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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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doylestown. fire is in the gfi bath showcase store that escalate todd three alarms and it is affecting traffic around at your use as crews fight that fire. this is on the 600 block of north main street and main street has been closed off between farm hill drive ape cross keys drive, also, all of the stores in that mall have been evacuated and now injuries, have been reported and we will keep an eye on that. also tonight, a murder mystery in montgomery county, woman and her boyfriend are gun down inside of their apartment, and tonight investigators are working to peace together what exactly happen. tonight we are hearing from one of the victims sisters, good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm natasha a brown in for ukee washington. shooting happened at an apartment complex in the 100 block of forest avenue in ambler. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live at that scene and authorities have now, released both victims names we under stan. >> that is right natasha and
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jessica, good evening, the questions around this double homicide, continue, to build all day, family and friend of those, two victims were coming to the courtyard, behind me mourning the loss of these two lives but very little has been said about the events, that led up to this fatal shooting. relatives ape friend of janice trunk are grief stricken and desperate for answers. >> i just want to know who did that. and why. >> reporter: yes. >> did they do that by mistake did they come in the wrong apartment. >> reporter: investigators haven't said much about the shooting along forest avenue in ambler. >> she's my last living relative. >> reporter: kimberly trunk spoke to her sister last night and until they ended the conversation with i love yous, at 2:00 kim sailed her friend called with the bad news about her sister, janice. >> i'm not asking for pity, i want to necessity who did this to her. i can forgive them. >> but i just want to know.
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>> reporter: shot and killed inside apartment janice boyfriend kevin smith. police have not detailed a possible motive, prosecutors have, ruled out the case, as a murder/suicide. >> always had a smile on her face, always has had something nice, pleasant to say to somebody. >> reporter: amy bauer said she knew janice for 30 years. this they met while she was tending bar at a philadelphia hotel. janice more recently worked in lansdale. >> i want to know who shot one of my best friend and why. >> reporter: back live here, just information trickling out here, ever so slightly, just getting word from our assignment desk we have been able to confirm that both victims did call this apartment home, again, when a gunman broke into the place around midnight last night, and opened fire, again, no word from investigators if there is a shooter on the loose or if they have been able to talk or at least, if they have leads building towards a possible arrest.
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we have made numerous calls we are waiting for return phone calls we will pass the information when we receive those calls back. live from ambler i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you very much, joe. two former temple university police officer are facing murder charges in connection with the deadly booting of the woman in germantown. the these are the suspects, 47 year-old aaron wright and 41 year-old marquis robinson. investigators say wright admitted eating his 24 year-old girlfriend until she collapsed. she was pronounced dead at green street home that she shared with the two suspects and four children. the boyfriend was strip of her clothes, hand cuffed to a weight bench and used a baton to beat her throughout her entire body. the friend was actually helping position the female and turn her and contort her body in certain positions so the boyfriend could beat her in those areas of her body.
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>> wright resigned from the temple police force in 2012, police say robinson was fired following his arrest. storms carrying heavy rains, again, prompted flooding concerns all around the area we will go to meteorologist kate bilo tracking the timing of these storms, kate. >> jessica, these storms are circling their wagons around philadelphia nothing in the city so far to take. just cloudy, glummy, damp but we have missed out on showers and storms. showers and storms all around the region. heavy thunderstorms in the poconos. we have a new severe thunderstorm warning for portions of new jersey that is with this storm right here pushing in salem and cumberland counties, severe thunderstorm warning is in effect until 6:45 tonight. in this area, these storms pro cueing not only heavy rain but lightening and also risk for dangerous downpours. again flooding rain dangers, included to ground lightening. over poconos still seeing heavy rain and these storms will be around through the evening. biggest north and west and flash flood watch in effect
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until 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morning for bucks, montgomery counties, through lehigh veil and poconos. we have better news coming up with the seven day forecast and we will that have in a few minutes, jessica. >> we will see you then. we now no one of the two people killed in maryland's flash floods is from our area 35 year-old jessica is a resident of lebanon, pennsylvania. she was visiting family in maryland when she was swept by the flood waters and died. she was the also mother to a ten year-old girl. clean up underway in ellicott city, emergency management officials are estimating close to 100 buildings have been damaged as a result of those floods. >> fbi and philadelphia police are asking for public's help identifying a bank robbery suspect this man wanted for robbing a -- robbing a td bank branch on westerly high avenue in north philadelphia last wednesday. he is described as a hispanic male in his late 30's to early 50's, about five feet 11 inches tall with a medium build and black beard.
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if you recognize him, please give police a call right away. the way philadelphia courts deal with bail took center stage in city hall, "eyewitness news" at city council chambers for bail reform hearing this was sponsored by councilman curtis jones, kenney administration and special committee on criminal justice reform. groups are looking at ways to reduce what they say is bias in the criminal justice system at pretrial level. and, philadelphia's parking authority prohibited drivers, from parking in the media, on south broad street. >> and now that the convention is over, some resident are pushing for those rules to be permanent law. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh has more. >> reporter: if you have driven down broad street you have seen it. >> it is like a traffic jam, a actually. >> reporter: car after car in a row along median but these cars aren't waiting to turn their parts and it stand around 16 blocks around broad street and technically illegal
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but not well enforced except during major events of the democratic national convention and snowstorms. >> i have never seen a particular on the cars. >> reporter: it is not safe or sightly says fit square a philadelphia based political action committee and they started an on line petition calling for daily enforcement. >> cars that are trying to parallel park in a very tiny space, right next to cars that are going 35 miles an hour, it is not a recipe for how a street should be working. >> reporter: this man who helped start the petition says as a resident of south philadelphia's had no problem fine fining parking elsewhere. >> it business 200 spaces that are there. there is over 20,000 spaces on that neighborhood. so really, it the is not fixing my parking problems. >> reporter: others disagree. >> is there not enough parking for people that live here, so where they're they toes spot park. few answers for torey aftersa.
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>> i don't see them offering any solutions other than don't do it. come up with parking lot or permitting or actual transportation where wye put our cars. >> reporter: despite a thousand signatures on the petition mayor jim kenney says he won't jump to action. >> it is anomaly, and it has been that way since bring was born but anything that would change in that regard would be done in conjunction with the community. >> reporter: greater disagree or agree all for a common goal , a better philadelphia down the road. in south philadelphia, anita o h for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" well, stay with us, still ahead on "eyewitness news" at 63:00 young kid from south jersey get a surprise they will never forget only only cbs-3 is there when their father an air force sergeant return home after a 3407 deployment overseas. how their classmates helped pull off this surprise. plus health reporter stephanie stahl takes us inside a new building at children's's hospital of philadelphia how it i go helping young patient was autism, don. difference between chip
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number of children diagnosed with autism has skyrocketed especially in new jersey which has the highest rates in the country. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on a autism friendly building at children's hospital of philadelphia very exciting guys. children's hospital of philadelphia is home, and, thousands of young patients, are treated there and now, is there a new building, at chop that ises especially welcoming to kids with autism.
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>> reporter: doctors appointments aren't scary anymore for 13 year-old andie kelly, autistic and like most others with the disorder she can be easily upset by new environment or loud noises. >> this building makes a big difference. >> reporter: ann i's mom amy is members of the autism family partners at chop. they created autism friendly places at burger center. >> it is just meaning so much to families. is there something for kids that need a lot of activity and something for those with little activity. >> reporter: is there visual stimulation like spin pin wheels and activities like squishy floor tiles that light up. >> up, up, can you hop. jump. >> yes. >> so now this is floor tiles, are going on all floors. >> reporter: amy is family consultant at chop and has an autistic child. she says even placement of elevators way from doors was a special consideration. >> would i like to say they speak autism language now,
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very unique. >> family and friend. >> but we have given and it has made it so much more friendly for the kid. >> reporter: children treated here nearly 18,000 a year have big visions in what they are able to accept, annie was diagnosed early and has had therapy. she's able to communicate with a ipad. >> my daughter brought me the greatest moment in my life, and you to have look for silver lining, it is hard journey but teaches you to appreciate the small things. >> yes. >> all right. cameraman too. autism family partners group is now putting together a tip sheet for other families so they know more about the accommodations and they also want to eventually develop an app so children will know what to expect, before they arrive. this is so successful they are talking about this being a national model. >> wow. >> that is just for kid with autism what other kid wouldn't like all that.
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>> it is fun, interesting, lots going on. >> great facility. >> thanks, stephanie. >> well, there is another good reason to donate blood thanks to a partnership between red cross and dunkin' donuts, blood donors will receive vouchers for a free mediumized coffee and doughnut. red cross hopes the sweet incentive will encourage people to give blood and there is a critical shortage of all blood types. >> all right, don bellies here with sports. >> and, messages and you would have one. >> natasha and i stay close to each other in the studio. >> we will pause it. >> yes. >> that is what we do. >> all right, let's talk about baseball, players all over the league nervously tapping their toes, biting their nails and some crossing their fingers. it is august 1st which in baseball means it is the trade deadline for jeremy hellickson it was a date to watch phillies righty was on the trade block at least a half dozen teams were reportedly interested but somehow 4:00 p.m. deadline came and went and hellickson is still a
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philly. team didn't make any deals. they are off today and open up a three game series with the giants tomorrow, in south philadelphia. take a load off, after a couple days of full pad work outs, eagles went back to practice and in shelves and shorts. overall doug pederson believes in rugged physical practices. before camp started he expressed his desire to have his players hit three or four days at a time before going the with the shelves. his approach is similar to andy reid and is way different from chip kelly's, so far the players are on board. >> things feel more relaxed and i think i can, you know, it is more learning and more technical stuff and then when we get out here it is about being physical anding out there and executing. i think, you know, i am really loving this camp. i'm used to it. coach reid gave me a little re game before i got to pederson. >> nascar at pocono for pennsylvania 400. the weather played a big role.
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chris butcher has the lead with 22 laps left, and then the fog rolled in, like you can barely see opposite side of the track. try driving in 200-mile per hour conditions and that is it , they called it, butcher is your winner. cardinals and marlins in my aim, derek hasn't had a hit in ten days. bottom of the ninth he rips a game winning triple, however, it is what happened afterward that has everybody talking. his teammates got car aid away , ripped the jersey off of his back, and there he is in the middle of the field top less, celebrating and flexing for the people. >> my boy. >> all of his glory. >> all right, don, they took their turn. >> they sure did. >> so, big umbrella or little one, i got both. >> you might want to be okay for little one for next few hours, later tonight there may
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be a a storm rolls through, but they are surrounding us a on all side. nothing has been able to pop up. it has been glummy, damp, drizzly and very humid. temperatures in the upper 70's but dew points in the 70's as well and that is not a good combination not making for a comfortable night to be outside. good news we have been waiting for a day with comfortable temperatures and low humidity and we have that day on the way. that day is wednesday. lets get through to tonight. here's a look outside we will show you low clouds that are just hanging over philadelphia , and trying to break out in a few spots but clouds said nope, we are moving back in and won that battle to day. that kept things stable. we have not seen too much in the way of thunderstorm activity around the city. we have haven't need that had today. south of the city or north of the city we are dealing with problems. we have a bunch of storms, this one over portions of the poconos this one severe warned over maryland, and this storm is what i want to affect us on first moving through salem, cumberland counties and severe
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thunderstorm warning with this , frequent lightening, heavy rain ain't not moving very quickly at all. something we have seen in every storm we have been tracking since late last week this morning goes until 6:45 tonight and then again for sale em, cumberland counties. stay inside, try not the to be out. if you can stay indoors with these storms. poconos same story south of the mount pocono, heavy rain for carbon county with frequent lightening as well. as far as tonight is concern, biggest threat for any thunderstorm is heavy rain, is there a moderate threat for lightening, low threat for win , hail, tornadoes because these storms are not moving quickly. any thunderstorm can bring strong wind but threat for flash flooding that is biggest concern tonight. here's what it looks like, storms continue through 9:00 p.m. up to the north and west. you can see these storms pushing south and parts of the area overnight tonight, although it is north and western suburbs that have biggest threat for thunderstorms even at 4:00 a.m., rumble of thunder or rain drops hitting roof top , flash flood watch remains
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in effect until 6:00 tomorrow morning and that includes bucks, montgomery counties and lehigh valley and poconos for anyone of these storms that can bring risk for flooding on the roads. very slow moving storms, one to three inches possible and that can come down in an hour leading to that poor drainage flooding. overnight scattered showers and thunderstorms, some locally heavy north and west, for your tuesday and an eye laced morning showers or storm but humidity will drop through the day in the city 84. down the shore 82 with isolated thunder shower early a and same thing during poconos it is 74 degrees tomorrow and. we will be comfortable at 84. it will take until afternoon before humidity lowers. trying to decide should i go out in the morning or afternoon tomorrow afternoon, look at wednesday and thursday , beautiful, seasonal, low humidity, hot gannon friday but at least it is dry. we will finally break out of the heat and humidity, this mid week period will be really nice. >> very nice. >> thanks, kate. stay with us, still ahead on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 rebuilding history where
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it started. >> we will show you where builders are putting together a shift from the revolutionary war era and why they will soon be taking it all apart
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whenthe state made aers, commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility over the years of not funding this pension the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment, and they need to stick to it.
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the independent sea port museum gave us a sneak peak of the private ship replica, before it officially goes on display next year this life sized replica measures 19 by 45 and took ten to 12 months to complete and made up of a thousand pieces. it will undergo some final touches before it is disa so maniled and then rhea semled at its new home at the museum of american revolution, due to opened in 2017. how about that. >> up next, a surprise home [ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason.
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no ordinary day at a childhood learning center in new jersey. an air force dad just home from the middle east went there on a special mission to surprise his kids at their school. vittoria woodill is in atco with the surprise home coming. >> it was a parade to the sidewalk in red, white and blue. breaking free from the classrooms a bunch of kid headed outside to break into song celebrating america.
6:28 pm
>> god bless america. >> reporter: among troops, these three who had no idea the celebration was really a surprise solute for their dad, chris. a member of the you had air force who just finished his third deployment overseas. they have not seen him since january. >> how do you talk to dad at work. >> through videotape. >> they are a handful. it has been a experience, they have been with us, they have been living with us past 14 months. >> reporter: with so many things to share with dad like first words, what is the first thing that you will say to your daddy when you see him at the airport. >> i love you. >> oh, i love that. >> reporter: and for a twin. >> you have a new house too. >> big underground pool, built in pool. >> reporter: can i come to your house and swim in your pool. >> yeah. >> reporter: they knew their mission today. >> we're picking daddy up. >> yes. >> reporter: what time do you pick daddy up at the airport. >> when he comes to school. >> reporter: as they continue to sing, waiting for school to
6:29 pm
end. let's just say it wasn't the ice cream man down the street, it was daddy. >> this is great to know that people are thinking about you when you are away, you know, it is lonely out there, you get bored, you miss your family, you miss birthdays, holidays, just something like this to make you look forward to coming at home. >> mission complete. >> in this story you can really feel that home truly is the hearties, so welcome home, sergeant chris, and all of the people that came together today, including his aunt linda, his wife allie who served in the air force, it was just an amazing reunion to be witness of, we feel lucky to to it, thank you to all of the men and women in service. i want to let you know they have plans for family dinner, kid suggested mcdonald's. they told me that specifically >> yes, keeping eye on the prize vittoria. >> thank you. that will do it for us at 6:00 we are back at cw philly
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at ten and back here captioning sponsored by cbs >> rose: the zika zone, the c.d.c. issues an extraordinary travel warning for miami neighborhoods as the number infected grows. also tonight, the candidates' words come back the bite them. >> she had nothing to say. she probably, maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> director comey said my answers were truthful and what i've said is consistent. >> rose: deadly flash flooding in maryland. >> looks like it's a war zone. it looks like something you'd see from the set of a disaster movie. >> rose: and the hot air balloon disaster, the pilot had a history of drunk driving convictions. >> balloon pilots are not required to have a medical certificate.


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