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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  July 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> pelley: breaking news in france. a truck has plowed into a crowd celebrating bastille day. also tonight, ending the surprise. donald trump chooses mike pence as his running mate as our new poll finds the presidential race in a dead heat. who is voting for trump? >>. >> reporter: you were a lifelong democrat? >> yes. >>. >> reporter: and you're wearing a trump shirt. >> pelley: d.w.a., driving while angry. in a newestudy, eight out of ten drivers admit doing it. >> this is the "cbs captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: we begin with breaking news. in the south of france, police say that many are dead after a truck rammed enter a crowd in
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the city of nice. people had gathered to celebrate bastille day, the start of the french revolution, much like our fourth of july. there is no solid count of the dead or injured. one french official has described this as an attack, but with this chaotic scene still unfolding, the information is not as reliable as we would like. elaine cobb is joining us now on the phone from paris. elaine, what can you tell us? >> reporter: scott, it was exactly two hours ago as people crowded on to the promenade to watch the bastille day fireworks. a local reporter on the scene saw a large transport truck drive directly into the crowd. people scattered in panic. the local mayor tweeted that dozens appeared to have been killed. local police say several dozen, as well. and local police have called on the public in nice to stay calm and avoid the downtown area.
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they say an emergency operation is under way. ambulances and emergency doctors are on the scene. >> pelley: elaine, the associated press says that it has talked to an eyewitness who claimed to have seen the gunmen, i should say the driver open fire with a gun after he ran the truck into the crowd. have you heard anything about gunfire? >> reporter: a local newspaper said that they believe the driver did shoot, as well, and they have a photograph which shows the truck riddled with bullets, presumably from police firing back. but we have no official confirmation of that. now, the police have put up a cordon of security all around that downtown area. >> pelley: elaine cobb reporting for us from paris, and what elaine just said matches what we have also heard from other witnesses who said that police shot the gunman dead. but again, this is a chaotic
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scene still unfolding. the information is not as reliable as we would like yet. you can follow this story on our streaming site cbsn, and, of course, all the latest information will be on "cbs this morning." today donald trump made the biggest decision of his campaign. he selected indiana governor mike pence as his running mate. his choice comes as our new cbs news poll shows the race tightening to a 40-40 trump-clinton tie. trump has taken a 12-point lead among independents, but most voters find both candidates untrustworthy. clinton has a five-point lead in that category. few voters know anything about mike pence. least -- here's our parrot to change that. major? >> reporter: scott, governor pence landed at a private airport in new jersey a short time ago and is headed, we're
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told, by two sources familiar with the matter to a dinner meeting with donald trump to discuss strategy and staffing for the upcoming campaign, thus continuing conversations that rounded out the republican ticket. >> i support donald trump. i mean, he's got the right vision for this country. >> reporter: donald trump spoke with mike pence last night and again today as he settled on the indiana governor to bring staunch conservatism and a low-key personality to the ticket. the 57-year-old pence was born in columbus, indiana, and has a law degree from indiana university. he served six terms in congress and carved out a record of social and economic conservatism that tea party republicans fancied long before they became a force within the g.o.p. pence initially endorsed texas senator ted cruz in the indiana primary that clinched trump's at the us the as the presumptive nominee. >> i see ted cruz as a principled conservative who has dedicated his career to advocating the reagan agenda. >> reporter: and earlier in the campaign, pence publicly
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opposed trump on two big issues, temporarily banning muslim immigration and a new trade deal in asia called the trans-pacific partnership. but pence came around to team trump and has been singing his praises since he laid claim to the nomination. >> he's a builder. he's a fighter. and he's a patriot. >> reporter: a new cbs news poll shows 86% of voters are undecided or do not know enough about pence to form an opinion. pence has not been touched by scandal as a member of congress or as governor, but he did come under fire for a bill that allowed businesses to deny services based on their religious beliefs. after swift opposition around the country, pence had the law redrafted. >> it's been a tough week here in the hoosier state. >> reporter: pence and those close to him have close and long-standing ties with the koch brothers, wealthy conservative don'ters who have shied away from the trump campaign. scott, there is no guarantee pence can change the koch brothers' minds, but at least he
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creates that opportunity. >> pelley: major garrett, thanks. john dickerson, our cbs news political director and the anchor of "face the nation" is in our cleveland convention newsroom this evening. john, what does mike pence bring to the ticket? >> well, he is not of washington, but he has some washington experience. and donald trump said he wanted to pick somebody who could help him actually get something done in washington. he has strong ties to the social conservative part of the republican party, so he helps trump cinch up that unity, which is part of what he's trying to do here at the convention, and also unlike somebody like newt gingrich, who is a rambunctious politician, mike pence is not somebody who will cause issues or probably not somebody who will cause issues for the person at the top of the ticket in terms of behavior and staying on message. >> pelley: in our poll today the vast majority of republicans said they believe their party is divided. how does pence help heal the breech? >> reporter: so in delegates i
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talked to here in cleveland about the possibility of his pick and the naming of him, what they like about pence is they're worried that donald trump will be unpredictable, that he won't participate in the compulsory exercises of campaigning that show you're presidential, and what they see in the pence pick is a seriousness about governing. as one put it, he is a stabilizing pick, which means that donald trump has been the kind of the attack dog as a candidate, so he doesn't need an attack dog in a vice president. what the delegates here are saying is they like the fact that pence is a little bit more even keeled, and that might add balance to the ticket so they can compete in the fall. >> pelley: sort of a role reversal from usual politics. john dickerson in cleveland for us, thank you very much. some of the most important business of the republican convention is unfolding right now. the people who make the rules are hearing from dissidents who want to derail trump's expected first ballot nomination. julianna goldman is in cleveland. >> obviously we did not stand adjourned for three hours
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because of a jammed copier. >> reporter: in cleveland today a printer problem became code for a last-minute effort to prevent a messy nomination fight on the convention floor next week. while delegates met in one room, r.n.c. officials and donald trump huddled behind closed doors with conservative activists and leaders of the stop trump move. sean spicer is with the r.n.c. >> we want to make sure we have the greatest amount of unity coming out of this convention. >> reporter: anti-trump forces have been waiting for the meeting to try to unbind delegates from having to vote for trump on first ballot, but today r.n.c. officials told cbs news they're confident they don't have the votes to prevail. one question mark: whether the stop trump movement will still get the 28 votes needed to force a minority report, which could create a stir on the convention floor, airing g.o.p. in-fighting for all the cameras to see. the convention's long-awaited list of speaker did highlight the g.o.p. divide. glaringly absent are many party
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leaders, like 2008 nominee senator john mccain, who said he prefers the grand canyon the cleveland. >> why are you skipping the republican convention? >> because i'm campaigning for reelection. >> reporter: 2012 nominee mitt romney won't be here, nor will either of the former presidents bush. >> i haven't begun the start working on my speech yet. >> reporter: those that will be speaking include house speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, both of whom have on occasion criticized trump. the stop trump movement likely faces its biggest test tomorrow when the rules committee meets for a second day, but, scott, we spoke with many of the delegates here, and even those who are bound to other candidates say the cake is baked and it's time to rally around trump. >> pelley: julianna goldman in cleveland for us. julianna, thank you. well, when our poll asked voters who would do a better job on the economy, trump beat clinton by 11 points. last month they were dead even. tough times are drawing voters to trump as don dahler found out in johnstown, pennsylvania.
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>> reporter: there was a time when johnstown, pennsylvania, led the nation in steel production. that industry and its thousands of good-paying jobs have long since left. >> this is a small town. it used to be like a small pittsburgh. it's just... it's just a hard-hit area. >> reporter: welder john silk works at one of the last remaining factories. his faith in the future has been shaken. you were a lifelong democrat. >> yes. >> reporter: and you're wearing a trump shirt. how did that happen? >> if he does half of what he says he's going to do, it's a boost in the right direction. you can only go forward with him. i don't think you can go backward, and you sure as heck can't stay the same. >> reporter: you lost faith with the democratic party in. >> yes, absolutely. >> reporter: another resident, peter ankney, registered republican for the first time in his life and also plans to vote trump. >> we have way too many government regulations. donald trump talks about undoing them, getting them out of the way and letting our local industries do what they do best
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and just create jobs. >> reporter: but restoring johnstown's former glory is a tough order. the average income here is less than half the national average, and 34% now live in poverty. >> our economy is obviously not recovered from, you know, the crisis in 2008, so we got to start worrying about home. we've got to take care of this place first. >> reporter: pennsylvania has favored democrats in every presidential election since 1992, but this year the ghosts of long-dead industry could have their final revenge. don dahler, cbs news, johnstown, pennsylvania. >> pelley: well, hillary clinton will accept the democratic nomination two weeks from tonight. what will her ticket look like? here's nancy cordes. >> are we ready for hillary? [cheering and applause] >> reporter: clinton held her own v.p. tryout today for virginia senator tim kaine in his home state. >> do you want a "you're fired" president or a "you're hired"
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president? >> reporter: kaine's resume have propelled him on the clinton's short list. he's the former governor of a battleground state, a member of the senate armed services committee and he speaks fluent spanish. [speaking spanish] still, he faces stiff competition from some of his senate colleague, all of whom met with clinton at the capitol today. the tight-lipped bunch included ohio's sherrod brown. >> good meeting, good meeting. >> reporter: elizabeth palmer warren of massachusetts, new jersey's cory booker and vermont's bernie sanders, who got a standing ovation in the closed-door meeting after endorsing clinton earlier this week. >> she will be the next president of the united states. >> reporter: clinton has campaigned with the others, too, but the timing of today's event is intriguing. it is her last big public appearance before she gets overshadowed by trump's v.p. announcement tomorrow and the republican convention next week. >> now, next week in cleveland, they will nominate someone who thinks latino outreach is
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tweeting a picture of a taco bowl. >> reporter: senator kaine cane has described himself as boring, but that could be a plus in the eyes of the clinton campaign, which won't have to worry as much if he's the v.p. that he will upstage the person at the top of the ticket, scott. >> pelley: nancy cordes for us. nancy, thank you. well, she didn't apologize or take her words back, but today supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg said she regrets making critical remarks about donald trump. in a statement she said her remarks were ill-advised and judges should avoid commenting on a candidate for public office. today mourners hacked one of minnesota's largest churches for the funeral of philando castile, a police officer shot and killed castile last week after stopping him for a broken taillight. his death was one of the motivations for the dallas police murders last week. anna werner is in st. paul.
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[bell tolls] >> reporter: a white horse-drawn carriage led the procession carrying philando castile's casket. mourners packed shoulder to shoulder into the 3,000-seat cathedral, but church officials said they wanted to help a hurting community at the request of castile's mother valerie. >> he is a king and i thought that would be the only thing suitable for him. that's why i chose this place. >> please, officer, don't tell me that you just did this to him. >> reporter: the video of castile's shooting by an officer of the st. anthony's police department, streamed live by his fianceée on facebook, called national outrage. castile had a gun in the car and a permit to carry. the family says castile was the victim of racial profiling. the family's pastor are reverend steve daniels, jr., agreed but asked mourners to come together. >> we're not each other's enemy, so i hope this child's death will be that seed that will
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produce us coming together. >> reporter: reverend daniels reminded those gathered here that blacks and whites donate blood to each other. he asked, scott, if we can exchange blood, why can't we exchange love? >> pelley: anna werner reporting tonight. anna, thank you. we have a quick update on the situation still unfolding in nice, france. the interior ministry of france now says officially there will be "several dozen dead in the nice truck attack." there are more reports also that the driver of the truck was shot dead by police. coming up next on the "cbs evening news," danger on the highways. angry drivers. and later, one woman's stand against violence.
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>> pelley: road rage has become such a problem that connecticut put this advice in its driver's manual: "if you want the wave to another driver, please, use all your fingers." well, we were thumbing through a surprising new study today. here's kris van cleave. >> sir, calm down. >> reporter: road rage caught on a cell phone camera in ramona, california, just outside of san diego over the weekend. >> if i wouldn't have jumped out of the way, he definitely would have hit me. >> reporter: photographer alex stone was taking pictures of a car when the driver of this giant s.u.v. lost it. >> i thought he was going to hit my equipment. i was scared for myself, as well. >> reporter: a new a.a.a. foundation study finds nearly 80% of drivers express significant anger, aggression or road rage behind the wheel at least once in the last year. an estimated 51% of drivers, that's 104 million people, purposely tailgated, and 47% of drivers yelled at another driver.
6:49 pm
a.a.a.'s tamra johnson. >> i think some of the most disturbing numbers are the eight million drivers that are admitting to getting out of their vehicle and approaching another driver or purposely ramming or bumping another car with their vehicle. >> reporter: road rage videos of drivers fighting with bats, pulling guns, or breaking windows have all gone viral. in may an argument between drivers turned into a fight in the streets of houston. then one driver rammed the other's car and took off. >> a car kind of affords us a certain level of safety and anonymity. >> reporter: mike mccloskey is a professor of psychology at temple university. he spoke to us on sunday morning. what is it about driving that makes some people just so angry? >> we're all trying to get to a from b. you usually haven't given yourself enough time to do that, so the trip itself is very, very stressful. >> reporter: fatal road rage incidents are on the rise, scott, between 2010 and 2014,
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usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. >> pelley: during the protests after a police shooting in baton rouge, louisiana, iesha evans stood her ground. she told gayle king of "cbs this morning" that she stepped up after seeing an officer adjust his weapon. >> reporter: how does it go from that to you are now nose to nose with a police officer? >> i felt the urge the walk into the street. i needed to see them. i needed to see the officers. i needed to see their faces. >> reporter: so iesha, you just walk in the street, even though you're told not to walk in the street. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: and you stand nose to nose and you don't say anything? >> nothing. >> reporter: and what are they saying to you? >> nothing. it was silence. it was a lot of done verbal communication. >> reporter: what did you want
6:54 pm
your silence to say? >> i'm human. i'm a woman. i'm a mom. i'm a nurse. i could be your nurse. i could be taking care of you. you know, our children could be friends. we all matter. we don't have to beg to matter. we do matter. >> pelley: you can see gayle's interview tomorrow on "cbs this morning." and we'll be right back with an update on the nice, france, attack. isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic
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>> pelley: several dozen people are dead in this attack in nice, france, this evening where a truck plowed into a crowd celebrating bastille day. elaine cobb is in paris following develops.
6:58 pm
elaine? >> reporter: the regional deputy police chief says several dozen people were killed when the truck plowed into the crowd. a local reporter on the scene saw the large transport truck drive directly up on to the promenade and into the crowds of people gathered to watch the bastille day fireworks. local media report the driver opened fire. they posted a photograph that appeared to show the vehicle riddled by bullets. a security perimeter has been set up. police are urging people to stay away from the downtown area. >> pelley: elaine cobb reporting for us in paris. again, we do not have solid, reliable casualty figures, but the french interior ministry is now saying officially that many dozens of people have been killed. also we do not know what the motive of this attack might have been, although france has been the target of islamic terrorism. that's the "cbs evening news"
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tonight, dr. phil fights back against the tabloid. >> what the hell were you thinking? >> inside his shocking $250 million lawsuit. plus, hollywood's new mom-shaming controversy. online haters attacking celebs over every little move victoria beckham kissing her daughter. >> kristen cammalleri's two skinny sons. we're with the stars taking a stand against the bully. >> if you go after mykids, i'm going to attack you. >> and our live exclusive with fred savage. can he be her next permanent co-host. we're celebrrting with today's emmy nominees. >>is your, it's first emmy nomination. >> who made history. let the champagne flow. >> o


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