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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the parties nomination for president of the united states , the first would hand to do so for a major party. lets take you inside convention hall right now delegates are listening to party leaders speak about why it is important to elect hillary clinton as president. chelsea clinton and pennsylvania governor tom wolf air monk the speakers. clinton joins president obama on the convention stage, last night. tonight she will deliver the most important speech of her political career here at dnc. we are learning, just a little bit about what she is going to say. campaign says democratic nominee will pull together themes of hillary clinton's story and contrast that with the story of republican nominee, donald trump. >> this election is really a moment of reckoning for the voters. are we going to succumb to some very powerful forces, that are tearing at our social fabric, that are dividing us,
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economically, and socially or are we going to come together to solve these problems. >> ♪ fight song >> reporter: campaign a once tomorrow's clinton kaine rally will be held at temple university instead of independent mall due to possible bad weather. we will get more from kate on that in a bit. rally starts at noon time. the republican nominee donald trump was campaign in iowa today. >> he is there and he is also clarifying some comments he made yesterday about hillary clinton's private e-mail server. yesterday he told a florida crowd wow like to see russians find clinton's deleted e-mails he was being sarcastic when he said that. his initial comments drew criticism from clinton's camp and were not echoed by his running mate, mike pence. now back here in the building, the excitement is really building, the crowd is already growing, behind us, especially for delegates who are here. >> our alexandria hoff is on the floor right now and she has been talking to the delegates about what is ahead on this big night, alex?
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>> reporter: well, this is the night that the people around me right now have been waiting for that moment when hillary clinton takes the stage, but this story has not been played out only on the stage so we weren't able to make it here at the wells fargo center, we will take you inside. after passing through, tsa like security, arriving to the convention hall early, is like arriving early to a big cobbs earth. a really big concert n this case one that will play a key role in deciding the fate of the nation. is there food, beer, mostly people waiting for equipment, photo boots and people you want to take photos with. >> i wear this, and sacrifice, that they make, that they have today. >> i really didn't know what to expect and if i were to talk, it is more than than i would expected. >> reporter: network philadelphia area stations prepared shows from the floor and clubhouse perimeter, radio stations around the world broadcast from the hall of the wells far go center.
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the concert like feeling becomes even more so, several times each day, as speakers and performers conduct, brief run throughs. today a casual katie perry gave a sound inn light check before tonight's performance. around 2:00 p.m. is help delegates trickle in and on this final day of the democratic national convention , serious among clinton supporters remain high >> everything is more, what i expect, tonight i just expect for hillary to bring the house down. >> reporter: talking about bringing the house down, these balloons overhead have been ready to fall all week, and they will. tonight. reporting live from the democratic national convention , i'mal sand that hoff for "eyewitness news" new back to you. >> thank you so much for. that. well, history will be made in just moments here on the dnc stage, 25 year-old
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cheryl mcbride will address the convention. she's first openly transgendered person to address i major party convention. she currently works as national press secretary for human rights campaign. >> we will hear from secretary clinton, but we will also be hearing from her daughter, chelsea clinton, chelsea will introduce her mom who will then formally accept democratic presidential nomination and close out this democratic convention. several protesters are now facing serious charges, after allegedly breaching the security fence around the wells fargo center, last night >> they face aid judge and "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live outside federal court in center city to tell you more about it, joe. >> reporter: ukee and jessica, it has seen the pictures of the drama, violence, chaos outside wells fargo. rubber met the road here at seven defendants face aid federal judge this afternoon. it is this chaotic scene that led federal authorities to lock up seven people, charging them with breaching the
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security fence around the wells fargo center. all seven defendants appeared thursday afternoon before a federal magistrate. civil rights attorneys are working to have the charges dismissed. on monday night, the perimeter was in one place and then they apparently decided it would become federal jurisdiction by changing their mind. >> reporter: one man identified as jeremy grabber a paramedic from rhode island allegedly had three knives on him when he entered the security perimeter. we are told he uses them in his line of work. prosecutors called him a threat to national security, and asked that a judge hold him until monday where he will have a federal detention hearing. >> the government in this case asked that he be detain for a three day detention hearing because their position was the three knives that he haddon himself were considered weapons. >> reporter: in the video you can see protesters have have mode down the fence engaging dozens of philadelphia police officers. the attorneys called the security perimeter an ever moving target, they want federal charge is a begins the
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seven defendant did it missed. they are critical of the message it send to those exercising their right to demonstrate. >> my concern is these ever expanding zones of protection, that went up against, free speech and first amendment rights. >> reporter: back live, two of the seven defendants are actually being held for further review by the court but five of them just left court, we spoke with them just within the last five minutes, you'll see that part of the developing story, on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. live outside federal court in center city i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, joe. a group of traveling nuns, helped bring people together on a hot, steamy day in center city. they handed out free cups of lemonade with the mission of creating a dialogue with the public on how to mend gaps, in our society. the sisters time their road trip with both political conventions in mind. >> we were at the rnc last week and in cleveland, and there people were very much
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more serious, reserved, not as sense of a joy at all. here in philly, there is much more joy. is there much more enthusiasm and much more diverse group of people gathered. >> reporter: that group is called nuns on the bus, they have visited 13 states, after three weeks on the road. demonstrations, and road closures, during the dnc time has been a issue i guess all week. >> the roads are not exactly easy to get around. >> not at all. >> depending where you are. let's check with meisha johnson in our traffic center. how is it looking this afternoon. >> hi jessica and ukee, it is still a mess. it is looking very busy out there but i'm here to get you through. first thing i will show you is this checkpoint. taillights moving in the north bound direction approaching platt bridge right now, very heavy congestion on this side, we have lost that left lane leading up to the checkpoint area no vehicles over five tons passed these checkpoints. if you have a flight leaving
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from the airport just imagine sitting in this give yourself some extra time. southbound side was backup because of an accident that was pulled off to the shoulder you have that gaper delay too. second checkpoint 95 south at girard very busy here. checkpoint is 95 south at the vine this camera showing you girard, third one eastbound side at 95. we have a closure at 95 at broad street ramps close north and south accept for navy yard except, 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. these closures will be lifting , tomorrow, either mid take or if you are around the wells fargo center, tomorrow night, is when they are expect to close. alternate moving in the northbound direction, platt bridge to 26th street to the schuylkill to the vine and reenter on i-95 moving in the southbound direction, you will literally swing that around and that will get you. best round. airport is also very busy tomorrow with all of the closures, just make note of. that now back to you, jessica? all right, meisha, thanks very much. welshing tonight hillary clinton hopes to win over, skeptical voters, both
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democrats and republicans. >> and we will continue to hear from both sides of the aisle, lets continue to keep the ball rolling and check on the convention floor right now with our natasha brown, natasha. >> reporter: we are here on a bustling convention floor right now, standing we have allison young, who is a former advisor to president george w. bush, and also, darryl clark, president of the philadelphia city council, just a couple of questions. yesterday, heavy hitters brought out by vice-president joe biden, president obama trying to seal the deal to make the case for clinton to be president. coming off those speeches, what can we expect to hear from her in her own word. >> president obama made a great case for his own legacy but he didn't do any favors for hillary clinton trying to reach out to new voters. that is what we need to hear from her tonight. we heard what has been democratic message, what has gone on last eight years. she needs to separate herself and say she's what will happen next. for all those voters that feel like they have been left behind for over last eight years. >> it sound like there is a double standard.
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people are criticizing hillary clinton because she was with president obama, next breath, they are saying, well, it wasn't really hillary clinton it is only president obama. i think this is like the super bowl, speaker after speaker threw the ball down the field, hillary clinton has it ted up to go over the goal line and that will happen tonight. >> reporter: we know that her daughter will be introducing her, chelsea clinton, she did a huge part of this campaign, and there is expecting her to personalized her mother like no one olds obviously could. is that what will happen, heart warming stories. >> i think it is a personal touch. as much as people see politicians they don't understand that these are real people. these are families. they are people. i think that along with bill, but having his daughter puts icing on the cake, and personalized and get rid of the characterization that some have the on republican party has had over hillary over the last couple of years. >> do you think it will do her justice to have her daughter there. >> it is important to for her
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family there that they are unified, it is important that chelsea clinton is here and mom of the daughter i think it will be a proud moment for the candidate herself. historic moment tonight we have to recognize that. >> she has a huge steaks tonight, skeptical voters out there that have issues, trust issues with secretary clinton, are you expecting her in some way, to try to gain their trust tonight. >> well, first of all we have to gain trust of the bernie sanders people and that is happening. you can see difference between first day and today. as we moved through the process people understand that hillary clinton is one of the consummate public servants and people will feel more comfortable with her having her hand on the button but walking the streets of the united states of america, taking care of real problems for real people. >> i disagree with that a little bit. there is still tension. i still see sanders t-shirts around and sanders banners. i think the goal for clinton campaign tonight toys reach out to those vote their may as i save been left behind over last eight years and just see this as a tip ways of what has
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been going on during the obama administration. she need to separate herself and lay a plan for the future instead of talking about what has been done. >> thank you both, very much for joining us. we appreciate. that we will continue to gauge reaction here on the convention floor at the wells fargo center, throughout the night. that is very latest for now reporting live, natasha brown, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now back to you. >> natasha, thank you. cbs news is covering the democratic convention, right down to the closing moments tonight, "cbs evening news" with scott pelley will be live from the wells fargo center at 6:30 and cbs news will continue prime time coverage starting at 10:00, followed by "eyewitness news" right here on cbs-3. well, some strong thunderstorms moved through the city, we just made it in. >> we were rushing inside here not to get rained on. >> i'm's hearing reports that the media tent mighting flooding a little bit. >> this is serious. >> the threat not being over lets go to meteorologist kate bilo with more on where things stand right now.
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>> we do have more rain still to come tonight, and through the overnight hours even into tomorrow morning. the showers and storms have moved through this afternoon. there is a lot more where that came from and all streaming from the south and west. heaviest storms are south of philadelphia, over new castle county delaware, cumberland county, new jersey. we have a few stronger storms in berks county, and they are producing frequent dangerous lightening especially this one over new castle county but those torrential downpours. we saw that on monday evening. that is what you can expect again this evening. scattered strong thunderstorms biggest threat to the south this evening, downpours, slow travel and those strong wind gusts. we have flood advisories, including portions of delaware county, portions of the city right on through delaware and south jersey, also still under a severe thunderstorm watch and that goes until midnight for vast majority of the area this is not over. the it could continue into tomorrow morning. coming up we will tell but a flash flood threat that continues right through noon tomorrow. for now, ukee and jessica, back to you.
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thanks very much. coming up on "eyewitness news" our other top story, eagles football is his back. >> first day of full squalled work out don bell, will be there with how the team is looking, torey. sorry, you are not taking picture of me? you are taking pictures of the harlem globetrotters live in wildwood. that is right, coming up, we will meet ace and two tall and we will tell but what you can expect this weekend and it is a show, it is a show. >> guess what, guess what, guess
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all right. i think i think we might need to change the theme music to sweet georgia brown. >> yeah. >> down the on the boards in wildwood for us. >> that is right, torey is hooping it up with players known for their antics, torey. >> that is right. we have the harlem globetrotters, we are celebrating, 90 years with the harlem globetrotters down the shore, that is how we do it at the shore. i want to introduce to you too call, lets talk about the
5:18 pm
legacy of the globetrotters and you yourself you are a legend of your own kind are you not. >> yes, of course, we have been around for 90 years. the guess what i'm the shorter globetrotter in the history. >> yes. >> and also, making a little bit of a, a lot of the women proud give it up for 13th female, to join the globetrotters, there is she, what can peak them this weekend because we have a big show in wildwood this weekend. >> absolute fun, for sure. ninetieth year. you will see high flying dunks , some fancy dribbling, lots of funny, funny things. we will have a blast, let me tell you. >> and i imagine we will see this is flip, give it up for flip please. >> yes. >> yes. >> flip, can you tell me harlem globetrotters they are iconic, what does it feel like to be part of that group. >> do you see my arms. >> goose bumps. >> the goose bumps. >> we should give family at
5:19 pm
home goose bumps can we show them what you showed me earlier. ace, can we do that. >> let's do it. >> i want y'all to see this amazing shift right here. >> they're in the ready, ace. >> i want you to see this, right here. >> that is how you do it. >> that took me two minutes to learn. >> you find a spot on the team for me. >> ukee and jessica, is there a big weekend here in wildwood at the convention center. you have to check these guys out. give it up one more time for the harlem globetrotters. >> yeah. >> nicely done, drop the ball. >> nicely done, you got game, tell them all we said hello, that is fantastic. >> he said i got game. >> i believe that. >> oh, yeah. >> all right. let's check on the weather now with meteorologist kate bilo back at our cbs-3 studios, kate. >> jessica and ukee you saw it
5:20 pm
was dry for torey but not for long. we have rain heading for the shore at this moment. we have ball spinning before the rain came through. it has tried out in center city, we had torrential downpours right around 3:00 now we are in the lull, lets go down the shore as well and still some people on the beach but it is starting to look a little overcast in ocean city and everyone starting to move off the shore that is probably a good idea because take a peak at storm scan three which shows rain is moving in. right now moving through atlantic county, cape may county quiet but showers and thunderstorms are heading that way. we have a break in the action here over philadelphia but we have a lot more to get the through overnight and into tomorrow as well, and doppler estimated rainfall totals in the past 24 hours we can see heavier rain over northern delaware and south jersey, salem, cumberland counties. few little bulls eyes of red this indicating mere four inches of rain, three to four inches, we have had one report of someone in delaware
5:21 pm
with 3.87 inches recorded in that spot. very heavy rain off to to the south today and we have got more to come, through tonight, and into tomorrow morning. so your storm threats for tonight a high list being for heavy rain, high risk for strong wind as well. moderate risk for lightening. moderate risk for hail and tornado risk is very low with the set up of these storms. lets talk about the flood threat. these then are storms will have heavy rainfall. one to three inches of rain and that can come in a short period of time. it will pile up quickly. you will get poor drainage flooding. any area prone to flooding and if you know the street you drive down gets flooding on the right-hand side, expect thaw will see it as we go through tonight. do not drive through flooded road. it does not take much to pose a potentially life threatening situation. we will talk about those risks coming up as well. we are under a a flash flood watch until noon time tomorrow , and only good news is we have 95 degrees today in philadelphia now 75. the rain has really put a dent in our heat. that should mean, our heat
5:22 pm
wave has come to an end. but with all this humid air moving through our unsettled pattern lasts right through monday, a slow moving front, bringing in lots of moisture bringing in lots of uplift, and we have threat for thunderstorms in the forecast every day. heavy rain possible still tonight into tomorrow morning. thunderstorms redevelop late saturday overnight into sunday temperatures in the mid 80's but still humid and still wet, coming up in the seven day i'll tell you when we will clear it out, and get seasonably warm but dry day, that is something to look forward to for now, ukee and jessica, back to you. okay, kate thanks very much. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight nothing like jersey fresh produce. >> one of the favorites is farmly on farm stand and we will tell you just how much you can expect to pay for your new jersey tomatoes coming up, don. the philadelphia eagles are in fact stronger together. full squad is here, they have practiced for the first time, we will have an update
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a bird eye view of the democratic national convention from outside our suite at wells fargo center, philadelphia mayor michael nutter just left the stage and you will see more familiar faces as the night goes on. the excitement is building, as people stream into the big night, of course, hillary clinton will take the stage to formally accept her parties nomination, and cbs will bring it to you live. well, just down the street from frustrates, the novacare complex is very, very busy, eagles football is underway, the full squad. >> we will find sports director don bell with more on that, don. >> guys, do i want to talk about building excitement. that is exactly is what happening in this building right here. full squad talking about 90 total players here practicing for the very first time. interesting day because there were originally going to practice outside but because of the rolling thunder and lightening storms they moved it indoors. they had an hour and a half
5:27 pm
session, left here just a few moments ago. people are excited about the prospect of having a great defense. they have a new defensive coordinator in jim schwartz but they return some good players on that side of the ball, guys like safety malcolm jenkins, who made the pro bowl last season. >> i'm super excited to be back around the boys, 2016 training camp has officially begun. now, malcolm jenkins giving us a behind the scenes look as he is in the meeting room with his boys, his players. meanwhile, there are a couple of players who got into some issues with the law in the off season. we will hear from nelson agholor and nigel bradham at 6:00. until then, don bell coming to you live from the novacare complex with the philadelphia eagles. back to you guys. don, thanks very much. as we continue celebrating the unsung heroes of the dnc, that is coming up next.
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a star studded concert for volunteers and staff find out which well known new jersey politician was able to spend sometime with lady gaga and bradley cooper has been spotted at dnc, why are some fans angry about tha
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she slimed me. [ laughs ] it is another historic passing of the baton, hillary clinton makes history tonight when she becomes the first woman to accept a major parties nomination for president of the united states the final night of the democratic national convention , here in philadelphia, pennsylvania. "eyewitness news" continues 59:30. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. so glad to have you with us here in the wells fargo center in south philadelphia for 2016 democratic national convention
5:32 pm
behind us the speakers started a lot of delegates are already in their seats. as we progressive liz make it to the end of tonight which will culminate with hillary clinton formally accepting that nomination. to introduce her will be her daughter chelsea clinton who will want to talk about her mother, and kind of human ice her in that way that only a daughter could. she will give that unique perspective. in addition to celebrating diversity, clinton will be using her speech to try to win the public's trust. that is a big issue for her as you look at those polls, and majority of the voters thinking she's dishonest. we talk to scott pelley that is a gap we have to bridge. i talked to the spokesperson for the campaign about 30 minutes ago and she's still playing with that speech. thiel be doing that probably until that final minute a lot of democrats in the meantime crossed over the river, they are in camden for star studded musical event. >> "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan, joins us from camden with that
5:33 pm
story, cleve. >> reporter: ukee, many of those democrats crossing back over the river, concert has now wrapped up but this was an opportunity for south jersey democrats to show off what they have going on here at camden waterfront. >> we're here for gaga, and hillary, lenny. >> reporter: all about star appeal as leaders of the democratic party in south jersey threw a concert called camden rise to go showcase positive developments in the often negatively perceived city. >> $2 billion worth of private investment. it has been decades since that has happened here. we're really proud of it. we want to show the world. >> reporter: head line for invite only no media allowed show was lady gaga, this is re tweeted video of gaga with senator corry booker behind stage. >> i'm proud to be in camden, new jersey with the new jersey girl, this is lady gaga thank you for coming in. >> so happy to be here. >> reporter: so were the delegates from throughout the country visiting camden for the first time. >> it is lovely. everybody has been so helpful.
5:34 pm
>> waterfront is quite nice. >> reporter: is there another side of the story in camden, republican candidates for congress, bob paterson says companies relocating from other parts of the region to camden doesn't move meter for household prosperity. >> they are simply transferring jobs, playing musical chairs. >> reporter: keith walker from the city's park side section feels his neighborhood has been left out. >> camden is not rising because local community is not able to participate or benefit from the economic development that is taking place here. >> reporter: we should note those big companies like hol tech, subaru, liberty property trust have not completed their projects in camden so don't will continue if camden is rising or not. live from camden, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cleve, thanks very much. we are joined by chris stigall from wpht. chris, thanks for being with us yet again. >> the final day. >> he has been providing contrast to the democrats, and giving your thoughts on everything. lets go back to last night. we have not seen you since
5:35 pm
president obama spoke last night. when he gave his remarks he painted this picture of america, that is positive, that is moving in the right direction and he says that is in contrast to a picture he said donald trump is painting, much darker, more pessimistic. do you agree with that characterization. >> i know because polls say that americans feel very on edge, that personal safety is threatened. that is a real iron you. despite economics we could go through numbers i won't game you with that but the big, number one task here, was to try to make the sale as i said last night that this party is interested intacteling isis, defeating terrorism. only person that drove that home last night would be dangerous from donald trump, joe biden. joe biden, in my opinion, should have been the nominee and had he been he would have run a way witt. >> he got a rousing response here last night. >> yes. >> lets talk about another speaker from last night and former new york mayor michael bloomberg who has run as an
5:36 pm
independent and a republican. often said he was a democrat before all of that. >> right. >> he made the pitch that listen, i don't agree with hillary on everything, and he said he was a republican before but that she is i think the word were sane and competent that he used, what did you think about that. >> i don't have a lot of time for people that party flip and flop and i think the house kind of suggested the same. maybe they weren't hostile it wasn't most loving embrace no one knows where michael bloomberg stands any given year politically. i don't lend credence to what he has to say to be very candid. >> what about the person at home who is maybe an independent. these are party faithful. at least sanders supporters, maybe people that are not as receptive to that message as to someone hoist an independent, what do you think >> did michael bloomberg make that sale. >> yeah. >> no, not to be redundant but i think joe biden was a guy who probably sounded most like trump, if you are trying to cut into that working class blue collar segment of the
5:37 pm
population the only person that matches trump, in my mind is joe biden. i think the speakers so far, mrs. obama, president obama, joe biden, have been so stellar, corry booker the bar has been raised so high. >> it is a high bar. >> mrs. clinton has struggled with this format. she admits it herself. big speeches, you know, kind of these big celebration moments she doesn't always rise to the occasion. i'm curious to see if she gets excitement level backup where they left it last night. >> we will see what happens. >> we will see. >> thanks very much for being with us. >> been a pleasure. >> thank you. the american muslim democratic caucus, held its dnc election today. >> "eyewitness news" was at the convention center. group says it will be actively working to assure a hillary clinton victory in the fall among those attending reverend jesse jackson. >> the world must be one big place for all, racial and
5:38 pm
cultural and we must make room for all of the religion. we must not leave anybody out because of their rye religion. >> the american muslim democratic caucus says that it is especially focused on muslim voters in swing states and that it is working hard to make sure that they get to the polls. still ahead on "eyewitness news" we will head back to the studio and check on the rest of today's news. new jersey favorite, finally on the farm stand in the garden state, that would be the delicious jersey tomato and we will tell you why it is a fact that they are some of the best and how much they will cost you this y
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who do you talk to for military advice right now? i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know,
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when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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welcome back. you have another chance of becoming a multi millionaire, no one matched all six numbers for last night's power ball
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jackpot. prize rolled over to 478 million-dollar, and the next drawing is on saturday, only one pennsylvania ticket matched five numbers, for a one million-dollar pay out, and winning numbers were ten, 47, 50, 65, 68, and the power ball is 24. well, pope francis took a tumble celebrating an open air mass in the polish city, and it appears that the pope missed a step and fell bracing himself with only his left hand, as priests, of course, rush to help him. papal spokesperson says the 79 year-old pontiff is to go fine and went onto deliver a lengthy homily. the pope is in poland to visit concentration camps there. still ahead new jersey summer favorite is now ready, anita oh takes us down on the farm. plus we will go back to the wells fargo center, dnc has a star studded line up tonight, find out what an expert say the star of the show hillary clinton needs to do to get a bump in her poll, we will be right
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dnc, she's not the only star here in town. >> insider's debbie has more. deb i. >> yeah, ukee and jessica from hollywood to the great white way, the celebrities not only spoke up, but they also sang out loud. we are taking you inside their powerful, and unifying message >> ♪ what the world needs now is love, sweet love ♪ >> it is just so much fun to be here with all of the friend , and community, inspiring people that always want to help out. >> reporter: spreading their message of love in the city of brotherly love. >> ♪ >> kristin bell, adina manziel and deborah messing were among 40 great voices of the great white way to take the stage and in the audience lance bass could not help but to sing
5:47 pm
along. >> it was just getting off stage after singing with some amazing group of broadway luminaries, just too many to name. >> we were backstage with the favorite and former glee star and to say it was a pinch me moment for him is a under statement. >> so uplifting, and, it is what can i say i'm in a really good spot. so yeah, it was great to be out there. one of the moments i will remember for rest of my life. >> we will have have so much more tonight on the insider, ukee and jessica, back to you guys. >> debbie, thank you. get all of your holy news every week night at 7:30 right here on cbs-3. >> new jersey favorite is back in season for a sandwich, salad and i especially love the stew. >> great, no doubt bit. >> "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh shows us why the time is right to get your hand on some fresh new jersey tomatoes >> the red. >> burst of flavor. >> really, really, really good >> all of this in the beautiful site for those who
5:48 pm
swear by new jersey tomatoes. >> i had florida for mate owe. >> they are fresh, juicy and they enhance everything that they eat. >> reporter: after all, there is a reason that new jersey is known as garden state. >> new jersey has a unique soil, it is that sandy soil that you see, and you cannot fine in the south or anywhere else. >> the season started a few years late this year, said david did you haveuffield. >> but as seen, there is an a wonderful answer, 98 cents for a small box compared to about double that without the a sale >> it has been incredible. we're blessed to have everything at this point, it is just, prime new jersey pre dues. >> reporter: usda numbers show that last year new jersey farmers grew and sold more than 50 million-dollar worth of tomatoes. farm to fork all fueled by tomato lovers like sophia who is at eight, already vouches for this vegetable. >> i really eat a lot a day
5:49 pm
but my mom only lets me eat one. >> not to worry. >> couple days they will get red like this. >> reporter: there is plenty to go around and plenty more in bloom. in new jersey anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> they look good. >> i would take some right now >> i'm starving up here. >> tomato sandwich. >> lets go back in, weather situation. >> jersey tomatoes, nothing better, then a new jersey tomato. the weather is in the looking so beautiful this evening. we have got heavy showers and thunderstorms, pushing through the area, the good news for the dnc, in the city of philadelphia, we are in the lull in the city for now, the rain has split into two segments here. heavier showers and storms up through lehigh valley and berks county, strongest storms have moving toward the shore points and another strong storm has headed to a portion of the central delaware, where warning have been placed, but this one has frequent lightening with it. this will impact portions of cape may county this area has
5:50 pm
not been hit yet, and, cape may, stone harbor, avalon right toward ocean city, rain is heading your way. everyone that may be on beach, get off the beach, as these storms rolled through. we are under a severe thunderstorm watch for majority of the area does not include lehigh valley or poconos but they are in a flash flood watch, this goes into noon tomorrow, one plus to must three plus inches, heavier spots and bull's eye as it won't be downpours for everyone. everyone that gets stuck will see torrential rain, street flooding, and ponding, you can see it in, one round of heavy rain off to the north tomorrow morning and another round to the south and as we get in the day tomorrow we can see some spots checking in as we said with between two and three inches with the heavier amounts off to the north and west. around round of showers and storms comes through during the day saturday. we will start the daze off with cloud and showers re develop, saturday evening, into sunday. so it is still a very active forecast. as we go through the seven day
5:51 pm
, showers and storms mainly tomorrow morning and saturday afternoon, sunday afternoon once again, a stray one on monday and finally by tuesday, we have got some bet ever weather less humid with sunshine tuesday with lower humidity. as you may know, cbs-3 is very committed to expanding kid horizons when it comes to stem education. meteorologist lauren casey, and, science, technology, and something truly fun last summer. iphone, apps, game consuls kids are more familiar with today's technology than most adult. local partnership is turning tech savvy kids into tech creators. it isn't your typical summer camp these kid are taking their love of smart phones and gaming consoles one step further here at new foundation s charter school they are getting the total
5:52 pm
tech experience. >> it business bridging the digital divide, and giving kid the opportunity to do things that they wouldn't be able to. >> reporter: school team up to provide cam top middle and high school student from lower income families in philadelphia each camp is free and lasts two days and they are held throughout the summer 125 student attending this camp are learning lessons that could lead to careers in technology. >> the whole idea for us partners with geek squad is to give students the opportunity, to have real world applications so the whole focus is stem based. >> reporter: session are engaging, interactive providing hand on experience with tech have savvy subjects. >> we get to learn different things like 3-d printing, they get to learn where they build their circuit board, they get to make their own music. >> reporter: skills that can turn young technology user into a creator. >> it is being able to be more creator then rather just a consumer of things, that they build and create things. >> reporter: new foundations charter school has been holding summer camps for ten
5:53 pm
years, if your school or organization has a great science and technology, engineering or math story to tell let us know on facebook, instagram or twitter using # cbs-3 stem. from einstein health care science center i'm meteorologist lauren casey. all right. well a lot of excitement here, big musical performance wrapped up people were dancing in the aisle. >> it is a big party, no doubt bit. >> stay with us, everyone, when we come back we will talk to cbs news elections director an tone about whether or not hillary clinton got a boost in the polls from president owe bam's speech and what she needs to do to help her self in the polls.
5:54 pm
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welcome back everyone. will convention give hillary
5:57 pm
clinton a boost in the polls. >> yes, they are. we are joined by anthony, cbs news elections director. anthony, you have been down with the data and pouring over and looking at it, i think it is interesting to go start first everybody is talking about what hillary can say tonight to make her pitch to voters. but when it comes to the voter , that is able to be suede one way or the other, you are saying there is a very small portion of the population. >> there aren't that many of them. we lot at polls, path will ground state, it is maybe 15 percent of voters who are not currently with hillary clinton that say they would consider her. it is maybe another six or seven percent who are truly un decided. that is just a real sliver, very narrow target. the same goes true last week with the republicans. what has happened is the whole electorate is so partisan now, to those swing voters, everybody will talk and talk and talk about, but there just aren't that many. you have to hit that target. >> most people think she has to keep up the energy, emotion
5:58 pm
that we heard from everyone last night into her mission tonight. >> yeah, two things, one is a lot of those voters are feeling a great deal of economic anxiety, we have heard that over and over again but they don't feel that the recovery such as it is has hit them. she has got to address that. other thing is so we saw the president come out and try to rally up the crowd, so much of that once we get past swing voters that is about your base so for so many of this election comes down we say it all comes down to turnout, it does because there are so few swing voters. what you see is that what she needs come novice for those folks to stand this line in the rain, cast those ballots just like they did for president in 2008, 2012 because she will try to replicate the same coalition. trying to transfer a little bit of that over. >> before we go, pennsylvania is truly a swing state this go around, why is that. >> it will be competitive because profile of pennsylvania you've got, right around here in philadelphia,
5:59 pm
the democrats have to get high turnouts. philadelphia suburbs are always key and i think donald trump has his eye on this state. he will try to swing it, try to win those working class voters who did well in the primaries with. >> anthony, thanks for your time. >> we appreciate it. >> one more remind ber cbs's coverage, "cbs evening news" with scott pelley is live from the wells fargo center at 6:30 , time time at ten followed by "eyewitness news" after that. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 all of the boys are back in town, don. >> eagles first full squad work out was today, hear from sam bradford and couple guys who had some issues with the law you. and tracking heavy rain through tonight and into tomorrow, parts of the area remain under a severe thunderstorm watch, we had a flash flood watch and this could impact your weekend, we will have your full forecast coming up at 6:00. tonight a historic final
6:00 pm
any philadelphia, anticipation is flowing here at time day of the dnc as hillary clinton prepares to accept her parties nomination, torey. well, everyone left us they all went into see globetrotters, isn't that right. >> i called her outside she's getting ready to sing there but coming up next we will talk about is everyone enjoying the dnc? or is there a vacation down here. it is all next on "eyewitness news" starting right now. tonight i expect it to bring the house down. just hours away from making it official, hillary clinton will accept the nomination from democratic candidate for president. she will do so while giving her highly anticipated speech. good evening, i'mke


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