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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  July 5, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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>> right now at 11:00 o'clock capping off the fourth of july with a light show in the sky. spectacular fireworks displays ring out all across the region. now the rain didn't hold off holiday celebrations were soggy to say the least. meteorologist justin drabick is tracking when the wet weather will move out. but first, get ready for slow and rough commute. that's the word from septa after it pulls a third of its regional
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rail fleet off the tracks. the move comes after septa discovered structural defects in train cars. good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. jessica has the night off. septa is urging commuters to pack patience as they head back to work tomorrow. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is outside septa headquarters right now with more on how this will impact the commute. david? >> reporter: hi, ukee. it will be big impact. no question. there will be big headaches tomorrow for commuters but people here at septa headquarters don't want to take any chances when it comes to safety. expect long commute times if you take septa after multiple structural issues were found in more than 100 septa cars. 120 to be specific. >> we reduced it by a third with the 100 cars that we lost so we're doing a lot of inspections to be able to, you know, get more of our older cars available. >> reporter: septa manager rob hopkins said at a july 4th news conference 120 cars are out of service. a septa employee discovered multiple cracks in beams on
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silver liner v cars once discovered septa officials made the call to pull all 120v cars and run saturday service the rest of this week. >> i'm just glad that they did something. and they're doing something. >> reporter: computers still have to come up with a back up plan. buses will help in some cases but each circumstance is different. and moving up your alarm clock likely is the best idea. >> it's even packed now. when you have seven cars going to trenton. so you have to leave earlier to go to work. >> reporter: septa officials say service will be down 30 to 50%. it may take several weeks for the cars under going maintenance to be back in full service. >> please be patient. this is very challenging for us. we have everybody working to understand the problem and what the solution is. it's not a short-term fix. >> reporter: i want to point out, ukee, septa does a great job keeping folks up to date on their social media sites. we have that information plus
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the latest maps and bus information all on our website you can find it right now at reporting live tonight, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> that they do, thank you david. rainy end to the holiday. a flash flood watch is about to go into effect. let's get right to meteorologist justin drabick tracking where the heaviest rain is falling and what we can expect as we head into the overnight. justin. >> all right, ukee, that's right. we are seeing the instead yesterday rain moving through parts of central new jersey right now. then you get into northern bucks and montgomery county up into the lehigh valley pockets of heff heavy rain. we haven't seen flash flood conditions but there are more heavy showers developing off to our south and west. we'll have to breaks from time to time through the overnight but off and on showers, may even rumble of thunder keep in mind there is the potential for that flash flood threat. you can see majority of the region under the flash flood watch. that kicks off at midnight tonight until 10am tuesday morning. the exceptions up in the lehigh valley and poconos. what to expect overnight. just off and on showers at times looks like the heaviest rain 133am and aam tuesday morning
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about half inch to 1 inch on average locally higher amounts and watch out for some localized flooding as well. travel could be little bit difficult early tomorrow morning. as we head back to reality back to work. temperatures right now in the 70s. hold like that through the overnight hours. we'll bring you some heat also by the end of the week. we'll time out the showers and let you know when the sun returns and talk about high heat and humidity. i'll let you know how long that lasts in the full forecast. ukee, back over to you. >> jd, even though the rain made for less than ideal conditions thousands still came out for the big fourth of july concert and firework show in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do was on the ben franklin parkway right now. trang, what are people saying about the show tonight? >> reporter: ukee, they're saying it was definitely worth the wait. let me tell you it's been raining like this pretty steadily since 7:30. peel intent to do stay out there and they did. for their patience they were treat to do an incredible firework display to cap you have a very rainy but still cheerful birthday day party here on the
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parkway. >> ben franklin parkway still managed to sparkle despite steady rain for welcome america. ♪ >> reporter: the crowd not afraid to sing their hearts out. and dance in the rain to a sound track of philly r and b and soul hits from the '70's. courtesy of inn the toos, harold melvin and blue notes and the o jay's. >> i love the spirit. i love the diversity and of course the enter trainers. >> everybody has have good time whether it's raining. >> rain or shine we here. >> some made sure to prepare for the weather. >> we camped out because we'll get a little protect from the tree and i thought this was going to be a good spot where we could see the fireworks. >> while others did not. >> didn't even think about it. we didn't bring nothing for the rain and we knew it but we only had run umbrella and it was raggedy so we left it home. >> rash less people definitely got what they wanted. a great show to celebrate jul
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july 4th. topped off by a dazzling fireworks show over the art museum. >> this is our first time here. >> this is a good experience for the first time. it's awesome. >> reporter: now even though the firework display went on as scheduled, a philly pops concert scheduled for just before the fireworks show was canceled due to the weather. still a good time was had by all. but for now we're live from the ben franklin parkway, i'm trang do cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> the sound of philadelphia on display tonight. trang, thank you. a special guest rock the camden waterfront for its annual fourth of july freedom festival. ♪ >> that's veteran entertainer michael mcdonald he brought down the house in south jersey tonight. it wrapped up way fantastic fireworks display over the river a large crowd was on hand despite the rain. several communities postponed their firework diss plasm you can get a full list of make
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updates at many others spent their fourth of july holiday down the shore. the threat of rainy weather did not put a damper on the spirits of thousands of country music fans in wildwood. they gathered on the beach for big country music concert headline by tim mcgraw. fans we spoke to say it was a great way to celebrate america's birthday. >> everything you want. boardwalk atmosphere, meets country rock show. what more could you ask for. >> the fourth of july. >> and the fourth of july all wrapped into one thing. >> the beaches were packed earlier today in ocean city despite the clouds many folks looking to get in one last beach day as this long holiday weekend comes to a close. what better place to start july 4th that at independence hall the philly pops and mayor jim kenney got the day started for thousands of people on the ball. the celebration also include add dramatic reading of the words of our founding fathers by hamilton actor lesley odom, jr. who grew up in east oak lane. bobby hill from the keystone
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state boys choir was there and sang the national anthem for all those in attendance. ♪ >> marching bands deck out in colonial garb hit the cobblestone streets the fifth and chestnut this parade its made through the hitter 86 areas of the city. special moment today in audubon as the fire department unveils a new 9/11 memorial more than decade in the making. the crowd applauded as the sculpture was unveiled next to the audubon firehouse. the centerpiece is steal recovered from the north tower. one of the speakers at the dedication was audubon resident luigi yo card dough on 9/11 he was working on the 87th floor of the south tower. his speech moved some of the crowd to tears. >> i've done other speeches people i didn't know and people in my family but to know half this crowd my oh motions and excitement and the love was just amazing. >> the steal beams on display show scars from the 1993 world
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trade center attack. they were damaged in that explosion but repaired. suicide bomber struck the us consulate in saudi arabia today. no one at the consulate was killed and the attack comes a day after isis killed more than 160 people in baghdad. cbs news correspondent charlie d'agata has more on the growing number of isis attacks. >> reporter: even in a country a wash in bloodshed, this was bad. the isis suicide bomber knew just where and when to strike to kill as many civilians as possible. the holy month of ramadan ends this week and cafes and shops along the boulevard were packed full of families enjoying the night after fasting through the long hot day when the car bomb went off. even as they carried more body bags away from the rubble and wreckage it was already clear that this was the worst single terror attacks to hit the capitol in years. >> i swear to god the government is a failure this woman says.
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they are the ones who brought terrorism here. >> reporter: the attack came only about week after iraqi government forces completely recaptured the nearby city of fallujah. fierce battle that lasted for weeks. as they hold vigils for victims in iraq, there are many questions but one dead certainty. that another isis attack will come. with public anger mounting the iraqi justice ministry announce its five convicted terrorists were executed this morning. officials they wanted families to know their continuing to deliver punish many to those who hands are stained with iraqi blood. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. back home now we have three weeing to preparations continue for the democratic national convention here in philadelphia. we are now just 21 days away from the opening gavel at the wells fargo center. delegates will formally nominate hillary clinton at the dnc.
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the campaign has launched a contest where supporters can apply to formally nominate her at the convention. president obama will campaign with clinton in charlotte tomorrow. meanwhile donald trump's team promises an extraordinary display of political entertainment at the republican national convention in cleveland. the former reality tv star also plans to feature his children and celebrity supporters. there are new details surrounding a bizarre incident in new york central park. still ahead tonight at 11:00 what we are learning about the young man who stepped on an explosive want authorities are revealing in their investigati investigation. also, an atm blown up outside a philadelphia barbershop. find out what surprised police the most when they got to the scene. then, green slime on waterways causes a state of emergency in florida much what's causing the mess and why officials are so concerned about it. justin. >> very muggy outside right now temperatures holding in the 70s. we're tracking more rain. some of it could be heavy and
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big-time hot and humid air mass returns. i'll let you know how long it lasts. i'll explain in "eyewitness weather".
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cities across the country celebrated america's 240th birthday millions capped off a star spangled day with their eyes on the sky for the annual fireworks show along new york city east river. crews set off 56,000 colorful explosions of red, white and blue. and take look at the bombs bursting in air over washington, d.c. this firework display was part
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of the 36th annual capital fourth celebration on the west lawn of the us capital. happy birthday america. well more surgery is set for virginia teenager injured by an explosive device in new york's central park over the weekend. 18-year-old connor golden stepped on the device while walking with friends yesterday. it parent hal been covered with rock. the blast severely damaged his foot and family members say golden may need part of his legume paw tater investigators are conducting a forensic examination of the evidence to pinpoint what caused it to explode. >> this is process. it's a laboratory process. it involves spec tromm meters and great deal of lab equipment. can't be rush. it's something that just takes time and again we're hoping to have results hopefully by close of business wednesday. >> officials do not believe the device is connected to terror. they suspect it was likely made by so-call explosive hobbyist with basic knowledge of chemistry.
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no one was hurt when someone tried to below up an atm in philadelphia's strawberry mansion neighborhood this morning. it happened around 4:30 outside of a barbershop on the 2500 block of lehigh avenue. atm sustained a lot of damage but no one got away with any cash. bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives is now investigating. >> well a warning tonight from police in newark, delaware. they say man tried to abduct two women over the last two days. the first attack happened late last night at the colonial gardens apartments on east main street. few hours later another woman was tack early this morning outside main towers. in both cases, the man grabbed the women from behind but he ran away when the women fought back. police only have a vague description of the suspect. four florida counties are asking fort feds help after their beaches and rivers are taken over boy smelly disaster. they're coated with toxic algae the thick slime is so bad for tourism and base state of emergency was declared. the algae is blamed on
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pollutants from nearby fresh water lake. the army corps of engineers is slowing down the flow of that lake water hoping to stop the algae. this fourth of july nasa is celebrating a milestone in spa space. the sole lore powered spacecraft juneau about to enter jupiter's orbit any minute now after nearly five year journey. during its mission juneau will circle the planet 37 times and take up close color pictures with a special camera. it's designed to help scientists better understand its atmosphere and how it was formed. juneau was launched back in 2011. it's mission will end februar february 20th, 218 which is when the spacecraft will crash into jupiter. >> you were looking -- you like that. >> pretty cool. >> good stuff. >> speaking of space the earth is farthest from the sun. >> on this day much. >> call the high peel yann.
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>> we're farthest from the sun. >> we get the sun's rays. >> that's interesting. summertime we're the furthest away. >> my man. >> wintertime we're closest. tracking rain overnight. some of it will be heavy at times and by the end of the week we're talking about some typical mid july weather if you like heat and humidity you'll love this forecast. wet camera lense looking south at center city from our roof cameras and shows showers continue on and off through the overnight. quarter of an inch in philadelphia. some spots in south jersey over half to three quarters of an inch. some areas over an inch if we do get the heavier downpours. heavy rain to the south and we have. you can see over west virginia right now oranges and reds indicating heavier rain. so that still needs to get through here. it's not going to be raining all the time through the overnight we'll get breaks here and there but it look like heaviest instead yesterday after midnight tonight around 3:00 a.m. to 8am so that could slow things down for the morning rush still steady rain just moving out of the city around trenton right
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now bucks county it extends down towards long beach island, toms river, and getting a little bit of a break right now lighter rain in chester county. we're in good shape in delaware right now there's some steadier showers developing again out near baltimore. temp in the 70s holding there through the overnight hours. the humidity is on the rise. it will stay muggy tonight and really all the way through the at least the start of the up coming weekend we'll call it steamy on tuesday and wednesday. even higher humidity on the way. thursday and friday. so it will be you have to stay outside make sure you have the air-conditioning running in you're indoors make sure it's working properly. as we go through time through the overnight here's 3am this model still shows heavy showers right over philadelphia parts of south jersey and again that axis heavy rain could shift north are south. still tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. we got left over showers around in some parts of the area. so not everyone will be seeing the wet weather for the morning rush. then by nine, 10:00 o'clock starts to move offshore. we should break out to sunshine
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and that will heat things up. overall pattern through the rest of the this week, jet stream well to our north typically what you see in the middle of summer and that allows all that heat and humidity to expand eastward across the mid atlantic typical philadelphia summer that's what you think about that's what's heading our way. look at these temperatures tomorrow. mid to upper 80s getting close to 90 degrees. it's possible if we see enough sunshine and then wednesday we really bring in some heat. widespread 90s. mid 90s around philadelphia. feels even hotter when you factor in the humidity. so overnight showers maybe a rumble of thunder, 70 degrees for low temperature. tomorrow morning showers. gives way to sunshine for the afternoon. 88 degrees. shore forecast for the most part looking pretty good. watch out for the morning rain tomorrow. we're up to 84 by the afternoon. sunny and warm on wednesday 86 degrees and could be a late day shower on thursday. highs in the upper 80s. here's the extended forecast. this is classic july stuff. mid 90s. kicking off wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, lower 90s shower or storm cans thursday
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and saturday. and then by the end of the weekend it gets better. back to mid to upper 80s lower humidity. >> that's not bad at all. thank you, sir. appreciate it. >> let's talk fourth of july baseball. >> remember when we were cleaning about the -- complaining about the phillies offense? not any more. phillies bats providing firework down down at the ballpark. the sixers topic in the draft helped off the court in his
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it was a construction accident, with a piece of heavy equipment ♪ and it shot me up into the roof, and it just kept breaking me in half. broke my back, severed my spinal column oh and five ribs broken, so... ♪ my dining room was changed into a bedroom ♪ and the insurance company was giving me a hard time. ♪ pond lehocky helped put my life back together. ♪
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>> most of the most colorful phillies is making news of the lenny dykstra recovering feathers with his tell all book. talks about his rise to stardom and fall from grace. the dude will be here live at cbs3 studios to share some of his crazy yesterday stories. be sure to catch "eyewitness news" starting at 4:30am tomorrow morning you don't want to miss this. lesley, you heard some of the experts of the book. >> scandalous. >> is it really.
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>> he tells it all. >> wait until tomorrow morning. let's go back to the future. >> i don't think i can talk about it on air. >> oh, no. >> any way, the phillies kicking off three game set with the braves this afternoon their bats providproviding firework this fh of july. bottom of the second. phils down one-zero. galvis grounds out to first. hernandez with triple to deep right field. two-one phils. still in the second jared eikoff helping his own cause. that makes it three-one and there's more. herrara with two run shot to right center. eikoff scores. five-one phils. and mikell franco feels like he should get in on the action so here he is. 21 shot to left center, a seven run inning for the phils. they go on to win eight-two. >> i can't main about the hitting any more. these guys the hitting continues it's great to see i believe our first eight hits were extra bases hits. i don't know if that's a record
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or it's got to be close. >> you get in and start running some pitches and the line keeps moving next guy gets a hit and keeps going and keeps going. confidence, man, it's through the roof. >> to summer league action in utah got a first look at the topic in the draft ben simmons the sixers taking on the celtics and in his debut simmons looking pretty comfortable out there on the court. he had 10 points, eight rebounds, five assists shooting two for nine for the field he played 24 minutes before leaving the game in the fourth with cramps in both calves. he had to be helped off the court as he will not play tomorrow. the celtics went on to win it, 102-94. with a very crowded front core the sixers look shooters. it looks like they found one. his name sergie joe rodriguez spent the past six years in spain. 30-year-old played with portland for three seasons and a half season with sacremento and finished that year witness 96 nick. reportedly a one year deal worth 8 million.
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nba star kevin durant decided to take his talents to the golden state warriors reportedly two two-year deal worth more than 54 million after he science steph curry will be the fourth highest paid player to the team. durant, clay thompson and damon green make more. that's crazy but as for the thunder fans they were shocked by duran's decision to leave and say this one hurts. >> i'm upset that he left, because i think he should have been more loyal to the thunder like tim duncan is loyal to the spurs. >> it's such a tragedy. it hit me i was just sitting at home and i didn't know how to reaction. i look at my friends looking for support and they were just like, well, got to move on somehow. >> bad break up there. >> we're getting new band together maybe maybe russell westbrook is looking for place to go. >> wouldn't that be great.
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(bell tolls). >> young children took part in the symbolic tapping of the lib dough bell this afternoon. bells rapping simultaneously across the country these children are decedents of the signors of the declaration of independence and pennsylvania society sons of the revolution all part of the let freedom ring ceremony in the shadow of independence hall. i was so honored to host this part of america's birthday celebration. church continued 200 birthday celebration today. members unveiled a mural of church founder richard allen "eyewitness news" ame church first district headquarters on the corner of 38th and mark. the church collaborated on the mural with willis humphrey the immediate mural lift for
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for justin, lesley, jessica who is off, kate who is off and everyone here i'm ukee washington. the lay show with steven fenn colbert is next. thank you so much for watching and before we leave another look at the fourth of july firework from the camden water front. happy birthday, america. good night, family and sleep well. ♪
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