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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good news is the checkpoints are clear this morning, but the roadways are wet. because of it, guys, we have a lot of problems going on out there with accident, overturned tractor-trailer, a lot going on, and i'll get to that in just a moment. >> unfortunately still have to deal with very heavy rain before said and done, so we can take a snapshot view hereof storm scan, which continues to show some very heavy rain, falling right now, across new castle county just south of i-95, this is the batch we had been talking about prompting the flood advisory, through the delmarva peninsula, as you guys just mentioned, there is flashflood watch in effect until noontime. off to the west, however, things are starting to clear out, at least little bit. now, eventually we will see the clouds break, everywhere, for even little sunshine. here is the flood advisory, meantime, until 8:45 this morning, you are going to be dealing with potential of flooding. so, please watch for that, across the delmarva, general flashflood, essentially region wide, only in effect until noontime as opposed to this evening when it had originally been scheduled to expire since we do think the rain will start to retreat little bit
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sooner, which is certainly good news. mid 70s currently, across the better chunk of our region, at 66 up at mount pocono, flirting with 70 in lancaster, but mild and muggy start to the day. here is the other headline. 86 degrees, the best we can hope for on the thermometer today. so that's actually some good news if you haven't been a huge fan of the 90 plus degrees heat, we'll ease up on it, and as we move forward in the broadcast, we will tell but more active weather on the way. so while we may have broken the heatwave, we are far from in the clear, as it pertains to additional impact from the weather this weekend. meisha? >> no fun. katie, thank you for that. good morning, everyone, happy friday. you know, i got to say, it is looking very busy out there for a friday morning, particularly, because, it is so wet outside. so, give yourselves some extra time this morning, certainly going to need it. this tractor-trailer accident schuylkill westbound at gladwynn, it is now pulled all the way off to the shoulder. but i can tell when you we look at back up cameras pretty significant, not only that, but moving in the opposite
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direction on the eastbound side, you're going to get little bit of gaper delay. on the schuylkill looking very, very busy, you will need extra time there. dnc closures at 95, the ramp at broad street, ramps northbound and southbound still closed. also the road around the wells fargo center, those are also closed until later on this evening. the good news, checkpoints, they are all now clear. also, those restrictions on 5-ton vehicles between the vine and platt bridge, those are also clear. schuylkill, to off ramp to packer closed that's also clear. so, 95 north, near platt bridge, speaking of where that check point was, looking real nice there. forty-two freeway at creek road looking good, there just looking pretty busy. do have accident here guys. look at the picture, 42 southbound between 295, two right lanes still blocked, this will slow you down little bit, jim, brooke, over to you. >> not good. thanks, meisha a democrats wrapped up their convention in philadelphia last night, and hillary clinton is wasting no time getting back on the campaign trail. >> she is holding rally at temple university today. and that's where "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo is live with more on clinton's
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history making moments from last night's dnc. >> brooke, jim, good morning, it was quite the night. but already happening here, this morning, we have people in line, this rally, doesn't start until noon, and the doors don't open in the public until 9:30, first person in line here was here for more than an hour now. very excited to see hillary clinton, this is her first campaign stop, as the official democratic nominee for president. joining her today will be her runningmate, senator tim kane, as well as her husband and former president bill clinton. trying to ride the wave of momentum following the conclusion of the democratic national convention here in philadelphia. hillary clinton wrapped up star studded four days with the biggest speech of her entire life. shade's scribe her sever as a steady hand, and an experienced leader who not only america party but the entire country. clinton now has about 100 days to convince voters she is the candidate to make america stronger. besides highlighting her accomplishment, she attacks
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republican candidate donald trump. >> he want us to fear the future and fear each other. well, you noah great democratic president, franklin delenor roosevelt, came up with the perfect rebuke to trump more than 80 years ago during a much more perilous time. the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. >> my earliest memory is my mom picking me up after i had fallen down, giving me a big hug and reading me good night moon. from that moment, to this one, every single memory i have of my mom is that regardless of what was happening in her life, she was always, always
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therefore me. >> now, clinton was introduced last night by her daughter chelsey clinton there, the 36 year old could become the first daughter for a second time if her mother elected. back out here live at motorcycle gone al hall at broad and montgomery streets, again, the doors open to the public at 9:30. there are already people in line. thank goodness they have the tent, because it is already steadily raining here in north philadelphia. now, after this event, the democratic ticket will start a job-focused bus tour across pennsylvanian ohio. the clinton campaign is seeking the same group, the support from the group, that propelled president braham barack obama to the white house, so minorities, women, young voters. hillary clinton also had a message to bernie sanders' supporters last night. we'll take a look at that in our next half hour. and we'll check in with the first person in line, as women. for now live in north philadelphia, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, brooke, back into you. >> temple university, thanks,
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jan. president obama took to twitter after hillary ' speech. he tweeted: great speech. she is tested. she is ready. she never quits. that's why hillary should be our next potus. also let us know she will get the twitter handle, too. >> now, following hillary clinton as speech we caught up with a couple of top democrats in pennsylvania, senator bob kacie and governor tom wolf. >> great night for hillary clinton, but a better night for the country. this is great night for our party. a greater night for the united states. >> former philadelphia mayor michael nutter also spoke. he took a little credit for working to bring the convention to the city and he also called republican presidential nominee donald trump a, quote, con man. >> (protesters). >> now there is was the scene outside the wells fargo center at nearby fdr park, most of the protesters were caring signs supporting bernie sanders. our photographer was there as
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philadelphia police arrested three people who tried to jump a security fence. aside from that incident, however, it remained a peaceful protest. republican presidential nominee, donald trump, will make two campaign stops in colorado today, where he's trailing in the polls. trump is now backing off comment he made about hillary clinton's private e-mail server. he now says he was being sarcastic when he suggested russia should finds clinton's deleted emails and make them public. at a campaign rally in eye owe washings he admitted to supporters that he was paying attention to what was being said about him, as the dnc. >> i have been warning these speeches at night, boy, am i getting hit. >> i am getting hit and they don't mean it, and there are a lot of lies being told, but i guess they have to do their thing. >> after clinton's speech on twitter he fired off saying she was mentioning radical islam, also accused her of
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being owned by wall street. >> coming up at 6:30, talk radio 1210, riches joins us to talk about the final night of the dnc and how it compared to the rnc last week. well, developing news this morning, a father fighting for hits life after getting caught in crossfire in the city's germantown neighborhood. he was on his way home from work with his young daughter in the car. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch live in the cbs news center with the latest on the search for the gunman. good morning, justin. >> good morning, jim. police stage surveillance cameras captured gun fight caught in the middle. inside young dad shot twice, now fighting for his life. his daughter was not hurt. the shots were fired about rush hour, thursday evening, near germantown avenue whoos err street. thirty-ninth district officers arrived just after 6:00 p.m. they found the victim, age 25, slumped over in the drivers seat every his white chevy malibu which rolled and crashed no two parked cars.
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he was unconscious, shot on the left side of his head, and right shoulder. his four year old daughter unhurt in the back seat. several surveillance cameras are in that area. officials say video shows at least two men, rather three men, firing at each other, one on the west side of germantown avenue and two on the east side. trapped in traffic, police say, it is likely the driver was caught in the crossfire, injured before he could escape . >> i have never seen anything like that, literally caught in the crossfire, caught by both groups shooting at each other, this time appears 25 year old victim who was an innocent victim. and he had the four year old daughter in the back seat of his car. he was still wearing his work uniform. reportedly he had just got off work. so this is a really tragic story. >> victim's daughter no with you family, her dad remains in extremely critical condition at einstein medical center. police are looking for those three men seen running, from the 5100 block of germantown,
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just before 6:00 last night. and investigators say their clear surveillance video will likely help them make arrest. jim, brooke, back into you. >> thank you, justin. more gun violence on the streets of philadelphia, ten year old girl is recovering this morning, she was also caught in crossfire yesterday. she was shot in the arm 3100 block of rosewood street. police tell us two men were firing at each other, when one of the bullets hit the girl, after she got out of her grandmother's car. the young girl is in stable condition. officers still looking for the gunman. >> people living in parts of camden countly have to boil their water until further notice because of water main break that happened yesterday, near delaware avenue, and river road, in pennsauken. >> american water company customers who live west of the cooper river, are experiencing a low water preamp your, and some don't have any water at all. we will be sure to let you know when the boiled water advisory is lifted.
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coming up in the health watch, unusual way to improve your memory. >> plus, 15 years since washington intern, shaundra levy, was murdered. now there is a major development in the case. >> and find out why bill cosby just dropped lawsuit against one of the women accusing him of sexual assault. that
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>> fda asking two florida count toys put blood collection on hold.
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>> that's as investigators look into 4zika cases. they want to see if mosquitos in broward and miami dade counties transmitted the virus. if they did, these would be the first locally transmitted cases of the disease. until now, all uszika cases have involved people traveling abroad to places affected by zika. >> there may be way to improve your memory while you sleep. new study from north carolina researchers show patients who receive electric brain stimulation while they sleep have better scores on memory tests. >> wait a second. going to zap us in the brain? >> i thought this was -- >> like that's not what i expected at you. >> charges to my head in the middle of the -- >> no joke. >> i know. >> my goodness, seriously. okay, folks, so, we've been dealing obviously with pretty soaking rain as every late. let's take a look at short list at some of the rain amount, impressive stuff. the kind of rainfall total
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over short amount of time that will lead to flashflooding t certainly has. we had just shy of 2 inches already in woodstown, smyrna pick up 1.81 to be exact, and millville just shy of inch and a half, and in doylestown you were just shy of inch as well. list goes on here where we had the heavy rain pushing through, it is has done the damage already of helping the smaller streams and creeks specially to at least come pretty high and close out their banks here, some will in fact as this pushes through through portions of delaware and southern new jersey, allow that to happen. so if you ever see flooded roadways please never, ever, ever drive-thru it, but regardless, there is a back edge to that. and it does look as though we'll start to clear out, as the day progresses. soap it, looks like it is moving out little ahead of schedule, which is great news, if you were trying to go down to the shore here. the problem is there is a separate area of low pressure scheduled to move in tomorrow. and leading to the second half of the weekend, so, that limit the warmth for one thing, and we'll also actually end up with additional showers and thunderstorms, that both tomorrow and sunday at the shore, in the city, similar scenario here, monday, even
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still, the chance for left over shower or storm. but i can finally promise you some dry weather and lower humidity by oh, tuesday, how does that work for you, meisha? >> better than nothing, i will take anything, you know what i mean, katie? thank you, good morning, everyone, hammy friday. so, a lot going on in the world of travel this morning. particularly, because of weather elements. you can see the very wet roadways out there, we have a tractor-trailer accident right here, the schuylkill westbound at gladwynn. pulled all the way off to the shoulder, yes, but certainly causing some slow downs for you. you will get the gaper delay, also the congestion to sustain the slow down, so take a look at this, this is the back upright behind the accident, give yourselves some extra time, i would say, at least 20, 30 minutes right now. ninety-five at broad street. you can see penndot kind of moving around this camera right here. see how busy it is around there. the ramps are still closed northbound and southbound. checkpoints, though, how much, this morning, are all clear. now, take a lock at this camera lens, see the droplet out there, it is dark. it is very wet. so again, just make sure give yourself extra time. ben franklin bridge, beautiful
6:17 am
shot. it has the haze over it. you might have little bit every visibility issues this morning driving westbound over the ben franklin bridge into center city but overall congestion levels there looking pretty good. more coming up in a little bit. first we take a quick break. stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news",
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>> back on "eyewitness news" with new video overnight, pope francis' visit in poland, the
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pontiff visited and walked beneath the nazi german death camps notorious iron sign. francis is the thirds pope to visit the site where more than 1 million people were killed. he's expected to meet with holocaust survivors, as well. comedian bill cosby dropped his breach of contract lawsuit against one of the dozens of women who accused him of sexual assault. the 79 year old cosby was suing former temple employee, andrea constand, his attorneys say constand violate add confidential settlement deal, boy talking to police about the case. constand accuses cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting her, in 2004. cost bee is awaiting trial on those charges, in montgomery county court. >> prosecutors have dropped murder charges against the man accused of murdering shaundra levy. igmra if your -- igmar first found guilty but conviction overturned, 24 year old levy was working as intern for the federal bureau of prisons when
6:21 am
she disappeared in 2001. her remains were found a year later at a washington park. prosecutors in washington dc say they could no longer proof his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt due to what they call recent unforeseen developments. levi's mom is saddened by the news. >> it is a technical issue, and i am feeling pretty shocked right now. emotionally not doing very well. >> levi's case got global attention when it was discovered she had a fay fair with congressman. said condit is not a suspect in the levi's disappearance and death. >> still ahead checking out popular coffee shop down the shore, brewing this morning. >> it might be lonely but talking big hits. meet the kid who could be attracting a agent after coming up huge in last night's game. katy? >> and it is weather watcher friday, brooke. joining me right here is eileen murray from
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gilbertsville, drove 45 miles to be with us dark and early. we'll learn more about her, and also of course, have your forecast, pretty active pattern looking ahead to the weekend, so stick around for all of it. ♪ trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, drive to your local car buying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes ! so don't wait...get your free online valuation now at ♪find out how much your car is worth at♪ creeping up on you.s fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums.
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>> ♪ now, for a look at newspaper headlines, from across our region. >> in the news, journal, former airman stationed at dover air force base has been found guilty of criminally neglect homicide in the 2012 death after toddler, that was under his care. twenty-eight year old justin kay korbut faces up to eight years in prison for the death of 21 month old evan dudley. the state medical examiner ruled the death a homicide by blunt force trauma. >> from the press of atlantic city, a car crashed into another car and then into the corner after home along call bert drive in ventnor last night. the accident happened around 7:30 p.m. the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> in the bucks county courier times, pennsbury manor and falls was the backdrop yesterday as 46 people hailing from 21 different countries, took the oath of citizenship. well the league of women voters of bucks county didn't waste any time. they helped them register vote in the upcoming presidential election. >> and that's a look at some
6:26 am
of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, babe ruth never even did this. >> central pennsylvania, 12 year old, had the game of his little league career in one inning. cory led off the game, the other night, with a homerun. no big deal, except he batted twice more, in that same inning, and hit two more homeruns. that's three homeruns in a 17-run first inning. his coach was surprised, and so was cory. >> i just kind of hit line drives. that's it. and i just got lucky, i hit another one. >> i've never seen three homeruns in the first inning in one game. so it was great to experience something like that for him and for the team. >> cory's lower bat in west hanover team won 35 to two in a mercy rule game. >> coming up until the next half hour every "eyewitness news", historic moment for the hillary clinton on the final night of the dnc. >> but, she's not quick to leave philadelphia.
6:27 am
jan? >> that's right. brooke, jim, her supporters are already line up outside in the rain this morning, to congratulate hillary clinton. i'm jan carabeo, coming up, where she will be today, and who she will focus up in the run up to the election. >> thank you, jan, looking outside, we have an accident on 95 and on 42, backups on the schuylkill and all of the updates on dnc closures and updates. first, we'll take a quick break, stay right where you are.
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this is pearle vision. >> this morning, flashflood watch remains in effect. >> katie is tracking a very active weather pattern. she will let us know when we can see storms, and what it all means for the weekend. good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. it is 6:30, here's what you
6:31 am
need to know today in your friday morning minute. >> whether there are no ceilings, the sky's the limit. >> the dnc in philadelphia, is a wrap. >> temple university's mcgonigle hall will be the first stop for hillary clinton, as the official democratic nominee for president. >> donald trump now backing off comment he made about hillary clinton's private e-mail server. >> police say an innocent father is in the hospital after someone shot him in the city's germantown neighborhood. >> the victim's daughter was sitting in the back seat of the car at the time. her dad shot twice behind the wheel and their car crashed. >> ♪ >> ♪ katy perry performing at the dnc last night.
6:32 am
i went over to see ukee and jessica. >> did you see katie perry? >> yep, like a free concert for me, very noise. >> it was a star studded convention, more on that later on in the broadcast. katie, it is weather watcher friday. who do we have with us today? >> this is eileen murray, she came all the way in from gilbertsville, yes, so nice long hike, you know, in the middle of the night. we really appreciate you being here, eileen, we appreciate how loyal of a watcher you are, too, it is funny, you are a retired elementary school librarian, so you used to get days off in the weather. now different full-time job, that's important whether it comes to weather, too? >> right, taking care of my garden, watching the weather, and watching the rain. >> and nice juicy tomatoes. >> getting there, slowly but surely. >> we are getting the needed rain we want. i always say our weather watcher network is an extension of our family here at "eyewitness news", and you will actually have people come to you for personal forecasts now? >> they do. they think i have some control over t they want it know what
6:33 am
the weather will be like. >> amen, and i totally hear that. thank you again so much for being here. we love to have you in house. guys, if you want to be an eyewitness weather watcher just like eileen, maybe join us in the studio one morning, you can sign up at but on to the forecast, let's switch gears now. take you out to storm scan3, finding currently here pretty heavy rainfall across the board here. specially across portions of the delaware bay, now, moving into portions of not just gloucester but also down to salem, cumberland counties, where you have the heaviest rain currently falling. flashflood watch still in effect, and that will last us until noontime. there is also flood advisory for the areas where you are finding the heaviest rain, so this is with us through the rest of the morning commute. but the good news is those two parts to this, really, that, a, we see the back edge of this move out sooner, eventually looks lick it would, and b, lock at the high temperatures. hey, talking about bearing the lead on the heat, finally break the heatwave here today. comes with a price tag of some pretty soaking wet weather out there right now. >> yep.
6:34 am
sure does. and i can tell you right now, katie, it is affecting our roadways. good morning, everyone, happy friday. what you are looking at behind me right now an accident 95 north at the vine. causing some slow downs, little around there, but take a look at this, we have krause out there, walking around, we've got all of the flashing light, squad car. so for those of in you and around this area, you certainly want to give yourself some extra time, and by the way, if you are driving by, just keep on driving. don't hit those brakes. moving along now, we have another accident, blue route, southbound, at broomall. causing some significant backups, here, as women. and we've been coming looking at accidents with whether it be trucks, vehicles, what have you, all morning long, and it is because of this weather, as well. so just make note of that, very dark, hazy out, there you have the wet roadways, give yourself extra time there. additionally, this is where we had an accident, this is casino of back, hard to kind of see this right now, we had some backups, schuylkill westbound behind gladwynn, because of all of that, that accident now since cleared. but the backups pretty
6:35 am
significant. looks like tension there is easing just a little bit. then we look at the boulevard, moving in the southbound direction, you can see this camera casino of like inning traffic along, but overall, pretty steady. you will be dealing with some significant backups here, as women, so make sure this morning you are giving yourself some extra time, brooke, over to you. >> the dnc over here in philadelphia, but, hillary clinton is sticking around, for another day. >> she is holding rally for supporters today. it was supposed to be held at independence mall but the weather moving those plans indoors at temple motorcycle gone al hall, that's where "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo is live this morning, with more on hillary clinton's historic making moment from last night's final night, of the dnc. good morning, jan. >> reporter: jim, brooke, good morning, the excitement is already starting to build here in north philadelphia. temple's mcgonigle hall will be the first campaign stop for hillary clinton, as the official democratic nominee for president. and guess what, guys, we will have the first person in line standing underneath the tent, thankfully this morning, because it is raining pretty
6:36 am
steadily out here, she got here before the sun came up. very excited to see hillary clinton, and congratulate her on her nomination. joining clinton today will be runningmate senator tim kaine, as well as her husband and former president bill clinton. trying to ride in wave of momentum following the conclusion of the democratic national convention here in philadelphia. hillary clinton wrapped up star studded four days with the biggest speech of her entire life. she described herself as steady hand and an experienced leader who is ready to unite not only her own party but the entire country. clinton has about 100 delays to convince voters she is the candidate to make america stronger, this clinton campaign seeking the support group that propels president barack obama to the white house, that is minorities, women, and young voters. she also had a message for bent err sanders supporters last night, clinton praised sanders for putting economic and social justice issues front and center where she says they belong. >> i want to thank bernie
6:37 am
sanders. bernie, your campaign inspired millions of americans. and to all of your supporters, here and around the country, i want you to know i have ' heard you, your cause is our cause. >> she is for people like me, that work the middle class, whereas someone else we know isn't. and i see the passion in her eyes for children's issues, women's issues, lgbt issues, the list goes on and on. she has been working for years to fight for us. >> now, that's from north jersey, he was the first in line this morning, arriving before 5:00 a.m., to make sure he got a good spot to see hillary clinton. back out here live, i think he's hiding underneath that tent because it is raining, live at motorcycle gone al hall on broad and montgomery
6:38 am
streets in north philly. the rally scheduled for noon, and the doors actually open to the public at 9:30. so, after this event, the democratic ticket then embarks on bus tour, all across pennsylvanian ohio, very important state, the message and the focus in these stops will be jobs. reporting live in north philadelphia, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", jim, brooke, back into you. >> thanks a lot, jan. >> after the dnc clean up is underway in south philadelphia, crews got right to work overnight clearing out the paper, busted balloons, water bottles and removing chairs to the floor beside the wells fargo center. they're working hard outside, too, clearing away the barricades and debris. >> republican presidential nominee, donald trump, wasted no time reacting to hillary clinton's speech. he fired back on twitter. in one tweet, trump took issue with clinton not mentioning radical islam. another, accused her of being quote owned by wall street. trump will be campaigning in colorado today. >> now, both candidate now have about 100 days to persuade american voters to voight for them in november.
6:39 am
>> rich from our sister station talk radio 1210 has been gig us some analysis from both conventions, joins us liver from the cbs-3 news center. all right, rich, big question, did hillary clinton hit a homerun last night with her speech? >> remains to be seen, brooke, remains to be seen. positive reviews overall. most of the positive reviews revolve around her attacks on donald trump. this is a campaign right now that's saying you can vote against donald trump. that's okay. you don't have to necessarily vote for hillary clinton. you can vote against that guy. our message last night was, hey, republicans, democrats, independents, you can vote for me. it is all right. there were a lot of appeals last night to the so-called never trump crowd. the people that are not thrilled with donald trump. that's what a lot of last night was about. it was hey, you may not love me, but you don't like the other guy? so then vote for me. >> rich, then what's the theme of her campaign? is that clear yet? >> yes, jim, it will be a negative, negative campaign. you guys, brace yourselves. this is going to be the most negative campaign we've ever seen in our lifetime.
6:40 am
i don't want to be dramatic but multiple references to nuclear weapons, and donald trump having his finger on the button, the trigger, the trigger, for nuclear weapons. they are painting a picture of donald trump for somebody who will crow ate nuclear holocaust and rain it down on the planet. this is high drama. of course that means he's going to respond with negativity that she will allow isis to hit with us nuclear weapons because she is weak. just get ready. >> what about the sanders vote? is she winning his supporters over? >> so-so. they showed a picture of bernie's face last night, i know you guys showed it, he did not look happy to be there. he was, i mean, i've seen some pictures of bernie. that was not happy bernie last night. so his people were still protesting little bit during the speeches, they drowned him out with going hillary, hillary, chants of hillary. but i'm still not convince add lot of these bernie people are coming home which is why so many etch if a cyst last night was on appealing to republicans, they had former reagan speech writer speak last night, a woman who runs republicans for hillary. and clinton mentioned the
6:41 am
seconds amendment and said i won't take your guns. now, that is an appeal directly to conservatives who don't like trump but are very afraid to vote for hillary clinton. this is a democratic party that may not have the whole family back together, so they're trying to peel off pieces of the other family, to make the whole pie. >> well, rich, trump saw slight bump in the polls after the rnc. do you think clinton will see the same after this week? >> she'll get a bump, jim, but her husband got 14-point bump after the 1992 convention. if she doesn't do in that universe, it will be considered to be bit of let down. now, times have changed in terms every these post convention bumps but she needs real big bump to contrast what donald trump's surging pole numbers in the bat many ground state, so they'll down play the convention bump, see that even as far as today going. not concerned about the convention bump, not what we were about. >> all right, donald trump's daughter ivanka speech was received well. in comparison, how did chelsey do in. >> two totally different
6:42 am
speeches, brooke. ivanka focusing on policy, and chelsey clinton still trying to make america mother likable. this is the end of the convention, still working on making hillary clinton likable, that's problem. chest chills did i very well but human rising her mother where as ivanka was talking about policies her father would bring to the white house. stark difference. >> thank you very much for contributing and joining us the past two weeks. >> i even wore a tie for you guys. jim, did you like katy perry? >> it was very nice, i was rocking with the crowd. just great to be there because history was made. whether it was republicans or democrats, the first convention i was actually in the convention center. so i really enjoyed it. >> absolutely. >> thanks a lot, rich. still ahead the a-list actor that's getting attack on line foray tending the dnc. >> plus one of the hottest shows on daytime, and soon, you have a chance to be on the young and the restless. we'll tell you about a casting call in our area. pat?
6:43 am
>> reporter: hello everyone, hello. can you see me? ocean city? how is it going, guys? on the boardwalk in ocean city outside of ocean city coffee company. what's going on, guys? how are you? you know what i'm in the mood for? i'm in the mood for love. ocean city coffee company has some great flavors, we'll tell you all about them when we come back. who is in the mood for
6:44 am
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>> last night at the dnc, katy perry performed her mega hit roar for the delegates last night, perry is a big hillary clinton supporter and has even been out with clinton on the campaign trails. legendary singer and songwriter carol king performed earlier in the evening. >> bradley cooper site being at the dnc sent social media on fire. apparently some people believe the jenkintown native was a
6:47 am
republican, based on his portray all of a navy seal in the film american sniper. some even vowed to boycott his movie. cooper in real life has donated to democrats before. >> movies, reality, two separate things. >> yes, just saying to brooke before we came back from the commercial, too, like you need to know what you are talking about before you hit the keyboard, right? >> oh, oh,. >> right? >> that's why we don't talk weather. >> thank you. all right, guys, as we do switch gears, take a look at what the weather watchers are reporting here, let's go on out, we have a a couple of pictures, i love this one, phil sent this in, nice screen graph of our very own broadcast hereof eileen murray, our in-house weather watcher today. he also sent this one, the rain still powering down out in the chestnut hill section of the city. that said, we've got some pretty substantial rain amount coming in from the watch they are morning, dolores, she probably is waiting around in the yard right now, in newark,
6:48 am
you've got just shy of 3 inches, well, shy of 2.8 inches every rainfall end there since the rain moved in. andy reporting almost 1.9 inches in the dover, delaware area, and the list goes on, just shy of an inch in a lot of spots, or around half inch, so enough to have led to flashflood nag lot of spot, further nor you go, it hasn't been as prominent, but still out there. and, it is still pounding down, too, in some spots. we'll show there to you in storm scan in a moment. look at this, sun's actually trying to break out in our live neighborhood network. having tough time doing so, probably will take until the afternoon until we start to clear out. but even then, not out of the woods, see that in the seven day. here is the pocket every rain lead to go multiple inches every rain. see over the last three hours, it is taking the sweet old time. it is going to be the kind of cell that not only drenches you, but could lead to flooding if you are trying to travel through t please take care. this section, southern new jersey, flood advisory until 10:15 this morning, across delaware, only got it until 8:45, but regardless, still dealing with it, for the next
6:49 am
few hours. so our morning commute has been affected, meisha will have far more on that in the next few second, quick check on the seven day, at least we broke the heatwave, back to the 80s where we should be, scattered showers, storms, continue, i hate to say it, meisha, through the week end. >> just saying, well, welcome the sun back next week. hurry up. hurry up and get here. good morning, guys, happy friday, a lot of stuff going on in the worm of travel, because we have wet roadways, damp outside, accident here, blue route southbound at broomall. take a look at this, guys, traffic is not moving. it looks like they are leading everyone over to the far right lanes, being casino of anchored through just on the far right lane. maybe two lanes open right now, but looks pretty substantial, backups, accident 95 south near island avenue, left lane past the commodore barry bridge, see the flashing light, very slow moving around here as well. ninety-five north at the vine, we had accident here, not sure if it is still there, actually, looking pretty good here, look like the accident has cleared. ninety-five at broad, the ramps are still closed from
6:50 am
the dnc. move to the 95 and broad, checkpoints are clear. going onto this accident here, 42 southbound past market street before 295, two rid lanes are still block, in this area, so again, a lot of accident out there, wet roadways, good news is checkpoints from the dnc all clear. if you are traveling by air, airports, several dnc departures today, check schedules on line because you will probably be dealing with some possible delays. not only because of the volume from the dnc, but also, because now we've got the right element, jim, over to you. >> we'll take a look at septa new electric buses, commuters got sneak preview yesterday. >> septa is purchasing 25 of the green buses, for service on routes 29 and 79, in south philadelphia. their manufactured by proterra, run on electricity, no luck width fuels are on board. >> this is fast charged bus, so designed to charge on route. never has to go back to the depo for fuel. as long as everyone to three hours you stop for five
6:51 am
minute, and charge the batteries. batteries will charge in less than ten minutes. >> septa says the buses will be put into service next year. >> well, it is now 6:51. as always, there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell and crew are back in new york joins us live with a pro view. good morning, nora. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, brooke, jim. hillary clinton makes history. we will look at the impact of her speech, and check it. plus the closer look at donald trump's business ties to russia. and new fears of mosquitos spreading zika here in the u.s. we're in florida where some blood banks are halting donations, the news is back in the morning, we'll see you guys in just about ten minutes. and, hope you have a good weekend. >> you, as well, nor, a we will be watching. >> well, a morning cup of coffee is the way many of us like to start our morning. >> specially while relaxing down at the jersey shore. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen has made his way to one shop in ocean city, new jersey, hey, pat?
6:52 am
>> reporter: good morning, jim, brooke, yes, here on the board walk in ocean city at ocean city coffee company. you see people in here, getting ready, getting their joe. my man right there just walked out the door with the helmet on comes here daily, about to speak with me on camera but said his girlfriend is probably watching and he didn't want her to see because he didn't want to bring coffee home with him. but i have one for you guys, especially jim. we have some crazy flavored coffee, but one for the morning show, i think this fit beautifully. i'll bring that back to the studio, you guys are totally nut. we all know that. this is the wider ray of flavors, eight a, about eight a different flavors, we have totally nuts, we've got crumb cake, we've got french vanilla, eggnog, i mean, across the board, err ray of different flavors. if that's your thing, if you like to taste different kind of coffee ocean city coffee company is absolutely the place. so how does it get to this bag? well, obviously, it has to start somewhere. it starts back here, with call, the owner of ocean city
6:53 am
coffee company. first, before we go through the process of how you flavor the coffee, tell us little bit more about ocean city coffee company. >> ocean city coffee company, we're roasters, we import 14 different beans from around the wormed, we roast them here in our boardwalk location, what really makes us different is that, plus we have 85 different flavors of coffee in regular and decaff, which is the unusual part. >> and that's what we do back here, we flavor all of the beans. >> show us how this process works. >> we start with brazilian bean. >> okay? >> and i put it into the bin. >> okay? >> i would scoop it in here, weighing it out, and then -- this is vanilla, like vanilla extract, would you get at the grocery store. >> sure. >> what we use it, comes in gallon just, and then we mix it around, and let it sit there, and you'll see how, see how they're wet. >> yes. >> that's the extract.
6:54 am
and the beans will eventually absorb that until they come to look more like that. okay? so you can still see it is flavored but not as shine. >> i guys, the smell, call, smells amazing back here, not just hot coffee. it is also cold cough app. guys, what do you have for me here? where is the cold stuff? >> right over here. >> what do we have? >> frozen blended for you. >> frozen blends in the. >> yes. >> what's in it? >> chocolate and peanut but ther. >> oh, right up my alley, courtney. >> i know, it is really good. hillary clinton cream on therefore you. >> is that not beautiful? ocean city coffee company. not just hot snuff. >> no. >> that is the new theme of the place, i think. jim, become, let's go back to you, because you're totally nuts. >> pat, bring that back to me! >> and a thousand calories, thank you, patrick. >> i will, i'll bring it back to you. >> thanks, pat. have you ever wanted to appear on the young and the restless or the bolds and the beautiful? >> now is your chance. >> what are you doing? >> my soap opera look. now is your chance holding
6:55 am
open casting call. cbs is hosting soap opera auditions at various cities next month, and you know, philly made the list. the lucky actor will lands a role on one of the soap show ex egg tifs think it might add extra spice to two of cbs longest running daytime soaps. >> i think the key to it is continuity. we really have had a. >> aggressive interest in keeping the audience we've had 30 years ago. >> open auditions are being held at the sugarhouse casino, thursday august 18th, from noon until 3:00. ten finalists will be selected and smith today cbs as part of the nationwide search. >> and we will be right back with three things you need to know. before you go. >> my soap opera look. >> i'm glad you already have a job here. thre
6:56 am
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>> hillary clinton and tim kaine hope to valley on the campus of temple university this afternoon. >> her rival, republican nominee, donald trump, campaigns in colorado today. >> twenty-five year old man fighting for his life after being caught in the crossfire of a gun battle in germantown. >> cbs morning is next, have a great day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, july 29th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." history in philadelphia when with hillary clinton accepted the democratic nomination for president. she says the race against donald trump is a moment of reckoning for the nation. >> donald trump calls hillary clinton's attack insulting. cbs news looks into his business dealings with russia. and breaking news in san diego. one police officer is dead, another is in surgery after an overnight shooting. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> i will be a president for all of those who vote for me and for


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