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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  July 31, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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citizens bank student loans call 1-866-999-0150 to apply now. >> four people injured in a crash on roosevelt boulevard. hear what happened when all of the victims came face-to-face at the hospital. >> tragedy in texas, 16 people are killed in a hot air balloon crash, eyewitnesses describe the horrific moment the balloon burst into flames. >> birds in action, eagles hold open practice at the linc, find out how kids are running the show today. >> i was walking my dog very early this morning, coy not
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believe how humid it was, it wasn't raining but felt wet, the air just felt wet. >> and feels nasty out there. rough for football practice today for the eagles, so, it will be tough out there. humidity sticks around, next couple of days, and we do bring more showers and storm chances in our forecast. >> little bit cooler than last week. >> little cooler, yes, don't have any nine's for the next few days, get a break this that. >> depends where you are, dealing with more rain this morning, and again, later this afternoon and tonight. >> central southern bucks county, north end of philadelphia, looks like that heavier shower, starting to mover out, still part of south jersey, cumberland county seeing slow moving heavy shower, roll on through, and then ocean county headed toward long beach island, watch out for some heavy rain. and do the slow moving showers, flood advisory has been issued, philadelphia, parts of southern bucks
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county, into part of western mercer county, new jersey, and burlington county, as well. that goes until 7:15, just the slow moving share, smaller streams could be on the rise, woman out for little urban flooding. seventy-six at the airport, 74 up in allentown, some temperatures pretty much uniform all across the region, humidity running very high, it will be muggy for at least the next 48 hours, some sunshine today, warm, humid, watch out for shower, thunderstorms, really at any time. and those showers could contain heavy rainfall just due to the moisture content in the air. eighty-eight for the high in philadelphia, mid eight's at the shore, seven's up in the poconos, i'll let you know when we finally dray things out checking out the seven day coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, and clean up is on at jen did a this this morning, mercer couldn't which one of the areas hit hardest by yesterday's flashflooding. our tran dough shows us the damage in west windsor township. >> heavy rainfall, flashflooding across mercer county, levers drivers stranded. >> once i realize it was the water, i just pulled off the
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road, try to get this. >> and kept first responders and tow truck drivers busy. >> just. >> police call, were just pulling people out of the water, getting them to high ground. >> andrew griffin, into their own hands, and feet, wait wading through as much as 2 feet of water through ahmad and err road. >> stuck on the princeton junction train station surrounded by water, as seen in this cell phone video. >> the water was coming from the east side of the station underneath and all the way down through the parking lot down vaughn road to alexander here. since then i've been trying to figure out a way to connect with my wife. we vented up as you saw caring her suitcase through this at err here, the couple did have a boat at hand. >> i thought about hitching the boat and see if i could sale it down the street here. >> some took chances driving through the flood waters, and
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ended up full of regret. >> crazy, don't drive-thru water, just silly, i think too many bad things happen. >> pay attention to the road cones and the saw who is cents, they put them up for a reason, you know, they don't do it because they're board. they do it because it is dangerous. >> princeton university is about 2 miles from here, and also, reported heavy flooding, in fact, the wawa on campus was closed for all afternoon, and most of the evening. in west windsor township, tran dough, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and the rain caused plenty of problems here in philadelphia, as well, including an unusual picture from south street. check it out. a tree came out of the rain softened grounds, and landed right on this suv. it happened between tenth and 11th street late last night. fortunately, no injuries. >> new this morning, not clear if the weather played a role in a serious accident on the boulevard near fox street. four people taken to several different hospitals, and we're told that two of the victims at einstein got into a fight.
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no word what started that fight and investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the accident. >> developing story now, police in austin, texas, say suspect began firing into a crowd, killing one woman, and injuring at least four other people early this morning. this is cell phone video from austin, investigators say the shooting took place, in the city's entertainment district. police searching for a suspect, but they've not ruled out the chance that the suspect might actually be one of those people who works at the hospital. >> a hot air balloon caring 16 passengers crashes into central texas, authorities say the balloon caught fire and crashed in a pasture. cbs news correspondent omar villafranca has the story now. >> investigators surveyed a gruesome scene saturday morning. what was left after a hot air balloon, loaded with passengers, caught fire and plunged to the earth. a woman who lives nearby saw the aftermath, from her front porch. >> i heard one pop before i stepped out the door. then i heard another pop. and i am looking around to see
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who is shooting because it sounded like a gun going off. and then i looked off over there, and the next thing i knew, you saw big fireball go up. >> margaret while i said she often sees hot air balloons flying in the area, and that the same company involved in the accident, identified heart of texas hot air balloon ride had what she called a close call in neighbor's field about a year and a half ago. foggy early in the morning but the haze had mostly cleared. she believes the popping noises she heard were the balloon hitting high voltage power lines, located just above the crash scene. >> team of investigators national transportation safe i boards will try to determine what went wrong, it will treat this area like a crime screen. >> only one chance at it, make sure we do everything correctly. >> governor greg abbott said he is asking all to join in prayers for the loss. omar villafranca, cbs-3,
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"eyewitness news". >> and an investigation is underway, into a shooting involving two new jersey state troopers, the troopers responded to 911 calls in the 300 block every center ton road, upper deerfield township, late friday night. police say a man, fired shots at them, and troopers returned fire. that man in critical but stable condition. one of the troopers was grazed by either gunfire or shattered glass. and police say road rage may have triggered a phony traffic stop in montgomery county. police say that this white van, flashed blue and red police style light and the driver pulled over vehicle near church and brent roads in orland tuesday. the license plate was registered to charles grossman of whitemarsh township and grossman being called a person of interest in this case. >> five delaware teenagers, for allegedly breaking into sporting goods store and stealing 27 handguns. teens smashed their way into outfitters on kenneth pike and greenville july 22. investigators linked those guns to a shooting in
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wilmington east lawn park that entered -- injured a 17 year old day later, while police arrest that same teenager and four other teenagers. right now, not clear if police have recovered all of the stolen handguns. >> a 55 year old woman in stable condition at temple hospital after hit by stray bullet inside of her own home. police say the bullet ricocheted off a wall, and grazed her in the head yesterday afternoon. eyewitness on the 700 block every east willard street kensington say the bullet came through heroin dough, from a house across the street. police at this point have made no arrests. >> a child is recovering from minor injuries, after a fire in the fair hills section of north philadelphia. flames broke out on the 2800 block of pail thorpe street around 3:15 saturday morning, police say the child is between three and four years old. the fire was contained to a third floor kitchen, not exactly clear hoe how it started. no one else was hurt. >> well, happening today, eagles fans of all age will be checking out their beloved birds, at an open practice
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today. eagles opened training camp last week and today's open practice is being called his to, young fans will participate in organizing the team's work out, practice starts at 10:00 this morning at the linc. hope you have good season. and still to come this morning, on "eyewitness news", some lucky person struck it rich. billion dollars winning powerball ticket was sold. and florida health officials go door-to-door to alert people about zika. while england has a strong warning for women thinking about visiting the sunshine state. >> plus a decade later, and they're still hot for harry. see where folks campout to get their hands on the latest harry potter books. >> and justin drabick tracking more storms on the way, what you need to know before you head out the door. you need to know before you head out the door. we'll be right i'm not a customer, but i'm calling about that credit scorecard. (to dog)give it. sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't hurt your credit. oh! (to dog)i'm so proud of you. well thank you. get your free credit scorecard at even if you're not a customer.
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this is the last one i'm getting for her. -no, it's not. -no, it's not. back to school or back for more? staples has low prices... period. staples. make more happen. >> surge being pregnant women to postpone nonessential to florida mosquito born virus, discovered in miami, dade county. marlie hall has the latest: >> the florida department of health is making house calls. its mission to reach every resident in this downtown miami neighborhood, to warn them that zika is now officially here. >> that's really terrible news. it is coming so close to home. >> teams have fanned out across the area collecting urine samples, doctor eileen marty worries more cases could be discovered, and says, testing is an important part of prevention.
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allowed the state that ongoing mosquito transmission is happening in this specific area. >> miami dade county's mosquito control is also out in force, killing and collecting the insect known to carry seek a. >> so far, none were positive for the virus, but officials warn that doesn't mean it isn't spreading. >> florida taking aggressive approach. >> florida glove nor rick scott says he predicted the outbreak and has already allocated $22.6 million to fight the virus in his state. >> twenty-eight counties, have received funding to combat zika. now that florida has become first state to have local transmission, likely through mosquitos, to continue to put every resource available to fighting the spread of zika in our state. >> zika linked to birth defect that causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads. officials are urging pregnant women, and those planning to
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become pregnant, to avoid mosquito bites. >> a small little thing of standing water, get rid of it, all around your house or your business, and wear insect repellent. >> federal health officials say they do not expect the virus to become widespread in the u.s. or reach levels seen in brazil. they do say we may see small outbreaks like the one in miami. and they're advising those plan to visit south florida not to change their travel plans. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. flames continue to burn out of control, near california's big sur threatening nearly 2,000 homes. the massive wild fire has been burning for more than a week. the fire burning in carmel valley, scorched more than 51 squares miles and destroyed 57 homes. officials did lift the evacuation for people in the carmel highland neighborhood, but many people returned only to find ashes where their homes once stood. >> fick up one every our oldest community members, took him to his house. he said i want you to find out
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from me, and i know you need to see it. >> winds have kept the fire from moving north into more heavily populated areas, but the south ends of the fire real a struggle for firefighters there, dealing with high temperatures, and extremely low humidity. and justin joining us now on the east coast, dealing with almost the opposite, heavy rain, flashflooding, certainly not low humidity. >> they could use some of the humidity, starting to really feel insufferable, you can sweat it out today headed outside, shore, good shape right now, seeing little bit of sunshine braking out through the clouds, few people on the beach, in ocean sit, this hour. so calm start to our sunday. couldn't get a stray shower or two coming in later this morning into the afternoon for it. south jersey, but central jersey specially long beach island, get ready to see heavy rain for awhile. check it out on storm scan3. just have some slow moving showers over the past couple of hours, this is two hour loop. not moving too far eastward over the past couple of hours, so you can basically see eastern pennsylvania, down to southern new jersey, on eastward, toward the
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coastline. we are seeing pocket of heavy rain depending on where you are. there is the bull's eye right over toms river right now getting pounded with persistent heavy rain. that just prompted flashflood warning for part of far eastern burlington count my central ocean county new jersey. that goes until at least 11:00 this morning, already seeing 3 inches every rain in a short amount of time. this will likely lead to some flashflooding, with that slow moving shower, continuing to move off to the east. look at the temperatures. mid 70s, pretty much everywhere. so we have no drop-off in the numbers across the suburbs, but we do find cooler air to the north and west, upper great lakes, 60s chicago, alpena michigan, eventually we will get some cooler, drier air, but do you have wait few more days, likely tuesday and wednesday, that's going to be the best days of the week as far as the humidity levels go and here is the dew point on the rise, now up to 74 degrees, the temperature at which moisture condenses, pretty much right at it, so almost 100% humidity out there. and you can feel it out there. and it is helping to fuel the heavier showers.
7:17 am
does feel insufferable, get used to it, stays that way the rest of the afternoon. dew point temperatures maybe dropping degree or two through the afternoon, but you won't feel the difference, tonight you will need the ac cranking again, unfortunately, can't save couple of bucks on the electric bill with the air-conditioning running, same deal tomorrow. dew points in the 70s, tropical air mass, feeling very humid, the shore today, 85 degrees, some sunshine, which we're seeing right now, can't rule out a shower or storm specially later this afternoon. tomorrow casino of repeat of today. mid 80s again. tuesday looking little better. we start dropping the humidity sunshine and clouds, high 83 degrees. the problem is we just have the slow moving frontal boundery situated over the mid-atlantic, helping to squeeze out in the form of slow moving showers, few thunderstorms, eventually the front starts to move off shore tomorrow. less after chance for some rain. but the threat still there. tuesday, we start to get some drier air moving in from the north from high pressure, that sets the stage for nice couple of days, which i will show you in the seven day forecast. through early afternoon, again, scattered showers,
7:18 am
mainly eastern pennsylvania on toward the shore point. really any time through the afternoon, we could see another shower or two fire up. it extends into tonight. so overnight, you may be hearing some of that rain pounding your window when you are sleeping, tomorrow morning, though, looking little better for the morning drive. into the afternoon, maybe a shower or two, but notice the coverage is much less, as far as the rain goes. upper 80s for the warm spots today for the high temperatures, tonight, still warm, muggy, mid 70s in a lot of spots, tomorrow, same deal, mid upper 80s little sunshine, forecast high again 88 today, scattered showers, storms, tonight muggy, more showers and storms around, extended forecast, tuesday, starts to get better. 84 degrees, low humidity, and we bring back some heat by the ends of next week into next weekends. rahel, back to you. >> justin, thank up. let's get the the wet weather, ann evans at the traffic center. >> good morning, rahel, affecting traffic. your definitely correct. looking at the schuylkill expressway, now, the eastbound lanes to the left of your screen just had an accident,
7:19 am
that cleared between conshohocken and belmont, but we still have an accident in the westbound lanes, as you can see, this is to the right. the shoulder is blocked between gladwynn and conshohocken, and the area is jammed on and off, right now, traffic is squeezing by, but again, these are weather-related accident, so drive carefully. we don't have shot of this, but we do want to tell you the onramp closed on city avenue northbound at the schuylkill, due to flooding conditions. we're going to move the traffic cam to i95 right at ridley park. you can see here there is no rain at all, so, parts of the area, affected by a lot of rain on the highways, and some highways, that aren't affected at all. i95, ridley park, looks okay. so far. and there is no delays on i95, through philadelphia, despite the rain. we're going to move the traffic cam to the ben franklin bridge mid-span. again, rain, really not affecting the bridge, fine shape. further up, 42, 55, the a.c. expressway, and the garden state parkway all look okay if you're shore bound, keep in mind, taking septa today, those septa regional rails, still using an updated interim
7:20 am
weekday schedule because of the ongoing equipment shortage. that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. i'm ann evans, rahel, back to you. >> thank you, ann. well, if you have any family in new hampshire today probably good day to give them a call. only jackpot winning powerball ticket sold there and that win is her getting $478 million. hard to believe. look on the bright side though. maybe you want a smaller prize. so check your numbers. the winning numbers are: eleven, 17, 21, 23, 32, the powerball lucky number five. powerball gets going again in time for the next drawing on wednesday. well, it is an exciting morning for fans of the harry potter series, new book out today. it was a mob scene at the barnes and noble on rittenhouse square, stroke every midnight. that's when copies of harry potter and the first child part one and two, it has been long time coming, and as you can imagine, very excited fans there. >> we've been waiting for this for years. >> nine years. >> and harry potters' actually how he became friends in the
7:21 am
first place, so really means a lot to us to have been here tonight. >> ya going to be the first time in like ten years since the book came out. >> yes, so almost ten years. so it is casino every like a dream come true. >> and the book is set almost 20 years after the harry potter book. by the way the script after playing previwed in london. a lot of happy fans there. >> well, if you are headed to the movies this weekend, you have plenty of choices. looking at what's new in theatres. >> just an accident. >> starring alicia and tommy lee jones, $50 million or more, easily booting star track beyond out of the top spot. >> (movie clip). >> while mostly men head to
7:22 am
born, women figured a favor bad moms. mila kristin bell, catherine hand star as three stressed out mothers who rebel against expectations, box office watchers expect the r-rated comedy to roll up around $25 million in its opening weekends. >> for the teenagers, there is on line game kind after cross between truth or dare, and poke man go projected to gross up to $10 million this weekend, in hollywood, david daniels. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", hillary clinton, and tim kaine, in the middle of a bus tour through pennsylvanian ohio. finds/where donald trump will visit next, and what he's now accusing hillary clinton of. plus cooking class with a very important focus. our stephanie stahl explains why the dishes these teens are making can also make them
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. >> children with life threaten diseases face many challenges, one being the need to eat healthy. now, there is new way to make that a little more entertaining. health reporter stephanie stahl shows us, the unique camp. >> making a fruit smooth i, learning how to cook and eat healthy is helping her, stay alive. >> if i eat too much salt, or have too much to drink, i get bloated, and end up in a hospital. >> has kidney disease, and
7:26 am
needs a transplant. she's part of a week long cooking camp for teenagers, with kidney disease. >> learned a lot. always love to cook. >> we got all of the dry ingredient from here, chef from the restaurant school teach how things like herbs can be used for flavoring instead of salt. sodium and other minerals, can be dangerous for them. nina foster is with the nef roll did i department at chop that organizes the camp for their young patients. >> talk about who has what, part of get to go know each other, but supportive of each other here. have a loft fun cooking with the recipes together. >> since can't eat chocolate, she now has special cupcake recipe, her favorite. less salt, not allowed to eat butter, so this is substitute. >> spaghetti. my favorite food. >> fourteen year old had kidney transplant four years ago, so he still needs to watch his diet. >> vegtables, i got to eat a lot of vegtables. >> do you like vegtables?
7:27 am
>> yes. >> except for one. >> i don't like brussels sprouts. >> this is the second year for the week long camp that's partially supported by the national kidney foundation. stephanie stahl, cbs-3 #, "eyewitness news". >> and still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", one giant cereal company looking up a way to serve breakfast in a unique way, we'll show i zero you where and how much it will cost you. >> karen theus as is will ramp up their engines in south philadelphia this morning, cherri gregg live at the 11th annual east passyunk car show and festivalment finds out how many antique and muscle cars will be rolling through. hi, justin. >> good morning, everyone, still dodging some scattered showers around in part of the area this morning, but it is still stays unsettled as we head into the work week, we'll let you know when things dry out coming up in a few minutes.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> hot, humid, out to justin three on the skydeck, unfortunately, that humidity sticking around, but it is a little cooler. that's nice. >> it is cooler, yes,
7:31 am
temperatures in the 70s, but it feels tropical out here. pretty nasty, in fact, if you have to spend several hours outside, swweating out today. so far, we are here in center city, no rain, the roads actually dry, but the north ends every town got hit harder the past couple of hours with slow moving shower. and really depend where you are, still seeing some heavy rain across part of the region right now, check it out, storm scan3, very heavy rain, ocean county, slow moving storm, that prompted a flashflood warning, and we still have some left over rain, looks like exiting northeast philadelphia, into southern bucks county, part of south jersey now looking a little better but raining pretty steadily in cumberland county, starting to break up little bit. still through the morning hours, scattered showers, depending where you are, mainly eason pennsylvania, on toward the coast. there is the flashflood warning for central ocean county, extends into far eastern burlington county, already seeing about 3 inches every rain in some part from the slow moving shower. flood advisories, part of northeast philadelphia, through southern bucks, central bucks county, as well,
7:32 am
into mercer county. we had some heavy rainfall, so surgeon and flooding there, maybe smaller streams on the rise, temperatures generally mid 70s, no matter where you are today, humidity just running very high, stays like that, so warm, humid, it will help fuel some more scattered showers and storms, depending where you are. so the key word scattered. may not need to cancel our outdoor plans, keep your eyes this is the sky. and listen for any thunder again heavy rainfall possible with all of the humidity around, upper 80s for philadelphia, mid 80s at the shore, 70s in the poconos, things do get better though for the middle of the week. talking lower humidity, cooler temperatures, we will talk about that in just few more minute, rahel, back to you. >> thanks, nice, now, we had rough weather last night, but state of emergency has been declared in part every maryland, after destructive storms there. video from he willic -- he will he will -- cars swept right up against the walls of storefront. frightening situation for people who say they were caught without warning right in the middle of it.
7:33 am
>> flashflood, i literally came here, thought we would have dinner within five minute. it was panic. my friend was pulling someone out of there. i've never seen anything like it. >> storm came through pretty heavy. water got up to about where we are standing here, would have been waist high on me right here. >> resident have been asked to stay off the streets, while emergency responders make sure everything is safe. so far there is no estimate on the amount of damage. >> crews continue to clean up in south philadelphia. after the dnc. along with trash, they also had to take down the remains of the security fences, that were around the well fargo center. workers say they expect to have everything back to normal within just a few days. well, it is only been days since hillary clinton accepted the democratic nomination for president right here in philadelphia, right now on bus tour across pennsylvanian ohio, with runningmate tim kaine. donald trump will visit both balance the ground states starting tomorrow. republican nominee accusing clinton of tampering with the debate schedulement weijia jiang with the latest from washington.
7:34 am
>> hillary clinton and tim kaine stronger together bus tour took them from pennsylvania to youngstown ohio saturday. clinton told supporters, her economic plan will create more jobs and strengthen the economy. >> we are going to have the biggest job creation program since world war ii. >> but the latest cbs news poll, shows, voters believe donald trump would better handle the economy. >> there are now a million jobs in america that are not being filled. we don't have enough machinists, tool and dye workers, welders, i have a plan to encourage businesses to pay to train people. >> for the first time donald trump is responding to claims he sacrificed nothing for his country, made by the father of a fallen muslim us army soldier at the democratic national convention. >> i think i made a lot of sacrifices. i worked very, very hard. i've created thousands and thousands of jobs. >> the race to the white house
7:35 am
includes three general election debate, between september and october. trump is accusing clinton of rigging the schedule. >> late friday night he tweeted as usual hillary and the determine are trying to rig the debate, so, too, are up against major nfl games, same as last time with bernie. unacceptable. but the dates have been set since last september. by the non-partisan commission on presidential debate. on monday, it is trump's turn to try and sway voters in pennsylvanian ohio. weijia jiang, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and social media now burning up over trump's response to the father of that fallen soldier, with the hashtag trump sacrifices. and the race for the white house is on. and we here at "eyewitness news" still got you covered. we'll track both candidate on campaign trail. both on tv and on line. well, it should and fun day in south philly today. east passyunk largest block party of the year will feature car show, live music and much more. cherri gregg from sister
7:36 am
station "kyw news radio" is live there, as organizers get ready for all of the fun. hi, cherri gregg. >> good morning, rahel. this is the quiet before the storm. because they're towing the cars here on the street, along morris and east passyunk, right now, but in just a couple of hours, this place will be filled with all kind of beautiful cars. good morning, rene, how are you doing? >> i'm wonderful, thanks for coming down. >> wonderful. rene is the executive director of the east passyunk business district. and so tell me, what's today all about? >> so today is our 11th annual car show and street festival. we will have a car lined with -- or the street lined with cars, tons of live music, outdoor bars, street food, tons of stuff for the kids, free, we've got arts and crafter, moon bounce, and just really fun, you know, family friendly day to come down and enjoy the actually pretty good weather now, i'm thinking looks pretty good. check out the cars.
7:37 am
it is fabulous, fun, circus performers here, and people don't realize, i mean, east passyunk has changed in the past few years. so you do this, why do you do something like this? to show this neighborhood off? >> special events really great way to introduce our corridor to folks. because we're a little hard to find. people don't always know where it is, so for an event, people come down, they check it out for the first time. they see all we have to offer. we have 150 small businesses and great little independently owned boutiques, and restaurant, and good introduction to the avenue. >> and you haven't ben here in a while, you should come back. because there is a lot of new restaurants that just opened. and registration for the car show kicks off at around 8:00 today. and the car show runs from 11:00 to four. more on the background on why this car show started coming up at 8:00. >> cherry, thank you, my
7:38 am
teenage brother lovers cars, so he would enjoy that, thank you. still to come this morning on "eyewitness news". >> jump into the cafe business, how much their high end cereal will cost you. kenneth craig in new york with that story coming up. >> and the humidity and showers stick around. justin's back to let us know when relief is on the way having acne... ...was always on my mind. so i asked a dermatologist about new aczone dapsone gel 7.5%.
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i mean i really see a lot of great - you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... while donald trump watched tv, as secretary of state, hillary clinton negotiated a cease fire in gaza. a reduction in nuclear weapons... took on vladimir putin... and stood up against the trafficking of human beings. a steady leader in an unsteady world.
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>> nutritionist cents say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. looking to serve it in a whole new way. kenneth craig shows us the new york restaurant where you can breakfast any time of day new york skimming i has some of the finest restaurant, but willie smith and husband mike are grabbing bowl of cereal instead. >> it is a comfort food. makes you feel good. >> kellogg's opened in cafe in times square, featuring brands like kris piece, fruit loops, custom kearse stick to the base, or inch dull emergency one of cafe specialty bowls for about $7. >> piss that is yo, tyme, who knew? >> the keg old's cafe is the latest company capitalizing on new york city location, to promote it product. like the m and m store, and the yogurt cafe. pepsi is planning for a manhattan cafe later this summer in the wake of weakening soda sales. michele greene wald is a food marketing expert.
7:42 am
doing something unique, different, buzz worthy, you want to be in new york that's where the media is. that's where there is a lot of traffic. >> kellogg's is trying to boost america's appetite for cereal. sales have slipped recently, as people turn to protein alternatives. >> absolutely a part to get people to buy more cerial. >> partnered to get people to eat more cereal, like adding coffee to the bowl. >> hopes the cafe gives them that experience one bowl at a time. cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, justin, joining us now, justin kind of wet weather, perfect to stay inside maybe eat bowl of cinnamin toast crunch? >> one of my favorites as a snack, good stuff out there. if you are headed outside, brace yourself for high humidity, feeling tropical, and we are still dodging some rain showers around this morning that already continuing into the afternoon and at night. key word here is scattered.
7:43 am
not everybody sees the rain, hopefully get lucky at your location and you escape some of the heavy rain. seeing it this morning, we head into new jersey where andrew in medford currently at 73 degrees, this hour, has some heavy downpours into pennsylvania we go, casino of same deal, hit and miss stuff, dabra lane still reporting light rain, temperature right now 75 degrees. even with the rain, so stays mile pretty much everywhere we head up to lawrenceville, peter has 76 degrees currently cloudy, good news, because he needs to dry out. had some heavy rain yesterday. but again that really depend where you are, basically eastern pennsylvania on toward the shore dealing with ours of scattered showers, possibly even few thunderstorms, this morning, waking up, we do have pictures loaded, not working this morning on this sunday, but depending where you are, seeing few peaks of some sunshine, we take you up to lehigh valley right now, bethlehem, still looking pretty overcast right now from the hotel bethlehem, right now no line rate, could run into shower later on this morning
7:44 am
into the afternoon. storm scan3, where we do have the heavy rain across central new jersey now moving into ocean county moving very slowly just south of toms river, where the flashflood warning remains in effect, parts of burlington county pocket of heavy rain depending where you are, philadelphia, starting to dry out. light rain, slowly moving into eastern or western new jersey, just north of trenton. so, depending where you are, could run into minor or urban flooding, like i said, feeling tropical. dew point temperatures tell the story mid seven's, doesn't get much higher than this around this area, feeling insufferable. then tuesday start to see the humidity back off. feels pretty good wednesday as well. shore forecast today, some sunshine maybe scattered shower, morning looking okay in south jersey, eight a for
7:45 am
the air temperature, ocean water fells good at 75 degrees, southeast breeze 10 miles per hour flow from the south bringing humidity around, up and down the east coast, very humid, then frontal boundery draped over pennsylvania and the delaware valley, and that's the focus for these showers and storms, because so much humidity, it will be some heavy rain in some of the showers any time, so 06% chance to see the scattered showers, maybe thunderstormment tomorrow gets little better, 30% chance, tuesday, we really start to see some drier air working it way in, still throw in 20% chance mainly morning. but check out the model here. by early afternoon, we start to see some of the showers diminish. start to break the clouds up little bit. so we do see some sunshine. areas south of the city may make it through the day on dry side, but may miss pockets of heavy rain tomorrow morning, looking better for the morning drive, afternoon, another shower or storm could fire up. today, it is warm, very humid, 88 degrees, watch out for the
7:46 am
heavy shower, depending where you are, tonight, still warm, muggy, 75 for the low temperature, more rain around, extended forecast, upper 80s again tomorrow. shower or thunderstorm. tuesday, feeling much better, mid 80s, low humidity, by the end of the week back up to 90 on friday. rahel, back over to you. >> justin, thank you, 7:46. let's check the roads and highways. hi, ann. >> we have an accident to tell but this morning, looking at the schuylkill eastbound to the way right of your screen, between gladwynn and belmont avenue. the shoulder is block, there is an accident there. also, an accident westbound lanes, just can't see, because it is right out of camera range between gladwynn and conshohocken. >> ramp to the westbound schuylkill closed due to flooding conditions, watch out for flooding conditions, this morning, on the area highways, mid-county tomes of the pa turnpike, no delays here but if you are taking the pennsylvania turnpike
7:47 am
westbound, it is jammed, between the bensalem-philadelphia exit and the willow grove exit, due to accident with possible lane closures. and on to the ben franklin mid-span, the area bridges are in good shape despite the rain, further up, no delays, on 676 or the admiral wilson boulevard, 42, 55, the a.c. expressway, and garden state parkway all look okay, as well. and that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. now, rahel, back to you. >> ann, thank you. still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", the eagles finally put on the pads, at training camp. and, an olds favorite back with the team but in a new role. lesley van arsdall has that story up next in sport.
7:48 am
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>> i was the heart and soul of the eagles december fence for decades, fans loved him because of his hard hitting style, the eagles fateful furious when the team let him leave for denver. now brian dawkins is back in the nest. b doug will be working with the scouting department. will be based out of his colorado home. franchise leader in games played and interceptions, so after a tv career, brian will now learn what it takes to become a successful nfl executive. >> it is not just scouting. i'm trying to grasp whole gahm but the of football operations of how a team is run. so i'm learning about the scouting part of it, how, i guess, the terminology all of those things, but sometimes you either have an eye or you don't. and i've been blessed to have an eye to see talent. so if i can help in that respect, i would love to do that, but also i want to learn
7:51 am
everything about running a football team. >> meanwhile the pads finally on the practice after months every seeing the birds running around in shorts. they got to hit in tackle. now the birds will hold open practice today at the linc. now, to baseball, the phillies ten game road trip comes to an end this afternoon against the braves. jarrod will be on the mound for the phils, last night the phillies offense showed up against the worse team in the majors. no score in the second, cameron rough with the dish. he rips single to centerfield, big fellow ryan howard, not known for his seed, able to both the throw home. phillies take the early lead. did not have his best stuff. he gave up three runs on nine hits, struck out two and five-thirds innings, what could be his final game of the philly. but he came up big at the plate here in the fifth inning. serving with his first career major league extra base hit, to score rough and cody ash i, the fighting's regain the lead. bases loaded in the sixth for freddie galvis. he delivers base hit that drove in two more runs, so the phillies beat the braves, nine to five.
7:52 am
>> that's all for sports, i'm lesley van arsdall, have a great day. >> time now for the cbs-3 pet project. carol err, son, and mad advocate, joins us every sunday at this time to give us helpful information for our pet and also tell us how we can adopt-a-pet. carol, good to see you. >> good to see you, today is national put day. we have wonderful adoptable put here, this is ma moo, came into the spca as a cruelty case, with a harness embed in the her, only five month old puppy, but national put day to celebrate all things mixed breeds. >> she has so much energy. >> ton of energy. she just is a puppy. so expect to see her flip out. so keep watching. you know, one of the things we want to talk about today, rahel, is about and i'll do this instead of my hand, about summer pet ailment, boy, there are a lot of them. take a look at the screen, i'm sure if you have a dog or cat you have seen a lot of thanks.
7:53 am
and the possibility of heat stroke out there, and also we've got tick, and also a big problem this time of the year. fleas, parasites, viruses, just a ton of stuff. we will be identifying some ways to help you and your pet through all of these in just a little bit. but doctor jeffrey stewpont good advice what you don't want to talk about at breakfast time, but unfortunately part of what's going on with the dogs. take a listen. >> a lot of the external parasites out there in the field, as we take our dogs walking and to the parks, can infect your pets. please fleas with transmit tape work. always good idea to bring fecal sample to your vet when you come for your checkup, they can run a sample to identify if you have any par sites or worms inside of your dog. >> so, it is important. some of these worms can be very stubborn, in the environment it, doesn't mean you have done anything wrong, but when you are out there,
7:54 am
your dogs can pick these up. it doesn't take long for two fleas to get together and that can be a problem, they drop eggs in the environment and fleas can even get through your house, it doesn't mean your dirty or your dog are dirty, flea so small they can get through screen door. >> complete nuisance. she eat the carpeting? >> yes, it is a mess, but a lot of people say couldn't possibly be, again, can come through the foundation, and there are couple of products that are good. there is a new flea collar out there that doctor was telling me works terrifically. it also works on fleas antics particulars called czar. sto. might want to look at that, and also bravecto given by mouth, that works for 12 month, or rather 12 weeks, on fleas antics particulars. so something that people may want to -- and also you really casino of consider your pet lifestyle. now this dog, you know, if you take this dog, hiking, a loft exercise here, i would suggest
7:55 am
a long hike with this dog. just a baby, so let's give a little treat, there you go, what a sweet dog. >> so sweet. >> very sweet. and, again, her name is in amoo, five month old puppy available for adoption. but the lifestyle f this dog is going to have center city lifestyle, you know, you may not need to use the lime vaccine. but if you're out hiking with your dog, and any of the parks and that sort of thing. >> urban, more country? >> that's when it is probably a very good idea to go ahead and look at the vaccines that you can get. also, heart worm this time of the year, that's a big problem >> yes. >> get your dogs blood tested first, and you can do, that and it is allergy season, terrible al ers gentlemen out, there as well, so something your vet can help with you, get the terrible hot spots. how do you get to the vet? that's another thing people want to know. >> absolutely. so, if you are looking to adopt. >> and i can tell you how. you can do it ooh an even
7:56 am
septa put your animal in a carrier. >> interesting. >> so there is no reason to say oh, i can't get to the vet. ask a friend. if need be, here, we'll give this, won't give you your hand. that's it. now, rahel, where can someone find this dog? >> so sweet all morning enjoying her, so if you would like it adopt this adorable pet visit the pspca, bring i department and proof of address, very important, if you have any children under the age of eight years old, bring them with you and you can contact the pspca at or call them (215)426-6300. >> erie avenue headquarters. >> one little advice, don't use cat product on a dog or vice verse a also remember in this heat, heat stroke happens fast, and that's an emergency. keep them inside in the coolest part of the day should you have them outside. then if you have got a heat stroke problem, to the vet, immediately, it is an emergency. >> okay, carol, good seeing you.
7:57 am
>> see you next week with more tips. >> isn't that a tip for "eyewitness news" at 7:00. here's what we have coming up for you at 8:00. remember the ice bucket challenge? video went viral some summers ago, now actually seeing some result. see how all of the money raised actually led to break you there. >> heavy rain yesterday, not out of the wood just yet. justin back to tell us when you can expect showers and storms today. stay with us.
7:58 am
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tragedy in texas. eyewitnesses describe the horrifying hot air balloon crash that killed 16 people. >> and, local car owners and karen theus as is get ready to rev it up. live to tell you where big street festival is happening today. and, wet weather, not over yet. justin is tracking more storms on the way today. what you need to know if you have outdoor plans. >> today is sunday, july 31st, where does the month every july go? good morning, i am a rahel solomon. thanks for being with us, we send it over to justin drabick. so if you do have outdoor plans, what's the deal? >> i wouldn't cancel any just yet. scattered here, casino of just like yesterday. i think less coverage in the rain compared to yesterday. that is good news, already looking better outside right now. >> compared to yesterday? >> sunshine. >> oh, that's nice. >> check out this shot center city. we're going to be seeing those clouds break up little bit. basically from the city on westward, that's going to be the trend as we head into new jersey, through the morning, but, again, in the afternoon, we could see couple of scattered showe


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