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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  July 19, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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. at 11:00 an officer attacked. a man accused of throwing a rock at a local police officer driving a patrol car. what police say happened after the officer got out of his cruiser. >> fast moving and fierce storms leave a mark on parts of region. how one family narrowly escaped a fallen tree and the local landmark destroyed by the severe
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weather. first. >> we're going to win so big, thank you very much everybody. >> the republican national convention is underway and donald trump breaks tradition and makes a rare appearance days before he's expected to accept at nomination for president. trump introduced had us wife milania who spoke tonight on the convention stage. good evening i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the theme of the rnc was make america safe again. that message was the focus of those who spoke. >> nicole brewer joins us with a wrap-up of day one. >> it's not over quite yet. from veterans and military leaders to celebrities, mrs. trump each speaker took the stage to reenforce donald trump's plan to protect america. >> this convention will come to order. >> at the start of the republican national convention, a last stitch effort by antitrump delegates determined to back other candidates under temporary rule. a voice that was taken by the
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rnc rules were pass. the i's have it. in drastic fashion, trump broke from tradition, taking the stage ton day one to announce his wife milania. >> he's tough when he has to be but also kind and fair and caring: this kindness is not only re always noticed but it is there for all to see. that is one reason i fell in love with him to begin with. >> while mrs. trump provided a glimpse in their personal lives. much of the program focused on business. particularly the new york businessman's plan to protect our country and support those in uniform. >> if you're a serviceman fighting overseas, or a cop who is risking their lives to help keep us safe at home, donald trump will have your back. >> robert son was first to speak then there was celebrity scott
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baio as well as concern citizens pat smith who lost her son in benghazi took aim at hillary clinton. >> for all of the citizens of the tragedy in benghazi, i blame hillary clinton. i blame hillary clinton personally for the death of my son. >> former new york mayor judy giuliani focused less on clinton and more on the man he's known 30 years. >> this is a man big heart who loves people, all people from the top to the bottom, from the middle to the side. this is a good man. >> it wasn't all pro trump. at one point a protester attempted to disrupt the program but was quickly removed. >> milania trump is the first in the trump family to speak during the convention. trump children are also expected to take the rnc stage throughout
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the week including his daughter tiffany trump. much more to come. police in cleveland say made only one arrest on this first day of the convention. pro trump and antitrump groups held rallies half mile apart. chief williams says there's been in violence and no property damage. the only arrest involved a pepper who had a felony warrant. >> we're talking about the democratic national convention in just seven days, security plans when the dnc comes to town are still being finalized. officials say they're making changes in partnership with state and federal authorities to insure the safety of the public and police officers. the philadelphia chapter of the fraternal order of police voiced concern about possible violence in the wake of ambush condition of police officers in dallas and baton rouge. >> we have to take preventive measures to prevent things from happening. we're going to do that as well.
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such as make sure we have much manpower in place. >> we had to change some of our plans in conjunction with federal and state practice. we'd be remiss if we didn't do that. we're doing just that. trying to take a closer look at some of those plans where we need to make modifications. and we'll do that. >> signs are you will along major highways alerting drivers travel restrictions. for a list of those restrictions, go to >> a special attraction moved into philadelphia for the dnc, this is a fuselage of air force one used from the kennedy administration to the reagan administration. lit go on display that the pennsylvania convention center. the events will take place at seven locations across the city during the dnc, it is open to the public. hillary clinton took center stage at a different convention in ohio. the presumptive democratic nominee at the naacp annual
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gathering in cincinnati condemned the recent condition of police officers in dallas and baton rouge saying it threaten the nation's ability to make progress towards criminal justice reform. she also reminded the crowd trump is the first presumptive nominee gop nominee to turn down >> the first time he was quoted in the "new york times" was in 1973 when the justice department went after his company for refusing to rent apartments to african-americans. >> afterwards clinton rallied with supporters at the university of cincinnati. sure to stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of campaign 16 on the radio with kyw news radio and 1210 wpht online with and of course your "eyewitness news" news team here on cbs3.
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other news, a coatesville police officer is attacked while on patrol. this dash cam video captures the moment when 29-year-old watson through a rock at the officer's car breaking his windshield. coatesville police tell us what's so that tried hitting the officer in the head with same rock. when the officer tried arresting him, he resisted. another coatesville city officer suffered an injury during that arrest. the baton rouge police chief says the ambush killing of three police officers this past weekend shows why they need military police tactics. police released pictures from security cameras showing the mass shooter clad in black stalking officers. investigators say former marine gavin long opened fire with an ar 15 style assault rifle killing montreal jackson matthews gerald and brad garafol. >> we've been questioned the last three, four weeks about our
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military tactics and law enforcement. this is why. because we are up against a force that is not playing by the rules. >> he wounded three other officers, one remains in extremely critical condition tonight. today, a judge acquitted a fourth baltimore police officer in the death of freddie gray. brian rice was the highest ranking of the six officers. the trials and two acquittals and a mistrial. demonstrators protestered the lack of a convictions in the gray case. police are investigating the disturbing discovery of a symbol of hate. >> someone painted a swastika in mt. laurel. one re one person told our david spunt the site shook her to the core. >> reporter: the neighborhood is a focus of a police
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investigation after a couple found this white swastika pinned next to their front door. >> my husband woke me up and said you need to come outside. the police are here. >> reporter: this woman asked not to be identified because she's afraid for her safety. authorities tried to remove the symbol is most is visible. >> this is a threat against my family. my husband is jewish. we have a tribute flag for fallen officers displayed outside of our condo. this is a threat against mt. laurel police. >> reporter: they were recently put back out on display after last week's murder of five dallas police officers. >> terrifying to see what's going on across the country and if this is going to happen in our backyard and our neighborhoods, it's too close to home. >> reporter: several detectives here at the mt. laurel police department are working this case. it is being classified as a hate
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crime. question, who did it? mt. laurel police detectives are asking for tips. you can remain anonymous. >> why is there so much hate right now? it's a time when everybody should be coming together. not falling apart. >> reporter: david spunt be cbs eyewitness. damaging storms swept through the area tonight leaving awake of debris behind and knocking out power through the parts of the region. this havertown family is feeling very lucky after two trees were up rooted and crashed into their home. fortunately, just moments before the crash, she decided to leave her son's nursery and seek shelter in a safer part of the house. >> i could tell that the wind was picking up. i went to the basement with my seven month old and the dog and heard a big bank and whistling wind and didn't think this was what i was going to walk out to. >> employees of swiss farms market are picking up the pieces after strong winds took down.
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the storms have since moved out, what comes next? the answer let's go to meteorologist kate bilo. >> these storms have moved out but we still have a few showers and thunderstorms to watch for move in the area overnight. beyond the storms finally relief from the heat but it may not be with us for long. i'll tell you when we can have the hottest day so far this year, and it's in the seven-day forecast. >> our coverage of the republican national convention continues. jessica is in election central way couple of political of her weights. what they think of the most surprising parts of the rnc so far. proof hard work really pace off. i want you to tell you about the huge accomplishment about a local
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. day one of the republican national convention is now in the books. already a lot to talk about. good thing is we got the analyst to help break us down, former governor and chair of the committee ed rendell. george w bush. thanks for you guys being here. all of you are watching milania with her first big speech. she's a political novice. we'll start with you. do you believe she did the job of softening trump? how do you think people received her. >> i think she did a great job. a lot of people haven't seen anything out of her. she didn't put her on the campaign. there was something like 69% of
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voters had an i don't know opinion of her. she did great job. introducing a gentler more compassionate trump. >> she did well. she delivered it well. she look terrific and she's a wonderful person. so i believe she did pretty good. >> let's talk about some of the people who aren't going to be at the convention. there's big name republican whose are choosing to not be there. president bush. george h w and george w. governor mccane, do you think it matters that some of those republican heavy weights aren't there. >> i don't think so. because it fits the trump narrative. man against the establishment. that's the democrat establishment and the republican.
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>> i don't agree on much. but that we do agree on. i believe that plays to trump being the outside candidate. right now outsider candidates are pulling very well across america and here in in the commonwealth. i think it plays to well what is going to be the donald trump convention. >> we saw him tonight breaking with tradition. of now, if we rewind a little earlier when we saw some of the never trump delegates coming out for the final kind of push. it was not successful. do you think they can unify the next few days. >> absolutely. that's what this convention is about. now it's time for everyone to move on and unify. that's what we're going to see for the next couple days in cleveland is the unified voice of the party and everyone uniting behind what the alternative is to hillary clinton and the continuation of the status quo and the policies that left a lot of americans behind over last eight years. >> actually, starting with going
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on the tv show this morning, attacking governor kasich in ohio. republicans have to carry a popular governor attacking him why? makes no sense. and then they cut off the roll call. i think they made a mistake the way they handled it. controversy we got people like senator from utah, former attorney general of the state of virginia. a former u.s. senator saying it was a brown shirt moment. those are republicans talking and that's damaging. >> just quickly do you think republicans watching this at home, are going don't do this publicly or do you think go what? go for it. >> i think it's time for everyone to get united. i think the people, myself included that didn't have trump as their first candidate aren't going to draw a line in the sand and say i'm not going to show up. people are going to try to find way to unify and bring the painter forward. >> you got someone like tom
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ridge, the most respected politician in pennsylvania having written that saying why i can't vote for donald trump. he's not coming back. >> we'll see. we'll be with you both over the next few days, what was appreciate it. we'll have a lot more to talk about. ukee? . >> thank you so much. once again, jessica will be traveling to the rnc leaving tomorrow, she'll be there the entire week. the rnc in cleveland ohio. look for her live reports at 5:00, 6:00, 10:00 an 11:00 and steven colbert kicks things off. with comedian jennifer and journalist and taylor ron suskin coming next on eyewitness. a local south jersey soccer team is getting ready to head west. girls from the mt. laurel united soccer team had their final practice tonight before traveling to denver colorado to compete in a national
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tournament. a teen of 17-year-olds from local high schools move on to the biggest tournament yet. >> it's a an accumulation of everything they've worked for over the last several years. they're getting a chance to showcase their skills on a national level. >> we wish them the best. the team flying out of philadelphia national airport. they will be rolling out when the heavy heat rolls in. >> yeah, and just got rid of last heat. we were in the mid 90's. tomorrow a little bit of relief unfortunately as you mentioned. we got more heat on the way. possibly the hottest weather we felt in quite some time heading our way. today started the day with lots of heat and humidity. temperatures well into the 90's. lots of sunshine out there. this is about noon. the leadership academy.
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watch what happens as we head into the afternoon. a storm moves in ahead of a cold front drew on that heat and moisture and watch how quickly the storm forms, gets dark and immediately just a complete white-out. heavy rain blinding conditions on the road. lots of lightening around the city. as quickly as the storm came in. cleared on out. stormscan 3 shows the storms that impacted the area have since moved out to sea. that's good. we did have reports of damage. trees up rooted. power outages in especially in havertown, into lehigh valley and allentown, 62 miles an hour wind gusts the main push of storm is out to sea and watches and warnings have expired we do have storms starting to push into berks county. lightening reported up in the lehigh valley. scattered showers and storms still around through overnight. if you hear a roll of thunder
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don't be shocked. it will take to tomorrow morning before we clear this out. temperature on the warm side. 75 at the to airport. 45 in reading, 73 in allentown. 74 degrees down in dover. but what to expect after today's heat and storms, the heat wave finally comes at an end, five days straight in the 90's. 's thursday and monday the two hostile days, lots of you sunshine after today and lower humidity and dry conditions, we don't have anymore rain in the forecast until the weekend. pretty great stretch. get the air conditioner ready, give it a break the next couple nights because we will be needing it full force come this weekend. relief in sight. after today's heat, tomorrow feels better. humidity starts to drop. temperatures seasonal. still in the upper 80's. high pressure gets a hold on wednesday, this is your best day of the week, wednesday looks great. sunny, low humidity, planning to get outside for a run wednesday,
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hasn't been great conditions to be outside. wednesday will be a day you want to be out doors, temperatures a couple of degrees above average. thursday we start to heat back up to 80's. then the heat returns on friday. today was oppressively humid. tomorrow better, due points back to the 60's, wednesday fantastic back to the pleasant ranger with due points in the 50's. thursday with start to climb again. come friday and saturday, we're right what about re back to oppressive humidity. overnight gradual clearance, 74 degrees. tomorrow still hot day. july. 88 with low humidity we're feeling much better than the 90's we've been suffering through the past five days. shore forecast clear it out lower humidity, 84 wednesday and thursday looking good. we're in the low 80's both days, you can see that cooler air diving in here. watch what happens, this bubble of heat expands eastward and the
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hostile air gets here by the weekend. saturday looks like the hottest day of the year, "eyewitness news" seven-day forecast again shows the comfort tomorrow wednesday and thursday wednesday the night of day of the week. friday, jump right back to 90 and take a look at the weekend. we can be pushing triple digits here saturday and sunday, highs in the upper 90's, feel like 100 plus both days with the chance for few scattered thunderstorms t enjoy the relief while it's here. >> yes. >> definitely. >> all right. lesley up next in sports. >> good news, bad news, situation, aaron nola returned to the mound. but the best hitting road team in the majors, how did he do? sports is next.
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. lesley how did the phillies take shake up? .
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>> game one between the phillies and marlins, aaron nola on the mound first time in 16 days after the team told him to take a break. it did him good. he struck out two of the first three batters. in the sixth a scary moment took a line drive off his right arm. trainer came out to take a look and said i'm ok. he stayed. six shut-out innings. threw 68 pitches, 1-0. joseph crosses the pitch deep to left. phillies with a two-run lead. in the 9th. that will tie the game. gomez, top of the 11th, mar between, otherwise known as the phillies killer will strike again. a solo homer. and the marlins within 3-2. >> it's a shame we couldn't hold on to that lead in the 9th.
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but good news about was nola, he pitched really well. he was painting both sides of the plate like we you talked earlier. had his fast ball working both corners down on his own. encouraging. ? >> he had definitely was ready, i mean side sessions and -- the game -- just, get back on then. >> good for nola but --. >> good and bad. >> lesley thanks. >> a popular jersey shore
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♪ ♪ ♪ . lucy the elephant in margate
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is celebrating her birthday and merging as a candidate in campaign 16. >> lucy is running for president. the national historic landmark at the shore is turning 135 this summer. lucy's peanut fall. this saturday for everyone who goes to her birthday celebration. >> she looks good.
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