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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  July 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> good morning,. >> here is a live look at storm scan3, showing rain, and passing much through the area. there is a flashflood watch until 10:00 this morning. katie is here to time it out for us. >> and new this morning, juno meets jupiter. cheers erupt at nasa for the success after five year long mission. well, today is tuesday, july 5th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> welcome back, jim, i'm brooks thomas. we're getting your day started with a check on weather and traffic with meisha. >> good morning, yes, jim, you
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nailed it, a lot of stuff going on with septa. we will be touching base on that all morning long, also an accident on i-95. think it has something to do with all of the wet roadways. >> so-so soggy outside. we'll be working hands in hand here this morning, so much kim pact your travel this morning, certainly the weather is a big part of. that will take a look. >> this rain is pounding down right now, in portions at least of southern new jersey, central delaware, that rain is soaking across that region. now the further north you go, little more scattered but still heavy rain pocket. you know, not out of the woods just yet, folks. see how the heaviest pockets of rain is been rolling through sort of with a little break along the way, and fresh rounds, again as we had mentioned flashflood watch still posted for is he very heavy rainout of some of the rounds every rain moving through t lasts until 10:00 this morning, but for essentially the entire region, go far enough north, not as much after concern simply because of the bulk of the precipitation moving along off to the south of the lehigh
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valley and poconos, you at least get the reprieve further north you travel, but philadelphia most of the i59 corridor certainly, all of the major highways and yep the septa lines are all going to be impacted by this. the tell tell raindrops, very dreary start to the day, have the umbrella ready to go. but i come bearing better news as the day progresses, we'll eventually start to see skies clearing on out of here. we will heat up. and also see the humidity continue to climb in the days ahead. much more on that as we progress through the show, meisha? >> nice welcome back, right, katie? >> welcome back. >> the real life. all right, thanks so much, katie. yes, very, very wet outside. you can see evidence by all of the camera shot basically i'll show this morning, when we do get these wet roadways, even if it is early, a lot of times what we do, get some hydroplaning, especially when we have open roadways, people think they can gas it, if you hit a puddle you can spin out of control. fifty-nine south penn's landing right and left lane are now compromised part of
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the right shoulder and left lane, see the vehicle see here pulled off to the shoulder spun around the wrong way facing oncoming traffic. make note. penn's landing, 95, south hopefully get cleared out of the way. see already how many vehicles are starting to get out there, how many brakes light. vine all open, just looking very wet out there. both moving in the westbound and eastbound sides. but looking busy already for only 4:30, also, new jersey, 42 freeway creek road looking very wet, ben franklin bridge, same story there. we'll have more coming up on septa in about ten minute, brooke, over to you. >> if you ride septa's regional rail lines, today might be a test of your patience. >> it is the first business day commute since the defect found in one rail car forced transit agency to take more than 100 cars out of service. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch live at suburban station with how it will affect your commute. justin? >> jim, brooke, good morning, for commuters who frequent the regional rails today start rethinking your route.
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because septa and it ride remembers now forced to make due with more than 100 cars out of service. let's take you now to video, the plan now, septa running modified saturday schedule, with extra rush hour service. running as close to every half hour as possible. now, bear in mind as these trains reach capacity, will bypass other stops, so septa officials are urging riders near center city to explore subway, trolley, bus options, many of which will also see increased service during this period. the market frankford, broad street, norristown, high speed lines, and route 101 and 102 trolleys will have expanded rush hour service in the morning and evening, and extra parking as been secured near philadelphia area septa transit hubs. parking fees may apply. for septa, this is the plan for the foreseeable future, as it works to bounce back from losing 120 silver liner five cars, first brought on line back in 2010, their cost about
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$274 million. their lost now rings down daily capacity by 50% by some estimates. so tight cars are in the future here. now, cracks found on low bearing beams led to similar finds on more than 100 other silver liner five cars, causing september to pull that fleet from service. that's one third of the regional rail capacity. now, septa is telling us they are in touch with the manufacturer for repairs, but a solution is going to take some time. so hold on also to your rail passes, there will be affair credit for those who purchase those fares, but will now have to find other work around. brooke, jim, back into you. >> thank you so much, justin. >> thanks, justin. our jan carabeo will be lying the regional rails this morning, her report begin in our next hourment be sure visit our website to help navigate your way around the region. new this morning, that is is beginning its closest encounter with our solar system's biggest planet there. was a celebration at the jet
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propulsion lab in pasadena as spacecraft juno entered jupiter's orbit just after midnight. now, it has taken five years to reach the planet which is bigger than every other plan net our solar system combined. experts say juno's descent was perfect. >> i would ask to talk about what it feels like have this success, and i mean, it is overwhelming, the team, the time. , the rise thanks were overcome, it is amazing, the more you know about the mission you more you know how tricky this was, and to have it be flawless. >> right now juno is transmitting images from a cloud level fly by more spectacular images are expected as juno's circles jupiter. >> also, new overnight, police are investigating murder in the city's germantown section. it happened on the 1900 block of rowan street, just after 2:00 a.m. police say the 27 year old man was shot once in the face. they say he managed to stagger half a block before collapsing. officers rushed into temple where he was pronounced did he, a car was also shot two
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times. investigators are now questioning eyewitnesses also this morning, a man is hurt after his car and suv collide in the philadelphia's east oaklane neighborhood. police say a woman left an argument and drove off in the suv. they say she hit the karat cheltenham avenue, cover inning ton road. man in the car was not involved in the argument. he did, how much, suffer a broken leg, and neck and back pain. >> man is found shot to death in a car in chester, now, police are trying to find his killer. officers found the victim shot in the head at third and kurland street last night. investigators say, the car's engine was running, and the car was in gear. this is chester's 15th murder this year. >> police in newark, delaware, are warning the public after they say a man tried to abduct two women in the course of two days. the first attack happened late sunday night, at the colonial gardens amounts, on east main street. few hours later, another woman was attacked, early monday, outside main towers. in both cases, the man grabbed the women from behind, but he ran away when the women fought
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back. police only have a vague description of the suspect. >> several people are dead, after three separate suicide bombings, in saudi arab ya. one of the attacks happened outside the mosque that holds the remains every profit muhammad. meantime, isis is taking credit for bombing in baghdad sunday that killed more than 200 people. it is the worse single attack there since 2003. islamic state is believed to be behind attacks in turkey, bangledesh, yemen and iraq. >> campaign 2016 heads to north carolina today. >> it is a key battleground state, this election, hillary clinton will be joined by president obama for the first time in charlotte. while trump campaigns with tennessee senator bob cork nerve raleigh. new national pole shows clinton's lead over trump narrowing to five percentage points. >> we are now just 20 days away from the opening gavel of the democratic national convention here in philadelphia. happening today, there is an effort to preserve green space in delaware county.
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>> more than 200 acres in springfield township. there will be a press conference at 10:00 on the site of the former done gonial school, candidate for state representatives, community are concerned about possible development, and they'll announce their proposal to keep 213 acres as open space. well, fireworks lit up the skies over new york city. >> we will show you how the big apple celebrated independence day. plus this. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> check out smokey robinson, performing part of the capitol, over washington, washi. >> another kind of performance here, hear why president obama was sinking last night. we'll be right back.
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welcome back, that's how they celebrated the nation's birthday tow capitol. check out the dads link display of fireworks lighting up the skies over washington, d.c. >> mace he's put on its biggest fireworks display in more than 15 years over new york river, over 56,000 colorful explosions in the city's debut of pyro writing. kenny chesney, megan treanor were among the performers. ♪ >> that's justin timberlake, sounds track for the fireworks in boss tonight here on cbs-3. nick joan and, demi, performed with the boston pops, as well. >> well, here at home, the rainy weather didn't dampen spirits on the parkway. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> the o.j.'s were part of the sounds of philadelphia. the crowds, steady rain, awarded when fireworks show at the art museum, now, there was one cancellation, philly pops had to pull the plug on their performance to keep their instruments safe. >> and, several communities postponed their fireworks displays because of the weather. you can get full list of the make updates at time now 4:43,. >> katie here with another check on your forecast, katie, i'm not mad a make up day it, means two happy days. >> that's exactly what i was going it say, almost like we can extend the holiday now. >> oh, do i get the day off? okay. >> stay where you are until at least 7:00 my friend. yes, we do have wet weather moving through part of the reason we saw postpone end, at least extra day out of the fireworks, in a lot of spot here. so we'll at least be grateful for. that will as far as storm stand goes, still some of mother nature's own fireworks, not finding any thunderstorms thankfully at the moment.
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actually let me see on the tail end here, okay, no, still looking at steady rain. i thought i saw lightning strike. but regardless do have heavy rain coming through with some of the pocket moving through right now. further south you go, the worse off it is right now. so, southern new jersey, cumberland county, northern cape may specially getting hit very lord right now, all part of warmfront that's lifting through. and area of low pressure that road along it, that's why this rain turned so darn heavy, through the overnight. but we are still in the midst of flashflood watch across most of the region, say for the poconos, lehigh valley, and as we walk you through future weather you can understanded y some of the heaviest rain falling across the southern half of our area. so, including philadelphia, so in addition to the septa problems that we've been discussing all morning, also, going to be dodging real heavy rain looks like along some of the areas. so no matter how you plan to travel today looks like the wet letter play an issue if not certainly the septa problems. so as we head toward the afternoon, good news, things start to clear out. i wouldn't be shock to see one residual shower, but generally
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speaking, once we get past the morning drive, we're pretty much smooth sailing. the thing is, we are going to only heat up from here and see that in the seven day. where we stand right now, mid 70s up and down i95, as well as through southern new jersey, very muggy outside, currently in the 80s off to the south. some that far warmth makes its way to us. look at the over night lows you guys no problems heating to up low to mid 90s with humidity to boot, probably will feel more like triple digits on couple of those days. >> look at all every those 90s rolling in tomorrow, and this morning, we've got rain. >> good morning, guys, it will be a tough travel day. this is where we have our first accident of the morning, 59 south at penn's landing, the right lane compromised and also we do have car right there pulled all the way off to the left but facing the wrong direction, facing oncoming traffic probably more than likely a spin out. nevertheless know when we have both roadways like this, keep it easy, keep the speeds down.
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right now seeing more than usual vehicles drive by and tapping on brakes, as well. westbound and eastbound looking good, just looking wet there, as well. boulevard you can see, all of the dampness on the road, this is boulevard tail light moving in the southbound direction at fox street, still looking good in terms of volume levels, we can expect that, not even cracking into the 5:00 hour. we know it will get busy today as most everyone is headed back to work. this is where we have another accident, hopewell, new jersey, route 29, river road, before fiddlers creek road. all lanes blocked there. just as reminder septa regional rails running saturday schedule because a third of the fleet defective. expect over-crowding, if you consideration use bus, high speed, trolleys as much as possible, more coming up in a little bit. jim, over to you. >> thank, meisha a as meisha mentioned, the regional rail commuters in for difficult commute today and for several weeks. that will thomas our headlights this morning on cbs-3. the transit agency has pulled one third of it rail cars more than 100 in all after defect was discovered last friday. we've got team coverage all
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morning long, and resource guide for you at >> nasa is celebrating it historic mission into june err terror bit, culmination of journey. to study jupiter's competency, learn more about the entire solar system. >> and president obama makes his first appearance campaigning with hillary clinton today in north carolina donald trump is also in north carolina, campaigning with tennessee senator bob corker. >> well, still ahead, how our lines are working to make summer travelers make sure they don't get caught in those long security lines. >> but first, shear look at the july 4th fireworks display over the camden waterfront. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> back on "eyewitness news", if you are headed out the door stay updated when katie's forecast "kyw news radio 1060". also, taking out federal student loans, it now cheaper than it was even days ago. new smart phone technology could change the way we signal elevators. and 13 children become citizens during fourth of july fest i have tis at the betsy ross house. check in two, three, four times a day, "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. the white house holes add fourth of july celebration for military families. featured perform and frost john he will mo'ne, kendrick lamar, but weren't the only ones singing. >> ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ >> yes, that is president obama leading the room in a rendition of happy birthday
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for his daughter malea. first daughter turned 18 years old yesterday. >> really has a great voice. >> he does, happy birthday it, doesn't show -- >> well, he was choke up because it is his daughter's 18th. >> sit the sitting president, your daughter turns 18 years old on the nation's holiday. >> time now 4:51, time for check on business news. >> mine watch's jill wagner joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill, now the markets are open after one of their best weeks of the year. what are investors watching? >> reporter: well, we will see if global marquette continue to rebound after plunging in the wake of the uk's vote to lead the eu. this week, investors will wait for the government here to release a june jobs report, that comes out friday, strong jobs report makes it more likely that the fed could decide to raise interest rates this year, most analysts have pretty much ruled out another interest rate hike the rest of the year after the uk's brexit
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vote. brooke, jim? >> jill, lots of people are headed to the airport this summer to take a ava case, we hear the airlines don't want people stuck in the long security lines, so what are they doing about this? >> reporter: airlines are taking more steps to cut down on those security lines. jet blue is going to foot the bill to register its mosaic true blue members, in pre check, lets passengers keeps their shoes, jackets, belts on, while going through expedited security lines. southwest will let customers use points to buy it. sa pre check application. so basically, if americans aren't going to do it themselves, the airlines are helping them out. >> i think it is worth it, people should check with their credit cards, american express, my card paid for that, the pre check, but also something else, yes. >> oh, jill, i wanted to follow up with something you told us about before on money watch. i've been obsessed with the starbucks pink drink purple drink orange drink, all of that, thank you.
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>> reporter: oh, okay, good to know. and when you order do they know what it is? >> they do know what it is. i saw starbucks posted it on their instagram account. so they're with it, they new exactly what it is. >> they are market marketing people, gout to say, and i'm glad that my money watch report actually helped you out. >> changing my life. >> reporter: now i need to try it. >> right? >> well, coming up after the break, i may try it, don't know, we'll get another check on weather and traffic. >> there is a flashflood watch until 10:00 a.m. katie will have all of the katie will have all of the details when we come hey, thanks for stopping by. you know, i've followed your character since the first episode. i'm a big fan, big, big fan... thank you. listen, your storyline makes for incredible tv drama. thing is, your drug use is very adult content. too adult for the kids. so, i'm gonna have to block you. aw, man. yeahh... well. have a good one.
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>> we continue to track soaking rains, right now the hardest hit areas across the southern counties, as you take a look at storm scan, on this region wide loop, well, what you have got here still granted some showers, a lot of steam in the atmosphere. so even if it is not raining, you have got the mugginess, the damp roads, just very, very clammy outside.
4:56 am
we do still have that rain coming down quite heavily. cape may, cumberland county mossee expected at the moment, this will continue to be a running theme the rest of the morning looks like, meisha. >> looking very wet outside on all of the picture shots, camera shots, thanks so much, katie. outside, do have our first accident of the morning, right lane, left lane, compromised seeing brake lights going on around there. also looking wet basically where ever we look, the schuylkill, 95 south at cottman, another accident hopewell, new jersey, more on that coming up in about 15 minute. jim, over to you. >> thank you so much, meisha a well, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" off the tracks. what you can expect if you're taking a septa train this morning, and how uber is offering a way to take the train with less hassle. >> plus, for the first time, the number one pick in the nba draft is on the court for the sixers. we'll have the highlight of last night's action.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. bracing for commuter chaos, back to work today for the first time since septa pulls more than 100 train cars off the tracks. what you can expect on your daily commute. >> and katie is tracking rain with storm scan3. some showers might impact your commute to work this morning. she'll time it out for you. >> and celebrating independence, highlights of last night's july 4th festivities here and around the country. >> well, today is tuesday, july 5th, 2016, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. we have team coverage of septa's reduced rail service this morning. >> first, here is katie with a look at the wetter. >> the weather of course
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playing big role in our commute this morning, no matter how your travels will be unfold being, whether taking the rail, driving the roadways, you've got to give yourself extra time. always so tough a just getting back to work for the first day back for so many of us, but after a holiday kind of slow starter. but yes, it is a soggy start to the day here. and even you can still see if you look real close, you got to look closely, very high rainfall intense tip, so showing up yellow. there are some yellow lightning strikes embedded within this pocket of heavy rain. so cape may, cumberland county getting hit hard. flashflood watch posted there until 10:00 this morning, actually most of the region in the flashflood watch until further notice. where you have got some of the heavier rain falling, you also have flood advisory, just for this torrential rain that's falling. it will lead to ponding, and standing water on the roadways, you will be slowed down by this. so, even if you can't get out the door extra early, expect that you might be running late here. flashflood watch, we mentioned, till posted until 10:00 this morning, essentially region wide,


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