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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  July 13, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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sdmrafrjts commute community comes together in greefshg remembering a 15-year-old boy shot and killed after a basketball game. hillary clinton joins forces with bernie sanders, clinton here in philadelphia right after the democratic national convention. and a vote of no confidence took the university board of trustee to fire the school's president.
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good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm nicole brewer. ukee is on assignment. temple university board of trustee is calling for the out of itting. the board no confidence at a meeting today. they blame him for the removal of a top school official an $20 million shortfall in an aid a budget. they gave him an opportunity to resign but he refused. a formal vote will be held on july 21st t school officials have my commented. >> dozens gathered in southwest philly to remember a life tragically cut short. he was fatally shot last night after leaving a basketball game. trang do attended two vigils hell. live at police headquarters. and the search for his killer. >> reporter: police are still searching for the suspect they believe is a young man between the ages of 15 and 18 from a rival basketball team at these
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two vigils tonight, his family and friends urge anyone with information to come forward. >>. >> reporter: entire community gathered huddled together, they mourned tahirbarnes. he touched each and every person there. police say another a teen shot and killed him monday as he left the basketball game with friends. investigators believe it was retaliation from a fight last week after a game with a rifle team. >> his mother taking a moment from her sorrow to send a powerful message. >> justice will be served. i play for everybody out there. get all the -- stitches and all
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of that, that was my son, your friend. >> reporter: the grandparent walked to 61st and baltimore to a second vigil. on the basketball court where t ahire spend so much of his free time. his brother and friends like brothers sharing memories of the inspiring rapper. >> he --. >> reporter: hundreds of young faces filled with disbelief. >> he's still here. he's still here. >> reporter: hoping he'll receive the messages. >> two friends walking with him were also shot. a 14-year-old is released from the hospital and attended both vigils. a 16-year-old had served this morning and tonight we also learned that the vigil anthony
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has offered to tape at his funeral. live in police headquarters, trang do cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> thank you. . new at 11:00, family and friends are mourning the death of a more ton delaware county native who fell to her death at the grand canyon. they say 35-year-old colleen barnes and friends were hiking and taking sunrise photos when she tripped and fell into the canyon. barnes was in florida and original marketing director for yelp. her mother tells us the family is overwhelmed with grief and trying to deal with what happened. president obama joined the vice president and george w bush in dallas to honor officers who lost their lives at a police protest thursday. the president asked americans to embrace unit despite differences. ♪ . >> with hands on their heart, president obama and other
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dignitaries played tribute to the to fallen officers during a memorial service in dallas. >> we're here to honor the memory and mourn the loss of five fellow americans. >> president obama expressed cones condolences to the families and dallas at large. still recovering from thursday's attack by micah johnson who opened fire during a peaceful black lives matter protest. the president also criticized those who pit police against protesters. . >> i want anyone no matter how to good their intentions may be, paints all police as bias. we undermine those officers. we depend for our safety. >> mr. obama brought up alton sterling and philando castile, two black men killed by police. the reason behind the dallas protest. he asked both sides to seek truth in the center, saying it's
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time for society to take some of the pressure off our police officers. >> then we tell the police more social worker. you're the parent. you're the teacher. you're the drug counsellor. we tell them to keep the neighborhoods in check at all cost and do so without causing any political set backs. >> it ended with a intlool of unity. those holding hands. >> he's said to have worked on his speech most of monday hoping to craft the right message about violence and racial tension weighing heavily on the minds of americans. he also met privately with the family of fallen officers. turning to 2016. bernie sanders endorsed hillary clinton today.
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this as donald trump campaigned in you indiana with mike pence. they were the word presumptive democratic nominee waited to hear. >> hillary clinton will make an outstanding president and i am proud to stand with her today. >> bernie sanders endorsed clinton at a rally in new hampshire tuesday. >> i have come here to make it as clear as possible. as to why i am endorsing hillary clinton. >> sanders held out for five week waiting until the democratic platform reflected his positions on the death penalty victim of a crime and minimum wage and until clinton changed her public college plan to assemble the vermont senators. >> thanks to the new proposal, senator sanders and i worked on together for families making less than 125 thousand dollars a year. we will eliminate tuition at those schools altogether.
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>> it's a type of plan clinton use to do call unrevoke. presumptive republican nominee wasted no time tweeting sanders has totally sold out to to crooked hillary clinton. trump rallied his sfrurts in indiana and was joined by mike pence on the short list to become trump running mate. >> we must come together and elect this good man as the next president. we must select a strong leader one more reason because hillary clinton must never become president of the united states of america. >> in his speech, trump said sanders endorsement of clinton could actually help him. >> bernie sanders gave her this very, stranger endorsement. and to tell you, a lot of bernie sanders' people are so upset about it, they're going to be voting for trump. >> cbs3 news reports trump will announce his pick friday.
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meantime elizabeth warren has been asked to address the dnc on the first night of the convention and that is to 13 days away as we count down to the opening gavel right here in philadelphia. today, we learn hillary clinton's campaign is planning an event on independence mall after she was officialed nominated at the convention. clinton's campaign received add permit from the national park service for a public assembly on july 29th the day after dnc ends at the wells fargo center. it was a celebration of politics and food on the mall ahead of the dnc tonight. residents and community leaders got taste some favorite philly food classics during a special dnc preview of it. mayor jim kenney was part of a panel the best the city has to offer. delegates should visit while in town. as the republican national convention in cleveland draws closer, there's more than the
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usual security concerns. secret service director believes his agency is prepared for the convention but he says out on the campaign trail protecting the candidates is getting tougher. the number of threats against the candidates are up compared to the 2012 and 2008 election cycles. >> candidates being disrupttive, some just wanting to be heard and willing to do whatever in terms of jumping over barriers to be heard. >> barricades are usually used as buffers between the candidates and the crowds, now they're being pushed farther out. >> i am headed to cleveland next week to cover the republican national convention. you can look for my reports on "eyewitness news." hillary clinton use of the private e-mail server is still making news. attorney general loretta lynch testified before a house committee on capitol hill. they criticized lynch for accepting the fbi of recommendation not to charge the former secretary of state. lynch receiptedly said she
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wouldn't discuss it. >> all relevant facts were considered, investigated thoroughly and reviewed by the entire team, which, again, is composed of career independent investigators as well as lawyers. and their recommendation upon a full and thorough analysis was the matter to be revolve in which the way it was recommended to me. >> james comey on the same subject last week. late penn state football paterno knew about him decades go. he told paterno as a teenager that sandusky molested him in 1976. of paterno dismissed that and said he had a be football season to worry about. it was made public by a judge by penn state against its insurance company. his family released a statement
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that reads there is expensive evidence that stands in stark contrast. a woman attacking of gay couple in center city is out of jail. the minimum five months for attacking two men in 2014. she still has to spend the next two years in philadelphia. also not allowed in philadelphia at that time. it prompted philadelphia to update the hate crime law. a 28 year new jersey man is charged with trespassing after he and another person was caught on roof at the hyatt at the bellevue. they had smoke bombs and a camera and they said the incident does not appear to be connected to terrorism but may have been an attempt to stage a photo shoot. the second person has not been charged. philadelphia woman is celebrating an amazing milestone. >> michelle white just turned 105 years old. she's seen a lot in her lifetime. tonight she's sharing her
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memories and secret to a long life. what she eats on a daily basis. and what she thinks about this year's presidential race. kate? >> great summer weather early this week. now, the excessive heat is on its way back. i got an excessive heat watch to tell you about and a couple of showers and storms that fizzled for tonight will reemerge in our area tomorrow. coming up. maybe you noticed the owing around atlantic city has been looking
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. philadelphia lgbt community is paying tribute at eye candy night club. organizers say the tragedy in orlando has best the lgbt together and closer than ever before. tonight's donations and tips are going to the families those killed and injured in that
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shooting. construction on love park in center city is moving along now after a brief delay. crews started demolishing the park as part of a 16 and a half renovation project. but supposed to start last month. it was delayed when workers found an unexpected water main. the parks and recreation say you'll see more heavy equipment around the park. the new love park much more green space is scheduled to open next spring. tonight, a philadelphia woman is celebrating an important milestone. 105 zeros in the making. >> there are no sign she's slowing down, david spunt introduces us to ms. white. >> i don't feel like 105. >> reporter: she loves life and lives it with a smile on her face. she's been smiling since she was born. >> people so you look great for your age. >> reporter: she grew up in chicago before moving to ohio
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then philadelphia where she is been more than 80 years. she loves the city. >> seems like a long time to me. >> white was a nurse and her memories go back almost an entire century. she remembers hearing about war when she was a little girl. world war 1. she told us several times one of her clearest memory is of chicago gangster al capone. >> i couldn't understand why he causing problems. >> white has more than 100 grand great grand, great great grand, and great great great grandchildren. >> your family takes care of you. >> no, i take care of me. >> reporter: her husband lloyd was born in 1895 and died in 1971. now, her son roy takes care of her. >> she's always been a religious
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person, and when i see her, i notice everything is possible. >> reporter: white eats plenty of vegetables' listens to the news. when she's paying close attention to this year's presidential race. >> to me seems wild. >> reporter: she has this piece of advice when people ask her what she thinks about the people of 2016 >> put forth effort to try to live a righteous life. >> reporter: she plans to be around for birthday 106 next summer. david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> that's the secret? >> i love her wisdom. she's going to have a lot to celebrate this birthday with her family and friends. happy birthday to her. off the coast of the jersey shore is in your own words going a vibrant transformation. >> the ocean in that area looks almost as clear as the caribbean
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sea. it's because of tiny plant-like organism. a nasa satellite captured it. it's feeling the bloom and experts say it's often harmless and an important food source for marine life. >> clear blue water? nice >> cancel your vacation. ride to the store >> we'll have good days. >> people that have been down the shore all week have had great beach weather. tomorrow couple more clouds but overall it's the place to be late this week in the city we're going to be struggling through perhaps what could be another heat wave. we may fall even just one degree short of making it to heat wave three of the season but we are headed back to the 90's with humidity levels making it feel once again close to 100 degrees much like we were saying at this time last week. let's take a look outside. clear skies tonight. a few clouds will be billowing in overnight. that will keep temperatures warmer than recent nights. we've been down to the 60's.
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probably not far below 70 in center city. many of the suburbs will be in the 60's overnight. not bad start to tomorrow but you'll see more clouds moving in by early in the day's those will stick around on and off through the day. stormscan 3 shows no clouds to speak of. storms that are dying out south of dc and few moreover portions of the great lakes, you can see this fronts came there was earlier. now just heads over few clouds. this will couldn't verge on our area tomorrow and there will be scattered showers and possibly a thunderstorm. we may start with clouds and drizzle. gloomy much like saturday. tomorrow is a lot like srlt. clouds gloom in the morning. 72 in wilmington, 75 in reading, 68 in hammonton. here's 8:00 a.m. a lot like saturday. it was gray, gloomy, cool, couple of showers off to the
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south. in the afternoon, a better chance for locally heavy showers and storms mainly off to the west. the sun will try to break out at times during the afternoon. can't rule out a stray shower at the shore. i think more concentrated to the west. tomorrow is with pop-ups here and there. overnight clears out. thursday sunshine, line of storms rolls through thursday and that will feed off the heat and humidity. this goes into effect, our excessive heat watch noon on thursday, continues to 8:00 friday. heat index around 100 degrees in that red shaded area. temperatures in low to mid 90's. heat index near 100. feel hotter thursday has the highest due points, going to be very steamy. take all precautions plenty of water. try not to be outside working for extended periods of time. frequent breaks if you have to be out doors. overnight partly cloudy, more humid, 70.
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tomorrow's high, 87, more clouds than sunshine, due points will rise to the 70, very steamy with a few scattered showers and storms, the shore a stray shower most of the day is dry. thursday better chance for evening shower. friday hot and had sunny down the shore and in the city. again, friday the hotter of the two days. temperature-wise, thursday will feel hotter because of hotter humidity the excessive heat watch goes through friday. the good news is the weekend is more seasonal. that can be upper 80's with sunshine each day. that's good news. of. >> joins us with sports. >> 87? >> we need relief, don, ok? . >> the villanova wildcats shine line re like diamonds, donovan
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. groups from vegas vegas, sixers taking on the warriors. like those who stars the sixers hope that ben simmons will one day become an mvp. let's go to the highlights. as they take on the warriors. how about the jam by ben simmons, he can do that, get up and throw it down. then big ben with the in the lane. sixers go up 40-39. to simmons, driving, slithering. and finding bucket. eight points, eight boards and six assists. 83-73. the first half of the season is a wrap, talking about baseball now. phillies a 12 games behind first plates washington and six games under 500. what if they were to make a little run before the august 1st trade deadline? we'll make a deal. i asked make klentak.
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>> we're one or two pieces away, i have no problem going for that t i know that our owners is going, i know that our president. i know that our fans won't have a problem with that. whatever stage it makes sense for us to do that, we'll do that. we're going to do it in the right context and have the right process. >> a five-part documentary series about the life and career of michael vick takes the net. chronicles vick from his upbringing in newport to life after his dog fighting conviction. friends and family are featured including former eagles quarterback mcnabb. mcnabb talks about his unsuccessful attempts to get vick to play for his al mat to her syracuse. >> i said what's the problem? she wants him to stay home. >> of course mike went on to play at virginia tech. >> the villanova wildcats highlighting a map cal ride with
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serious blings. at least you can see them getting them from jay wright right there. showing the rings but an official ceremony will be held at the hoops mania event in the fall. that's when they will get those things and be able to show them off on campus. >> check out the diamond. >> that's good. >> yeah. >> never. >> i've never heard that. nicely
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. ♪. paul mccartney brings his one-on-one concert to philadelphia tonight. ♪ he traded tens of thousands to a magical tour down memory lane. the beatles legend sang classics like hard day's night in
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citizens bank park. excited fans were dancing and singing along. just about everybody knows this one. at 74, paul mccartney is still going strong. ♪ ♪ i was on my way to work, the next thing you know, i was on the ground. ♪ the trash truck ran over both my legs. ♪ i had sixteen surgeries. ♪ i don't sleep through the night
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unless i have my medicine. ♪ my medical bills was piling up. my employer stopped paying me. pond lehocky has put me back together. ♪
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. morning team is 4::30 to 7:00. the late show with steven colbert is next. >> thanks for watching. have a great night. >> thanks for watching. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow. paidrcl program proudlywing is a brought to you be prosvent. do you make frequent trips to the bathroom... suffer from urgency... hesitancy? do you get up more than once a night? can you even sit through a movie? or, worse, have a diminished sex drive? if so, chances are you have an enlarged prostate. fact -- 30 million men now suffer from an enlarged prostate. fact -- every other man now watching this show will someday face the same painful problems. until now, you had three choices -- take expensivug


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