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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 18, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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4:30 a.m. have a good day stay cool. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, july 18th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." we are on the floor of the republican national convention in cleveland, ohio. donald trump will have a week to tell america why he is the best candidate for president. but, first, he and his new running mate talk to cbs news. law enforcement prepares for possible convention protests by demonstrators openly carrying weapons. police advocates call on the governor to keep guns away. we are learning more about the former marine who killed three officers in baton rouge. the victims are remembered as proud fathers and committed public servants. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. ordinary people, they were
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extraordinary in what they did. hero is not even words for the police officers. makes me want to do my job even harder. >> three officers gunned down in baton rouge. >> it's unjustifiable. the violence, the hatred just has to stop. >> it is there between blacks and whites. democrats and republicans now face the same challenge. >> are you intimidated by the enormity of this? >> this man is awed with the american people and he is not intimidated by the world. he's a good man, i believe, he will be a great president of the united states. >> i love what he just said. in east france, american college student nicholas leslie has been identified as one of the 84 people killed. >> affecting its ties with the united states. >> it's irresponsible to have accusations of american involvement when we are simply waiting for their request. >> storms swept the midwest. the most violent in eastern iowa. homes and other buildings were damaged. >> a couple of loud booms.
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>> liftoff of the falcon 9 spacex. >> launch a key piece of equipment for the international staigs. >> all that. >> clearly this man is not a politician. >> he's done pretty well. >> he speaks from his heart. >> well, i speak from my heart and my brain, just so we understand. >> right. >> this is maybe more important. >> and all that matters. >> every police officer who gets up in the morning and on that night shift and kiss wave good-bye to their husband and we owe them big. i just say god bless them all. >> on "cbs this morning." >> a bullet need happen only once, but for piece peace to work, we need to be reminded of its existence again and again and again and again. only we can prove we have the grace and character to end this kind of senseless violence. welcome to "cbs this morning."
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we are at the republic national convention inside quicken loans arena in cleveland. the country is struggling this morning to make sense of another mass shooting targeting police. three baton rouge area law enforcement officers were killed sunday morning. they were responding to the call of a man with a rifle. >> cbs news identified the gunman at former marine gavin eugene long from kansas city, missouri. he was killed in a gun fight with police. >> this is a week after police shot and killed a baton rouge man. david begnaud is there. >> reporter: almost everything from the killing of those officers to the take-down of the gunman was caught on surveillance videos. cameras all over the place. one on the convenience store building and another on the overhang as people filling up their cars and in the distance the car wash area where the camera caught the officer
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vacuuming his patrol car prior to being shot. the gunman moved with such precision, sneaking around corners of a building and pausing and waiting to open fire on the officers. the source says it was clear this guy knew exactly what he was doing. rapid gunfire is heard on cell phone video taking place during the deadly assault. >> shots fired. officer down! shots fired! officer down. >> reporter: the should go began sunday morning when baton rouge police responded to a 911 call about an armed man. >> he was wearing all black standing behind a beauty supply store hold ago rifle. >> reporter: the suspect 29-year-old gavin long opened fire on the officers minutes after arriving on the scene. long was killed in a shoot-out which lasted roughly eight minutes. >> heroes not even the word for the police officers and those
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sheriff's deputies and incredible human beings. >> reporter: three different officers from three different departments were killed. 35-year-old brad garafola and matthew gerald and montrell jackson who had just become a father. three officers were taken to the hospital and one in critical condition. >> he loved doing something he loves. >> reporter: sunday's shooting is a blow to the community still reeling from the death of alton sterling. baton rouge police fatally shot sterling earlier this month and sparking nationwide protests. on july 8th, officer jackson reportedly posted his thoughts on what happened to facebook. quote, i'm working in these streets so any protesters, officers, friends, family, or whoever. if you see me and need a hug or want to say a prayer, i got you. this latest tragedy is another devastating loss for police
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departments across the country. just over a week ago, dallas lost five of its own officers targeted by a beganman. -- gunman. >> i said that that killer would not be the last person who tries to make us turn on each other. nor will today's killer. it remains up to us to make sure that they fail. >> reporter: shortly after the killings yesterday, an emotional east baton rouge parish sheriff said this is not go gun control and pointed to his heart and said it's about what is in men's hearts. >> david, thank you very much. gavin long carried out the shooting in baton rouge on his 29th birthday. officers said he was wearing all black and carrying a rifle. law enforcement sources tell cbs news his online shows a passionate with online video. dean reynolds is in kansas city,
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missouri, near a recent address linked to the gunman. dean, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, gavin long was an ex-marine sergeant whose tours of duty included iraq and japan. but last year, he aligned himself with a fringe group called a growing domestic threat. >> peace, love and posivity. what is up, everybody? >> reporter: gasp long posted his thoughts in a series of youtube video. >> i thought my own thoughts. i made my own decisions. i'm the one who got to listen to the judgment. >> reporter: the 29-year-old described himself as a life coach, nutritionist and personal trainer. he wrote three books in a video posted nine days before the shooting, long said he was affiliated with the spirit of justice. >> don't affiliate me with nothing. y'all was also a nation of islam member. i'm not affiliated with it. try to put you with isis or some other terrorist group, no.
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>> reporter: last may, long filed paper work in jackson county, missouri, to change his name to cosmo. he considered he was part of a group that believes government and law enforcement does not hold any authority. in an fbi law enforcement bullet in 2011, the agency called them extremists as compromising a domestic terrorist movement. this video, which long said he was recording from dallas, after the police killings there, condemns any peaceful protest. >> it's only fighting back or money. that's all they care about. revenue and blood. >> reporter: his last tweet posted seven hours before the baton rouge shooting proclaims just because you shed your physical body doesn't mean that you're dead. now, court records show that long was married in 2009 but
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divorced two years later. he had no children. and no known criminal record. charlie? >> thanks, dean. baton rouge putting new attention on convention security this morning here in cleveland. worries over violent protests go back months. but pressure increased after a wave of violence around the world from orlando to dallas to france. jeff pegues is at a checkpoint outside the quicken loans arena with concerns about demonstrators openly carrying weapons. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the rainstorm soaking cleveland this morning may drive down the number of protesters coming out here to the rnc but anyone who comes here will face and army of police officers and federal agents, as well as check poise. similar to this one at just about every turn. the streets around quicken loans arena are ranging by miles of steel fencing and concrete barricades. every person, every vehicle
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trying to get to the convention site is stopped and searched. >> if cleveland hosted a super bowl, you know, it would be a huge event, it would be a lot of barriers going up and officers walking around to make sure people were safe. i mean, it's the same thing. >> reporter: but the city has been transformed in streets now a fortress of security zones as terrorist attacks and shootings in the u.s. and abroad increase concern about potential threats. weapons are prohibited in and around the arena, although they are still allowed elsewhere in the city. >> this is for statement only. this is not a military-style weapon. it just looks like one. >> reporter: on sunday, prompted by the baton rouge shooting head of the police union access john kasich to suspend the state's open carry law. >> police officers are being ambushed and murdered. this event and the number uniformed police officers we have here, i'm gravely concerned about their safety and the
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safety of everybody else. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for kasich said ohio governors do not have the power to arbitrarily suspend federal and tate constitutional rights state laws as suggested. the swarming police presence has, so far, helped keep demonstrations peaceful. one man was arrested on sunday, allegedly of trying to take away an officer's gas mask. cleveland mayor frank jackson says the recently killings of police officers has also forced adjustments into the city's security plans. >> some things are minor, just being more vigilant or the use of additional assets to address those kind of things. >> reporter: is that what happened in this situation? >> all of the above and probably some more. >> reporter: cleveland's municipal court is clearing jail space to process as many as a thousand people a day. that's more than any convention in recent memory. also, the city upped its liability insurance from $10 million to $50 million.
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gayle? >> jeff, thank you. as this convention begins, our latest cbs news battleground tracker poll shows a tight race. donald trump trails hillary clinton by four points here in ohio. her advantage in nearby michigan is three points but that is within the margin of error. trump is one point ahead in iowa, another statistical tie and three national polls show clinton ahead by at least four points. major garrett is ahead of the preview of the four days to come. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. the first order of business at this convention for donald trump is dispatch the never trump movement once and for all. campaign manager paul manaforty told me trump to give too much credit but concedes it has been an unwelcomed distraction. the rest of this convention is about reshaping trump's image and softening rough edges. >> i think the convention is going to be terrific. but with that being said, i don't want to reinvent the wheel. i want it to be knowledge. i want people to learn from it.
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i want people to hear our views. to me that is much more important than entertainment. >> reporter: in their first joint interview, donald trump said indiana governor mike pens wi pence will begin to divide the party. >> he has helped bring the party together. >> reporter: outside cleveland's quicken loans arena, the festivities have already begun. for donald trump advocates. >> build that wall. >> reporter: and opponents. >> shut down trump. >> reporter: monday night will focus on security featuring politicians and speakers that include a duck dynasty call and 1980s tv heart throb. then the expected with the unexpected including virtual and personal appearances from trump's rivals and speeches from wife's trump and two soap opera
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stars. noticeably ab sent is the following. and any member much gop's biggest living dynastieses, the bushes. paul manaforty insists the party is unifieunified. >> if they want to come, fine, but it's not important to english convention. >> reporter: this convention occurs at a somber and anxious time. people from louisiana are heart broken and decided to see this convention through. in unusual times this week will reflect not only trump's unconventional approach to politics but a new kind of convention for a party he is making before the nation's eyes. >> thanks, major. cbs news political director and "face the nation" moderator john dickerson with us and so is dna senor, a senior adviser for mitt romney's 2012 presidential campaign. now we have seen the presumptive
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nominee and his presumptive running mate together on "60 minutes." what is your take on that? >> what did i take from that moment? mike pence was very eager to be on the team and the body language was interesting to watch. these men don't know each other very well so when mike pence testified to what a good man donald trump was it seemed less evidence of long time spending together in a cabin and getting to know each other intimately. the theme is donald trump is a good person and his family will attest to that and don't worry about him when he is in the oval office. he has a good heart. donald trump interrupted very quickly to say he has a good head too. >> they are using excruciating and awkward marriage. >> if look at mike pence's time
7:16 am
in congress and what he has stood for pro free trade and very progressive on immigration, very supportive of a culture of civility in our politics. he would speak out on things like trump's proposal to muslim ban. the two couldn't have more opposite polar views. when you see mike pence sitting next to trump. he is signing up to pence's world view, it's a little awkward to watch. >> i notice that after trump chose pence, you tweeted and said this was disorienting because you had talked to pence in which he talked about his dislike of many things that trump espouse to. >> i've been a huge fan of mike pence over the previous years and encouraged him to seek higher office. i spoke to him during the primaries and let's say he had deep concept activiskepticism. >> do they share the same views
7:17 am
on social issues? >> no. mike pence has been one of the leaders on issues related to anti-gay rights and life issues. these are not -- this is not the area in which donald trump has been immersing himself over the years. they are a look at odds with the -- >> they have different styles but their vision is the same? do you think that is true, john? >> both the same in the sense they want to both win the election. that's the end of it. >> more agenda? >> well, john, what new voters does pence get trump? >> i think he gets some republican voters who were nervous. in talking to delegates and party folks who are here, they were very nervous coming in and what the pence pick shows is not just that donald trump has somebody around him and who might be able to help him understand some of the traditional republican views but also it sends a signal to them that donald trump is listening when they say, hey, you need to
7:18 am
do things that are more a part of the compulsory acting of running for president. you can't run-and-gun all the time. i think he shores up the party what he does going outward outside the party? that remains -- >> i would say this is -- this signals i think a major problem for the trump campaign. you see a lot in the vp pick a nominee in the higher command are worried about. what they are worried is unifying the republican party. here at the convention they are fighting in the primary. mike pence is a pick to calm republicans down. >> and it will do that? >> trump has about 75% of the polls and republicans supporting him and they need that number 90 percent and i'm not sure mike pence will do that. >> cbs news will have special coverage from the convention tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central. you can find continuous coverage all day on cbsn.
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turkey state run media says 30 governors have been fired and 8,000 police removed. president erdogan vowed to destroy what he called the virus that caused it. the choices for president are disappointing many voters it seems. ahead, undeciding voters in this key state of ohio don't hold back with frank luntz about why they can't get behind donald trum
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announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by mercedes. the best or nothing. donald trump says we should have gone to war in iraq but his running mate voted for it. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning."
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new details about american live in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good morning, i'm brooke thomas. septa has new schedule and new rail cars, that they try to keep commuters on the move. the five new rail cars are leased from maryland's transit system. more than 100 septa cars were taken offer the tracks for emergency repairs, it is not clear when they'll be back in action, but, you can get a look at the new septa schedule at the website right now a check on the eyewitness forecast with meteorologist, justin drabick. >> good morning, brooke, waking to up quiet conditions, humidity on the rise today, it will be a hot one, that sunshine going to work. it will be good beach day, live look at margate right now, all quiet, full sunshine, temperatures already into the upper 70s in a lot of locations, dry on storm scan3, but notice showers, storms to the west, could impact us later on this afternoon, to the evening hours, key word
7:27 am
here scattered, but high of 95 for philadelphia, 88 at the shore, mid 80s at the poconos, do cool down for the middle of the week cool down wednesday with high's in the mid 80s. >> still looking very busy out there. we do have accident, 95, cottman, pulled offer to the left lane, you will get gaper delay not only northbound side but southbound side. bought bound side looking busy. accident fran -- lancaster, and seeing additional delays even though they have the ad the added cars. check your schedules on line, brooke. >> next update is at 7:55. up next on cbs this morning, more from 60 minutes, with donald trump and mike pence, i'm brooke thomas, good morning.
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♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." from the republic national convention right here in cleveland, i have to say, you walk in the hall and you can tell something big is going to happen in this convention over the next four days. you can feel it. >> we are on the floor and we are directly between illinois and alaska. we will be began again tonight. melania trump is the big speaker tonight and word donald trump will be here to introduce her. >> i wonder if she is a little nervous? >> i think anybody would be. >> i do too. >> this is the first of a series of his family members to talk about who he is as opposed to what we already know. >> we will know a lot more before this is all over. coming up, a group of
7:31 am
undecided ohio voters will open up to frank luntz about donald trump and hillary clinton. they say the decision is between the lesser of two evils. what might sway their decision in november. the republican ticket is revealing first interview with donald trump and mike pence who talk to "60 minutes" about their plan to defeat isis. that is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. the "los angeles times" reports on a campus vigil planned today for an american college student killed any nice truck attack. it is confirmed that 20-year-old nicolas leslie was one of the 84 people died. thousands gathered at the scene of the attack to observe a minute of silence. french leaders were booed by the crowd. apparently in an protest over security. first responders received cheers. singer bono was reportedly caught up in the chaos of the truck attack. the u2 singer sheltered in place at a nearby restaurant. police escorted bono to safety.
7:32 am
"the new york times" reports that a call to ban russia from the upcoming olympics is expected today. the unusual request is readied by anti-doping. they say russia cheated in the sochi olympics in 2014. "wall street journal" results on shrinking corporate profits is more than 90 major companies report earnings this week. s&p 500 companies are expected to report a fourth consecutive quarter of declines. analysts say that earnings per share for the second quarter were down nearly 5% from last year. they say that collapsing oil prices and low interest rates are among the factors to blame. the new england register reports on the aftermath of thunderstorms in iowa. hail and heavy rain hit the state yesterday. high winds knocked off roofs and
7:33 am
knocked down trees. two tornadoes were confirmed. one man is in the hospital after a house collapsed around him. donald trump and hillary clinton are running neck and neck here in the battleground state of ohio. a new survey shows those feeling about the direction of the country. the 27 participants were split between republicans and democratic leaning voters. >> give me a word or phrase to describe the conditions in america today. >> conditions in america? divisive. >> angry. >> fractured. >> no faith in the system. >> nervous. >> are you excited? are you disappointed? are you frustrated? >> i'm frustrated. >> because in. >> because i don't really trust either of the candidates running. >> i think a big part of it
7:34 am
there is most morals between either one of them. a lot of people step back and they take a look and they throw their hands in the air. nobody has any morals any more. any more confidence did you vote for mitt romney? >> i did. >> you don't want to vote for donald trump? >> i do. >> because? >> because of the rhetoric. i don't know what he'll do. i know mitt romney wasn't my first choice in the primary. but i knew where he stood on the issues. i trusted him. i believed him. >> and trump? >> i just don't know. he might be a good president. he might be the worst president we have ever had. i don't know. that's what scares me. >> go ahead. >> i think donald trump has given legitimacy to a part of our country that is hateful. >> that's pretty strong. >> but i think it's true and i think social media proves that. you've seen a lot of people on twitter, on facebook sharing images and statements that are horrible, to be honest with you.
7:35 am
>> i want a one-word phrase to describe donald trump. >> intolerant. >> i can't think of a word so bad. >> wildcard. >> dumpster fire. >> bombastic. >> lunatic. >> destructive. >> polarizing. >> division. >> ignorant. >> i need a word or phrase to describe hillary clinton. >> liar. >> not trust worthy. >> liar. >> untrustworthy. >> political opportunist. >> raise your hand if you think the political system is broken. forget how we got here. what do we do to fix it? >> they need to make us america again. i know that sounds trumpy. we haven't focused on the issues that matter to us. >> i think a third-party needs to be introduced it's not such drawn party lines but the
7:36 am
thirdparty they don't have strong enough back beinging our support. >> we have to do something different. the definition of insanity is expecting different results. we have been putting in republicans and democrats and time again. at the end of the day they are not that different. >> people have fought and died for our rights including to give it away to two people who are so fundamentally ill equipped to become the commander in chief in this country. how can you give away your vote like that? >> which candidate would you rather have speaking to america in times of tragedy like we have seen in baton rouge and dallas and even here in cleveland. who says hillary? who says trump? please explain why. >> i just think her message while might be faulted, tend to be more conclusiinclusive. >> after benghazi, i don't want to hear anything from her. >> i think in general she has
7:37 am
compassion for american people and i believe she has the right tone and use the right words to unify people in the end. >> you're so critical of donald trump. then vote for hillary clinton. >> never do that one? >> why not? >> because it is is not a sure thing. with donald trump, we may get something, we may get nothing. we are dead with her. >> the american public is tired of having to vote for the lesser of two evils. that's the bottom line. >> you guys agree with that? >> they want to vote for a candidate that stands for something and we don't have that choice in either of these. we are voting based on who we think is the lesser evil. >> boy, they had a lot to say. frank luntz joins us at the table. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> it seems voters on both sides of the aisle are not happy with their choice with the candidates. >> no. these are the undecided voters. the problem with hillary clinton is, in a word, integrity. the problem with donald trump in a word is hate.
7:38 am
and they look at both of these candidates and they say that they are driving the country apart at the very moment we need to be unified. >> what will it take for them to make up their minds? >> they are looking for that moment and they are looking for that inspiration. this is is not just a policy, but someone who says something that it clicks, it's one of those where you can't define it, but they will know it when they hear it. >> are they looking for something or looking for the of as they see it the two evils? >> it's a candidate they trust the least i think is the one who is going to win here and i can't call it based on how they responded. to make you feel good. these are ohio voters and like iowana iowana aans and know ohio matte and they are paying attention to the issues. >> you've watched a lot of republican conventions from behind the scenes and explain why this is different and what is the onus about donald trump? is this about presenting himself to new voters? or is this about presenting the anti-hillary message? >> to me it is trump.
7:39 am
it is essential he proves he is presidential. not what got him here because what got him here will not get him to november. the other thing is the campaign needs to understand that it is not television any more that decides this. people are getting their information on the web. they are learning based on youtube and all of these different avenues to collect information. the television ad. this is bad news for me. >> are your sure it's not television? frank, we are on television. >> i know that i'm going lose money over this but that is not how they collect information any more. this convention has to provide them the facts and nverinformat and is tenth just the sound bites. >> he means paid television ads. they still get their news from programs like ours and at 10:00 tonight. >> but more likely to get what they see from the web on cbsn than the traditional broadcasters and that has changed so much. let us hope we get some positive messages out this convention. >> frank luntz, thank you. >> donald trump says going to war against isis would be nothing like the war in iraq.
7:40 am
>> that was a war -- iraq did not knock down -- >> your running mate voted for it. >> i don't care. >> ahead, the gop ticket talks with lesley stahl on "60 minutes" that put mike pence and donald trump on the ticket together. don't miss mo rocca's view of cleveland beyond the convention. that is coming up in the 8:00 hour. we will be right back. isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring.
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♪ donald trump has blasted hillary clinton for voting to authorize the war in iraq. but is giving his running mate a pass for doing the same thing. trump and mike pence spoke to "60 minutes" if in their joint interview. lesley stahl asked about trump's plan to attack isis. >> well, look. we are going to get rid of isis big league and we are going to
7:45 am
get rid of them fast and we will use surrounding states and nato probably. we are going to declare war. it is war. when the world trade center comes tumbling down with thousands of people, people are still -- i have friends still suffering the effects. >> you remember we went to iraq? >> but it was handled so badly and iraq did not knock down -- >> your running mate voted for it. >> i don't care. if he -- >> you said it was bad. >> i was against it all the time. i was against it from the beginning. iraq did not knock down the world trade center. >> i respect donald trump's view of that and history will be the judge. i think what we agree on completely is that when president obama made a decision to pull all american forces out of iraq without a status of forces agreement, he created the instability in which isis was able to be created -- >> everybody agrees on that. >> and the leadership that he'll
7:46 am
provide on the global stage is to confront exactly what resulted from the failed policies of this administration. >> we have to move on are not getting to your pns. what do you mean he voted that way? >> it was a long time ago. >> you harped on this. >> i was against the war in iraq from the beginning. i was a civilian so people didn't care that much. i mean, you know, what difference? i was against it because i said it would destabilize the middle east. when you really look at it, iraq didn't knock down the world trade center. it wasn't iraq. it was others. >> but you used that vote of hillary's that was the same as governor pence. >> many people are. >> the example of her bad judgment. >> many people have and i'm one of the few that was right on. >> what about mike pence? >> he is entitled to make a mistake once in a while. >> but he's not? >> he's not. >> got it. >> she did a terrific job on that interview.
7:47 am
it was interesting to hear the differences that they have. i think one of the hardest things to understand was whether pence, if he were vice president, would be able to go into the president of the united states and say and special candidly, you were wrong. >> when which is what joe biden says is necessary to be a vice president. >> they said donald trump spoke 2,160 word to mike pence's 100 words. more conversation to come for sure. he is an nfl star who usually takes signals from tom brady, but, ahead, rob gronkowski, the gronk we like to call him, plays with paul mccartney! first, it's time to check your local
7:48 am
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go, gronk! boy, you got moves. new england patriots tight end rob gronkowski. >> moves or shakes? >> he was jamming. he was jamming with paul mccartney last night at fenway park in boston. . they performed the beatles hit "helter-skelt "helter-skelter." >> i think he would be a good person to hang out with. john heilemann and mark mckinnon will be coming up next on "cbs this morning." nutella adds a smile to any morning. nutella - spread the happy! the uncertainties of hep c. i don't want to live with or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's...
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7:56 am
so delicious, it should have another name. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, i'm jim donovan. democratic national convention arrives in philadelphia a week from today, you can get a guide to road closures at satisfy, the republican national convention on the tops in cleveland. look for jessica dean right here on cbs-3. right over to justin for a look at the forecast. >> good morning, everyone, it will be another hot day today, hotter than yesterday, humidity on the rise, we get relief headed toward the middle of the week of the outside, full sunshine, so quiet start to our day. temperatures, surging into the upper 70s, 79 at the airport, southwest wind, now bringing in that humidity, and it will help fuel couple of showers and storms, later on today. seeing the storms, well to the west, across western
7:57 am
pennsylvania, so will take time to get in here but late afternoon, evening, chance, high of 95 today, 80s at the shore in the poconos, wednesday best day of the week, meisha, a high mid 80s, no humidity. >> thank you so much. looking outside, an accident here, the vine westbound before the schuylkill. that left lane compromised there. ben franklin bridge looking very busy from jersey into center city. see all lanes looking busy there. septa these are the ones trains with the longest delays, 71 minutes on paoli thorndale, that's 516. make note: website, jim, over you. >> meisha, thanks, next update 8:25, coming up this morning, live report with new details on the baton rouge shooting. i'm jim donovan, good morning.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
♪ good morning. it is monday, july 18th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." from the republic national convention in cleveland, we are starting a full week of coverage here with more real news ahead. we will speak to john heilemann and mark mckinnon about the huge effort to sell donald trump as a future president. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. almost everything from the killing of those officers to the take-down of the gunman was caught on surveillance video. cameras all over the place. >> last year, he' lined himself with a fringe group which federal authorities have called a growing domestic threat. >> anyone who comes here will face an army of police officers, as well as checkpoints. similar to this one at just about every turn. reshaping trump's edge and
8:01 am
softening rough edges and trump tells the country turbulent times require strength. >> they have different styles but their vision is the same. do you think that is true? >> both the same in the sense they both want to win the election. >> we need to hear what they are going to do to make us america again and i know that sounds trumpy, but when you think about it. >> you just created a new word! >> they are not happy. >> the problem with hillary clinton is integrity. the problem with donald trump, in a word, is hate. >> you don't need a score card to see how this one young man's team is doing. mixed emotions? i was devastated and now he is excited. hang in there, young man. >> this one is deep to left and no doubt about this one! starling marte. >> this guy couldn't be happier. just overcome. >> he'll remember where he was in the house when marte hit that big home run. i'm charlie rose with gayle
8:02 am
king and norah o'donnell in cleveland. louisiana state police, this morning, say the gunman who killed three law enforcement officers in baton rouge was seeking out police. the shooting began when officers responded to a 911 call about an armed man. >> cbs news confirms that 29-year-old gavin long opened fire on officers minutes after they arrived on the scene. he was killed during a roughly eight-minute shoot-out. tensions have been quite high in baton rouge following the deadly police shooting of alton sterling earlier this month. >> brad garafola and montrell jackson and matthew gerald were killed yesterday and three other officers were wounded. manuel bojorquez is here at the hospital with more. >> reporter: almost immediately after the shooting, people began bringing flowers would-to-one of the entrance of this hospital in honor of the three fallen officers. all three were husbands and all three were fathers.
8:03 am
montrell jackson was only 32 years old. he served a community of baton rouge for a decade as a police officer. his wife gave birth to their first child only months earlier. >> he cried when he found out that he was going to have a son. such a tragedy. >> reporter: on july 8th following deadly police shootings in baton rouge and minnesota and killings of officers in dallas, jackson reportedly posted this emotional message on facebook saying, i've experienced so much in my short life and these last three days have tested me to my core. but, he pleaded, please don't let hate in fact, your heart. this city must and will get better. officer mauttthew gerald was 41 and with the baton rouge police department for less than a year and the father of two young girls. east baton rouge sheriff's deputy brad garafola spent 20 years on the force and just 45 years old and the father of four kids. his wife told a local newspaper her husband was working extra
8:04 am
duty, the final shift, before a vacation planned to start today. vice president joe biden reflected on the loss. >> my heart goes out to those families and my enduring thanks to every police officer who kissed or waved good-bye to their husband and they want to go home and tuck in their kids. they have a right to do that and a right to be to protect. >> deputy garafola's wife told the local newspaper he doesn't deserve this. he always helped everybody. a vigil for the three fallen officers will be held tonight. gayle? >> thank you. here in cleveland, donald trump's campaign slogan make america great again is woven throughout this convention. monday's theme tonight is make america safe again. michael flynn is among the headlining speakers. tomorrow, the theme is make america work again. >> mike pence speaks wednesday night and that theme is make america first again.
8:05 am
trump, himself, is the headline on thursday. the theme make america one again will put the focus on unity. joining us now is john heilemann of bloomberg toxs and mike mckinnon and co-host of circus the greatest show on earth which airs on prime time on cbs. >> you know what we are here today? make america fun again. >> you can do that. >> mark, i've been with you. i feel like many of these conventions of these before when you were the top adviser for george w. bush and crafting his convention. what do you make of what trump is trying to do and whether he will succeed? >> the key to a successful convention, particularly these days, is make it unconventional. every convention i've been involved in we say this is going to be different, this is out of the box. what you really want from viewers is for it to be different. i think that is the one thing this week will be. i don't think we know how yet but, you know, given the style of trump. on the other hand, i've been the guy in charge of entertainment
8:06 am
for republican conventions and that is tough once you get past lee greenwood and the oak ridge boys, it gets thin pretty quick. >> what about a candidate in a convention? >> the opportunity you have four days that you completely control the narrative. so it's pretty hard to screw up unless, you know, if you pull a clint eastwood. but this is a real opportunity to control the dialogue and control the narrative and spin your message. it's one of the three times during the entire lelection. >> should get a bump? >> you bet. >> john, what will be the definition of a great convention for donald trump at the end of it, by thursday night? what does that look like? >> i think if they -- first of all, as mark suggested, if nothing grows wrong -- i have to say i'm as interested what is going on outside of this hall as inside this hall and given what is happening in the country and the threat of the protests and demonstrations here, they could overtake the whole convention given things we have seen. if they can get through this and
8:07 am
keep cleveland secure and execute and get their message out in a clean way by the end, that will be a successful convention. >> that is one other story line but what about the relationship between trump and pence or the lack of relationship? what did you make of their chemistry or lack of chemistry on "60 minutes" last night? >> i think it's a good pick. you want a number two, a solid salute and be there. >> but do you want to simply dominate him it looks like he has no air to breathe? >> i think that mike pence is a solid pick, a safe pick, and, you know, all of the things that -- for people who had a question about donald trump, pence is the right pick. they want somebody who is calm, reassuring and steady. >> what does he bring to the table, john? >> usa for "60 minutes" they have them on the same screen but i doubt they will be on camera ever again. possibly until election day. i'm not sure they will know who
8:08 am
each other are until november 8th. >> you're describing it as excruciating and painful to watch like an awkward marriage. >> these are inside media things. do voters care whether there is chemistry? >> it would have been worse if you were stepping on trump. >> voters vote for the top of the ticket. trump did not go with his gut with christie or gingrich. the notion of party unity and notion of reassurance and a signal i could be tame a little bit. >> what does pence bring to the table for you? >> all that matters in reflect ago running mate does the guy meet the bar to be commander in chief on day one. nobody has raises questions about pence's qualifications and a hint to move on and he wants to make the election about
8:09 am
hillary clinton and donald trump and pence goes away. >> will they beat up on hillary clinton and bill clinton during this convention? >> that's what it's all about. the theme for today is benghazi? yeah. the way for trump to win this is make it a total referendum on hillary clinton. >> and make it a referendum on him? >> that is where we are. >> that is why a race to the bottom. >> we will claw our way to the bottom. >> just in the history of conventions, has there been a nominee like donald trump who speaks every night? >> i think that is one of the smartest things they have done. . thaw guy on and everybody wants to see and put him on front and center every night. >> and he would like to do that. so here we go. >> perfect. >> win/win for everybody. >> that's right. cbs news will bring you prime time specials from the convention tonight at 10:00/9:00 central and wall-to-wall
8:10 am
coverage on cbsn. one of the biggest names here is not even running for office. ahead, cleveland cavalier's owner dan gilbert on his city's major moment in the spotlight after last month's stunning nba championship win. first, it's time to check your local weather.
8:11 am
mo rocca takes u.s. beyond quicken loans arena. ahead, some of cleveland's many star turns r one of the most famous movies to come out of cleveland, "a christmas story." intermediate on 11th street in the treemont neighborhood. ho, ho, ho! good is in every blue diamond almond. good is a catalyst, good is contagious. and once it gets going there is no stopping what you can do. get your good going. blue diamond almonds.
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8:15 am
♪ as we have convention coverage from cleveland this % week, mo rocca shows you the areas and sights of sounds in the ohio city district, one of cleveland's oldest neighborhoods. mo, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. greetings from cleveland. this city was originally called the forest city. then it was known as the best location in the nation. then, for a time, it became known as the mistake on the
8:16 am
lake. clevelanders don't like to hear that and i'm not making it up, it's a fact. with you clooelveeveland is bac enjoying a renaissance. i like this city and i hope you like this piece. it's a very big summer for cleveland. before the quicken loans arena was transformed to host the republic national convention, it was a sight of a long awaited sports championship for this city. so congratulations to the lake erie monsters! >> score! >> that is right paep the lake erie monsters, winners of the american hockey league's calder cup. oh, right the cleveland cavaliers had a strong season too. but their victory came a week late in oakland, california. >> cleveland rocks. cleveland rocks. ♪ >> reporter: cleveland does rock. which is why 30 years ago, it was chosen as the site of the
8:17 am
r rock & roll hall of famer but it's also the cleveland polka hall of fame. it is america's good time music. that is the motto for cleveland style polka. just upstairs is, you guessed it, the greater cleveland area slow pitch softball hall of fame. allow me to introduce the all-time home run hitter, the babe ruth of softball, mike mucinko. >> i don't think you want me to hit this. i'll blow it through the wall. >> reporter: cleveland is a town of more than sports heros. it's home to the original super hero. superman was created by cleveland teenager jerry segal, along with his buddy joe shuster right here in this house 1933
8:18 am
and if superman jumped over the tallahassee building in cleveland, he had to jump over 708 feet which is the home for the movie avengers. one of the most famous movie to come out of cleveland was "a christmas story" intermediate here on the tree mont neighborhood. ho ho ho! hungry? pretty much anything you can think of eating can be found here at cleveland's more than century old west side market. potato pierogi? or jalapeno bake and cheese pierogi? look at that. the world's largest stamp and hev
8:19 am
over here, the largest indoor ferris wheel. if you want the world's largest, good luck with that. it's across the pond. thanks to cleveland, we have the clean water act. their water is teaming with 40 species of fish but at one time it was so dirty that the river actually was set on fire. these days if you want your fish cooked, you can go to a restaurant and cleveland has a lot of great ones, including the award winning university inn the city's oldest family-owned restaurant. so as you find yourself strolling through cleveland and admiring the current renaissance, keep in mind this is always been a city of innovation. cleveland is home to america's first street light, its first traffic light and first indoor shopping mall and the second largest performing world complex in the country and the world's
8:20 am
largest outdoor chandelier in america. now that is keeping it classy, cleveland. ♪ there you have it. we will have a lot more about cleveland and the rnc throughout the week. >> mo, what a fabulous piece. thank you very much. this is a great city. i really enjoyed walking around and a lot of great restaurants. >> i know. doesn't everybody say we are glad you're here? the waiter in the restaurant last night said cleveland is riding a wave of positivity right now and i feel that. >> and much more cto come. >> space x marked a new milestone last night. that one's from my friend caitlyn. "you always encouraged me to go after my dreams. well, it's my turn now. love always, your future maid of honor." well, it's my turn now. to severe plaque psoriasis,
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meet mylanta® tonight. it's also fast, but unlike godawgs, it makes heartburn after dinner, history. new mylanta® tonight. faster than heartburn.
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8:24 am
>> 3-2-1. main engine up and running. >> the spacex falcon launched the dragon spacecraft last night over cape canaveral and delivering food and equipment to the international space station. it touched down vertically in florida eight minutes after the launch. it was the second successful rocket recovery on land by elon musk company. >> i'm always in awe when you see those liftoffs. >> beautiful to see. take a look. what just arrived here on the floor of the quicken loans
8:25 am
arena. t >> good morning, i'm brooke thomas. commission examiner richard ross sayings he takes the mat nerve baton rouge very seriously. >> it is just a reality, and we're going to continue to work very hard, so that's our job. >> we'll have more with commissioner ross in our next update. right now for the eyewitness weather forecast, we have meteorologist, justin dray bake. >> another hot, humid day today, up to the mid 90s, then catch break in the heat, humidity, headed toward the middle of the week, decent sunshine across the region, at the shore, little cloudy necessary, live look at margate right now, pretty much
8:26 am
mostly sunny conditions, good beach day, have the sun black on, inlet spots hot, humid today. line of showers and storms in western pennsylvania, eventually work its way eastwards, so later this afternoon and evening there could be scattered shower or storm, some parts of the region shall specially, north and west of the city 995, with the high for philadelphia, upper 80s, mid 80s in the poconos, tomorrow, little cooler, the humidity drops in the day highs upper 80s, then below average highs on wednesday, mid 80s with low humidity, will feel good. what's the latest on the road? >> still looking busy, good morning to all of you at home, ben franklin bridge, take a look at this, those every from jersey into center city, yikes, all lanes almost completely blocked there, boulevard, also very slow, moving in the southbound direction towards the schuylkill, once you jump on to the schuylkill looking pretty much the same. then these are s largest delays on septa paoli thorndale, 35 minutes, 44, and also lansdale, experiencing 43 minute, west trenton, 21 minutes. overall check your schedule on
8:27 am
line. brooke, over to you. >> meisha, next update is at 8:55, ahead this morning, political analysts from the convention center in cleveland. i'm brooke thomas, good morning. longest and fastest zipline in north america, there's only one place to do it. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
straight ahead. turn right the next two corners and first, though, authorize personnel only. open their door. >> you think so? >> you're authorized. you're musicians, aren't you? >> thank you very much. rock 'n' roll! rock 'n' roll! >> let's do it! >> this way. >> rock 'n' roll! let me know. >> hello, cleveland! hello, cleveland! >> hello, cleveland! hello, cleveland! >> that is what gayle and i said when we walked into the arena. hello, cleveland! >> walking down east fourth street. that's how they make you feel here. very, very welcome. that is the iconic phrase sffro? >> what is the movie? >> "final tap." >> it is a classic.
8:31 am
hello to cleveland. on our first day of the republic national convention, we are going to be here every single day, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. >> morning, noon, and night. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up is governor mike pence prepared to tell donald trump he shouldn't have said that? hear the answer from the presumptive gop running mate in their "60 minutes" interview. >> major garrett and nancy cordes are here in cleveland. they will talk about the trump/pence relationship and how hillary clinton will try to pull voters' attentions away from the republicans. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "usa today" reports on melania trump's speech tonight, the highlight of the convention's opening night. trump's third wife has rarely spoken on the campaign trail. this morning, donald trump offered insight into what melania will speak about. he said his wife will talk about her love of the country as an -- trump ahead melania has worked hard on her speech and he is very proud of her and he may he
8:32 am
is her speak in person. a report she will take on a surrogate role in the general election campaign. >> i bet she is ready and looking forward to tonight's speech. she is ready. "the new york times" reports on henrik stenson winning the british open. the 40-year-old from sweden tied a mainly record with the final round of 63. it included ten birdies and two bogeys. >> "variety show" one of the top architects battle the empire in the next stars movie. hands solo will be played by 26-year-old alden ehrenreich and episode eight will reach theaters in december of 2018. a selfie posted on instagram by house speaker paul ryan and it could set a record for the most interns in a single selfie
8:33 am
but it was noted that virtually all of those capitol hill interns are white. the speaker's office did not comment on the observation. >> one says the entire caucasian color pallet is getting attention here. i'm told one woman of color in the middle there which is one. okay, mr. ryan? we have more of sunday's "60 minutes" interview with donald trump and mike pence. the indiana governor has criticized negative campaigning. lesley stahl said if he would ask a president trump to tone it down. >> let's say you won. your office i assume as vice president is down the hall. you go in and say you shented be name calling. would you go in and say you crossed the line, i think you should apologize? would you do something like that? he is laughing. >> look.
8:34 am
>> it's okay. >> it's probably obvious to people that our styles are different. but i promise you, our vision is exactly the same. >> would you answer that? would you go in -- >> one of the things i found out about this man he is appreciates candor. >> you would go in? >> i would like him to do that. >> would you listen to him? >> i might not apologize. you said apologize. >> i did. >> i would absolutely want him to come in. if he thinks i am doing something wrong, mike, i want want him to come in and say, really, that is okay. i accept that from my consultants ae and my people. >> i promise you when the circumstances arise where i have a difference on policy or on presentation, i would have no hesitation. my privilege to be vice president to walk into the president's office and close the door and share my heart and i know this good man would listen.
8:35 am
clearly this man is not a politician. he doesn't speak like a politician. >> he has done pretty well. >> he speaks from his heart. >> i think it's a good thing. >> he speaks from his heart. >> well, i speak from my heart and my brain, just so we understand. >> nancy cordes and major garrett are here with us in cleveland. >> good morning. >> let's talk about mike pence in "60 minutes" first. people are suggesting that it wasn't exactly perfect p.m. there was some little bit of uneasiness. this is a presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate. do you examine it to be the same? >> mike pence comes from a quieter and i think it's fair to say. >> not negative. >> not negative. he is just different. i can tell you paul manafort was very cleveland there was some sense of chemistry between them and the body language wasn't alarming. it was okay.
8:36 am
and that is a good place to begin as far as they are concerned because this is an evolutionary process for them both. >> that clip we just played where mike pence says he speaks from his heart and donald trump says, no i don't, i speak in my head. >> they are still learning each other. it's a process. >> but the vp doesn't overshadow the presidential candidate, i think everybody guess that. >> zero chance that happening in this case. >> just made the point that trump just made a point, look, if he thought i was doing something wrong, i would want him to come in and tell me. >> right. he may not have that proximity to trump as the campaign goes on. they may be in different place. one of the burdens for this convention for the trump team is make sure that social conservatives are energized by the pence pick he is not an afterthought. the trump people have to make it clear that pence is a player within the campaign. >> with social conservatives? >> exactly. if they don't, the positive vibe that pence initially created may
8:37 am
go away. >> different party unity do you think that is working so far? >> certainly a lot of conservatives who are very happy about the pick and to some degree this is what happens any time presidential candidate picks a nominee. there are always going to be at least a few issues that they disagree on, whoever hillary clinton picks, they have to explain some of the issues they disagree on. she disagrees with elizabeth warren and tom vilsack and tim kaine on different things. you have to say how are you two aligned on pretty fundamental issues you disagree. >> can you tell me who his second choice was for trump? >> newt. >> it was newt? >> yes and then christie right behind. those were always the final three. >> the reports this morning that chris christie was livid that he hasn't chosen. >> livid was the word? >> bummed out a couple of days ago? fair enough. yeah. >> he put himself out there pretty early on for donald trump. >> let's talk about tonight.
8:38 am
melania trump, donald trump's third wife will speak tonight and likely be introduced by donald trump. >> he'll be here to see it, yeah. we are not exactly sure if he is going to introduce her but he is going to be watching and probably speaking. >> irresistible for him to introduce her? >> most things involving a microphone and candidate are. >> pull a pence and introduce her the same way he introduced mike pence and talk mostly about himself instead of pence. >> 30 minutes of throat clearing before you get to the actual production? we will see. >> we talked a lot about this. what has to happen in this convention to make it a win/win for donald trump? >> this convention has to speak to the turbulent times of this country. this is not happening in isolation. this is not a convention like i've ever covered before. what the country is going through, the country is seeing, feeling and responding to, this convention has to speak to in a way that either persuades the country or maybe doesn't. we will find out that the leader of this party is going to be able to harness these times and
8:39 am
understand these times and led e the country in a different direction. if it fails to do this, the convention is a net negative. >> what does it tell you about the tone and image that the trump campaign wants to project, nancy? >> strength. strength i'm going to be tough. hillary clinton is weak. that is what you hear from donald trump over and over again. i think the challenge of this convention will be to put a little bit of meat on the bone. nobody expects his speech to be -- >> live at the convention center and testing the microphone while you're speaking. >> exactly. nobody expects this is a long policy prescription he gives on thursday night but he does have to show that he can go beyond the slogans and he can go beyond i'm going to be tough and i'm going to keep you safe. >> his point about he is aware of answer can speak to the fact that become a very turbulent world domestically and foreign. >> right. and that anxiety and strength are complimentary but you have to say something more than that. you have for give a larger, broader context. >> what you would do it?
8:40 am
>> right. >> i think the country is hungry for a positive vision. we have heard donald trump and hillary clinton define each other. he is terrible, she is terrible and she would keep us less safe and he would keep us less safe. i think someone wants to hear someone say here is how to make the country better. >> thank you both. >> you're welcome. >> thank you. ahead, one of the biggest names here in cleveland not called lebron. that's good. the cleveland owner, his name is dan gilbert and he's a big deal. he joins
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
♪ ♪ ♪
8:44 am
it's over! it's over! cleveland is a city of champions once again! the cavaliers are nba champions. >> for the first time in more than 50 years, cleveland recently celebrated a pro sports championship. did you hear? lebron james and the cavaliers beat golden state to capture the franchise's first title. less than a month later, cleveland hosting the republican national committee. dan gilbert is the owner of the cavaliers and he is the owner of quicken arena. they should choose this moment to sing the star-spangled banner
8:45 am
you are hear. it is a great song. >> it is a great song. >> what does this mean to have this here in cleveland? >> i think this is great for the city. we are coming off a big winning streak. we have lake erie monsters who just one their first calder cup which is the american hockey league. lebron james and kyrie irving and kevin love members of the team to win the nba championship. >> this is a couple of summers ago. lebron was a free agent. we went to miami and you know what? things happen in business. people have a communication here and there. if you hold grudges on either side, it's not good for anybody. but it's a long history and we are all excited right now. >> you launched the quicken loans arena. what is this like for you?
8:46 am
>> it's not your grandfather's but it's pretty amazing. i just heard one of the guys here tell me that work cost $2 million alone. a lot of time, money, and effort in this ian a lot of experts and hard workers. because of the playoffs, it was the shortest period of time anybody had to get a convention together and they did a good job. ♪ home of the brave ♪ >> bravo! bravo! >> the sound is very good inside the arena. >> i was going to mention it's better than it is during the season. we have to figure this out. >> sounds really great. >> i was talking to some people who were involved in all of this and turning around from the championship game to a convention in less than a month. that is a big strain. >> actually, it was a big contention when they were coming to us a couple of years ago to make this happen. we actually had -- i don't know
8:47 am
if it was a contractor nod but we had, we expect to be all the way through the playoffs and only leaves a month. somehow, the hard working people here pulled it off. there is a time delay thing i was looking at back stage. very cool to show how it transformed. >> i went to dinner last night. the way or titer was saying wha hope to happen and people will come to cleveland after they say how great the city is. >> the people in cleveland are the best selling point. i know it sounds hokey but it is true. nice hard workers who are champions, by the way. they make it great but the city itself is a great. it has great museums and great public areas. it has a great theaters district. it has great sports and it has culture. this is an old city that goes back to -- >> you're more than one city and central to what is going on in terms of the detroit
8:48 am
renaissance. >> i'm all about lake erie at this point. either side of lake erie. so detroit and all of these urban cores could have a new life because the main thing driving us is young people. young people want to be in urban corpss and live, work and play in cities with action and connectivity and collaboration. >> you and warren buffett made a bif f bid for yahoo!. when will you hear from that? >> we are hope this week. >> there was a recent article saying july 18th could be a big day for dan gilbert. the starting day of the rns repc national convention and the beginning what charlie said was a final selection process for yahoo!. are you feeling confident? >> you never know on these things what is going on. we feel like we have done a real hard due diligence on the company and like the company and like the prospects and the potential of it ail and has a great brand as we all know. but we will have to see. it's up to the seller. >> if you were an optimist, do
8:49 am
you have skeshs aboome concernse country today? >> the main concern outside of terrorism, of course, is we have to figure out a way to get -- take home personal income growing again. if you look, the numbers i looked at since the year 2000 down something like inflation adjustment, 7%. 16-year period of time where we have not grown take home wages. i think that drives everything in the economy. to me, that would be the number one economic issue. >> thank you, dan gilbert. >> do you have the trophy at your house? >> no. we got it in the hands of lebron. he was holding on it and taking it to work. >> it's gorgeous. ♪
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
we will be here again tomorrow and scott pelley will report tonight's "cbs evening news" from the quicken loans arena.
8:53 am
>> i saw him yesterday. we will take part in the prime
8:54 am
8:55 am
this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan, the republican convention opens today in cleveland, week from today, the democratic national convention begins here in philadelphia. police commissioner, richard ross, says, policing the convention will take teamwork. >> you know, we had to change some of our plans, in conjunction with our federal and state department. so, we would be remiss if we didn't do that. and so, we're doing just that, trying to take a closer look at some of those plans, where we need to make a modifications. and we'll do that. >> now, let's check in with justin for a look at the forecast. >> good morning, jim, morning, everyone else, classic mid summer day today, hot, humid, chance for scattered late day shower, or thunderstorm, right now, looking g pretty good, in the sunshine over most of the region, storm scan3 quiet over us, but there is a line of
8:56 am
some showers and storms to the west. some of those storms could get in here looks like late in the afternoon, mainly during the evening hours, key word here is scattered. not everybody sees t up to 95 today for philadelphia, upper 80s at the shore, mid 80s in the mountains, and the extended forecast does get little better. relief starting tomorrow, still warm, humidity drops, will feel good on wednesday, high of 58, low humidity, a lot of sun for the rest of the week, we warm up again friday, highs back to the 90s, again, meisha, what's the latest on the roads? >> disable tractor-trailer actually busy stretch 95 south past allegheny, and actually in this center lane. you can see this not only that, but we've got people out of their vehicles laying down the cones for you. that's also going to cause quite the slow down in this area. make note of. that will again 95 south past allegheny. then add this accident pa turnpike past norristown, lane blocked n terms of septa five added cars today, interim schedules, these five lines, take a look at this, though, folks experiencing delays. sixty-five, 89, 60 minutes,
8:57 am
lansdale-doylestown, pail old i thorndale, 47 minutes, and the other line, 9518, looking at 21 minute delays. make sure to check your schedules on line, jim, over to you. >> lots going on, thanks, meisha. that's "eyewitness news" for now. join us for "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm jim donovan, make it a great day.
8:58 am
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