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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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good afternoon everyone i'm's ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer. >> hi everyone i'm jessica dean coming to you live from the quicken loans arena in cleveland where we have got the biggest night of the republican national convention , donald trump will make his speech tonight, but of course, this whole ted cruz story continues to drive the news cycle, today. as donald trump and his family had a walk through on the convention stage. >> senator cruz do you regret your remarks last night. >> reporter: ted cruz walk in the battle at a breakfast for texas delegates cruz held his ground refusing to endorse trump specifically because of trump's attacks on cruz wife and father. >> if you go and slander and attack heidi then i'm's going to none the less come like a puppy dog and say thank you very much for maligning my wife and my father. >> reporter: the halt jeered cruz wednesday when he didn't endorse trump. over shadowing the
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introduction of vice-president candidate mike pence. the delegates from texas argued at their own breakfast whether cruz behaved badly. >> all he was doing was helping hillary clinton. >> because of what donald trump did you cannot blame him >> reporter: campaign faced the question should it let cruz speak knowing he wouldn't endorse trump. >> i think the speech wasn't bad, it wasn't good, the fact was that this whole convention hall, we had 25,000 trump fans in here. >> reporter: even more questions, after a new york times interview quoted trump saying that the u.s. might not defend nato allies against russia if they don't contribute enough to nato. >> saying that i think trump has to have a very serious conversation about being us the people who deeven if people who won't defend themselves. >> reporter: as protesters marched outside the convention hall ivanka check out the stage where she will introduce her father, he promises a
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peach that will bring a party together. now, all this is, of course, happening as delegates are spread out around the cleveland area. the pennsylvania delegation continues to get a lot of attention, at their breakfast, after course, republicans are hoping to turn pennsylvania red, come november, and today vice-presidential nominee mike pence stopped by. >> i just wanted to stop by and tell you that not only, not only is it our objective to elect donald trump the forty-fifth president of the you had of america but we will win pennsylvania, when we do it. >> reporter: fresh off his wednesday night up answer speech transportation nominee mike pence made a wrist it to the pennsylvania delegation thursday morning. among delegates in the crowd former pennsylvania governor tom corbett, who is supporting his old friend. >> he is a very humble, very grounded individual, and has the executive experience and he also has legislative
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experience and it hose how important pennsylvania is to be that he stopped by here. >> reporter: about 25 miles away from the the pennsylvania delegation, hotel the new jersey delegation was meeting this morning and governor chris christie was speaking to them. he spoke to about 250 members of that delegation. we will hoe you video of him sitting with members on tuesday night. now today governor christie told him one of the reasons he backed donald trump after getting out of the presidential race himself was to make the new jersey g.o.p. a major player in national politics. christie also lashed out at the senator ted cruz for not endorsing trump last night. >> when asked about it i would publicly say it. but it is his choice but it was also his choice to sign the pledge and i say to all have of you this morning what i said all over the country if you are a republican and you are not working for donald trump you are working for hillary clinton. that is it.
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no other conn collusion. >> reporter: it is interesting chris christie spoke for about 90 minutes today at that breakfast just to give you a comparison, mike pen ce spoke to the delegation for under ten minutes. a little difference there. but all this is being taken in by delegates who will go home to their home states and spread the word. you guys, we see a lot of first time delegates so they are taking all of this in with a very first time, it it is all new to them. >> jessica, before you go is this common? have you encountered a lot of people not involved in politics before this convention i'm curious as to what you might think it says about the convention and even the campaign going forward. >> reporter: well, it has been really interesting because we have talk to a lot of people who is, was not really into politics before or i have never been a delegate before and what i think is an interesting thing to take a way and is what unique about this convention and this un conventional campaign and
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campaign season is that these delegates have really been drawn to donald trump, the man and politics is always about who is running and drawn to that person but in this case it is all about personality, and donald trump is the biggest personality in this room and we will hear from him tonight. we will also talk to chris sti gall from wpht at 5:30 a little bit about this convention at a whole i and what has made it different by having the people who were not necessarily the establishment g.o.p. that were here. we will see you at 5:30. >> see you later in the broadcast, thank you. we are just days away from the start of the democratic national convention, the big event, begins in just four days right here in philadelphia. a number of the local political leaders will take the convention stage next week , they include pennsylvania governor tom wolf , philadelphia's mayor jim kenney, pennsylvania senator bob casey and pennsylvania congressman bob brady, as well as brandon boyle. convention takes place at the
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wells fargo center july 25th through the 28th. during the dnc the host commit thee unveiled a fun way that visitors can explore the city while learning about the political process. "eyewitness news", reporter, on neat a oh joins us from front and chestnut to tell us more about that, anita. >> reporter: well, this party is a big thank you to all of the volunteers helping out at the convention next week and has gotten underway just a little bit behind me over my shoulder, police have just a a few blocks away, security ahead of the convention is pretty tight as well as preparation, a lot of work has gone into it and we will get a preview of one of the most exciting parts some say which is political fest. you may have toured philadelphia before, but likely never like this. >> it is a can't miss. >> reporter: political fest a six day event spanning seven venues across philadelphia kicks off friday and runs through democratic national convention. >> we're proud expecting parents. >> reporter: incorporating
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lessons in history. >> we have the very first signing of the declaration of the history. >> reporter: hand on activities the event is pack with dozens of exhibit like your kids build with connects, watch famous speeches from years past or test your a guilt, with lots of bikes. >> my favorite tonight is the great things that i see air force one, oval office, the presidential limousine. >> reporter: former pennsylvania governor ed rendell who launched political fest estimates it cost about 4.5 million-dollar, off set by fund raising. >> political fest was a huge success, for republicans in 2,000, this is even better. >> reporter: that is echoed by actress and philadelphia native melissa fitzgerald who says dabbling on politics on tv made a impact off screen. >> it is exciting to see real life. >> and to see the excitement of having a convention here in philadelphia. >> reporter: to educate and inspire is what organizers hope political fest will do, as a convention becomes another chapter in
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philadelphia's history. >> it is part of the democracy and if we get involved, we can change things. don't wait until leaders to change things, change them yourself. >> reporter: political fest kicks off tomorrow, tickets are $15 for adults and five for kids. that will get you in for the entire six days. we will have details and locations on cbs live from olde city, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have also learning more bay big rally hillary clinton is planning in philadelphia the day after she accepts her parties nomination for president. event will be opened to the public on independent mall on friday, july 29th. if you'd like to go you can rs vp to the event on hillary meanwhile democratic insiders say clinton could a announce her running mate as soon as tomorrow. she will be campaigning in florida, friday and saturday. and two candidates have emerge as possible changes, agricultural secretary tom vil sack and timothy kane. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the
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campaign 2016 on the radio with kyw news radio and 1210 wpht, on line with cbs philly .com and on television with cbs news and you're witness news team right here on cbs-3. in advance of the board of trustees meet to go see his dismissal temple university's president steps down. decision comes on the heels have the last weeks meeting during which the board's took a no confidence vote, in doctor neil theobald's kneader ship. "eyewitness news" reporter, joe holden is live on the campus following what is next for that university following that decision, joe. >> reporter: news of this power shift rippled through campus early this have afternoon. this was supposed to be a vote to fire him but in the hours leading up to this meeting a deal was reach, now doctor neil theobald will hang up his career, here at temple university on august 1st, in a deal that we are told was amicable. >> in what were characterized ascii times temple university officials announced their
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formally parting ways embattled president neil theobald. >> the board and doctor theobald are pleased to have achieved a resolution that serves the best interests of the university. >> reporter: theobald's three-year run at tell am abruptly ended. matter publicly blew open with theobald refusing to step down the board had voiced displeasure with how he handled sudden departure of high ranking popular university official. board members were also said to be unaware of a financial aid deficit totaling 22 million-dollar. >> that is a significant short fall. >> reporter: quick vote of the board, doctor richard angle earth was tapped to take on the job. >> we have tremendous momentum our student admissions are way up and they continue to be way up. everything is going so well. >> reporter: perhaps not just outside temple's soul ran hall , a protest demanding the university abandon plans to construct a new stadium in north philadelphia we're just here to remind the board of trustees that we will not go
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away, we will continue to raise our voices. >> reporter: theobald was said to be a driving force behind the project. it is hope that the new leadership listens to the community living around temple >> we're hoping that maybe some moral compass will a waken inside the board of trustees and say we will care about north philadelphia. >> reporter: the university confirms late today that the studies, feasibility for that stadium project will continue as planned, and in the meantime doctor theobald received a confidential compensation package as part of the deal that he has reach with the board of trustees. we did make a phone call, who is his attorney in washington d.c. and did not get back to us immediately for comment. live from temple university joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up on "eyewitness news" one of the cities most beloved iconic parks is closed and will be through the dnc. we will go in search of answers why. a suspected explosive
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device thrown in the police car in the heavily traveled area, why the officers inside are being hailed as heroes, kate. the temperatures are starting to climb, we are turning on the heat as we head toward weekend we have highs in the 90's feeling like triple digits. i'll tell you which day will be hottest and how long this stretch of 90's will last, for i. we are live in stone harbor and island water sports , they have everything thaw can imagine, they have a flog, inflatable things to jump off of, guys, don't jump. don't do it. watch mini and me go next, stay with
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police make an arrest in connection with the murder of 15 year-old boy in southwest philadelphia tyhir barnes was fatally shot after leaving a basketball game on 60th and baltimore last monday. two other boys were wounded, investigators say they have a juvenile suspect in custody, on an arrest warrant. they have not released the suspect's name or age. southwest airlines is backup and running today but travelers are still dealing with the effects of yesterday computer melt down this was the scene at philadelphia international airport today as southwest passengers dealt with flight delays and
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cancellations. ticket counter kiosks were out of service, agents had to re book and reschedule. southwest is, asking pass evening tours check status of their flights before heading to the airport. well, one of the best ways to spend a summer day is down the shore, with torey. >> that is for sure. vittoria woodill is on stone harbor in the bay where you can fly out of the water and bounce around on floating island, torey, what is going on down there. >> first, is there any other way to be down the shore then with us here at cbs and with torey. i don't think so. everyone here in stone harbor at water harbor sports is having a great time this place has everything. show them your stuff. come on, guys. they have everything. let me tell you this is the place to have fun. this is where all of the fun happens, and i want to talk to hunter, hunter is manager here , hunter, tell me about
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everything island the water sports has to offer here in stone harbor. >> you said it all, as you said we have everything. we are standing here with a couple kyacks, we have stand up paddle board, that is paddle sports. we have tubing, water skiing, wake boarding, we have fly board which is a a big show for everybody. >> reporter: i love paddle board over there. >> that is etan democrat, they have three people on that one and like we saw over here aqua park is a big hit. >> reporter: aqua parties the place where everybody is getting their feet wet. >> exactly. >> and everything else wet, the rain and then some spiny thing that looks like a sea saw. and then you have the blob, can someone do the blob, i got see that. >> that is right. >> it is best place to be in stone harbor for a family and especially for kid. >> this makes us so unique, we are only ones with the aqua park and people come from cape may, ocean city, atlantic city toy check this out. >> one of the great things you have is flag boarding, that is coming up at 6:00.
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i got good reviews being that it is my first time. so sending it back over to you guys at the desk, but wait until torey, takes the stars. >> you have got skills, i have no doubt. >> i saw you double dutch. >> she has got game. >> yes good thanks, torey. see new a little bit. >> great day. >> do you see that deep blue sky behind them just a perfect beach day, definitely cooler town the shore then here and that will be the case this weekend as well but still hot and humid. you will not escape heat and humidity this time around. we will talk about the the hottest stretch of summer and it is a long lasting heat wave this time around. we will start it as we head through tomorrow right through the weekend right the in to next week and the entirety of the seven day forecast, each day has a nine in front of it. lets look at what is going on right new we will go outside to the shore another spot down the shore ocean city, looking good, looking very crowded this afternoon, folks are heading down there tomorrow, we have shore traffic that
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will be crazy, tomorrow, people heading out for hot weekend trying to shave a couple degrees off the temperature by heading to the shore. live neighborhood network at palmyra cove nature park looks good, we have blue skies, right now 87 degrees, storm scan three is clear for now, as we will widen out there is not much to look at. there is a front advancing over portions of the great lakes that could bring us shower or thunderstorm into your friday and stray shower a cross portions of the southern delaware, eastern maryland this evening but right now everything is quiet. that is not the story. story is declining temperatures. right now we are at 89 degrees in philadelphia good chance nine/our daytime high which would make this day one of the upcoming heat wave. this is pretty seasonal, right about where we should be, cooler down the shore 82 degrees at ac airport. eighty-one wildwood. allentown and reading at 90 degrees right now. take a peak at the heat building over country's midsection, it ten is three in wichita, 98 in oklahoma city. ninety-eight in dallas.
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all this heat billowing east as we head toward weekend. future heat index values tomorrow afternoon at 1:00, 96 in philadelphia. upper 90's to near 100 at this time tomorrow and tomorrow is just the beginning, high pressure starts to move east. it is steam which that isolated shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon and then heat ramps up on saturday. humidity as well. feeling like 100 plus, very hot and hazy gannon sunday. couple degrees cooler then saturday. saturday will be the most uncomfortable day of the stretch but right new we have a excessive heat watch that goes from saturday morning through sunday afternoon and it will be for the entire area we will see if that turns into a warning but it should because temperatures this high we have to remind you heat is the number one weather-related killer in the united states, and average 113 deaths per year thanks to heat, tornado falling second on that list. overnight clear and moon list, rose 72 degrees. tomorrow sunny and hot. ninety-four. feeling like 97 and 98 at
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times with a stray afternoon thunderstorm most likely north and west but look at how heat keeps building. is there saturday 97. record is 101. it doesn't look like we will break it. sunday we will fall a couple degrees short as well. mid 90's for that three day stretch. i'll show you in the seven day and it will make you a little will hot under the collar coming up. >> we will be ready, thanks kate, appreciate it. still ahead on "eyewitness news" it is a debate heard in gyms and work out venues every where. >> what is better, heavier or light weight, weight training, we may settle that argument. don, you know something about that. >> cherry and white, serving up ice cream and hoping to drum up, and, and coming up next in
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whenthe state made aers, commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it. baseball at the bank. phillies looking to win finally of the four game series with the marlins, jared eickoff gets the start for the fightin phillies. if you were at reading terminal today you may have
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had your ice cream served by linebacker or safety. temple football team crashing the uber popular philly eatery to promote their upcoming season. fans wearing owls gear and received food discount. temple opens up september 2nd at army with lincoln financial field. they are ready to be better then a season ago. >> i feel like we're still a hungry team and this year we will be even more hungry, and we will do our best. >> we may even have have a better season. when i leave we will have a better season. it is our goal, to get better and better every year until we win a national championship. philadelphia native marcus and markeith morris holding a a camp at competitive edge sports in king of prussia they hosted boys from eight to 14. this is first year that the camp, hope it is an annual thing. markeith plays for detroit pistons. marcus for washington wizards. good way, to spend a hot day, inside, balling.
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>> those kid will never forget that. >> no, never. >> nba players, dig it thanks, buddy, appreciate it. coming up, next half an hour jessica dean is live at the rnc where it is tail of the two conventions. she will explain. plus this. >> reporter: jfk plaza and love park are one of the top tourist destinations but with thousands coming for dnc in just a few days we're asking why is it under construction. and suspected explosive device thrown into a police car in a heavily traveled area why the officers inside are hailed heroes. new at 6:00... stage is set for democratic national convention in philadelphia, i'm natasha brown we will introduce you to a man whose come looks to build the stage inside the wells fargo
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well, tonight is the night , all eyes are on donald trump thon final day of the republican national convention in cleveland, and the billion air businessman is just hours away from accepting his party 's nomination for president of the united states trump's daughter ivanka is set to introduce him tonight. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:30 i'm nicole brewer. i'm ukee washington. our jessica dean joins us from cleveland with what we can all expect during the convention's final night, jessica, good evening. >> good evening, you guys. good to be with you. i've got the with me chris sti gall from wpht. thanks for joining us. let's jump right into it. it was a fortuitous booking you had ted cruz former campaign manager on your show earlier today. there were a lot of things to say. as we mentioned cruz got booed on the stage and doubling down this morning. what did you find out. >> here's what i know, i don't think either camp disputes it, everyone going in to last night knew what ted cruz was
5:31 pm
going to say. that is what is so interesting , donald trump said that. ted cruz and ted cruz campaign manager said we talk to them last night. we told them, verbatim what we were going to say. they knew that we had no intention oven dooring him. so crews campaign manager this morning suggested to me, the whipping of the boos and class man trump showmanship. >> that perhaps the boos were planted. >> part of the production. >> did he give you an idea what the long game is here in terms of going on the stage, not endorsing and getting up work up a lot of people said ted cruz ambition is 2020 he sees a presidential election beyond this year. well, to his point, the campaign manager he said cruz has a senate election to win in 2018 in texas. so to look to 2020 would have been politically foolish last night. they are dying on the hill that this was a printed
5:32 pm
decision by ted cruz and in the political. >> that has made news. we have interesting news stories, melania trump speech on monday, last night technical issues, there have been some things if you were watching from the outside in the traditional convention year you would be like oh, that doesn't seem to be going the campaign's way. do you feel that is correct or not it doesn't matter. >> i would tell you this year in the years i have covered politics on our program i have never seen a year like it. there is nothing traditional this year in any sense. >> that is right. >> so an off campaign, and a off primary, off convention, it just hasn't seemed to dent donald trump to the voters so far. i don't know what it means in the general. but heretofore for what looked like hiccups to the the outside world it hasn't been to donald trump. >> not around here. >> lastly just a little lighter, internet is losing its mind over air kiss which we have video of.
5:33 pm
it was an awkward moment. >> yes. >> well, look, mike pence is here to serve the purpose and that is to make social conservatives, that aren't comfortable with trump feel more comfortable. with that said it is a political marriage. everybody understands it is a political arranged marriage. it is pretty clear they are not clicking, just yet, so, body language tells us anything that was on display last night. >> chris, thanks for being with us. >> you bet, thank you. >> we will be back at 6:00 looking to local delegates and focusing on why pennsylvania is just such a critical stating go into the november election, back to you >> critical indeed, jessica and chris, thank you very much see you soon. >> when delegates a live in philadelphia for the democratic national convention in one days they will be visiting philadelphia's iconic landmarks but love park will be off limits. that is where "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins us to explain why, greg. >> reporter: hi ukee, this is
5:34 pm
famous love statue right here at dilworth park, of course, normally right across the way here. jfk plaza love park but it is under going a multi million-dollar renovation completely off limits to basically anyone. the question is, why now if you are watching governor tom wolf video introducing dnc visitors to our city. >> we welcome you all. >> reporter: you may think that love park looks like this with its 30-foot fountain and iconic statue. but this is reality. the park is closed under construction, its famous love sculpture parked across the street in its temporary home. this is your first time seeing the statue what do you think bit. >> is this it? >> this is it right here. >> it is smaller then i thought it was. >> reporter: it is still popular with tourists want ago this selfie. >> i just assumed it would be bigger, or the way seen in photos with the fountain it is more grand. >> reporter: some locals are questioning why the park is under going a face lift when
5:35 pm
thousands will be in philadelphia, many likely visiting our famous spot. >> that is the best of timing especially with the convention coming. >> reporter: besides for jo lisa rosier who works and lives in center city i her favorite lunch spot is an active construction zone. >> i'm excited when it is done it is not the greatest time. >> reporter: what about that timing. we went directly to the parks and recreation timing for answers. >> this is a a project that is two years in making, 20 million-dollar, renovation. >> reporter: and she said that extensive renovation has been in the works well before, final details of the convention were planned out. >> we would love to have everything done in the city but not every construction project will be done for the dnc. >> as for that construction project, commissioner says it will be completed, by may of 2017. we are live at dilworth park i'm greg a argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". don't miss our convention analysis on "eyewitness news" tonight at 11:00.
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democratic analyst former pennsylvania governor and dnc host committee chairman ed rendell will face off with republican analyst, former aid to president george w. bush, allison young. switching gears, we want to update you on breaking news from palm beach, international airport, in florida. passengers on a american airlines plane bound for philadelphia a were forced to east vac wait on the tarmac over some type of leak. this all happened at 3:00 this afternoon. all 138 passengers deplaned using emergency slide we know no serious injuries were reported, however an airport spokesperson says that several people, complained of itching skin, burning eyes and trouble breathing. the source and the cause of that leak is still under investigation. new video shows moments leading up to the police shooting of an unarmed black man in florida. mental health worker is shown with his hand up, next to a patient. he was in the street trying to
5:37 pm
retrieve a man with autism who had wandered away from a group home. the shooting victim survived. police say they responded to a call about an armed man who was threatening suicide. lying in the middle of the north miami street charles ken cy tried to cokes a man with autism back to the mental health center. >> i was more worried about him then myself. >> reporter: you can hear ken cy a counselor advise his patients. the young man sat cross legged kency was unarmed but instinctively kept his hand in the air. >> if i have my hand on they will not shoot me is what i'm thinking. they will not shoot me. wow, was i wrong. >> reporter: kency heard two gunshots but was hit once in his right leg. >> i'm like i got my hand in the air. i just got shot. >> he really feels like did he everything he could possibly do, to cooperate. >> reporter: hilton napoleon is kency's attorney.
5:38 pm
>> there is no justification for shooting an unarmed person , who is talking to you and telling you, that they don't have a gun and that they are, mental health counselor. >> reporter: second video shows aftermath as officers with long guns, searched both men. >> they cuffed my hand and they fit me over, and i'm standing saying sir, why did you shoot me? his words to me, i don't know. >> i realize there may be questions about what happened on monday night. you have questions. the public has questions. i a sure you we will get all of the answers. >> the north my aim police department told miami hurled they were attempting to negotiate with the two men when one of the responding officers discharged his weapon that officer has been placed on administrative leave. the investigation has been turned over to the state attorney's office. in other news, a bomb scare lead to the police standoff in new york city that i lasted in hours.
5:39 pm
this surveillance video captured moment that the driver of the suv threw a suspicious package in the vehicle parked in the heart of the times square. concerned it was a bomb officers drove their vehicle to a less crowded area and notified the bomb squad. >> their quick action and great wrist fox what they thought was their own lives, they have put their own lives at risk so that they could say potentially hundreds of if not thousands of people in times square. >> standoff began around 2:00 a.m. when police surrounded the suspect's car. he was removed around 8:00 a a.m. bomb squad found the device to be a fake. still to come many on "eyewitness news" a dating app for singles and those with significant others. not exactly what you are thinking, not about switching right or left, but tinder wants to help everybody socialize. the hubbell telescope is capturing a amazing photo, latest deep space shot and how scientists are making sure we
5:40 pm
will see far into space for years to come, kate. record challenging, dangerous heat on the way for weekend we are heading to the upper 90's and we may be there for a while i'll tell you how long this nasty stre
5:41 pm
donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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some breaking news to tell but right now trump taj mahal workers continue to strike in atlantic city. chopper three is live as hundreds gathered to march on the boardwalk but service employees have been on strike since july 1st. they are demanding similar health benefits that workers are receiving in other casino properties. taj mahal management says that the casino is struggling and just can't afford it. no new negotiations are scheduled. we will continue to follow this breaking story. looking to set up an impromptu group outing and want to include a few new
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people you can try tinder social. dating app is unveiling a new option to allow users to organize a lot have people, friend, strangers to go to a bar, concert or some kind of or event. app will match you with people who want to attend that same event. no need to worry about stalkers as such. app erases your group matches after the event. >> it has come to that. >> it really has, an app for friend. >> i'm telling you. >> whatever works. >> well, light weight wait, more reps or heavyweight and less reps. what you need to kno
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no need to max out at the gym to increase muscle and strength. >> you can work out your muscles, just as efficiently by lifting lighter weights, more times then by lifting heavier weights fewer times according to a new stud friday mcmaster university in canada researchers found if you lift weights to the point of exhaustion it doesn't matter whether the weights are heavy or light light. >> as long as you work out, check with your doctor too but work out. >> that is right. new photo could give us a deep lease into the universe yet. >> kate bilo is in the the einstein health care science center to show us.
5:48 pm
>> that is right, ukee and nicole, hubbell space telescope has been giving us amazing photo for 26 years and this latest picture does not disappoint. scientists are showing it off and making sure we will get all inspiring photos in space for years to come this new image from the hubbell space telescope shows a cluster of thousands of galaxies, or 13 billion light years from earth. >> just a couple hundred million years after the big bang. >> that is opening through whether it light get in the telescope. >> reporter: doctor ken carpenter is on the hubbell team and says image uses closer galaxies as a magnifying glass to spy on those further away, trick albert einstein first predict. another milestone for hubbell which has confirmed existence of black holes and that the expansion of the universe is speeding up. >> rewritten all of the textbooks there is no field of astronomy that hasn't been change. >> reporter: hubbell has been orbit nothing space for 26 years and will be eventually
5:49 pm
retired. its replacement is being built right now, james web space telescope which will launch in 2018 is 100 times more powerful then the hubbell and will focus on key questions. >> how our solar system and earth formed, how did we get here and even are we alone. >> reporter: hubbell telescope has taken more than half million images and will continue to beam back all inspiring looks at new world for another five years. >> there cool. nasa hopes that james web telescope will be able to see the first galaxies, born after the creation of the universe. i'm here for that, that is a macing. lets take a look outside right now ire beautiful picture this one closer to home then what the hubbell gives us, 77 degrees at middletown ship high school in cape may courthouse. i want to show you how beautiful the sky is, deep blue sky not a cloud to be found and it is cooler down the shore then the city, 77 right now. lets look at what is heading our way we have a cold front
5:50 pm
extend extending through great lakes, moving east and this will get here during the day tomorrow into tomorrow night the but it will not have a lot with it once it gets here just a a couple of scattered showers and storms and unfortunately it will not bring any cooling despite cold front we will see this front cross the a area and then temperatures actually rise a little will bit, to start the weekend. the here's timing on the frontal passage. tomorrow we will wake up 10:00 . tomorrow afternoon we have scattered showers and storms up through poconos region. it is not until overnight hours that the pop up showers or thunderstorms could impact the city. you can see 12:00 a.m. a few spots, 2:00 a a.m. tomorrow night and sat the day morning three, a.m., a shower or storm and then that clears out and set the stage for some pretty significant heat as we move into saturday. lets check with our eyewitness weather watchers as we do this time of the night. temperatures across the map and they are hot, we are looking at 80's and 90's, as we check with phil, i want to show you this one photo phil sent from the beach of cape
5:51 pm
may. if that doesn't want to make you be on the beach on the sandy don't know what will, deep blue skies, people outside enjoying a beautiful afternoon down the shore. it is 88 degrees as we move towards gary's house, 88 in sewell, new jersey he has some sunshine there, gary sent thus photo of a few clouds in the the sky, good day to play what kind of animal does that cloud look like, one of my favorite games. one of mine too, when i was little. greg mccoy in marshall ton delaware 88. greg says another day of the dome of heat and slight breeze helps a bit. he send us these blooms. thanks to our weather watchers for sending these great shots and reporting their temperatures. we will be looking at those this weekend as we start to heat up. lets look at the pattern for weekend in center city, looks blazing hot, we have gotten more heat coming. the lots of sunshine, seasonably hot outside, but watch what happens as it moves in the weekend and jet stream is lifting to the north and all that heat and humidity building over central part of the nation is heading our way
5:52 pm
and in that red bubble especially on saturday heat index will be between 1105 degrees. that is how hot it will feel fact touring in the temperature and humidity. we will be close to record here as we move through weekend and next week. we will fall just a few degrees short through the weekend, saturday's high of 97 will in the break record of 101 but it will feel like 101 at times. sunday we will buckle down a few degrees back to 95. record is 98. monday we have a chance of tying a record from 1999, 96 degrees will be the forecast high on monday. here heat safety don't forget your pets, carroll erickson would want me to remind you of this, temperatures on the asphalt can reach 140 degrees. way to test fit is too hot, press the back of your hand for seven seconds. fit ties hot hot for you, it ties hot hot for your pets to to that as well. overnight clear moon lit warm night down to 72 for a low. sunny and hot for your friday with that isolated afternoon thunderstorm that could continue into friday night and
5:53 pm
then heat is on and look at this seven day forecast, 90's every single day, hottest saturday, through monday. ukee and nicole back to you. >> i'm's sweating looking at that. >> sweating. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" does it ever seem sometimes you just can't win. >> that is how ladies in hollywood field. model ashley graham is tired of the body shamers and they are not talking about her curves. we will hear from more and other frustrated celebrities coming up.
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5:56 pm
it seems like this is the summer of star slim downs, but not everyone is happy about it >> insider's debbie joins us now from los angeles to explain, debbie.
5:57 pm
>> ukee and nicole some stars are finding they just can't win no matter what they do. tonight we will look at the summer's biggest losers as they go autopsy begins critics and body shamers. >> i know i'm beautiful. i don't need anybody else telling me different report. >> reporter: used to being body shame, ashley graham is taking heat for looking too skinny being called a phony for a peering to lose weight in these recent instagram photos. her followers are taking to social media with one fan tweeting now longer represent truely curve girls and i knew it, did you lose weight, i'm no longer a fan of yours. you betrayed a lot of people. >> celebrities are held to a ridiculous level when it comes to their weight loss and sometimes it seems there can be in winning for everyone. >> reporter: charlie lanning exton, female editor at daily on the ups and downs of celebrity size. >> it is incredibly awkward territory for someone like ashley graham month makes a living from being curvey. >> reporter: ashley weighing in on the subject is firing back denying losing weight and
5:58 pm
tweeting and people come on my page and body shame me because i'm's too big, too small. angles will make anyone look bigger and smaller and i just happen to know mine. >> everyone want to put woman in these, little boxes and just so stupid. >> reporter: meanwhile on the chelsea show streaming on netflix melissa mccarthey had to fight back when it comes to fashion. >> you cannot go in the store to find everything. would i love everyone to know it doesn't stop at size 12. >> reporter: we will have more tonight on the insider, ukee and nicole back to you. >> nobody's body is anybody's business, we get all of your hollywood tonight and every week night at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 donald trump is set to close out the republican national convention with the prime time speech. what we can expect from the republican presidential nominee and what is over shadowing his big moment tonight. >> an exclusive look at how
5:59 pm
u.s. coastguard will help provide security for next weeks democratic national convention right here in philadelphia. kate? get ready as dnc approaches so does extreme heat we could chal a evening record this weekend, with real feels like temperatures in the triple digits, i will tell you when worst of the heat license and how long this next stretch will last, torey. torey's down the shore and we're live in stone harbor. there is a lot to do. fly boarding is next but you have to wait because "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. right now on "eyewitness news" a live look inside of cleveland's quicken loans a reen, home of the republican national convention, it is fourth, final day of the rnc and tonight, all eyes are on donald trump. good evening, i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm ukee washington. donald trump will close out
6:00 pm
convention tonight after being nominated as republican date for president. today trump did a walk through of the a reen's was joined by his daughter ivanka her husband and campaign manager paul manafort but trump's big night is overshadowed by ted cruz refusal to endorse him. let's send to it jessica dean at the convention in cleveland jessica, cruz is not backing down after getting booed off the stage last night. >> reporter: no, he is not. he said he is doubling down. he went to his delegation breakfast for his home state of texas to talk more about his non-endorsement and he said i will not apologize for it. i meant to do that. he also talked about the pledge that he originally signed, g.o.p. pledge to support whoever the g.o.p. nominee would be. that became voided when things got personal. >> that pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you go and slander and attack hide that i w


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