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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. nothing justifies violence against law enforcement. attacks on police are an attack on all of us. >> president obama con dems today's ambush on police officers in louisiana that left three of those officers dead and three others injured. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us. this the is the second deadly attack on law enforcement in the past ten days and tonight we're learning more about the man accused of opening fire on officers at a gas station in baton rouge. >> shots fired officer down. >> gavin long a decorated ex-marine acted alone when he exchanged gunfire with police officers at a gas station in baton rouge on sunday. the officers were responding to reports of a suspicious person dressed in all black with a gun. an eyewitness live streamed the rampage on social media >> he is military. >> cbs news has learned he
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rented a white chevy vehicle last week and drove to baton rouge. the five inquiry veteran also posted on social media under could say me. >> you got to fight back. that's the only way. >> in one of his final acts long tweeted just because you wake up every morning doesn't mean you're living. and just because you shed your physical body doesn't mean you're dead. investigators had more than a one mile long area shut down as they went over the crime scene for evidence. three officers were killed including montrell jack, who had been with the baton rouge police department ten years. >> we'll get through this as a family. we'll get through this as a community. >> reporter: officers eventually killed the gunman. baton rouge has been a city on edge since the police shooting of alton sterling nearly two weeks ago. local leaders are calling for calm again. >> we need to sit down and have realistic conversation about race relations in this city. >> kansas city police shutdown a
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road outside of long's home as investigators search for a motive behind his attack. marine officials say long receive an honorable discharge in 2010. >> the ambushed officers were remembered during a special prayer service in lansdowne delaware county. "eyewitness news" at international baptist church. many in the community came out to pray for the victims and their families. tonight, the pastor preached a message of love. police officers here in the delaware valley are mourning their fallen comrads and taking extra precaution, trang do is shrive from the 9th police department in center city with that part of the coverage. trang? >> reporter: natasha, philadelphia police department sent is officers to dallas for the memorial there is and they say they intended to the same thing for baton rouge. in the meantime, they're officers to patrol in pairs as a safety precaution. at philadelphia's fraternal
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order of police lodge, the flag flies at half staff for the five officers shot and killed in dallas on july 7th. >> we mourn for the families of all lost and we send our condolences to their families. >> these signs of mourning will remain along with a message of support for baton rouge. a city that lost three officers sunday in an ambush on law enforcement. three other officers were injured before shooter gavin long was killed. >> shots fired. officer down. >> the gunman's motive is unknown at this point. the attack happened amid rising tensions 'tween police officers and communities across the country. protesters took to the streets to demand justice to two black men shot and killed by police officers. >> every day i fear for the safety of police officers and the citizens. you have that one person out there no matter where you go,
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who just don't want to abide by the law. >> reporter: the latest shooting targeting police prompting safety precautions here. officers now required to parole in pairs. >> we got the figure out a way to get the community trusting the police officers again and police officers trusting the community again. there has to be answer out there somewhere. >> reporter: in the city is preparing for tens of thousands of protesters here for the democratic national convention in a week. they will receive help from police, the marines and national guard, if needed. for now, we're live outside the 9th police department, i'm trang do cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you very much. speaking of the dnc, we're just eight days away from the start of the dnc. for a guide to road closures and security zones head to the website the stage is set for republican national convention which kicks off tomorrow in cleveland. quicken loans arena where last
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minute preparations are underway. and security is a top priority. as "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden shows up, thousands of police officers will be on the job. >> reporter: security is tight around quicken loans arena where the gop is gearing up for its convention, cars entering the area are screened can't officers ranging from local police to the secret sce visibly out in force. >> we plan for anything and everything that could happen. >> reporter: how to to say turned out for the circle the city with love event attempting to tamp down tension in cleveland. >> this is an effort of love and peace and justice we hope that's exactly what we showed. >> there's concern ohio's open law could complicate matters. the head of the police union wants john kasich to issue an order banning protesters from carrying weapons. a spokesperson says the ohio governor does not have the power to arbitrarily to suspend
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constitutional rights. antitrump protesters are too out in force for the message for the businessman. >> the immigration bigotry that hysteria. we're going to push back against that. >> reporter: the convention floor is ready for republicans to welcome donald trump as their party's nominee. >> it's a very personal convention. you're going to have people who have known him speaking. >> reporter: inside the convention is expected to be scripted and controlled, there are security concerns outside. in the meantime, donald trump will speak on thursday night. it is expected. viewership will top the 30 million who watched mitt romney in 2012. in the stat center, i'm joel holden cbs3 "eyewitness news." well, local rnc delegates are in cleveland tonight. two dozen delegates from the philadelphia area rallied before boarding a bus in exton this morning. 54 of pennsylvania republican
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delegates are unbound but most have pledged to vote for trump. they say the goal is for the party to unify at the convention. >> i think donald trump has a background to create one of the solutions to the problem. and that's jobs. opportunities. african-american community, we need jobs. >> during the pennsylvania primary, trump won 57% of the republican vote. jessica dean will be live at the rnc next week. look for her reports right here on cbs3. meantime, presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton is holding on to a five point lead over donald trump. that's the way cnn poll. the numbers show little has changed for the candidates. a new campaign add from clinton paints trump as unfit to be president. the add suggests trump is not a steady leader and does not have the vision to handle foreign affairs. stay with us for coverage of
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campaign 16 online and and on tv with cbs news and of course, your "eyewitness news" news team right here on cbs3. busy night for firefighters in northeast philadelphia. battled this devastating fire at apple bee's restaurant. flames ripped through the roof on roosevelt boulevard. the fire department was called to the scene about 6:35. took about an hour or so to bring the flames under control. fire broke out while customers were inside eating dinner. >> self evacuating the staff did an excellent job getting everybody out of the building prior to our arrival. there was smoke on the roof and a small fire inside the front door. >> there were no injuries reported, and the cause is still being investigated at this hour. detectives investigating a murder mystery in northeast philly, someone found two women dead inside the roosevelt motor in on rosebowl in around their
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hands were bound behind their backs. it's unclear how the women died. police haven't made any arrests just yet. investigators say a body found in the shark river inlet in monmouth county new jersey is believed to be that of a 17-year-old diver who went missing yesterday. avon by the sea police say the body was found at the base of a bridge this afternoon. investigators say the 17-year-old was spear fishing when he went missing. he wasn't wearing scuba gear at the time. family and friends made final fair well to lewes firefighter tim mcclanahan today. the 46-year-old was killed when he fell from a helicopter during a training exercise at delaware coastal airport last week. the faa also delaware state police are investigating the tragic accident. septa regional rail riders are looking at a third week now of slowdown goes and delays.
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the transit authority released a new temporary schedule trying to help alleviate congestion. septa also released five more cars for its regional rails as it try to make up for all the 120 defective cars it had to take out of service. we have a link for you. the new rail schedule is on our website stay with us everyone, still to come on "eyewitness news" damaging storms hit the midwest. to see where the worst of the weather hit. also more than one tornado. >> the summertime returns tomorrow followed by showers and thunderstorms after those storms, a big break in the humidity. i'll let you know when to expect that in your full forecast coming up. >> later, see how thousands raised money for the families of fallen police officers. stay with us.
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. we remember a somber anniversary. 20 years ago today, twaflight 800 exploded and crashed off long island. all 230 people were killed. it to had just left jfk airport. investigators concluded it was not an act of terrorism. we're learning new details about the suspect who carried on you the bastille day attack. the developments come as residents and tourists in the receive the area continue to mourn the victims. cbs news correspond jonathan vigliotti ty has more. >> reporter: days before mohammad bouhlel carried out his deadly bastille day attack. he surveyed the area twice in a white truck. police questioned at least eight people including bouhlel's estranged wife. she since been released from custody. this resort town on the south coast of france is slowly recovering after the second major attack in the country in less than a year.
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nice's famous beaches and cafes are returning to normal. residents and visitors pay tribute to the dead. here along the promenade where the attack came to a deadly end, there are dozens of dineny morals. each one marks the spot where a person was hit. nearly 80 people died along the promenade or in the hospital. claudia who lives in nice was here when attack happened. >> i'm very sorry, cry, cry. see the people, kids, children. >> reporter: this tourist came to nice despite the terrorist attacks. >> people need to show resilience in these kinds of events. you can't put your life on hold and lock yourself up in your home. you got to carry on. >> reporter: but there is a long road ahead for the families of victims and the hundreds of injured. many still clinging to life. in nice, france, jonathan big lot ty, cbs3 "eyewitness news"
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sglchlt. thousands of turks radicalized. of on friday at least 294 people killed during clashes in turkey when parts of a turkish military attempted to cease pure power. 139 police personnel in connection with the failed at the same timed coup. erdogan wants the u.s. to now extra diet him to turkey. residents across the midwest are cleaning up tonight. some damaging storms, the worst of it all hit eastern iowa with winds so strong it flipped over cammers. that camper landed inches away from a power line. the storms also spawned at least two tornados, no injuries were reported. unbelievable weather there. not too bad little less humid. >> not quite as steamy. but we ramp that back up put tomorrow. don't worry. in case you missed it. >> leave it alone. >> exactly. but we'll have the steam and
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we'll have is storm and then we'll have some relief. some of the storms tomorrow could be on the stronger side. we'll talk about that. but high temperatures back up into the 90's. fortunately, the humidity wasn't oppressive. it was definitely present. high temperature of 92 in philadelphia at that fourth consecutive day of 90's in a row and seventh of the month so far, high temperatures topping off in the 90's across the delaware valley. temperatures still warm at this hour, getting a live look at old city, conditions quiet. we're at 83. and feels like temperature at 85 right now. but we do have a bit of a temperature grading across the region. 80's along the i95 corridor. mid 70 to say towards the lehigh valley. some nice 60's up towards the poconos. some of our cooler spots being featured in our live neighborhood network. temperature right now 70 in milford blue bell at 73, 71 in pemberton in the city eventually will fall back to 74 overnight
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tonight mostly clear and quiet. you south westerly winds five miles per hour. tomorrow, steamy conditions once again, mostly sunny for the first half of the day watching out for late day thunderstorms developing, high temperatures tomorrow cruising up to 95 degrees. yes, it is going to be oppressively humid again tomorrow. tuesday, humidity will be dropping off throughout the day feeling much better by tuesday evening. wednesday, feeling great. causing conditions and thursday not too bad either, due points just climbing up a bit from wednesday. our future heat index this is 7:00 in the morning tomorrow, feeling like 87 degrees in millville. of for your lunch's hour, feeling like triple digits might want to pack along the lunch so you can stay inside ac. the second half of the day, the heat index is going to lower in some areas with the storms moving through then as we head into tuesday, with drier air building in. check this out as we head early into tuesday, no heat index to contend with with the drier air in place, right now, stormscan 3 showing us the trend of the day.
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that is very quiet conditions. pretty quiet across the eastern sea board but we're going to be dealing with a cold front over the midwest as we head into tomorrow so we do have chance at severe weather, kind of isolated in nature. slight risk of severe weather towards western counties. lehigh valley poconos and the rest of the delaware valley and a marginal risk of severe weather with the storms that will develop later in the day. quiet for the first half day. no problems into midday as we head into the afternoon, the activity is really going to ramp up you with a broken line of storms entering the berks county lehigh valley poconos area. then traversing down towards the i95 corridor. unfortunately, right around our monday rush continuing to move eastbound. could see secondary storms rolling through. of so the second half of the evening before we clear out entirely by midnight i believe much of that storm chance will have diminished but again few storms could be on the stronger side by tuesday morning, no problems at all. your shore cast watching out for the thunderstorms for the
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purpose the second half of the day. looking good for the first half of monday, morning thunder shower possibly. still lingering along the coast. otherwise clearing conditions into tuesday. becoming less humid and wednesday looks like a beautiful beach day. low humidity, sunshine and a high temperature at 81 degrees. and eventually, our temperatures will take a step back in the city as well. still warm into tuesday, 88 but again we'll have decreasing humidity values throughout the day. wednesday a beauty. low humidity values, 85 sunshine even into thursday and friday, we we only have steamy conditions, even though the high temperature will jump up to 90's by friday and then saturday, forget it. it's on once again, 95 humid once again. altogether not a bad looking forecast. keep yourself weather aware late day tomorrow. >> thank you so much. appreciate, lesley got sports highlights for us. >> nicholson, and hendricks
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stenson played a great final round. and not a lot of fireworks down at the -- mets
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. bicyclists raised a money for kids and families of fallen police officers, 2 shh 500 people. the team wheels of justice was the largest contingent in the race today. a great turn-out. >> sure is. a hot run, i'm sure. well, the old saying in baseball is good pitching good hitting. phillies found that out today when they took on the mets and jacob degrom. he tripled into the right field to drive in james moanny. 1-0. that's pretty much all runs he
11:25 pm
needed he gave up a single to zach eflin in the third. 5-0. to the linc. best performance of his career today. shot an eight under 63 and beat nicholson by three strokes to win his first major. 63 lowest round by major champion and overall score of 264 set up a record for lowest score at a major. he eclipsed the open mark of 267 you that a set in 1993. coming up in the sports zone, been simmons performance in the nba summer league. anthony gilbert joining me in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. panda twins celebrate their
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♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back everyone. it's santa and classic cars were around it must be christmas in july. the 9th annual christmas in
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jewel show in middletown new castle delaware. proceeds are going to ai dupont hospital for children in wilmington. many folks came out to check out the classic cars. very nice. >> lauren is back with a last check of your forecast. also the sports
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. pandas are cute but twin pandas are cuter. they're three years old with specially made frozen cakes. they're made with ice and bam boo: not to us, everyone. look at them. they're three. >> make another cake. >> one last.
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>> hot and steamy tomorrow, 95, sunshine for the first half of the day, do watch out for storms popping late afternoon and into the evening hours, few can be strong even severe, as we head into tuesday, clearing skies, decreasing humidity by wednesday, sunshine 85 and much lower humidity. air conditioner might get a break, thursday and friday. we climb up to the >> we're handing things over to lesley and the cbs3 sports zone tonight t enjoy your week. take care. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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this is the buick sports zone on cbs3. >> with the addition, the sixers have a very interesting problem, too many talented young big men. anthony gilbert from slam magazine joins us. and an unbelievable finish to the british open at phil nicholson and stenson. welcome to the sports zone i'm lesley van arsdale, the union in action, the sixers need to take action, first we'll starts out with baseball. final game in the nl east. the fightins sent zach eflin to the mound. he was 14 and two with a


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