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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  July 21, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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we must make the most of our moment. >> speaking of moments, texas senator and one time presidential hopeful ted cruz, was greeted by a course of boos at rnc. good morning i'm brooke thomas. >> aim jim donovan. cruz controversy is part of what you need to know in the morning minute. >> i accept your nomination. >> reporter: day three of the rnc was supposed to be all about vice-presidential nominee, mike pence. >> stand and speak and vote your conscious. >> reporter: but indiana governor's moment became overshadowed. >> cruz last stand just came one day before trump takes center stage here in cleveland tonight. the president of the philadelphia police officers union tells us he is not happy with a list of speakers at next weeks dnc. rash of gun violence overnight in philadelphia, police are looking for at least two suspects who shot and killed a man and shooting in strawberry mansion send a three three-year old man to
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the hospital overnight. >> ♪ >> i love that. that is first lady jamming out with misty elliott and james corden on the late, late the show last night. >> secret service tweeted the show afterward to let them necessity they watching and thank them for bringing back the first lady home safe and sound. >> do you think that was first car pool karaoke where they could not leave the area. >> within the gates. >> driving around the driveway. >> speaking of singers, lauren sings in the weather center. >> of course, i know that. >> yes, i like to sing my mike checks, i'm sure everybody enjoys my wonderful voice. >> we love it. >> i hope we will enjoy weather today. >> something to sipping about this morning, it is kind of
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comfortable outside, we have got a little bit of the chill standing out here on the sky deck. 72 degrees in philadelphia a that feels nice. getting break from the extreme heat we have been dealing with so far this month. we have had eight days with high temperatures in the 90's but we have get cool spots towards lehigh valley, 58 degrees in allentown. we are at 51 in the poconos. even down the shore catching a break with temperatures in the lower 60's but no break heading in the upcoming weekend. excessive heat watch for the area, one saturday morning through sunday afternoon with high temperatures cruising up in the 90-degree range. july so far we know it has been steamy. our average temperature up 2 degrees above the average evening highest temperature 96 e head in the upcoming weekend we are going to beat that but for today not too bad a lot of sunshine in store once again, temperatures warming up to 86 degrees by lunchtime and flirting with that 90-degree
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mark, meisha in the second half of the day. humidity levels stay but as we head in the upcoming weekend tropical like humidity levels, yuck, and we will talk about that weekend forecast in just a a few minutes. >> yikes. >> all right lauren, welshing we will live in the moment and today and enjoy it the because it is going to be gorgeous you guys. schuylkill taillights moving in the ease bun direction approaching spring garden in the center city. you can see how gorge thaws looks. you can see how many neighbors are on the roadway, and, boulevard taillights moving in the taillights in the bolt side of the boulevard just starting to heat up ever so slightly but for 5:30 in the morning we are hanging owe kate on the boulevard. vine was not, closed to that are construction so moving in the west and eastbound side we are looking okay. ease bun side looking busier in the 4:00 he clock hour. east and westbound vine we are looking okay. we will switch and talk about a very serious accident, a fatal accident involving a pedestrian in nicetown. wissohickon high school
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between roberts and hunting park avenue it is closed. please use an alternate fox street or germantown avenue is your best bet. we have an overturn tractor trailer with the fuel spill here near levittown route 13 southbound at tyburn road on and off ramps are closed make net for those in that area. 322 is closed at route 54 until 6:00 a.m. your alternate ac expressway bought of the construction, brooke, over to you. donald trump formally accepts his parties nomination tonight at rnc. republican vice-presidential nominee indiana governor mike pence addressed the crowd last night in cleveland. he used his time to make at case for a trump presidency. pence launched an attack on presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton. >> democrats are about to anoint someone who represents everything that this country is tired of. you know hillary clinton wants a better title and would i too if i was already america's secretary of the status quo.
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>> pence said america will stand with israel. before pence speech texas senator ted cruz a crested the crowd but didn't actually endorse trump. >> that put many into a angry frenzy and boos. >> god bless the united states of america. as cruz speech ended donald trump walked on to the stage into the crowd there, cruz speech drew condemnation from new jersey governor chris christie. >> i think it was awful, and quite frankly it was self fish. he sign a pledge. it is his job to keep his word. >> later donald trump tweeted this saying wow, ted cruz got booed off stage, didn't honor pledge. i saw his speech two hours early but let him speak anyway. no big deal. wpht host, rich was in the crowd last night and coming up at 6:50 he will join us live from cleveland. it looks like we have a lot to
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talk about, so stay tune. meantime staffer who helped rid melania trump speech took responsibility for plagiarism. ed rendell weighed in on the controversy. >> well, i feel sorry for melania trump. i know her. i got to know her when i went out to dinner a couple times and i was at ivanka's woman. she's very nice, wonderful, kind person and she was set up by either gross negligence or by speech writers. they had her say to nbc that she wrote the entire speech with just a little help, and plagiarism like i have never seen in a major convention speech. >> how does that happen on this level. >> incompetent campaign. it is truly incompetent campaign. >> the writer, meredith mciver and donald trump reject her resignation. now word only four days away from the start of the democratic national convention here in philadelphia.
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but before the big event gets underway thousands of volunteers get a special thank you. dnc host committee is throwing a party at penns landing tonight. big bash takes place at great plaza a on south columbus boulevard and including remarks from local leaders and live entertainment. all hand on deck for fail shops and emergency operation center as they get ready for dnc. biggest health concern is hot weather that is expect next week. we have lots of protesters expect in the streets there is risk for many of them to be dehydrated. misting tents and water will be available for protesters on broad street. as dnc in philadelphia inches closer, delegates aren't only ones filled with anticipation. local business owners hope that the 50,000 expected visitors will translate into big bucks. several shops tell "eyewitness news" that they are offering special items and promotion to attract customers. talk of the town is south philadelphia cheese stake shop has already started to see the dollars rolling in.
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>> we don't know what we are going to expect but we will get a taste of it the already from the people here, workers that are dunn there working, setting up for the convention. >> s the last time philadelphia hosted a national convention was rnc in 2,000. the city banked a reported 345 million-dollar. horsham montgomery county officials say they want in detectable levels of the contamination in the township water supply by the end of the the year. dozens of people were at a meeting advertise cussing harmful chemicals found in the the water. law firms representing several people claim they have been harm by the contamination. state representative todd stevens says horsham is getting ten million-dollar to help clean up the supplies. >> they will be able to remove all detectable levels of contaminants with filtration systems with ten million-dollar will fund but state should in the to have do that. this is federal g's problem and they should step up and address these issues. >> reporter: it is believed to have come from former military
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bases in the area. this is in laughing matter why one comedian is quitting social media. >> it is all up next in news, we will tell you. it may look like your average peanut butter jelly sandwich but i assure you, it is not. it has a special ingredient inside. i'm jan carabao reporting live, coming up we will introduce you to the creator and she you why she has fans all across the country and the
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one of the stars of the new ghost busters movie says she's quitting twitter because of being bullied on the social media site. >> leslie jones, actress was target in the fire storm of, sexist tweets n her announcement jones wrote i leave twitter tonight with tears and a very sad heart, all this because i did a movie. she explains that you can hate the movie but what was done to her is wrong. twitter banned a text writer who fueled the hate direct at jones. got to till former beverly hills 902 some star shannon doherty is sharing her battle with breast cancer on social media she posted series of photos showing her shaved head. she is picture with her mom and her best friend, doherty you may remember revealed she had cancer last year after filing a lawsuit against a former business managers. she claims that they didn't
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pay her health insurance premiums. got to tell you snap chat ceo evan speak he will and miranda kerr are getting married. she shared her huge engagement ring with the world on instant gram, with the caption, i said yes, and she added a little bit emoji of the proposal. remember jill was telling bus that yesterday. now you know, see. of course, original picture was taken on snap chat and that makes sense since her boyfriend is ceo. this is her second marriage. she was previously married to actor orlando bloom. >> congratulations to both of them. poor leslie, that is absolutely hateful. there is no excuse for. that if you don't like someone, don't say anything at all. the don't bash people on social media. it is unacceptable. >> there were a lot of fake tweets, people were photo shopping trying to make it seem like she was saying these things about other people, and i was following it, she was freaking out about that. >> i don't blame that. >> if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything
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at all. >> exactly. >> what ills the weather, are you going to tell me something nice. >> today will be pretty nice, we have had so many days in the 90's, eight so far this month, we will add a few more but for this morning a nice start to the day, the sunnies just about up, in center city philadelphia, nice looking day as we look live on sky scan three. the temperatures on the cool side especially north and west of the city with 60's and even some 50's on the board and weather watches are reporting current conditions across our area right now and you might need to bring out a jacket in some areas. we will check in right now and see what is going on with our weather watchers. we have a cool number 55 degrees as reported by our weather watcher eileen in gilbertsville reporting clear sky conditions and calm wind right now. she says cool and refreshing right now, get out and enjoy it, certainly, soak it all in
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over next couple hours because it will be a muchtive rent story as we head in the upcoming weekend. we will check out another cool number 59 degrees as reported by our weather watcher john in perkasie and reporting clear sky conditions and that temperature at 59 degrees right now, feeling good and maybe check with one more weather watcher, check out 50 defree temperature. 58 degrees as reported by our weather watcher mark in chats worth, new jersey and reporting clear sky conditions right now. we will have another round of nice sunshine all across the area. temperatures are going to be the on the hot side but right around average but we do know these cooler numbers off to the north and west upper 50's in the rehigh valley, more mild in the city at 72 degrees right now. storm scan three quiet conditions just isolated thunderstorms so diminishing off shore of the del marva peninsula but right new we have no problems, going on, with the radar. lots of sunshine today. getting up to 89 degrees the high temperature but our
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average should have us in the upper 80's tonight. no problems, mostly clear, warm falling back to 71. as we head into tomorrow we will deal with harmful conditions and potential for few thunderstorms heading late day into tomorrow evening on future weather, we will notice isolated cells in the lehigh valley and along the 95 corridor and tomorrow night we could see isolated thunderstorms down the shore. not everybody will see this storm activity but of the storms that do form a few could be on the strong are side so we will deal with storms late day tomorrow and then this weekend dealing with excessive heat, high temperatures in the 90's. elevated humidity levels feeling like triple digits and of course take it easy, slow, head down the shore just sit out and take in this heat and relax with high temperatures 97 degrees with tropical humidity saturday, meisha 98 degrees. we will tie record high temperature on sunday, brutal. >> yes, lauren man that can be dangerous with that humidity. thank you for the heads up i
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guess. we will have to enjoy today but that is what we should do every single day just enjoy just this moment right now. i-95 south, this is what you are looking at there, i got to say for a thursday this is lag pretty nice, just moving toward our 6:00 o'clock hour. ninety-five south, at girard, it is safe. go out there. blue route headlights halving in the northbound direction north and southbound approaching route one it is a lot of vehicles out there. we were looking at that 15, 20 minutes ago and it didn't look like this we are heating up on the blue route. make net of that. give yourself a couple extra minutes. also take a look we have a house fire here roosevelt boulevard boulevard at southbound rising sun avenue outer lanes are closed. that will start to slow you down a little bit especially now approaching the 6:00 o'clock hour. also, you guys a fatal accident involving a pedestrian happening earlier this morning at nicetown wissohickon avenue is closed between robert avenue and hunting park avenue.
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fox street, germantown avenue are your best bet right now, jim, over to you. well, there are just three ingredients a and that recipe is simple, bread, butter and jelly. >> one local teacher has made it her mission to make the best pb and j in town. it is a goal that has blossomed into a successful business. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is joining us live with how she has made the treat so special. >> reporter: brooke abe jim, good morning. are you hungry yet? if not you will. take a look at this menu. we have classic that includes peanut butter and blueberry jam. then sandwiches like little richard with peanut butter dark check late and peanut butter. so many more sandwiches what makes them so specialist the nut butter and we're not just talking about peanuts. she is serving grown up versionses of a childhood favorite. they look like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches but these
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are made with a variety of nut butter but in the just peanut but almond, cashew and walnut too. megan gibson is master mind of pb and jam, philadelphia's nut butter company. >> i wanted to have fun. i wanted to feed people. >> reporter: today it is vegan version of her classic peanut butter. >> we will make this. >> reporter: begin son graduate todd an industrial sized mixer and is in west philadelphia but remember her humble beginnings at homemaking 2-pound at a time with a love for ingredient bread into her. >> my mother absolutely loved all peanuts almond cashews, everything. >> reporter: but at first vision wasn't clear. gibson wanted to run a food truck but didn't have that aha moment until tasting taste pink her own peanut butter. now she makes six varieties hot or not her take on that haitian treat. >> look at it. >> reporter: in the summer when she's in the bus which her full-time teaching job
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megan makes 250 jars a week, her work gain national attention. >> this is a twist on the classic. >> reporter: tories kit featured her in the 152nd national ad to help with social media she now has customers across the country. megan's passion for food is equal to one or thing her love of music, hence the jam in pb and jams. >> i'm that person that when i have bite into something i enjoy i do the happy dance. >> reporter: she hopes each customer leaves with a pep in her step too. >> fun journey and i'm looking forward to the rest of it. >> so, megan was born and raised in west philadelphia. her business is headquarters in west philadelphia a and she gives back to philly. she donates her product to places like philabundance but get a sandwich at food cart here or whole jars on line. summer is megan's business i season always on the move to various fares and farmers market. today thiel be at the oval, check her out there.
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follow along with her where ever she is, an her social media account. we will link that at cbs philly to the come. brooke and jim, guess what, coming up in the next half an hour we will check with megan and figure out how to elevate our own pb and j sandwiches at home. >> was there like a powdered sugar on that one i see behind you. >> yes, yes. >> oh, good. >> yes, looking good, looking good. >> yes, thanks, jan. >> jimmies one of those people who takes a bite and then dancing. >> i dance around my food, yes, i do. >> thanks. south jersey man is looking to put a ring on the right finger. >> well, still ahead where he found jewelry and why it could be so important we will be right
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right now a new jersey man is hoping you can help him reunite a u.s. armored ring with its rightful owner. >> he found it down the shore at cross keys happen i as metal detecting. his basement the is filled with things he found all over the last 30 years. he found that ring last month on the eighth street in ocean city. he doesn't have any personalized markings which makes it harder to find its
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owner. >> he sign up to really take care of this country and for everything we stand for and it has a sentimental value to it that is, you know, what it is all about. >> well, ed has helped reunite people with their belongings over the years and he is hoping to dot same with this ring. if you recognize it, reach out to ed, on her web site at cbs and on cbs local app. east greenwich township fire and rescue were called for a tree rescue this week. >> that sound normal but it was for a cat. but for a pokemon go player. fire department posted these pictures to its facebook page. they say they were called to an egg landton cemetery after pokemon player chased within of the characters up a tree and then got stuck. >> this is madness. >> fire fighters had to use an extension lad tore help get the person back down. they want players to think
5:56 am
about what they are doing. this is about the game at this point. >> this is crazy people. stop playing this game. >> you are not a tree climbing person, you know. there was a budd there i to say what jim just said. >> that is idea behind a flash mob event in san francisco, it is called pokemon go crawl, people show up at bars, parks, streets to play, they call it future of gaming. >> i think it is a game you can play on mobile and instead of calling your buddy over to say come to my house and play video games you can say come meet me outside and play video games. >> this event lasted about seven hours, players say there have benefits like getting exercise and getting some sun without fits on. >> we will be right
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drama on center stage at republican national convention, after a former candidate snubbed donald trump. i'm weijia jiang in cleveland ohio with the very latest coming up. >> they don't have any plans in place for something like this and we definitely could not function in today's society without computers. a computer outage delays
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thousands of southwest's lines flight nationwide. we are live at philly international to see how it is impacting travelers here. temperature is on the rise, my, and lauren says hottest stretch of summer is right around the corner. >> today is thursday july 21st good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm brooke thomas. lets get started with a look at weather and traffic. lauren, meisha, katie is out today. >> we always do. good morning. happy gateway. a lot going on in the world of travel. we are dealing with the house fire that has boulevard closed down. we will get to that in a moment. heat will be on but we're catching a break from the summertime scene this morning. temperatures in center city philadelphia almost to the 60's, can we make it but start to warm things up probably not but 71 is your current temperature right now. clear sky conditions with a little bit of haze there and southeasterly wind and they are calm at this hour. temperatures, they are cool as we look to the north and


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