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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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convention tonight after being nominated as republican date for president. today trump did a walk through of the a reen's was joined by his daughter ivanka her husband and campaign manager paul manafort but trump's big night is overshadowed by ted cruz refusal to endorse him. let's send to it jessica dean at the convention in cleveland jessica, cruz is not backing down after getting booed off the stage last night. >> reporter: no, he is not. he said he is doubling down. he went to his delegation breakfast for his home state of texas to talk more about his non-endorsement and he said i will not apologize for it. i meant to do that. he also talked about the pledge that he originally signed, g.o.p. pledge to support whoever the g.o.p. nominee would be. that became voided when things got personal. >> that pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you go and slander and attack hide that i i will nonetheless come
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like a puppy dog and say thank you, very much, for maligning my wife and maligning my father. >> reporter: now, what happened last night was that cruz was booed off stage by delegates here in the arena he said vote your conscious, he used that phrase which is linked to the never trump movement and did not give that endorsement which so many delegates really wanted to hear. at that moment donald trump was making his way in the arena. it was an interesting moment to be here. true to form donald trump tweeted bit. he said wow, ted cruz got boed off the station. i saw his speech two hours earlier but let let him speak anyway no big deal. while all this is happening our pennsylvania delegation continues to meet and they continue to get a lot of attention from the big names here because pennsylvania is going to be a critical state come november. today vice-president nominee mike pence stopped by. >> the next vice-president of
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the united states michael pen ce. >> reporter: it was early but when mike pence walk in this pennsylvania delegation was wide awake ready to hear what he had to say. >> i promise you that donald trump and mike pence will be standing and campaign shoulder to shoulder with you, across the four corners of the pennsylvania. >> reporter: republicans believe that they can win in pennsylvania for the first time since 1988. seeing importance in the general election has led to some big name visitors like pence to address the delegation. >> for so long we have heard how important pennsylvania is and we never quite get there but so early in this process you can see how important pennsylvania is and it the is just raising the energy level here and enthusiasm for delegates. >> reporter: former pennsylvania governor tom corbett a pence friend and supporters told "eyewitness news" that the key to the republican victory in pennsylvania is organization. >> i think it is how they get message out but you still need your ground organization, and
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party has got to be organized by precinct, by county, and by redo of the state. >> reporter: a lot of that responsibility will fall on the pennsylvania republican party, and because the trump campaign does not have a a conventional set up. it is that very difference in the way trump does things that has drawn in supporters in the pennsylvania delegation. >> i have never ever been in politics. i was a trump supporter and contacted them and in my district it was, trump delegate and somehow managed to gete elected. >> reporter: there are several members of the delegation who has that exact same story. we are not forgetting the first state either. we caught up with the member of the delaware delegation to see how their experience has been and here's what they had to say. >> delaware 61 percent of the vote statewide came out in support of the mr. trump. lower counties, sussex county
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71 percent of the eligible voters voted for mr. trum from that county, one of the top five in the number of counties >> reporter: so they are all very much looking forward to hearing from donald trump tonight. lets go to the new jersey delegation, and they are about 20 miles outside of town, and they were hearing from their governor, new jersey governor chris christie, and he talk about 250 members of that delegation today. he was at their breakfast. this is video of christie with the delegation on tuesday night that you are about to see. governor christie told them that one of the reasons why he back doctor trump after getting out of the race was to make the new jersey g.o.p. a national player in national politics. he also lashed out at ted cruz for refusing to endorse trump. >> listen, didn't want to sign the pledge at the time. i thought it was stupid. but while it was it was meaningful. you put your signature on a piece of paper that was unequivocal. it wasn't like i'll support
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the republican nominee for president if i like him. i'll support the republican nominee for president if i feel like it. i'll support the republican nominee for president if i happen to be in town this day. it didn't say. that it said i will promise that i will support the republican nominee for president. >> reporter: i have heard that from a lot of delegates that i have spoken to he said well, he is the nominee, party nominee and they want to support him. i want to bring in allison young our republican analyst now allison we have made it to the big night now and everybody wants to know it is 1 billion-dollar question will donald trump stick to the script which is prepare remarks or does he go off script what is your gut. >> i think it is a 50/50 shot, i don't even have a gut on this one because i think half people want him to stick to the script. they want to see a message that shows what a good leader he will be and how this convention will unite us and walk out here a united party.
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there are just as many people to wait to go off script and say something that will get them excited and remine them of the person they met during the primary part of the campaign about the person that donald trump is. one of the cool things we have from our vantage point is we can see teleprompter. we have a great vantage point to see if he is sticking to the script or letting trump be trump. >> we will be watching that very, very closely. what is interesting about that too is there is two groups of people. obviously people drawn to donald trump are train to want him to rip on things. they want him to be trump, but do you think to appeal to the independents, to bring in those new voters, needs to stick to the script and look like melania said is presidential. >> i have talk to a number of people out and about around cleveland both with the delegations and from some people on the street they want to sees a unifying message. they want to see him being presidential from my time in the white house i work for a president who had a few gaffs
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every now and again people didn't feel he was presidential. what people want to see from trump tonight we know he can be the character but can he be the presidential leader that we need him to be. >> reporter: allison young we will all be watching. thanks very much. to that end we will see you at 10:00 o'clock on the cw philly and, of course, right here after trump formally accepts the nomination, guys. >> looking forward to it, we will see you both later tonight, thanks very much. city of philadelphia is putting final touches as delegates prior to arrive for the democratic national convention. we are just four days away from the start of the dnc and there is a lot of activity around the wells fargo center, fdr park, art museum and independent mall. our natasha brown introduces us to the man whose company helped bill the stage for dnc there is a flurry of activity outside the wells fargo center in south philadelphia, just days ahead of the democratic national convention. while is there still a shroud
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of secrecy surrounding the trans form nation of the venue inside angelo perryman with perryman building and construction has had a front row seat to the reconstruction >> we're at the point where it its lights, camera action. >> reporter: perryman firm has had six weeks to construct scaffolding that you see outside of the center to the focal point of the event, the stage. >> the stage is the center point. i think every fourth years is there a big change to give it the woha. >> reporter: because of the security reasons we are unable to get a glimpse inside but he sets the stage for what this stage will be like. >> the wells fargo has three levels of elevations, and there will be floor seating, a massive stage for speakers to speak from, and that is almost two stories high. >> reporter: perry man's small construction company started from humble beginning was his father 60 years ago. he tackled other high profile projects, throughout the city,
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none quite like this. >> and, we are involved with that. we did that. remember the problems we had to overcome, and it looks like everything was smooth sailing. >> reporter: perryman has been overseeing the million-dollar plus contract that has come with this project but more than anything else now with just days to go before the democratic national convention he is now ready for the world to see his company's work n south philadelphia, natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". of course, security will be tight for the dnc next week but law enforcement officials aren't just keeping close tabs within the city limits. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan got an exclusive look at how one agency is preparing to keep everyone safe. >> reporter: normally saving lives at sea coastguard helicopter crews will set their sites on a different scene the wells fargo center. >> we have been requested to provide lower air capability for rnc and dnc which are
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designated national special security events. >> reporter: working with the air force and secret service they are protect air space above rnc this week and dnc this week. unobserve ant pilot or worst case scenario terrorist gets too close; helicopter will intercept. >> very quick to launch in asset which why is coastguard is involved in this mission. >> reporter: we got an exclusive chance to do training to the dnc. >> we will shoot to the standards two head to head right beam and left beam. >> reporter: crew from his atlantic city will soon deploy to philadelphia. >> our mission we will go for two hours and practice maneuvers as if the coastguard had to intercept a aircraft if it were going over the republican or democratic national convention. >> reporter: taking turns as intercepter and rogue pilots are practicing from approaching different ankles to assess the risk until air space violators where to go. >> unaudible. >> reporter: they have east electric tronic signs to communicate and if something
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doesn't look right they would alert air force to immediately address the threat. >> biggest challenge is this isn't a traditional mission for the coast gar, most of our pilots here of lots of search and rescue experience from other unit. >> reporter: atlantic city is primary space where they do air intercept and should something happen they plan to be ready. in at atlantic city, cleve bryan, cb is 136789 "eyewitness news". stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the campaign 2016 on the radio with kyw news radio and 1210 wpht, on line with cbs and tv with cbs news and you're witness news team right here on cbs-3. cleve looked really comfortable up there. that was great. great piece. it is thursday and that means vittoria woodill is down the shore. >> coming up torey goes from the sea to the sky, you will want to see this, kate. we have been warming up for past couple days but this big bubble of red here over the country's midsection is heading our way through the weekend and next week, i'll
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tell you how hot and what an excessive heat watch goes into effect, don. eagles/giants rivalry has just taken a turn a story you don't want to miss. one of the most bizarre starts to the brawl you'll ever see, sports up
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phillies reverse curse but can they do it again. they have the worst batting average in the business, just 2.18 but they had 12 hits in the four-one win over the marlins. tonight jared eickoff will take the mound last night jeremy hellickson was making the scouts drool though. they were watching the starter get her thing done went eight innings striking
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out eight. pete mackanin was asked if that was hellicksones last start before the trade deadline on august 1st. eagles and giants, two franchise, separated by 90 minutes of highway, rivalry is real, so real, that it extend way beyond the football field. guys, check this out. this tweet fridays big blue running back rashal jennings. i went to see a chiropractor. he said he was an eagles fan. i got off table and left before he said another word. too close. #g men. >> seriously, it is real. >> i can't wait for football season. >> check this out, pan am game between rockland boulders and jersey jack he will, fern do crew gave up five runs in the ninth and then his frustration boils over. he rush the over teams dug out and he was behind home mate to do it. look at all of the guys he will take on by himself. are you out of your mind.
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>> that is crazy. >> that is too much. >> there are some issues there . >> he is like, come on, eagles fans, don't put your hand on me, i'm out. >> that is right. >> it is on. >> i love it. >> crazy, right. >> just crazy. >> crazy, like this weather. >> yes, it will be crazy hot. >> yes. >> crazy hot, definitely stock up on the water. if you don't have air conditioning buy a window unit , big fan or something to keep you cool because this is dangerous heat as we move in the weekend and next week, we are used to the heat. it is july, philadelphia, summertime but you this could get dangerous because we don't have relief even through overnight hours. lets go ahead and get right in the forecast down the shore to start off, hazy down the shore as you can see. still nice beach day. beach has been pack on this camera all day long here in ocean city. people still in the water.
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it looks like high tide there off the beach and looking like a nice night to hit the boardwalk. look at kutztown area middle school 85 in kutztown at the moment. we have blue skies and a few cloud. our next weather maker will be this front through portions of the great lakes and scattered showers and thunderstorms, not a lot but it will fizzle more before it gets here but we could pick up a stray shower or then are storm tomorrow evening or tomorrow night but no cooling, behind that cool front, we are going to be heating up moving into the weekend saturday, probably the hottest day of this very extended hot stretch. eighty-eight right now in philadelphia we will hit a high of 89, our forecasted high and fell just below 90 degrees. i hope you enjoyed it. this may be the last day with quite sometime. all this heat you see here 90 's, triple digit, pings, red that is all moving east and that is what we will be feeling this weekend. high pressure shifts to the east. here comes that front. highs in the 90's.
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steamy day, isolated evening or overnight thunderstorm and saturday feeling like 100 plus , sunday again, feeling like 100 plus, very hot and hazy. it may trim back the heat a couple degrees from saturday, sunday was at one point looking like hotter day but we may get a few degrees cooling and dew point may be lower as well. saturday looks like a day to watch out for. as of now we have an excessive heat watch, to sunday afternoon, and, and, through the whole weekend or just part of the weekend but excessive heat will be an issue. elevated humidity. at times feeling like 100 to 105. tonight clear moon lit warm night tomorrow, sunny, hot, high of 94 expect to feel more like 97 or 98 with that isolated thunderstorm. down shore 88. hot, steamy through weekend. you will get relief there it will still feel like mid 90's at times and look at this stretch. ninety-four for tomorrow.
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we will keep it in the mid to upper 90's through tuesday and next week highs in the upper 90's and lower 90's wednesday and thursday. >> did i hear you say it might field like 105. >> yes, in a few spots. >> that is not good news. >> thanks. >> get the fans ready. >> thanks, kate, appreciate it it is thursday, that means torey is down the shore. >> how is it going out there, torey. >> it is going well if you look at my facebook page you will see it didn't so well for me but coming up see me fly boarding not as good as that guy but i have to say i did well for my first time but let yourself be the judge, that is
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whenthe state made aers, commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution
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from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it. officials at palm beach international airport are trying to figure out what caused a leak on the plane bound for philadelphia. >> airport officials say that the pilot call in the problem on the taxiway around 3:00
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this afternoon. all 138 people were forced to evacuate the tarmac and they used inflatable slide. some people reported burning eyes, and trouble breathing, because of that leak, it is a source and cause remains under longhorn's grilled tastes of summer. our new smoky pepper crusted filet. our new hawaiian salmon. and our famous outlaw ribeye. but hurry, summer doesn't last forever. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak.
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while many people are wrapping up their beach day is there one spot that is hopping >> it is a parity, vittoria woodill is in stone harbor at a floating playground, torey? >> it is a paradise, it is an adventure paradise here in stone harbor. we are live at island water sports. are we having the best time. >> yes. >> what has been your favorite part. >> just coming here. >> it wasn't when i fell off. >> no, it wasn't. >> well, take a look, at what i attempted to do earlier on. if you look over here we have fly boarding, another thing that they offer here at island sports. they have everything. watch this. >> hunter, i'm about to go from the bay to beyond. tell me about fly boarding. >> it is cool, one of the new sports out there, you see celebrities and stuff doing it it is really accessible which has been good for business too people see it and lick there is in way i could do that. every certain will pink has been able to do it.
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>> does that feel. >> that feels great. >> i don't have to be super athletic or astronaut to do that. >> absolutely not, beginners, anybody, yep. >> no rocket science involved but there is a a way to go about it so what is the process. >> if you have done any kind of board sports that always help a little bit of balance and softness in your knees and jet ski has no power so you will be doing everything. and then basically going from your stomach and rock up and then it stand straight up in the air and up and go. i will do all of the work and you are, just pulling yourself once you get up in the air. >> you said body movement is important. >> it is all from the cover. >> another thing people to they make mistake they will been their knees. they do wake boarding and water skiing. as you come out you want to be standing pretty straight up as if you are on the dock, nice proud chest, soft knees and looking up on the horizon. >> she's trying her best out
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there i will give her a nine. >> maybe nine and a half. she's doing pretty well. >> difficult some good things and not so good things. what where the knot so good things. >> just like we talk about it is all about balance. in one will get full view of it first time. you listen to the things i said and popped right out of the water. >> i had a great instructor. >> come on. >> yeah. >> turf say, you did well, as you can watch him anyone can do it, it is family fun for everyone not only did i have fun fly boarding but jeffery show them how to jump off better than me, right now, jump right off, there we go, yep, right now. that is what we get for not practicing. got to love jeffery and stone harbor. lets sign off, bye. >> you and jeffery to a nice job. >> thanks, gang appreciate it. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news". the jessica will be live for the convention tonight at ten and 11:00. >> "cbs evening news" is next
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live from >> pelley: claiming the prize. >> i love cleveland. i love ohio. it's great to be here. >> pelley: donald trump is about to accept the republican nomination and deliver the most important speech of his life. also tonight, the power behind the candidate, daughter and confidante ivanka trump. >> >> reporter: how often do you talk to him? >> often. i'm very close with him. >> pelley: the most frequently mentioned presidential candidate at the republican convention is a democrat. >> hillary rodham clinton. >> pelley: now she's fighting back. and roger ailes is out as head of the fox cable network. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. reporting tonight from t


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