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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  July 20, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, july 20th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." congratulations, dad, we love you! >> day two of the rnc. trump kids give him the vote to put him over the top and officially become the presidential nominee for president. >> a president who knows we can't simply delete our problems but that we have to tackle them head-on. rally the delegates. chris christie took the stage and took clinton to task. >> what is your verdict? guilty or not guilty? >> but clinton offered her own
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indictment of christie's ethics. and remembering garry marshall. the man who gave us so many of hollywood's iconic moments. ♪ ♪ sunday sunday happy days >> nano ♪ good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. defying the odd and numerous controversies, donald trump is now the republican nominee for president. gop delegates officially nominated trump last night, though more than 700 delegates cast their votes for someone other than trump. trump says his nomination is a moment he will never forget. weijia jiang is at the republican convention in cleveland. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. last night, it was the governor of new jersey who delivered the most explosive speech, giving the country a glimpse of how he
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entered the general election is about to become. the trump family also took center stage a big part of the effort to give the candidate a makeover and show a softer side. >> congratulations, dad! we love you! >> reporter: the second day of the rnc proved to be a family affair. after donald trump was formally named the gop's presidential nominee, two of his children addressed the convention during prime time. >> he has always helped me be the best version of myself. >> i know that when people tell him it can't be done, that guarantees that he gets it done. >> reporter: trump's rival turned ally chris christie electrified the crowd with his called indictment of hillary clinton. >> for risking american secrets to keep her own and lying to cover it all up! >> reporter: clinton fired back at christie over twitter writing if you think chris christie can lecture anyone on ethics, we
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have a bridge to sell you. then the war of words continued immediately after christie's speech. >> hillary clinton wants to take me on, i'm happy to take her on between now and the end of the campaign. >> reporter: the biggest speech tonight is indiana governor mike pence who officially became trump's running mate yesterday. mrs. barkley is looking forward to his address. >> i'm looking forward to hearing what they will do together and putting american first. >> reporter: pastor daryl scott will also speak today. >> i'm going to speak from my heart concerning the mr. trump i know. >> reporter: eivanka trump will introduce her father tomorrow night on the introduction. scott walker and u.s. senators marco rubio and ted cruz. republicans will pay close attention to what cruz says for any clues about his presidential ambition in 2020 if trump loses
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in november. >> weijia jiang in cleveland, thank you. the divide in the gop was still evident last night. some of the biggest names in the republican party spoke including speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. when mcconnell walked out, there was a smattering of boo. bob schieffer says this is different than any he's ever seen. >> reporter: this is unlike any convention i've ever attended and this is my 24th. when paul ryan said it's time to come together, from all of the speeches that we heard this afternoon before we came on the air at 10:00, they were more about hillary clinton than they were about -- about donald trump. mitchell mcconnell, for example, mentioned hillary clinton 26 times in his speech. he mentioned donald trump six times. over and over.
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she was accused of everything from who would of thought it to a theory epidemic or something. if there was anything she was not accused of, i missed it appear and that is what is so unusual. because, scott, american campaigns are usually won by the most optimistic candidate. and the economist magazine just this week cited ronald reagan as being the most in recent camp of that. mike pence, today, went to great trouble to sort of catalog all of the similarities between ronald reagan and donald trump. now donald trump, i admit he has his strengths, but if they are going to try to sell him and say this is another ronald reagan, i'm sorry, i think that is going to be a hard sell. >> the trump campaign continues to play down the plagiarism controversy surrounding melania trump's speech during the convention's opening night.% two segments of the speech
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sounded very similar to michelle obama's convention speech in 2008. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> well, it's reported this morning that melania trump's speech writers had no idea how much she had altered the speech. "the new york times" reports miss trump had skieddecide i sae was uncomfortable with the speech and the times reports that all that remained from the original draft was the introduction and one passage. cbs co-anchor norah o'donnell spoke with donald trump about the controversy. >> there is a written word in the campaign do no harm especially to the candidate's spouse but this was this a disservice to her, an embarrassment? >> i imagine they would have cleaned it up better. . i'm proud of what she did and thought she did excellently.
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>> corey lewandowski, the previous campaign manager, said what happened with melania's speech suggests that it's amateur hour with the new campaign manager paul manafort. >> a reason paul is in the position he is today and corey is not and not because of paul's amateur hour. nothing with that. i understand he is not there and you want to maintain relevance and be on tv but i think that is not a service to the campaign. i think it's nonsense. i've heard other people say are paul?amily on outskirts with totally nonsense. >> we will have complete coverage of the convention from cleveland coming up on "cbs this morning." and we will speak with dan senr, former adviser to paul ryan and mitt romney during the 2012 campaign. cars crossing the hudson river on the tappenzee bridge
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had to swerve. traffic was stopped for hours. the backup stretched for miles. the crane was working on a new bridge and the bridge reopened last night. a plume of smoke drifted over los angeles yesterday from a brush fire in the hollywood hills. about 200 firefighters and helicopters dropping water and -- dropped water and controlled the blaze within four hours. no one was hurt and no homes were threatened. in arizona, a wall of dust shrouded a town south of phoenix. drivers were warned to pull over yesterday if they couldn't see the road. flights were not affected. this morning, the entertainment industry is mourning the loss of one of its most prolific writers and directors. garry marshall passed away yesterday following a stroke. he died in a burbank hospital at the age of 81. hena daniels is here in new york with a look at his remarkable career. >> reporter: good morning. marshall's career spanned television, movies, and the
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theater. comedy to romance in a career that lasted some five decades. his forte was comedy and his love was television which he once said can entertainment people who maybe can't afford a play. ♪ sunday monday happy days >> reporter: by 1979, marshall had three of the top five shows on tv, including "happy days" laverne and shirley starring his sister penny and mork and mindy. marshall estimated he wrote and directed some 1,000 sitcom episodes. he moved to movies, directing 18 films such as pretty woman and flamingo kid and dear god. >> what happened after he climbed up the tower and rescued her? >> she rescues him right back.
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>> i'd be honest. i didn't run around my kitchen shooting pictures of my mother cooking. i ran around coughing and saying where is the kleenex? give me aspinner, i'm going to faint here! >> reporter: to shos who knew him, garry marshall was a constant story teller and best at making people laugh. >> a private funeral is being held but a memorial is planned for his birthday. coming up on the "morning news." we will show you stephen colbert's hilarious snafu on melania's speech. this is the "cbs morning news." anything happen. e neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula. visibly reduce wrinkles. neutrogena®.
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trump to address the controversy. so please welcome melania trump. >> to those who say i stole my speech, i say give me a break! give me a break! break me off that piece of that kitkat bar! >> in his second live show of the week, late show host stephen colbert couldn't resist the controversy surrounding melania trump's rnc speech. he with a little help of some of the most memorable lines there. temperature hits another record. twitter cracks down on a harassing tweet. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. buzzfeed news reports twitter's permanent ban of a conservative blogger. the site suspended the site of this man. "the washington post" reports the filing of a
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misdemeanor charges against a senior navy official. ohannessian is accused of pointing a gun at a group last month during a neighborhood spat. he is on leave as defense secretary of the navy. nasa says global temperatures in 2016 are almost certain to be the highest ever. scientists blame global warming and el nino winds in the pacific. the "los angeles times" reports that police are now involved in a fat shaming case. "playboy" model posted photo of a woman inside a l.a. fitness locker room. the gim bym banned her for life want to know if she broke privacy laws. "making a murder" follows the legal tangles of convicted
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a california couple's coupon clipping days are over. they have claimed more than $500,000. they won last january in a record powerball drawing. the couple marvin and maya costa say nearly all of the wings will go to a trust and charities. how could they sit on that ticket so long? that is spldiscipline. on the cbs mon"moneywatch." jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning. stocks on wall street ended mixed. the dow gained almost 26 points and edging up for the second straight session and closing at a new record high. the s&p pulled back from its record high losing three points and nasdaq fell 19. twitter is opening up verified account feature to ireveryone.
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like politicians, celebrities and journalists. twitter does not require the users sign up with their real names and led to the creation of some fake accounts. now twitter will let all users request to be verified. snapchat and e moji are bringing an app that lets users create and personalize and af r avatar and use it like an emoji. snapchat has 150 million daily users. good news if you're headed to the rio olympics. cheaper ticket prices. sales are lagging so rio organizers have opened up local ticket websites to everyone. well, that means fans outside of brazil can buy tick at local rates in brazilian currency because of the fluctuation in exchange rates means much lower prices. twitter reportedly signed a deal with the nba for original live programming. the "l.a. times" says the
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agreement involves two new shows. one is a weekly live streamed pregame nba show and will be available exclusively on twitter. the other show hasn't been announced. the nba will also create some additional video for twitter. >> we will all be glued to our phones. i tell you. >> even more so than we are now? >> right. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. still ahead, life-sized fund. construction workers put a spin on the classic kids game "where is waldo?" (we got a new family member and she got a nutritious meal of purina cat chow complete with the four cornerstones of nutrition including high quality protein. now our family is complete. purina cat chow complete. want great whitening without the mess? think outside the box
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i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. lots of sunshine around the country, but in central virginia, a fierce thunderstorm toppled trees on to a pair of houses yesterday. no one was injured.
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fallen branches blocked roads and clogged traffic on an interstate. and it took 12 days for the inevitable to happen. a crash blamed on poke ymonpoke. a driver playing the game side-swiped a police car monday in baltimore. no one was hurt. the game was launched july 6th. long before pokemon, kids used to search for another guy who wore glasses and striped shirt. now a construction worker at an indiana hospital has revived where is waldo to make kids better. he made an 18-foot waldo and on the site for patients next door in the hospital to take their minds off treatments. >> it makes me better. like happy. >> and haney says he has new characters on the drawing board. minu minions. kids love that. coming up after your locl news on "cbs this morning,"
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two men who fatallily shot police officers in baton rouge served in combat zones. david mart reports. >> reporter: nearly 3 million americans have served in iraq and afghanistan and many of them game home angry. a study published by army psychiatrists in 2015 found anger and aggression is among the most common issues reported of returning service members. cop killers micah johnson and gavin long served in the army. there is no indication from their service records either saw
4:26 am
front line combat. although when wars fought without front lines, almost everybody could be exposed to some level of violence. johnson got out last year, a problem soldier accused of sexual harassment by a woman who specifically asked that he seek mental health. long had been out of the marines for six years. and had taken to expressing his anger in videos. >> you're in a world that is ran by devils. get this through your head right now. devils run this. >> reporter: the marines say none of their studies dating back to the vietnam war have found a conclusive link between combat deployment and anger but a 2013 army study of 2,000 combat veterans found 35% getting angry enough to smash something and 22% to threaten with physical violence and 7% angry enough to hit someone. a separate study pointed to something called trait anger defined as a propensity to
4:27 am
become angry under stressful conditions. in other words, anger could have been a personality trait before they joined the military and the stress of service made it worse. all soldiers returning from combat are screened for mental health problems. but according to that study, those screenings do not include anger or aggression. david martin, cbs news, the pentagon. here is another look at this morning's top story. the republican party officially made donald trump its nominee for president of the united states. trump thanked delegates in videotaped remarks. republican speakers leveled sharp criticism at hillary clinton. today's theme is "make america first again." gop vice president nominee mike pence speaks tonight. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," more on the republic national convention and how musicians are using their songs to stage political protests.
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and mo rocca a more on the cartoons and more on the reports that fox chairman roger ailes is set to leave amid sexual harassment. that is the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day.
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new overnight, murder, by a firehouse the place where police say two masked gunman opens fire, steps away from the philadelphia a fire station. congratulations, dad, we love you. it is now official, donald trump, clinched the republican nomination. hear what he had to say after it happened and a mock trial that thing that takes place during day two of the convention. we have just got the this video in the the news room fired at a local farm we will tell you where fire fighterser battling this blaze right now. good morning today is wednesday, july 20th i'm jim donovan. plus a new target very soon. but first a check of the forecast with


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