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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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solidarity for philadelphia police as hundreds gather at a rally to support them and women in blue. who will it be donald trump reveals when he'll announce his pick for vice-president. >> and a pack of cigarettes in pennsylvania will soon cost mo more. how much lawmakers increase the tax in order to balance the budget? >> but we begin night with a large turn out at a pro police rally in northeast philadelphia. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm nicole brewer. ukee is on assignment. there was one moment during that recall whole tensions really flared up. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do was there and joins us live in mayfair with that story. trang? >> reporter: well, there were tense moments when a man showed up holding a black lives matter sign but fortunately this rally ended peacefully with both sides expressing their support for police. chorus of cheers and honks filled the intersection of cottman and frankford avenues in mayfair.
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at more than 200 strong, the crowd had one message for philly police. >> got your backs. >> reporter: they included retired police officers like kevin macnamara. >> my friends on the veepth district and those guys down in texas. >> for so many it's about supporting families. >> we've got your backs. >> brother is a cop. have i lot of friends that are cops. cousins that are cops. they go through hard time every day, and you got to get out here and show them that you care. >> how you doing? >> reporter: officers were there to work, they appreciated the positive vibes. >> i grew up in the 15th district and i know it well and it seems like since i've been around this area my whole life always been a supporter -- community supports. >> the night took a hostile turn
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when some in the crowd began arguing with a man holding a sign that read black lives matter. (inaudible). >> reporter: the man left after shaking hands with woman. peace. that's right. >> reporter: this is one of two rallies held in the city in support of police. some people attended a similar rally in roxborough. for now we're live in mayfair, i'm trang do cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> trang, thank you. improving community police relations was the focus of a meeting at 12t 12th and cambria rec center. state representative curtis thomas brought together community leaders and law enforcement officials. they vowed to root out gun violence in the neighborhoods. >> we don't need these weapons anywhere. we need to have a new system. but it's not the fact of having new system.
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it's collecting what we had that didn't work for the whole community peer. >> state representative thomas says there have been 135 homicides in the city of philadelphia. the 4% increase from last year. chopper three over the ben franklin bridge tonight all lit up in blue. it's in tribute to the fallen officers in dallas. delaware river port authority says the bridge will be blue every night through sunday. three of the five officers killed during that sniper attack last week have been laid to rest. hundreds gathered for a private funeral mass remembering the life of sergeant michael smith. public service for the former army ranger is set tomorrow at the dallas church where he work security. police officers stood as the family of corporal lorne ahrens made their way to their seats for his funeral. flamier semi pro football player served 14 years with the dallas police department and a gun salute honored newlywed transit
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officer brent thompson at his funeral. his daughter fought back tears while recalling their special routine. >> i would say to my dad when he walk out the door was, goodbye, daddy, i love you. be safe. goodbye, daddy, we love you, be safe. >> dallas police officer michael krol's funeral is set for friday and patrick zamarripa's familiar funeral will be held saturday. >> three children are among six people injured in a crash in fairmount park. two vehicles collided on martin luther king drive. chopper thirty four over the scene between the falls bridge and the strawberry mansion bridge. both vehicles sudden heavy damage. the injured were taken to hahnemann university hospital. there's no word on their conditions to night. the cause of the crash is under investigation. as we first told you last night at 11:00 the future of temple university's leadership is in the hands of the board of
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trustees. unanimously voted to dismiss current president neal theobold. natasha brown explains tonight the turmoil at temple is now taking another turn. >> reporter: even on nearly desserted temple campus students taking summer classes were stunned. >> i'm kind of disappointed i didn't really expect that, 'cause never heard anything about bad our president. >> reporter: news spread quickly to temple university's board of trustees announced late tuesday night of its inn toppings dismiss president neal theobold is unanimous vote of no confidence does primarily because the boards concerns about the way he handled the events heat leading up to the dismissal of provost. >> word came of the out of the came less than a month theobold moved the provost and blamed him for a $22 million shortfall. >> the two top officers of a university aside from the health system go, you know, basically
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within a couple of weeks is amazing. >> reporter: in a written statement he was not informed of any deficit until march of this year. and that he was never responsible for managing budgetary matters. former provost was also outraged after school officials revealed there were investigating a sexual harassment complaint against him. he call the allegations quote complete utter fabrications he goes on to say, "i will not rest or retreat until i have pursuit every avenue available to me including through a court of law to restore my good name" no competent from president theobold at this point. meantime the board does plan to vote on his ouster next week on july 21. he was given a chance to resign buttery few. we're here in north philadelphia, on the campus of temple university, natasha brown, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> in campaign 2016 we now know when donald trump will officially announce his vice-president. as the republican met with a few top contenders in indiana his
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democratic rival took to illinois calling trump unfit to lead. >> donald trump took to twitter wednesday night to share his vp timeline tweeting, i will be making the announcement of my vice-presidential pick on friday the 11am in manhattan details to follow earlier with family in tow he spent time with indiana governor mike penz before head to go downtown indianapolis to meet with other potential running mates. >> nothing was offered. nothing was accepted. we had great conversation about the country. >> the timing of friday' as announcement work out well for the evangelical christian who must notify the say the by friday at noon if he wishes to remain on the ballot for governor. >> you'll be calling up mike penz. i don't know if he'll be your governor or your vice-president. who the hell knows? >> meantime in springfield, illinois, where abraham lincoln famously delivered his house divided speech hillary clinton spoke about the importance of
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unifying the nation. >> in times like these, we need a president who can help pull us together, not split us apart. >> while continuing the national conversation on violence the democratic nominee called her republican rival divisive and dangerous. >> his campaign it is built on stoking mistrust and pitting american against american. >> clinton finish out the day at fundraisers in chicago and st. louis. new polls show trump clinton are neck and neck in battleground states with billionaire businessman edging out the former secretary of state in florida and in pennsylvania and tying her in ohio. republican national convention gets underway now in just five days. i'll be headed to cleveland to cover the rnc. you can look for my reports next week on "eyewitness news". countdown to the democratic national convention in full
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swing. 12 days away from the opening gavel at the wells fargo center. and there is a potential problem for delegates in town for the d inform c of hundreds of workers at philadelphia international airport have voted to strike. walk outdate is not set. baggage handlers, wheelchair attendants want better pay. philadelphia mayor kenney supports the workers doesn't not anticipate strikers interfering with airport service during the dnc. tonight pennsylvania legislators took another step toward permanently legalizing ride sharing services across the state. governor tom wolf signed a bill allowing uber, lyft and on the companies to operate here in philadelphia through septembe september 30th. this legislation reinforces the agreement announced last week between the philadelphia parking authority and uber. lawmakers are expected to vote on a bill to permanently legalize ride shares services across the state this fall. also tonight, pennsylvania lawmakers raise cigarette tax
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boy $1 per pack to help balance the state budget. the cigarette tax is $2.6060. it was part of 1.3 revenue package signed by governor tom wolf. they extended the state's 6% sales tax to digital down loads of videos, books and as. it comes less than 48 hours after the budget became law without wolf's signature. tonight, an american flag stolen from north wildwood family on the fourth of july is back where it belongs. >> the flag is a family heirloom honors the memory of patrick corcoran who died during the vietnam war. it was 19 years old when someone took that flag last week his family got the word out they wanted it back no questions asked. a few days later an unidentified woman dropped it off. >> walked up and put this on the rocker and said, this is yours. so i -- by the time i got out of the house she was back in the
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car and left. >> the people who took the flag, i sincerely thank you for making a right out of a wrong. >> any the family plans to continue the tradition of flying the flag of memorial day in patrick's memory. pokemon go is all the rage right now. some of the most popular spots are encouraging players to stop by. still ahead why park rangers are in philly are embracing the game and how one local man found a way to make money off the sensation. >> plus a 9-mile stretch of the city off limits to motorized vehicles. why south street is going car free for the day. kate. >> we had a day mark by heavy downpours. those have now fizzled. except excessive heat warning goes into effect as temperatures surge back to the 90's. i'll tell you how hot it will get and how hot it will feel in some cases in the triple digits. that's coming up. and a summer tradition that dates back decades how delaware
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state trooper makes the day special for young hospital patients.
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell. ♪ it is official. great britain has a new prime minister theresa may replaces david cameron who resigned over the brexit vote. this is video of may arriving at buckingham palace to be confirmed by queen elizabeth. she will negotiate the countries exit from the european union. she was in favor of the staying in the union. she said britain will forge a bold new positive role in the world outside of the eu. hfl says it will not discipline lesean mccoy for his alleged role in nightclub brawl. mccoy and three others reportedly involved in fight with officers in recess nightclub in philadelphia back in february. the pennsylvania attorney general' office recently closed its investigation into mccoy and
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back in april, philadelphia district attorney seth william said he would not charge the 28-year-old due to insufficient evidence. the national park service in philadelphia is embracing the pokemon go app craze. maybe you'll find and cat capture the pokemon creatures on independence mall and now park rangers are offering to help hunters they believe pokemon app will bring in younger crowd to experience the historical sites. >> it will bring people down to some of the other sites that may not have as much visitation say as the liberty bell or independence hall. >> thank you. >> some people are offering to drive pokemon hunters around the city. we found one guy who charges $50 for two hours and he says business is good. well tonight we're getting behind the scenes look at the $600 million east market development in center city. the construction of 34 south 11th street knots final stages. the building is a former department store warehouse and it's now being renovated into
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office space. the first noor will house a new mom's organic market. two other retailer and apartment projects are underway next door. some car free fun is headed to south street. the entire stretch from spruce street harbor park to the south street bridge would be closed to vehicular traffic on september 24th between 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. walkers and cyclists have been asking for this ever since city streets were shut down for the papal visit last september. and the city is planning some fun activities along the route. delaware state police trooper brightened the day of very deserving children isn't. >> "eyewitness news" at ai dupont hospital in wilmington for the annual summer picnic. it inn clued plenty of food, music, crafts for patients and their families and featured a show and tell of specialized units like the mount police and tactical robots. >> for 20 years we do this for the children at dupont. troopers love to do this. they want to give back to the community. it's a great event for us to
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come out and talk to the kids, cook for them and give them little break from their every day routine. >> the event gives patients an opportunity to forget about being in the hospital for while and just and joy being a kid. >> paul mccartney saluted the philadelphia police department while in town for his concert at citizens bank park last night. he posed for pictures with several officers giving them two thumbs up. philadelphia police posted the picture on facebook and wrote whenever sir paul is in town for a concert he always had a kind word for our officers. love to see that. >> ukee is off tonight but still working hard. >> actually on assignment on the west coast pro pairing for his guest host roll on the talk this friday. >> how are you? >> good to have you back. >> we are excited ukee is giving us a little behind the scenes look at the show before it airs you see him there with all the co-host and talking about the -- they'll have lot to say. watch ukee on the talk this
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friday at 2:00 p.m. right here on cbs3. >> he fits right in. >> great. let's talk weather. >> let's talk weather. we've got hot hot weather headed our way. today was the day marked by heavy downpours, lots of rain. probably got soak out there. tough driving earlier today. tomorrow not so much but the heat is going to be the big story. we switch from thunderstorms heavy rain to excessive heat and in fact excessive heat warning has been issued it's not in effect yet it will go in effect midday tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon is going to be the hottest part of this stretch. so that's the team you want to take all those necessary precautions drink plenty of water check on anyone you know who may need help staying cool in this heat. it's not all that hot but temperatures have been in the 70s pretty much all day thanks to the rain and that's where they stay right now we're still in the upper 70s. we've got cloudy conditions it feels very steamy outside. it will be like a steambath when you step outside tomorrow morning as well. dew point still in the 70s. take a look at a quick time
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lapse from today. heavy rain in came into delaware. sunshine, the beach gets packed quickly and just as quickly watch this storm comes in and everybody is gone. everyone packs up quickly gets off the beach. the boardwalk got soak. by the end of the evening did it clear out little bit an few people got back on the beach and the boards but definitely was a day marked by again those heavy downpours though scattered but when you got stuck under one, it came down very heavily. we did need the rain so this wasn't much needed rain for much the area. still tonight to you scattered showers and storms back off to the west. can't rule them out at any time. this will come through tomorrow afternoon doesn't look like too much with it tomorrow afternoon but afternoon shower or thunderstorm certainly will be a threat tomorrow and possibly again friday afternoon. take peek what's going on further weather take you into tomorrow morning. overnight a few scattered showers and tomorrow morning clouds and sunshine. here's the hottest part of the day around 2:00 o'clock tomorrow. here comes in boundary could produce a few scattered showers this particular model run has it
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mainly to the north but i can see the line of showers and storms extending down to the south as well mainly between 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. that clears out. friday still very hot but the humidity is going to start to drop in the wake of that front. friday afternoon still can't rule out a shower or storm mainly off to the south but the big story tomorrow, not going to be the thunderstorms. it's going to be the temperatures and the humidity. future dew points overnight dew points in the 70s. tomorrow afternoon dew points in the low to mid 70s. that's nearly oppressive to unbearable range. watch what happens friday. friday still hot but dew points are about five to 7 degrees cooler that means we'll feel a little bit of reduction in the humidity. it's not going to be quite as oppressive on friday. tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. look at the heat index values. 102, 103, 104. that is dangerous heat. you don't want to be out in that for any longer than you really have to excessive heat warning starts at noon. continues until 8:00 p.m. on friday. heat index values 100 plus on thursday with the higher
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humidity. friday 97 to 100 that's our heat index range. overnight we drop to a low of around severe degrees. very warm, very steamy. showers around here and there. tomorrow extreme sheet just a stray thunderstorm on 94 could feel like 104 at time. friday still hot but less humid the weekend it's still steamy. it's still hot. but it's not as bad. we trim 5 degrees off the temperature we'll see some shine and highs in the upper 80s. typical july weekend. >> not too bad. >> when we debt to the week and we're good >> we are talking about hoops. sixers adding another lottery pick but also lookin looking for addition by subtract. speaking of numbers stats about the eagles that may blow your mine. how much do you think they're worth? think about it.
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when you're the parent of a disabled child, you realize that the world can be a harsh place. but you also realize it can be a really loving, wonderful place. when i saw donald trump mock somebody who was disabled, i was appalled. you gotta see this guy... ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh, i don't remember! that reporter suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms. it told me everything i need to know about his heart and what he believes deep down. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> sixers front court has the feeling of a packed elevator or overcrowded subway car. two bodies in a small space. jahlil okafor, nerlins knoll, the sixers will buy out his contract in turkey and he'll sign with the club on friday 6-foot 10 is a 2014 lottery pick he help his croatian team ya'll for the olympics. gm admitted he's uncomfortable with the number of big men on the team but he's not ready to make a deal to rectify the situation. >> not going to make a bad deal just to make a deal. when i say in a playful way i'm not comfortable i think we can have a better basketball team if we can distribute that talent better and address every need on
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the roster but i think right now, again, it' best to say we e all of them. we want to see if we can make the most out of each of them in terms of their contributions to this team at the end of the day reality probably says one has to go at some point but only when the deal is right. >> sixers summer league act continuing in vegas brett brown, ben simmons, okafor and embiid watching the sixers take on a team tj mcconnell looking to dish he does to brandon paul. 20 points for paul and nine assists for mcconnell. off the miss, sean long led the sixers with 21 points. they withi within the 108-71. >> forbes released its list. the see ooh eagles are 17th on the list. the most valuable franchise in the world the dallas cowboys at
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4 billion. we hate it when dallas wins, don't we. >> um-hmm. >> tom brady loses again second u.s. circuit court of appeals denied his attempt to serve a four game suspension. the new england patriots quarterback has only one move left take his fight to the supreme court. no word on whether tom terrific plans to do so. >> i think he'll be going to the supreme court. >> we'll find out. >> all right. we'll for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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don't miss out on this. always up to something. stephen colbert followed by the late late show with james cord corden. for kate, don and all of us here i'm jessica dean. >> i'm nicole brewer. we're always online at >> from our entire team, thanks for watching. have a good night. we will see you tomorrow. ♪
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. >> stephen: hi, welcome to the late show, i'm stephen colbert, before we start the show tonight i just wanted to give a message, really from my heart. for all the years that i have lived in this cli, i have never seen it so divided. and at a time of great uncertainty, and grief,-- excuse me, excuse me, could you please get out of here. i'm trying to give a message from my heart. excuse me. i'm trying to break down the complex state of affairs in america right now. >> well then you shouldn't have made your theater a poke stop. >> stephen: look, there has to be some level of human dignity left that we treat each other with a level of respect that-- we would want to be treated with. all


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