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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  July 29, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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she was hit by gunfire, while getting out of her grand mother's car. >> not safe to drink, neighborhoods in our area being told to water their water before using it. we'll tell you the reason why, good morning, today is friday, july 29, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. we do have a lot to show this morning, first we'll have a check on the wet morning forecast with katie and the roads with meisha a i know this affect both of you. >> sure does. guys -- >> and the checkpoints are over with.
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>> the dnc has left the building. and because of that, yes, the checkpoints, yes, the checkpoints are now clear. that's great news. wet roadways, closures, 59 at broad, all get to it in just a minute. >> isn't that great? if you don't have any checkpoints, so great. >> pretty wet roads out there like you said, just generally speaking it is very, very soggy, and soupy outside, as well, so let me set you up with a look at storm scan3, still lit up like a christmas tree out there. you have got lots of rain. some of it coming down herly, as well, but i would say at least there is a back edge to this, even through the west most suburb, west most edge of lancaster county, starting to see the back edge, of the rain, pushing through, so as all of this mess pushes east, we are going to start to dry out with time. i wouldn't say it is going to start feel more humid, but
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cleaning up. flashflood watch actually going to last us until noontime. but the brunt of the rain, currently falling as we speak. so, it will be with us through the rest of the morning rush here, 75 your current temperature at the airport, mid 70s, 74 the magic number across southern new jersey and you're into the 60s in the far outlying suburbs every lancaster, mount pocono. looking forward to the rest of the friday forecast, not the prettiest day, how much, looks as though the worse of the rain will begin to taper, by the time we hit the afternoon, look at that, see some sunshine out of this, temperatures also getting held back to the 80s, where they belong for a change, so as of today, meisha, a the heatwave is broken. >> oh, katie, that's going to be so nice for so many people. and get a load of this, guys, penndot workers were busy overnight, re-opening roads closed for the convention, limiting traffic on 95 near the airport, southbound 95 from the girard avenue interchange to the vine street expressway. ramps from i95 to broad street
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will be open by midday today. yes. dnc closures are still throughout in effect at 95 at broad, ramp still closed northbound and southbound so expect the closures there to be lingering about. hopefully midday, later on tonight, those will be completely cleared. schuylkill near montgomery drive, also, see if we can go there, we just skipped forwards. we go right here to the airport, several dnc departures today, check the schedules on line today. you can expect volume to be way up there, as well as maybe some possible delays. so again, if you are traveling by air today, just make sure to check the schedules on line, talking about it again today. so anyone traveling by air today. also accident earlier this morning, all lanes are blocked on 422 westbound at hill roadment all lanes now reopened, good newsment i'll have more coming up in just a little bit, jim, over to you. >> thank, meisha a the dnc in philadelphia is a wrap.
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crews have been working overnight to clear debris and roadways around the wells fargo center and the clean up continues at this hour. hillary clinton sticking around for another day. >> holding big rally today for her supporters. it was supposed to be outside of independence hall but the weather put damper on those plans. instead it is moved inside, to temple's mcgonigle hall. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live on campus, hey, jan? >> reporter: brooke, jim, good morning, that's right, temple university's mcgonigle hall will be the first stop for hillary clinton as the official democratic nominee for president. her post convention rally will begin here at this location right around noon today. and joining her today, will be her runningmate, senator tim kaine, as well as her husband, and former president, bill clinton. now, the dems are trying to ride the wave of momentum following the conclusion of the democratic convention here in philadelphia. hillary clinton wrapped up start studded four days with the biggest speech of her entire life. she described herself as a
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steady hand, and an experienced leader who is ready to unite not only her party but the entire country. clinic none now has about 100 days to convince voters she is the candidate to make america stronger. she started by attacking the republican opponent donald trump. >> you really think donald trump has the temperament to be commander in chief? donald trump can't even handle the rough and tumble of a presidential campaign. he loses his cool at the slightest provocation. when he's gotten a tough question from a reporter, when challenged in a debate, when he sees a protester at a rally, imagine if you dare, imagine him in the oval office facing a real crisis? a man you can bathe with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.
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>> now, clinton was introduced last night by her daughter, chelsey clinton. she could become the first daughter for a second time if her mother is elected. the 36 year old described her mom not only as powerful politician, but as coating parent and grandparent, human element on the campaign. now, back out here live, at mcgonigle hall at broad and montgomery streets in north philadelphia, this rally is scheduled for noon, but the doors open to the public at 9:30, as after this event the democratic ticket will start a job focus bus tour across pennsylvania, as well as ohio. but it all starts here at noon. we are reporting live in north philadelphia, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, brooke, back into you. >> thank you so much, jan. >> hillary clinton also appeared to her prime rival bernie sanders, during her speech she praised the sanders for putting economic and social justice issues front and center where she says they
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belong. >> i want to thank bernie sanders. bernie, your campaign has fired millions of americans and to all of your supporters here and around the country, i want you to know, i've heard you, your cause is our cause. >> and clinton went on to say the country needs his supporters ideas, energy, and passion. >> outside the wells fargo center loud, anti-clinton came p from protesters even few arrests. >> the scene at nearby fdr park, designated protest area. most of the protesters caring signs supporting. police arrested three people who they think tried to jump a fence in a secure area. aside from that indent, it
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remained a peaceful protest. >> two protesters are still behind bars this morning after this scene outside the wells fargo center wednesday night. police say seven protesters broke through a security fence and were arrested immediately. the other five protesters were released yesterday from federal custody. we're still waiting for an update from police with total number of arrests for the week. >> convention goers also heard from family members of fallen police officers. including the mother of philadelphia police officer, moses walker, jr. >> every morning for 19 years moses put on his uniform, one morning on the way home from the third shift he was shot and killed. >> an invitation to include family member of fallen officers in the program came after a complaint by the fraternal order of police. last week, philadelphia f.o.p. head john mcnesby criticized and used the words shocked and sand sad ends, he is a now
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changed his tune. >> we have to give her credit, her campaign credit. i understand the protesters, i understand the people that want to speak, i understand the mothers movement, but you also have to understanded the flip side, that's the law enforcement side. >> national f.o.p. has yet to endorse a candidate. on the republican side, donald trump is campaigning in colorado today. he'll be making stops in colorado springs and denver. his runningmate, mike pence, is making stops in lima, ohio, colorado is registered and considered battleground state, most recent pole there shows hillary clinton leading trump by 13-point. this morning, people in part of camden have to boil their water before drinking it, that's after a water main break. the advisory affect people in the neighborhoods west of the cooper river. the break happened at the delaire avenue and river road in pennsauken yesterday afternoon, american water customers may deal with a loss of water pressure, or have no water at all, if you should live there, you should boil your water until the brake is
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fixed as water quality kept it. >> man in extremely critical condition caught in the middle of gun battle in the germantown section, police tell us 25 year old victim driving home from work last night whether shot multiple times, near whoos err street, germantown avenue. we also learned the man's four year old daughter was in the back seat, she wasn't injured. >> justin finch will have update on this story in about 30 minute,. >> gun violence leaves a girl in the hospital when caught in a shoot-out in north philadelphia there is happened in the 3100 block of rosewood street. ten year old getting out of her grandmother's car while two men were shooting each other, she was hit in the arm, girl taken to the hospital where list in the stable condition, the shooter, has not yet been caught. >> rescuers and bystanders put their own lives in dining her elderly woman became trapped in burning car.
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>> whole rescue caught on camera. how they were able to save her life, for the special thanks she had for her rescuers. >> something hairy going on in maryland. we'll show you the unusual thing police say a man was caught stealing, valued at $30,000. stay with us.
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>> dramatic burning car rescue caught on tv. dash cam video captured two officers, running into a cloud of smoke and flames to pull, the woman caught inside was inch co-here present medical condition two good samaritans rushed to help, the woman showed up to the police station, few days later with gift, thanking the officers who saved her life. >> and, police in maryland are investigating a unusual crime. they say a man stole more than
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$30,000 in hair extentions, happened earlier this month in a salon in prince george's county outside of washington dc. they say the man caught on surveillance video walking out with a tub full of fake hair while the salon was closed. the extentions are usually sold in bundles worth 100 to $200, though some could be worth as much as $800. the man still has not been caught. >> maybe he's making a wig for himself? the time is 4:44. katie is here with another check on the forecast, some people in our area will have wet commute this morning, wet when i walk outside this morning. >> some people ending up with weather spots than others, right now, you have pretty heavy rain actually rolling into portions of lancaster, chester county, as well as berks county and all of this is just going to continue to truck east, with time, pretty heavy batch of thunderstorms, has been moving it way northeast, thankfully, but off shore, from cape may, atlantic counties, as well, while not
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everyone is getting hit right now, it doesn't mean that you're out of the woods just yet, but at least you can see very discontinuing back edge as the system rotates away. give it time. it does appear as though we're actually going to see break in the wet weather in the cloud cover, too, and get some more sunshine as the day goes on. so it is the first half of the day that has to deal with wet weather as opposed to what we've experience in the recent days, or we did manage to get through most of our morning drives without any hitches here. we have to deal with the issues this morning, in the form of some localized but soaking downpours, out there. so while not everyone is going to get hit out of it you do have to watch out for it. come 11, 12:00 p.m. or so, at noontime in fact, going to see the flashflood go out of effect. >> continues to be the theme later tonight, as well. shaking out as it comes to the thermometer, look at this,
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can't let this go by the wayside. finally breaking the heatwave with some p.m. sunshine, even still, going to hit 86 degrees at best. so we'll take that, it will be feeling little more comfortable in that regard. seventy-two the nighttime low tonight, clouds overhead, and our eyewitness weather seven day forecast, look at this, string of seasonable weather for a change, now, a lot of thunderstorm icons on the seven day, but looks as though everything we see in the next few days will be pretty scattered. meisha, over to you. >> katie, lot of rain and thunderstorms, don't tell me that is, i don't want that to be my future. good morning, everyone, guess what, it is friday, friyay, we'll all celebrate that. we talk about that the dnc closures, good points, all lifted that's great news, where one of the dnc closures is still in effect, ramps still closed northbound and southbound, but like i said, check point you are all clear. all the roads are closed still around the wells fargo center but guess what they are all
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re-opening tonight. so all of the roads around the well fargo center like i said are opening tonight. soap, this is 995 south at washington. we saw some crews out there picking up construction, you can see they will still out there looking pretty quiet out there, i got to say. also 95 north at the platt bridge, one of the check point areas that's now clear. looking great. this has been one of the areas that have been looking so busy all week long, has been causing our commuters so many problems. we're looking really noise there right now. just as reminder for anyone taking the airport, taking air by travel today, you want to give yourself extra time. accident limerick, railroad street at main, make note. also one on 422 that has now all since been cleared. jim, over to you. >> thank you, so much, meisha. well, the moment a lot of people have eagerly been awaiting for has arrived in new york city. >> and it smells. i love the story, though. a corpse flower in bloom this morning at the new york bo pan call gardens, how long it will stay open for grave visitors
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to sniff. stay with us. who do you talk to? i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. well, i watch the shows. i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows...
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while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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>> the time now 4:50. time as always for check on business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live this morning, from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. now, we hear chipotle cooking up something new. what can you tell us? >> reporter: okay, from burito's to burgers, chipotle opening its first burger restaurant this fall, going to be called tasty made, will serve burgers, fries and milk shake. still trying to recover from the norovirus that cut into sales. >> i wonder if that will work? >> hopefully. jill, i heard this rumor i need to you confirm, i am hoping, m tv may be launching new channel based on the 90's and early 2,000's? i feel like i'm getting a flashback of my early youth. what's behind this? >> that's right, m tv's tapping into viewers' nostology starting august 1st, which is actually 35 years to
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the day that m tv first went on air, m tv will launch 90's theme channel, it will show some fan favorite like laguna beach, beavis and buthead and punk, i used to love punked. i'm excited for this. >> nostalgia, i feel awfully old. >> i don't believe jim watched any that far. >> i did, i did. >> thank you, jill. after the break, katie tells us parts of our their we can expect a wet commute this morning. >> and meisha has another check on the roads. stay with us.
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>> a soggy start to the lags day back to work, although, we are thankfully going to start to dry out later today. so sort of backwards from what we've experienced in recent days this week, regardless, it is pretty, again, soggy. i feel like that's going to be the descriptive words i use for this through the rest of the morning, look like this wet weather will be with us through the majority of the morning drive even headed toward the afternoon. but what a site to see, patriots i can colors over
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liberty place here on such a historic time here in our city. but yes, it is a little marred by the clouds, and damp roadways. 75 degrees at philadelphia international airport. that's where that temperature observation is coming f wind out of the north, but not really going to in the too much of a drop in the humidity because of that, meantime, flood advisory has just been issued for the better part of the state of delaware here, even across the state border into maryland, that will last us for few more hours for again very heavy rain continues to push n you can see another batch of it, just waiting in the wings, set to push in to basically anywhere from the i95 corridor on south. that will also include philadelphia. so not out of the woods, just yet, even though there are few holes on the radar right now, where you are not seeing rain. other big story is the heatwave finally broken, can't bury that lead either. because at least it will feel little bit more comfortable, although we don't really lose the humidity, meisha, at least not talking mid to upper 90s this time. >> yes, absolutely, all right,
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katie. thank you. i think a lot of the morning commuters will be very happy today. number one, it is friday. so you've got to be happy. two, dnc, they have left, and because of that, our checkpoints have lifted. this is great, thank you, thank you, i know, everyone home, too, yeah, clapping right along with us, what's going on right now? what you can see with the flashing light, one closure still out there. this is 95 at broad street, ramps still closed north and southbound, those will be lifting either midday or later on this evening, all roads are still closed around the wells fargo center but they are also lifting today as well, later this evening, as well. check point clear. restrict sons on vehicles over 5 tons with the check point, those are clear. schuylkill eastbound, off ramp to packer avenue, that closure also cleared. so a lot of great news, just keep in mind broad street is still lingering out there. here one of the check point areas. you can see the droplet on the camera lens, letting you know it is going to be wet this morning, probably busy because of it, 95 north at the platt bridge good, all week long this looked so busy because
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those check point right now, it is looking just great. jim, over to you. >> good to hear, thanks, meisha. the corpse flower is now on display at the new york booth and that gardens. >> take a look at the bun gent flower getting a lot of attention, so smells like rotting meat or rotting fish. >> lovely. >> visitors heading to the bronx in roughly 100 degrees heat to get a whiff of the rare flower. the flower only stays open for 24-36 hours before it closes and goings dormant. >> it is not on my bucket list, but what the heck. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", live on the campus of temple university with a preview of hillary clinton's first stop after excepting her party's nomination for president. >> and a little later we go behind the scenes of the new movie, back at the top of the hour.
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i accept your nomination for president of the united state. >> hillary clinton accepts her party's nomination on the fourth and final night of the democratic national convention, we have reaction to her speech from both sides of the aisle. >> and after a big party, a big clean up, this is a look inside the wells fargo center over night, while the dnc may be over, hillary clinton is still in town. we're live with a preview of her big rally planned on temple's campus. >> and a soggy start to our weekend storm scan3 shows the rain over much of the area, in fact, under flashflood watch until noon. katie is here with a look at the rest of the weekends, and
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today, alleluhia, folks, it is friday, july 29, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooks thomas, katie and meisha are here keeping an eye on things this morning, it is friday. >> you said it. >> friday, happy, the checkpoints have now lifted. >> things looking really nice. we have a couple of closures and i'll get to those in just a minute. >> check point didn't bother me on my commute, it is when the vine is shutdown. meisha, make it stop. >> well, just for, that let me give you nice soggy morning drive. how does that sounds? here we go. storm scan showing pretty soaking rain currently coming down, not everyone getting hit by it across new jersey or delaware, but, you can tell, there is obvious lip a lot of heavy rainfall intensity with this particular pocket moving its way through the baltimore and dc area, and it is


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