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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 14, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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it easy this morning. >> one little will pocket too. there is a little sliver of showers currently moving through. we will get to that in a second. lets talk about the heat. >> yes. >> it is really rough stuff, guys. new advisory actually posted, and it takes effect at noon time today. it is not in effect yet but make no mistake it is muggy outside but excessive heat. we have excessive heat warning, that is your hot pink, but also heat advisory, that is that burnt orange look. we will see that take effect at noon time today for all surrounding counties. as of at least the last half an hour or so it just was the excessive heat warning, but we know it will be hot enough for national weather service has since issued the heat advisory for everybody else. so it really will be the core of that excessive heat does hit 95 throughout the day. that is where we will see heat index values sore to one hundred or above and frankly dangerous to be outside if you
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are not short about how you are taking care of yourself. here are thunderstorms and showers rumbling through chester, delco and now, start to go basically fizzle with time. we will are going to see damp roads and it the is muggy for sure. a little muggy? a lot muggy. seventy-six at philadelphia as well as in atlantic city. pretty calm wind but wind out of the south and that will really send that humidity on a uphill climb. we will track storms along the way today but promise there is some relief in sight. we will tell you when that comes later in the show. >> meisha. >> katie, thank you so much. good morning. happy thursday. what we are looking at is schuylkill eastbound, ramp for construction leading up to the vine. that left rapist compromised. it the is busy pushing in the eastbound direction on the schuylkill already. just tipping into the 5:00 o'clock hour. good independent case that it might get busy today. not to hemmings the fact we are dealing with wet roadways in some areas. one being ben franklin bridge moving into center city coming
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from the new jersey area you can see how slick on the ben franklin bridge. not a lot of vehicles out there. it will not slow you down, just take it easy out there when it can get slick. i call your attention to the the more serious accident this morning in cherry hill. this is route 70 ease wound near route 295, two lanes are block right now so this will start to get blocked up as we push in the 5:00 o'clock hour if that does not get cleared and be prepared for flashing lights in and around this area for those in cherry hill. construction out there, route 322 is closed right now at route 54 until around 6:00 a.m. we will have more coming up in a bit. jim, over to you. with tensions on the rise between police officers and people across the country many are showing their support for men and women in blue. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live outside philadelphia police headquarters with more on the huge turnout last night in the northeast, good morning, jan. >> reporter: brooke and jim, we are talking about hundreds of people who showed up to
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this pro police rally. for the most part it was a peaceful rally. tensions did run high when a man showed up with the black lives matter sign but in the end the two sides did what many people hoped that this country would do in the future, they walk their separate ways after having a conversation and shaking hands. more than 200 people, turned up at corn are of cottman and frankford avenues in mayfair on wednesday, their mission was simple, to back the brothers and sisters in blue. >> i got your back just like you have mine. >> reporter: pro police rally came after a week after five police officers were gunned down and killed in dallas and as their families begin to lay them to rest. for so many here this rally was about supporting families both near and far. i support police officers. >> my brother is a cop.
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i have a lot of friend that are cops, cousins that are cops. so they go through a hard time every day and you have to get the out here and show them that you care. >> we got your back. >> reporter: dozens of police officers were on hand to work but admit support from their community means a lot. >> i grew up in the 15th december trick. i know it well. since i have been around this area my whole life, we do need the police. >> police were forced to step between a couple protesters when a man showed up with a sign reading black lives matter. >> unaudible. >> reporter: eventually, the two sides went their separate ways after a hand shake. >> according to a new cbs/new york times poll on race relations when asked to rate job that their local police department were doing most white americans say their
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police are doing a good job and make them feel safe. on the other hand most blacks rate their local police as fail or poor or make them feel mostly anxious. rally for police that we just showed new mayfair has garnered 200 or more people. there was only one of two protests and rallies held across philadelphia yesterday and those came after days of protests for supporters of black lives matter and many more. we will keep up with all of these and bring to you as soon as they happen. we are live outside police headquarters, james carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". brooke and jim, back to you. this is video from chopper three over ben franklin bridge all lit up in blue. display and tribute to the fallen officers in dallas. delaware river port authority say bridge will be blue every night through sunday. well, first funerals for dallas officers took place yesterday, in texas. services were remembered to sergeant michael smith, lorne ahrens and dallas area rapid transit officer brent
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thompson. hundreds attended services from all across the country. tomorrow dallas police officer michael krol will be laid to rest. funeral for officer patrick zamarripa is set for saturday. a funeral service to day in st. paul, minnesota will remember philando castile, castile was shot to death last week by a police officer during a traffic stop after he told the officer he was licensed to carry a gun. aftermath of the shooting was live streamed on facebook by castile's girl friend the castile was a cafeteria worker. today a vigil will be held by philadelphia a cafeteria workers at ben franklin high school to honor castile. horsham township is getting a ten million-dollar grant as it continues to struggle with water war fridays chemicals used at formal naval air base. public water systems have been contaminate by fire fighting foam. grant comes from pennsylvania infrastructure investment authority as part of the budget bill on the governor's desk. the montgomery county state representative todd stevens says he hopes money will help
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effort to alleviate contamination from the horsham water supply. in campaign 2016 donald trump says he will announce his vice-president at 11:00 o'clock tomorrow morning in new york city. >> presumptive republican nominee for president spent most of the yesterday talking to possible running mates, and his breakfast meeting with fellow conservative inn yan a governor mike pence. >> i have narrowed it down. i'm actually, down to four but in my own mind i'm probably thinking about two. >> very strongly. >> the 50 year-old pence has a friday deadline on his name will appear on the ballot for another term on governor. other said to be on the short list is newt gingrich, new jersey governor chris christie anal bam a's jeff session whose was the first senator to endorse him. on the democratic side, hillary clinton talks about race relations and unity at old state house in springfield, illinois. that is where abraham lincoln
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delivered his famous house divided speech. clinton said that the nation needs a president who can bring people together. >> donald trump is so dangerous. his campaign is as divisive as any we have seen in our lifetime. >> a quint pack university poll shows voters in florida, ohio and pennsylvania now consider trump significantly more trust worthy than clinton. nbc marist poll shows clinton lead trum in pennsylvania by nine. >> "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean will be in cleveland to cover republican national convention, that gets underway on monday. look for her report next week on "eyewitness news". count down continues, until the democratic national convention, right here in philadelphia. we are now just 11 days away from the opening gavel at the wells fargo center. right now time for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> on the cover of the times hurled, market will close its north wales screening facility and will be cutting employees
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from several facilities in pennsylvania and new jersey as part of the organizational changes. company says less than 10 percent of the discovery free clinical and early development employees will be affect, some say, 300 to 360 jobs could be cut. on the front page of the spirit of delaware county, dead beat dog house, animal control group called justice rescue says city of chester owes them $30,000 and they will not be providing any more services until they are paid. group said they had a verbal agreement with the city to provide coverage of abuse and animal control incidents for $7,500 a month after delaware county disbanded its animal control program. on the cover of the mercury the worldwide pokemon go craze, invades a local park, memorial park in pottstown ace monk the places being invaded by people using the new pokemon go app. that is a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. well, coming up police are on the hunt for a serial killer in one part of the nation. and next up, where attacks
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new you details this morning on a suspect serial killer in phoenix, air zone. investigators say man seen in this sketch murdered seven people, they say he shot at least nine people and random attacks in the last four months. his latest victims were murdered in the driveway of the home last month. officials say they believe he could have an accomplice. there are new information out of orlando where a toddler was killed by an alligator at a disney resort. e-mails showed two months before the death fire fighters receiving alligators less than half mile from the resorts seven seas lagoon. two-year old lane graves was killed when he was grabbed by a gator and dragged under
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water. now feeding alligators is illegal because it causes them to move their natural fear of humans. in other news, solar impulse of two land in cairo after taking off from spain, in the airport. experimental solar powered aircraft was expect to take what was 50 hours to get to egypt but it made split in a record days. pit stop is part of the globe circling voyage that will use no fuel. wow. >> yes. katie is here with what will be a very hot day. >> yes, very, much so, to the point that it could be dangerous if you are not the smart about how you take care of yourself in this kind of heat. when we talk about days like this, there are a couple common sense things that come into play in terms of how to stay safe. we will cover all of. that lets take you outside, it just looks muggy. we do have some damp road here now as well from a little sliver of showers, that had been a nasty thunderstorm but it has since dwindled to a shower, rolling through our region. you can see the light of the
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day popping up over the horizon but generally speaking we are seeing what looks like a very steamy, humid start. it looks that way and feels that way. we will show you what is up here at a wider zoom. we have heavy thunderstorms in western pennsylvania but notice this ace i three hour loop. lets take a look. note is what is happening here that starts to just dwindle with time. that is definitely good news. now, not that to be a buzz kill here but because we're talking about some pretty significant heat, i want to remind you here, i will step out so you can see the graphic in the entirety that heat is the number one weather-related killer in the united states. so this is legitimate, guys. you have to take it easy when talking about heat where that could feel as high as 100 plus degrees, take these common sense tips into account, okay. wear light, loose fitting clothe if you go you must go out, drink plenty of water, the beverage of choice, draw your blind. if you do not have benefit of the air conditioning, head to the cooling system.
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we have all sorts of them. they will be listed today. remember cars can turn into ovens in minutes. never, ever, leave your children or your pets the inside of those vehicles. i highly advise not leaving a candy bar either because that will serve you no good later in the day. seventy's where we stand right now, it is really muggy, take it easy. keep yourself cool. ninety-four is the expected actual high but remember, you've got to pack at least seven or 8 degrees on top of that and with a couple isolated thunderstorms along the way. meisha, it is a steamy summer day. >> like you said so dangerous. great tips, by the way, katie. by the way if you are buying a bottle of water for yourself, buy two and give it to someone else outside. is there so much need out there. give a bottle of what the's way, buy one for yourself, maybe one or two for someone else. taillights moving in the southbound direction at mid county looking good here moving in the southbound direction. vine, right before the schuylkill we are looking good. we're all cleared there. vine was closed overnight for
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construction between the schuylkill and broad, like i said, that is all cleared now. boulevard headlights moving in the southbound direction at wissohickon, again, looking good but plenty of vehicles out there i want to call your attention to new jersey and cherry hill. route 70 eastbound near 295, two lanes blocked because of a serious accident. this is involving two vehicles. i will let you know if we get reported injuries but just make note, you'll see flashing lights because of it, guys. take it easy. we have wet roadways out there new jersey construction 42 southbound between 130 ape 2951 to two lanes are block this will be blocked until 6:00 a.m. that doesn't sound like long but when we start to heat up with wet roadways at 6:00 a.m. this can pose a problem for you, brooke, over to you. we are getting behind the scenes look at the 600 million-dollar, east market development in center city philadelphia. >> construction of the 34 south 11th street is in its final stages, the building is a former department store warehouse and it is now being renovated in to office space. first floor will house a new mom's organic market, two
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other retail and apartment projects are underway next door. car free zone in south street. entire stretch from spruce street harbor park will be closed to vehicular traffic on september 24th between 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. walkers and cyclist were asked for this ever since city streets were shut down for the papal visit. city is manning fun activities on the move. philly drivers, driving on road not closed to vehicular traffic are sometimes known to use, rude gestures, swearing and threats and violence. >> philadelphia isn't alone. jamie youkiss shows us how common road rage has become. >> reporter: after an argument a driver in florida ran over this man on hi motorcycle breaking his leg. >> i think people need to understand the depth of their actions. >> reporter: in colorado police say a motorcyclist shot at a couple's car after being cut off.
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many drivers say they see road rage whenever they get behind the wheel. >> it the just create as lot of hectic and hazardous situations for other drivers. >> reporter: in a new survey from triple a nearly eight in ten u.s. drivers reported engaging in angry, aggressive behaviors over the past year. 51 percent say they purposely tailgated. 47 percent yelled at another driver, and 45 percent of drivers said that they honked at someone. triple a estimates nearly 6 million drivers have either bumped or rammed another koran purpose. and 7 million have gotten out of their car to confront a driver. >> i think we are definitely advised at how often it is occurring. to tell you the truth aloft times we look at these numbers and people tend to under. >> reporter: report male drivers and drivers between 19 and 39 were significantly more likely to engage in aggressive behaviors, but even mom, bridget sellnick admits to losing her temper. >> did you ever get mad behind
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the wheel. >> sometimes. >> reporter: she lives in new york. survey found drivers in the northeast are angrier then those in other parts of the country. jamie youkiss for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". will he or won't he? we will finally have the answer. find out if dario saric is ready to join the sixers. some help for beer drinkers fighting the battle of the bulge, the change coming to some beer bottles and cans, stay with
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first look at one of the team's 2014 lottery picks. >> sports director don bell has an eta for another big man for the sixers. >> sixth are front court has feeling of a pack elevator or an a overcrowded subway car. too many bodies in a small face. jahlil okafor, ben simmons, joel embiid, and dario saric. sixers will buy out his contract in turkey and he will sign with the club on friday. he is a 2014 lottery picked who helped his team qualify for olympics. gm brian colangelo admitted he is uncomfortable with the number of big men on the team but not ready to make a poor trade. >> i will in the make a bad tiehl just to make a deal. when i say, in a playful way i'm not comfortable, i think we can be a better basketball team if we can distribute that talent better and take one of of those assets, and address other need on the roster but i
5:25 am
think right now, again, it is safe to say we like all of them. we want to see if we can make the most out of each of them in terms of their contributions to the team but at the end of the take reality says probably one has to go at some point but only when the deal is right. >> and that is all for sports. i'm don bell. have a great day. beer drinkers where to learn a lot about what is in their beer. >> four largest u.s. brewers anheuser-busch, himmer, heinikin and constellation has agreed to put calorie counts and other nutritional information on their labels. that means more than eight out of ten beers sold in the u.s., will have these labels. and the buzz is getting louder overdone old trump's pick for a running mate. find out when he plans to make the announcement, next. barbie isn't waiting for convention to reveal her running mate this election year's presidential dolls pared for the first time with a vice-president. and a group of nuns, busting a move, see what they are hoping to encourage,
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katie. we are looking ahead here, to one of the hottest days that we have seen so far this summer, in fact, excessive heat warning, heat advisories all going into effect to take. we will walk you where those advisories are in place but also, how high will it get? all of the details straight ahead. meisha is keeping an eye on the road, we will be r
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find a cool place to be today and stay safe because it is shaping up to be a summer scorcher. katie is tracks excessive heat coming up. good morning i'm brooke thomas. i'm jim donovan. we will head down the shore to see what pat gallen is up to. he is making doughnuts but in the just any doughnuts. where you candy sign your own. but first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> strong show of solidarity for philadelphia police. >> hundreds lined the streets at frankford and cottman avenue in mayfair for a pro police rally. >> i got your back just like you have mine. good bye, daddy, we love you. be safe. >> three of the five officers killed during that snipper attack last week has been laid to rest. >> and who will he choose for vice-president for campaign 2016, the big reveal is expect
5:30 am
tomorrow. >> let's start with leading contenders to join team trump, analyst expect the pick to go to new jersey governor chris christie, former house speaker newt gingrich or indiana governor mike pence. >> boo. >> i'm sorry, folks, but mike pence appeared on the screen. running mates the way he picked actual mates he could go with all three. >> i love the politically required headset, yes, in preparation for convention. >> he was in full gear. >> yes, exactly. >> full gear outside means lots of water. >> yes. >> stay with an umbrella, underneath some cover or something. >> yes. you know, today will end up being a decent pool day overall, you will find the best way to just stay cool and air conditioning is a very smart idea. it is obviously not convenient for everybody


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