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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  July 26, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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the next president of the united states. >> and hillary clinton aetion campaign gets help from a one time rival as bernie sanders closes out the first night of the dnc. >> good morning i'm brooke thomas. >> i'm jim donovan. >> first lady michelle obama spoke at the con vption. that's our morning minute. >> hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states the vermont senator urnled fans to rally behind hillary clinton we're expecting more fireworks inside the wells fargo center tonight as former president bill clinton takes the main stage. >> new overnight, police say a woman was carjacked at gunpoint in south philly and it all came to crashing end when the suspect smashed into several cars on 4800 block of springfield 1/2 west philly. >> we have arrived and i have a podium pass. i have a podium pass.
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thank you. thank you. i'm not -- i'm just walking. >> i got you. >> i'm just walking. >> it's time to bring in the big guns. >> may i call you nancy. >> i am throwing weight around. >> as the way to lights♪ . >> oh, cbs steven taking opt dnc on the late show. of course the poor security team up there don't know what to do with him. >> i know, katie, how is it going. >> it's still muggy out here on the sky deck this morning but we're going to start the see the humidity levels decreasing with time and as that happens, the surprise will come up certainly but also heat things up efficiently. and we had a cold front yesterday and that helped to bring in very gusty and strong thunderstorms but thank fully we don't have to worry about storms today.
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pardon me. the thing is we are still going to have to deal with oppressive heat out there. as we take it outside to our live neighborhood network pardon me guys, sorry -- 66 currently outside kutztown area middle school and we have a haze out there and looks foggy certainly but we are going to see sunshine. storm scan thankfully nice and quiet. stays that way today. it's off to mild start. we heat up officially as the day goes on to 95 later on in the sunshine. so off to a warm start. and with that sunshine thankfully not as humid today. meisha, we'll send it into you. >> katie i have a halls at the desk if you need one. i've been chomping on them all morning. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday. how are you? we've about talking about dnc, closures, restrictions, checkpoints. but i'm going to take a mental break for all of us and look at the roads. we can see what they're lacking at now, 95 south at cottman you're looking pretty darn good as you comma round the s curve northbound looking at it normally does.
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in new jersey first look 42 freeway creek road looking here i will say looking a little heavier than it was even ten minutes ago. we know a lot of people now just starting to jump on the roadway. schuylkill before spring guard and beautiful shot here moving westbound and eastbound sgrexs things looking good on schuylkill. let's look at a closure and disabled vehicle in the same area. 59 ramp to broad street closed. so, 95 north they're closed all week. southbound is closed except forts navy yard and put it is completely closed that's what i'm talking about between 2 p.m. and 2 a.m. so, outside of that time zone you can access the navy yard. during 2 p.m. and 2 a.m. you're completely closed there. also just remember schuylkill eastbound packer avenue you're closed between 2 p.m. and 2 a.m. here's checkpoints for you talking about the vine eastbound at 95 and 95 southbound vine street expressway and 95 northbound near platt brim and also those of you looking for 95 alternate platt bridge, 26 to skull till
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to vine then reenter 95 if moving in the northbound direction and southbound sgrex you yut want to reverse that. jim, brook, back over to you. >> thank you so much, meisha. >> our team coverage continues on the democratic national convention and justin finch is live at fdr park where pro test rerz camping out. >> first convention kicked off with michelle obama and corey booker trying to reunite the party while praising hillary clinton. here's a look ahead at today. good morning, jan. >> jim, brook, good morning. that's right, we're getting ready for a big day here at the democratic national cop veption and coming to you live from inside the wells fargo center this morning an you can see behind me that the crews are here are doing a bet of house cleaning this morning because thousands of delegates were fired up last night. we're expecting that again today when the dnc gavels in 4 p.m. today's theme is lifetime of fighting for children and families and one of the main speakers taking that main stage is former president bill
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clinton. a stng and at times emotional speech by first lady michelle obama delivered a sharp attack on republican candidate donald trupp but didn't mention his name once. instead she praised hillary clinton as a leader who will never buckle under pressure and who never takes the easy way out. first lady also says clinton is candidate with heart who will break barriers. >> michelle obama: i wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves, and i watched my dpawingts, two beautiful intelligence, black young women, playing with their dogs on the whitehouse lawn and because of hillary clinton,
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my daughters and all our sons and daughters, now take for granted that a woman can be president of the united states. >> now, new jersey senator corey booker also stepped up to the podium last night. he says clinton is the candidate who is dedicated to uniting, not dividing, the country. she's the person that operates on le suspect for everyone regardless on race, religion on sexual orientation. >> the reason why i am so motivated in this election, is because i believe this election is a refer republican dumb on who best embody the leadership we need to go far together. donald trump is not that leader. and back out here live in the wells fargo center you can see we're set for another big day of activities. senator bernie sanders wrapped up the night on the stapling with a call for party unity.
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he endorsed hill hip and urges his fans to back her, too, he penitentiary say lot of day yesterday trying to ease the tension after news about that dnc email scandal broke this weekend. we'll take a look more at his comments coming up in our next half hour. for now, we're reporting lived in the wells fargo center in south philadelphia this mornin morning. jane jane, cbs3, eyewitness news, jim, brook, back to you. >> thanks jan. >> pennsylvania congress man mike fitzpatrick. said bernie sanders delivered electrify ping speech. at 11:00 fitzpatrick says it's unclear if sanders supporters will back hillary clinton or. dan done done but as there are other possibilities. >> one is that they may stay home and not vote for anybody. some declared here in philadelphia today they're so upset they believe the whole system was rigged dense senator sanders from the beginning given emails that were coming public over the course the last couple days and but there's you
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know several different scenarios one they're third party candidates. >> now dave the dnc day one brought out protesters but not as many as anticipated. >> did mother nature play a role. >> live at fdr park with where many pro tets rerz ganlerring. >> fdr park is the set aside location for all dnc protests that does not mean you won't see it happening other parts of city such as along broad street. we can tell you at this time the only thing that seems to be stifling protests passions appears to be the forecast. >> in the city that caidled american democracy a modern day exercise of first amendment in the shadows of 2016 democratic national convention. >> we're headed to fdr park to protest the dnc. >> and all told philadelphia police report protest rz by the thousands crisscrossing city and raising their voices since
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sunday their motivation loss of life ranging widely. >> peace not war. >> i'm walking for peace. >> my opposition was hillary clinton. >> we're having a vigil for democracy. democracy as we know it is dea dead. >> philadelphia police say protesters tried to climb a fence to make their way to secured area. 3 men and 22 women were detained and cited for disorderly conduct and release released. the citation carries a $50 fine. >> they were not going to stop and made it clear until arres arrested and trying to gain access by the at&t center. >> despite being back drop of high heat and storms yesterday police say officer protester relations were civil. >> right now this group were appreciative of our presence and said more times than i can count while i was out there. >> and day two and up to thursday protests are set to continue. >> bigger and more.
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this is how we get our point across. >> and as you heard, there are more pro tets on the mind of protesters here this morning. as you can see fdr park looking clear this morning again this is the home base for all dnc protests sanctioned by the convention. 54 citationtations wept out to people yesterday trying to go to a secure area. that hour commissioner ross says all of them should be released and police department braces for tens of thousands of protesters still. live at fdr park i'm justin finch cbs3 eyewitness news, jim, brook back to you. >> thanks a lot, justin. >> former congress woman gabby gifford will call for tighter gun control. her and her husband want to keep guns out of the wrong han hand. their political action committee americans for responsible solutions will meet with democratic leaders including ed rendell at logan circumstance thl morning. giffords was shot during a public appearance in 2011.
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>> also, happening today, pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane will number a montgomery county courtroom in norristown. today is final pretrial conference ahead of kane's trial august 8. she is accused of leaking grand jury information and her law license is suspended and kane pleaded not guilty. >> governor chris christie says a new democratic plan to raise new jersey gas tax is dead on arrival. >> and last friday senate and assembly leaders called for raising fuel tax for 23 cents a gallon phasing out the estate tax and offering tax breaks for vet railroads ranz reign commute erin plan to raise the gas tam while cutting sales tax 1% signaled senate. >> still ahead new research on possible link between autism and inducing labor and details in the health watch. >> also ahead dolphins decide to show up for stunned passengers. >> we'll hear from them plus >> we'll hear from them plus this. ♪
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>> timely music i can understand. boys ii men take stage of dnc and they're in good company. stars came out for the first night of the convention when we come back. come back. stay with us.
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♪ ♪ you look at these things and you know you always have people in your corner. you know, no matter what.
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you always have people in your corner. >> i have to tell you celebrities packed the wells fargo center on the dnc. eva longoria was among a lis listers that took center stage last night. >> i'm so honored to be here tonight and i'm proud to say i am with her ! >> music was also a big part of the program. him dairy singer paul simon sang bridge over troubled water and pop star demy lovato touched on her struggle mental illness before performing and silverman expressed her love for hill hel and earlier in the might a local singer hit the stage. >> for the land of the free♪
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♪ and the home of the brave♪ that's bobby hill of keystone choir wowing the crowd with his rendition of national anthem and phillies own boys ii men sang their hit song missouri town philly and all because of dog's eyewear. bieber posted this clip showing him and his pup saleing in a vote. easter you see is sporting googles to protect her eyes. that's just the cutest thing ever. >>. >> i think he does nutty thing things. that's adorable. so cute. we need sunglasses today. >> i would say so, yes, absolutely, very bright, sunny day. still hot, not as humid. so it's in short a better day. and we don't have any storms to dodge, either. >> nice. >> this is looking look a good
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one. so let's go ahead and take you outside and we'll show you the view here start things off live look sky cam 3 high atop the cbs3 studios overlooking center city and skies are clearing out nicely and seeing worst of humidity starting to drop off. you'll go out the door and realize it's muggy outside and thankfully starting to get progressively better and comfortable as the day goes on. with that said, we are seeing the skies clear out nicely in the wake of last night's thunderstorms we're going to take you to a couple photos here and show you nice views that a lot of watchers are finding this morning hazy tuesday sunrise and so it doesn't look as hazy in the picture as what we would have seen yesterday with the soupy nvs in the atmosphere. but it is warm and it is still muggy this morning and as lip is pointing out and it's brightening up nicely and ed showing a similar story with color in the sky to kick start morning. let's go next to the list format of temperatures we're finding. it's still miltd.
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you have quite a few temperatures upper 60s and mid 7 owes and 67 eileen gilbertsville and david, margo and that continues on here to be the story especially across central southern new jersey really everywhere. we're right around the 7 0 degree mark give or take. that's what you find and notice out dpoor. now sun is m coming up later with every pass day daylight lengthth is starting to shrink down a little bit here. today the sun officially rises 5:55 by end of month it's shy of 6 a.m. and by the end of meterological summer it's just shy of 6:30 in the morning. that basically equates us to losing a minute and 30 second or so of daylight per every passing day here. and but you know of course it starts to add up. but we still have nice long wind oaf time to enjoy the sunshine here today. and so as the sun is about ready to come up you see nothing but a clear sky to go along with it here and the front is gone and humidity is going and it is still hot. we have the sunshine for you all day long. low 90s continue through
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thursday and finally we break that pattern by friday. still warm. but it's a lot closer to seasonable by that point. meisha. >> all right. katie thank you for that. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday talking about closures and restrictions and check point. right now, giving you kind of a look outside the boulevard southern looking here for those heading there or are to the schuylkill westbound city avenue looking a lot like this if you jump to the schuylkill. overall holding steady looking good out there especially on the blue route. headlights moving southbound direction baltimore pike looking good looking quiet looking quiet there you guys. check point here you can see them kind of filtering off. 9 5 north near the platt bridge. it was very, very heavy yesterday in this area and take a look at this already just a sea of headlights out there. so, looking heavy there. good imd cater that if you have to head out there and go to the check point again you want to give yourself extra time like we saw yesterday. here's another checkpoints not nearly as congested vine eastbound ramp to 95 and reminder 59 both sgrexs between
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vine and platt bridge. no vehicles over 5 tons are allowed. so make note of that. overall looking g looking nice and quiet there. alternates, 95. alternate if you move in the northbound direction platt bridge 26 to the schuylkill westbound to the vine eastbound and then we enter 95 and if you move southbound direction you literally flipped that around that should help you a little bit and make note this you have septa delays already airport line train 40520 minute delay and 403, 60 minutes delay and trenton lane inbound delayed. over to you. >> thanks meisha on cbs health watch this morning inducing labor does no appear to increase risk for autism in khivrnlt khivrnlt >> grim by dr.
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eavesham township recorded videos in february. they'll start rolling out next month and will be available on youtube channel and facebook page. grimy died when shot after a show in or land" back in june. >> coming up on eyewitness news the solar powered plane that made a stop in the lehigh valley finishes its journey. >> and this is time lapse video of all the stops it made. we'll hear from one of the pilots j
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>> wonder of nature again this morning on eyewitness news. >> yesterday we saw whales and today the spotlight is on dolphins. >> check this out. >> porpoises show up in the san francisco bay all the time and not bottle nose dolphins and certainly not dolphins that show off by jumping in and out of water in front of excited
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and giddy tour sgliingts it was a bucket list for me to see dolphins in the bow and i never thought it would happen anyone san francisco bay. bam. >> i'm glad you got the videos i get to look back and say it was that amazing. >> experts tell us only about 100 bottlenosed dolphins off the northern california coast and they very rarely get into the bay. >> in other news a historic trip came to an end. >> solar impulse two plane landed in abadubi completing wivrt around the world trip powered by solar energy the plane flew 25,000 miles over the course of a year making stop in indian, china, u.s. and italy it took off from united arab imrants and never use aid drop of fuel. >> more than achievement for history of aviation it's success for the history of energy. >> the single seater aircraft runs on battery power at night.
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its afternoon air speed was 46 miles per hour and flew faster during the day when the sun was stronger. check out this time lapse video provided by crew of solar impulse they used go pro camera to give wings eye view of all flights this video takes a minute to watch which is much shorter than their voyage. >> well coming up in the next hour of cbs3 eyewitness news day 2 of dnc. >> thank you. [ cheers ]. >> what bernie sanders is looking forward to today after throwing his support behind hillary clinton last night. >> cool exist to be people visiting philly for dnc. we'll show you where we can see hair and letters and more from hair and letters and more from former presidents coming up ♪
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so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. >> the next president of the united states. >> and berp bern endorses hillary clinton for president and but are his supporters on board. we're live with reaction to his speech. >> and this is a live look at
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the convention floor at the wells fargo center. we'll take a look ahead at what you can expect on day 2 at the dnc. >> and the heat wave continues but it won't feel as oppressive as it has for the last few days. that's good news. well, today is tuesday, july 26. good morning i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. >> katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> happy tuesday know what i'll talk about restrictions and check point and closures we got them this morning they're like they were yesterday starting to heat up a little on i-95 and all in all in a little bit --. >> you're not making any friend out there. >> i'm right there with you and shaking your head at me. >> don't kill the messenger right. >> don't shoot messenger. at least today we don't have to dodge thunderstorms. that's not going to be issue. and we have that working for us right? and storm scan three is quiet


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