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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> police rally, but it wasn't the case in other parts of the country. where protesters used fireworks against police coming up. also ahead, tends moments in dallas, city already edge after the death of five officers. coming up a threat that put police on high alert. and, relief on the way for septa regional rail commutersment new schedule, new cars, to deal with the train troubles. today is sunday, july 10th, good morning to you, i'm rahel solomon. thanks so much for spending part of your weekend with us, let's get you started with a check on werth. kate bilo in for justin today. kate always good to see you.
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nicer day today? >> nicer day, pretty nasty weather over the last few days, heatwave wednesday through friday, brought temperatures in the 90s, then of course yesterday, temperatures were keel, but that's because woe had a lot of cloud cover, also, some thunderstorms, but let's take a look at this morning, what a beautiful shot we have here on the spring garden camera. see the sun has come up, lots of sunshine this morning, and all of the showers, storms, out of the way, that's auspicious start to a sunday morning right there on "skycam 3". looking at storm scan3, 12 hour loop that shows the very strong under this earl storm that moved through last night, you can see it as it reloads right about here. moving through south jersey, there is the first one, then last night we had few nasty storms over the lehigh valley, portions of upper bucks, montgomery counties, now we've cleared everything out, very nice start to our sunday morning. let's talk about what to expect as we head through the day. temperatures right now 71 degrees, the winds is light, about 7 miles an hour, feels like 71, as well, which is good news, we've had high dew points the past few days,
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meaning feeling hole when the loath err than the thermometer has indicated. looking at temperatures 64 in reading, 71 in philadelphia, 07 atlantic city, zoom down to the south, even pretty comfortable down in raleigh, 70 degrees, nashville at 74, and winds are generally light at the moment from the west at about five to 10 miles an hour, but those winds will pick up today. if you are headed poolside on your sunday looks pretty nice. the sun returning after cloudy day yesterday. 85 degrees, make sure to wear the sunscreen, uv index is nine. it is a breezy day, pretty nice summer stretch coming ahead before we warm up again. i'll tell you more about that with the full forecast, rahel? >> kate, thank up. this morning, two people are in the hospital after an over night crash on the ben franklin parkway. it happened near the intersection of north 22nd street, just after 3:00 this morning. firefighters say the two people were taken to hahnemann hospital, still no word on their condition or what caused the wreck. >> this morning, at least one person has been arrested after a police brutality protest in philadelphia. that demonstration took place
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last night, and ended at the 24th, 25th police district in juniata park. investigators say it pointed at police helicopter overhead. no word on the specific charges. now, this happened as a crowd of about 300 people marched about 6 miles from fairhill city police station to demonstrate against the fatal police shootings in minnesota and louie answer a. "eyewitness news" reporter tran dough was there and tells us for the most part the protest went on without incident. >> reporter: is a multicultural crowd came together at the corner of north mascher and west cambria for the fourth protest in many as many nights in philadelphia. >> philly coalition for real justice included some demonstrators who rallied against police brutality for decades. >> nothing exchange of anything, it is getting worse,
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nothing has changed. only thing that's going to change is the people. its knows got to go come from the establishment. it's going to come from the people rising up to put an end to it. >> dozens of officers were on hand tone sure that no one got hurt as the crowd spread their message through the street of north philadelphia. >> what we do every day, we're here, regardless of what the message is, here to make sure everyone is safe and goes home safe. >> sherrie has three sons, her two youngest joined her at the rally. she said she fears for their safety. >> i have got a son, he could be label at any given time. i feel for his safety it, as well as the other children that are in our community. >> a group of about 300 ended the night outside the 24th and 25th police districts in juniata park. where a line of officers waited to receive them.
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at one point, protesters yelling at officers directly in their faces tran dough, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and while most at the rally were demonstrating against police brutality, there were also some supporters of law enforcement there. i spoke with a man who said he is grateful to the men and women of the force. >> you know, they put their lives in danger day in, day out, to protect me, so i just want to let them know that i'm here in appreciation. >> and he says he hopes the officers realize they also have some support in the community. >> a walking prayer vigil moved through north philadelphia as the protest swept over the city. citizens, and police officers, marched together to mourn deadly violence, they say love is the answer, and relations between police and the community must be improved. >> the first time that meeting should happen shouldn't be
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under a violent or tense situation. they should get to know each other, that's a form of community policing. >> local officers across the region have taken to facebook giving thanks for support they have received. and one man literally took a stands in browns mills, burlington county, spent hours waiving a flag in memory of the fallen police officers in dallas. >> police in st. paul minnesota used smoke as they clash with protest, five officers hurt, several arrests were made, demonstrate he is shutdown i94 last night as they made their way to the governor's residence, some protesters starting throw things, including fireworks, responded using glass balls with smoke to disperse the cloud. interstate reopened about 2:30 our time this morning. >> protesters gathered at police headquarters in baton rouge, louisianna, protest was tense as police in riot gear cleared the road to let traffic pass through. police spokesman says officers
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confiscated two firearms, and made several arrests, demonstrators are protesting the fatal shooting of alton sterling by two police officers in a convenience store parking lot last week. >> protesters turned out in other part of the country, in pittsburgh, demonstration standing trophic, protesters voiced their anger. in chicago a group vowed to shut down food festival, marched at the event with their hands held hi, and in atlanta demonstrators walked in silence. just two days after the deadly ambush on police officers in dallas, a scare for law enforcement in this city. are a report threat set off tense scene outside police headquarters. >> high drama on the street of dallas saturday night. a sniper took position, as police search for suspicious person inside a parking garage near police headquarters. roads were also shutdown after hours of searching, authorities gave the all clear. city's been own edge since
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murder five officers as pre full poe press was ending thursday night. cbs news sources say the former army reservist had been building a arsenal over the last two years. cbs news also learned, johnson was honorably discharged from the army, even after he was accused of sexually harassing a female soldier. speaking from the nato summit in poland, president obama called johnson dimmen dollars. >> so we cannot let the actions of a few define all of us. >> police also found bomb making materials inside johnson's home and adjourn al. they say he may have been planning the attack here for awhile. >> he was trained to fight in our military for us, and he used it against us, he was an american terrorist, is what he was. >> cheryle came to police headquarters to express her gratitude. she was among a group who joined together in grief as
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they set a -- said a prayer for the officers who survived and the five who made the ultimate sacrifice. kenneth craig, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the ambush in dallas and the deadly police shootings across the country. we'll have the latest on our website >> some good news for rail commuters, septa releasing new rail schedule today. that will will include additional trains. our sister station "kyw news radio" live at 30th street station, and tells us when the changes will go into effect. good morning, cherri gregg. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. i am aim here at 30th street station, and it is pretty quiet here now, but it will be a different story come tomorrow morning. all of the trains here are on time but the new regional rail schedule couldn't come any sooner. it will go into effect monday morning bringing additional 1700 seat. but let's remember what the commuters experienced this
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week. take a look at the tape since tuesday, regional rail custom verse seen delays, over crowded trace, and skipped stops resulting in excessively long wait times. the relief being rolled out tomorrow come thanks to three train sets that are being heat dollars from amtrak, new jersey, and maryland transit authorities. but the 1700 additional seats will ease only some of that burden with one third of it trains out of commission, even with the additional trains, septa still faces a 12,000 seat deficit on it regional rails. unfortunately, there is no quick fix for this issue since marge/at this of the septa regional rail fleet has been side lined after cracks were discovered in all but five of the 120 silver line five rail cars. now, septa officials say the agency is adding more local service will increase parking, extends rush hour service, extends shuttle buses, as well, hopefully providing more relief.
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but the problem persist through labor dayment back out here live, the airport, chestnut hill west, fox chase, warminster lines will continue operating on saturday schedule. the updated schedule for the rest of the lines will be released today go, into effect tomorrow, folks can continue to check the septa website we'll also provide updated information, as soon as the new schedule is released. live from 30th street station, cherri gregg, cbs-3 radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> what happened to several passengers aboard a passenger plane that forced pilot to make an emergency landing? >> new research may have you switching your sunscreen. many people are picking the wrong product, and health reporter stephanie stahl will tell you why. but first, here's kate. >> thanks, rahel. looking at a return to sunny, breezy, beautiful conditions today. and a stretch of summer
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sunshine on the way. but temperatures gradually climb willing again, and we may be looking at 90's before the end of next week. i'll have your full forecast
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can be signs of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue, and headache. don't take botox® if there's a skin infection. tell your doctor your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications, including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. don't take your chronic migraine lying down. stand up. prevent headaches and migraines. talk to a headache specialist today. back now on "eyewitness news", plane makes an emergency landing in tulsa after multiple passenger get sick. delta flight 1817 was flying from atlanta to denver with 152 passengers on board, 99 of them had to be treated for
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nausea, once the plane landed in tulsa. no word though on what caused them to feel sick. >> on the cbs-3 health watch, many of you will be spending time outside this weekend, and even if you use sunscreen, new veer. finds some of the top selling brands may not be fully effective at protecting your skin, health reporter stephanie stahl has placed new research. >> injury lynn stevens never leaves home without sunscreen. >> we are always trying to figure it out, right, of what's the best, what's the healthiest, most organic. >> american academy of dermatology guidelines calls for broad spectrum sunscreen with a spf of 30 or higher that's water or sweat resistant. but, researchers found many people are choosing their sunscreens for the wrong reasons. doctors looked at the top 65 consumer rated sunscreens sold onamazon dom could the. 40% of them failed to meet that standard. >> the main reason we found that the three criteria were not met because of water resets cyst tans.
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>> people are spending more on sunscreen than they may need to. >> there are tremendous price gaps. >> discovered effective sunscreens could range from few dollars to more than 100, for high-end brands. >> turns out, her sunscreen does meet the aad's standards, and only costs $8 on amazon. >> you get sunburn like if you don't put it on, like the sun's really strong in the summer. >> doctors say, even though some sunscreens don't measure up, something is better than nothing. and that it is important to use it every day. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> we night need some sunscreen today. it will be a sin day. >> but not as uncomfortable, temperatures in the 90s for three days, which is a little too hot, and very humid. that's the big difference today. we feel the temperatures drop, also the humidity drop, and nice breeze, as women. let's see how the morning is
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starting out. looking live toward the skyline, and boy is it beautiful out there this morning, deep blue sky already, the sun came up at about 5:42 this morning, and it looks great right now. if you are up early, you're enjoying great start to the day, and it feels nice, with temperatures generally in the low 70s, in the city, 60s in some of the suburbs. take a look at cut town, area middle school, it is 64 degrees, in kutztown right now, and again you can see, we've got sunshine peaking up over the horizon, 64 degrees feeling pretty fantastic, temperatures were in the 70s in many spots even overnight, the past few night, storm scan3, looks pretty good for now. sweeping the area, this is just some ground clutter, not seeing any rain out there at the moment, we did have some pretty heavy rain yesterday, but things have certainly changed for the better now zooming in again on the region, not seeing anything at all this morning, but here is a look at what fell yesterday. rainfall wise, you can see, philadelphia once again, with pretty much missed buy these storms, they split off, so we had one heavy storm move through chester county down through new castle county delaware, even report of
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funnel cloud spotted over inch of rain there. you can see one little bull's eye portions, almost 2 inches every rain with storm that came through last night. but that's all moved out. and while not all of the temperatures are showing up for some reason, you can kind of get the gist here, temps in the low 70s, to upper 60s rid now, mount pocono a bit cooler at 57 degrees, philadelphia, sitting at 71, and that's also the ocean water temperature, atlantic city at 69 degrees this morning. future wind speeds as we head through the day, winds pick up little bit, you can see where they're from, north and west, nice dry cool breeze, bringing pleasant air down from canada, as opposed to last week when we had winds predominantly from the southwest bringing all of the heat, humidity in. now it is a completely different breeze it, will feel real nice today. by 10:00 we see winds ac accelerate to ten to 15 miles to the south, by 5:00 winds pick up, sustained winds at ten to 15 miles an hour, few gust cost get higher than 20, probably 25 miles an hour, still little breeze think
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afternoon, tomorrow less winds, tomorrow is real a beautiful day. today we do have the chance for couple of scattered sprinkles specially up in through the pocono region, system to the north, cool air aloft, creates. in the atmosphere, most of the day mostly sunny, but don't be surprised if you see spray sprinkle mainly to the north. tomorrow looks good, lot of sunshine through the day, tuesday looking pleasant, as women, just chance for pop up shower or thunderstorm, as we head toward the ends of next week. soap your forecast for this sunday, sunny, breezy, less humid, beautiful day, eight a degrees our high, winds out of the northwest ten to 20, sunrise again was at 5:42 this morning, tonight mainly clear, much cooler than recent nights, you may even be able to give that air conditioner little rest tonight, lever the windows open, 66, with breeze from the northwest at five to ten. down the shore, things are looking good for the next few days, lower humidity, sunny afternoon today, beautiful day tomorrow. tuesday, looking good, as well, and current ocean water temperatures off the jersey and delaware coasts are in the low 70s, for the most part, so getting a little bit better if
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you're down the shore, quick look at the seven day forecast, shows beautiful stretch of summer sunshine, mid to upper 80s through wednesday, does get hot again on thursday, and that's also the next chance for a thunderstorm. rahel, back to you. >> thank you, well the countdown is on, we are now just 15 days away from the democratic national convention, right here in philadelphia. and, as preparations continue, at the wells fargo center, the democratic party has announce add major change to its class, added 15-mile per hour federal minimum wage. that's victory for bernie sanders, 15-dollar per hour federal minimum one of his pledges during his campaign. republicans however say raising the minimum wage would actually hurt the working class because it will raise costs for businesses and lead to job losses. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton is wooing supporters of bernie sanders. the democratic nominee has announced her support for creating a public option within the healthcare law. sanders has champ beyond the creation of a private
6:21 am
government run insurance plan to compete with private insurers offering coverage through the affordable care act exchanges. sanders praised clinton's announcement on twitter. >> presumptive nominee donald trump has a funds raise nerve southampton new york, held at the home of wilbur ross, on a list of quote presidential trustees helping the republican national committee raise money. the republican national convention begins in cleveland next monday. >> still ahead: building trust. officers hit the streets in camden, new jersey, with a emphasis on community relations. the story when "eyewitness news" continues.
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when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. >> back now on "eyewitness news", and we've seen the tension between police and many communities play out across the country this past week. but a local city has take answer major step toward fixing that. cbs evening news correspondent demark owe morgan reports now from camden, new jersey. >> how are you doing? what's going on? >> camden police sergeant, ralph yell thorton, has been an officer for nearly 20 years. authority on, who grew up here, now commands the neighborhood response teams, training officers to get out of their patrol cars, and engage with members in the community. >> and you're going to have to fight and scrap and earn the community's trust. >> in 2013, camden replaced its entire police force, once plagued by deep budget cuts and corruption. >> hello, had you are you doing today, sir? >> the new department is
6:25 am
staffed by minority, fewer desk jobs, squad cars, because they want more boots on the grounds. >> you can't just see a criminal. you can't. you got to see a man. and you got to have respect for each other. >> camden's new training emphasizes de escalation they point to this incident which was captured on a police body camera last year, officers kept their distance, and talked to the man to drop his knife. lieutenant kevin litz say they eventually used non-lethal force which is all part of their training. >> that probably would have ended in a deadly force encounter, officers were able to communicate, provide distance time and cover. >> lieutenant says handcuffs and service weapons are tools of last resort, they say the new training is paying off. over a period of three years, homicides are down 52%. >> not everybody is going to be able to be de escalated, but through this training, if you're able to have them
6:26 am
thinking morally, acting ethically, more often than not, non-deadly end caught ers. >> used to be known as america's most did ily steadies, last year president obama praised the department for building better relationship with its communities. cbs news, camden, new
6:27 am
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>> i'm a role hell solomon, kate bilo filling in this morning, out on the cbs-3 skydeck with eyewitness weather, kale, for all of the folks who wanted humidity relief, you're their girl today. >> today is the day for sure, rahel, when i came out of the skydeck the past few days, opening the door felt like walking into a furnace. >> oh, i know. >> today feels cool, feels beautiful outside, beautiful sunday morning, birds are chirping, the sun shining, the humidity is low, it is a great day to wake to up, and certainly, a lot of relief after the heat, the humidity, and the storms that came through friday and on saturday, today, sweet relief. let's take a look at the weather headlines to start off this sunday morning, heat and storms have moved on out. it is sunny, breezy, beautiful, unfortunately, it is july, so the heat and humidity will eventually return, i'll tell when you that will happen. but spoiler alert, not for few more days, i'll tell when you exactly with the full
6:30 am
forecast, storm scan3, shows system over portions every new england, see showers through portions every maine, new hampshire, and there is a chance few clouds and couple of instability showers may bubble up here this afternoon, but otherwise, seeing high pressure build in, and feeling really fantastic. here is a look at the roof cam. coupled with the current conditions, in philadelphia, feels great. 71 degrees, i think it feels a little cooler than that, even though technically it is saying feels like 71, but this nice light breeze, i almost feel like i need light sweater to be outside this morning, which is a great feeling, after being in the oven the past few days. your eyewitness weather daily planner, enjoy a beautiful sunday, from start to finish. again, maybe few clouds, and if you're up toward the poconos, or planning on heading up that way, going for bike ride, hike, something like that today, best chance to pick up one of the stray, spotty showers, otherwise looking good. 75 degrees by 9:00 a.m. we'll creep just into the low 80s by noon, 3:00 p.m., eight a degrees, that's that should be the daytime high today. see mix every sunday and clouds, and there is just nice breeze from the north and west this afternoon, can't say
6:31 am
enough good things about this sunday, except that tomorrow may give today a run for its money, i am very that forecast, and your full forecast for the week ahead coming up when i join you inside. for now, rahel, back to you. >> thank you. well, police make one arrest during demonstration that ends at the juniata police precinct. that protest in place last nightment investigators say the person shined a spotlight at a police helicopter flying overhead. no word on the charges the person is facing, three # hundred people were there, protesting police brutality. they marched about 6 miles from fairhill to the 24th, 25th police district in juniata. some people also showed up, though, in support of police. >> and this weekend there have been protests not just here if philadelphia but across the us, and in the wake of the deadly police shootings. correspondent wendy gillette reports now from new york. >> black lives matter. >> across the nation, protesters vented their anger. we are people too. we want to be treated like
6:32 am
everybody else is treated. >> the nationwide protest began following the police shootings of two black men, alton sterling was killed tuesday, in baton rouge, louisianna. a day later, philando castile shot to death during traffic stop in a minneapolis suburb. >> i just want to say enough is enough. i'm tired of turning on the news, and police targeting our young black men. >> minneapolis, they shutdown highway saturday night. in chicago, a group marched through crowds, at the taste of chicago food festival. their hands held high. >> in atlanta, demonstrators walked in silence, gathering in august gust that georgia was a bit more raucous. the protests commas police departments across the country heightened security, in the wake of the attack on officers in dallas. departments in both large and small cities say they've seen increase in threats against police, by phone, and on social media. >> in fresno, california, the police department has received about 30 threatening calls.
6:33 am
>> from individuals that were making threats, hateful remark, toward law enforcement , and it is not just uncommon, it is unheard of. >> officers there are working in pairs, and staffing has been increased. threats against police have led to arrests in chicago, wisconsin, and louisianna. wendy gillette, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". meantime, in texas, dallas is still on edge. police officers spent a couple of hours last night searching for suspicious person in a parking garage next to police headquarters. all clear given late into the night. meantime, flowers and cards are piling up, have become memorial for the five fallen officers. cbs news sources say gunman micah johnson had been stockpiling weapons building arsenal over the last two years. this morning, communities throughout the delaware valley are offering condolances and support to police officers. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff shows us how the people they serve and protect are providing some
6:34 am
comfort now for them after the attacks in dallas. >> reporter: this group want philadelphia to become the example, as the city mourning deadly violence regardless of color or career. >> silence is never going to be the answer. will never be the answer. >> walking prayer vigil moved through the street as day four of city-wide protests condemn the deaths of two men killed by police in other part of the country. >> the first time that meeting should happen shouldn't be under a violent or tense situation. they should get to know each other. that's a form of community policing. >> philadelphia police officers, who have just lost five of their dallas counterparts to suspect tiff retaliation, swapped their uniforms, for a different kind. >> officer santiago, who calls it like he sees it. >> joining in as referees for a community basketball day. >> still play here, because it
6:35 am
is fun, and police officers right there. >> officers across the region have taken to facebook, giving thanks for support that they've received. one man literally took a stand in browns mills, burlington county. he spent hours waiving a flag in memory of dallas' fallen officers. >> reporter: it is a two way street over a gap that must be bridged. so while solutions are discussed, steam must be let out. and in philadelphia there may not be a better place to do just that. >> police didn't have told me that not only have they been receiving gift, but also, visits from local community activists to come with ideas to help them better serve their communities. reporting from philadelphia police headquarters, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and more support for police officers in chester county. someone there delivered a floral arrangement, to the north coventry township police department. the center wanted to remain anonymous, but the floral
6:36 am
arrangement did include a thank you card. >> well, today we are expecting to see what septa's train schedule will now look like during the work week. the good news is that schedule includes some extra trains, cherri gregg from sister station "kyw news radio" live at 30th street station, and tells us where those extra trains are going to come from, cherry, hopefully this will be good news for all of those commuters? >> reporter: oh, yes, rahel, hopefully it will be. but it will only bring an additional 1700 seat. it is pretty quiet here, right now, at 30th street station. but it will be a different story tomorrow. but that relief couldn't come any sooner for regional rail commuters, details will be released in a updated schedule on line today. now, take a look at what commuters have experienced since tuesday. delays, over crowded trains, skipped stops, long wait time. the relief being rolled out tomorrow comes thanks to three train set, they're being
6:37 am
leased from amtrak, from new jersey, maryland, transit authorities, but these additional seats will only ease some of that burden, with one third of it trains out of commission, the additional seat means that septa still faces more than 11,000 seats, deficit here on its regional rails. there is no quick fix for this issue. it will take at least until labor day. but septa officials say the agency is adding more local service, they're increasing parking, extends extending rush hour service, adding shuttle buses. bet snide is her glad the repairs are being made, but wishes she had more warning. >> i mean, i guess it had to be done but, you know, it was just unexpected. it just started the day, i was starting a new job, so to tell your boss like well, i don't know how i can get here on time, you know. but he's been very flexible.
6:38 am
>> reporter: back out here live, look at those, the board here, right now, everything is running on time, of course, tomorrow morning, during rush hour, it likely be a very different story, as i mentioned, that updated schedule will be released today, keep checking the septa website for the details. it will go into effect tomorrow, of course, will also have a link, and all of the details on live at 30th street station, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio", for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". all right, cherry, thank you. meantime, police are searching for the person who stabbed a 13 year old girl in the neck in germantown, it happened on the 5200 block of marion street around 3:00 saturday afternoon. the girl, fortunately, is recovering in the hospital. no word, though, on what led to the stabbing. authorities are charged a brooklyn man in a hit-and-run that killed cousin of philadelphia 76ers star, ben simmons. twenty-one year old zachary simmons was with ben when he was selected as the number one
6:39 am
pick in the nba draft on june 23rd. zachary died two days later when police say mark nicholas struck him with his suv as he crossed the street. investigators say surveillance video showed the meade immediately speeding away. continuing to vineland new jersey to address the threat of ammonia gas leak at vineland ice and cold storage. the epa conducted part of the re fridge race system to air scrubber, additional connections still need to be made. crews work to go remove 12,000 pounds of liquefy ammonia from the system and repair it, as a precaution, authorities have relocated several families living near the plant until neck week. a fast moving fire destroys multiple homes in a philadelphia neighborhood, and sends two people to the hospital. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh has the story from cobbs creek. >> reporter: the sound every chaos. >> i just heard people saying, yelling, get out, get out, fire, fire. >> that's what antoinette
6:40 am
thompson woke up to around 1:00 saturday morning when flames errupted next-door. >> came like whoosh. >> firefighters returned 5800 block of larchwood avenue to put out a blaze which tore through four row homes, damaged a dozen others. >> i ran outside. i just seen flames, just spread. >> emergency responders took 200 people to pen presbyterian medical center, but everyone made it out alive. neighbors say their tight-knit block is to thank. >> banking on people's doors, the fire began spreading, really fast, so i ran from house to house, and fire just followed me. >> even luckier the fire seemed to spark at neighboring home. the family had been recently evicted and beloved belonging from inside this home to several hours before this fire started. you can see, piles of trash, and old furniture, are still littering the streets. as restoration crews worked to repair the damage to
6:41 am
surrounding homes, those who live on this block say the embers could have ended with tragedy, but instead, anything they've lost can be replaced. >> we still have a house. i'm blessed. only thing is that damage on the outside, and so we are still living. that's my main concern right now. >> cobbs creek, anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> well, emotional fight for the hottest show on broadway. coming up next, final curtain call for the creator of hamilton and its departing stars. also ahead, good food, good music. a look at where the locals are grooving in south jersey. >> and if you are ready for a break from the heat, wife ' got some good news for you ahead in the eyewitness weather seven day forecast when we come right back.
6:42 am
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99% of bad breath germs so you can feel 100% in life. bring out the bold™. >> al, around err hamilton took a final bow before packed theater in the audience, couldn't get enough. creator of the broadway hit hamilton performed for the last time, it was also last performance for philadelphia native leslie oath up, jr., by the way was just in time for july 4th festivities, later miranda appeared on the balcony outside the theater and waived at the crowd outside. >> wish i could have seen it.
6:45 am
>> nothing like a summer outdoor concert, even better when it is free. vittoria idle tells you where you can groove and grub in cherry hill every week. >> the time is now to celebrate imagination. this is the garden state discovery museum in cherry hill, it is pack with adventure and learning for kids to take in at every turn. >> child hood is getting your hands dirty. getting stuck in the mud. doing things so it helps you learn how to live your life and and little kid and the new see sum here to fos their. >> and they have all kind of hands-on displays to get the kids to create, explore, discover. >> just ask lucy and dee dee watch have you guys been up to? >> we've been really good, and dee dee, i want her to talk right now, because we have lots of fun right here. >> is this de me? >> yes. it was her birthday tonight. >> dee dee, can you tell me how much fun you've been having? >> a lot of fun .
6:46 am
>> i don't know. >> you saw how many butterflies? >> two. >> do you think i will ' see any? >> a bun. >> i a bunny? catch this, not only can you celebrate summer fun inside the museum, but now through august head outside during their free summer concert series every wednesday, to get grooving and grub g. >> we have food trucks, vendors, crafters, and we have free family concerts. and it is $5 to get into the museum after 5:00. so it is a great event. >> you can't miss this, all through august. >> oh, the dance moves, love it. >> you and bring just talking, i waited outside for an hour yesterday to get some good ice cream. >> i hope that was the best ice cream you've ever had, rahel. >> it was good, it was good. >> the weather was a little gray, but today, fortunately, you say, an improvement?
6:47 am
>> today is a improvement. if you plan on waiting outside, for another hour, for some ice cream, maybe not an hour, but any time you spend outside you will like it today. it is beautiful. take a look at the poconos this morning. now, this is one spot up in the poconos, we do have chance to pick up at least stray shower here this afternoon, but otherwise, looking at lot of sunshine this morning, it is a beautiful start, up the lake there judges frost, big boulder, looks great, great place to head today. nice and cool, temperatures in the 70s in the poconos. take a look what's happening storm scan3, line of storms, boeing line segment over southern minnesota. that is headed very quickly for iowa, producing damaging wind, there our region looking whole lot bert. weaver clouds, showers, up across portions of maine, these showers, you can see, how couple sprinkles are rotating down toward the new york-pennsylvania border. i can't rule out stray shower could get into the pocono region like i said earlier, and that would be mainly in the afternoon. but not a big deal. don't cancel any outdoor plans certainly because of it. it is a great morning, margate. take a look at the sun, you've got people out on the beach already. that will beach just begging for someone to get there
6:48 am
early, set up the umbrella, the towels, spends the entire day there. couple more of neighborhood network sites, middle township, cape may court house looking sunny, beautiful, look toward the atlantic. whitfield ready look being west here again look at this great start. you can see the hills, the mountains, in the background, outdoor temperatures right now across our neighborhood network in the 60s, low 70s, warmer down in delaware, 73 rehoboth. seventy-two dover. at 67 in wilmington. hammonton, 67 degrees, feels like a very nice, cool, comfy start to the morning. and i tell you felt great outside. outside, not too hot or humid, been tough the past few days, and i know i'm know if it is too hot, too humid, i'm if the going out to exercise, may get out on one of the trails in our area enjoy nice comfortable start to to your sunday. pool plans, beach plans, couple of clouds, don't be
6:49 am
shock if the clouds do come in for brief time this afternoon. notice, 1:00, just couple of spotty sprinkles mainly allentown up toward mount pocono. should put instability in the atmosphere. again, afternoon, probably not full sunshine like this morning has been, that said, we will be in and out every sunday shine all day, looks great at 2:00 p.m. starts to thin out in the afternoon, 5:00, 6:00. great weather for maybe some dinner alfresco tonight, 8:00 looking good, as well. tomorrow full sun across the board, don't have to worry about any of the clouds popping up, any of the showers, tomorrow is a stellar start to the work week. and here is a look at how it will feel. we've been very humid. remember we were up in the pro press i have range for few days last week, today pleasant, tomorrow possibly even more so, dew point in the up ear's here, tuesday, we start it get little more humid. then by wednesday, that's when we start to feel the heat return and the humidity ratchet up, as women. future wind again breeze think afternoon, with winds ten to 20 miles an hour, plainly the late afternoon, but what to expect the next few days, lot of sun, seasonable temperatures, lower humidity, generally dry conditions.
6:50 am
you can't beat that. today's forecast, looking at high temperature of 85 degrees, sunny, breezy, less humid. sunday all across the region looks good. great day at the beach. stray shower in the poconos, and otherwise, stellar sunday, and nice weather continues through wednesday, then the heat, humidity, starting next thursday. rahel, back over to you. >> rahel, thank you. time now 6:50, let's check on the roads, going over to ann evans at the cbs-3 traffic center. hi, ann. >> reporter: hello, good morning, looking at actually the ben franklin parkway, which is open for business today. remember, last week, we had welcome america festivities, well, not so this weekend. it is open. we have no festivals we know of occurring at the parkway today. and the parkway is open, what is closed is martin luther king drive between the ben franklin parkway, the bridge to the left of our screen, closed every weekend for recreational activities. move the traffic cam to the schuylkill at conshohocken, clear ride on the schuylkill this morning, with no delays, through philadelphia, or it
6:51 am
suburbs. everything looks all right this morning. and we will move the traffic cam to the ben franklin bridge. the ben franklin bridge like the walt whitman bridge looks okay. if you are headed to shore bound, no delays on the a.c. expressway, or garden state parkway. that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. aim ann evans, rahel, back to you. >> still to come this morning, serena williams wins twice in one day at wimbledon.
6:52 am
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>> solo homerun, and the phillies take the lead on the 11th homerun of the season. to the fourth we go, carlos ruiz, who got the start hine the plate, with single to right, driving in joseph. at this point, phillies have two-run lead. then, in the fifth, facing rockies pitcher, and this ball goes down the right field line over the wall for anderson's first major league homer. the game tied up. then to the sixth we go. wheels came off for eye cough. colorado scoring six runs, three on this triple by tony, and the phillies lose eight to three. >> officially announced signing of henderson two years for 18 million. last night started playing las vegas summer league against the lakers, featuring top two picks in last month's draft, ben simmons, for the sixers, bra undone began, the lakers. simmons scored eight points,
6:55 am
ten boards, and check out this past game. simmons had eight assists. game tied with ten seconds left, drives to the basket, and he will score, to give the six areas tonight point lead. 1st left after time out. check this out. lakers inbound, the ball to d'angelo russell, his three is good. the buzzer sounds, sixers lose 70 to 69. now to tennis, serena williams looking for her first major title of the season yesterday at wimbledon, with a win, she would tie steffi graf for second most major championship. she took on kerber, beat her in the australian finals in january. could not handle serena's serve had 13 aces in the match. serena use that powerful serve to beat kerber seven-five, six-three, this is also her ninth major at the, no one's ever done that, after the match she said she was relieved. >> definitely i couldn't sleep last night, just honest
6:56 am
>> my goal to win a slam a year. >> after the win, not done, played in the doubles final with her sister venus, they won straight sets. serena venus williams are unbeaten in major doubles finals, this is the fourth time serena won both the singles and doubles title. to the pitch, union, in the 19th minute, chris was tackled inside the box, well, when auburn with the honors, will move? back of the net, union take the lead. then in the 47th minute, the union with the free kick, header to elseno. three-nothing the final. >> soul taking on cleveland in allentown. big night for soul quarterback dan. he threw eight touchdown passes, and now has 600 for his career. the soul scored the season
6:57 am
high 83 points. keep. to beat the glade raid ores. i'm lesley van arsdall, have a great day. >> that's it for "eyewitness news" at six. here's what we have for you at seven. another protest in philadelphia, following those police shootings in minnesota, louisianna, and its peaceful close to home but not everywhere. >> said it is not difficult, just different, how physical challenge won't stand in her way. and a break from the humidity, finds out how long this one will last when kate bilo updates her eyewitness weather forecast this sunday morning. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid.
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7:00 am
>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. another night of protest, over police shootings, and philadelphia was peaceful, but in another city, protesters through fireworks at officers. heads quarters go on lockdown, what police were looking for after they got a threat. and as a new schedule and work hard, the septa tries to lighten the load on the regional rails. >> goo morning, i'm rahel solomon. justin drabick off this weekend. kate bilo is joining us, kate, you come with good


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