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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 20, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, july 20th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." from the floor of the republic national convention in cleveland, ohio, donald trump is now officially the gop nominee for president. we talk to donald trump, jr., about his father and the controversy over melania trump's speech. plus, new fears this morning that the zika virus is now being spread by mosquitoes here in the united states. and from "happy days" to "pretty woman" we remember director garry marshall who has died at the age of 81. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> it is my honor to be able to
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throw donald trump over the top in the delegate count tonight. congratulations, dad! we love you! >> donald trump makes it official. >> we are going to make america great again. >> i say now is the time for us to rise up and take america back! >> is this election more what about disqualified hillary clinton or what qualifies donald trump? >> it's about both. >> the wizard of oz. lots of sound and fury but when you pull back the curtain, only donald trump with nothing to offer to the american people. >> more than 200 firefighters battled a blaze. >> burning up the hill! >> oh! >> the entertainment industry is mourning the loss of one of its most prolific writers and directors. garry marshall. >> you never know what will happen. >> the governor of new york says it's nothing short of a miracle that no one was killed when a
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giant construction crane crashed on to a major bridge. >> video out of the south carolina. good samaritans rush to help when a car suddenly veers off the road. >> all that. >> in austin, texas, a man says this is what happened when he went down a water slide. he flew off the side! >> make america work together is tonight's slogan. >> as opposed to monday's theme, make scott baio work again! >> i think the speech writers are to blame and, yet, no one lost their jobs. if only someone in the donald trump campaign who joyed firing people. >> what is most interesting he came out to the queens we are the champions and i would have gone with a different queen song. i would have gone with ♪ ♪ i see a little silhouette of aman ♪
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♪ announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places! >> welcome to "cbs this morning." we are at the republic national convention inside the quicken loans arena in cleveland. donald trump is now officially the republican presidential nominee. >> the great state of connecticut is casting all 28 delegates for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. >> donald j. trump! >> donald j. trump! >> trump won the support of far more delegates than he needed to clench the nomination. >> the political outsider beat 16 other candidates, two of his toughest rivals ted cruz and marco rubio will address the convention tonight. >> other candidates blasted hillary clinton and mentioning her name more than donald trump. major garrett? >> reporter: last night's festivities highlighted the sometimes awkward union between donald trump and the republican
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party. most of the delegates i can tell you firsthand loved it but most of the republican party still feels estranged. >> i formally trump and michael pence the president and vice president candidates for the president of the united states. >> it is my honor to be able to throw donald trump over the top in the delegate count tonight. >> reporter: trump was a family affair. a delegate from new york cast the deciding votes. >> today has been a very, very special day, watching my children put me over the top. >> reporter: later, trump's eldest song and youngest daughter described their father as a discipline of support and inspiration. >> my father is so friendly, so
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considerate, so funny and so real. >> for my father, impossible is just a starting point. >> reporter: in prime time, don described something never seen before in american politics, a blue collar billionaire. >> he didn't hide out behind a desk in an executive suite. he spent his career with regular americans. >> reporter: it was his rival who got the most attention. >> the hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton! >> new jersey governor chris christie, a former u.s. attorney, presented a political indictment on clinton's e-mail scandal and policy choices. >> i say hillary clinton, the charge of putting herself ahead of american, guilty or not guilty? >> reporter: some in the crowd wanted to skip over judicial niceties. clinton's campaign responded on twitter. if you think chris christie can lecture anyone on ethics, we have a bridge to sell you.
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a reference to christie's infamous 2013 bridgegate scandal. >> listen. if hillary clinton wants to take me on, i will take her on until the end of the campaign and not much of her will be left. >> reporter: arizona senator jeff flake went to twitter writing republicans can make the case she shouldn't be elected without jumping the shark. gayle? >> thank you, major. we are learning more about how melania trump's speech on monday night echoed michelle obama's address at the 2008 democratic convention. campaign sources tell "the new york times" the nominee's wife rewrote much of the speech herself. nancy cordes is here with more. >> reporter: what we have learned is the campaign originally hired two well-regarded outside speech writers to craft this key address and they handed over their version more than a month
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ago. one that did not include the sections that were lifted almost word forword from michelle obama's convention address. >> your word is your bond that you do what you say you're going to do. >> your word is your bond and you do what you say. >> reporter: a source with knowledge of the original tells cbs news that the speech, as delivered, wore almost no referab resemblance to the two speech writers hired for the occasion. >> the height of your achievement is your dreams and your willing to work hard for them. >> reporter: matthew scully and john mcconnell were brought on to write melania's address after she worked on paul ryan's convention speech in 2012 and sarah palin's in 2008. >> i guess a small town mayor is sort of like a community organizer, except that you have actual responsibilities.
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>> reporter: trump campaign chairman paul manafort won't say who scrapped the original speech and added in this. >> the values. that you work hard for what you want in life. >> reporter: he also won't admit that the new version cribbed from mrs. obama. >> similarities. >> a word forword in a number of places. >> it's basically three places in the speech and fragments of word. >> she was badly served by staff. >> reporter: "the washington post" columnist michael gershin was a speech writer in the white house. >> i think there was a problem here and they looked like a campaign that can't get its act together but can't admit obvious true things in public and deal with that in a forthright way. >> reporter: he says it has the perception the trump campaign isn't ready for prime time, especially since there is inexpensive, even free software
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that is used routinely by speech offices that makes sure it isn't phrases that are used before. >> dan senor is here with us. a you couple of points off what nancy just said. this didn't have to be a vetting of the speech or if you make a mistake, own up early and move on. >> both things are true. most national campaigns have teams of people who usually vet and go over every word and semicolon and every speech. you're not only responsible for your words but your spouse's words and every surrogate and everybody who goes up on that podium, you have swore and teams of people in the 2012 convention we were reading about every single speech. >> that begs the question do they have that kind of structure at this convention? >> they don't have it any convention or in the campaign or the whole campaign during the primary was effectively donald trump a twitter feed and advance
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team. that's it. no infrastructure. that is when they were competing in a field of 20 million voters nationwide. now the national general election you're talking about 120, 130 million voters and focused on you rather than 17 other candidates. the scrutiny is intense and they don't have the infrastructure to handle it. >> why is it hard to own up to a mistake? this morning saying a trillion to 1 odds that a speech would phrase things like that twice and another official says it's a pony defense and you get a twilight sparkle and they are coming up with all sorts of excuses and we are talking about it still. >> actually, donald trump's son i thought gave an impression speech and we should be talking about that. instead because they can't own up to this prolongs the story. simply say melania's speech is
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the same a couple of days from when the story broke. some stuff we made a mistake and explain and clean it up and move on. >> is it the media to blame here? i talked to a lot of delegates and they don't care. they said leave her alone, give her a break and move on. she did a great job and no one is talking about that. is it the media? >> people in the room may not care but 30 plus million people watching the speech and we are still talking about it being plagiarized. >> you and i are about the same age and we attended the same number of conventions. what do you think? this was half-empty hall and something like i've never seen before. >> i was on the floor right there during the roll call vote. i've been to many conventions. during the roll call vote, the energy and intensity during that moment is palpable. people are swinging from the ceiling because they are so excited about their nominee. you could hear a pin drop. it was muted in here. i think this is a party that has sort of resigned to this nominee
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but not excited about him. >> it's being reported this morning that former president george w. bush was speaking to former aides and said i might be the last republican president. this party is changing. >> yeah. i felt that a lot. i felt that here a lot the last couple of days. i feel a lot of people saying is the party dissolving? keep in mind it is true that the bush's and romney's and other traditional party leaders are not here and people in the hall saying it's a movement and they are not part of the movement. but the problem is romney only got 61 million votes last time and still lost. you need at least 61 million voters more than that to be competitive which means you need the people who resonate with the romney's and bush's. >> is it significant more mention of hillary clinton than donald trump? >> yes. the way they are trying to get republicans excited we know you may not love donald trump but if you don't get behind him, hillary clinton will be president and it's all about her. >> dan, thank you.
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we spoke to donald trump jr. last night in a wide ranging interview and talked before the nominee's eldest son spoke last night. his youngest son and ivanka, his daughter, will speak tonight. he says there is a reason for the family's role in the campaign. >> i think the voters of the country said maybe we want to get away from the establishment and maybe bring new thoughts to these ideas. i think using characters that aren't the same old people and sometimes got in these positions. i think that is going to be something different and new. >> day one of this convention the featured speaker was melania trump. the crowd loved it. then we learned that several of the statements were apparently lifted from michelle obama's 2008 speech. was this a disservice to her an an embarrassment? >> it's not here what we are here to talk about. i thought she did excellent.
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>> corey lewandowski, the previous campaign manager, suggested what happened to melania's speech is amateur hour with the new campaign manager, paul manafort. >> there is a reason. it has nothing to do with that and i've heard other people say is the family on the outskirts with paul? totally nonsense. we can't be more happier the way he is tackling these things and has thisship handling the organization and he has done a phenomenal job and i wish we had him on earlier. >> this state, ohio, we are having this convention, how important is it for your father to win this state in order to win the presidency? >> listen. it's an incredibly important state. one of the first jobs he ever, you know, owned and worked on was in cincinnati, ohio. there is something near and dear to his heart here. the hard working blue collar workers that made this country what it is and they don't have a voice any more. >> the vice presidential pick,
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mike pence. you were very involved in that. what is the top thing to you said building should be my father's running mate? >> it was a tough decision. when we met with him and my siblings met with him and right away you saw this is the guy and that is for my father. they are very different personality wise and i think you need that balance. you have my father being that guy and you don't need two of those guys. one of the reasons he got in the politics is seeing the disasters and scandals of the clinton administration in the '90s and he wanted to come in and dot right thing and be the right politician and we don't have enough of him in this country. >> he very impressive. the other question i asked of the 71 prime time speakers only 7 are black and three are latino. women a third of those speaking in prime time. he says he is okay with that lineup even though it shows a lack of diversity. >> it seems they were telling corey lewandowski to sit down and they were very much behind
7:16 am
paul manafort. >> one thing they said the party needed was to reach out and expand their membership. >> indeed. cleveland police are bracing for the possibility of hostile new protests today outside of a convention. demonstrators tried to force their way into the streets yesterday but officers were able to break up the crowd. now, the protests have been mostly pretty peaceful. police had anticipated making a thousand arrests every day of the convention but so far only five arrests in total they told us. cbs news will continue our special coverage from the convention tonight at 10:00/9:00 central and mike pence will officially accept the vice presidential nomination. you can find nonstop coverage all day on cbsn. france is preparing to strike the last isis stronghold in iraq. isis captured mosul more than two years ago. the pentagon recently said 560
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more u.s. troops are going to iraq. in syria the u.s. military says it's investigating american air strike that allegedly killed civilians. they say at least 56 people are dead. another estimate put the toll at 200. the strikes reportedly hit a village in northern syria. the area has seen endorse fighting and 20 coalition air strikes. we are remembering this morning the legendary career of actor and producer garry marshall. he died last night at age 81. marshall entertained americans for more than 50 years. the korean war vet got his start as a joke writer and quickly moved up the ranks. he wrote and produced a number of television and movie hits that still resonate today. ♪ a beautiful smile to hide the pain ♪ >> reporter: garry marshall knew how to make a moment. >> princess of jenovia. >> reporter: a five-time emmy nominee.
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♪ sunday monday happy days >> reporter: marshall has a hit-maker. he created an executive numerous '70s and '80s television sitcoms. "laverne and shirley" catapulted up to stardom. and mork & mindy launched an unknown robin williams. marshall, an italian kid from the bronx, shined in front of the camera too. >> i light wayne. >> i said wayne newton. >> watch what you heard about. you heard you say schukc wayne newton. >> reporter: in 1995, i asked him about his success. >> building paper is the hardest thing. >> reporter: it's harder than acting. why is it so hard? >> because you had no excuse. a guy with a pencil, really no excuses. >> reporter: and can't write. >> that's no excuse.
7:19 am
>> reporter: on "cbs this morning" in 2012, marshall explained how an uncertain ending contributed to the big screen magic of "pretty woman." >> we didn't have an ending and i kept thinking what could it be? until we finally had a fairy tale ending. julia, tell the story about a girl in the tower. what it has to do with anything? just tell it! it would be great! >> reporter: >> so what happened after he climbed up the tower and rescued her? >> she rescued him right back. >> it isn't easy to make a hit and he made a lot of them. >> a great man. over and over. fox news powerhouse roger ailes, is he anchoring his exit?
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announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places.
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the united states could have its first case of the zika virus transmitted by a sqmosquito in this country. >> what investigators are looking for in florida. the news is back here in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." n tv now, i'm walking them. life is unpredictable being flake free isn't. because i have used head and shoulders for 20 years. used regularly, it removes up to 100% of flakes keeping you protected live flake free for life good is a catalyst,ue diamond almond. good is contagious. and once it gets going there is no stopping what you can do. get your good going. blue diamond almonds. proud sponsor of the us swim team
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good morning, i'm brooke thomas. and a manhunt is underway right new for two gunman after a deadly shooting in west philadelphia police say two men chased the 22-year old victim along 4200 block of viola street and continued to shoot even after he collapsed. the detectives are interviewing eyewitnesses on a nearby fire station who responded after the gun fire. lets check the forecast with meteorologist justin drabick. >> good morning everyone nice midsummer day on tap across the delaware valley, low humidity, present temperatures right on average for this time of the year. cloud cover over the shore right the now but that will give way to more sunshine throughout the morning and afternoon, another great looking beach day we are looking live at margate. look at these temperatures northwestern suburbs in the 50's this morning 63 in allentown. seventy-two in philadelphia on
7:27 am
our way up to 86 degrees. enjoy. >> what is latest outside on the roads. >> we have an accident in wilmington delaware. take a a look we have an overturn, thinks an overturn car at kirkwood highway eastbound all lanes are block right now and alternate, it will be your best bet. make note. this is involving injuries. also another overturn vehicle in west deptford, west bank avenue at columbia avenue. we have lanes blocked in this area that will slow you down. also northeast extension southbound off ramp to lansdale is block because of a disable truck. back over to you. up next on cbs this morning, what could be the first zika case in the you had. i'm brooke thomas, good
7:28 am
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there is at least one african-american person attending the convention. we got a hold of him. please welcome live via satellite from the quicken loans are arena! how does it feel being one of the few african-americans there? >> it's incredible, steven. from the moment i got here, everybody is so nice. they gave me a hat and a shirt and always putting me on camera for some reason. >> it does look like you're having a good time but what drew you to the convention this year? was it fiscal conservatism or more social conservatism? >> no, i came by here looking for pokemon. that is all i'm doing here! >> i love funny jokes! >> he is so funny. >> he is.
7:31 am
i saw a little more than one, though. i was doing that on the coach myself. >> of the 2,472 delegates, there are just 18 black delegates. actually, they are saying the lowest number in a century. >> i make ten of them. i will be looking for the other eight tonight. welcome back to "cbs this morning." from the republic national convention in cleveland, coming up this hour, roger ailes is reportedly in talks to exit fox news. new claims from anchor megyn kelly could fast track the media departure. >> florida's health department is investigating the first possible transmission of the zika virus by a mosquito in the united states. the patient is reportedly not traveling outside of the united states. we will talk to dr. jon lapook
7:32 am
about that coming up. morning's headlines from around the globe. president obama's open letter to law enforcement officers and praised them in the wake of the police killings in baton rouge and dallas. president obama wrote every day, you confront danger so it does not find our families and carry burdens so they do not fall to us and courageously meet test after test to keep us safe. we have your backs. >> reports on navy official charged yesterday at waving a gun at three young men. it was first reported by cbs news david martin. cbs news reports that ohannessian pointing a gun at men in front of his house last month. he is assistant secretary of the navy and he remains on leave. los angeles times reports on a couple claiming their share of 1.6 billion powerball jackpot.
7:33 am
they collected the lump sum of $328 million! they moved out of their modest home east of los angeles. >> within hours! >> without coming forward. the couple says virtually the money will go to a trust and to charities. >> i bet they got a pool and a tv room. good for them. >> and take note of charity. >> good for them. "the new york times" reports that roger ailes is in talks to step down as head of fox news. the network's powerful chairman and ceo is reportedly negotiating his departure amid sexual harassment allegations and his attorney denies all of the accusations. the latest that he is sexually harassed star anchor megyn kelly. vinita nair is outside of fox news headquarters in new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. roger ailes is already under investigation by a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by former fox news anchor gretchen carlson. yesterday, megyn kelly, the network's rising star,
7:34 am
reportedly told investigators that he had made similar sexual advances towards her about ten years ago when she was starting off at fox news. >> welcome to the kelly files, p everyone. i'm megyn kelly. >> reporter: according to sources cited by new york magazine she reported that her boss roger ailes made unwanted sexual advances toward her ten years ago and she described her situation in detail. >> where does roger ailes go? he is being accused by one of his prominent women of being accused of sexual harassment. >> reporter: roger ailes has never sexually harassed megyn kelly. in fact, he has spent much of the last decade promoting and helping her to achieve the stardom she earned, for which
7:35 am
she has repeated praised him. >> i really care about gfox and roger. he has nothing been good to me and been very loyal and had nothing but my back. >> reporter: it is putting increased pressure on fox news corporation to remove ailes. an internal investigation was launched after gretchen carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against ailes two weeks ago. she posted a video online on tuesday. >> i want to support all women who have been victims of sexual harassment. it's time for us to come out of the shadow and let our voices be heard. >> reporter: fox is take than action against ailes seriously. >> they are in discussions right now. the real question is how quickly they can get ailes out and under what terms. >> reporter: fox parents company 21st century fox issued a statement. roger is at work. the review is ongoing. the only agreement that is in place is his existing employment agreement. some say any exit deal would likely be a lucrative one for
7:36 am
the fox chief. >> i think you can expect to see roger ailes with a rich payday for leaving under a cloud. talking tens of millions of dollars. >> reporter: he did say she is cooperating. and truthfully. 12 others have stepped forward in defense of ailes. a major new concern against the zika virus. the first possible zika infection by a mosquito here in the united states. the officials say the patient did not travel outside of the united states. dozens of states reports having zika patients but the miami case could be the first local transmission. our chief medical correspondent dr. jon lapook is in new york to bring us up-to-date. building sounds scary.
7:37 am
what does it mean, jon? >> reporter: this could ab big deal and the way it happened is not mosquitoes flying up from latin america to the united states. they only travel a half a mile their whole life. it is a person infected in brazil and coming to the united states and uninfected mosquito in the united states would bite that person and become infected and turn around and bite an uninfected person and now you have local transmission. >> isn't this exactly what the cdc was worried about, that this would then mean many more transmissions here in the united states? >> that is exactly right, norah. i should say that we have learned that sexual transmission has not been ruled out yet. so there is going to be some further testing that goes on in the next couple of days and it's expected by friday that possibility will be established w . >> what do they say to pregnant
7:38 am
women? >> you go to cdc website and there is specific advice that is changing a little bit it seems like every few weeks. basically, it's to cover up, make sure that you use insect repellant and try to stay indoors and air-conditioning and things like that. the big next step here in the next couple of days is going to be to look at local mosquitoes, which they are already doing, to see if the local mosquitoes in miami have the zika virus in and test people in the neighborhood to see if they have been infected. 80% of people who become infected have no symptoms it so it my be spreading to local mosquitoes without knowing about it. >> how quickly does it spread? >> gayle, i wondered about the same exact thing. i spoke to a representative of the florida state health department saidied aand she sai they are telling us starting now the next few days they are going door-to-door and knocking on
7:39 am
people's doors and saying can we take blood test you and they are testing local mosquitoes. it would have been weird if people started asking questions so they made this public announcement and trying to get ahead of it and telling people, look, let's prepare for the worse which is being local spread and in that case the precautions we told you about all over, time and time again, they want them to start doing now, sooner, rather than later. >> dr. jon lapook, thank you so much. new allegations about the emission scandal affecting hundreds of thousands of vw, audi, and porsche vehicles in the u.s. what is being revealed how the automaker cheated. if you're heading out the door, first of all, don't go. if you have to go, watch us live through the all-access cbs app that is on your digital device. don't miss how music is making a comeback as a protest outside of this very convention. >> and megaphones. >> right. we will be right back. powerful ? yes!
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new fallout in the volkswagen emission scandal. lawsuits filed by three states claim top executives were involved with creating so-called defeat devices. software helped hundreds of thousands of so-called clean diesel cars to pass tests in the united states. >> these lawsuits come weeks after an estimated $15 billion record settlement package with owners and regulators in the united states. kris van cleave is in washington with the newest blow to the huge automaker. >> reporter: good morning. this is one of the affected vehicles that volkswagen may now have to buy back but the company's legal troubles are far from over. these latest lawsuit incite latest voc walkswagen vehicles say it was to skirt laws around the united states and rned taroe world. >> this was not my decision. a couple of engineers that put this to reason. >> reporter: that is then u.s.
7:45 am
volkswagen ceo michael horn in august giving congress what it a party lane eline. some found it hard to believe. >> vw is trying to get the united states of america to believe these are a bunch of rogue engineers? i reject that. >> reporter: the lawsuits filed on tuesday confirm those suspicions pointing to company documents showing defeat devices were discussed and approved by managers and concealed from regulatesors. one of the top executives named is martin vintercorn who denied wrongdoing. >> this was deep and wide and long-lasting. >> new york attorney general eric snyderman. >> the idea that this level of fraud could take place and involve so many people at such high levels of these major international corporations for so long is appalling. >> reporter: volkswagen, audi and porsche sold nearly 600,000
7:46 am
vehicles in the united states with design to cheat emissions standard. they say they developed six defeat devices to get around engineering challenge with its clean diesel engines and did a cost analysis with penalties of getting caught. >> i'm angrier than i was a couple of days ago and i was mad a couple of days ago. >> reporter: joe avver bought this audi equipped with a defeat device. >> how do nine guys sit around a table and goes let's cheat and no one else goes, that's a bad idea. >> reporter: in a statement volkswagen said the allegations are not new and regrettable some states have decided to sue for environmental claims now. these latest lawsuits stopped short of linking the current vw yochlt to charges. the lawsuits can move forward. the maryland attorney general says in his state alone the potential liability to vw is in the billions of dollars.
7:47 am
>> thank you, kris. that is serious stuff. new evidence of the potential dangers of pokemon go. ahead, why police say the popular mobile game led to a crash into one announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by panera bread. food as it should be. words y. words we at panera live by. because clean food is food as it should be.
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7:52 am
republicans have chosen a presidential nominee. have you heard? but they still have to deal with divisions in this party. we will ask trump campaign manager paul manafort ahead on "cbs this morning." if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, adoctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. doctors have been prescribing humira for over 13 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure.
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7:56 am
good morning, everyone i'm jim donovan. the democratic national convention is just five days away and city of philadelphia is getting ready n south philadelphia accrues are sprucing up an illegal dumping ground. convention begins monday at wells fargo center. get prepared for the convention wychecking out our web site at cbs let's send it over to justin for a lot the forecast good morning, jim, good morning everybody else. pleasant temperatures. we were down to the 50's in the early morning. still feels good outside right now. we have sun up to 75 at the airport. upper 60's in the lehigh val and berks county lower 07's near shore. on our way up to 86 degrees, low humidity, in philadelphia a mid 80's at the shore. zero seven's in the the poconos. warming up a little bit tomorrow 89 and hot, humid conditions returns wye friday all the way to the upcoming weekend. meisha, what is latest on the
7:57 am
roads. looking very busy and a couple accidents, first of all schuylkill westbound at city avenue very, very slow here looking like a parking lot there overturn vehicle involving injuries in wilmington delaware kirk wood highway eastbound at bush wide avenue. probably best line will be around there. tractor trailer off the road garden state parkway, southbound at, left lane is still blocked a and that area disable truck on the northeast extension, that is now cleared, jim. next update, is 8:25. coming up on cbs this morning, the value of protest music in our democracy. i'm jim donovan. make it a great
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it is wednesday, july 20th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." from the republic national convention in cleveland, we are on the convention floor. more real news ahead, including gop nominee donald trump. a look at his next challenges with campaign chairman paul manafort and john heilemann of "the circus." first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. last night's festivities highlighted the sometimes awkward union between donald trump and the republican party. most of the delegates loved it. >> they went over the version more than a month ago and it did not include the sections that were lifted from michelle obama's address. >> i imagine they should have done better or cleaned it up better but not what we are here take talk about. >> we shoulding talking about
8:01 am
donald trump jr.'s speech but we are not talking about that. >> we are remembering garry marshall who entertained americans more than 50 years. >> we did okay. no complaints. >> isn't this exactly what the cdc was worried about? >> that is exactly right. sexual transmission has not been ruled out yet, so there is going to be further testing that goes on the next couple of days. >> this is one of the affected vehicles that volkswagen may now have to buy back but the company's legal troubles are far from over. >> having secured the nomination, trump then briefly addressed america. >> we have to restore and, quickly, law and order among many and just so many other things. >> yes. we are going to restore law and order and many, so many other things. law and order. criminal intent. law and order special victims units. they are all good shows. ♪ i'm charlie rose are gayle king and norah o'donnell in
8:02 am
cleveland. the republican party has chosen donald trump to run for president. the billionaire who had never officially run for office before defeated 16 other candidates. gop delegates nominated trump last night by a margin of more than 2-1. >> then two of his children told the convention about the donald trump they know. >> he's always helped me be the best version of myself by encouragement and by example. he motivates me to work high hardest and to always stay true to who i am and what i believe. >> he has recognized the talent and the drive that all americans have. he's promoted people based on their character, their street smart and their work ethic, not simply a paper of credentials. to this day, many of the top executives in our company are individuals that started out in positions that were blue collar. >> trump's older daughter ivanka will introduce her father when he speaks tomorrow night.
8:03 am
>> this arena rah noticeably empty at 10:45 last night and usually the time for a high profile speech to a packed house. at 10:45 p.m. on day two of the past conventions. here is one by a speech by governor chris christie. senator joe lieberman spoke in 2008. the arena was packed. in 2004, first lady laura bush filled many of the seats and then in after that, john mccain spoke with a packed arena. >> joining us is paul manafort and john heilemann. great to have you here. >> good to be here. >> let's start with tonight. this is day three of this convention. we are going to hear from another one of donald trump's children, eric trump and from the vice presidential nominee mike pence. first, eric trump, you read his speech. >> he talks about his father and growing up with his loose family
8:04 am
and it gives you a real good insili insight into the kind of father donald trump is and the kind of man he is and the kind of values he puts into his children. we believe that through the word and eyes of his children, the american people can get a sense of the kind of values that donald trump has as a man that you don't see out on the campaign trail in the midst of a primary fight. >> it says something about him as a father as well. >> yeah. absolutely. the strength of donald trump, the parts of his personality that you don't really see every day. >> yeah. >> he is the man who sees a problem and has nothing to do with him and out of frustration and gets involved to fix things. he has the same skill sets you do see on the campaign trail when he talks about i'm going to fix the problem, i want to break the gridlock. >> both tiffany and donald trump jr. got rave reviews. this is a question for both of you. i saw a headline this morning, said the improbable is now the official. so, paul manafort, do you say my
8:05 am
plan is working? >> first of all, it's his plan. >> paul, you're getting a lot of credit. >> to remind you of that snf. >>? >> only a couple times a day. i'm blessed to be put in this position. he saw what was going on in america. he understood the frustration and the anger and he tapped into that. when the book gets written, you look back and say why did everybody else miss if? >> you're saying that you have been following the campaign. when you call came to you that they needed something in addition to the campaign as it got larger you already knew the campaign and not a lot of structure there. so you could come in? >> it had gotten to a point technical things that the campaign needed that weren't there and donald trump wasn't focusing on because he was dealing with the american people and the messaging and he was winning. it's just the way the primary process works and sometimes winning isn't enough. >> is there still a battle within donald trump i did this on my own and i trust my stricts
8:06 am
a -- instinct and i listen to myself and i don't need the party? >> i think he saw the convergence of the national party and the trump campaign has been seeing this. trump understands he is the messager. the nominee of the party and republicans have said we trust you to lead us into the elections this fall because we think you're the strong candidates and we think you have a good platform. the number of votes he got shows that. trump understands he has a responsibility that came together last night when he became the nominee. but he also understands that it's a movement. and he says it's a movement. >> delegates said last night it's a movement too. >> define the movement. what is the movement? >> the movement is -- go ahead. >> similarly saw in the uk a couple of weeks with brexit. people are frustrated promised every election cycle their life is going to get better and
8:07 am
people, they are going to be changes by the government that will make -- you give up your personal freedom and let the bureaucrats in washington take care of it. >> john, what is your take on the convention so far and what need to happen tonight? >> first of all, just on the historic level, it is a staggering thing that has taken place in the sense by any normal republican precedent or tradition no way donald trump could be the republican nominee is a party based on order and credentials and who is the next in line. donald trump had none of those things. as paul said, read the party in an acute way and capitalized on it and last night in the roll call he sat there and said every doubter has been put to rest and even people who doubted until the last minute and there would be a second ballot and none of those things happened. he got consecrated last night. he still remains an incredibly
8:08 am
unlikely figure. again, given the history of the party is for him to do it. still the case as paul knows, you know, a lot of republican elected officials have doubts about donald trump. the leaders of the party have doubts about donald trump. the governor of this state is not setting foot inside the convention hall but tells you in some ways those people are out of touch with the republican base and that donald trump was not part of the party all that long ago. not a member of the party even three or four years ago. is more in touch with what the republican base, what the republican rank and file than a lot of the establishment leaders -- >> enough to win the election? >> the republican base -- to win the election, although it's a good start, but in fact, what isn't up to any election is where donald trump is finding an appeal. blue collar working people and families who are -- can -- have jobs and can't make enough to pay their way. people are frustrated with washington. and the race comes down to a simple calculus.
8:09 am
change versus establishment. from donald trump's standpoint who is the ultimate outsider, he couldn't have a better opponent in hillary clinton who is the epitome not only the establishment but 25 years of the establishment. >> what changes have you made in wake of what happened monday night with melania trump's speech? fact checking the speeches? >> we fact check the speeches all the tie and there is a process. look. melania trump spoke from her heart. that was a very personal speech. for anybody to pretend that was a fake speech didn't see the speech. >> nobody doubts that at all. >> nobody doubts her performance, we ought to say. everybody looks at that speech and say they should have ended it as soon as she finished because that is when this crowd was on their feet because they were applauding her and her performance. >> we did end it with a speech. she left the stage to resounding support. franklin, we have found in our focus groups afterwards, including yesterday, that the american people are focusing on what she did on the stage, not what is being said in the political chatter room.
8:10 am
as far as we are concerned, melania trump's vision and, you know, insight into her husband and last night tiffany and eric's -- donald jr.'s insights for a their father was impeccable. we wanted to do show the other side of donald trump. donald trump, yes, is an outsider. that is why his -- he's -- getting the party together takes a little time. >> is the test of this campaign whether you can make the economic argument to minorities, to african-americans, and to latinos to get them to come to the economic argument that has been successful for you so far? that is the challenge. >> we are going to have -- be speaking to awful those communities. in fact, we have had two speeches cancel because of tragedies happened. we were in there to make speeches but mr. trump didn't feel it appropriate -- i can't remember now, there were so many. our campaign is going to be going out and talking to all
8:11 am
parts of the electorate, not just one segment of it. franklin, we have found that, you know, the jobs messages you're talking about and the frustration is not just in the white communities. it's just deep in the black communities and cities. as donald trump said to me, i want to go there. >> right now, they are saying there are only 18 delegates of color so i guess you all will be working on that later? >> well, delegates get elected at the state level. >> i hear you. i hear you. the headline says it's official, the outsider is in. >> thank you, both for joining us today. cleveland is home to world class health care. the man in charge of the cleveland clinic will join us with the
8:12 am
music is finding a political platform again this election susan vladimir duj duthiers is
8:13 am
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8:16 am
new controversy this morning
8:17 am
over campaign borrowing songs after donald trump's first convention appearance on monday. queen's "remember the championsd queen tweeted its disapproval. vladimir duthiers is at the cleveland's rock & roll hall of famer. >> behind me you a memorial to the power and endurance of rock 'n' roll in america. donald trump may be the headliner at the convention but last night, one band came to the town with an intention of disrupting that party. ♪ >> reporter: it's risk to start a revolution. then the prophets of rage hope to start now. ♪ >> what we do is we play music.
8:18 am
we play it loud and we play it with meaning. >> reporter: tom plays guitar in the band. >> i describe this band as a beat path revolutionary musicians who come together during this historic, crazy, political juncture. ♪ >> reporter: formed this year, prophets of rage is a collection of rock veterans. three guys from the '90s band, raging in the machines, teamed up with be real from cyprus hill and chuck d. from the 1980s rap group public of enemy. all three ensembles were known for their politically charged lyrics and in-your-face performances. >> it's a reintroduction of a particular style of how music and word can actually move people. >> reporter: the prophets of
8:19 am
rage say they are no part but, instead, endorse a platform of the people. one against system iic oppressi and greed. >> it cannot be fixed by two major parties. i'm not going to hope the racist misogynist are creating war crime over there and those over here who are going to physician t -- fix the problems of this country. >> reporter: they are hope they will encourage action. >> the world is not going to change itself. that's up to you. ♪ stop children watch that sound ♪ >> reporter: jason hanley is in charge of education at the rock and roll hall of fame. he says the prophets are a part of history that are repeating
8:20 am
itself. >> rock 'n' roll grew up side-by-side with so much of what is happening. ♪ >> reporter: in the 1960s, bob dylan captured the anger of a young war-time generation. twenty years later, rapper like nwa force the frustration and oppression of communities. >> we are still today dealing with those exact same conditions. >> reporter: so those lyrics still resonate with us. they still feel the people and that is all right. >> people are feeling what we are speaking of right now. . ♪ >> reporter: the word rage, especially in the last couple of weeks, things have gotten heated. there have been -- there have been killings of civilians and there have been killings of police officers. is there ever a line that you won't cross when you're performing your art? >> this is about peaceful protest but it's that anger and injustice that sparks people to act and that is what our music is about.
8:21 am
>> reporter: tickets for last night's gig started at 20th. local proceeds went to a local homeless shelter. all of the other gigs have been free. >> i love that. you are looking good, vlad, this morning! >> standing high up in the air. we like it! new developments in the investigation of hair products embarrassed by celebrities like brooke shields. that is next. but unlike godawgs, it makes heartburn after dinner, history. new mylanta® tonight. faster than heartburn. is the world truly ready for a vehicle that can drive itself? an autonomous-thinking automobile that protects those inside and outside. ready or not, the future is here. the all-new e-class. self-braking, self-correcting, self-parking. a mercedes-benz concept car that's already a reality. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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8:25 am
good morning, i'm brooke thomas. a man police say was an innocent bystander is now in the hospital after he was glazed by gunfire in west oak lane. police say 20 year-old was hit while running for cover after hearing gunfire on the way to an on all night restaurant with his girl friend. he was shot in the shoulder and neck around 1:00 near stenton avenue and north wistar street. so far police made no arrest. now lets get to the eyewitness forecast with meteorologist just drabick is in the weather center. >> good wednesday morning, everyone. waking up we have pleasant temperatures. it will stay nice today. take advantage of it because it with ill not last. you have to remember it is middle of the summer so we will bring back heat. enjoy upper 60's in the lehigh valley, berks county, mid 70's in philadelphia but humidity levels on the low side and stays like that all day long. mid 80's for high in
8:26 am
philadelphia and shore. seventy's in the poconos. tomorrow warmer we will get close to 90, humidity till on the lower side, and then turns hot and humid on friday, late day shower or storm and then really hot for weekend temperatures in the upper 90's but it will feel like it is over 100 degrees. what is the latest on the roads. >> thank you so much. what we're looking at is live chopper three over an accident we have been talking about where a tractor trailer went off the road, garden state parkway southbound at northfield margate that left lane is still block and no doubt bit, it will be slowed that within lane that is opened going by, you are definitely going to have gaper delay as they tried to get that cleaned up. crews are out there right now. switching gears lets owe south to to street road. and another one here route one northbound at bridge street or route 332, that right lane is block. and again, we have gaper delay as well. overall interstates and highways are looking slow right now. brooke, over to you. our next update 8:55a head this morning, the world of
8:27 am
political cartoons in our elections. i'm brooke thomas, good morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ we are on the convention floor and that is eric trump. yeah, he swung by or i might have pulled him over. he is sitting low. he is going to be delivering a big speech tonight. he said, look, he'll join us here at the table tomorrow morning here on "cbs this morning." >> you did an amazing job this morning getting us our guests. >> let's go over and say, hi, my name is norah o'donnell. will you come meet charlie and gayle? they say yes. >> norah swung by and offered a personal invitation that was very persuasive. please tell one of your daughters she would be very proud of mom today. go, norah. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour, the art of political is asatire.
8:31 am
two presidents reminds us how the tradition goes all the way back to the 13 colonieses. plus, the head of the renowned cleveland clinic. dr. toby cosgrove, he is here. he will look at the future of health care enwhat will happen to president obama's health care law after this election. lots to discuss and that is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. the "los angeles times" reports on at least a dozen california gop staffers quarantined in a virus outbreak. the delegation is housed at a resort in sand dusky. they are quarantined in their hotel rooms which is what is known to be a highly contagious noro virus. >> "the washington post" reports
8:32 am
on roll call. at the convention, delegates cast their votes yesterday and highlighted what is special about their home state. here are some of the stranger announcements. >> greatest exporter of nfl players. >> we have the best duck hunting on earth. we are number one in rice production. >> the great state of connecticut. i come from the land where we manufacture pens. >> the chairman of the republican party of florida. we are the state that gave lebron james his first two championships! >> on behalf of the great state of minnesota, home of 10,000 lakes, home of spam! >> of course, it all happened in front of a huge television audience and we love that. that is what makes this country great. >> you know what i like? they were all so proud as they introduced their states. >> great political tradition at conventions, what you say about your state. >> very proud. "the new york times" explains why twitter banned a
8:33 am
conservative blogger. the service permanently expendeded the account of milo who had abrasive messages to his followers sent to "ghostbusters" star laels joneslie jones. twitter says no reason for that to happen. i'm glad they have tab that ake action. not necessary. >> conservists are moving elephants to a sanctuary in ma lawy. construction is shrinking their habitat and porachers are slaughtering them for money. the fda received 127 complaints about hair loss and balding and breckage and looking
8:34 am
into thousands of complaints made. the products have been endorsed by celebrities like brooke shields and alyssa milan that. in a statement to cbs news, we have no evidence that wen or any of the individual ingredients in w, n causes hair loss. if have you a problem, visit for a link to the fda. cleveland is home to the world famous cleveland clinic, more than 43,000 people make it to the city's largest employer. the city is ranked america's number one heart hospital for 21 state years. overall it is among the nation's five best hospitals. dr. toby cosgrove joined the clinic 41 year as ago. he became ceo and president in 2004. welcome. >> pleasure to have you here. >> pleasure to be in your city. >> we are delighted to have you. >> how is the cleveland clinic preparing for this convention? >> all of the hospitals in cleveland have come together in
8:35 am
a planning process that started six months ago and we have had everything, every scenario you can imagine. we had tabletop exercises, we figured out how we can staff the emergency rooms, how to staff the hospitals and how we can look after surgery for a thousand people, and it has been a fabulous coordination across the entire organization and looking after people getting sick or trauma. trauma is our major concern and happily we have had none of them. >> trauma was your biggest concern because of what? >> we were concerned about violence. i think the police presence here, which is really -- >> comforting. >> very comforting. >> has quelled any possibility of that happening. >> i want to talk to you because the outcome of this election will affect health care in this country. hillary clinton has said that she will build on obamacare and donald trump has called it a disaster. as a hospital administrator, what is your take? >> well, i think it's unlikely that we are going to see the
8:36 am
health care bill dismantled. i think we are going to see continuing improvements on this. we have to have more wellness activities. we have got to keep people from getting sick and have to have an emphasis on that. i don't think we are going to see something that is now six years in the process totally dismantled. >> health care premiums keep going up. obama administration promised it would make health care more affordable and it hasn't. premiums are up 13% in california, for instance. how do you bring down the cost of health care? >> we have to bring down the health care really in two ways. we have to have the health care delivery system become more efficient and the one of the ways to do that is bring together systems instead of having a cottage industry essentially. we can bring it together so that it is coordinated so not all hospitals will be all things to all people but essentially work together as a system. >> that is exactly where i want to go in terms of report card on obamacare. where is it working and where is it not in addition to the question of premiums? >> what we see is access.
8:37 am
we got now 20 million more people covered and we still don't have everybody covered. >> access was the principle objective? >> i think affordablity was probably their principle objective but we have seen gradual uniformity. we report a hundred quality metrics each year. >> where has it failed? >> i think the question really is the biggest question is about affordableabili afford ability. it's come down since 2010 and reached a low last year of 2.6% but headed up this year to about 5%. i think that is probably because more people are covered and more older people and more to do for people. >> 41 years on the job, toby, something tells me you know what you're doing. >> i have a great job. >> cleveland clinic has reduced cost over the last three years. other hospitals are close. how are you able to do what you
8:38 am
are able to do and others are not? >> we have no secret. we looked at everything. it's not cutting the grass every other week and washing the windows once a year. we have looked at everything. the most important thing is we have to change the way we deliver care. one of the things, for example, is we are having what we call shared medical practices. and that is when, say, 12 people with diabetes get together and get their instructions at the same time. it's interesting that they like it. it's like group therapy. it really helps them understand their disease better and it's very efficient for the doctors. so we are looking at all kinds of ways we can do this. but, mainly, we have tried to drive the efficiency of how we take care of care and by care pass, which we have put together, they have -- everybody practices the same way. for example, in strokes, we roofed the cost of strokes 25%. >> can i ask you about ronald reagan was 69 when he was elected president. he later developed alzheimer's. we have the two oldest
8:39 am
presidential candidates in history, hillary clinton is 68 and donald trump is 70. do you have any concern? >> well, i think, yeah, we are seeing a healthier older population across the country so i'm not surprised to see this. i think everybody knows as you age, you have a higher incidence of disease than you do earlier and, quite frankly, the presidential job, i can't imagine anything more stressful. >> oh, yeah. >> on the other hand, this is the most exciting time in medicine we have ever seen because of stem cell and because of dramatic developments. >> absolutely. it is a very exciting time in medicine and i think if you look at the two things that i think really exciting, one gegenomics and we are challenged by alzheimer's. >> toby, how old are you? >> i'm 75. >> you look really awesome. >> thank you, guys. >> you look awesome. >> we are so thrilled you are
8:40 am
here. thank you very much. >> he knows what is happening. ahead, drawing comparisons between the presidential candidates. >> marked history storians are saying it's been decades since the canvas is inviting to cartoonists. ahead,
8:41 am
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♪ presidential campaigns will soon move beyond convention halls like this one and shift into all-out general election mode. political cartoonists will document every step and misstep of the race, you could say. mo rocca ais here. >> reporter: you have to go back several cycles to find a campaign so rich for the fine art of little satire. whether it's donald trump's hair or hillary clinton's pant suits, this is a boom time for political cartoonists. at the cleveland art gallery, spaces. >> here is a reagan. >> reporter: four decades of political cartoons from former syndicated editorial artist ed fresca are now on display. what makes for a successful political cartoon?
8:45 am
>> when i have provoked somebody into thinking. i don't know if it's left, right, doesn't matter. >> reporter: american political art predates the founding of this country. >> benjamin frankly did that famous cartoon of the snake that is cut out to the 13 colonies which is to unite are not going to survive. >> reporter: henry adams, an art historian and descendent of john adams and johns quincy adams. the great political cartoonists of the past, would this be great material for them right now, do you think? >> oh, i think insithis is a ye that is made for a political cartoonist. donald trump is just a cartoonist's dream. just his hair, his face, the way he speaks. you know? there is a coore toon quality to that. >> reporter: david horsey is a two-time prize winning
8:46 am
cartoonist with the "l.a. times" and wielding his pen every day of this week in cleveland. >> i have drawn him as sort of a cave man and other characters. wonderful an analogies you can find for his macho, i don't care, i'm in charge style. >> reporter: political cartooning isn't just about caricaturing individuals. >> caricaturing is one of the tools. i'm providing commentary like a columnist would and i think the drawing acts sort of a heightened reality. >> reporter: horsey's politics are liberal even so, when you're looking at hillary clinton, which physical features are good material for political cartoonists? >> well, you start with the face. she has a very kind of round face, moon face. kind of a small mouth. big eyes. they are sort of, i don't know. i'm going to get in trouble with
8:47 am
this. but kind of this midwestern look mom to her. >> reporter: the point is to draw blood, may sound harsh. >> we have richard nixon with receding hair line. >> reporter: he gave the cartoon inventories of his era plenty of material. >> i think nixon was a sneaky looking guy and wasn't too hard to attach. >> the whole tradition of political cartooning has been to poke fun at the powerful and humor, itself, is very seldom nice. >> reporter: right. >> i mean, you're always finding the weakness and going after that. and that is ultimately the job of a political cartoonist. a cartoonist is just to intelligently provoke with observations about the world. >> reporter: and maybe, just maybe, move the masses. you maybe overhumbly say it rarely moves the needle in terms of an election, but abraham
8:48 am
lincoln thanked thomas nash for his election and i think thomas grant credited him also. >> i don't think i've changed minds but i've marshalled forces. >> to somehow take an issue you don't care about and they can make it seem very immediately and visceral. >> reporter: where are they on the scale of effectiveness right now? >> i think this is a period where no one quite knows what is going on. i think that social media has had a big impact. we are communicating with word and i am. >> reporter: in other words, it has given millions of social media users a political say. i may, indeed, be a political age -- >> i think it probably will be in some way we can't quite anticipate. >> reporter: so ed fresca retired a few years ago but this is something he drew for his own amusement and for hours. a cartoon about the recent flap
8:49 am
between supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg and donald trump. >> very well done. >> thank you very much, mo. you're watching "cbs this morning." yes, you are. right here from the convention. we will be right back. be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend.
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good morning everyone i'm jim donovan. fire investigators are trying to figure out what started a large fire at a chester county mushroom farm. cell phone video shows the fire at modern mushroom farms in new garden township. call came in at 1:30. fire fighters say fire involved large bails of hey and they controlled the situation in a half an hour. fortunately there weren't any injuries. now lets turn over to justin for a look at the forecast. >> good morning, jim, good morning everybody else. we are near perfect conditions outside this morning with cool temperatures, low humidity, turning out to be a nice beach day at the shore. we have had cloud earlier but new in the sunshine looking live at margate, sand cleaners are getting beach ready for nice day today and again for the sum iser close to perfect, sunshine we have warm temperatures right near average. humidity stays low, up to 86 degrees for philadelphia,
8:56 am
mid 80's at jersey shore delaware beaches and 70's in the poconos by end of the week we are bringing back that heat and humidity, 49 for high on friday, could be shower or then are storm late this is day and up are 90's for weekend, saturday and sunday heat index could be over 100 degrees, close to some record highs especially sunday into monday. lets head over to meisha for a check of the roads, good morning. >> good morning to you all at home. the we are looking at video of a tractor trail their went off the road garden state parkway southbound at north bridge margate. the crews are still out there. they have been out there all morning long. you can see drivers passing by are going very, slow. tapping on the brakes. they will get delay here as well. make note if you are around garden state parkway at northfield you certainly will either a don't wanting to into that area or b give yourself extra time. accident in this area 95 north near the northbound side past street road left lane is still compromised. accident here as well route 13, bethlehem pike northbound
8:57 am
at edgemore road all lanes blocked use washington street, and it will be block. that is "eyewitness news" for now. join us for "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm jim donovan. make it a great
8:58 am
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>> announcer: when medical emergency strikes do you know what to do? >> they might be with us today if they knew how to response. >> deciding how someone or dies. >> why a school wants to track the students' every move. >> that will effect their grade. >> the movie may be rated "r" but should the theatre be rated "g" for gross. >> every theatre had fecal growth. >> new on the doctors! >> what did you say? >> dr. "b" is in the house! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> listen up to this. you certainly don't think about infections when you talk about movies. but, you go see them. we love it. going to the theatre, it's one of your favorite things since you were a kid


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