not hurt. northbound lanes of i-295 were close for several hours, were closed at 9:00 a.m. the victim's identity has not been released. another act of terrorism in the middle east this morning, suicide bomber targeted the us consolate in saudi arabia, killing himself but no one else. charlie dag at that time a with growing number every isis attacks.
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>> turned busy market into an inferno. >> this man says, most of the people in the building were in their 20's, the government does nothing when it comes to security. the holy month of ramidan ends this week, and children looking forward to the eve celebrations never lived to see them. >> major general said, isis, or dash, targeted innocent people in coreada after suffering heavy losses on the battlefield. bombing came barely week after the military finally cleared nearby felusia, nearby isis fighters. we joined iraqi special forces during part of that fight. they face heavy resistance from militants as they inch closer to the city. back up, by us air strikes. the isis network has unleashed its brutal brands of terror around the globe. police in bangledesh say they've made formal arrests
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over friday's isis siege at a cafe which left 20 hostages dead, including, abita from miami. and turkey is still reeling from the gun and bomb attack at its main airport that climbed the lives of more than 40 people. charlie d'agada, cbs news. now, if you take the train to work, get ready for tough commute come tomorrow morning, septa is taking 120 train cars out of service, they have a news conference set for 2:30 this afternoon to talk about it, engineers found cracks on most of the silver line five cars. they now have to be repaired, which is expected to take until august. until then, reduced schedule will be used, had the issues gone unnoticed, septa officials say a derailment would have been possible. for a list of trolley routes affected and our complete coverage of septa's rail service changes, head to our website
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>> officially becoming us citizens today, taking place at betsy ross house, wanted to become popular independence day tradition, come from around the world, each child gets a flag and replica liberty bell after the oath. also symbolic bell ringing. now, bells will be told 13 time to represent the 13 original colonies, all taking place this afternoon at 1:30. coming up: weekends trip to the lakewood. >> we were trying to figure out what he was doing. and then when we realized the engine cut out, we were like oh, this is not going to end well. >> a small plane falls out of the sky, going nose first into the water. scary ordeal for the people on board and how this all ended for them. >> than is a toxic mess. a train went off the rales in texas. we will show you the dangerous thing it was caring that caused evacuation nearby. stay with us. >> plus we're on a tour of destinations celebrating
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independence eve with fireworks displays from last night. that's coming up in just moments.
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some cities around the country did not wait to put on their shows in the night sky. denver here held fireworks display yesterday foreign dependence eve. festivities included patriots i can muse nick denver's civic center park. and in milwaukee, fireworks blasted off last night at the lake front, guests were also
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invited to bring kite to fly before night fall. >> it is a big day for nasa, solar powered spacecraft named juno is start orbiting jupiter tonight. it will circle the planet three dozen times, study the planet's at possible fear, also has camera that will taken credible up close color pictures, juno was launched into 2011 and the mission will ends in 2018. >> investigating what caused small plane to crash into texas lake. amazingly everyone walk away from the wreckage. someone shot it, as it crashed in austin saturday afternoon, it flipped over once it hit the water moments later, the plane started to sing. whether wu realize the engine cut out, oh, this would not end well. hit it flat. but the force of the plane flipped it right over. >> and within matter of 45 seconds, that plane was completely submerged.
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>> people on the shore rushed to help. three people on board were hurt, luckily nothing serious enough for a trip to the hospital. and people are safe in other part of texas after train spilled hazardous liquid outside san antonio, five cars rolling through an industrial area flipped sunday afternoon, they spilled about a thousand gallons of sodium hydroxide, which can be dangerous to touch. authorities temporarily evacuated nearby flea market. two men, inside a tug car, minor injuries, no worth yesterday on what caused the train to derail. >> right now work remembers still on strike atlantic city's trump taj mahal casino. we're told they're taunting people who are crossing the picket line to gamble inside. the unite here unions local 54 chapter has been on strike since friday. they're demanding contract that restores members health insurance, and pension plans, but there are no new talks to come up with a possible deal. but are you just judge canceled benefits in 2014, the trump taj mahal now owned by
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billionaire carl icon. lacing up thousand cents of people got up early this morning to go for a race unlike any other. >> road race taking place in atlanta today. we'll show you the one thing that makes this contest ends out as top one in the world. katie? >> and brooke, we are still expecting to see the clouds eventually build back in, if they haven't already and eventually showers and very likely few of mother nature's own fireworks in the form every thunderstorms coming our way. we'll track everything for you, and get you out the door coming up.
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>> welcome back, weather great this weekend but there is rain coming. katie what time can we expect to get here? >> depends, it really looks like scat nerds nature when it does roll in.
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>> where? >> i think as close as you can get to that might be so call. if you want to go to the opposite coast here. but that's a fair question. >> and, you know, today is just one of those days where you're going to be dodging some raindrops, you know, along the way. i know, and i hate to be the bearer of this news. somebody that has outdoor plans, fireworks displays, looks like the time something imperfectly perfect for that to take place. go on outside, show you what's going on, first, beautiful shot of what's actually unfolding to be a pretty pleasant beach afternoon. it won't stay this way necessarily, but you had a couple of really great hours, both in the beach towns, as well as further inland. i mean, if you go up toward the mountain us terrain, nothing more than couple of clouds, bright blue sky up at pleasant valley middle and high school, modest breeze, but full sun line, so off to good start. the problem is this: wings offer to the south and west, see it just creeping ever closer.
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so, across most, much of the delmarva peninsula, clouds have gun to thicken, start to see the showers picking one time, this is basically a combo platter if you will. warmfront lifting in, area of low pressure riding along that front. that's why we expect to see pretty steady rain unfold here specially by later tonight. so let me walk you through future rain ability, 6:00 p.m. or so, very likely start to see first raindrops picking up here, but 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, a lot of the fireworks displays getting underway. may not be much, but even thick overcast has been known to really skew the viewf fireworks, so, we will see how we do here, already heard couple of different ones, starting to get postponed now, but regardless, we are going to see some of that rain move in here just in time for the displays, and then pick up even more so, we could be picking up easily over inch worth of rain with some of the heaviest pockets. walk you through this then. 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon, first raindrops falling, scattered fashion. 6:00, 7:00. some of the steadier rain moving in, with the warmfront, notice it, could be heavier.
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9:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m., steady rain, is possible, and there may even be some thunderstorms within that. the heaviest stuff, though, again, doesn't come until the overnight hours into early tomorrow morning, when it does, where do you see the rain, you will get doused. right now it, has actually for the last few hours consistently put that spot right over philadelphia. so could be rough go tomorrow morning, as folks are just getting back to work. meanwhile, let's talk fireworks. so you are going see thundershowers developing. 07 degrees in time for many of the displays to be kicking off. as far as what we can expect beyond that point, the heat is on. my friends, look how hot it is right down off south charleston checking into the nine's, we'll dot same in the days ahead, flirting with 90 already on tuesday. and we can expect to see low 90s for four straight days starting wednesday. so that will make it a heatwave as long as it is verified. meantime couple of showers, storm chances along the way. thursday maybe again on friday. joe, back to you. >> katie, thank you. there is major breaking sport news just into our news room.
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all-star kevin did your and the is signing with the golden state warriors. now, he announced his decision short time ago. did your durant met with the clippers, celtics, spurs, and miami heat. but again, he chose an already loaded golden state team, that fell just short of repeating as nba champs. >> look, stop tweeting me. i don't care. i left oklahoma for a job in north dakota. i get it, knock. >> you knock. >> i'm okay. i don't care. stop tweeting me. at noon at noon, while many people slept in on this holiday, 06,000 people in georgia decided to go out for a run at the same time. peachtree road race took place this morning in atlanta. the wheelchair division started the race at 6:30 a.m. then the women's and men's groups were next, just after 7:00. nine race is considered to be the biggest 10k in the world. amazing. >> i think that's amaze being, i love just seeing all of those people. >> good for them. fantastic. >> really really cool.
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>> 60,000 people. >> ya, well done. >> july 4th has special meaning for any american, but specially for sitting us president. >> of course, and there is even one more reason today a special meaning for president owe bamm a we'll tell you about the other milestone being celebrate that makes the day a big deal for the first family. stay with us.
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coming up on "eyewitness
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news" at 5:00, sun safety, we all know it is important to pick sunscreen, but picking the right one can be challenging, because different sunscreens protect your skin in different waste. how to find the best one for you and your family tonight at 5:00. >> president obama celebrating two milestones, the president's birthday, and his daughter's took, malea turns 18 today. she was ten when her father was elected president in 2008. last month she graduated from syd well friends school in washington. malea is taking a year off before starting college but she is expected to attends harvard university in 2017. look how little they were. >> my gosh, they were precious. >> oh, my goodness. >> still are. >> yes. >> grown up so beautifully. >> that's "eyewitness news" at foon. i'm gentlemen hole end. >> i'm brooke thomas, for katie and all of us here, thank for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues on 5:00 and always on line on >> the young and the restless is next. enjoy the holiday.
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