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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  July 16, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> that's the ticket! indiana governor mike pence formally introduced as donald trump's running mate. the two sit down for first join interview. >> what do you think about your running mate's campaign and the tone and the negativity of it? >> also tonight, security concerns at the republican convention site in cleveland. we're on the ground in turkey, where chaos follows a failed attempt to overthrow the u.s. friendly government. and remembering the little leaguer and his father, killed in an overseas attack. >> he always wanted to make people laugh and play games. this is the "cbs weekend news."
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good evening i'm reena ninan. exactly 13 months after donald trump announced ocean running for president he's formally introducing his running mate. the 57-year-old mike pence. 13 years younger and staunch conservative. he's serving his first term as governor after 12 years in kong press. pence is an evangelical christian, married, three children. major garrett was there for the unveiling of the g.o.p. ticket. >> i'm here to introduce the man who will be my partner in this campaign. >> yes, but donald trump took his sweet time to get to indiana governor mike pence. first came the headlines. terror attack in nice, france, that postponed this announcement by a way. >> we've witnessed horror beyond belief. >> then the failed coup in turkey. >> looks like they're resolving the difficulty, we wish them well. >> then a bit on jobs. >> they have been taken away like we're babies. taken away. >> then trump used pence to tee
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up an attack on hillary clinton. >> mike pence is a man of honor, character and honesty. we though that. hillary clinton is the embodiment of corruption. >> at times, trump seemed to lose the point of the entire event. >> we're the law and order party. i said, don't go into iraq. i said, that brexit going to happen. i dominated with evangelicals. we're going to get rid that have horrible johnson amendment. >> about eight minutes later. >> all right. back to mike pence. >> trump got back to the task at hand. >> governor pence balanced the budget. can you image in a balanced budget? indiana enacted the largest 2-12 education funding increase. in the state's history. governor pence enacted the largest income tax cut in the state's history. >> people who know me well know i'm a basic guy. >> pence who endorsed ted cruz in indiana's primary heaped
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praise on trump. >> donald trump understands the frustrations and the hopes of the american people like no leader since ronald reagan. we're tired of having politicians in both parties in washington, d.c. fell us we'll get to those problems tomorrow. >> and then threw partisan punches. >> hillary clinton must never become president of the united states of america. >> after the announcement trump and pence sat for a joint interview that will air sunday on "60 minutes." >> what do you think about your running mate's campaign and the tone and the negativity of it? >> i think this is a good man who mass been talking about the issues the american people care about. >> and name calling? >> said he agreed with trump's call known as waterboarding. a cia director said earlier this week post 9/11 use of waterboarding produced credible and valuable intelligence. he said he would not use the practice now. he said if he was ordered to do so, we resign. >> major garrett, thank you.
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>> scene is set for the republican national convention. the quicken loans arena will serve as a base. >> as the trump ticket made its debut, construction crews were putting the final touches on the arena where donald trump will officially become the republican presidential nominee. political conventions tend to be choreographed down to the minute. but heading into this event there are several unknowns. the top concern here, security. this morning, rain kept protests at a minimum, but organizers and law enforcement aren't taking chances. in the last 24 hours, the area around the quicken loans arena has turned into a security fortress. streets are closed and barriers block access. thousands of police and federal officials are here on high alert. another question, money. organizers had insisted there are no problems. but this week's politico reported that the host committee
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sent a letter to billionaire g.o.p. donor sheldon adlson, asking for $6 million dollars. saying negative publicity around trump has turned 'wail millions of dollars. said it wasn't authorized and mischaracterized. the host committee has contacted the adelsons staff to 'pop guys. they wrote, the efforts to raise funds for the rnc are ongoing. what about the stop trump movement? they tried and failed this week to change the rules that could have denied trump the nomination on the convention floor. >> they killed the conscience clause but they didn't kill the z. kendall unruh heads a group leading anti-trump efforts. they will still make their voices heard. >> the very thing that the rnc and trump were truly trying to stop they have now guaranteed they will get. >> unruh said the mike pence pick may convince some conservative delegates to
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support trump. but, she also predicted that pence will get more votes here on the floor for vice president than trump will get for president. >> thank you. we'll stay with cbs news for full interview with donald trump and mike pence airs sunday night on "60 minutes." also sunday john dickerson hosts "face the nation" from the quicken loans arena in cleveland. his guests include trump campaign manager, paul manafort, former house speaker newt gingrich and cleveland police chief, calvin williams. scott pelley will have a special edition sunday evening from cleveland. our content coverage begins monday. celebrations in the streets of turkey after a violent attempt to overthrow the government. it failed. more than 2l260 people were killed in fight ink the cities of ankara and ins tan buell. thousands have been detained. turkish authorities blame the attempted coup in the united states.
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nato partner, flights have been suspended from major air base. holly williams is in istanbul. >> in taksim square, instance's symbolic heart, people chanted their support tonight for turkey's democratically elected government. less than 24 hours earlier in the same place, ordinary citizens faced down members of the military trying to seize power. a turkish businessman. >> i'm ready to die for my country. and for my leader. and for this i am here. please come. >> the failed coup began around 10:00 p.m. when tanks rolled on to city streets. military jets flew low over istanbul and the turkish capital, annika a. a bomb rocked the parliament building and members of the
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armed forces took control of turkish state tv, declaring marshal law. but then turkish president, recep tayip erdogan, called attickish tv station urging people to take to the streets. crowds of people heeded his call, confronting the tanks and the troops. even as they opened fire. this internet video appears to show a helicopter gun ship targeting a crowd of protesters. shortly after that, the soldiers behind the coup began to surrender abandoning their tanks and laying down their weapons. this young soldier appeared close to tears as he was lifted from his armored vehicle by a policeman. early this morning, president
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erdogan flew back to istanbul and promised to punish those who, in his words, turned the people's guns against the people. >> is it president is himself accused of chipping away at people's democratic rights. reena, this failed coup could provoke another crackdown and more restrictions on personal freedom here in turkey. >> holly williams on the ground in turkey. isis now claims influenced the driver of the truck that killed 84 people in nice, france. conflicting accounts are emerging about the truck driver. >> the city of nice today reopened the road that mohamed bouhlall turned into a killing field. but for those blindsided, life may never return to normal. one of the volunteers trying to locate presume victims. people are anxious to help.
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but this afternoon no one has seen 42-year-old aldja bouzaouit. she's been watching the fireworks on the beach that night, relatives wonder whether in the panic somehow she could have been pushed into the sea. the family thinks she may have drowned. >> well, we can't rule anything out. two days after the attack, there are still 16 bodies unidentified. this morning, isis claimed credit for bouhlall attack calling him soldier of caliphate. knowing he had history, no signs he'd been radicalized. his father in tunisia said he had a history of mental illness. he lived alone in this apartmentu he is changed from his wife and kids having recently lost his job. police are now combing through to see whether his troubles had finally turned him very recently towards extremist propaganda.
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france reeling from three major terrorist attacks in less than two years, the idea of unbalanced is a nightmare. interior minister said today that the country feels threat from individuals who engage in extreme violence without combat experience, training, or access to conventional arms. but of course, in the wrong hands, anything can be a deadly weapon. even a 17-ton truck. one of those still missing is 20-year-old nick leslie of the, a student at the university of california at berkeley. he was last seen running away from that truck on the night of the attack. >> family members still searching, elizabeth palmer, thank you. in addition to the missing student from berkeley three students from berkeley were injured. father and son from lakeway, texas, were killed in the attack. omar villafranca learned more about them today. >> 121-year-old brody copeland
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was excited about going on vacation before starting middle school. on thursday the unthinkable happened. brody and his father, sean copeland, were killed in nice, france. we talked to two of brody's classmates, alexandra and jenay who say, he was always making people smile. >> he always wanted to make people laugh and play games with you and stuff. if you ever left out he always wanted to help you and play with you. it was really cool. >> he wanted everybody involved. what do you remember about him? >> he always got a part in it. >> always? >> yeah. >> that's what everybody wants to get. >> right. he always -- >> being on stage? >> yeah. he made it seem like he wasn't on stage at all. >> the community will remember brody and sean tomorrow evening at a candlelight prayer service. their bodies will be flown back to the u.s. some time next week. lena? >> omar in texas.
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in fort worth, texas, police officers and navy personnel from around the country attended the funeral for dallas police officer patrick zamarripa. a gunman who wand revenge of african americans by police. he served in the navy before joining the police force a. protest over police shootings turned violent in san francisco. several demonstrators were arrested after clashing with police the demonstration in oakland briefly force add freeway to shut down. saturday marked one year since gunman killed four marines and a sailor at recruiting station in reserve center in chattanooga, tennessee. memorial was held in their honor. the navy is now placing armed sailors at all of the 1300 recruiting stations. coming up a town where tough times have some voters changing sides and turning to trump.
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>> ninan: cbs news poll our this week showed donald trump 11 points ahead of hillary clinton. now the question of who would do better on the economy? as done dahler found out in johnstown, pennsylvania, tough times are drawing voters to trump. >> there was a time when johnstown, pennsylvania, led the nation in steel production. that industry and its thousands of good paying jobs have long since left. >> this is a small town. it used to be like a small pittsburgh, it's just a hard hit area. >> reporter: welder john silk works at the last remaining factories. his faith in the future has been shaken. >> reporter: you were a life long democrat. >> yes. reporter: and wearing a trump t-shirt. >> it's a boost in the right
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direction. you can't -- can only go forward with him i don't think you can can go backwards. >> reporter: you lost five with the democratic party? >> yes. absolutely. >> reporter: another resident registered republican but first time in his life and also plans to vote for trump? >> we have would too many government regulations. donald trump talks about undoing them, letting our local industry do what they do best and create jobs. >> reporter: but restoring johnstown's former glory is a tough order. the average income here is less than half the national average. and 34% now live in poverty. >> our economy obviously not recovered from the crisis in 2008 so we got to start worrying about home. take care of this place first. >> reporter: pennsylvania has favored democrats in every presidential election since 1992. but this year, the ghosts of long-dead industries could have their final revenge. done dahler, cbs news,
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johnstown, pennsylvania. >> ninan: still ahead a medical update for the history books. was mary todd link con's well-known depression due in part to a physical cause?
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jen stops working, but her aleve doesn't. hey mom! because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours? >> ninan: well mary todd link conhad a lot of tragedy in her life. she lost two young children and of course was sitting next to president lincoln when he was assassinated. but now medical expert believes there was physical cause for her mental struggles.
6:52 pm
here's dr. jon lapook. >> reporter: history has not been kind to mary todd link con. wife of our 16th president she was tempestuous unpredictable force and her son eventually had her committed. salie field's 2012 portrayal showed a fierce and sharp-tongued first lady. >> you think i'm ignorant. when have i ever been easily bamboozled. >> this white area here is not her dress it's her skin. >> dr. john sotos says the famously fiery first lady was not only misunderstood but misdiagnosed. sotos, a new theory, her behavior was caused by pernicious anemia. >> that impairs the bodies ability to -- they become b12
6:53 pm
donate causes lots of problems in almost every organ. >> it was fatal illness until treatment was discovered decades after her death. the disease can lead to many of the symptoms exhibited by mary todd lincoln a sore mouth, pale skin, difficulty walking and psychiatric problems. it can also cause swelling. >> the puff puffiness is not in a way that would occur with accumulation of fat. >> reporter: today the disease can be picked up on a simple blood test and easily treated with b12 supplements. >> she had a sick brain and was doing the best she could in a very complicated, relentlessly demanding environment. and i think to have done as well as she did with the kind of handicaps that she had, i think that deserves admiration. >> reporter: dr. jon lapook, cbs news. >> ninan: pokemon go is a summer craze. the players are running into real life trouble.
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or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card. >> ninan: finally tonight a word of warning to occasionally stop and watch where you're going while playing the game of the summer, pokemon go. here's carter evans. >> reporter: in just two weeks, pokemon go has become the most popular mobile video game ever with crowds of players eagerly
6:57 pm
looking nor little monsters on their cell phones. even if it means abandoning their cars in new york city traffic to go chase a pokemon in central park. >> it's kind of crazy, actually. reporter: heck mob players are easy to start staring at their cell phones, the problems they're having trouble keeping track of their surroundings. earlier this week, two men chased a pokemon off a cliff in san diego. and game led 15-year-old autumn across a busy street in pittsburgh where she was hit by a car. her advice to players -- >> just be careful. watch where you're going. >> reporter: there's -- >> this man could have used that suggestion before he walked into a pond in brooklyn. >> reporter: the game landed robin in jail after she decided to chase a pokemon into the toledo zoo after hours. >> we were just like, hey, i got a crazy idea. let's hop the fence!
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>> reporter: rangers in los angeles are encouraging players to come to their parks by offering guided pokemon tours. >> just want people to stay on the trails. >> stay on the trails, yes. stay on the trails and avoid danger that could possibly be out in nature. like rattlesnakes and poison oak and ticks. >> reporter: all those fun things. anything to catch them all. carter evans, cbs news. los angeles. >> ninan: that's the cbs weekend news for this saturday. later, "48 hours" and coverage of the republican national convention kicks off tomorrow morning on "face the nation." scott pelley will have a special edition of the cbs weekend news from cleveland tomorrow night. our prime time coverage begins monday. the news always continues on our 24 hour digital network cbsn on i'm reena ninan in new york. thank you for joining us. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs
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