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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the convention floor at the wells fargo center. we'll take a look ahead at what you can expect on day 2 at the dnc. >> and the heat wave continues but it won't feel as oppressive as it has for the last few days. that's good news. well, today is tuesday, july 26. good morning i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. >> katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> happy tuesday know what i'll talk about restrictions and check point and closures we got them this morning they're like they were yesterday starting to heat up a little on i-95 and all in all in a little bit --. >> you're not making any friend out there. >> i'm right there with you and shaking your head at me. >> don't kill the messenger right. >> don't shoot messenger. at least today we don't have to dodge thunderstorms. that's not going to be issue. and we have that working for us right? and storm scan three is quiet for us.
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and seeing high pressure build in frontal boundary passes through yesterday. it was technically a cold front. it does not live up to its nam name. we see humidity dropping off. and quickly you have visibility problems here as you go out to plan cast erin reading and poor or reduced visibility reported in those locations. watch for that patchy fog and it's muggy outside and we still have some high dew points and that is something that will be changing with time here as humidity dpropz off we'll heat up. we're still hitting 95 after all in full sunshine no less. but at least we're going to see worst of that oppressiveness go by the wayside. that's helpful. in the meantime don't worry about wet weather. umbrellas not required today. just a nice, big blob of sun block if you are going to be out in this today. it's going to be a scorcher thankfully not as insufferable. meesh a. over to you. >> for commuters katie don't forget sun blocks on the hands
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right. >> totally. >> you burn everywhere. >> ears. >> yes. >> and good morning, everyone. >> down the middle part. >> happy tuesday, our floor director is saying look at my hat. good morning, everyone, delaware county 95 north 452 looking great and georgous as usual as you mush push in the northbound direction delaware county southbound side you can see what you're working with there. look going, guys. eastbound you're looking great. eastbound and westbound side on 422 as well. looking at the blue route earlier. blue route looking good as wel well. check point here you guys 95 north near platt bridge this area got very, very heavy yesterday. i will say you want to give yourself extra time moving in this area through the check point. again 95 north to platt bridge and another area moving up to that a little ago and looking okay. just make note of it. airport line, 35 minute delay and trenton inbound extra train
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running and septa bus and dnc detour. check those schedules online. jim, brook, over to you. >> thank you updating greating news in france. local media reporting two hostage takers and priest are dead after church stormed near more mannedy. police are securing the scene. french security suspect says they used knives to carry out the attack. the incident comes after france is under high alert after attack in nice killed 4 people less than two weeks ago. >> meanwhile closer to home the dnc gets started with party call for unity. >> senator bernie sanders urged his support others to back hillary clinton. jane jane is live at the wells fargo center where history will be made today, jan brook, jim, good morning, that's right, we're ready for day two of the democratic national convention and expect more fireworks tonight. now, again, today the gavel comes down right around 4:00
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this afternoon. and today's theme is lifetime of fighting for children and families. and taking the stage tonight is former president bill clinton. he'll speak to a passionate crowd during primetime and he's got work to do. i spoke with bernie sanders delegates from pennsylvania yesterday and they were very upset by leaked emails that suggest dps favored clinton over sanders during the primary race. many need convincing to throw their support behind hillary clinton. and last night when sanders took to the dnc same and spotlight the vermont senator urged his fans to do that and seems like he spent all day trying to get that message in across and earlier in the day mere mention of her name garnered boos from loyal supporten and throughout the afternoon he took the time to speak with them directly and sending text messages urging party uppity and he made sure to address theel at that point in the rool,. >> i understand that many
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people here in this convention hall and around the country are disappointed about the final results of the nominating process. i think it's fair to say that no one is more disappointed than i am. >> still, sanders added that he is looking forward to today's roll call vote to officially nominate clinton as democratic national candidate and i mentioned history being made today and he said clinton has the experience and he's proud to standby her. >> i have known hillary clinton for 25 years. i remember her as you do, as a great first lady who will broke precedent in thames of the role that a first lady was sposed to play as she helped lead the fight for universal healthcare. and by these measures, any objective observer will
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conclude that based on her ideas and leadership, hillary clinton must become the next president of the united states. >> now, sanlder most definitely spoke to party unity and other speaks including first lady michelle obama spoke about how clinton is different that her opponent donald trump. we'll look at that in the next half hour. for now lived in the wells fargo center, jan carabeo, cbs3 eyewitness news. jim, brook back to you. >> thanks a lot, jan. >> meanwhile philadelphia police and more protests on day two of the sdem catic national con veption and yesterday's demonstrations were peaceful and protesters dealt with heat and heavy rain and justin finch is live at fdr park where most of the protesters are raising their voices. sgl trump cam paipz in charlotte today where he will address vet rapz.
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last night he apeers to have been watching the democratic convention. >> he said sad to watch berp berp abandon his resolution and we welcome all voters that want to fix the rigged system and bring back jobs. if korey book ser future of democratic party he we'll tweeted they have no future i know more about korey that he knows about himself. >> trump talked about the protest in philadelphia. . >> and she picked somebody wrong so they're having massive protests over there. you heard that would happen with the republican con vehicle. we had a fwraet convention by the way. >> trump brought. >> stay with eyewitness news for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. on line with cbs and on tv with cbs news and of course your eyewitness news team here on cbs news.
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they're covering every angle through thursday. 7 a.m., cbs this morning will broadcast live from the national constitution center and evening us in with scott bellly 6:30 p.m. live from wells fargo center and we'll vl live primetime coverage every night at 10 and followed by eyewitness news at 11 on cbs3. >> new this morning upper darby police are investigating a fatal shooting outside apartment building. police tell eyewitness news quizzeswitnesses heard yes, yes, ma'aming into the ston stonehurst apartments walnut and shell bornp a chase edged in courtyard where the victim tried to run for cover. >> looks like it's a chase. and unfortunately for the victim he got caught hiding in the pushes. but wow never seat body. the only way the officers saw the body was it was a red hot and they shined flashlights and found the body. >> and now the victim was pronounced dead at the scene.
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police are looking for the gunman. >> also overnight police say a woman was carjacked at gunpoint in south philly. officers say it all came to a crashing end when the suspects smashed into several cars 4800 block of springfield avenue west philadelphia police say this happened 12:30 this morning. two men on bikes walked up to the victim when she got out of the car and pulled on guns and demand keys and drove off. police quickly spotted them 'gave chase when the spus inspects lost control and hit eight parked cars. >> we're following a developing story this morning a nice attack climbed lives of 19 people at facility for disabled people near tokyo. the suspect turned himself into police about two hours after the attack. and investigators say he was fired from the facility. and he was caught on security camera before the ram page this is the deadliest mass killing in japan in decades. >> still ahead this morning the
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unlikely weapon firefighters are using to battle the massive sand fire in california. >> plus video captures exact moment empire state building was struck by lightning by yesterday's storms. find out why this is no reason for concern. >> philadelphia freedom♪ shine on me♪ i love it♪ shine alive♪ . >> and day two of the dnc at the wells fargo center, former president bill clinton takes center stage tonight. our coverage continues when we our coverage continues when we come right back
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>> fight are fire with fire as we gain an upper happened on the massive sand fire. >> yes, get a listen to this they're shooting off flares to set controlled burns. this way ft. fire comes down from the ridge there would be no more brush to burn. so far the fire has scorched more than 35,000 acres and destroyed at least 18 homes. celebrity dog whisperer is helping families keep pets safe from the fire. he's opened his ranch to nearly 100 displaced animals and that's frevring donkeyes to tortoises. and check this out lightning strikes the empire state building during storms and it's kawts on camera. it's not a rare event the empire state building is hit an average of 23 times a year and
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it's rare for someone to have the camera rolling. >> i would like to be in there. and it does make noise. >> just a tad. >> exactly. >> and that's the interesting thing the line always goes lightning doesn't strike twice in the same sfot clearly does. >> 20 some times. >> tallest buildings in a given location are most prone to see frequent lightning strichblingtz statue of liberty gets hit all the time and come taingt building and those kind of things see the most frequent strikes. never stand under a tree. seek shelters indoors somewher somewhere. let's turn gears here and see what's happening today. starting things off by looking back at the 90 degree heart. not so far this year but that we've seep in past couple years. we go to 2010 this is how we stacked up it in 2010 brutal summer, 55 days 90 or above. did well in 2012 and even well last year.
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currently we're into the 20s and sort of in terms of how many days 90 or above we're tallying up this summer. 75 current temperature meanwhile outside middle township high school and seeing pretty colors here skewed on sky line and clearing out the atmosphere and clear out the sky and more sun than anything. cold front not living up to its name but clearing out of here and it's knocking back humidity levels. that said the eyewitness report comes in handy on days like this and this is definitely a better or more comfortable by comparison day than yesterday. but your air quality is moderate and pollen levels are moderate and heat index 3 and uv index is high. take it easy out there. we're hitting 95 degrees, guys, again take care out there. it's better less humid than yesterday and still a tad stea steamy and low 90s continue through thursday and we'll see a couple of shower or thunderstorms around the way. meisha. >> thank you so much. good morning, everybody, looking at the ben franklin bridge and looking good.
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i don't know if i want to say it looks quiet but tractor-trailer looks quiet. from jersey looking nice as you make your way into center city area this is where we have a check point, 95 he at the vip. you're looking south past betsy ross bridge. left lane is blocked between girard and vine that cautions slow dpounz and at that check point slow doupz as well. give yourself extra minutes in that area you'll need it like did you yesterday. here's another check point 95 north near platt bridge and heavy yesterday as you can see it's already heavy here again today. heading to airport around this area give yourself some extra time if you got a flight today. i have more on this coming up in a little bit. first a quick break. stay right where are you. we'll be
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>> burlington county times a moorestown man pleads guilt toy distributing child porn. daniel chance admitted in court he used a file sharing program to distribute the pornography time of arrest he was employed as camp instructor and will be npsed in october. from the intelligenceer authorities have accused
6:20 am
chalfont mother with holding a gun to her daughter's head during an argument about painting supplies. 52-year-old nancy is charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault. >> the daughter smaktd the gun away and burned by the muzzle flash when .22 caliber happened gun fired. >> the transit agency is one of federal grant for the purchase of six electric buses. . >> a bar says favrping you to phillies finest to beat the heat. >> shamrock pub dropped off cases of bottled water, gatorade and snack at police headquarters yesterday. the police department said thanks by tweeting thirsty, we might never be again. >> and well >> and well as.
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>> that is humidity changing for the better and however 90 plus days continue on. how long do they last of the i'll hav
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. >> it doesn't get more silly than that. >> that's ii men performing motown philly at the start of the democratic national convention yesterday. >> politicians sought harmony and fence mepding. >> outside protesters had other ideas. justin fin search live at fdr park where feeling the burn could mean sunburn justin. >> brook, jim, good morning. a top reason why fdr park is planned protest site is because it's so close to wells fargo center potentially allowing delegates and demonstrators to have close and civil contact and it's no surprise for anyone these rallies are going well
6:25 am
beyond this park. >> we're headed to fdr park to protest dnc. >> in the city that caidled american democracy a modern day exercise of first amendment of shadows of 2016 democratic national convention. >> democracy has been bought there is no democracy in the country anymore. >> all told philadelphia police reports pro test rz by the thoss crisscrossing city and raising voices since sunday and their motivations like loss of life ranging widely. >> peace not war. >> i'm code pink for peace. >> my opposition was hillary clinton. >> we're having vigil for democracy democracy as we know it is dead. >> 5:30 protesters tried to climb a fence and make way to at&t sent air secured area and 32 men and 22 women were detained and cited for disorderly conduct and released and citation carries 50 dollar
6:26 am
fine. >> they were not going to stop and made it clear until arrested they were going to gain access in the area. >> despite back drop of high heat and popup storms monday police say officer protester relations have been civil is there they were appreciative of presence and said more times that i can count when out there. >> day two and up to thursday protests are set to continue. >> bigger and more this is getting our point across. . >> this morning outside fdr park getting into wells fargo center and around the park area here staging area for first responders here around the park space. we can tell you too protesters that come out to the park will find misting tents and bottled water inside as well as access to medics and all things needed in high heat forecast for toda today. we're live for fdr park in south philadelphia i'm justin finch cbs3 eyewitness news
6:27 am
brook and jim back to you. >> thanks a lot, justin. >> our dnc coverage continues in the next half hour, jan. >> we're reporting live thereed in the wells fargo center in philadelphia this morning for day two of the democratic national convention. i'm jan carabeo coming up tonight a look at history in the making. . >> and also ahead it's the only place you can see letters, hai hair, fossil from former presidents and it's here in presidents and it's here in philadelphia next. takbbq trophies:hese best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... >>yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? ♪ whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. >>best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. >>well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy!
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♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ your daughter wants youfrom artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my giant. >> the heat wave is still in effect. we will see 90 degrees temperatures today. >> we're getting a bit of a break from the humidity. katie will let us know when we'll really see relieve in the 7 day forecast.
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good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. >> it's 6:30 here's what you need to know today in the morning minute. >> is it bernie or bust, peopl people? you're being ridiculous. >> first day of the democratic national convention got off to a rough start. >> day two of the democratic national convention we're expecting more fireworks. >> breaking news in france, two hostage tears and priest are dead after a church was stormed near nor mappedy. >> and she's getting out of the car and they both point guns at her. >> a woman was carjack at gunpoint in south any philly and it came to an send when he smashed the car into spring avenue in west philly. for the gap in left center field and outfielder get to it quickly but franco around third and headed to home and he's going to score.
6:32 am
rbi double for tommy joseph. and fill lees go on to beat marlins 4-0. series continues tonight in florida. >> it sure does hey katie how is it feeling outside. >> muggy out here. but it's getting better with passage after time for sure. we're not dealing with any thunderstorms like we had yesterday. so, it is a different day. it's a new day. and although it is still going to be a hot day. let's take a look at what is happening on storm scan 3 which remains quiet at this points on the loop here of the last three hours things emptied out on the radar. we're looking at feels like values currently they're actually very similar to what the actual air temperature is. so what you see is what you ge get. though again when you walk out the door you notice it's a tad humid outside. though that's going to be something that continues to drop off with time. i'm not saying crisp and cool today rather it just won't be as oppressive. that's the big difference and fact we don't have to deal with thunderstorms certainly helps. you're looking at more sun than
6:33 am
anything and it is still a hot day and cold front that will not live up to its name that brought in storms yesterday. we still hit 935. that's you know going to be a hot afternoon. but it won't be as again insufferable as yesterday was in the sunshine and no umbrellas required this time around. lather latheren on the sun flock if you hit ot pool or beach. >> great advice good morning everyone it's all dnc chatter this week and in the world of travel it will slow you down a little bit. we're seeing that now. give yourself extra time. what you are looking at now in birds eye view 95 and the vine and up to upper, middle part of your screen that's when we have another check point there where 95 wrapchs off moving in the southbound direction. overall things are looking pretty darn good here. coming off the ben franklin looking good there and slowing done a little bit. overall things looking okay. take a look at this.
6:34 am
another check point area around girard. 5 south at the vine we have another check point and left lane blocked between girard and vine and we're getting heavier on that air. this is where we have another check point 95 north heavy and if you head to the airport give yourself extra time and heading cords check point take a look at this guys left lane closed all the way out there and it's causing significant delays already. only 6:30 in the morning. septa delays as well and make sure to check schedules online. jim over to you. >> thanks, meesh a there were emotional moments during the democratic national convention as first lady michelle obama praisedied hillary clinton. >> and corey booker echoed party unity. liver at the wells fargo center where hillary clinton is set to become the first female presidential nominee of major party today, jan. brook and jim good morning that's right history in the
6:35 am
making. here we are day 2 of the democratic national convention we're gearing up for another big day and you can see live behind me in wells fargo center in philadelphia that the klup crews are hard at work a little house cleaning is in order because thousands of delegates were fired up last night and we're expecting thad today when the dnc gavels in 4 . today's theme lifetime of figh fighting for children and families and one of the main speakers it former president bill clip ton. a strong and at times emotional speech by first lady michelle obama delivered a sharp attack on republican trump but didn't mention his name once instead praised hillary clinton as the leader that never buckled under pressure or takes the easy way out and she said she is the candidate with heart that will break barriers. >> i wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves and i watched my daughters, two
6:36 am
beautiful, intelligent, black young women, playing with their dogs on the whitehouse dogs on the whitehouse lawn, and because of hillary clinton, my daughter and all our sops and daughters, now take for granted that a woman can be president of the united states. >> so an emotional moment there. and new jersey senator corey booker also stepped up to the podium last night and says clinton is candidate who is dedicated to uniting not dividing country and he says she is first that operates respect for everyone regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation. >> the reason why i'm so motivated in this election is
6:37 am
because i believe this election is referendum on who best embodies leadership we need to go far together. donald trump is not that loade loader. and taking that stage last night with senator bernie sanders he wrapped up night with call for party unity and endorsed hillary clinton and is urging fans to back her, too, you may remember he spent a lot of day yesterday trying to ease tension after email scandle broke this weekend and he's looking forward to tonight's roll call and officially nominating hillary clinton as the democratic presidential candidate. we'll cover it all but we're live in south philadelphia as the wells fargo center, jim and brook back to you. >> thank you, jan. >> despite strong endorsements and speeches on clinton behalf party unity is in question after bernie supporters got dnc off to a rocky start. >> tom giordano from talk raid 1210 join us live from the news
6:38 am
center with reaction to last night, good morning, dom. >> good morning, jim, brook. >> bernie sanders clearly endorsed hillary clinton was he able to get supporters to feel the same way. >> jim, it seems to me this is a process an i would have to say last night where heavy hit werz elizabeth war ep, first lady and bernie sanders and i think the berp berp are still upset bought it bill will come a bit. it will be difficult for the roll call and the people inside are sort of getting on board. it's people in the street that i think are not. >> an now it seemed to be michelle obama night she had a pretty positive speech with a pretty positive reaction onlin online. she took shot at trulp but never mentioned him by name. what was that reaction like. >> i think, brook, that's a classic strategy not to mention we know who we're talking abou about, but first lady did twlap
6:39 am
well. they eechd wrapped it well and corey booker twrapd well until his experience and her knowledge of not mentioning by name is tactic to say we won't lower ourselves to trump level. >> we heard from other big names last night again as you mentioned he liz wedge warren and corey booker what was your reaction. >> i think corey booker did a great job. we still rise at the end of his speech particularly in weaving things together. the others were predictable in the case of elizabeth warren and i don't get how she goes after donald trump on race card that's imprecise. if she's talking about the things he said about immigrants and like that's an area last night that people addressed and did effectively. i thought a minor speaker good is the woman that lost it all
6:40 am
to trump university. she made compelling point about that whole deal. >> now we talked about party unity throughout the election season. how does it compare from the dnc to rnc. >> we had a ted cruz moment i was there when it happened in cleveland he was booed and shoted down for not endorsing and knowing up and not doing the right thing. here you have any number of bernie people hurting but again the gel gat and all that they're okay. on the outside no unity in this and bernie people are annoyed at berp berp and elizabeth warp and in 2000 that's one of the reasons george push wanted. unity is not horrible but not unified group and either are
6:41 am
republicans. >> debbie wasserman-schultz wanted to start things off on a positive note. did it work? what's the deal now about the outrage over email scandle? >> it's still ongoing and we see others out there. i think they made the right move quickly getting rid of debbie wasserman-schultz and removing her from gavel and gaping any presence her own florida delegation went nuts yesterday. they cartrized it and gotten her out quickly. >> thank you very much our signature her station. >>♪ there's a lot of things people can do while visiting city for dnc. >> one exhibit in particular includes document, bones and weird pierce of former president ahead and we'll show you the interesting collection at philly hugh museum, brook. >> we have important information for moms to be. final out what doctor's say does not seem to cause an
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. >> inducing labor does not increase risk for autism in children. >> that's according to new study. harvard researchers studied more than a million births in sbeeden. they found induced babies were not more likely to develop autism than siblings born naturally. >> parent a leading pediatric group wants you to avoid buying violent video games for children. american academy of pediatrics say more than 400 studies link had vie lipt games and being aggressive feeling angry and hostile behavior and thoughts. more than 85% of u.s. children play video games with some amount of violence.
6:46 am
>> to a young ball player for phillies dragons was bummed his dad forgot his birth day. >> dad didn't forget and birthday gift is a real home run. 12-year-old raheem fouler seems dispointed dad tells him to get something from the back and he spots a brand new baseball bat. he chokes up and i don't mean on the bat. the video has been checked out thousands of times on facebook. >> happy belated birthday. >> i love that. >> dad choked up too. it's cutest, sweetet video i choked up watching it. >> you should stay away. >> i'm choking up looking at the forecast because it's so hot. >> yeah i mean it's definitely still warm across the delaware valley. we check in with eyewitness weather watchers and finding temperatures off into the 70s across the delaware valley and couple upper 60s and still muggy out here too. check in on a couple spots. he's still at 98% humidity and actually reported shy of 2" of
6:47 am
rainfall from storm that rumbled through yesterday things are brightening up for him and it's still muggy and always across the region. and that mixture of clouds and sunshine also pretty humid. but again the dew points drop for us as the day goes on. let's switch it officer to the maps on storm scan 3. frontal boundary that brought in the storms technically cold front. it's not living up to its name. it does nothing to cool us down we are however going to see humidity and the moisture in the air matt get wiped clean. that at least will be helpful. and i'm not saying it's a crisp and cool day at all. it's still very apartment warm and summerlike. but at least it's not as bad as what we experienced yesterday. i mean that was pretty much insufferable across the region and drop off and see dip in dew points today especially dew points start to climb up again through mid to late week. that will be as our next system starts to move along and
6:48 am
eventually thankfully see end of 90 plus degree days here and have a couple showers and thunderstorms to dodge. maybe even as early as tomorrow off south of city and notice 90s continue to thursday and timely break the pattern by friday and day. that's where we hit upper 80s at best and that's where we're back to seasonable and that's when we'll see most numerous showers and thunderstorms return to the forecast. meisha over to you. >> right before the weekend, all right katie thank you so much. good morning you guys. it's very busy outside. this is where we have accident schuylkill eastbound near girard. blocking i would say a little bit of that maybe far right lane. and prae dominantly over opt shoulder. can see how busy traffic is there. and check point 95 south at vine make note of this. this camera shot is more on girard. you are see how slow it is left lane blocked between girard and vine. check point as well here heavy congestion 95 north near platt bridge if headed by airport give yourself extra time for sure because this is what you
6:49 am
will sit n very heavy yesterda yesterday. headed to check point left lane you can see is closed and also looking heavy there. septa delays this morning lansdale, doylestown, 19 minut minute, fox chase 82037 minute and septa buses see dnc detours tours and patco tweeting for you. >> and moving northbound and southbound sgrex, jim and brook to you. >> time 6:49 cbs this morning is broadcasting all week live from philadelphia. >> at the national constitution center nora with a preview. >> hey, good morning to you brook, jim, bernie sanders got a huge show of support in philadelphia and hillary clinton campaigned here and john will join us at the table and talk about unitty efforts and investigation into the dnc emails and new details how russia may be involved in the security breach and also take a closer look at michelle obama
6:50 am
emotional appeal did you see the speech last night y wow drop the mic when it came to trump and bill clinton is tonight. we'll see new ten minutes from now. >> thank you we'll be watching. >> one event connected to the democratic national convention is gun control rally happening today on logan circle. >> former congress woman gabby gifford and mark kelly headline it this morning and former ed rendell and other law maker and gun control advocates will call for gun violence prevention. she was shot and seriously injured during a public appearance in 2011. not all businesses are benefiting from dnc this week. >> customers we railroad placed by pro test areas long south broad with thousands tying up traffic. some businesses like shannico's in south philly were forced to close and losing thousands of dollars. >> we're on and then protesters
6:51 am
game bernie protesters and we had two tables and after that everybody started calling and canceling and we closed, opened at 4 and closed at 6. >> another factor impacting business as long south broad there's no parking in median during the convention. >> all right if you're in town for democratic national app convention and looking to brush up on american history look no further than academy of natural sciences. >> and telling us where brushing up works well here. >> it's an interesting story, jim, brook, there's an interesting collection at the academy of natural sciences that focuses on letters, fossils and follicles. presidential hair is on displa display, why? . >> as democratic national convention take over the city there's plenty to do and see that per tapes to great history of this country. and the academy of natural sciences opened an exhibit focusing on some presidents. >> this particular exhibit focuses on three or four presidents specifically thomas
6:52 am
jefferson he had a huge fossil collection and ulessyes grantee lekted to membership during the civil war and very strong conservationist roosevelt who helped build the national park system. >> jefferson animal bones is displayed in this collection and wouldn't be possible without help of famous explore explorer. >> he sent clark of famous lewis and clark sxed daition to collect bones in kentucky they were not sure what they were people were using them as door stops and paper weights and all kinds of things and jefferson no, no, we must bring these back to philadelphia. >> there's also letters and books from the presidents that show love for animals and science and how important they thought them to be in learning more about our vast country. perhaps the most interesting aspect of the exhibit is one that focuses on a particular part of the president their hair. peter brown and attorney and enthusiastic naturalist of the 17 and 1800s studied locks.
6:53 am
>> this collection sun usual because it was collected not for political reasons or even sentimental reasons it was collected for sign tisk reason reasons. brown thought if he could get hair and study them under the microscope he may be able to belter understand how people are related to each other. >> it's part of political fest with 7 stops in dnc hurry it runs through tomorrow on. caezy, weird stuff. >> kind of cool though. >> get out there today. >> we'll be back with what you need to know to start your day. need to know to start your day. >> it's three to go, next.
6:54 am
donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves!
6:55 am
you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
6:56 am
6:57 am
>> well, before you hit the road it's three to go. >> and off-off at a friendch church ends with two hostage tears and cop deadd hillary clinton will officia officiallien nominated and former president and hillary's husband bill clinton will speak at dnc and that's three go. >> let's get a last check on weather and traffic. >> thankfully weather will cooperate. it's hot. thankfully humidity is starting to drop off. it's a little transition out
6:58 am
there and we can see over the last couple hours any showers and thunderstorms that have been associated and brought strong storms yesterday that continues to pull away and fizzle as well. it's atmosphere cleaning itself out if you will. there is some patchy morning fog most notable in far west subshz and higher terrain generally full sunshine and humidity continues to decrease. it will be a hot day, meisha, 95 is expected high today. >> warm katie thank you and two accidents outside schuylkill eastbound near girard pulled off the way off to the right should ep and another here 422 eastbound at trooper pulled off again to the right shoulder and blocking part of right lane busy through there and busy 95 north near platt bridge headed to airport if that's any of you out there you certainly want to give yourself extra time because this is what you will be sitting in this morning. >> thank you so much, meisha. historic trip has come to an end. >> solar impulse two plane lan landed in abudabai completely
6:59 am
power by solarenery the plane flew 25,000 miles over the course of year making stops india, china, u.s. and italy and first took off united arab imrants and never use aid drop of fuel. >> cbs next charlie, nora and dale continue our cover from34 the national constitution center and joined by daily show host, trevor noah. >> watch all day for live coverage from the convention floor at the wells fargo cente center. president bill clinton once again is speaking tonight. again is speaking tonight. have a great
7:00 am
♪ good morning. it is tuesday, july 26th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." and we are in philadelphia for the democratic national convention. a chaotic kickoff for the democr democrats. bernie sanders struggles to convince his supporters to back hillary clinton. her campaign chairman john podesta joins us. new reports on the e-mail hack. the fbi is now investigating. michelle obama captivates the convention with a passionate endorsement of hillary clinton. and tonight, an historic role reversal, potential first gentleman bill clinton


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