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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  July 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> right now on eyewitness news septa delays release of it's new modified regional rail schedule with another monday business day
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commute. septa released its schedule when that deadline passed it was changed to five p.m.. now septa says it will have the schedule out by 8:30 tonight. trang do is at septa headquarters to tell us why the schedule keeps getting delayed and what else there doing to ease pressure on commuters. >> reporter: well natasha, septa is still working out an agreement with amtrak to provide additional cars. they are hoping to have it worked out by tonight so they can get the new schedule out so commuters can work fort workweek rush. from late trains to jam packed cars it was a rough week for septa commuters especially regional rail riders like beth snyder. >> frustrating a lot of lateness, one day it will be on time next day late. >> reporter: they took a third of the cars off line over july 4th weekends. after engineers discussed cracks
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in their main suspension system. help is on the way. general manager a nowed friday in amtrak, new jersey transit, marked and maryland will be sending cars to help them beef up service. >> this will a lieu us to have three additional train sets out there with roughly 17 hundred total seats we'll be working to get multiple trips out of those vehicles. >> reporter: septa intends to release a new interim schedule sunday night to be in place for the monday morning commute. snyder is hoping for relief. >> we're going to go over the schedule and see what i can do. i guess we'll find out today what's new schedule is going to be like moving forward. >> reporter: in addition septa's providing more local service between glean side and center city that's the line that has seen so many trains pass by. they are expanding parking in hopes that people will drive there and by pass regional rail. that new interim schedule is set to be released 8:30 tonight.
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we're live from septa headquarters. >> thank you so m we will stay up to date. we appreciated educate. stay with eyewitness news for the latest and septa's regional rail issues. we'll have the latest for you on air and our website. cbs fill .com. breaking news pennsylvania governor tom wolf said they will allow a buy par too van budget bill to become law without his signature. he made this a mountains many just about 30 minutes ago. he had until midnight monday to sign store veto the measure he will do neither. the budget includes money for additional services and as well aspens schools. we'll have much more on this tonight and eyewitness news at 10 and 11. popular store is shutdown after a nasty crash in northeast philly. the collision sent store employees and customers scrambling to get to safety. joe holden is on the scene with the latest, joe.
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>> reporter: police tell us this driver just left the supermarket. he was driving along this roadway when forever reason did not stop here. he had he can't going straight through the intersection sun ended up nose first lieu that wall. >> i knew it was something not good. >> reporter: it was loud bank we're told the building shook. 20 people were in side hand and stone massage and facial spa when this pink truck slammed into the side of the building. workers say they had to run outside to figure out what happened. they saw this truck wind the wall. >> lukely they p wonder in that room looks like the truck hit where that room is luckily since nobody was in that room. >> nobody hurt. >> reporter: the stores manager tells cbs3 the truck ripped through interior walls. the pick up driver just left the giant supermarket. police said it is believed he had medical emergency possibly a seizure. the business has been here for about two years.
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and sits off grant avenue down from northeast airport. the impact isn't believed to have caused significant structural damage to the building. >> foo we're doing what we can, we're trying to get something to hold it together for right now. and then hopefully in about a week it will be cosmetically looking better. >> reporter: with exception of the driver of the pick-up truck nobody else was hurt. we did speak to the pick-up truck driver he says his son was taken to the hospital for option. in the meantime this business is expectedded town and running in week. i'm joel holden cbs3 eyewitness news. >> two people are in the hospital after overnight crash on ben franklin parkway. this happened near the intersection of north 22nd street just after 3:00 this morning. two people were taken to hasn't man hospital. there's no word on their conditions just yet or what caused this wreck. gunman wearing american flag bandanna over his face robbed a wawa. it happened on the 1600 block of
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hair business son avenue about 4:00. police tell eyewitness news the suspect got away with money and cigarettes. no one was injured. returning now to weather after days of humid does the and storms that lingered a bit we had a beautiful finish to the weekend. look at today's forecast and workweek forecast. hey. i enjoyed that bake. had break. i think everybody d take a look at the due ointment 59 in philadelphia. that's what helping us out we got 50s low 60. that's why we don't feel all of that moisture in the air. making us feel warm e it is pleasant taking a life look we got blue skies. 84 degrees right now. youyou can see winds kicking frm northwest. 12 miles an hour. breeds sticking with us. temperature no consistent actual temperature. there's effect of the lower humidity. life look shows we are nice and clear here.
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he you see a little remnant up in new england of the low pressure system. pushing out to z taking it's time not affecting us as we head across our evening tonight. we are looking out for pretty nice monday as well. we're talking sunny skies, warm temperatures, low humidity again, light breeze that's what you call a top 10 day. it is practice particular physical perfect for monday. however, all good things must come to an end while our weekend ends on a p lovely no. we have heat and humidity returning later this week. we will talk more about that, yes, the '90s will be back i'm not talking about the decade i'm talking about the temperature. we'll have that we're we come back in a little bit. >> thank you so m appreciate it. president obama is heading home after meeting with leaders in spain. the president addressed us and spanish military at the naval station. he highlighted need for deeper defense ties between america and europe as the region takes a
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watchful stains toward russia. he cut short because of the dallas ambush. daniel tells you see us the community focused and healing day. >> reporter: fbi investigators collected evidence and removed patrol cars from the deadly shooting scene in dallas sunday police chief revealed new details about the gunman mike cajon and s police say johnson's journal shows he had been planning an attack for a while. >> we believe that the deaths in minnesota and deaths in louisiana, just sparked his dleution, fast track his plan. >> reporter: brown says the former army reservist taunted officer during two hours during negotiations. police chief made the decision to send in a robot with explosives strapped to his arm ending stand off and killing johnson. >> there was more lettering written in his own blood. >> reporter: five officer who died were recommend during
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sunday services. >> we play for the families. >> reporter: conversation with american town hall at a church in dallas. her nephew was shot and killed by bat ton ruche applies last week. videos of the shooting went viral. >> he suffered. >> reporter: president obama will be here in dallas on tuesday to attend a memorial service for the fallen officers. and help survivors he'll. taylor was shot when shielded her son. >> i felt hit hit me that officer jumped on top of me and covered me and my son. >> reporter: taylor says she's thankful forted sevens 0 who saved her and her son. daniel for cbs3 eyewitness news. >> churches all across the area are sending prayers to dallas, also praying for better relations between local police officers and the community. lamott ame church in elkins part
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held a unity service. he represented the department at the service and received a standing ovation from the crowd. >> sometimes when you do a job that's not appreciated, that it's hard. we recognize that it's hard. we love them and we just want them to love us too. >> pastor says officers and residents must not fear each other but trust each other. also the african methodists episcopol church is wrapping up in philadelphia tonight. members of the correctional lay organization hosted a benefit breakfast this morning. eyewitness news at the pennsylvania convention center. the money raised will go to the clo's scholarship and disaster relief fund. tragedy in the rain still to come tonight and eyewitness news where this bull fighter was killed in the ring and what his death means for the sport. >> i am tracking weather, that
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means a return to more humid did there and heat i'll have all of the details coming up, natasha. >> go out on a high note before the all star break. gets the win today over colorado colorado leslie van arsdall will be with us to let you know. stay with us
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>> back now with stunning video of a wild fire in los angeles
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california, flames erupted yesterday, forcing evacuation order that has sense been listed. the fire has burned more than 11 hundred acres. it is only about 20 percent contained. about 12 hundred firefighters are still battling those flames at this hour jostle 82 now the boston two people somehow walked away with only minor injuries after this horrific crash. police say a speeding driver slammed through an overpass guardrail and smashed into a truck below. the guardrail broke free and fell on to a car. only people injured were the people inside the first z they were taken to the hospital to get checked out. a professional bull fighter is killed during a performance in spain. first time this has happened in more than three decades. 29 year old victor was god once in the thigh and then again in the chest last night on live television. we have chosen clearly not to show you the footage it is too
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disturbing. medics were at his side immediately but it was pronounced dead just minutes later. it is the end of an era for the broadway smash hit hamilton. some members of the original cast are taking their final bow. among the stars saying good by lynn manual miranda ended his run as alexander hall mim ton during the show in new york. it was also the final showing. hip hop musical about the nations first treasury secretary has become a critical and can you recall phenomenon since opening last summer. a new animated movie is taking a bite out of the box office. >> here you go. see you later. >> secret life of pets isn't a secret any more. the animated comedy debuted
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earning more than 103 million dollars. sixth biggest owning for any animated film. legend of tarzan came in a distance second. after three weeks on t finding corinne third place. mike and dave we'd can go dates fourth followed by the purge election year. >> i guess it is a good time to get to the movies. today i think we finally walk outside and feel good about it. humidity did give us a break. and that has been fantastic. >> but there's also a caveat, but, and we're going back to that eventually. not right now. live look outside blue skies beautiful. high clouds out there. but real nice. it did warm a bit once the clouds cleared this is afternoon. now you can feel the heat a little bit more. i did when i was talking a walk earlier before i came in. however, i think you have to say what a day, what a beautiful day
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way the temperatures not bad at all. we're looking at highs today 84 in philadelphia. low '80s for everybody. a real nice afternoon. worked our way into it. a pretty nice bright morning before the clouds rolled in. next few days lots of sunshine. seasonal temperatures. generally we got dry conditions setting us up for real nice beginning of the weeks. still sitting at 84 in philadelphia that's the high for today. fate in allentown. cooler there. 82 in atlantic city. so, still hanging on to a little heat. you can see quakertown 89, mount holly 83 degrees. live look at storm scan 3 this is fantastic part about this we don't have any trouble brushings nice and clear. nothing but a few tiny blitz on the ray damage not going to affect us at all. very nice evening on t then are monday comes along and we are all set up for a gorgeous day talking practically per suspect.
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low humidity. light breeds. we did have a little kick to the breeze today. forecast highs for tomorrow little bit warmer philadelphia 86. atlantic city 82. you see about 87 reading. everybody in the mid '80s as we get into our monday. should be just spectacular. if you are headed down the so, well, not just monday real al couple of beautiful days here monday and tuesday with low '80s. mostly sunny on wednesday. you'll see clouds work their way in a little bit on the day wednesday. precursor to what's coming heat and humidity. humidity levels today were quite nice in the 50s that's why we felt pretty nice. tomorrow same story. gets more humid on tuesday. then we start that walk up the hill into thursday when we start to get steamy yet again. that will be the day you'll say okay the humidity is back and it's back with a vengeance. tonight, really nice. clear, little bit breezy this evening. low 66 degrees as we he get into
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tomorrow. wind will ramp down a little bit. beautiful sunny day. 86 as your high. there you go the wind not b taking a look at 7-day forecast, this is where the story shows you got, two, three beautiful days that. by thursday watching out for the humidity to cam ramp back up. possibly athomin the afternoon 6789 chance of of a thunderstorms on friday too. keep anyone both those days. heading into next weekend so far looking like it will be warm but sunny and at this . dry so that helps right. >> that does help less humidity that's all that matters. all right. leslie. >> phillies they are playing in 98 industry heat right now. it feels pretty good out here. hoping to get a win outer in lost game the b second tie, man on third. brandon barnes scores. 1-nothing colorado.
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phillies lead 2-1. men on first and s joseph comes on home. phillies up 3-1. homeer phillies increase their lead. right now in the 8th. fill leases are leading this one 7-did. sixers, summer league, last night, they took on the lakers eight points 10 re bounds the game was tied with 10 seconds left. ma counsel scores gives them two . lead. after a time out lakers inbound the ball to russell check this is out hits the three .er at the bustle. sixers lose a tough one 70-69. hackman held a many summer camp. north penn high school, temple
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owls ran the kids through various drills. all the proceeds before this camp will go to brandon's nonprofit anti bullying foundation. >> we have 130 kids. great turn out for the first time here. looking forward to having it again in the future. >> facing off final 25 minutes into the match force off the field due to due a 93 jr he was injured in a collision. carried off the field in a stretcher. portugal went on to win the game 1-0. murray wouldn't a second wimbeldon champion. third major championship in the past three years. raonic the first canadian to appear at a grand slam final. >> that's a big one. thank you so much leslie appreciate it. still ahead a day of family fun.
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cool art stay with us
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>> welcome back, everyone. art festival currently under way in haddonfield, new jersey. artists are show casing their work. the event kicked off yesterday. more than a hundred thousand people came out to have a good time. along kings highway. weather was great too. thanks. >> back in a moment. st
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those vine-ripened tomatoes are going to feel super fresh. they just came from one of our many nearby farms. we're focusing on fresh so you don't have to guess. my giant. >> all right. one last check of the forecast. its going to be a beautiful i breeze will still be with us to night. its going to be lovely overnight 66 degrees. here's the big big story, gorgeous tomorrow. sunshine 86 dreams wind pulse back humidity still stays in check for us very very nice. >> very nice a good day to have the day off. >> natasha brown for all f had of us here. thank you for joinings us. we're always on have a great night everyone.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> steve kroft: that's the apartment? >> that corner on the third floor. >> kroft: the apartment belonged to boston mobster and longtime fugitive "whitey" bulger, then the most wanted man in america. bulger eluded the fbi for 14 years by hiding in plain site in santa monica, california. tonight, you'll hear from the agents who finally caught him, with some help from an alley cat and his girlfriend's breast implants. >> we just rushed him. >> kroft: you mean guns out? "fbi, don't move!" >> i asked him to identify himself and that didn't go over well. he asked me to "f"-ing identify myself. and i asked him, i said, "are you whitey bulger?" he said, "yes." >> bill whitaker: six years ago, when arizona needed drugs to execute an inmate named jeffrey landrigan, it purchased them illegally from a supplier


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