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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 17, 2016 5:05am-6:01am EDT

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announcement. >> the nominees for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series are -- anthony anderson -- >> whoo! hi, mama! >> i saw anthony's name and i did that. and then when he said my name. >> tracee ellis ross! "black-ish"! >> i called my mom. >> when you call diana ross with an emmy announcement what does she say in. >> i didn't call diana ross. i called my mom. she said i'm going to call you right right back. i said mom you have to wake up. she goes why? what's happening? i said i'm no, ma'amed for an emmy. you can go to sleep. she said i can't go back to sleep. >> the people versus o.j. simpson. the fx show was nominated along with its stars john travolta, sarah paulson, courtney b. vance, david schwimmer. >> it's your first emmy nomination. >> he played chris darden. >> you guys had a total of 22
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nominations. how does that make you feel right now? >> i'm so happy for everybody involved. to see it come to fruition, to see how critically it's been received. to see how popularly it has been received has been overwhelming. >> next, snubbed. julianna margulies who had an impressive final season on "the good wife" was shut out. and surprise, no major noms for "the big bang theory." and julia louis-dreyfus nominated for her role on "veep." if she wins this year she'll be the first to claim five in a row in that category. and back to "black-ish." >> the hell with it. >> boy, did anthony get a laugh out of the champagne we brought to toast. >> only on "black-ish" will we celebrate with leroy champagne! it says it right there on the label! >> you bought it? >> leroy. she brought us leroy.
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or it's fancy. we're drinking le-roy. >> i'm going to give you a sec to get your calendars out. the emmy awards will air live sunday september 18th. we'll be there for all the action. this weekend at the box office it is all about the ladies of "ghostbusters." kevin frazier sat down with melissa mccarthy and the cast. he was also with them at their big hollywood premiere. >> of course that was before melissa and hen err tyne squad took over the empire state building. >> my kids are playing with our action figures today. and i just saw it. i don't know what to make of it. >> there are people dancing and there's ghosts. it's bananas, yeah. >> hollywood boulevard, haunted. the fashion -- >> it's very hot. >> kate mackinnon in versace. kristen wiig in jenny packham. melissa in one of her own
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designs. >> it is so elegant and beautiful. >> i wanted to wear yellow. and then a baby is born. a dress baby. >> but all eyes were on leslie jones. yeah that drama where leslie couldn't find a designer to help her with her dress. >> i'm mad as hell. >> we're kind of glad it happened because it brought her together with designer christian siriano. >> there's only one person whose outfit matters. >> i'm not going to tell anything. >> oh, really? that's the picture we'll be seeing around the world. >> i'm like, i have been exercising. i have been -- i can't be fat. i can't -- i want to look perfect. >> yep. she nailed it. a red carpet win for leslie. >> b . >> pow! pow! >> you like it? >> it looks incredible. >> it takes a real designer to design for a real woman.
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>> let's go. >> oh, no. >> the ladies are of course giving the reboot their own twist including some unexpected comedy from chris hemsworth. we hear he's got a surprise at the end of the movie. >> don't listen. >> i won't. >> what was it like when he starts dancing? are you guys standing on the side roaring with laughter? >> i mean, everything about it was just like -- it kept getting cooler and more surprising. >> and when you're in a big action movie there's all that merchandising. >> what's it like when you first get your action figure and you start to play with it? like what do you do with your action figure? >> well, thus far i haven't sat around in pigtails. >> of course playing a ghostbuster doesn't mean you believe in ghosts. does it? >> do you believe in ghosts? >> i do. i know enough to know i don't know. i don't believe that anybody hasn't walked into a room or been somewhere where they're just like, that was weird. >> this reboot of the 1980s
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comedy classic is a hit with those original ghostbusters, including dan aykroyd. >> concepts like this are sound. they stand the test of time. >> what does it mean to be at the end of this journey now? >> it's amazing. i always think it's bittersweet. it's been so fun. now we're putting it out there in the world. >> now here it goes. >> yeah, now here it goes. >> coming up, our "star trek: beyond" exclusive. only "e.t." is on set with chris pine. >> then do hollywood mothers have it as rough as the rest of us? the when you've got... ...nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea! nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea! here's pepto bismol! ah. nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea.
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>> if you're not hanging with "e.t.," you're not a part of the action. >> comic-con! >> next week on "e.t." >> our comic-con coverage is going to be amazing. >> it's going to be crazy. >> while everyone waits for it, we have a "star trek: beyond" exclusive. >> fans are freaking out. they are so eager to get the first look. especially now that star john cho who plays sulu has revealed that his character is gay. it was supposed to be in honor of the original sulu, gay activist george takei. but when we talked to george he told us he's not really into it. >> i'm pleased that they're dealing with the gay idea. >> but it shouldn't be sulu. >>, that's right. exactly. >> do you still plan to see the film? >> oh, of course. i'm eagerly looking forward to it. and i think this publicity is going to help the box office. they're all going to go to see the new gay sulu. way baby. >> when we were on the "star trek" set john cho who plays sulu gave us a hint about the anything news from "star trek:
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beyond." sulu is gay, married and a father. >> sulu has a heartache for his little baby and has brought his picture to his console. >> and cutting. >> thank you. >> and just this week in london john spilled even more on his new family. >> they live on the base that's in danger. it's a bit of a personal journey for him this time. >> other changes within the franchise, the powerful theme song from rihanna. >> "star trek" has been a part of my life since i was a little girl. my dad really is the one who introduced me to "star trek." it just took me one episode to fall in love with this other world that i couldn't understand but i felt like i could relate to. ♪ i hit a wall >> rihanna transformed and used elements of the film for her video for "sledgehammer." ♪ i hit a wall >> besides swarm ships and floating rocks -- >> action. >> high-octane action. brand new aliens and one of the best-looking casts you'll see
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this summer. still feeling the love after nearly a decade since the first movie, something they all mentioned when we hung out behind the scenes. >> we really have grown to love one another. >> i literally feel like we are morphing into the orange many cast and we've really grown close and we're like a family. >> we missed zoe saldana, mom of twins who was at home with a sick baby. but the real question is does captain kirk change diapers? >> oh, yeah. family man. i'll babysit. i'm not that great with kids but i can figure it out. >> you can help out. >> sure. >> now despite all the changes it is still the 50th anniversary of "star trek" so we're told to expect a lot of throwbacks to the original in this film. >> lieutenant nichols, that's my girl. that's my name, don't wear it out. "bad moms" is out july 29th and kevin frazier got an inside look at the lives of the cast. the ladies all got together for a candid chat about parenting and their men. >> i have a really great
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husband. i really do. no, no, i really do. there hasn't been enough time for me to be like pay attention. he's still like -- he's still super present. and we only have a 21-month-old. we're very new at this. >> mila and practically perfect hubby ashton kutcher are expecting baby number two. but the truth about motherhood, it's a tough job. >> what was it like the first time post children you got to go out? >> it was great. and then i was exhausted. >> my husband and i went to -- he took me to the cure concert for my birthday right after my daughter was born. and we fell asleep. >> i'll get a sitter on a tuesday night. >> struggle is real. the bad moms in the movie go where most of us only dream to. >> don't punish your kids. don't say no to your kids. >> how do you balance all this craziness? >> it's never going to be perfect. and then you don't beat yourself up if you feel you've chosen wrong. that's a key part of it. >> i'm so tired of trying to be the perfect mom. i'm done.
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>> i would say just the mere fact of having so much pressure you put on yourself and constantly being disappointed in your own self is something i had to deal with very early on. i'd battle with my daughter all the time, how do you raise a kid in today's society that's not going to turn out to be [ bleep ] -- >> one other thing. i did not know that moms still do like the hot dads out there. >> we had kids. we're not dead. >> we appreciate a fine figure. >> absolutely. >> we're not immune. >> as my mother would say, just because you're on a diet doesn't mean you can't look at the menu. that's what i've learned from my mother. >> i love that response. case in point, hot dads. right here. >> where? >> coming up, we're inside yankee stadium for garth brooks' new york takeover as we flash back to his record-breaking central park contest. >> that was sweet. >> if people show up great. >> then i'm sitting down with spice girl mel b. telling me the surprising and sexy way she lost 30 pounds. >> that's great.
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i think that's the kind of thing people want to hear at home. >> plus wha
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we want to celebrate and have a party. and when we do -- >> you're all invited! >> going to be a party. yes indeed. last friday we all got the sense we were getting the spice girl reunion after geri halliwell, emma bunton and mel b. released a video with the message we hope to tell you soon. cryptic. it was from their youtube channel space girl gem. and the gem stands for geri, emma and mel. >> no posh or sporty spice? what are you talking about? >> i don't know. >> i talked with mel b. right here on our set after the 20th anniversary of the spice girls hit "wannabe." ♪ i tell you what i want, what i really really want ♪ >> there seems to be a couple people missing in there. >> yeah. >> how's that going to work? >> they're there in spirit. but we have like a few little surprises that hopefully
5:21 am
everyone will be excited about. >> not like there's any fighting inside the spice girls -- that would be such a buzz kill. >> we come from girl power. we're all about girl power. we started it as five. and you know, in spirit all five of us are always going to still do that. >> in case there are some spots that are available, we have a fantastic possible substitute. >> who? >> mel, i love you. and you know if one of the girls is not coming, i'm going to be that missing spice girl. i'm going to be sweetie spice. >> sweetie spice! what do you think? >> i sit next to heidi during "america's got talent." and she has the most high-pitched voice you've ever heard in your whole entire life. ♪ i love you to bits, heidi, but maybe next time. >> "america's got talent." number one show in the summer ten years in a row. what do you like most about it? do you like watching the talent
5:22 am
act? in your hot clothes. or simon? >> he created the show. it was the first show he ever created. so it's nice to kind of have the original person as part of the crew. and i'm glad that i'm not fired yet. >> i can't keep talking about all this without mentioning the fact you that look amazing. if you had to give me three things that helped you the most to get back into shape, what were the three things? >> sex, sex, and more sex. can we say that? >> that's great. i think that's the kind of answer that people want to hear at home. 1997, we have a clip. >> oh. >> spice girls' very first "e.t." interview. you've got to see it. >> oh, my gosh. >> we're the spice girls! >> and we're going to bring girl power to your station! anytime, anyday, anywhere. >> beware. >> i've got a question for you. what does a guy got to do to become a spice guy? >> don't try and control your woman. >> whoa. >> i love that. >> you got a little serious on that. don't try and control your woman. >> all right. and i love the fact we all talk
5:23 am
over each other, which we still do to this day. >> i've got some rapid-fire questions. >> oh, good. >> do you still keep any of your old spice girl costumes? >> of course i do. i have a whole storage bay. >> favorite judge on agt. >> myself of course. >> what would you rather double date with? are you ready for this? kim and kanye, mariah and her billionaire fiance james packer. taylor swift and thomas hiddleston. >> i'd have to go with taylor swift. i want to know why she changes her boyfriends so much. i want to live vicariously -- >> would you ask her -- go ahead. >> how did you do it and why did you do it? >> you know i dressed up like scary spice for halloween. >> i have to see that photo. >> me and my crew were the spice girls. i'll show you that picture in private sometime. >> i loved talking to her. >> she's a lot of fun. it has been of course 20 years since "wannabe," but we've got another music milestone for you. how about garth brooks playing new york city for the first time in nearly 20 years?
5:24 am
our jennifer was back there with garth and his wife tricia yearwood talking about playing the venue. >> right there! ♪ >> are you excited? do you get nervous? >> yeah, you get nervous. and yes, i'm excited. of course. >> nervous and jittery? >> yeah. he's a pacer anyway. he doesn't sit. >> we didn't have new york on the world tour schedule. because how do you come back from central park? when the phone rings from yankee stadium, my god, yes. of course. >> garth is the first country music act to ever perform in yankee stadium. but we were with garth back in 1997 when nearly a million people jammed central park. >> my job anywhere i go is to make no matter what size the
5:25 am
room as small as i can. i'd never seen that many people in my life. i just remember how beautiful the weather was. >> not the case last weekend, where rain seemed to play along with the "thunder rolls" singer. ♪ thunder rolls >> one of the things out here is the weather. everything's on a ramp here. so if it rains, that's not good. >> the fans didn't seem to mind. everyone still sang along. ♪ i've got friends in low places ♪ and you can sing along with garth on his upcoming sirius xm channel. no doubt you'll here garth's new album when it arrives in the fall. >> as the tour starts to wind down, this radio channel will start to kind of take over. so i'm hoping they're prepared for the long haul because that's what we're hoping for. >> and by the way, this week garth launched "inside studio g," a monday night conversation which of course you will want to check out every single week. it gives fans a live look at the creation of garth's new album. i love him so much. >> i know you do. >> "no fences" was my very first album. and that music still holds true today. >> still ahead, preparing to
5:26 am
marry her shark tank billionaire. >> this is the first time i've tried on wedding dresses. >> what a bridezilla. >> and julianne hough dangling from the edge of a cliff? can the dancing darling survive in the wilderness? >> there's a snake right there. i'm not going to eat that. >> closed captioning provided by --
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that's home and auto insurance for the modern world. esurance, an allstate company. click or call. esurance does insurance a smarter way. they offer a single deductible, which means you don't pay twice when something like this happens, which saves money. esurance is built to save. that's home and auto insurance for the modern world. esurance, an allstate company. click or call. if you're just joining us, here are this week's top five stories. number 5:00 tori spelling's financial trouble. new court papers confirm she and husband dean mcdermott owe the state of california nearly $260,000 in unpaid taxes. her rep tells us she's not commenting on this latest money drama. >> just because i'm an actor, just because i'm on tv doesn't mean that i don't make financial choices that aren't good. >> number 4, dr. phil sues the tabloids. the suit claims a.m.i., publisher of "national enquirer," "star" magazine and
5:30 am
radaronline, has published more than 80 false articles about the mcgraws. in a statement to "e.t." dr. phil's attorney states, "many of the articles have focused for years on allegations that doctor and mrs. mcgraw are on the verge of a divorce or have decided to file for a divorce." his lawyer also states the couple of nearly 40 years are "role models for the happily married." the publisher's response? "a.m.i. looks forward to successfully defending itself against dr. phil in a court of law." number 3, the new emmy nominees. >> would you present your tv wife with some flowers, please? >> all right. >> from the "black-ish" crew to the cast of "the people versus o.j. simpson," we were with the stars celebrating their nominations. ph phillip k. brown played chris darden. zbluf a total of 22 nominations. how does that make you feel right now? >> i'm so happy for everybody involved. >> number 2, taylor swift. emmy nominee tom hiddleston
5:31 am
denied rumors their relationship is fake telling "the hollywood reporter" taylor swift and i are together and we're very happy. it's not a publicity stunt." this after a war between taylor and her ex calvin harris after smith's rep confirmed taylor secretly wrote calvin's hit song "this is what you came for," which was recorded by rihanna. and the number one story this week, jennifer aniston's op-ed on body shaming. "i am not pregnant. what i am is fed up." bikini photos last month had some wondering if jen was pregnant. she points out, "we are complete with or without a mate, with or without a child. we get to decide for ourselves what is beautiful when it comes to our bodies." >> i agree 100 thousand billion percent with that. i think everybody needs to stop tearing down women. >> go to for the latest. how is the relationship developing? >> well, we'll see after the dancing's over. she might be a totally different person. she may turn.
5:32 am
>> oh, she turned all right. she turned right into your fiance. just months after our interview "dancing with the stars" pro kym johnson and her partner from season 20 "shark tank's" robert herjavec locked it down and got engaged. >> love, love. their wedding is a couple weeks away. this bride to be, she's got to get a dress. >> the key elements i'm looking for in a dress is elegant and timeless. >> kym johnson looks good in anything. but what exactly does a "dancing with the stars" professional wear when she marries a millionaire? >> i think people see me on "dancing with the stars" with the rhinestones and this and that and think i'm going to go with something sparkly. but i feel like i'm going to go with something a bit more simple. >> one thing's for sure, bringing in your stylish friend a must. carson kressley helped the soon to be bride work her way through the racks for >> what do you think of this short little number? >> i think it's a bit too sparkly. beautiful. but no. >> oh, my god. what a bridezilla. >> kim's keeping her final pick a secret until the big day.
5:33 am
but we did get a major clue about where the wedding will be. >> it's not as formal as i think your venue is but it's really pretty on you. >> carson didn't spill any more details but as always he was wearing honesty like only he can. >> if there was one that didn't look good i would say so. but she looks great in everything. there was one. >> carson kressley with a little shade there. listen, she should forget about carson actually because it's robert she has to keep in check. not only did he announce on the radio that they were honeymooning in bora bora, he even gave away the name of their hotel. yeah. following the couple throughout their wedding day. i would have strangled him. >> and with that information the paparazzi's going to be following them all through their honeymoon. come on now. >> smart man, cameron mathisen. >> rookie move. all right. to another "dancing" alum. julianne hough is also a bride-to-be. she and fiance brooks laich are working a sweat with hough's bro derek. but it turned out her idea of
5:34 am
staying active can be a little bit dangerous. >> the way you move directly affects the way you feel and we want people to feel amazing. >> the 27-year-old isn't just feeling amazing. she also looks it. which is a good thing seeing as she needed to be fit for her african adventure with survivalist bear grylls on his show "running wild." >> oh, my god. now there's a snake. >> julianne told us she's definitely scared of snakes but there was something else that worried her. >> i should be scared about that. and i was scared about it. was eating and drinking. whatever he had planned for us. >> she was right to be concerned because bear managed to combine her two biggest fears into one delicious package. >> one thing that always springs into my mind when i see a snake like that, and that's dinner. >> i'm not going to eat that. >> well, i am. >> no, no, no. >> the former "dancing with the stars" pro was also put to the test as she rappelled down a mountain at the mercy of a deodorant can. >> yeah! >> and then there was elephant
5:35 am
dung. >> what? just gag reflex just kicked in. >> she left the wild with a glowing report card. >> she was incredible. she was strong. she was committed. her great strength is her attitude. >> but the question is what are her chances for survival? >> strong and high. i mean, this really is the girl. >> i thought the paso doble was tough. bear grylls and you out in the wild, would you do it? >> cameron mathisen, i'm a country girl. i grew up on a farm. what do you think? >> yes. >> i'm there. on the way we've got oprah talking about her weight loss struggles. >> i had a rough week last week. >> then the mariah nick cannon divorce. >> there were so many rumors out there like i was holding something up. >> but first we think forever in your nine-dmind is an artist yo should know. ♪ hurricane when the lights go out ♪ >> i'm going to take a chance on you. i'm going to give you a c. >> the boy band was born in 2013
5:36 am
on "the x factor" and now the guys are out with their self-titled debut. >> we're excited to put music out there that's us and we wrote. it's so cool. it's surreal. >> ladies, we asked ricky, liam sxemry the question you want to know. who's single? >> we're single. >> i'm dating a pillow. >> before we let them go we had to let them sing their hi
5:37 am
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welcome back, everybody. check out oprah getting to new heights. it's quite a view. you just got to talk to lady o about how she stays so rnly fit. >> she's lady omg in my eyes because oprah looks so fantastic. i was in new orleans recentlit for the essence special where she was celebrating her new own series and also she was showing off that new fabulous figure. >> yes. >> we have to talk about this figure and this lady and this dress. you look amazing, oprah. i've got to stand back for a second. yes, honey. you look so good. she's lost at least 30 pounds since last august thanks to her weight watchers regimen. but oprah's keeping mum on her goal weight for now. >> i'm going to wait until i get to where i really want to be. >> but wait. >> i had a rough week last week. i had 27 people at my house every day. there was breakfast, lunch and dinner. so i was just trying to hold on and not gain weight.
5:40 am
but i'm still on it. >> how much do you want to do? >> i don't have a number. it's a feeling. i can go to the store. i can take that size. it's available. i don't have to like have it altered and all that stuff. >> she looks amazing. but there's another milestone in the oprah universe that's got us a little misty-eyed. >> in september it would have been 30 years since the premiere of "the oprah winfrey show." it would have been 30 years, oprah. >> yes! >> i know. >> are you trying to make me cry? >> i'm about to cry. >> i'm oprah winfrey, and welcome to the very first national oprah winfrey show! >> do you ever look back and say, should i have stayed? 30 years? >> no. i never wanted to be the person for whom people would say that show was so good two years ago. i never wanted to be the person who didn't know when to exit the party. it was the glorious, most
5:41 am
amazing platform anybody could have to speak to millions of people every day. and i think i exited at the exact right moment. >> the queen of own made her very first appearance at the festival where she delivered the keynote speech. >> anything you hear about me that feels good, sounds good, you think about i wonder what oprah's doing, how's she doing, i am living the dream. >> she also celebrated the premiere of her latest project, the tv drama "queen sugar" created by her pal ava duvernay and set to debut on own in september. all episodes of the series will be directed by women. >> you want to be an empowered women? empower other women. and that just -- that lives with me. >> what's the best piece of advice that she's ever given you? >> i was talking with her during a difficult time. and she told me, this is not happening to you. this is happening for you. but it really changed the way i thought about all the obstacles and challenges in life. >> what's up, essence fest? come on! >> also at the annual festival
5:42 am
that celebrates empowering women, tyra banks and beyonce's mom tina knowles lawson. but no one matched mariah carey's entrance. >> i am very happy to be here. >> it's a trifecta for me. three of my favorites. oprah, new orleans, and essence fest. >> you love it. >> great turnout. 250,000 people in one place partying together. >> come on. i love. >> it's like a family reunion it's so good. people also went crazy for mariah. and guess where she went after she left new orleans. >> i can only imagine. >> she went to italy, darling, on a yacht. >> of course she did. that's a good mariah. >> and the babies. roc and ro. >> her ex was in new york for fashion week. we talked to nick cannon. he had a little flair. a turban. i was a little surprised. he cleared up all those rumors about mariah and why he hasn't signed the divorce papers two years after they split. >> there were so many rumors i was withholding something.
5:43 am
no. that's clearly not the case. who put that out there? >> those rumors hinted that by not signing the papers yet he's keeping mariah from tying the knot with billionaire james packer. >> i wish it was that easy, you could find something like -- oh, i'm done. but it's a lot of things that are beyond my control. only thing that's important to me are my children. and i want what's best for them and i believe my ex feels the exact same way. again, you've got to respect the process. luckily that's all behind us now and everybody can move on and be happy and that's where we are. >> but their split didn't seem so friendly last month when he released this rap titled "divorce papers." ♪ fling them out ♪ the tieme you spend with your own kids it's called visitati visitation ♪ ♪ man, sign these papers >> that was my venting process of like showing people what this last 2 1/2 to 3 years has been going on in my mind. i've never really been able to
5:44 am
be so personal on that level. so i wasn't upset with anyone. like i said, if i was upset with anyone, i was upset with the process. >> well, there was no sign of that frustration as nick attended the perry ellis show, nothing but smiles and style. >> man, i'm so excited. i've actually had a long relationship with perry ellis. so i've got to come here and get dressed and get all fly. >> still to come, 17 years after jfk jr.'s tragic death, the new documentary and "e.t.'s" flashback. our candid moments with john jr. >> what we're trying to do is get people's attention. >> then "the bachelorette" exposed. new claims from one of the show's most hated villains of all time. >> this is what makes great tv. >> what he says is real and what is fake. >> my heart is broken. >> that's ahead. but first -- >> this weekend in the internet internet birthdays. which "snl" alum has a degree in sports information? is it will ferrell, jimmy fal
5:45 am
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5:48 am
what makes it interesting is you know, you reveal a little bit of yourself. >> what about all the attention, john? is it kind of embarrassing? >> a little bit. >> his fame transcended that of many hollywood stars. notoriously private he opened up when we asked him about handling the press attention after he married carolyn bissett. >> probably more of a jarring change for my wife but she'll get used to p it. >> now a new documentary shows us another side of john through kennedy family home movies and the eyes of his celebrity friends. >> he lived his life the way he wanted to. >> king privileges. and he didn't want them. >> cnn's christiane amanpour was one of jfk jr.'s housemates when they were in college. >> very much a kennedy. very devoted to his family, to the name, to the history. >> the man "e.t." knew was
5:49 am
trying to shed his sexiest man alive image. he became a journalist and founded the political magazine "george." >> clearly what we're trying to do is get people's attention to entertain people about politics because the way we figure if you entertain people you'll get them interested and if you get them interested then they may get involved. >> it was john's idea to have celebrities on the cover in historical outfits. he would often interview the stars himself. kennedy told us he chose tom hanks for a cover because the oscar winner was enchanted with our space program, which was spearheaded by president kennedy. >> he has been an enthusiastic follower of the space program certainly since he was a boy. he tells about sitting in his parents' volkswagen and pretending it was the gemini space capsule. he said he could open the door and they couldn't. as we are oriented toward american history and finding the entertainment potential in that it's natural for to us include him. >> john tried to shrug off celebrity himself but through his magazine forged an alliance
5:50 am
with hollywood. >> a magazine can't really aspire to preach to people because it gets boring but if you entertain them hopefully the right things will follow. >> john gave up bachelorhood in 1996 when he married carolyn bisse bissett. >> she was querky, she was a bohemian. >> carolyn became an instant celebrity and fashion icon. >> how would you describe john and carolyn's relationship? what were they like as a couple? >> they were very playful. they were romantic. they were buddies. they were friends. they gossiped together and they had funny inside jokes. >> "e.t." saw just how playful they would be. rarely speaking to the media. she joked about mingling with good-looking men at a charity dinner. >> he's sitting with me. >> for a long time john jr. was one of america's most loved eligible bachelors.
5:51 am
>> indeed. >> now "the bachelorette's" chad johnson is pretty much the opposite. he's like most hated. >> but he's loving every minute of it. did you see one of chad's latest videos? here he was lifting weights at muscle beach in venice, california which by the way you go there to be seen. and check out this shot. working out his six-pack. it looks good. but we should just tell you he added that super slow-mo, not us. >> that is going deep. a guy who seems born to be a reality show villain. but was he actually created? we talked to a former "bachelorette" bad boy who claims it's all just part of a formula. >> if you notice the pattern, every single season has a villain. is that by fluke? no. absolutely not. this is what the producers want. this is what makes great tv. >> on season 6 wrestler justin rated r&r rego was the suitor we loved to hate. confronted by bachelorette ali fed tousky because he had a girlfriend back home. >> it's awful. it's unspeakable what you've done. >> rego says it wasn't exactly
5:52 am
like that. >> i knew ali wasn't for me. i actually wanted to go home in iceland. >> justin claims there's a formula that begins early none casting. just take a look at his audition tape. >> i am mr. rated r. >> one thing you should know about me is that i do a little bit of professional wrestling. >> i sparked their interest right from the get-go. i did use my wrestling name. justin rated r rego. as soon as they called me they said tell us about your name. i thoemd i used to be a wrestler. >> their second element involves pitting the villain against other guys, something we've seen with bad boy chad. >> when you all attack me there's absolutely nothing i can do. >> justin claims on his season the other suitors were forced to watch him bond with ali. >> they had all the guys witness that so when they were doing interviews with him they were like what do you think of that guy? do you think he's here for the right reasons? >> we're talking about you. >> kind of getting pissed off about this. >> soon as i realized that all eyes were on me i'm like great, i guess item villain in the season. >> that brings to element three.
5:53 am
rego says the producers pull all the strings behind the scenes. >> this is the best way i can explain it. they're puppetmasters. they will do what they can do to get the result that they still want. >> case in point, jun's dramatic exit from the show. >> i just did not want them to get footage and ironically i gave them the best footage ever of me jumping through bushes and stuff like that. they'll ask you the same questions over and over again. they'll ask you when you're sober and if they don't like your answer they'll ask you ken when you're drunk and that's when they'll get the good stuff. >> what does he think of chaed? >> he's a different type of villain than i was. i was more -- i'd like to think i was a little more charming. i'd probably end up getting into a fistfight with him if i was in the house with him. >> maybe it's just me but i'm sensing a lot of finger pointing. >> absolutely. >> the bottom line is these are the guys that say these things and do these things and nobody actually forced them. do you know what i mean? one more thing we know about reality show villains is we see
5:54 am
them come back. we'll see chad on the men tell all show. >> chad's also going to be part of the bachelor in paradise. >> chad's also going to be part of the bachelor in paradise. this begins airi whenoff the wheel to getands out of a tight spot. when you can relax with your foot off the brake and stay put. and when you enjoy 400 horsepower that's both smooth and controlled. that's the more human side of engineering. this is the lincoln summer invitation, hurry in now to your dealer for limited time offers! lease a lincoln mkx for $349 a month or get 0% apr for 60 months and just announced $1,000 dollars summer invitation bonus.
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look at all those stars with birthdays this weekend. corey feldman is 45. david hasselhoff is celebrating turning 64. and donald sutherland is 81. now, take a final look at your choices. which "snl" alum has a degree in sports information? that is will ferrell, who is 49 this weekend. happy birthday. >> monday on "e.t.," a george clooney bromance exclusive. randy gerber reveals crazy stories you won't believe. >> you really want to do this? >> that's monday. >> we are almost out of town this weekend but for all the late-breaking hollywood news go tower website >> but before we head out of here check out the video from need to breathe for her single "happiness." >> their album came out on friday. the guys are hitting new york city to perform on the "today" show on wednesday before they go on tour in august. >> enjoy the invoiced yeh and the rest of your weekend, everybody. bye-bye. ♪ i'm asking you to show me some
5:58 am
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new this morning the search is on for a suspect after a woman is stabbed to death in kensington. and the clues police hope will lead them to the killer. the republican national convention gets underway this week and delegates from our area are getting ready, coming up, a live report as they board buses bound for cleveland. plus, a muslim cleric accused of master minding a failed coup in turkey speaks from his home in the poconos and "eyewitness news" was the only local station to go inside his compound. it is sun take july 17th, good morning i'm rahel solomon. thanks for being with us. we will turn to justin drabick. good to see you again on a weekend. >> yesterday, we had some et


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