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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> we will win ohio and win it all. we will make america great again. >> reporter: sources say trump might appear during the vice-president nominee speech, party hopes pence will attract conservative voters weary of trump's commitment to their ideals. >> he has to try to heel the rifts in the party and bring over some of the, you know, people who weren't originally trump supporters. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> reporter: meanwhile after two days of controversy, at the campaign, a trump staffer, meredith mciver said she made my take of putting part of the michelle obama's convention speech in monday night's speech. after that announcement trump campaign manager paul manafort defended the peach this morning. she spoke from her heart. thats wage speech. >> reporter: donald trump brush it off tweeting quote, good news is that melania's speech got more publicity then any in the hisry of politics especially if you believe all press is if press. tonight we will hear from
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trump's son eric, former house speaker newt gingrich as well as trump a's former opponents like ted cruz. >> and thinks certainly not been your typical, convention, we have talk about that, all week long. and we also talk to one of the deputy party chairs of the republican party, of pennsylvania, and renee amore who has been to every public convention since 1996 and, see what makes this one so different. here's what she had to say. >> it is a whole new feeling. the way mr. trump came out we have never had a candidate come out and do these things. we have had president obama just to come out and show his face that he was there. president bush, he came out, congratulations to barbara bush but never had it like this it is totally different. he wanted to make it, you know, much better. this is his much better. >> reporter: we are join by republican analyst allison young, thanks for being with us, it has been great to be here with you. you were with governor scott
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walker all afternoon. he will speak tonight on the stage behind us. what should we look forward to hearing from him and other speakers tonight. >> tonight we will hear from governor walker and from governor pence. we will hear a lot more from people about some of the policy initiatives. we will, back away from some of the hillary clinton bashing and more into what this administration will do for america. governor walker comes from a state with ten electoral votes, a a conservative governor in a state that went for barack obama in 202. there is a lot on the line for governor walker tonight as well. >> another story that just won't go away is melania speech in the piece that aired moments ago speech writer said that she was responsible. you have been inside political operations, campaigns. what is going on to try to get this contained. >> you know, it is interesting for me from having seen so many campaigns already that there are no rules right now in the trump campaign. they are handling everything very differently. there is no rule book. while speech writer apologized the trump campaign says no, we
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don't accept your resignation. there are no rules and handled differently. >> reporter: that is back to the convention being so different. it is set up differently. campaign is set up differently. much more lean operation. >> it is a much more leaner operation, and there is a sense that anything goes, anytime there is a sense of, excitement among the delegates too because they never know what will happen. as i mentioned they never know who will show up at any given moment. it has added to the excitement of this atypical convention. >> we will see more tonight. thanks for being here with us. coming up a little later we will be joined by chris stigall to talk about all of the hillary clinton bash going on here and if the speakers tonight will start to turn the page on. that we will see you then, guys. >> jessica, allison, thanks very much. see you shortly. we are less than a week before the political spotlight shifts to philadelphia, the democratic national convention is just five days away. and hillary clinton is peck to make her choice for a vice-president, before coming to town next week. right now presumptive democratic presidential
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nominee is taking a brief break, from the campaign trail, to fundraisers. democratic insiders say clinton could announce her vice-presidential choice as soon as friday. she will be campaigning in florida on friday, and saturday. two have emerged from the pack as clinton's possible running mate they include agricultural secretary tomvillesack and timothy kane has made recent appearance was clinton. count down to the democratic national convention, also means a count down toward some great deals. many local businesses, are gearing up for the thousands of visitors expected to descend on this area, next week, and they are offering plenty of incentive toss stay and play. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live in south philadelphia with more on that, alex? >> reporter: well, nicole, people we spoke with keep having to remine themselves that this experience will be very different from the papal visit and this time around they are hoping to sell visitors on all that philly
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has to offer. the flags are flying, as high as the hopes, down at the talk of the town philly stake shack on south broad street. >> we don't know what we can expect. we have a little taste of it already. some people are here. they are down here, working, and iting up for convention. >> reporter: with the estimated 50,000 out of towners, expected to arrive for the democratic national convention, well... >> we have a sandwich hoagie out of towner. >> reporter: that comes with mushrooms, onions, sweet peppers and a philly dose of witt. >> reporter: for visitor looking to dress the part, what is this space of the historic building, follow missouri's dnc donkey right into stars and stripes limited offering up dnc deals. >> you can red, bright, blue, 40 percent off the original price without the convention. >> reporter: an effort by many to combat what ended up being somewhat of a business let down during the papal visit last year.
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the area around play spa was shut down during world meeting of families so they too are looking into cash in on delegates with special deals. >> we are offering 22 percent off all service for dnc attendees, family guest, friend. >> reporter: let's admit it, political arena can be a bit exhaust continuing so local businesses, want to see next weeks visitors well rested, well fed federal and well dressed. >> it is more important than that. >> reporter: good point. if you want to catch in on these deals, it is really easy just use the #dnc deals and for most of them you don't have to pretend, to be a delegate. reporting live, alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> everybody loves a bargain alex, thank you. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the campaign 2016 on the radio with kyw news radio and 1210 wpht, than line, cbs and on tv, cbs news "eyewitness news" team right here on cbs-3.
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in other news tonight is there still no word on any evident the that the fbi may have uncovered, as investigators searched the bay in ocean city yesterday. divers spent hours in the water near fishing pier off the route 52 causeway. we are told the search is linked to a criminal investigation in philadelphia, that authorities will not say what they are looking for. ocean city officials say that the investigation does not involve any public safety risk. fire investigators are trying to determine what spark this fire at a mushroom farm in chester county. cell phone footage shows flames raise nothing hey at modern mushroom farms in new garden township. call came in 1:30 a.m. and took crews an hour and a half to get the blaze under control. earl they're morning hot spots were still visible, from chopper three. pokemon go craze continues on its landed a local man in trouble with the law. >> yes, royersford police say they have cited a man for trying to catch pokemon while driving. police stopped him as he drove past the station, yesterday,
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and we're told that driver apologized and admitted the whole thing was a mistake. >> unbelievable. coming up tonight, philadelphia police building bridges to the community. >> reporter: it is usually flowing with drug activity but not today, i'm joe holden we will tell you exactly what the message from police here, for members of the community. is philadelphia ready for the democratic national convention? we will take you inside one of the busiest emergency rooms to get that answer. she may look like a typical italian mom cooking for her family and friends but find out how cooking saved and change her life. we will be right
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legendary writer producer, director garry marshall has passed away at 81. he made his mark in the television and film, world with hits from happy days to press would i man. today folks that knew him best
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are honoring his memory. tributes are pouring in for hollywood legend gary marshall whose career spanned more than half a century. henry winkler who starred as the fonz honor marshall on twitter calling him larger than life, funnier then most wise and the definition of a friend. >> ♪ happy days >> reporter: marshall created happy days which ran for ten seasons in the 70's and 80's spawning a television empire that included two spin offs. le vern and shirley starring his sister penny marshall. and mork and mindy giving robin williams his big break. the italian kid from the bronx moved on to the movies hitting big with pretty woman, beaches, and the prep zest diaries. >> very nice to be so engaged in my work. i never stopped enjoying it. >> happy mothers day. >> reporter: he never did stop. his last movie mothers day
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came out this past spring. fellow director and happy days star ron howard called him a world class boss and mentor and richard gear said he had a heart of the purest gold and a soul full of mischief. marshall was five time emmy nominee and brought odd couple to television. even acted throughout his career most noteably with lost in america and soap dish. well, police officers in the city's 25th district were busy having a great time today with children from the community that they served. they held their first annual kid block party. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden went there for close-up look at today's festivities. >> reporter: west somerset street is shut down a block party draws a a couple hundred people to the fair hill neighborhood street. there was the dunk tank. also the opportunity to meet a philadelphia police k-9 officer. twenty-fifth district police captain mike kram tells me community relationships have
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never been more important. >> these are my friends. that is the relationship we have. you're my friend at this point. we have been together for so long, i trust them, i love them a lot here. >> hi. >> reporter: block party took a couple months to plan, officers say they are working to strengthen ties, in the neighborhoods that they serve. and, it appears to be paying off. >> that is something thaw will find some of the most committed officers that serve in this community. >> reporter: community watch is no question this area is usually thriving, from a drug trade. police come by, they scatter, and police move on, and they come right back. >> there is a lot of stress in this neighborhood with the crime, drug problems, i mean, it is not very safe for kid company come out because of the needles all over, we have a robust market here. >> reporter: those living hearsay block party brought a few hours of peace. >> it is, important, decision
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for people to get together with the police. i think the best thing that police can do with the children. >> reporter: when dancing is over and hot dogs are gone we are told the problems will surely return, but it is hoped an event like this changes perception, from both sides. >> it is an awesome day. >> reporter: in fair hill, joe holden, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> one step at a time, that is a big step. >> great day to be outside, today. >> what a perfect day. you know, you step outside after the heat we have had and you don't expect to be hit by that nice sensation when you open the door but not today. >> yes, it was a cooler day. >> it will not last long.ay. we can talk about it all day long about how beautiful this day has been but we don't have that to look forward to. we have to talk about some negatives and that is return of the extreme heat heading toward the weekend. lets take a look outside to the shore where beach is pack still this evening. a lot of people enjoying, the
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last bits of this day, cool, comfortable down the shore, temperatures right around 80-degree mark. very comfortable on the beach and further inland, another look at our shore spots, margate on the live neighborhood network, the beach is starting to clear out, but still has folks out there with their umbrellas enjoying a perfect summer day what a great week to be down the shore with some clouds moving in yesterday afternoon, but we have got some nice weather down the shore for the next few days as we have heat in the city that won't heat up quite so rapidly down the shore. storm scan three is clear, at the moment, nothing happening locally as we widen out you can see not a whole lot to talk about here. we have high pressure overhead. it will be happening, as this big high, that is kind of centered to our west bringing that cool dry air in from the north and west, and it will start shifting east, and as it does so it will kick up heat and moisture from the south and west and that will be getting back into temperatures well above average for this time of the year. temperatures right now actually below average we are at 84 degrees in philadelphia. eighty-three wilmington.
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eighty-five in reading. seventy-seven in mount pocono. the atlantic city 79 degrees. feeling fantastic. ocean the water temperature at 70. one of the biggest pieces this time of the year is dew point. right now it is at 55 which puts us in the pleasant range where we want to be but tomorrow we are back to the yellow, friday we will climb up to the orange and by week end we're talking about oppressive humidity once again with dew points near 70 and temperatures back the to the 90's. heat returns, high pressure overhead, it is starting to shift further east tomorrow, and drawing in that southeasterly wind picking up during the day. temperatures in the upper 80's but then friday that high moves off the coast, we have got 90's with the chance for thunderstorm this front mainly comes through at night. most of friday looks like a dry day and sunday overnight into saturday morning we can pick up a shower or storm. then real heat approaches saturday, southeasterly wind in the upper 90's and we're near record through the weekend. forecast high saturday 97. record is 101. that one is not in any danger but sunday our high of 97,
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close to the record of 98 and monday's forecasted high of 96 would be a tie with the current record of 96 setback in 1999. overnight mainly clear, still comfortable at 69 degrees. lots of sun for tomorrow, turning warmer, up to 89. still no bad. and then friday heat really returns. 93 degrees the high friday. ninety-seven on saturday. making it the hottest day yet this year but that thunderstorm friday night into sat kay, most of the weekend ruse dry but the heat will be the bigger problem. coming up i'll tell you when we may break this next heat wave with the seven day forecast. >> ninety-seven. that is still hot. here it comes. >> yes, thanks, kate. well, advocates for environment are making sure that the delaware river is protect. >> the national fish and wild life foundation and william penn pen foundation announced 1.7 million-dollar grant that will fund 12 projects next year as part of the seven million-dollar endowment created by the william pen foundation in 2013 to fund
5:19 pm
conservation projects to improve water quality in our area. do you like to try new foods. >> that depend, are you cooking. >> you don't want to try that, trust me. i just make reservations. >> every now and then again, yes. >> coming up you can try exotic flavors without sampling the foods we will tell you about new flavors of the this potato chip. the fanatic chases pokemon and this ice cream vendor was having a good day until things got a little weird, sports coming up next.
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all right. don bell, he is here, talking phillies. >> extra inning heart breakers we have had. >> back to back, tough way to go when you have lost three in a row. >> that is right, right. >> is it just another game or is it an audition? phillies righter jeremy hellickson pitches in less than two hours. they are reportedly interested in trading for him. trade deadline is august 1st. phillies, as we mentioned lost three in a row but fanatic are not phased. pokemon go, on the field, and, it is better than yours because he find the real life figures. they show up. >> that is what is happening here. >> no, not even a little bit. >> but best of luck to those that do. >> yes. >> they are unphased. also, last night was a day/night baseball. scary moment in pittsburgh. the pirates pitcher gets hit
5:24 pm
in the head, and it was 105 miles an hour and, stitching from the ball left an imprint on his hat. we will show you this, he stayed in the game, pitched six innings, of no hit ball. absolutely remarkable. >> after getting drilled like that, you see standing ovation, in pittsburgh. that is, tough. >> wow. >> okay. so last night astros/a's game, ice cream vendor, just doing his job and then a full ball, hits him right in the. >> no, it didn't. >> that is a shame. >> that is a shame. >> just try to rub it. >> yes. >> the ball to find him. >> oh, yeah it did. >> i bet that left a mark. >> yes. >> yes. >> only he would know. >> yes. >> that it was. >> i have to get a closer
5:25 pm
look. >> yes. >> yes, take that in. >> wondering what is happening there. >> thanks, a appreciate it. coming up next half an hour on "eyewitness news" is philadelphia ready for democratic national convention. delegates, tourist, protesters all expect to descend on the city in just a few days, we will go inside the cities emergency operations center to get some answers. the latest jason borne movie hits theaters this week and matt damon is back at the title character. find out why damon says his alter ego is man of few word. new at 6:00 a scavenger hunt with a dnc twist. why all of these people are looking for, donkeys around philadelphia we will be right back.
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donald trump arrives in style, for day three of the republican national convention. tonight is the night running mate and indiana governor mike pence will take center stage. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30 good evening i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm ukee washington. jessica keen is in cleveland right now with front row seats to the big event. jessica, good evening. >> good evening, to both have of you, we are right here in the middle of it all at quicken loans arena we have seen a lot of speakers on the stage, and one thing that has been throughout, a lot of the speeches, is this anti hillary clinton rhetoric. there has been a lot have of newark, new jersey governor chris christie really almost prosecuting her like a prosecutor like he was. lets take a listen. >> to hillary clinton, lying to the american people, about
5:30 pm
herselfish, awful judgment, in making our secrets vulnerable, what is your verdict? guilty or not guilty. >> guilty. >> now, another person to take the stage last night, and, talk against hillary clinton was arkansas's attorney general leslie, the first female to hold that position in arkansas which has close ties to the clintons. i talk to her today about why it was so important for her to talk about that point publicly. >> the whole different candidates and we have to make certain that people know that hillary clinton is not trust worthy. that she is, dishonest. that she has done things that make america less safe. we cannot afford that in a commander in chief. >> i'm join now by, 1210 chris stigall, you have been here since sunday. you have had a front row seat to all this as well. we have just heard these indictments on hillary clinton and that has been a theme, even more so, the pro trump
5:31 pm
that we heard from his children, of course. we will hear more tonight. what do you think about that approach and in terms of the drawing maybe an inn voter, do you think that is the right way to go. >> at this point i look at data, jessica and i a saw two polls. i looked at these before we came on the air. last week cbs news and new york times took a poll and 23rd of the folks in that poll said they did not trust mrs. clinton. the last week, abc news washington post, 56 percent of the america public said charges should have been filed in some capacity from the fbi. is there a substantial number of americans that for whatever reason don't trust mrs. clinton. it seems like a theme that would make sense at the republican convention. you will hear the same next week at wells fargo center. >> yes, yes, yes. we have been talking to delegates. what are they feeling in terms of the messages that they have been getting. >> it is a milk crowd for sure. i would say more tell i had then traditional conventions have been on the republican
5:32 pm
side. a lot of humility. there are people very unsure about donald trump. ted cruz speaks tonight a lot of people here are cruz supporters didn't go their way. there was a floor fight, brief but not the too incidental but there are people that wanted to stop donald trump from becoming the nominee. they weren't successful. they are still teped support to try to figure out how to bring this what they call never trump movement on board. >> that is, let's call it a billion dollars question because it really is the question these days at the this convention, how do you, bridge, that gap, how do you bring this party together, and in your opinion, can they get there before november. >> i do, i think so, and i think pennsylvania bears that out, more than any other place on the map, and the reason is we already know that mrs. clinton has spent great deal of money and advertising in pennsylvania. it is very early for democratic presidential nominee to be spending money, in a presidential primary since pennsylvania has not gone to a republican since
5:33 pm
reagan. so it is a big state. mrs. clinton is spending the kind of money she is in pennsylvania, because there is concern. i think he can pick off one of these states. >> lets talk about that for a second. i was talking to the pennsylvania delegation specifically someone from montgomery county and these philadelphia suburbs will play a big role. >> huge. >> in a trump victory really anybody's victory they will have to have both voters. >> a absolutely. >> do you think this is the year maybe they swing republican. >> i don't know. what i do know there is going to be blue collar union votes that will not be honest bit. my theory is there is a number of people that won't tell you they vote for donald trump but they will anyway. it is a theory i have. i can't prove it. it is a working theory. >> chris, thanks for being with us. we have had you on all week. >> great to see you in person all the waste in cleveland. i feel like unofficial ambassador. >> people in cleveland are the nicest. >> it has been a great city and really uneventful. >> it has been good. >> thanks for being here with
5:34 pm
us. coming up tonight at 6:00 we will talk more in person with the pennsylvania delegation, i was with them at their breakfast this morning. they are getting very exited to come back to their home state and talk donald trump. we want to let you know we have a big interview coming up governor scott walker live here at is 11:00 coming up after all of the events here. we have a big night plan, we will check back in at 6:00. >> looking forward to it, thanks very much. talk to you soon. hollywood stars in our area talking about the rnc and presidential race, with hillary clinton supporters. >> deborah messing joined women for a special discussion in glenside, montgomery county today. you may remember the actress from the show will and grace. messing is a clinton supporter. she believes a trump administration would be threat to women's rights and bernie sanners support tours vote for clinton in november. >> for some time our progress, over the last 50 years could be gone, as well as new
5:35 pm
supreme court justices. >> messing is meeting with clinton, volunteers and supporters right here in philadelphia. we're with the democratic national convention, coming to philadelphia next week, the health care community and emergency responders are gearing up for the dnc. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with the details of the plan. >> the planning has been going on for months. you know, biggest health concern right now for dnc is hot water that is expect next week with lots of protesters on the the street there is risk for many to be dehydrated. medical professionals say they are ready for that and anything else from the emergency department at jefferson hospital, to the city's emergency operations center, everything is in place to make sure any medical situations that come up during the dnc are well handled. >> this is an all hand on deck, really make sure that our staff and our teams are ready to contend with any additional need, that may come up. >> reporter: guy barber with
5:36 pm
jeffstat says there are plenty of supplies in jefferson's trauma certainty and methodist has geared up being the closest hospital to the convention site. >> jefferson is an official health care provider. >> reporter: there will be enhanced medical services at wells fargo center, medical tenth will be set up in the parking lot and across the street at fdr park where protesters will be assembled. the tents will be like these, set up for the pope's visit. >> coming off the papal visit, the advantage, because we've never turn off. >> reporter: samantha phillips director of emergency management for city says operation center will coordinate medical responses with traditional phones, radios and more sophisticated computer programs. >> the situational awareness platform. >> reporter: that will be displayed back here, so everybody is on the same page. >> exactly. >> reporter: all about being able to quickly respond to heart attacks to falls or food poisoning out break and more. >> i think that what is happening in the country is certainly as been a concern and police shootings we have seen and some of the protests that have gone sideways, you
5:37 pm
still need something that keeps everybody up at night. >> reporter: one of the biggest concerns is expected heat and dehydration. >> we're trying to mitigate some of that by having, misting tents and water available for them. now those misting tents and water will be for protesters on south broad street who are expect to be out in the heat for prolonged periods of time. but doctors say anybody here in philadelphia, next week, and seeing our great tourist attractions they need to be careful too with all this heat. >> it is good to know they are prepared. makes you feel bet ber this big event. well, we invite to you stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the campaign 2016, when you are in the car stay up to date with cbs radio stations kyw news radio and 1210 wpht, on line, cbs and tv with cbs news right here at "eyewitness news". still to come tonight, the latest jason borne movie hits theaters this week. >> matt damon is back as tied will character we will hear
5:38 pm
from him about his shocking life of tiling on in that film. are you an adventurous either if not maybe you can get a taste of international flavors, lays is out with a few intriguing shifts, katie. off to a beautiful summer day another comfortable night tonight enjoy it while it is here because we are tracking the hottest air so far this summer, all the way to the weekend we will tell you which day will be hottest and when we could flirt with 100 degrees, that is coming up when we come
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well, if you can't travel further then the jersey shore this summer, not to worry, lays potato chips has you covered. >> snack company is bringing international cuisine to you, and you will be able to get a taste of chine, greece, brazil
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and india at the grocery store. lays say research shows three in five americans are now more adventurous when it comes to trying ethnic grouping. >> when it involves eating powe tait the owe chips. >> you know what, not herrs barbecue chips i'm good to go. >> me too, kettle cook. >> hello. >> as we continue find out which hollywood couple, is going to take a break. we will be right
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well, doing a live show in north jersey on sunday, cold play, took the audience back in time. >> they sure did. they brought out actor michael j. fox who famously rock out to songs from the 1958 sci-fi classic back to the future. >> ♪ >> you remember, right? fox, jammed out to johnny b good in the movie joined the bandon stage after chris martin's son appeared in the video asking for songs from his favorite movie. fox and the band oblige
5:46 pm
bringing audience members a blast from the past. >> pretty cool. >> a couple of star wars stance and showed their loves for the theme music. think played at a house of john williams, and, first must have been with them. >> incredible. >> lady gaga in the mid of a bad romance. >> yes, representative for singer/actress say he and her fiance are on the break. they gotten gauge last year on valentines take after meeting in 20111 on the set of her you and i video. kenney stars on chicago fire. gaga posted a picture of them two on instagram asking that everyone, route them on. hoping to make it through the break.
5:47 pm
>> let's hope they do. >> indeed. >> we will keep you posted for sure. >> jason borne is back which means, it is matt damon. >> he has very little to say in the film. insider's the kathy knight was with just with him and joins us from los angeles with more on that. hi, kelce. >> it has been nine years since matt's been born again and as i found out he didn't to have say much to do it. a big article comes out 25 lines in the entire movie. >> it never occurred to you that i didn't have a lot of lines. i need to talk. >> but according to reports those 25 lines, may have made matt damon 25 million-dollar, to return to the action franchise, that he was born to play. >> starting with the second one in the series, you know, once he dicey don't have anybody to talk to. tony gillroy who wrote that movie said to me, you are clear what this means, if she dies on page 20, you know, you will not speak much for the
5:48 pm
rest of the movie. i said i get it. it is real interesting. >> each movie, i think i have spoken progressively less and in this one the least. for any young actor they should not know it is not the number of lines you have, ever. >> reporter: so interesting future article came out where all have of your friend were interviewed about you. george clooney said you look great in the speedo. where did the speedo happen and is there anything you want to say back to george. >> you know, normally when i hang out at his house, even if we're not at the pool i'm in a speedo. that is just how i role. i started to do that mostly after i turned 40, speedos, you know, in europe, really. >> european. >> i have nothing to say back to george. i don't want to pick a fight with the 800-pound grill, i know better. >> much more tonight on the insider, ukee and nicole back to you in the studio. >> speedos, in your 40's. >> he is in his mid 40's. >> all right. >> hollywood news tonight and every week night at 7:30 watch
5:49 pm
the insider right here on cbs-3. >> i think i will to have bring mine out. >> fit is a at home why not. >> yeah, right. >> never mind. >> let's move on. >> take you up on that. >> let's move on, yes. >> break out the speedos, or -- >> let's leave it right there. >> let's start with the weather. we have a lot of heat heading down the shore, head he go into the city or pool. get ready for some extreme heat this weekend, it will be a lot worse then today when temperatures were seasonal, below average, it has felt great, still looking good right now but that will all change. right now outside we have been hearing nicole giggling next to me but that is all right. check out speedo talk. and we just go downhill from there. she can't focus on anything. out in bethlehem where everything is looking good right now. skies are blue, sunnies shining, nice breeze, humidity is low, and it is a nice day
5:50 pm
to be outside speedo or no speedo. lets look at our eyewitness weather, turning in their photos an observations. we have temperatures in the 80's, lets take a look at a few fronts here in chestnut hill. we will show you this photo that he sent in of the sunrise this morning. if this doesn't set stage for what a beautiful day that has been, i don't know what does. look at rays of light bursting from the trees. thanks as always for great photos. 82 degrees in northern delaware. we will check with sandor in newark, picture perfect summer day. low humidity bright sun, slight breeze, just wonderful n south jersey lets head down to the shore where we will check with james in ocean city. eighty-six, he says day for sitting at edge of the water with your toes in the san. doesn't that sound nice. didn't mention whether he did it in the speed o or not. 80 degrees as we head to the north and west of philadelphia, lou rou in eagleville, lou 80 degrees and looking good there as well i few great photos from ed showing a close-up shot of,
5:51 pm
this little will bird hanging out in the theater enjoying a beautiful day. lets take a peak at our live neighborhood network at palmyra cove nature park, it looks good right now. we have got blue skies and a few patchy clouds outside for right now, not a bad evening to sit outdoors and have dinner outside perhaps. storm scan three is clear as we widen out in the a whole lot going on. we had a few strong storms overnight last night over southern delaware. you can see that spot is seeing pop up showers right now, mainly, southwestern corner of the sussex county, those pushing down to the south but in this area, heading to this area we may find a stray shower this evening. otherwise dew points are low, we saw temperatures in the mid 80es a. dew points in the mid 50's right now. further south we go more humid it is, mount pocono dew .46 degrees. that is very low for mid to late july, let's enjoy it while we have it. future weather shows not a whole lot creeping in here tomorrow. sunny day, blue skies, wall to wall. friday looks okay as well, a few more clouds moving in the
5:52 pm
afternoon as this sun approaches and pop up shower or thunderstorm mainly friday evening into friday night, possibly even overnight. and then saturday sun returns but with it, the the heat, and we're talking about the hottest stretch yet, here's our forecasted highs from friday through tuesday. friday 93. a saturday, sunday, 97. monday 96. tuesday, again 93. so that is five days straight of 93 plus degrees. that is a very hot stretch. we really don't get any relief even overnight as temperatures stay in the upper 70's. that is dangerous heat. highs in the upper 90's. feeling like 100 to 105 at the height of the afternoon each day. drink water, take it easy. all of the precautions, but check on anyone you may know, abe that includes this weekend. overnight still comfortable 69 . tomorrow mostly sunny, slightly more humid but still a nice day down the shore and nice day in the city as well at 89. and then that hot stretch, starts, friday through tuesday with the peak being over the weekend and into monday.
5:53 pm
it looks like possibly, a little break by next wednesday but it will be a very long stretch, ukee, back over to you. thanks very much. still ahead on "eyewitness news" she's a typical italian mom always cooking for her family and friend, she decided to write a book have of recipes about more than just food, find out how this project, saved her life, and changed it for the fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
5:54 pm
so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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5:56 pm
about the age of 77, delaware county woman has a new career, she has written a cookbook and about tome bark on a trip, cross the world, as
5:57 pm
the book growness popularity. >> to say it has been life changing would be an under statement, our jan carabao has her inspiring story. >> gnochi. >> spaghetti. >> there isn't a day you won't find alycia in the kitchen. she's a teaching novice who has admitly right there. >> because it is just who i am gnochi is one of the 206 recipes in her cookbook, italian moms spreading their art to every table brings the italian country side to the delaware valley. >> you know, yes. >> reporter: leash a has done that with food since she was child cooking for her family in italy. >> i was only six years old. i make with a machine. i make everything. >> reporter: she never knew she would create a cookbook. in fact it wasn't her idea at all. >> she was in a deep depression. she really had close ed her
5:58 pm
eyes and said i'm ready just take me. >> reporter: her husband of 56 years died suddenly in 2013 on christmas eve. their son frank, remembers seeing alycia's story of cooking slip away too. >> that was one thing we reelingized something that had been wrong. she had stopped cooking. one day i came across her scribbles, if you want to call them recipes. >> reporter: he turn to kick starter with the goal of raising enough money on line to develop recipes into a book. >> couple days later we had a few thousand dollars. thirty days later, $27,000. >> reporter: realizing a publisher was too expensives he he sought family friend to take pictures and edit the text. less than a year after its release, book has sold 7,000 copies and it business to go in the third printing, but that is not the point. >> the most important thing is it has brought her back to life. >> reporter: a smile, back on her face and a laugh never far away. >> that makes me feel like a
5:59 pm
million-dollar. >> reporter: and get this, she still works cooking five days a week for special needs adults, as for her book you can get it on amazon and over at italian moms jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> wow. >> how about it. that smile alone tells it all. >> i'm getting that book. >> are you going to cook. >> i will try. >> okay. >> are you. >> yeah. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5c. >> now at 6:00 protests arrive on day three of the republican national convention in cleveland see how they broke up demonstrators this afternoon. security measures are taking shape in philadelphia ahead of the democratic convention, look at the transformation of the wells fargo center, katie. we have a beautiful evening outside, low humidity and comfortable but we're back to the heat and it is the hottest stretch just yet this summer, i'll tell you how hot it will be, coming up at 6:00. a south jersey man good at finding rings, i'm cleve bryan, his search for the search of this army ring.
6:00 pm
well, here's is what happening, protester clashed with police and each other in cleveland, and day three of the republican national convention. police had to use riot gear to break up demonstrations. they made a handful of arrests. they included trump supporters and critics. eventually escalate nothing to physical altercations. >> let's look live inside a much calmer quicken loans arena where the republicans look to continue, unifying the party and laying out their plans for the november elections. our own jessica dean is there covering rnc this week. >> she joins us live with the look ahead to tonight's prime time speaker, hi there, jessica. >> good evening to both of you from cleveland, it is much more quieter in here, and,


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