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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 25, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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lindsay lohan strangled by the disturbing cry for help caught on tape. >> we break down the bizarre series of events that ended with cops breaking down her door. then "e.t." front and center for comi biggest surprises. from will smith to tom hiddleston. where was his betterrhalf? >> taylor want to come here? >> plus inside j. lo's birthday bash, flawless at 47. you will not believe the beauty regime that keeps h looking like this. >> and rob lowe in his glory days. why he's a pink bedroom with pictures of himself all over the wall? >> i'mmortified. -p>> for july 25, 2016, this is
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"entertainment tonight." >> here is tonight's top story. when lindsay lohan se have found a new love and new life, there is scary new involving a reported fight where she is strangled by her fiance. lindsay's cry for help. >> after so many sweet photos of her engagement iapril, boy, did it get ugly early saturday morning. a neighbor captured this argument on lindsey's balcony at 5:00 a.m. >> everybody saw you touch me. get out. get out. >> police even bea down the door of her london partment after neighbors heard her arguing with her fiance, the heir to a multimillion dollar business empire. >> i'mdone. i don't love you any more.
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everybody will know..o cf1 o get out of my >> lindsey appeared to have social media meltdown. she accu him of cheating, ddclaring, "i a pregnant" with a link to her 2009 mov "labor pain." igor has not been charged with a crime and could not be reached for comment. there was more drama yesterday. lindsey hid from photographers as she left loodon. still wearing her engagement ring and this morning shared this, "a private matter has become more public than i can control and i would extremely grateful if my fiance and myself c discuss our personal matters on our own." meanwhile, there is a new wrinkle in the riff between sharon and ozz osborne. she kicked him out amid cheating rumors. ozzie told gma it i only a bump in the road and sharon admit
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they are in talks. >> i forgive. it's going to take a long time. i can't think of my life without him. even though he is a dog. he's a dirtydog. >> i hope he gets better trained. sit,ozzie, sit. we love that, sharon. what a week at comic-con. every star in the universe made their way down to the convention. among the things we caugh up with was will smith. i had to ask. how has comic-con been going? >> great, man. reallyfun. >> taylor didn't want to come? >> no. just here on my own. >> i hear you. yougreat. >> tom without the other half wowed up fans saturday with his p co-star. where was taylor? 102 miles away chilling in west hollywood at the gym and dodging questions about kanye. >> are you going to take legal
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action against kanye west? >> tom hiddleston. >> spotted back in l.a. getting dropped off by, who we switching cars and moving to l.a.x. solo. no private jet for bree larson broke news. >> the newest member of the marvel family brie larson. >> the new captain marvel, an e i iconic role in the comic. another surprise for marvel fans, the partings galaxy cast. >> you'll see da >> they are back with secrets from volume two, including the re dancing babygrute. >> the big breakout star of the panel. >> baby just got his own show. >> curt russell played the dad in t sequel. fans went wild with the news.
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>> come on, curt freaking russell. >> i really like it. >> suicide squad got a of love. the cast jetted in for th panel with joker jared reynolds snapchating over will smith. will told us filming this movie brought him back to his teen fan boy da >> we were on set and the bat mobile came around the corner, to share that feeling with the fans. >> wish me luck. >> superman went incognito. his surprise so good, will thought he was just taking pictures with afan. henry was there for the justice league with camera-phone happy ben affleck. >> this is a big deal in my >> his co-star promoting her own "wonder woman" movie with chris
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pine. the outfit distracted conan >> question? >> i forgot good -- >> check our suite weekend from the gotham cast snapchating luke perry to talking king arthur. >> were you practicing that scene in your house? >> endlessly. i had a giant stone. >> did you keep the sword though? >> you know what? i didn't. >> you should go steal it. >> this is the first job i've ever done where i didn't steal. i stole a bike. >> stole the bike? >> yes. charles, just one of the many stars that was in our suite all weekend long. it felt like the oscars or big award show because everyone was there. get ready for a double of drama. this is getting bigger and bigger.
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jojo gets a man to tell all >> here wwgo. >> jojo left with us a crying cliffhanger and tonight we find out who goes home. luke, jake, ronny or jorda be prepared for a completely shocking exit. one unlucky guy didn't see coming. >> i miss him already. >> the remaining three join jojo in thai where the fantasy suite awaits. abc is tryi hard to keep identities secret. they'll only let us show you this. roller coaster. >> the real fireworks co together when bad boy chad returns for the tell-all special. jojo is bracing for i >> what would you say to chad? >> i have so inch my head. i think that he loves the attention. that's why i don't want to give it to him.
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>> more bad chad on the way. he's still ready for fight. >> in the matter of one night, you would t th into hell. >> something new, chad now li referring to himself in the third person. >> chad talks himself on bachelor in paradise. you'll be ex to see a super amped-up version of chad. >> nancy hopes chad doesn't hurt anybody with thatthot temper of his. gwen stefani found a way to keep cool on theroad. >> it's so hot. >> that is gwen steph an any's oldest beating the heat in raleegh, north carolina, yesterday with water fight. the night before, while was performing in charlotte, he took over her snapchat to try out some fun f and blake
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shelton. >> god gave me you for the up and downs. >> in jakarta, selena gomez stage. >> when i get frustrated, i say things i d mean. >> she was seen wiping away tears to that introduction of "kill them with kindness." she instagramed a note to fans, "tonight i felt unauthentic, unconnected to both myself and my music. i showed i am but need to rethink areas my life creatively and personally." in paris, while it might be a dream come true to see beyonce's show from a front row, on a recent stop, a le than impressed fan was caught playing pokemon >> next to stage. >> that's right, pokemon player. the bee live is always watching. >> rihanna would be mad if you were at her concert. she laid down the law s she
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does not want to see anybody on their cell phones at her concert. >> i don't want to see you texting or pokemon. >> i'm with pay attention. be in the moment. stay focused. >> or if you're hosting "entertainment tonight." >> good point. j. lo celebrating her 47th birthday with f friends. her beauty routtne step by step. >> you are not to believe what it is she does. >> something to do wit placenta? come on now. >> holidays are coming at "e.t.".
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>> we've got your first look at her wild new comedy office christmas party." >> a holiday mixer tonight. >> you're having a christmas party tonight? it's not happe >> i'm sort of in a way the grinch. who wants to steal christmas employees who are doing as good a job as theyyshould be doing. p> it's canceled. >> idiot, i looking right at you. >> she is the fo horrible boss. jennifer w jason bateman again playing a sour puss ceo. this time the employees ar throwing an office christmas
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party to impress a client and save the failing company. things get out of hand. >> if you ar going to have intercourse tonight, do not do it on company property. go into the rite aid parking lot. >> adding to the hilarity are t.j. miller and hunt. you have to wait for december for this to open. >> santa, want to party? >> ho, ho, ho. >> i love this comp think he meant to swing there. >> i spen entire daa on that set and from that clip, telling you, it is funny. i will show you that next week. >> i'm glad you get hurt. dangerous. >> rob lowe gets ready to be
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roasted. only we are with heart throb before he takes aim. >> am i stupid to have sai yys to it? >> wake up. >> j. age-defying beauty secrets from head to toe. we are going to show you what she does to be this flawl two all-star cast reunions. making movie hi for women with aliens. >> "star trek" celebrates a majmilestone. >> does it feel like 50 years? >> yes. my back aches.
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that is jennifer lopez this 47th birthday happy birthday. come on has 47 ever l so hot? you will not believe what jennifer's secret is to ever-lasting youth. >> and that's how you do it when you're j. lo. >> your good friend kim thing.hian snap chats the whole >> party on the roof top at caesar's palace with john stamo and that is kim hanging out with taylor swift's ex calvin harris. and all the while, luke absolutely amazing. check out the age-defying
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suit. how does she manage to look h her age? >> get up every day, wakeup, kick ass, wake up. >> we are digging deep into j. lo's beauty secrets. the placenta facial she reportedly gets. at $450 per treatment, it uses sheep stem cells to rejuvenate skin. she doesn't su doesn't drink and stays away from caffeine. what she does do? lots of veggies and lots of sleep. >> it's a process. first of all, i just have fun with it. >> how about those abs? >> i love dancing. i don't love gym as much as i love the dancing. it's a good thing for my >> the biggest take be you at any age. >> i refuse to be put in box in that way. you know what i mean? why? because i'm over i can't be sexy? or because i'm a mom? women at a certain age really
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start to blossom. i didn't even know who i was my 20s and earl i 30s. honestly, i do know who i am now. >> well said, my frie >> another star defies aging is rob lowe at 52. he might age a bit when he gets roasted by comedy central soon. cute and nice as he is, hh's got skeletons in his closet. is he worried? michelle turner found out in a bedroom as he s a commercial for his big brave night. >> the funniest roast you've seen. >> living the dream o a bedroom set surrounded by hundreds of rob lowe. >> i don't know what's happening. i'm mortified. >> the saxophone play sweaty. >> i think that stands the test of time. okay? >> rob walked into the lion's den on labor day. >> i stupid to have said to it? >> whh did you say yes? >> i love those roast i love them. the meaner they are, the more i
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it. >> okay. >> and the people who can take it are my heroes. >> is there anywhere they can't go? part of the fun of it is it totally opens >> rob has a ton of famous friends. it's no secret who will roast him. >> there will be people from my life who are important to me. a couple of people that you go, really? why? >> have been trying at home, kids, throw something at me? give me y worse. >> my boys are aficionados of the roasts. they love them. they are 20 and 22. they are like, dad, you are going to get killed. now, my wife is another -- i don't think she is going to like some of the promos,actually. what's going to happen? >> are you going to allow them to be >> yes! it's all part of my master plan. i hear how mean can i be when my wife and my children are there? >> let me educate you.
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>> they will not back. this weekend at comic-con, the cast of aliens reunites to celebrate their 30th annivers and three decades later, sigourney weaver lo like the baddest space traveler of time. ripley when we were with her >> i got quite used to an alien could sit down beside me and i p wouldn't jump. >> "aliens" barely got made. i didn't want to do it because we did do it. >> the studio didn't want to pay your salary. >> you were the first woman with this contract negotiation to cross $1 million. you held on get what you deserved. >> this is where having parity with salary is very important.
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we are all to be at the table equally. >> franch "star trek" in "ssar trek: beyond" that won the weekend box office. not bad for a series celebrating 50 years. >> williamshatner, my captain, my captain. >> the original captain kirk, the now 85-year-old william shatner on hand for the milestone. >> does it feel like 50 ye >> it does. >> cbs is showing the first trailer for "star trek" discovery at comic-con. the new ship take flight on all access in 201 >> you said during the panel you would absolutely return as o co captaan kirk, but you don't think the opportunity would happen. what do we have to do to make that happen? >> negotiate. >> you don't age in space. people look great. >> he's trekked back in time. we'll be right back.
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your wife. drew barrymore ggest stars on " mom out." >> d is divorcing jill's brother, but here is drew, marriages may end but old friends can last forever. >> we're like sisters. we asisters. >> we are sisters. >> so, yeah. >> there is no bitter at all
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about it. >> she is my sister forever. >> why don't you go back to work? >> but i made the selfish choice of staying home to raise our children. >> the comedy is all about momzilla moments we can relate to. >> i always felt so guilty like by people who are like, you're pureing your own vegetables, right?
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