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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  August 2, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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right now at 11:00, a 3-alarm fire consumes a bucks county strip mall. how long it took firefighters to finally bring it under control. >> and hillary clinton gets a bump from the democratic national convention while donald trump rallies in pennsylvania. plus the little book that's been flying off the shelves. >> also the zika virus spreads
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in south florida. we begin tonight with a threat of floods. i'm jessica dean. >> and i'm natasha brown. let's get right to heat roll gist kate bilo she's been keeping an eye on storms rolling through the area. >> we do still have storms on the radar right now especially off to our west and that's where the flash flood watch remains in effect north and west suburbs tonight. but the good news is this storm that was moving over burks county has started to be a little more suppressed off to the south just grazing the philadelphia suburbs with some wet weather. so it's missing for the city for the moment but we can't promise this is going to be the case for the night. these pockets showing where the heaviest rain is. the steadiest is down back to harrisburg right now. it is impacting the turnpike and we could see some lingering showers through the overnight and into tomorrow morning that
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could possibly slow down the early part of the morning commute. our flash flood watch goes until 6:00 in the morning. pretty much all of northern new jersey you can see through tonight we still have the chance for a few of these showers and storms to make it toward the city although for the most part, it will stay to the west. you wake up tomorrow to a few scattered showers at 6:00 a.m., then progressively through the day we start to see things drying out and with that drying out comes a reduction in humidity. there's some good news. i'll tell you how long that lasts coming up with the full forecast. back to you. >> we'll see you soon. authorities meantime are trying to find the cause of a fire at a bucks county strip mall. it took firefighters three hours to bring the flames under control. the fire started around 5:00 at grove supply incorporated a bathroom fixtures retailer in doylestown. firefighters were called in from nearby towns and eventually
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crews placed the fire under control just after 8:00. three people were transported to the hospital. there's no word on the extent of their injuries. >> a 5-year-old boy from our area is killed after being struck by lightning on a north carolina beach in the outer banks where his family was vacationing. little was a member of the swim club and we're told the family was trying to get out of the storm and into their suv when that boy was struck by lightning. the boy's parents met the ambulance halfway but he was prou nounsed dead at the hospital. we now know one of the two people killed in flash floods is from our area. a 35-year-old woman is a resident of pennsylvania and the mother of a 10-year-old girl. she was visiting family in maryland when she was swept away by the flood waters and died. meanwhile the cleanup continues there. emergency management officials are estimating close to 300 buildings have been damaged as a
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result of those floods. >> and now to campaign 2016 news tonight, a new poll has hillary clinton ahead of donald trump by 7 points, a bump after last week's democratic national convention in philadelphia. david sl live in the center. >> reporter: return presidential candidate donald trump wrapped up a rally in pennsylvania a couple hours ago. he continues to focus on hillary clinton but one of the speakers at the dnc last week continues to zero in on mr. trump and it's causing the sales of this book to sky rocket. >> reporter: donald trump came out swinging at an event tonight. the republican presidential candidate wasted no time attacking opponent hillary clinton while appealing to pennsylvania republicans. >> your companies are all gone, your jobs are all gone. you haven't won the state of pennsylvania in 28 years.
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>> reporter: but trump's name has been in the news for other reasons. the billion air and family of american of a muslim american soldier killed in iraq are now in the middle of a public feud. >> have you ever read the united states constitution. >> reporter: a straightforward question posed to trump. over the weekend trump fired back hinting that mrs. khan was quiet on stage because her muslim faith forced her to stay silent. >> she was tang there, she had nothing to say. >> reporter: trump sent out this tweet on monday. quote, mr. khan who does not know me vigorously attacked me and is now all over tv doing the same. nice. it prompted a major surge in pocket constitutions after mr. khan proudly held his up on the stage last week. the product is flying off the shelves. >> people have been coming in
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and asking about it and where they can get one. >> reporter: opponent hillary clinton was in natasha brown tonight with warren buffett. >> i will not rest until we make it clear what's at stake in this election. and that's why i need your help. >> reporter: a few hours ago warren buffett called on donald trump to release his tax returns. he said he would release his if trump would do the same but trump's campaign manager has said donald trump will not release his tax returns before the election. >> all right david, thank you. police are investigating a deadly double shooting at an apartment complex in ambler. 54-year-old janice trunk who authorities say lived at the forest garden apartments. the second victim has been identified as 44-year-old kevin
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milton smith. trunk and smith lived together and we spoke with trunk's sister. >> i can't even cry, i'm in shock. she was my last relative. that was it. i don't have anybody now. somebody took it from me. she didn't deserve this. it's not right. >> a spokeswoman for the district attorney's office says they are ruling out the possibility of a murder-suicide. >> and two former temple university police officers are facing murder charges now with the deadly beating of a woman in germantown. she is are the suspects. aaron wright and marquis robinson. wright admitted beating his girlfriend until she was collapsed. she was pronounced dead friday night at the green street home she shared with the two suspects and four children. >> the boyfriend had stripped her of her clothes, handcuffed her to a weight bench and used some type of baton to beat her through her entire body. the friend was helping position
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the female and turn her and contort her body in certain positions so the boyfriend could beat her in those areas of her body. >> wright resigned from the temple police force in 2012. police say robinson was fired following his arrest. and a viewing was held tonight for gabriel lee. he died in the line of duty at engine 50 in north philly. this was the scene outside the site of the viewing. lee was find unresponsive at firehouse july 23rd. there will be another viewing tomorrow at the church followed by a memorial service. >> national night out started a day early in west philadelphia. the annual event brings police and neighbors together to have fun and to promote safety. the focus was on protecting the community from guns. >> reporter: overbrook park's national night out was part picnic, part rally to enkurges
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people to take an active role in their community. >> the more neighbors get involved, the neighborhood gets better and we can improve the neighborhood. >> the first time an officer meets a citizen shouldn't be on a crisis situation, shouldby at a picnic or at a gathering like this. >> reporter: safe neighborhoods start in the home. sheriff deputies passed out free gun locks to anyone who wanted one. >> at least lock it up and make your home safe for your children. >> reporter: a five-year-old boy in germantown accidentally shot himself in the hand. >> most gun accidents happen in the house. >> reporter: congressman bob brady says he's working hard to get gun control laws passed. he recently joined a sit-in protest on the house floor. >> we got the attention and we're going to keep it up. we're going told keep doing it until we get decent gun control legislation. >> reporter: national night out events continue through tuesday
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and the city hopes to give out a thousand of these gun locks over the next several years. >> meanwhile, residents are also getting in on national night out a little early. pre-night out is a 17-year tradition bringing 4,000 people together to strengthen the relationship between that community and the police department. first responders and public officials were there to greet those who attended tonight. there was also plenty to do, including a rider doing tricks on a bmx bike. cases of the zika virus in florida surge. >> the warning issued to certain travellers heading to south florida and what health officials in florida are doing now to try to stop the spread of the virus. >> plus a parking tradition in south philadelphia. one group wants it to be illegal for drivers to park in the middle of broad. how city leaders are responding to that proposal. and a rare look inside pennsylvania's first mormon
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temple. how you can also take a tour. >> and meteorologist kate bilo is busy tracking storms throughout our
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florida officials say 10 more people infected with the zika virus have been brought 14. >> reporter: the travel advisory is for pregnant women to stay away from the one-mile area known as the zika zone made up
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of the wynwood and edge water communities. pregnant women should be tested for zika. pregnant women living in the zone should be tested. some health clinics near the zone are handing out repellant to pregnant patient. >> we started to make sure that all pregnant women are going to get tested for the zika virus. this woman came for an exam wearing short sleeves. the centers for disease control and prevention says intensive spraying is not working as well as officials hoped. >> it could be because some are resistant or they haven't gotten rid of all the standing water or simply this is a tough area to control the mosquitos in. >> reporter: her father was told today he tested positive for
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zika. the cdc is sending an emergency response team to florida to help control the spread of the virus. and the cdc also recommends travellers to use bug spray for three weeks to protect against spreading the virus. also women who do visit the affected areas should wait up to 8 weeks before trying to get pregnant. we are learning more about the criminal past of the pilot of the hot air balloon that crashed in texas over the weekend. the 49-year-old had a license to pilot the balloon even though court records showed he had been arrested several times for driving while intoxicated in missouri. he was not required to disclose his record. the cause of saturday's crash remains under investigation. a preliminary examination of that balloon revealed no defects or malfunctions. and there is a call tonight to make some temporary parking changes permanent. some he residents want the mayor to ban parking in the median on south broad street.
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last week during the democratic national convention philadelphia's parking authority prohibited drivers from parking their cars in the median just as a safety precaution. now an online petition is circulating by those who feel current conditions are unsafe for everyone and they want the ban to be permanent. >> cars that are trying to parallel park in a very tiny space right next to cars that are going 35 miles per hour, it's not a recipe for how a street should be working. >> the mayor has since responded to the more than 1,000 signatures saying any changes would be done in conjunction with the community. >> in a city known for its firsts, philadelphia can add another to the list. the first mormon temple opens this fall in philadelphia we got an early look today. the temple stands 19 stories high and it will serve about 40,000 mormons in the region. >> a temple is a place of peace, inspiration, learning and sacred
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ceremonies. >> this video of inside the temple was provided by the church. the church will be open to the public from august 10th through september 9th for those who would like to see it. after that only members will be allowed inside. >> and a power ball ticket sold in bucks county is worth $2 million. that ticket was sold on easton road in warning ton. it mafd all five numbers from saturday night's $487 million drawing but it missed the power ball. that winning ticket was sold in new hampshire. the big winner has yet to come forward yet here >> eyewitness news was there for a wonderful welcome home. sergeant chris williams of the air force returned home to atco,
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new jersey to surprise his kids. they had not seen their dad since january. he just completed his third deployment overseas and we say welcome home to sergeant williams. >> i cry every time. >> i know. it's so heart-warming. >> kate, i guess it's not heartwarming about rain and storms coming through. >> no, it's not. this should be the last of it for the while. these storms from tonight into tomorrow morning until we finally get a break from it. >> finally. >> from this miserable weather we've been enduring. >> it's very thick outside. we've been using the air conditioner other time for the past two weeks. a heat wave and humidity. things will be improving. we just have to get through tonight and tomorrow morning and you'll start to feel a little bit of a reduction in the humidity. let's look outside right now we'll take you down the shore where it is foggy and hazy.
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it wasn't the best beach day today. it didn't really rain much but there were scattered showers and storms through the evening, through the afternoon, all around the region and the clouds really won the battle all across the area including the shore today. the heaviest stormses have been over delaware and to the north and west. lancaster county you can see the storms are pretty much staying to the west though, they haven't filled in. part of the reason for that is because it has been cooler today. cool, cloudy conditions tend to stabilize the atmosphere and storms don't really get the push they need to form and they kind of just zii before they get here. almost like running into a brick wall. that's the good news. these heavy thunderstorms staying to the west for now. they could fill in overnight. but the worst seems to be winding down, seems to have ended across the region and that will continue through the overnight hours into the morning. we do still have a flash flood
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watch for our north and west suburbs but things are starting to diminish overnight. temperature-wise we're in the low 70s right now. 73 in philadelphia, mount pocono 67. it stayed cool up there today thanks to the cool as the clouds and the showers. it's was cooler in the city but it was humid. you can see in the past 48 hours, a few spots, a few bullseyes across the areas have picked up 2, 3, 4 or 5 inches of rain in the case of ocean county. we will be clearing things out through the overnight hours and into tomorrow we've got some much nicer weather by the middle of the week. things look a little drier tonight for portions of ocean county than they were this weekend. just a stray shower or thunderstorm mainly tomorrow morning, could wake up to scattered showers that could slow down the commute in just a couple of spots. then that front pushes to the south we get high pressure to nose in at least briefly here and mostly sunny on wednesday with slightly lower humidity.
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it's not going to feel like extremely low, but it will be better than the past week or two has been. thursday seasonable and warm. still steamy tomorrow afternoon dew points drop to the mid 60s and on wednesday we'll have dew points in the low 60s which is certainly better than the 70s. not a complete reduction in humidity, but it will feel a whole lot better. overnight scattered showers and storms west of the city. humidity progress i havely dropping through the day. take you down to the tropics briefly and mention this storm has an 80% chance of formation into earl as we head through the next 48 hours. it does not like look a threat to the united states, but if you have vacation plans, the cayman islands, be on alert for that system. not as hot or humid for your tuesday. wednesday and thursday looking much nicer. nice summer weather finally.
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it briefly heats up friday and saturday but another front will cut the humidity again sunday and monday looking good. first glance at the weekend, sunday is the better day to be outside. >> don is up next for with sports. >> will the
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>> the phillies were maybe going to do something today. >> baseball's trade deadline was at 4:00 p.m., when the dust settled the phillies held on to jeremy helington. >> we're not looking to just dump veterans for the sake of dumping veterans. that's not the business we're
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in. in august we'll be similar to what it was this week. if there's a good baseball trade that provides us with the right value, we're going to pursue it. and if there's not, we'll let the opportunity pass. >> the phillies with the night off. they take on the giants tomorrow at home. let's talk football now. take a load off after a couple of days of full pad workouts, they went back to practice today in shells and shorts. the coach believes in rugged physical practices. he expressed desires to have his players hit three or four times in a row before going with a lighter approach. his approach is similar to andy reed's and is way different than chip kelly's. >> he's doing different things, feel more relaxed. i think i can, you know, it's more learning. more technical stuff and we get out here just about being physical and going out there and execute. so you know, i really loving the
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change. i'm used to it, coach reed give me a little pre-game. >> summer jam for nova nation. the fans hanging out with the men's and women's baseball too many. tomorrow the men's team leaves for an 8-day trip to spain. they'll play 3 exhibition games while they're there. >> this trip is really to try to get away from the united states, get away from all the hype of our championship and start to just talk about next season. talk about this new team. talk about handling everything and the challenges that come to us. when you're out of the country no one else really cares who you are, it's nice. i think it's going to be really good for this team. >> we all know who this guy is. that that's a look-alike from lancaster. he drove all the way out to
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training camp to chat with the media. he's on your left. the real andy reed on your right, it's pretty close. >> it is! >> i like the split screen. moustache there. if chris can lighten that thing up a little bit. >> it's still pretty good. >> thank you. >> up next a
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a big little league game tonight upper township taking on freehold township. >> both teams are trying to advance to the little league world series as new jersey's representative. freehold advances to take on connecticut, but congratulations to upper township for a fantastic season. we'll be back.
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coming up next, it's "the late show" with stephen colbert. and our morning show is back
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tomorrow morning at 7:00. for everyone here i'm jessica dean. >> and i'm natasha brown. remember we're always on cbs philly. >> have a great night and we quill see you tomorrow. >> announcer: if you're looking to make more money and take control of your personal and financial future, then get ready, because than merrill, the star of a&e's hit tv show "flip this house," one of the most successful real-estate investors in the country and america's number-one real-estate-investing expert has one heck of an oortunity for you. than is hosting a one-of-a-kind free two-hour real-estate wealth-building workshop where you will learn his three-step system for getting started


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