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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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well, here's is what happening, protester clashed with police and each other in cleveland, and day three of the republican national convention. police had to use riot gear to break up demonstrations. they made a handful of arrests. they included trump supporters and critics. eventually escalate nothing to physical altercations. >> let's look live inside a much calmer quicken loans arena where the republicans look to continue, unifying the party and laying out their plans for the november elections. our own jessica dean is there covering rnc this week. >> she joins us live with the look ahead to tonight's prime time speaker, hi there, jessica. >> good evening to both of you from cleveland, it is much more quieter in here, and, delegates coming in getting
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ready for night three of the republican national convention. here's is what on deck for this evening. we are going to hear from vice-presidential nominee mike pence, the governor of inn yan a. this is one people have been exited to hear about. they are excited to hear him, hopefully they are hoping that he will layout some policies, that they will be able to hear about and take back home to their home states. also, up, it is newt gingrich former speaker of the house who was also in the running to be a vice-presidential nominee, he is a very vocallal supporter of donald trump and speaking of donald trump his son eric trump will be speaking tonight. he has proven to be a excellent servant for him over past couple of days, really painting him as a very warm father, a very supportive father, so that is what we're looking for tonight during the prime time hour. of course, down there, pretty close to the the front will be the pennsylvania delegation. i spent the morning with them at their breakfast as they are getting things kick off for the day. here's what they had to say.
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>> i thought the speeches were great and it momentum is starting to build. >> reporter: back to the meetings this morning for the pennsylvania republican delegation. >> our delegation is feeling very together. we're really looking forward to going back home and really working hard for donald trump. >> reporter: many of these people across pennsylvania are serving as delegates for the first time. >> they just saw something in donald trum that made them want on get behind him. >> reporter: it shows a close race in pennsylvania for the general election, turning out in philadelphia suburbs like montgomery county will be key, for a trump victory. doug hager is from audubon and has been talking with voters there. >> what is a a surprise is number of independents that we have talked to who have said to us, that they are supporting donald trump. >> reporter: hager knows trump is unconventional but says is there a ground swell for someone new and fresh. >> sometime fresh faces, are
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what we need. but you have to go through all that and listen to what he is saying, and we need to create jobs in this country. we need better trade agreements. we need to do something about immigration. >> reporter: now, ohio governor john kasich was slated to speak at that breakfast this morning. he cancelled at the last minute. that sparked some chatter about well, is it because he is not the participating in convention because he is not supporting donald trump and this delegation has taken to trump and going back to pennsylvania and work hard to make him president. i was told no charred feelings just a scheduling issue there was nothing there but that was the scene at the breakfast this morning. they will get together, tomorrow and set out for the day. now we will be here, coming up a little bit later in the 6:00 . a lot of different companies will set up, different pop up booths and different pop up lounges during the republican national convention and no one can be better than facebook. we will take you inside there we are planning some
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interesting statistics about pennsylvania, when we see you at 6:15, guys. >> thanks very much. sound cool. we will look forward to that. back here at home law enforcement is leaving nothing to chance. security will be extra tight from the democratic national convention. the political spotlight, of course, shifts to philadelphia in just five days. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos has the latest on security preps. >> reporter: thinks the scene at a protest tuesday in cleveland. as officers there, separated two dueling groups of protesters at rnc. and as protective fences spring up around the wells fargo center, anti shatter film has added to glass at near by sub waste station and cars on broad street, for protesters are tagged by police. >> it is safe. as long as everybody is safe. >> reporter: security is at top of the mind for any. >> we are ready to do it, and hit it out of the park. does that mean we will? there is no guarantee because
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1x factor is security. >> reporter: former governor ed rendell has helped plan the 2016 dnc for more than two years. >> it is an incredible project. >> reporter: he is not worried about security, in or near the stadium. >> we will not get a truck like unidentified truck like there was in nice, driving in or somebody smuggling a bomb in. >> reporter: what worries him is what could happen outside. >> someone wants to trade their life, for others, it is almost impossible in a free society to say, we can prevent that all the time. >> reporter: perhaps the biggest concern has to do with franklin roosevelt park. this is the area protesters are expected to gather and it is already city officials have started to set up this fence, around the perimeter. >> can i guarantee that nothing will happen? anybody who guaranties thaw nothing will happies a fool. is there always a risk. but it is in this case it is a minimal risk. >> reporter: in south philadelphia, greg argos for
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news". for everything you need to know about the dnc including traffic restrictions and security information, head to cbs now in other news tonight garden state parkway is back opened after a crash involving a tractor trailer, took out one lane. chopper three over the scene, in egg harbor township. crash happened just before 7:00 this morning on the southbound side, near exit number 35, the tractor trailer crashed through a concrete median before coming to a stop. we're told no one was seriously hurt. there is no word what caused the driver to lose control. delaware police say 19 year-old malcolm evans was an innocent victim and they need your help finding whoever shot and killed him. delaware state student was shot in his car as he drove to work. it happened on july 9th around 4:00 a.m. new castle county investigators say suspects were spotted leaving the scene on bay watch road in rutledge, now police and family members are asking for help.
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>> now we have a murderer on the streets who could take another life as fast as he took malcolm so this is, past us now. it is something that we have to come together as a community and solve this case before somebody has to have the same tragedy which we have endured this past week and we shall endure the rest of our lives. >> there is now a $40,000 reward, being offered, to anyone with information leading to an arrest. a local man's hobby is helping people reconnect with special items that they thought they may have lost forever. >> he is on a mission, "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan tells us what the man found and why he is desperate liz trying to get it back to its rightful owner. >> i looked down and said my god, my ring is gone. >> reporter: chris code friday lansdale remembers the terrifying moment he lost his wedding ban while vacation nothing ocean city. he took it off to go swimming and forgot to put it back on before pack up. >> it is more important to me then value of it because it
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was my fathers and means a lot to me. >> reporter: hair loom fortunately was not lost for long. quit internet church helped him hook up with ed, new jersey lost ring finder who sent his partner to help. >> he pulled it up, he said is this yours i could not believe it. i was so excited. >> reporter: thirty years of met aal detecting has made his basement a treasure cove. >> whether it is coins, buttons, relics. >> reporter: last month he found this u.s. army ring at eighth street in ocean city no personalized marking he has gone to social media and asked to us try to locate the owner. >> he signed up to really take care of this country anus and everything that we stand for. >> reporter: he says sometimes the best part of the finding things is getting them back and in the case of this army ring, he cannot wait to see a look on a service members face. >> it is priceless. it is. it really is. to be able to i have had people in tears. >> reporter: codey can testify to that. >> he was a gentlemen. he really was, you know, passionate about helping people out and ed, thank you
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so much for what you did. we appreciate it. >> reporter: if you lost this ring or know who has contact the new jersey lost ring finder. he is waiting. in west deptford, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and how about that. we're continuing to follow the republican national convention in cleveland. >> still to come a social media take over the at the rnc how networks like facebook and instagram are trying to connect with convention goers in a new way. with the dnc coming to philadelphia there is a brand new app that will allow you to scrolling and looking for donkeys. coming up on find out what the app is and how to play. as we head toward the start of the convention here in fill at heat will ref up. we're talking about near 100-degree temperatures to start off the dnc, i'll have the latest forecast coming up, don. legend comes out of retirement and making an appearance in our area, plus the pete mackanin wants to see out of the phillies in south philadelphia, sports up
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welcome back. jeremy hell i can's mind is on miami but excuse him because people on twitter and people like me in the media make it hard to the not think about south beach. marlins are reportedly interested in trading for phillies right-hander in less than an hour, he will face them, one on one on the mound tonight. the last night phillies had a double play in the early innings but freddie galvis to caesar hernandez, toss over to calvin joseph. nice play on defense. they lost their second consecutive extra inning game to miami this time christian yellich hit a home run in the game and also drove in the game winning run right there phillies lose two-one in ten innings. pete mackanin wants the phillies to get back to having
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solid at bats. >> we want a few weeks where we were swinging bats well and doing things right. early in the season, we weren't and then right now we are in the bit of the lull but it is in there but i think we have it in us and we have to as i said last night we have to get back to our discipline, plate discipline and start looking for good pitches to hit and laying off bad pitches. easier said than done. >> reporter: today in senate i a home run celebration, goes over. after the reds tucker barnett smashed the long ball, check this out, the fire works went off, and the smoke took a while to clear. it actually delayed the game. the game resumed after a break there and red went on to win, six-three. philadelphia union in action tonight, they are playing new england revolution at harvard. the union looking for just their second win on the road, this season. mark it on your calendar july 31st a at pocono jeff gordon returning to sprint cup racing. gordon will replace dale
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earnhardt junior for next two races as junior recovers from concussion-like symptoms, gordon's first race will be sunday in indy. he is coming out of retirement to pin much hit. >> nascar rock star. >> we will get lucky because he is coming to our area. >> yeah. >> thanks, sir, appreciate it. during political conventions social media is a wash with opinions whether on facebook, twit error elsewhere. >> social media companies know these gathering are big opportunity for them to play a role from those conversations. our yes, sir contact dean joins us live at cleveland from the republican national convention. jessica, i understand facebook is there with their own set up, is that right. >> absolutely, we got to check it out. i learned some interesting things. in the last 24 hours during the last day, there were 14 million people had made over 52 million impressions on facebook. that is a like, comment, post, just think about those numbers for a second. it is incredible. it is conversations are
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happening and we got to take a inside look people here are making the republican national convention facebook official. >> facebook has been the new town hall. it is where we are seeing conversation happening about the election, candidate, the issue. >> reporter: facebook's pop up space just outside quickens loan arena a place for people to eat, drink and post. >> you see here instagram has set up a tiny oval office, aloft people stopping by and taking picture. >> just come up here, people can learn how to go live, take pictures, and learn how to share the experience they are having here in cleveland with the folks back home. >> reporter: they are tracking data on the political posts breaking it down by state, which has pennsylvania. >> what is interesting it is mostly female, little bit more male and younger voters. twenty-five to 34. >> reporter: they will be talk about younger voters, are they apathetic but it seems like they are very engage.
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>> they are very engage. young are voters are talking about this elect. they are concerned bit. they see that through the data that we have here, that they are wanting to talk about the candidates and issues that concern them. >> reporter: so much date, they are also told me that the most talked about issue over the last several days in this posted about was melania trump's monday night speech. now we know. we will be here all night, coming up at ten and 11. we will have highlights from night three of the republican national convention. we will have a live interview with governor walker who is scheduled to speak this evening. we will see you guys then. >> young people involved in the political process. loving it. thanks, jessica we will see you then indeed. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the campaign 2016. on the radio with kyw news radio and 1210 wpht, on line with cbs and on television with cbs news, and, of course, you're witness news team right here on cbs-3.
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scott pelley and "cbs evening news" are also live in cleveland tonight covering rnc, we will get to that in a bit but right now lets check our forecast with kate. >> we of course have dnc next week. i think as delegates coming to town they will be arriving not in philadelphia best light. we will be sweltering, into weekend and next week. we're talking about record breaking dangerous heat as we head through the weekend. it is july. we are used to it being hot in july. we are talking about record challenging temperatures. this is something that happens every day. thinks extreme heat. it starts especially saturday, sunday, monday are days to much was and that is when everything gets underway here in the city of philadelphia lets look at what we can expect we will start here, it is beautiful outside, skies are blue, we have got puff i cumulus clouds overhead, humidity low. dew points in the 50's, great night to get outside and great night to run outside don't like being stuck in the gym on a treadmill maybe do it tonight because over weekend you will not want, you will not want to be out for any
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extended period of time and in fact it could be dangerous to do that. storm scan three shows skies are clear, we will do a couple scattered showers and extreme southern part of the sussex county delaware right about there, that is about it, most of us enjoying a really beautiful, night tonight. temperatures, highs today, that is 87 degrees in philadelphia making it right on target for this time of the year. eighty-seven. where we are should be. eighty-four in allentown. eighty-six in reading. eighty-two in dover. look at the highs so far in the central part of the country. it has been very hot. wichita 100 degrees today. oklahoma city 95. dallas 96. many of these spots, feeling like triple digits. this big core of heat is heading east, through the next few days and we will be suffering through that, starting on saturday especially, a little bit on friday but saturday is worst of it. mostly sunny tomorrow still in the upper 80's. we will start to tap in the 90's on friday, and still hot with the chance for a thunderstorm but real record challenging heat starts on saturday when we head to the
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upper 90's. when you factor in high dew points right around 70 degrees it will be feeling like 103, 104, possibly even hotter then that at times and again, that big core of heat just starts to shift to the east, and rips to the north and we have got this heat in place for days upon days with heat index values over 100 degrees. lets talk about the record challenging heat. sunday, monday best chances to break a record. record on sunday is 98. record on monies 96. 101 should be safe on saturday but depend what it will feel like 101 on saturday, and that does not count for breaking a record. ways to beat the heat we will go over these. take this seriously. drink water, void strenuous activity outdoors, stay out of the direct sunlight. wear light colored clothes and keep kid and pets cool as well. it is comfortable at 69 degrees. down the shore that is one way to beat the heat it will turn humid and right around 90 on saturday but certainly not as sweltering, not as scorching
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as it would be here in the city. temperatures throughout the weekend upper 90's saturday and sunday, some sun with thunderstorm on monday. as we head into tuesday and wednesday not as harsh with temperatures in the 90's on tuesday and 89 degrees on wednesday. the heat though will stick around as we head in the following week even as well. >> thanks, kate. >> still to come we will introduce you to some students ambassadors.
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get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. a group of local students embarking on a voyage to africa but it noise ordinary trip. >> they are traveling around the world as ambassadors in the city of philadelphia. now, it is made possible through african genesis institute, after two years of learning about their history, black and latino groups
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traveled to cairo, egypt all expense paid to meet and help children, living there. they will leave august 1st. >> have a great
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trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, drive to your local car buying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes ! so don't wait...get your free online valuation now at ♪find out how much your car is worth at♪ a city wide scavenger hunt is aim at helping people explore philadelphia. >> today host committee for democratic national convention
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launched a new free app that lets you search for donkeys around town. "eyewitness news" reporter vittoria woodill is live to tell us how that app works, hi there vittoria. >> hello you guys. you may have seen at least one of the 57, fiberglass donkeys, all around the city. each one representing, one delicate that would be at dnc this week. these donkeys have pneumonia all of the rage and because of that is there a new app that gets you in on the fun. hurry, a heard of donkeys spread out all over philadelphia. >> what do my eyes see? >> that is ohio. >> somebody looking down, a donkey. >> okay. >> it was created with the dnc coming to philadelphia next week lets just say this city isn't horsing around. >> we have a serious donkey business. >> reporter: unveiled was donkeys around town a scavenger hunt app that with the have you stralling the streets to find democratic dopping he is. >> there are 57 challenges,
6:29 pm
you can complete the challenge in any order, you can arrive at any donkey at any time. >> kansas, what is the name of the movie character that appears on the back of this donkey. that would be dorothy. there is no place like philadelphia. rules for these mules get their questions right or get the right picture and you will get points all going toward prize for top scores. >> 7 miles you have been walking and you found 16 donkeys. >> yes. >> you're really showing me up and i don't like it. this game isn't for faint of heart but definitely for everyone and best parties making friend along the way. >> donkeys. >> yes. >> so, how do you play. thing you want to do is go to sca. vify and look for donkeys around town and have fun, really learning about the city. i got 50 points and i'm going for 500. i'm on the move. i'm on the move. >> good luck, torey. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. >> scott pelley reports on the
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"cbs evening news" from cleveland. ha >> pelley: back for seconds. trump returns to cleveland to see his number two accept the nomination. also tonight, the convention running low. where did everybody go, or why didn't they come? the fallen officers of baton rouge and the families they left behind. >> the knock on the door came. that is a knock i hope nobody ever has to endure. >> pelley: and... ♪ sunday, monday happy days ron howard remembers the happy days he spent with the legendary garry marshall. >> garry was the best boss i've ever had. captioning sponsored by cbs


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