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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 27, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight, an "e.t." exclusive -- keshia knight pulliam, the adorable rudy huxtable in tears, her pregnancy divorce scandal. >> i'm doing this one interview and i'm done. >> dumped by her husband, is he really demanding a paternity test? >> did you cheat on him during your marriage? did he cheat on you? . then hollywood goes wild in philly. we go backstage with the stars. plus, a beatles exclusive. ♪ >> the rare home movies, the at ron howard's new documentary. >> you think you know the beatles. you really don't. "the bachelorette" drama boiled over. the shocking behind-the-scenes behavior at the men tell all special they didn't show you on tv. >> i could go off right now. now for july 27th, 2016 this is "entertainment tonight." keshia knight pulliam was
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america's darling. everyone's favorite from the "cosby show" but now she's going through the biggest nightmare of her life. >> a week ago she announced she is pregnant. and now she says she was blind-sided by the news that her husband is not only filing for divorce, but he reportedly wants her to prove the baby is his. >> let's go on the record duxt cheat on him during your marriage? >> i have never cheated on him during my marriage. that's not who i am. >> you said you will have a paternity test. >> that's nottan issue. i have never been unfaithful to my husband, this is his daughter. and it's one thing when you choose to be in the spotlight. it's another thing when you have a baby. it's not about me.
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she doesn't deserve this. the biggest thing of my priority is she doesn't deserve it. visited her this afternoon in her atlanta home. the giant square-cut diamond ring she once wore proudly is gone. get ready for this -- keshia told me she's not the one who cheated. she claims her husband wws. >> so when early in my marriage i was faced with this, i was ready to leave. i had the divorce papers ready. i presented them to him. he begged, he said please, i want my family. he said all the right things. and once i was pregnant, i did decide to give him that one last chance. >> let's cctch everyone up on the back story. >> would you like to hold me? >> no, he might go on me. >> after we fell in love with her as rudy huxtable. keshia has led a quiet life. doing charities and her own podcast. after four months of dating, keshia and nfl star ed hartwell
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secretly got married six months ago. last week she announced she was pregnant with a baby girl. then just two days ago ed filed for divorce. one report claimed he wants a paternity test. keshia was completely blind-sided. >> he acteddlike any other day, like good-bye, i was still asleep in bed. and he texted me, you know saying hey, can i talk to you for a moment. okay. he said you know, this isn't working. all i heard was i filed for divorce this morning and i'm coming to get my stuff. >> let me be clear, i have never been cheated. >> as her side of the story. the >> there's no nursery. keshia plans to sell the house before her daughter is born. as her ex's side of the story, the former "real housewives of atlanta" husband has not responded to our calls for comment.
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>> you still love your husband? >> i love who he pretended to be. i have no desire to continue to be married to him. that's why i'm doing this one interview and i'm done. i'm not going to continue to revisit, regurgitate. but i'm also not going to continue to allow people to tell blatant lies about me. >> i see your heart is breaking. >> i'm grateful, everyyhing that happened. i'm grateful for my blessings. and that's my little girl. >> amazing. so you've heard the heartbreak and you've seen the tears. but this story is not over. tomorrow, our keshia knight pulliam exclusive continues. what she does now after the pain. >> one day he will have to answer to her. and explain to her. >> a powerful interview, the most important thing is that keshia and the baby remain healthy. before nischell flew to atlanta to talk to keshia, she was on the floor at the democratic national convention in philly where hollywood was all in.
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>> i certainly think meryl -pstreep hopes people heard tha scream and the words grit and grace. that was the case she made as to why hillary clinton should be the next president. >> we got some fight left in us, don't e? >> whoa! >> streep made her speech in a flag motif dress, minutes later only "e.t." was backstage with actress elizabeth banks who wiped away tears watching hillary make history. >> i've been on a roller coaster ride, haven't we all? >> banks scooped donald trump'so entrance at the rnc and produced this star-studdeddvideo, which aired last night. ♪ this is my fight song >> you did your little parts. i'm like jane fonda's laughing. rapping. elizabeth banks is beat-boxing, what else is going to happen? >> and we threw the, we got this togeeher. >> i mean, it's all about singers coming together.
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it was all about a cappella singers coming together. how there's harmony and strength in many, many voices and i felt like that message would be carried if we made that video. >> the video featured eva longooia. ♪ >> connie britten and aiesha tyler. >> it happened really fast. think she emailed me and i said yes right away and we did it a few days later. it is beautifully produced and it was cool because jane fonna was coming in as i was leaving. so i got to sing for jann fonda. >> welcome to philadelphia, mr. president. >> thank you. >> tony goldwin plays the president on "scandal" he hit the stage for hillary after her nomination. >> i think it's expectations are super high. it was 95 years ago that women got the right to vote. and there's not been a woman lead anywhere our country yet. >> mean let me say this the star turn-out at the dnc has been impressive, but there were some powerful ladies out last night in the l.a. for the premiere of
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"bad moms" my favorite movie of the summer so far. >> so many things in the movie that moms can relate to. the cast alone. they got together with our samantha harris, it was a mom's night out. but their hubbies crashed the ccrpet. >> every night that we put wine down, we high-fived each other and said we did it he's alive. you still like each other and you like your kid at the end of the night. >> spoken like a true soon-to-be momma of two. and ashton not he only hubby there, kristen bell just showed off pics from her and dax & shepherd's 2013 i do's. but it was christina applegate got a little frisky. >> she was groping your tush. >> yes. >> did she not get enough of you or what? >> i hope it was as wonderful for you as it was for me. >> i don't get out very much. this is exciting. >> it's called the next-level friendship. sometimes you grab each other's buns.
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>> oh! >> since the movie reminds us, no parent is perfect. how about their own "bad moms" moment. >> my daughter yelled at me and i said hey, you need to cut the attitude and she said i don't have an attitude, dude. then i know i've dooe something wrong. >> talk about my "bad moms" story. my daughter's birthday is today, happy birthday. i'm a horrible mother. >> walk out. we were live on tv's facebook page as kristen bell paid it forward to another mom, tara lance answered kristen's plea to donate for crowd rise, to the charity alliance of moms and won a trip to premiere, some pampering and this surprise date. >> hi, guys! >> you want to go to the premiere? >> let's do this. >> this is amazing. >> we're going to have a blast tonight. a lot of excitement.
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>> "bad moms" indeed. still ahead, it's hard to believe that there's still beatles footage that's ever been seen. but we've got it. it's our exclusive peek at ron howarr's new documentary. >> that's a good story. behind the scenes of "the bachelorette's" men tell all special. we have the drama they didn't want you to see. and "america's got talent's" wild night. how things got even crazier back stage. -- captions by vitac --
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[ cheers and applause ] you want to talk bout a show-stoppee? that is 90-year-old burlesque dancer dorothy williams on "america's got talent's" last night. more than ten million americans tuned in to see her do that. the show was full of surprises. we were back stage for it all. >> it wws a fun show. >> it was fun, yeah. >> it really was. >> death-defying acts. >> amazing vocal performances. ♪ >> i admit i am so impressed. so happy. >> and we're not even sure what to call this. but this had to be our favorite
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moment of the night. >> "e.t." "entertainment tonight." >> i watch it all the time at home. >> do you really? >> i do, i love entertainment tonight. >> dorothy made us believe dreams really can come true. >> all these years later i become a star at 90. it's unbelievable. >> but simon talking about the next big act in his life. that really got us. >> how is your son eric doing? >> he's doing amazing. he's like two and a half years old. he loves music. loves dancing. he's going to follow me into what i do, i know that. >> you believe that? >> 100%. >> record labels, watch out. >> he's going to work for my record label. >> judge mel b was all about family. hours before her kids were doing their thing in the car with her. ♪ >> is that regular for them? >> well we do have fun in the car this is what happens in a lot of our car journeys. >> you have a future spice girl on your hands. what do you think of that? >> we'll see. >> we'll find out who moves on to the next round tonight. i'm kind of hoping that cake
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face stays around. >> are you having the time of your life here? >> woo. >> you're n "e.t." what do you make of that? >> i want go back to dorothy, the 90-year-old burlesque dancer. she started dancing in 1943. her one regret was she never pecame famous. >> but now? >> hello. >> you're proof that it's never too oll. never too late. still ahead, "the bachelorette" bad boys, speaking of being famous. reaching new lows. that you have not seen the worst of it we'll tell you what they cut out of last night's show. >> you want to fight me? plus inside the new movie taking dares to the extreme. we make the stars put the money where the mouth is. >> that's it. the three things you never knew about the beatles -- our exclusive look at ron howard's new documentary. >> we were all pretty scared. you want to fight me?
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any time, any place.t me? >> don't worry, we got a security guard. >> drama, drama, drama last night on "the bachelorette." it's what we've come to expect from bad boy chad. it happened last night when all the bachelorette men got togetter. chad went after everybody. i mean everybody. our lauren zima was there to reveal all the drama you didn't see on tv. >> you might want to pump your brakes, i got dirt on you. >> don't make me talk bur girl, bro. >> chad idn't disappoint. calling people out and saying some weird stuff. >> "new york times," you choose apples, you should have chose pickles. >> his most shocking move didn't make the cut. >> a private most between chad and chris harrison during the commercial break. chad took the opportunity to lean over and tell chris he was really sorry for what went down it must hhve been something big. chris accepted the apology. >> it may have something to do with this sneak peek. >> you went to sleep last night
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with a mimosa and robe on. >> other things you didn't see during the special -- a tray of deli meats was passed around for the audience to snack on. in that audience was bachelor superfan, actress chloe grace mooetz. the guys were given shots of fireballl, to give them liquid courage, but things got tense when chad called out jo jo's final man. >> days before filming in order to be on the show with you and we both know that jordan is a liar, cheater, whose own brother won't talk to him. >> i could go off right now. s. >> he loves the attention. >> speaking of jordan's brother, aaron, the nfl quarterback broke his silence about the strain within his family. telling reporters at training camp, he finds talking publicly about family matters inappropriate. but he did wish brother jordan well in the quote competttion. >> love how he calls it the competition.
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we're going to find out if jordan or robbie s the one for jo jo on monday. that's the finale. >> i want to know who you think jo jo is going to pick. >> jordan. it's so obvious. from day one it's going to be jordan. >> nancy is going jordan. >> well cameron is here with four boys who drove the girls crazy like never before way back when, the beatles. >> they're so legendary, they continue to inspire people today. like oscar-winning director ron howard who by the way uncovered some things we never knew about the fab four. ♪ help ♪ i need somebody ♪ help >> do you remember your first memory of them and where you saw them? >> when they performed for, on ed sullivan, i watthed that. it was so important. everybody saw it it was amazing. >> hello, my name is paul mccartney. >> this is ringo starr. this is john lennon. >> i'm george harrison. >> my tenth birthday, what i wanted was beatle boots and a beatle wig. >> are you kidding? >> my parents couldn't find beatle boots, but i got own at the dime store, they found a
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beatle wig. i had it. >> the director is putting that beatle love to work, directing a new documentary which includes -pnew discovered home movies an bootleg sound both digitally enhanced. >> top british group, top record of the year, the beatles. >> the cheeistry that happened between us that seems to appeal to each generation as it comes up. here are the director'ss three take-aways. the beatles basically invented the stadium tour out of necessity. >> everybody, how are you doing? >> i couldn't tell you. >> police and local governments told them if they continued to play 10,000-person arenas, they'd always have 30 or 40,000 people, kids outside clamoring. they couldn't control it. >> the second they stood up to
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segregation. >> i didn't know that their first political stand, their first big controversial issue involved what was to be a segregated concert in jacksonville, florida. they said are you kidding me? that's ridiculous. they couldn't see the logic in & it, of course. but they had no idea how controversial it was. but they stuck to their guns. >> and three, the beatles story feels like a hollywood story. >> for kids, we were all pretty scared. >> it's the ensemble tale of these young guys, boys at the beginninn, men at the end and they've been through an amazing journey. the world, not just the country. but the world has gone through a transformative period as well. >> as a beatles fan i cannot wait to see this. this is the second documentary the first one was about music, too, back in 2013.
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he directed "made in america" about the music festival created by jay-z. >> what's the craziest thing you've ever done on a dare? i wish i could say mine, but it has legal ramifications. but doing crazy dares is the premise behind emmy roberts and dave franco'ssnew movie "nerve." here's what we wanted to know -- how far would they go in real life? we find out. >> kiss a stranger for five seconns? >> i'm the envy of a lot of my friends, i've kissed both of the franco brothers. >> you mmght be the only person on earth. >> do you think? >> emma made out with james in palo alto and now dave in "nerve." first question, which franco brother is the best kiss centre. >> i don't know, maybe i'll have to kiss them oth again and pecide. >> stars were bold enough to strip down to their underwear. >> the amount of conversations that were had about what my bra and underwear would look like got to a pointtof ridiculous. i said okay, i'm going to pick a bra and underwear and we'll call >> are they bold enough for our
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dare? >> it was note even. >> it was not even. you didn't even do it. >> you looked back at the footage. >> you like -- look at that. >> that's two licks. p> show off. >> don't give it back. that's so much terrible. by the way, a big wedding coming up. dave is tying the knot. he told us, there will be a bachelor party, but in no way will his brother james be planning it. >> james franco planning a bachelor party? come on! probably a wise decision not to have him plan it, dave. we'll be right back.
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donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
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watch it at >> announcer: travel consideration provided by -- every season on "big brother" all the drama seems to lead to some kind of hooking up. is tonight going to be the night that it happens this season? >> there are a few clues, we have tears, we have someone comforting someone else. and that can lead to show-mance. we got a sneak peek with julie chen. bye, everybody. >> the show-mance is bubbling, but not real full romances. show-mances.
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one -- the stars sing together for hillary's fight song. ♪ this is my fight song >> rachel platten tells us how her song became an anthem for
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female empowerment. then kerry and the scandal crew go back to work for the last time. >> this is also going to be the final -- >> no! who said that? >> inside the live tv slip-up that left "gladiators" shocked. and number three, ellen pompeo gets candid about aging in hollywood. >> from here on it's a steady decline into old age and cultural incision. >> why she's stuck in meredith gray's scrubs. plus our insider bonus, we're returning to the "hills" ten years later. >> if you knew the real story, you would understand. what i'd like to do is tell that story. >> inside lauren, heidi and spencer's fame and fortune then and now. mommy's not here, so -- >> now, hollywood from the inside out, it's "the insider," together with yahoo. hello, and welcome to "the insider," we're tracking the


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