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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  July 25, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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. >> pelley: dissenkion at the convention. >> we've got to elect hillary clinton and tim kaine. >> pelley: on day one the committee chair is forced to give up the gavel after angry sanders supporters accuse her of favoring clinton. we have the candidate's reaction. >> and they seem to have their thumb on the scale for you. also tonight, look who's coming to the chairwoman's defense. >> debbie was totally loyal to hillary. and hillary threw her under a bus. >> pelley: fast moving wildfires forced the evacuation of 10,000 homes. and the evolution of a first
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lady. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. tonight from the democratic national convention in philadelphia. >>ed democrats official theme here tonight is united together. but deep divisions were exposed today. the democratic national committee apologized to bernie sanders for leaked e-mails that suggest officers of the dnc were attempting to undermine the sanders campaign in favor of hillary clinton. the controversy forced the dnc chair to resign and give up her role at the convention including gaveling it to order. not the way hillary clinton wanted to state her week. we start with nancy cordes. nancy? >> scott, things were getting so tense here on the floor that the clinton camp asked sanders to send a test to his delegates asking them not to protest as a courtesy to him. still we are hearing a mixture
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of boos and cheers every time one of these speakers mentions hillary clinton's name. >> but nominating hillary rodham clinton as our candidate-- . >> reporter: this was not how democratic officials were hoping to kickoff day one. interim convention chair marcia fuj tried to restore order. >> i'm going to be respectful of you, and i want you to be respectful of me. >> reporter: it started this morning when sanders supporters booed the outgoing party chair at a delegate's breakfast. >> already everybody, now, settle down. everybody settle down, please. >> reporter: then celebrated her ouster with sanders. >> i think all of you know, debbie wasserman schultz resigned yesterday as chair of the dnc. (cheers and applause) >> reporter: by midday the florida congresswoman had given up plans to gavel in the
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convention. >> i hearby call the 47th quad ren yal democratic national convention to order. >> looking to avoid the same-kind of protests staged by ted cruz supporters on the floor of the gop convention. >> wasserman schultz has headed the d m.c. for five and a half years. but the hacked e-mail suggested that the officially neutral chair like most democratic leaders favored clinton saying at one point sanders has no understanding of what we do and calling his campaign manager a damn liar. >> we look forward to working with donna brazil moving forward as the new chair. >> clinton campaign managier robbie mook insisted she wasn't the one that pushed the chairwoman out. >> the job of the d m.c. is to help get hillary clinton re-elected. so is not realistic to believe she. >> this really was the chairwoman's decision. >> sanders seems ready to move
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on. >> thank you. >> reporter: his supporters here clearly are not. >> we have got to elect hillary clinton and tim kaine. this is the real world that we live in. >> reporter: clinton herself stayed far from the fray today campaigning in north carolina. and sanders, scott, has been moved to a prime speaking slot in the 10 p.m. hour tonight in another attempt to play kate his very disappointed supporters. >> pelley: nancy cordes on the floor, thank you. in their only interview, we spoke to hillary clinton and her running mate tim kaine. we asked about honesty, given that 67% of the american people find clinton untrust worthy, according to our cbs news poll. it is a question we've asked her before and one that she doesn't particularly like having to answer. but we'll start tonight with the
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democrats e-mail controversy. brad marshall, the chief financial officer of the committee wrote in an e-mail for kentucky and west virginia, can we get someone to ask his belief. does he believe in a god. he had skated on saying he has a jewish heritage. i think i read he is an atheist. this could make several points difference with my peeps in quote. did you know anything about any of that? >> no, i didn't know anything about it. and i haven't read any of those. but i mr. adamantly opposed to any one bringing religion into our political process. i mean the constitution says no religious tests. so that is just absolutely wrong and unacceptable. >> but maybe the point, madame secretary, is you have people in the democratic national committee who are supposed to be, if you will, agnostic about who the nominee is going to be.
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and they seem to have their thumb on the scale for you. they seem to be working against bernie sanders, their fellow democrat. >> again, i don't know anything-- i don't know anything about-- about these e-mails. i haven't followed it. but i'm very proud of the campaign that i ran. and i'm very proud of the campaign that senator sanders ran. >> pelley: jimmy carter said in 1976 i'll never tell a lie. what can you tell the american people in this interview about your own honesty with them and the honesty of a clinton white house. >> i think if you look at my public service, i have been as straight forward and honest as i could be. i haven't always been perfect but i don't know anyone who is. and we're going to have a campaign and a white house that the american people will be able to look at and believe that tim
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and i are working every day for them, that they can count on us, that they can trust us. >> pelley: your critics are going to say see, she didn't say i will never tell a lie. >> you've done this to me before, scott. and i remember that very well. >> pelley: it was a question you didn't like. >> well, no, but i guess my answer would be the same. i certainly never intend to and i certainly don't believe i have. and so yes, i can say i never will. and you know, i wish you had asked that question of everybody running because i think every one of us should be held to the same standard. i often feel like there's the hillry standard and then there is the standard for everybody else. >> pelley: what is the hillary standard? >> well, it is, you know, a lot of as you saw from the republican convention, unfounded, inaccurate, mean-spirited attacks with no basis in truth, reality, which take on a life of their own. >> pelley: why did do you put yourself through it? >> because i really believe in this country.
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and boy do i believe in it now more than ever after seeing what was presented last week. i truly believe that given the chance, americans will vote for people who are not promising fear and bigotry and smeers but promising opportunity and the kind of change that will empower people to make the most out of their own lives. >> pelley: and now we're going to turn to john dikerson our cbs news political director and the anchor of "face the nation." john, clinton's folks hope for a show of unity at this convention, it's not happen sog far. >> you know, conventions are about control and choreography, but those forces have not had a very good record this election so far. and here at the grand opening, the voters are interrupting again. and it is fitting that the bernie sanders voters are angry about what, about the democratic national committee trying to control events. and i was talking to a democratic, top democratic
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strategist who said we are all committed to making sure this convention comes off without a hitch. there are people in this hall that are committed to something else. you hear it in the bernie chants. one thing that is extraordinary here, unlike the democratic convention where we were last week, when her name was mentioned it created unity. here when donald trump's name is mentioned t doesn't do the same thing yet. there are a lot of themes convention players want to get to, optimistic, toghtdness, hillary clinton's record, they want to sew seeds of doubt about donald trump but they can't get to that until the buzz beings bernie sanders stops and it will be bernie sanders job tonight and elizabeth warren, two enjoy-- envoys to the people here to help hill c.e.o.-- hillary clinton get to her message. >> pelley: thank you so much. the democratic national committee's computers were hacked months ago and looted of tens of thousands of e-mails. the clinton campaign is blaming the theft on russia. more about that tonight from julianna goldman. >> reporter: for a second day
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hillary clinton's campaign manager robbie mook accused russian president vladimir putin of meddling in the u.s. selection. >> what the expert said when this breach initially happened at the dnc was that they believe that it was russian state actors who took these e-mails. russian stawt actors were feeding the e-mails to hackers for the purpose of helping donald trump. >> reporter: the experts he's citing include an outside group hired by the dnc to investigate the cyberintrusion which in june said it identified advanced methods consistent with nation state level capabilities. but neither the clinton campaign, the white house nor lawmakers briefed on the hack definitively linked the leak to the russian government today. yesterday donald trump's campaign chair paul manafort called the accusations absurd. >> it's pure obfiscation on the part of the clinton campaign. what they don't want to talk about is what is in those e-mails. >> reporter: for clinton's team, a putin-trump romance is
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an easy die version from the e-mails which reopened a rift in the democratic part as it tries to present a united front in philadelphia. >> putin is somebody that people are respecting all over the world now, in terms of leadership, he's getting an a. >> reporter: putin has also praised trump and a number of trump's advisers have ties to the creme lynn. manafort advised prorussian ukrainian oligarchs including former president vicar yanukovych, a putin ally who fled to russia in 2014 after corruption accusations. scolt, the fbi announced today that it was investigating the dnc hack an promised to hold accountable those who pose a threat to cyberspace. >> pelley: julianna goldman, thanks. well, hillary clinton did not keep a low profile during the republican convention last week. and neither is donald trump now. here's major garrett. ♪. >> reporter: beginning three days of barnstorming during the democratic convention, donald
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trump and mike pence appeared in the home state of tim kaine and pounded away. >> plus he's not very popular. he's a political hack. i never even heard of this guy. >> reporter: trump still stinging from criticism of his gop convention delighted in divisions among democrats and the down fall of their party chief. >> debbie, you're fired. get out, debbie. out. debbie was totally loyal to hillary. and hillary threw her under a bus and it didn't take her more than five minutes to make that decision. >> reporter: trump's next stop here winston, salem because he has work to do in surrounding forsite county. trump lost this county to ted cruz in the gop primary at the same time collected 10,000 fewer votes than hillary clinton did during her primary. what is more, president obama carried this county twice, 2008 and 2012. >> pelley: major garrett on the campaign trail, thank you. well, prime time convention coverage will begin right here
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at 10:00, 9 central, and we'll be joined by norah o'donnell, charlie rose, gayle king and john dikerson. the speakers tonight include michelle obama, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. coming up next on the cbs evening news from philadelphia, teenagers targeted in a mass shooting in florida. terry bradshaw? what a surprise! you know what else is a surprise? shingles. and how it can hit you out of nowhere. i know. i had it. c'mon let's sit down and talk about it. and did you know that one in three people will get shingles? (all) no. that's why i'm reminding people
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terrorism is not suspected in a tedly shooting at a club in fort myers, florida, last night. two people were killed. 17 wounded, most teenagers. mark strassmann is following this. >> automatic gunfire in club blu. 30, 40 shots. >> reporter: 12:approximately a.m. club blu was closing when shots rang out. >> multiple victims down in the parking lot. >> reporter: minutes earlier one party goer shared this video on snapchat of the club packed with teens. as parents picked them up, witnesses said a car rolled up and gunman sprayed the parking lot. >> pop, pop, pop, pop. >> like a machine gun. >> just kement coming. >> like fire crackers. >> reporter: 17 people were wounded, one as young as 12 years old. two were killed. including stefan strks stra-wder, an 18 year old basketball standout at lehawaii school.
6:47 pm
principal jackie corey. >> i'm really sad for our community today. this was a good kid that we lost. this community needs to come together. cuz these are our kids. we're losing our kids to shameful crime. >> sean achilles was 14, on his father john's cell phone a photo of the son he lost. >> he always want to hang with me. and he always wanted to spend time with me. >> i lost my brother. >> reporter: the club had hired security guards for the party it said in a facebook statement we are deeply sorry for all involved. we tried to give the teens what we thought was a safe place to have a good time. some of the club security team were armed and one of them, scott, was among the wounded. >> pelley: mark strassmann at the scene of the crime. mark, thank you. there has been a mass killing in japan. it happened at a facility for the disabled. a man who used to work there
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>> pelley: philadelphia like much of the east is broiling, with the humidity it felt like 107 degrees here. protesters had to be hosed down. it hit 99 in washington and the metro train slowed down for fear that the tracks might buckle. in the west, two dozen large fires are forcing evacuations. one is tearing through mountains north of los angeles. mer aia villarreal is there. >> southern california fire crews faced a fourth day of relentless flames. the sand fire has consumed at least 10,000 acres of land a day, almost the equivalent of 10,000 football fields. l.a. county deputy fire chief
6:52 pm
john trip. >> i have been with the fire service for 38 years. we've never had that kind of experience in june and july and that is a testimony to what we're going through with the draught. >> reporter: more than 3,000 firefighters are battling this blaze in 105 degree heat, on the ground and in the air. normally an areas like this, fire crew was just let these hot spots burn out. but there is a concern because of how close we are to the highway which means we are also close to homes. >> 10,000 homes are under a mandatory evacuation. >> the wind changed direction so many times that the speed of the fire surprised a lot of homeowners. >> it came blowing into their communities. they're having to run out and then we have firefighters having to run in with a blowtorch coming at them. we have sympathy for that, but we just cannot put them in harm away. >> reporter: 2,000 homes in the fire's direct path were saved by fire crews but scott, fire officials tell us they felt
6:53 pm
like they could have saved more homes if they didn't have to stop what they were doing to try and help people who had refused to evacuate. >> pelley: mireya veel ree, thank you. >> coming up next, michelle obama, my how she has changed. to go all in and let your great out. they're gr-r-reat!
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6:57 pm
but now after seven and a half years, they know her well. >> and barack and i will were raised with so many of the same values. >> her husband's biggest advocate, a mother fiercely protective of her daughter's privacy. champion for healthy eating. >> i would like to vay haley lunch at hooper store. >> reporter: and staying fit using her bare arms to redefine fashion. and her voice to comfort the country like she did after the orlando shootings. >> it is time for us to come together, to love each other, to support each other. >> reporter: but the climb has not always been up a crystal stair. in april of 2008, only 22% of americans had a favorable view of her. three months later, this satirical new yorker magazine cover would stilt the flames of her crit i believe-- critics well beyond election day. >> cable news charmingly referred to me as obama's baby mama. >> reporter: essence magazine editor in chief, vanessa deluca.
6:58 pm
>> in the beginning people were trying to portray her as a very divisive person, as one who was an angry black woman. and that is the furtherrest from the truth. >> reporter: and now with an approval rating of 68%, higher than her husbands, you see more of her personal. >> dunking on the miami heat. and even doing carpool care yokee around the white house. >> i think that as she's grown in the role, she realizes that what she has to say carries great weight. >> reporter: tonight should be no different. michelle miller, cbs news, new york. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news from philadelphia. michelle, obama an bernie sanders will speak during our prime time convention coverage beginning at 10:00 eastern, 9:00 central. see you then.
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cbs-3 "eyewitness news" presents campaign 2016, the democratic national convention, here in philadelphia. the wells fargo center transformed into the home of the democratic national convention, we're giving you a bird eye view as philadelphia plays host to history. we are bringing you a front row seat, from high above the stage. good evening, everyone i'm ukee washington. good evening, i'm jessica dean. welcome to our special coverage of the campaign 2016, the democratic national convention, of course, here in philadelphia. >> it kicked off three hours ago. >> yes. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlins blake called forty-seventh democratic convention to order, she was last minute fill


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