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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> pelley: this is a cbs news special report. i'm scott pelley at the republican national convention in cleveland. they are calling the roll of states here, and donald trump is about to reach the magic number of 1,237 delegates to be nominated the republican candidate for the president of the united states. the state of new york, his home state, will put him over the top. that's happening now. let's listen in. >> north carolina, 72 delegates with the following bound delegates, 2-9d trump, 27 cruz, 6 rubio, 9 kasich, 1 carson. >> madam secretary, north carolina, the land of the long leaf pine, the land where the summer sun does shine, where the
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wheat grows strong and the strong grow gray --. >> pelley: they're going to go to the other states to get the total up higher, closer to the 1,237 so that new york, which is led by donald j. trump, jr., his eldest son, will put donald trump over the top. so that will be coming up very shortly, and while we are waiting for that moment, we're going to go down to john dickerson at the podium. john? >> john: well, scott, that's right. we're about to reach that magic 1,237 total. that number we heard so much during the bitter primaries as donald trump fought off 16 opponents. that number is almost here, as you said. the order has been rearranged so that new york can take him over the top. they have pride of place here right in the front. and it's very crowded up here. they're itching for this, and that will make donald trump the official nominee on the nominee for that 45th spot as president.
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and we've got the whole... everybody's crowding around here to try to be in the mix at this famous moment, and now we just will have the wait until the totals are arrived at. >> pelley: john, you know, there has been so much controversy at this convention about the republican party being divided and anti-trump dissidents being voted down yesterday, but there's a great deal of enthusiasm on the floor. >> that's exactly right. there is a tremendous amount of enthusiasm. there's a lot of pushing and shoving. everybody wants to be in this moment, and this moment is the culmination of a sinking between donald trump and the republican national committee. remember all that talk about the establishment and his difficulties with it? well, he is now in sync with the establishment. they have beaten back much of the never trump effort. when he goes over the top with that 1,237 delegates, it will be proof of that, a kind of locking
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in of donald trump. this is now really the republican party, but this is the official moment in which it really becomes the party of donald trump. >> pelley: and north dakota's weighing in with its 28 delegates. let's go to major garrett on the floor for us. major? >> reporter: scott, this is an historic moment for the republican party, a party that is quite clearly in transition. you talk to delegates here, some are so clearly enthusiastic about donald trump, believing he's an outsider, believing he will do things for them that elected republicans in washington have failed to do even though they control the house and senate. trump supporters believe they are not serving their interest or needs. that's one of the things that fueled trump's rise to this moment of ascendancy, of taking control of the republican party on the floor of this convention. one of the things that's slowing things down tonight on the floor is that every delegation is going through all the counts for the other challengers to trump. and they're given their moment of respect of getting delegates in the primary caucus process.
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but be not afraid, trump supporters, this is going to work out. trump is going to be the nominee, and it's going to get back to new york and donald j. trump, jr., will have the distinct honor, rare in american history, of saying to the world, my father is now the nominee of a major party, and as political scientists like to say, scott, yes, anyone in america can grow up to be president, provided you're the nominee of a major party. >> pelley: major garrett, thank you. john dickerson, one of the things that demonstrates how things have changed at this convention is tonight's list of speakers. the three top elected leaders of the republican party are going to be speaking tonight, and none of them are going to be in prime time. prime time has been reserved for the friends and family members of donald trump. >> reporter: that's right.
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the reason they're not in prime time is two reasons. one, donald trump ran as an outsider. he often attacked those leaders who will be speaking tonight. this is a moment of unity. so that's trying to be forgotten. but he ran against washington republicans. he's in the a candidate of the washington republicans. he's a representative of those republicans who are revolting against the elite from their party. and they will return the favor in part. they will not sing the praises of donald trump, those leaders. they may mention his name. they may not, but the other objective, the real objective for the trump campaign is to give a picture of donald trump that only his family can give, the sort of private donald trump, and that's an effort to make him seem more palatable to the voters who are not in this hall. he got this hall. there's a tremendous amount of excitement here, and they're roughly in line with the donald trump movement. what the trump campaign is trying to do is make a pitch to outside in the world, and that's where the family comes in. >> pelley: major, when you look at this speaker list
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tonight, this really on television is not the republican national convention. it's going to be the donald j. trump convention. >> yes, the donald j. trump brand is all around the prime time event tonight. even some of those who were backers of donald trump after falling out of the presidential primary process, new jersey common denominator here on the floor among delegates who are passionately for donald trump.
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they believe as not only just an outsider but as someone with a vision and toughness, cure strong, he can lead this country and them in a different and better direction, in part by sort of toppling over the existing orderer in washington and inside the beltway, something they have come to discuss. one thing i want to tell you, scott, corey lewandowski just had a moment in the sun. he's the campaign manager fired by donald trump after donald trump secured the nomination through the primary process. he awarded the delegates in new hampshire, most of them to donald trump, his moment in the sun, i talked to cory a few moments ago. he said all through the campaign he was never able to enjoy what he was accomplishing on behalf of trump. tonight he said he's going time masters himself and soak himself in this history, this moment which he played an unmistakable role and achievement. >> pelley: lewandowski fired by donald trump, but when he gave the 11 new hampshire delegation votes if for trump, he described him as "my friend."
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now, we're looking at the new york delegation right there by the sign are some of the children of donald trump. that's his daughter ivanka there in the middle, donald, jr., on the left. we'll be hearing from donald, jr., tonight. he will be speaking in prime time. there is tiffany trump there at the center. we'll also be hearing from her in prime time tonight. they're going to be describing the man, the father that they know. tiffany trump was raised in california. she's the second youngest of trump's children, just graduated from the university of pennsylvania with a double major in sociology and urban studies, but she's a fashion model, a singer and a presence on social media, as well. donald j. trump, jr., is the executive vice president of the trump organization, which, of course, runs the real estate holdings of donald trump.
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he's the eldest son of donald and ivana trump, donald trump's first wife. he will be leading the new york delegation. he'll be putting his father over the top when the time comes that they have enough votes tallied up so that new york will be the state that symbolically makes donald trump the republican nominee in 2016. >> donald j. trump. >> pelley: that was oregon we just heard from with their 28 delegates. >> pursuant to the announcement of the delegation and the rules of this convention, oregon, 23 votes trump, 5 votes cruz. >> pennsylvania. >> pelley: all right. as we go to pennsylvania. new york coming up, but we're in the quite there yet. john dickerson, you've been down
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there on the floor almost all day talking to delegates, talking to party officials. what have they been telling you about this day? >> well, you know, scott, they came here to cleveland, some of them a little nervous. they were not sure how this was all going to work out. donald trump has been an unpredictable candidate and conventions are supposed to be predictable. they are supposed to run like clockwork. there's a lot of nervousness when mike pence was picked at the running mate. that settled them down a little bit. last night you got mixed opinions about it. on the one hand people feel like it went off pretty well. oh, and here we have new york now announcing their delegates. >> pelley: the new york delegation, this will put donald trump over the top and make him the nominee of the republican party. >> new york, the empire state, proud to be the home of donald j. trump and proud that we were the first state to cast a majority of our primary votes for donald trump, proud that he
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won 61 of our 62 counties and more than 60% of the vote. and we are proud that we have as one of our delegates donald j. trump, jr. [applause] >> thank you very much. thank you to my family, eric, ivan cash vanessa, laura, tiffany, everyone here, all of our supporters in the great state of new york, even in the places that aren't so conservative, we've had such incredible support, you won't believe it. we're going to put new york into play this time around. [applause] i have the incredible honor of not only being a part of the ride that's been this election process, and to watch as a small fly on the wall what my father has done in creating this movement, because it's not a campaign anymore. it's a movement. speaking to real americans, giving them a voice again, and
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it is my honor to be able to throw donald trump over the top in the delegate count tonight with 89 delegates and another 6 for john kasich. congratulation, dad. we love you! [cheering and applause] >> pelley: and with that donald trump is the republican nominee, securing all the delegates he needs with his eldest son, putting him over the top. we do not expect the hear from donald trump tonight. he'll be making his acceptance speech on thursday, but with donald trump, you never know. we didn't know he was going to show up last night. unprecedentedly early for a
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candidate. to introduce his wife. >> under the rules of this convention, new york, 6 votes kasich, 89 votes donald j. trump. [cheering and applause] "start spreading the news playing". >> pelley: >> pelley: to the sound of "new york new york" donald trump
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becomes the republican nominee for president of the united states. we'll have more coverage on the cbs station as the evening goes on. until then, i'm scott pelley in cleveland.>> because you'd know so long it was like a first date. >> at 2:00 in the morning i was like see you later. he's like you're crazy. i was like peace and out. >> isn't that kidnapping? >> it's a willing party. >> he knew and it worked out. >> it sure did. >> very good. a hollywood story i like it. >> still to come joe joe to us about the bachelorette drama, lots of it. the rogers brrift. all of those tears. >> let's just be honest i'm train wreck. a fresh prince wedding, a child star turned pregnant bride how she met mr. right online. >> i got very lucky. matt damon's vegas investigation. how he got that bourne body
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back. >> my faaorite thing is a big bowl of pasta and glass of red closed captioning provided by --
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the fresh prince of bel air, tat ali was 11. >> that was back in 1990.
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she's grown up and just got married and told us all about her big day. you're not going to believe how she met mr. right. online. the ride's father walked her down the aisle to wed her very own prince, the 37-year-old aatress best know her role as ashley banks exchanged vows with a stanford professor at the four seasons in beverly hills on sunday after meeting on eharmony years ago. >> a lot of celebrities are going online to find love. it's a sign of the times, you know, that's how people are meeting and talking to each other. and i got very lucky. >> back in march, e.t. broke the news that they're expecting their first child. >> i wasn't expecting all of the love that we received and congratulations. it's been so beautiful. >> 120 guests attended the daytime affair including her on screen siblings karen parsons and alfonso ribeiro. >> the cast, everything is
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relaxed great. >> wearing ras berry colored dresses her sisters stood by her. the was inspired by her family's caribbean roots. the only thing happy couple couldn't agree on was the cake. she explained quote, love chocolate and he loves vanilla. we're have a tiered cake. i'm not in his cake and he's not into mine. we get to share. congratulations to the happy couple. meanwhile, jojo's search for love continues on the bachelorette and she is talki to us about the one of the most dramatic side stories which heated up last why jordan rogers isestranged from his brother, aaron. >> it doesn't need to be a topic. >> it is.& we had to ask about the roger' family rift. there's been discussion about jordan and his family. what do you think went down between aaron and the
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family? >> i can't say. you know, that's not s that i was there for. -pit's not something i feel liki should pry into. the stuff that jordan told me on th is actually quite sweet how he handled it. >> during jordan's hometown date his dad offered insight into aaron has been absent from the family for years. know, our family means a lot. especially all boys. and fame change you. >> paparazzi confronted in la. >> talking about your relationships. >> and jordan's not the only suitor surrounded in drama. robbie 's resurfaced. >> di break up with you when you found out you were going to be on the show. >> not even close. >> just be honest. >> i'm being dead honest. >> if all this weren't enoughh pick the elimination ceremony to tell jojo this. >> i'm in love with you. >> prompting tears on the
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tarmac. >> what do ido? >> and the dreaded to be continued. >> most of these episodes you shed a few tears. a few tears? let's be honest, i'm train wreck. you can thank my mak artist she did a good job touching it up. >> just when you think it can't get better. one week from tonight it's the return boy chad, angry muscle chad on the all reunion special. that's going to be exple.hy bng? >> it's going to be so good. >> rati ratings, let's go from a bad boy to the nicest guy in hollywood damon. he's back as jason bourne. i joined matt for our exclusive poker tournament. here's the big question, who do you think walked awaa the big winner? >> the wwy -- what we playing? >> texas hold'em. >> we'll do an interview, play cards, see what you really got. >> what was it like going back to
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>> fantastic, man. did so much for my life and career. it changed everything. it's about whether we can do another movie that'ssas good as the ones we done. >> he workee out like a mad man to get into shape and diet was brutal. >> when you hit 45 it gets hard to hit the just vegetables that's the real deal? >> vegetables and proteins. no carbs. >> how tough is that >> brutal. i like to eat, man. you know, my favorite thing is, you kno big bowl or pasta and glass of red wine and my friends around it. the director helook, if the movie starts and you look like you've been living well you don't have a movie. >> you got a problem. >> we're allowed to do this again? now i go for the trip. >> if you want to. if you feel -- >> it's going to go >> he's no stranger to vegas. he thinks it would be a tough market at the tables.
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>> i've never been luckier than when you've been sitting here. >> i thought this was all money. >> his ben your best friend? >> yeah, i m grew up together. you know, best friend is kind of a children's concept. you know. but i've known him for years. you know, we grew up together. we both were i love wiih acting and with filmmaking. and that bonded us for life i think. >> did you set these up, man, look at that? >> that's magic right there. >> greatest hand of the day. >> i won a lot of money. >> for tax reason s i can't how much i won.& i'm sitting in a casino with matt and nobody is looking up because they're busy gambling. >> it's vegas they're concentrating on everything else. you're buying me dinner tonight. >> matt was great. >> we'll be right back.
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interest. it's all on let me get this straight, you jjt setter frazier you you just got back from vegas and yo leaving to go somewhere crazier, comicon. >> it will be nuts. i'm hosting the west coast premier of star trek beyond. we're going to put in the
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middle of all the chaos. starting thursday, e.t takes you inside comicon in san >> it's like, crazy right? >> with hollywood's hottestt stars. fans losing their m star struck celebs. >> look at it's will smith. >> we're in the middle of the madness. floor to ceiling coverage over multiple platform as it happens live. if you're not hanging with e.t., you're not part of the action. >> be at comicon. >> that's thursday on e.t.
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"the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> number one, melania trump social media backlash. >> he will never ever give up. he will never ever let you down. >> the donald's wife becomes meme material. how can trump turn it around.
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as late night lets loose the convention. then, leslie jones fights back against twitter haters. >> i feel crazy. >> how she exposed all the online trolls. >> number three, pippa middleton getting married. which designer will make her dress. and who's her prince charming. >> james aristocratic but his personal fortune he's amassed is through sheer hard work. >> our insider bonus. you want curves like kim? >> when i eliminate gluten i have tons more energy. >> star moms spill their summer slim down secrets. >> melissa is super smart, she lost 75 pounds. >> now, the insider together with yahoo. >> hello, everybody, and welcome to the insider. we do pop culture and entertainment news. look, we know we're not cnn, we're not fox news. >> if you're t


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