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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 26, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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i'm jim donovan and i'm brooke thomas. >> you're like check point charlie with that street you need a passport to get to the convention center. >> i know [ laughter ]. >> it's craziness i was saying to jim before this i'm happy the dnc is here it's cool to be on this kind of stage that being said i can not wait for them to pack up and see you late erin reopen the roads. i can tell you right now it's going it be a mess for morning commuters and evening commuters especially if you were not tuned in yesterday and maybe this is all new. it will be a busy morning indeed. >> for sure all these major artery affected by that because you're in the center of south philly. it makes it tricky. thankfully we don't have to dodge thunderstorms like sometime yesterday. thank you very much. let's get you outside. we'll show you what is happening actually we'll go back and take a look where we are stacked up with the 90 degree days. the mow month of july 12 days
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hit 09 and 20 so far for the whole season and last year 37, 09 plus days and arm for season is 23. we'll see how we do. this is end in sight to this particular stretch of 90 plus degree heat. we'll get to that later in the broadcast. for now we take you outside and hey things are actually hopping here at pleasant valley middle high school i'm not sure what everyone is doing out. there good stuff here. nice and clear. however it's still a little muggy outside. and that's because we're in transition mode as i always like to say. right now we're tracking even on this last loop this three hour loop the retreat of leftover rain that was pushing through from last night. don't wore wouldy about having umbrella to go today you don't need. it you need to keep sun block ready and stay high drailted we're off to a warm start and humidity is starting to drop off and it's not a cool are day by any stretch. 95 in the sunshine here today in philly and we'll be flirting with 90 at the shore. meisha.
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>> all right. katie. thank you so much. if you missed it we'll talk about closures now and show you on the map. these are closures around wells fargo center and fdr park. three main ones you should know b broad street, pattison and terminal avenue. those are closed. you'll also have checkpoints around here as well. and moving on i'll bring you outside. check point at 95 north near the platt bridge. you can see it's pulled over the way off to the far right and another checkpoints at the vine let's see if we can pull it out there near girard blocked between vine and girar girard. we'll cover this all morning long. checkpoints for vehicles over five tons we'll talk about that in a little as well i want to pull your attention to let's see if it's checkpoints. 59 checkpoints vine eastbound at 95 and 95 southbound at vine street expressway and 95 northbound near platt bridge and then to the schuylkill to 95 if you move south you'll flip that i'll cover that in 15
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minutes, jim, brook being over to you. >> thank you, meisha. it got off to a rough start after email showed party favored hillary clinton instead of bernie sanders. >> vermont senator hit the stage last night and urnled vote others to standby clinton. jan carabeo is live with more on that and i look ahead at today, jan. >> reporter: brook and jim, good morning, here we go. day two of the democratic national convention and we're expecting more fireworksed in the wells fargo center tonight. again today we gavel in, 4:00 in the arm and today's theme is a lifetime of fighting for children and families. and also taking that stage tonight is former president bill clinton. he'll speak to a passionate crowd during primetime and he's got work to do. i spoke to bernie sanders delegates from pennsylvania yesterday and they were very upset by the leaked emails you mentioned that suggest the dnc favored clinton over sanders during prime areay race. many need convincing to throw
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their support behind hillary clinton. last night, though, when sanders took to dnc stage and spotlight vermont senator urnled his fans to do just tha that. seems like he spent all day trying to get that message across. the mere mention of clinton's name around event at philadelphia garnered boos from sanders most loyal supporters. throughout the afternoon sanders took time to speak to them directly and sent them text messages urging party unity and last night he made that appeal again on the main stage as last speaker of the night he says clip ton has the experience and he's broud to stand with her adding he's looking forward to today's roll call vote to officially nominate here as the democratic presidential candidate. >> new delegates. thank you for being here. and thank you for all the work you are done. hillary clinton will make an outstanding president, and i am proud to stand with her tonigh
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tonight. thank you all very much. >> now sanders most definitely spoke to party unity an a couple of other speakers, though, cop traingted hillary clinton to her rival reno bone enter, that is donald trump. we'll take a look at that in the next half hour. for now, we're reporting live inside the wells fargo center, jan carabeo, cbs3 eyewitness news, jim, brook, back to you. >> thanks a lot, jan. >> now, former congress room gabrielle giffords will lead a rally calling for stronger gun laws at logan circle. philadelphia police tell us the first day of protests were peaceful. >> thousands of protesters from various groups marched down south fwrood fdr park and had to deal with temperatures in the 90s and then had to deal with downpours. and many protesters were not sure about party unity after apparent leak of dnc committee emails that appeared to show bias to hillary clinton and other protesters held a death of democracy vij sglil we're
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all in we want democracy. they killed democracy and it will be reborn on the streets. >> and hours earlier police say they cited roughly 50 broad at pattison for disorderly conduct and protests forced authorities to shut done a portion of the broad street line. there were no arrests. our justin finch will have more on the protests coming up at 5:30. >> while democrats meet in philadelphia donald trump is campaigning in north carolina. today addresses veterans in charlotte. trump and running mate pence promised to bring back manufacturing jobs that left the tarheel state. >> it's tremendous and a lot has to deal with bad trade deals i'll bring jobs back to north carolina. >> trump reaekted to some dnc speech and on bernie sanders, he said sad to watch bernie sanders abandon his revolution. we welcome all voters who want to fix or rigged system and bring back our jobs. and new jersey senator korey beerk trump sweet tweet
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philadelphia korey book ser future of democratic party then that's a bad future i know more about korey than he knows about himself. >> stay tuned on the radio kyw news radio even 1210 wpht and on tv with cbs news and eyewitness news team here on cbs3. cbs news is covering every angle of the democratic national convention. cbs this morning is broadcasting live from the national constitution center starting 7 a.m. and cbs evening new with scott bellly 6:30 live at the wells fargo center cbs news will have live primetime coverage every night at 10 followed by eyewitness news at 11 here on cbs3. >> new this morning someone is dead in upper darby after an argument and shooting at an apartment building. investigators responded to gunfire outside the stone horse court apartments shell born road. police say witnesses heard yelling and then saw the victim running towards the courtyard.
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that's where police found the body. >> it looks like it was a chas chase. and unfortunately, for the victim. he got caught. wow never see the pod yivrp the only way the officers saw the body it was red hot and they shined flashlights and found the body. >> the victim was pronounced dead he scene and police are looking for the gunman. >> a woman was carjacked at gunpoint in south philly. and officers say it all came it a crashing end when the suspect smashed into several cars 4800 block of springfield avenue west philly this happened 12:30 this morning. police tell eyewitness news two men and bikes walked up to the victim when she got out of the car and pulled guns and demand keys and drove off but police quickly spotted them and gave chase. and that's when the suspects lost control and hit 8 parked cars and they ran off and still have not been caught. >> and still ahead, the latest on developing story out of japan. >> it's being called one of the
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worst mass killings in japan after a man broke into a facility for disabled just outside of tokyo. i'll have more coming up. >> and also ahead, wildfires continue to burn out west up next how one reality tv star is helping victims♪ . >> eyes of the world are on philadelphia as we take a live look inside the convention hall at wells fargo center. speakers tonight include pennsylvania senator bob casey and president bill clinton. stay with us. stay with us. we'll be right back everyone.
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mass killing in decades. police state suspect stabbed and killed 19 patients as they slept and wounded dozens more. hours later, 26-year-old many former employee of the facility turned himself in claiming responsibility for the attacks. secretary of state john kerry expressed condolences during an overseas trip. >> our thoughts and prayers to -- are very much with those people who are going through terrible progress he told police he wanted to get rid of the disabled from this world. police searched his car where blood marks and cable ties were found inside. this neighbor says he was always friend by and added he sensed darkness in him. officials say several wounded were severely disabled and many of them remain in critical
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condition. >> kena daniels for cbs3 eyewitness news. >> we have breaking news from france. officials there say assailants may have taken hostages inside a church near nor mannedy. that hour the news agency is saying two again men were neutralizeed and eyewitnesses report hearing gunfire. stay with eyewitness news and cbs for updates this morning. >> hope out west residents forced by homes from california sand fire are beginning to return. fire fighters are still working to contain the flames which scorched more than 35,000 acres so far. and 18 homes were destroyed bit fire which is being fueled by hot, dry conditions. >> and well, celebrity dog whisperer is helping families keep their pets safe from fire. he opened his ranch to 100 displaced app malls frevring donkeys to tortoises.
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>> that's awesome. >> look at those animals. >> and how about this story. police covering the dnc cannot possibly be thirsty now thanks to a bar crew helping them beat the heat. the shamrock pub in pitsport dropped off cases of bottled water, gatorade and snacks yesterday afternoonch the police department said thanks by tweeting thirsty, we might never be again. >> we needed water for the past few days and i'm assuming katie we'll need water today for the heat. >> for shurks absolutely. we're at least going to see worst of the humidity dropping off with time here today. but, it is still a hot day. it was a cold front that technically crossed through yesterday and brought heavy storms we'll get to in a second and at least the humidity will be knocking back here. problem is, this cold front doesn't live up to its name. nothing in the way of cool down to the area, which we'll show you in the 7 day as well.
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let's bring it back to rainfall that came through yesterday. it was pretty heavy duty storms that rumbled through here especially late in the day and also about this same time tracking across western burlington county. there were a couple spots were doppler indications were you picked up about 4 inches of rain fall in the last 24 hours. so that's a lot of rain obviously. and as we take a look here now how things are shaping up now things are thankfully nice and quiet. looking at a wide zoom for you on storm scan the front that crossed through that thankfully is now retreating don't worry about wet weather issues today and rather it's going to be another sunny and hot day. and today is still a day of transition. we're still trying to again get rid of the worst of that humidity and we'll be a little time with delayed reaction for that to take place. give it time. it's muggy when you walk out the door. i promise you progressively legislation and less humid but hot later today. now, water temperatures starting to ease up here too.
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it's getting a lot more come tortable when you go and take a dive into the ocean here. if that's where travels take you today it's a good beach day. temperatures into the 70s. the odd ball out atlantic city the buoy reporting 66 degrees and generally speaking warmer watt to work with here. there will be a really good excuse to be at the shore or pool here today. other than patchy fog out there this morning we'll see more sun than anything and flirting with 90 degrees, hot out. there take care in the sunshine and sun will stick around tomorrow watching for isolated thunderstorm and same story later in the week. now back in philly we keep the 9 0s the next three days and finally break that pattern come friday. although we are going to track the potential for additional thunderstorms as the week goes on. meisha, over for you. >> all right. katie. thank you, good morning, everyone, happy tuesday. today we are talking about closures and checkpoints. sound like fun, doesn't it. good morning, everybody, this is what we're looking at now check point vine eastbound ramp
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to 95 and reminder as well for those of who you may be have not heard of taws about it yesterday and today 95 both directions between vine and platt ridge. no vehicles are allowed over five tons and hence why we have checkpoints in place. and so just make note of that as you maneuver around today. closures, 95 ram top broad and 95 north closed all week and southbound is closed except for navy yard. however it is completely closed between 2 p.m. and 2 a.m. we're hereing that a lot lately and schuylkill eastbound at packer avenue is also closed between 2 p.m. and 2 a.m. make note of that closure as well. aroument the wells fargo center and broad, talking about prood street today, pattison, terminal avenue. what you're looking at now camera shot broad at pallet i son avenue. you can see the crews out there right now. this is what it looks like. ghost town. lot of closures on the wells fargo center and fdr park are looking a lolt like this also checkpoints we'll talk more about this coming up in a little bit, jim, brook, over to
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you. >> now for a look at newspaper headlines from a cross the region. >> from cover of mercury calling case of horrific domestic violence a judge snnt snntsed hatfield man to prison for fatally stabbing his wife in their home. he stabbed his wife mona more than 20 times as the couple's five-year-old twin daughters slept upstairs. >> from the front page of the times harold a chester county woman aus kood of kidnappingmer baby. sharia moore says extensive publicity behinders her forgetting a fair trial. they are asking for a change of trial. >> 37 women representing 3 beach controls competed in the lifeguard challenge. short distance triathlon featured 1.2 mile run and
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paddle board segment and half mile swim. >> that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> still ahead eyewitness news charity basketball legend michael jordan doting millions of dollars to. >> and big outing from the phils, pat. >> south philly is not just for dnc with we go for novacare complex for eagles training camp. hear f
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snrvr time now is 5:23. pat gal sent here with all of the sports news. >> it's like 1,000 degrees outside and yet football is here. it's the weirdest thing. phillies pitch ser making a big impression on miami marlins. he could be traded before the august 1 trade deadline and marlins may enjoy having him rather than facing him. he tossed six innings of shutout ball in miami tonight second strongest outing against marlins in a week. phils and marlins were scoreless into the 8th last night when tommy joseph doubled tots wall in left center field scoring franco from first chug in there big fella phils added 3 in the ninth and beat miami. besides opening of dnc yesterday was start of training camp for the philadelphia eagles. rookies, quarterbacks and selected veterans in attendance before the full squadrols in
5:25 am
tomorrow. ar seeing carson went fit and learn and peterson opened the door for rookie to play at some point this year. >> you want him to be in a position to where if there's injury or somebody goes down you plug him in and don't have any worries you're fully confident and comfortable until his ability to takeover because as backup quarterbacks they need to be ready to go at an instant. >> just helping the team get better and getting myself better an i can guarantee when my number is called, i'll be ready. >> michael jordan shy away from discussion political issues in the past but he says he can no longer be silent with what is happening america. normally private basketball legend pub libd a letter monday speaking out about recent shootings involving mrivrz while also supporting law enforcement. jord app is donating $1 million each top two separate groups working to build trust between police and their communities. i have not seen the photo here
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yet but red sox slugger david ortiz photo bombed a couple young fans at fenway park last night. ortiz is retiring after the season and last night as he was walking to the on deck circle saw a couple kids taking their picture trying to get them in the background, sticks his face in between them. i'll look ot social media. haven't been able to find it yet. it looks like you guys are taking the photo i'm always trying to get in on that. >> that was a dream you can imagine. >> pretty cool yes. >> i love that. >> appreciate it. >> okay remember that big proposed hike on new jersey gas tax we have an update next. >> plus our coverage of the dnc continues on more on michelle obama's speech. justin. >> on second day of dnc another round of protests are due toda today. i'm justin finch live at fdr park with what's going on outside the wells fargo center. >> thank you, justin.
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ahead a historic trip comes to an end. hear from the pilots of solar impulse two about their incredible journey. incredible journey. we'll be right back
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics.
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and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. >> hillary clinton must become
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the next president of the united states. >> and hillary clinton aetion campaign gets help from a one time rival as bernie sanders closes out the first night of the dnc. >> good morning i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. >> first lady michelle obama spoke at the con vption. that's our morning minute. >> hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states the vermont senator urnled fans to rally behind hillary clinton we're expecting more fireworks inside the wells fargo center tonight as former president bill clinton takes the main stage. >> new overnight, police say a woman was carjacked at gunpoint in south philly and it all came to crashing end when the suspect smashed into several cars on 4800 block of springfield 1/2 west philly. >> we have arrived and i have a podium pass. i have a podium


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