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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 25, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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her walk back off stage. appeared to be giving some sort of walk-through or tour but she did make herself known out here. what kind of role she would be playing in this convention. she will still hold the title as chair throughout this. but after that, had she will hand it off. behind the shine of the stage, the rows set for delegation and the boom of a house band run through, a sour note has been hit. one day out from the start of the convention and the democratic national committee chair woman, debbie wasserman schultz announced she will step down from the position, a decision that follows the publication of hacked e-mails that suggested the dnc favored clinton campaign however that of senator bernie sanders. >> she thought this was a distraction and decided for, i think, the good of the election, the good of the convention to step aside at the end of the convention, and let someone else take the hell.
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>>reporter: sanders is scheduled to speak at the wells fargo center tomorrow along with michelle obama. in statement he said, debbie wasserman schultz has made the right decision for the future of the democratic party. party leadership must also always remain marshal in the presidential nominating process, something which did not occur in the 2016 race. wasserman schultz was opponented to the position by barack obama in 2011. presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton said, quote, i am grateful to debbie for getting the democratic party to this year's historic convention in philadelphia. i know that this week's events will be a success. thanks to her hard work and leadership. continuing that wasserman schultz will now assume a nationwide management position on her campaign. serving as trump chair after the convention is current advice chair, donna brazil, she assumed it back in 2009 she took over for now vice presidential
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candidate tim kaine, reporting from what will be a lively convention floor, very soon, i'll alexandria hoff, send it back to you. >> thank you so much. without question, wasserman schultz resignation was the talk of the town. >> we want to show you video just into us, as alex mentioned, wasserman schultz was taking a walk through of sorts on that stage down below us just a few minutes ago. this was from just about five minutes ago before we went on the air at 11:00. now, "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live outside the wells fargo center, as we mentioned, she talked with delegates and demonstrators about today's news concerning the party chair woman. trang? >> reporter: well, jess, bernie sanders supporters tell me they feel vindicated and hope he can still weekend become the nominee. they say it's time to unite behind hillary clinton and against donald trump. this bernie sanders cut-out almost as possible as the senator himself at fdr park.
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garrett blair new york, carried sanders to the bang. >> he is man of the people and for. >> reporter: also also united in their support of debbie wasserman schultz resigning amid the massive leak of dnc e-mails showing favorism. >> i don't think she could have been marshal from the beginning, i think we're glad she's will go to do that. >> she's up against the wall. she's been completely outside of the legal bounds of the dnc chartered to run an, fair primary season. >> reporter: at a dnc welcome party at woody. >> i believe it's right move to wipe the slate clean and move forward with a new chair. >>. >> our primary objective is to beat donald trump and we can't have distension in our party if we're i'm going to accomplish
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that goal. >> reporter: clintons and sanders is supporters say this shouldn't be the only action that come out of the leaked e-mails. >> parties shads demonstrate those things if they're true cannot happen again. >> these wick leaks give us proof that this is what happened, and hopefully it's a movement in the right direction. but there's a lot of progress to go. >> reporter: though delegates are calling for party unity, many bernie sanders supporters i spoke to say they're not quite ready to throw their support behind hillary clinton and are seriously considering backing a green party candidate. back to you guys, ukee washington and jessica. >> donald trump took to twitter to weigh in on the e-mail scandal. tweeting today proves what i have always known, that priebis is the tough and smart one: . >> i know first hand how hard it is being chair of a national
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party, but when you rig a system and you, you know, you spread e-mails around with each other 10 senior staff in that manner, i think this kind of outcome is inevitable. >> tom wolf has not commented on wasserman schultz resignation but he was out at an appearance talking about unity within the democratic party. >> we talk, argue, but we're coming out of this convention united behind hillary, that was the intention. coming in she won this contest fair and square, and we're i'm going to lead a united party. >> all eyes are on philadelphia this week and top city officials are aware of that as well, joel holden shows you the latest plans in place for the dnc. >> reporter: this is the emergency response room, how police, fire and other emergency agencies will handle the troche of dnc demonstrators and
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visitors, after a news conference police confirm they haven't received any credible threat against it's convention or the city. law enforcement was visible cras philadelphia on sunday. mayor kenney taken the position people will be allowed to demonstrate. that could mean grid lock. >> our goal is not to arrest anyone, the civil citations are one of the ways we keep people out of the criminal justice system. >> traffic was limping along knife, trucks weighing more than five tons were forced to bail from the highway, which runs by the wells fargo center. state police closed down some lanes to at me to streamline the process. of. >> reporter: we're in the area of interstate to 95 north. this is where state police are taking four lanes of 95 down two. they're weeding out five ton or more vehicles. the question is, it is so grid locked here on a sunday afternoon, what will this look like come monday morning? >> commuters should anticipate that, they should be patient,
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the city has put that out. >> reporter: they will also juggle protests and demonstrations with sighing temperatures. top to city officials emphasized making one thing clear. >> what we're listening in is difficult times. this country needs to hear from us while significant numbers of law enforcement will be on the street, just how many exactly they wouldn't say, it's expected police will show restraint as philadelphia takes center stage in what's been a rough and tumble political season. in center city, joe holden cbs3 "eyewitness news." also tonight, drivers in south philly are getting a special warning from the philadelphia parking authority. >> the ppa says careds parked in the median on south broad street during the dnc will be i wanted to. of they began i want to go at 8:00 this morning and cars i wanted to by the ppa will be taken to the swanson street lot. owners will be receiving a $51 fine.
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now, thousands took to the sweltering streets today for the first official protest of the dnc. >> we want justice now. >> supporters of bernie sanders marched for a clean energy revolution today and they cheered and chanted from city hall to independence mall. they also held antifracking and anti-pipeline signs. philadelphia police officers marched along with the protesters to keep the peace. the protesters who were outside were braving very hot temperatures. that's what everybody is talking about. >> that's for sure. let's send it back to our studios and check in with lauren casey about this dangerous heat. good evening, lauren. >> good evening, guys. we still have us this excessive heat warning in effect. heat advisory for the rest of the area, we're going to bring back humidity values and record high temperatures. i'll let you know how hot it will feel by tomorrow afternoon in your full forecast coming up. republican party deputy chair woman talks to us live
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about the dnc e-mail scandal and the state of the race for clinton and trump straight ahead. new fall-out over russia norms olympic doping program. find out whether they're athletes will be able to compete at next month's game in rio.
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hillary clinton and tim kaine are plain planning a bus tour from pennsylvania and ohio ohio after the dnc. the democratic ticket will talk about economic issues when they stop in harrisburg and pittsburgh. the two candidates will appear at public rallies and smaller events. clinton kaine tick gave their first joint interview to 60 minutes on cbs3 and clinton explained why she picked tim
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kaine. >> i want somebody who will be candid and tell me, i don't agree with this or could you think about it somewhat differently? i believe that will be a good team. i believe we'll work well together. i believe that he will give me his best advice. >> kaine also added he is a utility player and has the governoring experience to have a successful presidency. donald trump will be hitting the road to battle ground state during the dnc. roanoke virginia and winston salem north carolina tomorrow. on wednesday he returns to pennsylvania rallying with supporters in scranton. a new poll shows a slight post convention trump for, he now leads hillary clinton 42 to 41%, up two points from last week. we're joined now by renee amore
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deputy of the pennsylvania republican party. thanks for being with us. >> thank you for being here. let's get to it with the e-mail leaks and the resignation of debbie wasserman schultz, what's your take on that. >> first i want to say wow, because the democrats are critical about the republicans and us not being unified, they've always had things going back and forth behind scenes, it's not a good thing for them, not a good hit, especially not the first day, what else can we expect. >> in the big apple, mike bloomberg has endorsed clinton, your immediate thoughts. >> first thought is -- never mind, wow, but you know, he's an independent democrat, you know, playing on the republican side but he's in new york and he's i'm going to support hillary, it makes sense. >> i believe there's report he's going to make speech here endorsing her, do you think that carries weight because he's one of the republican as an independent. >> he's going to do his thing, no matter what, he doesn't care, it's about him and how he does it. he'll make her look good. >> we talked about you alluded
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to think a little bit, the rnc, we've seen what they did. how the feeling was there. what do you think we're going to see as a contract here to the dnc? >> you're going to see a lot. you started out with the the e-mails. there's issue, the party is really not unified people don't know what's going on. the delegates are saying what is happening? not a lot of communication, people are wondering what are they going to do. then you have the woman in charge, deb with wasserman schultz was here, and people are saying if she resigned why is she still here? does she wants to speak? she's not going to do any of that. >> take us back to last week, if you will, do you think trump got any type of bounce from the convention? i haven't seen any polls yet. do you think. >> he bounced. trust me. he bounced. he did bounce. you know what? he gave a speech and that was my six or seven convention and i never seen a candidate come out and be negative as far as what this country is doing, and what, you know, how we're reacting to
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some things, they're saying we're in big trouble, so we want donald trump. >> much more to come here from the wells fargo center in philadelphia as we kick off the democratic national convention officially. >> can't wait. we're still the best >> renee, thank you >> thanks for having me. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of campaign 16 on the radio with kyw news radio and 1210 wpht, with and "eyewitness news" news team here on cbs3, and cbs news is covering every angle of the democratic national convention starting to tomorrow and running through thursday. at 7:00 a.m. cbs will broadcast from the national constitution center then cbs news has prime time coverage beginning every night at 10:00 followed by "eyewitness news" at 11:00 right here on cbs3. we want to let you know to join us tomorrow at 7:00 for special coverage of the dnc. we'll be broadcasting live from inside the wells fargo center at the national spotlight shines on our city.
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we'll explore the rich history of conventions including the first republican convention, which was held here in philadelphia. also, what are delegates thinking about the food scene? all of that and much more tomorrow at 7:00. much more news to talk about right now. for that let's send it back to the cbs3 studios and check in with natasha brown. natasha? >> thank you, guys very much. in other news, a septa bus collides way tractor-trailer injuring dozens of passengers on board. this all happened at the intersection of lansdowne avenue and providence road in yeadon, delaware county. of we're told another car darted out in front of the bus causing to it drive up on to the side of the road. 26 passengers had been injured. and two of them are critical. few more pedestrians were also injured. they have all been taken to area hospitals. the international olympics committee decided against an across the board ban of russian athletes from the olympics in rio dejaneiro. the committee will leave it up to individual sports governoring bodies to decide what athletes
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will be allowed to compete. russia sports ministry is accused of overseeing a vast doping program of its olympic athletes. we're turning to lauren casey and that scorching forecast >> my gosh, excessive heat for tomorrow. we've been in this heat wave and tomorrow is going to be the worst of it. came to what we thought yesterday. if you hated that. you're going to hate tomorrow. we do have the excessive heat warning in effect until tomorrow 6:00. temperatures still very warm. getting a live look at a very patriotic center city philadelphia. 82 degrees with a touch of a heat index right now feeling more like 83. our high temperatures today, we're soaring 95 in philadelphia, we tide a record high in allentown and reading with high temperatures in had the middle 90's. yes, it's leaving us with warm temperatures at this late hour, 81 degrees right now in the lehigh valley. still near 80 degrees in dover. did you get a break from the intense humidity values today but due points are on the rise, especially south of the city.
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we'll see a warm front traverse the delaware valley as we head into tomorrow morning, so those humidity values will be on the rise. it will feel steaminess and oppressiveness and florida-like atmosphere. comfort index will border between oppressive and insuffer ribble and record warm high temperatures, ac is going to be chugging along. chance of an isolated thunder shower, tomorrow mix of sun and clouds, high temperature soaring up to 98 and the heat will be broken by late day thunderstorms that will be moving through and a few of those could be on the stronger side. of stormscan 3 right now, pretty quiet, although we're seeing a batch of shower activity moving into some of our western counties putting rain right now down across parts of berks county, racing a little shower over the last hour and a half, that continuing to move off to the east. future weather showing us we could see maybe an isolated shower in the city, points north and portions of central new jersey, as we head into the overnight period. still chance of an isolated
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shower mainly at the shore and dry conditions for monday morning commute but conversely for monday afternoon commute, we are going to be dealing with some of those potentially strong storms rolling in. much of the area under this marginal risk of severe weather, late day tomorrow up towards the poconos, a slight risk of severe weather and future weather showing us as we head into the morning midday hours, still quiet but then in the afternoon, as we typically expect during the summer season, storms rolling in to our western counties, lehigh valley, poconos, timing philadelphia and i95 corridor fortunately right around our evening commute, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, storms continue to barrel their way eastbound down the shore. by the early evening hours then things quieting do you know, a few residual showers and thunderstorms overnight tomorrow into the early morning hours on tuesday. but then we do clear out by our tuesday morning commute but again, few storms rolling in late day tomorrow could be on the stronger side and that will hold true in our forecast where down the shore and in the mocks, humid for everyone, hot,
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reaching 90 along the coast. 88 in the poconos, there's the forecast high temperatures across the area up in the record territory 98 degrees would break the record in philadelphia of 96 set back in 1999. we're still hot into tuesday, but a bit less humid, 95 degrees. of you do notice that gradual trend of decreasing high temperatures, just a touch. low 90's wednesday and thursday near 90 degrees on friday. mainly dry conditions as we move towards mid week and a better chance of storms friday and into next weekend and eventually, 80's, by next saturday. >> good to see those. thank you so much, lauren. we're going to go back down to the wells fargo center in just a bit for more of the dnc coverage. first lesley got sports. >> we heard it over and over. hard work pays off. you can ask phoenixville mike piaza from being the 62nd round pick to joining baseball best of the best. and things going from bad to worse for the phillies, lose their best infielder,
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sglifrjs problems in pittsburgh continued. they haven't won a series in three years. bad news for the phillies, blanco gets spiked. he broke his left index finger game tide in the seventh. that's when pinch hitter adam frazier went deep to his first career major league home run, pirates come from heinz and what was the beat the phillies 5-4: piaza was drafted in the 60 second round as a favor to tommy la sore today. now he's the lowest draft pick ever to go into the hall. 38 players reported to the novacare complex for eagles training camp. they will take at the field tomorrow morning in doug pederson first camp at eagles head coach. the team will report wednesday.
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so many story lines during this training camp. we're going to talk about that with 94 wip plus one only charles barclay coming up in a few minutes.kley coming up in a few minutes. . >> we're heading back out to the wells
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warm welcome back,.
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. >> everyone in philadelphia wants the delegates and everyone to feel welcome here, we went out to the airport today, and that's what we found, visitors who were in town for the dnc getting a very warm welcome as they arrived. employees were indicting dnc visitors, volunteers there at the airport as well. they were greeted in the baggage claim area where they received information on transportation, how to get around, they were also assisted as they boarded coach busses. trying to take care of everyone. >> back another airport workers will not strike during the convention. mayor kenney and governor wolf helped them hammer out a last minute deem. workers wanted better scheduling
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that's going to do it tonight for "eyewitness news." from all of us at the wells fargo center, thank you for all watching, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. don't forget, we will be broadcasting live from the wells fargo center during the dnc all this week. >> have a good night family. sleep well.
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i joined on a dare. >> you joined to see if you could live up to him. >> justin, your director is kind of a newbie for this franchise. how did you break him in, if you will? >> justin really came in with a very clear vision, i think all of us who were a little unsure what it would be like to have a new director were immediately shift ed in to this awareness like we were in great hands. >> that's what you do if you are on an aircraft shooting. >> part of star trek is about these characters and it's about these characters going through this shared experience. and the sense of exploration and discovery. but also what's great about the star trek is that you need to be bold and try new things. >> it's easy to get lost in the vastness of space. there is only yourself, your ship, your crew. >> you mentioned the relationships. this go around you are mixed up
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differently. did you embrace that and en diswhrie to be able to kind of work with different members of the cast? >> yeah, i mean, we love each other across the board. it was great for the characters to be able to shift up their energy dynamics. >> in this i got a chance to spends a lot of time with anton, who place check off and, which was a lot of fun because character is always serious and needs to get the mission done and checkoff is this kind of light spur thought seems to know everything, has ideas that pop to him and that was a fundi familiar i believe to play out. >> i think what it will bring to the audience is a glimpse of every cast, every crew member, and how important and vital they are to the coming together of star trek on the enterprise. >> when is we split apart you could see that some of the interrelationships, seeing how uehara and zulu took care of one another, i thought it was a nice


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