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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  July 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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others took to social media to poke fun at what they saw as panned erring. of course, the big moment, when the nominee herself took to the stage to share a hug with president barack obama, following what some are
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calling the best words and delivery of his career. >> so this year, in this election, i'm asking to you join me, to reject fear because the next president of the united states. >> in washington that's not meant as a compliment, it is means you're not sophisticated but i know why we're strong, i know why we hold together. i know why we are united because there has always been growing middle class. >> this guy doesn't have a clue about the middle class, not a clue. >> passionate words by the press and vice president for what's expected to be a tight race. now, democrats have not won three consecutive presidential
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elections since 1948, which was the last time that the dnc was held here in philadelphia. reporting live from the floor of the democratic national convention, alexandria hoff, we send it back to you. >> thanks, alex, after president obama speech last night, first lady michelle obama tweeted that's my man, your truth, dignity and grace remind us what real leadership looks like, i'm always proud of our potus, signed mo. the florida delegation to the dnc held a breakfast this morning in philadelphia, big democratic big wigs. "eyewitness news" at the franklin ballroom in center city for the event which featured former attorney general eric holler and former chairman harold dean. the pennsylvania delegation is ready for tonight's historic convention finale, as well, metaphor their breakfast this morning at the double tree hotel on south broad street. they're calling for party unity in the campaign against donald trump this november. the pennsylvanians were the host delegation for the convention, a source of pride for the group.
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>> protesters are facing charges today after clashing with police outside the wells fargo center. >> police say those are protesters breaking through a fence around the convention area. they say, seven people got through, and were immediately arrested. now, police commissioner richard ross said those protesters were warned of the consequences. >> they were able to breach that fence, kind of ridiculous in a sense, standing right there waiting for them, they see us, so it is not like it is a surprise, not like they thought they could get anywhere. they were taken into custody, despite warnings that i issued earlier, were issued by people along the fence line later, they're now being charged with federal offense. >> now, earlier yesterday, demonstrations by other groups were largely uneventful. police have issued 69 citations, since the dnc started on monday. >> former philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey is remembering fallen police officers, and calling for gun
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control. >> ramsey made an empassioned plea at the convention last night. >> we need more than grieving to protect our law enforcement officers and to serve, and to serve the memory of those heroes who had fallen. we need common sense measures to reduce gun violence. >> former arizona congress woman, gabby giffords, also called for stricter legislation. gifford suffered serious injuries when she was shot during a public appearance in 2011. >> well, convention delegates are getting very, very special treated to. >> convention concert starts in less than an hour in camden featuring lady gaga, lenny kravitz, and philly's own jazzy jeff. our cleve bryan live outside the concert, hey, cleve. >> reporter: how are you doing? well, the democrats have shown a lot of love to philadelphia. so they're brink that across the river, here, to camden,
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for this special concert, camden rising. now, this is really the pre-party before the party has an except stance speech by hillary clinton later today, so democrats here in south jersey said we'll throw a huge party. we're going to rock, we're going to dance, we're going to sweat together. the only thing that some people are saying, they don't like, is that you had to be invited here, it is not open to everybody, this is an event that was intended to be for the delegates, for people that worked on campaigns, and for people that are just invited who are community groups, that they really wanted to showcase what they have to offer here in camden, new jersey, as we put on by george norcross, and i spoke to his brother, congressman, don norcross, about this name, camden rising, and what it means. >> when we take a look around, directly behind you, you see coming out of the grounds the rebirth of camden, for many years we've had some negative press, and that's all changing. we have a public safety system that's been honored by the
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president of the united states, when he came here this year. you have an education system, that was the worse and now is improving dramatically, and, third, you have economic development providing jobs to those who need it so bad. >> this is one of the economic developments, right across from the concerts, future home of where the sixers will have their practice facility. there is also a lot going on with holtac with one of the office buildings, invite only event. there are few small protests going on here. they're not really protests of the event itself, small interest groups, we have spoken with some of the larger protest groups that were in jersey earlier this week, we understand that they do plan to do something, but we haven't seen them yet. reporting live in camden, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thanks, clever. >> the republican ticket is on the campaign trail today. vice presidential nominee, mike pence; in michigan. >> presidential nominee donald trump will be in iowa later
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this afternoon, now, trump was in scranton and ohio yesterday, but he's under fire from both sides of the aisle for comment he made in florida. trump told reporters he hopes russia find the emails hillary clinton deleted from a private server while secretary of state. >> responding on cbs this morning today, he says trump send courage ago former "cold war" at vaux satisfy to spy on the united states he's writing a foreign power that is aggress or at times toward the united states, to commit espies on and for whatever reason. let alone to influence the outcome of one of our elections, just unacceptable. >> now, continued to say this has moved past politics, now a matter of national security. >> in other news, this morning, we have funeral arrangement, details for the philadelphia firefighter who died while on duty last week. seventeen year veteran firefighter gab re he will
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lil, died while working the night shift in north philadelphia. viewing will be monday night at the deliverance evangelistic church with another viewing tuesday morning, before his funeral service. lee, father of three, was 42 years old. >> police in north philadelphia are investigating a deadly shooting. a man was found under a car on the corner of 16th and pike street, in tioga early this morning. medics saw he had been shot and pronounced him dead at the scene. the victim's name has not been released, anyone with any information on this shooting should call philadelphia police. >> well, another day of blistering heat in the delaware vale, likes like some relief could finally be on the way, let's get a first look at the forecast with katie live on the cbs-3 skydeck. >> sort of depends how you define the word relief. yes, eventually going to see the temperatures drop off, but i can't promise you that it will feel crisp at all. still going to be dealing with some humidity along the way, and in addition to that, some thunderstorms and showers that have to move on through, in order for these temperatures
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to get knock back. let's walk you through it, first and for most we take you out to watch that will take effect as of at least 2:00 p.m. then late as early evening here, but regardless flashflood watch scheduled to take effect here across most of the region for what's yet to pop up here. looking at storm scan3, at the tri-state sweep here, generally you do still have dry weather nothing more than couple of clouds, but back toward chester county just across the lancaster county border, one pocket of showers has gun to bubble up out there at this point not looking for any signs every lightning. when we zoom it out even one time you can see the moisture beginning to really move in, across southwestern pennsylvania, and that, my friends, is a sign of things to come. now, here's how it feels right now. well, i know this is getting old, but here we go again, feels like the 90s already. up and down i-95, we are technically into the low 90s, in a couple of spots, but, that aside, you know, does feel a lot more soup year, the
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further south you go, so even in wildwood actually feels like it is over 100 degrees already. now, there will be again some thunderstorms that have to cross through here before it is all said and done today. we should get to you about 93 degrees here in philadelphia. still seeing at least little bit of sunshine peaking through the clouds, but testifily getting a little cloudier now that the hours have passed and that moisture starting to build up. like we said there will be thunderstorms that start to pop up leading to flashflood threat. so we get into much more detail about when those storms get here, who is most susceptible, any other impact, because actually severe thunderstorm threat as well. much more to come later in the show, guys, we send it back into you for now. >> still to come on "eyewitness news", scare for pope francis when he takes a tumble during mass. we'll tell you how the holy father is doing today. >> plus, we'll show you how some new technology could help in a black market trade that makes millions of dollars every y
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>> pope francis took a tumble while celebrating a open air mass in the polish city of chesterhova. apparently the pope missed an step, bracing himself with a left hand, his breezes returned to help. papal spokesperson said the 79 year old francis is fine, went ton deliver lengthy homily. the pope is in poland for world youth day events and to visit concentration camps. well, dusting for fingerprints has helped police catch criminals for decades, but, using it to catch poachers of wild animals, has never been possible. until now. >> british researchers say
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they've found a way to lift prints, off elephant tusk and other ivory. cbs news correspondent really carlton has more from london. >> poachers hunting elephant for their ivory tusks make millions of dollars every year. it is a black market business, african authorities hope goes up in flames. so they're burning what they confiscate. >> we need to rep that there is 96 elephants killed every day for their tusks. >> finding poachers can a difficult task, but researchers at kings college london are hoping to make it a little easier. >> here is the african ivory tusk. see what you think of that. >> it is heavy. >> sure is. so you can see, how you need both hands to lift that. >> hands can leave behind fingerprints, even someone's dna. but ivory's poor is textures can make it nearly impossible to detect a print. >> with standard poured ers they can be gone after three days. >> scientists are now teaming up with police and have
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discovered a finer magnetic powder that can lift a print even a month after the ivory was touched. >> good one here, i think. >> the challenge now is to get this used and to start building data bases overseas in some of these countries that have this problem. >> the fingerprinting kit is simple and cheap. costing less than $100. authorities plan to start using it on ivory confiscated at london airports. researchers hope more countries will start fingerprinting, catching more poachers, and saving more animals. really carlton, for cbs new, london. >> gamers now using people's cell phones to steel their identities. here's how it works shall it is called cell phone hijacking, identity thief takes over victim ' cell phone account then upgrades all phones on the account that are eligible. the victim then get stuck paying those charges, and that's not even the worse part. >> facebook, google, bank of america, wells fargo, they are all using your cell phone as a secondary measure to prove who you say you are.
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>> some companies use a text to your phone to verify your identity. consumer experts say this is probably the result of data breaches and fishing scams. so check your bill often, and set up a pin with your carrier that must be provided before a phone upgrade. >> i'm glad i sit next to a consumer expert. >> indeed. coming up after the break, another powerball drawing comes and goes with no jackpot winner. >> still to come on on "eyewitness news", finds out how high the jackpot has now climbed. >> and buy a ticket, now on my to do list. looking ahead here my friends to more showers, more thunderstorms, threat of flooding, once more, much more detail on the impact that this next system is going to have on our area corks really mess with your commute. full details straight ahead. past
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whenthe state made aers, commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise,
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they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it.
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>> i'm bracing myself for the forecast. >> it won't be that bad. if you remember early in the morning monday, then that night, we had the really heavy storms rumble through philadelphia. we're looking at similar variety of that same kinds of scenario, happening for basically a different reason, but it is going to sort of have the ends, same end product. so, what we're facing here, more showers, more thunderstorms, they could be locally not just drenching, but, also, potentially severe. that is where we turn our focus first, we take you out to the maps. we do have slight risk posted just to the southern portion of the delaware valley here, mainly through the delmarva peninsula, although marginal risk for damning thunderstorms, as well, even into southern new jersey, that said, both of the heaviest thunderstorms and the worse of them, i should say, goes down toward southern maryland,
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virginia that said, as well, we will see a lot of moisture with this, if you stepped outside at all today you know how muggy it is, we have the flashflood watch that we showed you moment ago. and because of all of the heavy rain currently moving through it is going to accumulate pretty quickly, and maybe have hard time draining in decks to humidity, you ends up with such a saturated air mass, to allow for really heavy downpours, combine with slow moving front, you got yourself perfect recipe to see some heavy showers, heavy thunderstorms rumble through, generally, in scatter fashion, but they'll easily slow anyone down that's trying to travel underneath those pockets. so, periods of heavy rain are on the way, really not tracking anything locally yet, say back toward west most chester county, in the meantime, though, we can end up with over 2 inches the out
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of this by the time we hit friday evening, that's when the flashflood watch will actually go out of effect, as long as it stands as it currently is with the timing there. the one thing we always say, please don't disregard this, you never, ever drive-thru flooded roadway. remember, it only takes couple every towns actually sweep an s.u.v. away, so cannot mess around with that stuff. what we're facing later in the day, future weather predict it, it looks like those showers and storms will, again, be spotty, not everyone's getting hit here. but where you have got them, if it actually pans out, verifies over new castle county and kent, traveling route one, for example, you're going to be getting drenched trying to commute through that. it does look like another cell will likely be firing up, over portions of philadelphia county, southeastern montgomery and bucks, as we head toward the typical evening rush, and even through 6:00 p.m., it is casino of slow my great to the northeast, so slow moving pockets of the heavy rain, that is going to be a problem, overnight, more of the same. we'll have to face the very same thing then looking ahead
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to tomorrow. meantime, clouds starting to build, look little gray, ominous here at bernville. bucks county, actually air temperatures flirting with or already into the 90's, probably have another two, 3 degrees here up our sleeves before the storms get going. and before things really start to get underway with those storms, firing up. so the key word is scattered. but where ever you have got the storms, i just keep the umbrella on stand by if you plan to be out in this today. you don't want to risk it, your hair is too lovely. >> i've had my umbrella in my briefcase for the past month. well, if you forgot to get your powerball ticket last night you're in luck. nobody hit the jackpot. now climbed to get this $478 million. that's a lump sum of about 331 million after taxes. it is the fifth largest powerball prize of all time, the eighth largest lottery in the u.s. history. the next drawing is schedule for this saturday. your odds of winning about one in 292 million. we'l
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judge one more look, we'll be broadcasting liver from the wells fargo center at 5:00 and 6:00 and 11:00 tonight. >> that's "eyewitness news" for noon. i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. for katie, all of us here thanks for watching. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00 always on line at the young and the restless is next.
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>> dylan: ah, great breakfast, mariah. thanks. >> mariah: well, buying doughnuts for everybody was the least that i could do. >> sharon: you got all of faith's favorites. >> mariah: yeah, if only there was one that was covered in glitter. >> sharon: yeah. >> mariah: uh, dylan, do you want some leftovers for the road? >> dylan: i am so happy that you decided not to move out. >> mariah: aww. thank you. are you sure that's not just the doughnuts talking? [ doorbell rings ] [ laughs ] >> kevin: hey. >> dylan: hey. >> kevin: oh, are those doughnuts? what are you doing here? i thought you moved back to my place. >> mariah: well, as much as i would have loved to hang with the two of you at your love shack, i decided it was probably better to be at a place that i was actually wanted. >> dylan: kevin, tell me you're here because you have something i can use to help adam. [ door opens ] >> michael: thank you.


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