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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 5, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, august 5th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a new national poll shows donald trump trailing hillary clinton by the largest gap since the conventions. clinton's running mate tim kaine tells us why he thinks trump is confused. >> president obama gives his first response to the questions about the 400 million dollar cash payment to iran. he says talks about ransom blongs in a spy novel. >> do ntonight's olympic ceremo and will describe gisele bundchen as racist we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> i don't even really know where to start on answering this
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question. of course the elections will not be rigged. what does that mean? >> president obama takes on trump. >> 400 million dollars being flown to iran. what is going on? $400 million in cash. >> we announced these payments in january. this wasn't some nefarious deal. >> donald trump says he saw money pouring off of a plane in iran. >> i have no idea what he is talking about. i'd be thinking about iran contrafrom like 35 years ago or something like this. he recently criticized me saying i was a bad governor of new jersey. >> do you think donald trump is confused? >> i absolutely think he is confused. new polls show hillary clinton pulling ahead in national polls. >> i've met people who were destroyed by donald trump, so take a look at what he has done, not what he says. that is scary. >> recovery efforts under way in new orleans after a tornado touched down in the city's tremay district. >> the wind was so strong the wind was picking us up.
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>> frightening moments at an airport in italy. a cargo jet was landing and overshot the highway and ran onto the highway. >> a trooper was hit by a driver and amazingly he only has minor injuries. >> all. ♪ >> carpool karaoke starring the u.s. swim team. ♪ >> and all that matters. >> do you support speaker paul ryan? >> i supported the speaker and i know after next week i will be supporting him as a candidate for president -- be i mean really -- >> really? >> it's funny but, god, i hope it's true. >> on "cbs this morning." >> vice president biden tweeted this message today. happy 55th barack. a brother to me and best friend photographer. he has a photograph of a friendship bracelet. >> and donald trump tweeted the ones he made for hillary clinton. those are not friendship bracelets.
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♪ welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is off so josh elliott of cbsn is with us. good to have you here. >> good to be here. charlie, enjoy this weekend. >> donald trump's rocky week is finishing rougher than it started. the two latest national polls show trump trailing hillary clinton by significant margins. in one poll, he is down by 15 points. the other, by nine points. the 15-point gap is the largest since the convention. >> in battleground states a new series of polls shows that hillary clinton is leading by double digits in pennsylvania and new hampshire. in florida she is six points ahead. dean reynolds is in wisconsin where several big gop names will be noticeably absent when trump campaigns there today. dean, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, when donald trump comes here to campaign in green bay tonight, he will have his
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running mate mike pence at his side, but wisconsin's top republican officials will not be here. governor scott walker, u.s. senator ron johnson, and house speaker paul ryan have all found other things to do. >> so i wrote a few things down. >> reporter: donald trump came to maine on thursday prepared to stay on message. >> 400 million in cash being flown in an airplane to iran. >> reporter: but that didn't last long. trump repeated his debunk claim that this video was video of a secret cash exchange with iran. >> a tape was made, right? you saw that with the airplane coming in? nice plane. and the airplane coming in and the money coming off, i guess, right? >> reporter: then trump had to quiet a rowdy crowd when he brought you ub mike pence's decision to endorse the re-election bid of house speaker
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paul ryan. >> paul ryan is a good guy. no, he's a good guy. >> reporter: trump decided to hold out. >> he said, but i like him. he's a friend of mine. would you mind if i endorse him? and i will not do it if you say no. i said, mike, if you like him, go ahead and do it 100%. >> reporter: and pence broke on two other high profile endorsement. >> of course, i support john mccain and kell i didn't ayotte and of our republican candidates. >> he's had a pretty strange run since the convention. you would think that we ought to be focusing on hillary clinton on how all of her deficiencies. >> reporter: pointing to upcoming television briefings at an afternoon rally, trump tried to refocus his attacks on hillary clinton. >> we are both supposed to be brief in the not too distant future. i'm saying, you can't brief her. you can't brief her. >> reporter: president obama warned trump to keep the information to himself. >> if they want to be president,
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they got to start acting like president. >> reporter: now as for that video trump has been talking about for a couple of days, this morning, he admitted he was mistaken. minutes ago he tweeted the plane i saw on the television was the hostage plane in geneva, not the plane carrying $400 million in cash going to iran. so, josh, maybe that will clear it up. >> perhaps. dean, thanks for that. meanwhile, hillary clinton is focused on attacking donald trump's business record. her week-long tour of small business and final battleground states has taken her from pennsylvania and ohio to colorado and nevada. nancy cordes shows us how clinton wants to highlight trump's history of making his products overseas. nancy, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, clinton hasn't even been saying much about trump's nightmare week, because there is a growing number of republicans who are willing to do that for her. instead, she is focusing entirely on building a case that
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he is a bad businessman. clinton hit her sixth small business in a week thursday in her fourth battleground state and in between sampling dessert. >> this is fabulous looking. >> reporter: and trying out toys she has hammered home one consistent message. >> i find it highly amusing that donald trump talks about make america great again. he doesn't make a thing in america except bankruptcies! >> reporter: we caught up with her thursday at mohava electric. >> donald trump says the reason he makes so many of his products overseas is the market and it's too expensive to do it right now and he would change that market as presidency. >> no. when you run for president, you eed to be judged by what you have done and i think the evidence is pretty clear. everything he has made, he has made somewhere else. he has not put americans to work. >> reporter: clinton surge is due in part to college educated white voters who went for republican mitt romney by 14
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points in 2012, but now favor clinton over trump by five points. senate democratic leader harry reid campaigned with clinton in his home state of nevada yesterday and said gop turmoil over trump could make it easier for his party to take the senate. if you were faced with this situation on the democratic side, what would you do? would you withdrawal your endorsement? >> he is the nominee of the republican party. they are stuck with him. no way out of that. >> reporter: the reason he says there is no way out is that gop leaders know that if they signal that they know longer support trump, a slice of the republican electorate will simply stay home and that would lead to gop losses in congress and elsewhere that would take years to recover from. >> that is a dilemma. nancy, thank you. hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine is campaigning in wisconsin today. we spoke yesterday at a diner in the senator's home state of virginia. he talked about the controversy surrounding that 400 million dollar u.s. payment to iran that
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donald trump claims amounts to a ransom for u.s. hostages. if you were vice president, would you allow a plane full of money to land in iran on the same day that four u.s. hostages are freed? >> norah, here is the thing. congress was briefed on this months ago. i'm on these committees and we are aware of it. iran had a sizeable legal claim against the united states that has been pending in international a very long time. there was a settlement of that claim. a settlement where the u.s. agreed to pay a fraction of the claim. and, yes, the u.s. then paid that claim. i don't -- >> i understand that but let's talk about the perception of on the very same day, a plane with 400 million dollars in foreign currency landing and being delivered. >> perception is one thing and reality matters more. we got hostages home. and we took a legal claim that was a legit claim and bargained it down to a fraction and we paid that claim off. >> if you were vice president
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you would let it happen? >> i would negotiate any legal claim that we had and i try to get the best deal wek and i'd also try to get american hostages home. >> reporer: on thursday, donald trump has doubled down and said he saw money pouring off of a plane in iran and that the iranian government released that footage to embarrass the united states. >> i have no idea what he is talking about. >> reporter: that video doesn't exist? >> it doesn't exist. he might be thinking about iran contra from like 35 years ago or something like this. he recently criticized me saying i was a bad governor of new jersey. >> reporter: he confused you with tom kaine? >> yes, he was governor of new jersey 26 years ago. it hurt my feelings until i realized, wait a minute i was never governor of new jersey and didn't even live in new jersey. he was confusing the situation from two or three decades ago and maybe that is why he confusing this videotape. >> reporter: do you think donald trump is confused in. >> i actually think he is
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confused. >> john heilemann is a producer of "the circus" a division of cbs. good morning. >> good morning. >> happy friday. >> lots of titles. >> tim kaine is saying trump is confused. >> i think a mild version of what he thinks, but yeah. >> what do you think that signals as a line coming from the clinton campaign? >> the clinton campaign has kind of a double frame on donald trump. the first he is kind of temperamentally unsuited to be president and the other is he is a jerk. that is one line which is the -- it's kind of a mild version ever this guy really shouldn't be sitting in the oval office. >> paul manafort was sitting where you were yesterday at the same time and said the campaign is not in chaos and the dropping numbers is something to be expected and we have a hundred days and in good shape. the republicans that were defecting he said were people weren't going to endorse him any way. >> right. >> they seem to be oblivious to the fact that everybody outside the bubble thinks their campaign is in turmoil? >> i don't think they are oblivious. in my 25 years of covering this
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that is what campaigns say. the top man can't say our campaign is in chaos. >> they could say there is a troubling thing. >> you never hear that from campaigns. not what they are paid to do. it is the case right now that there is polling now that has donald trump, not just according to a poll yesterday that had a 15-point gap but has donald trump down 33. previously, a lot of people thought his floor was 39 and 40. donald trump at 33 is a catastrop catastrophe. >> the battles are over before they are fought. >> the battles aren't over. we still have shy of a hundred days and still opportunity to change. there is a huge opportunity for trump when the debate come around. his problem right now is that this bounce that she's gotten which coineds with maybe the worst week for him of the campaign, comes now at the
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beginning of august, where we are about to head into three weeks of olympic coverage. not a lot of opportunity to move these numbers and reset the race until you get to mid september. so the debates are always going to be huge. but this is going to be, i think, these numbers are going to kind of lock in now for a little while and that not only is a problem for trump in the long run, but it contributes to this extraordinary panic in the party. >> they are not saying it publicly but are they saying it privately? >> i think everybody in the trump campaign are incredibly concerned. >> the candidate himself seems to be perhaps signaling this by saying a few times now the election is rigged. president obama, yesterday, spoke about it. that is quite a flag to plant. doubt he believes that or is this the makings of an excuse? >> i have traveled in some strange and difficult to explore places but what exactly goes inside donald trump's head, i don't really know. it's an amazing thing, though. it seems like every day, we have
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something that happens where it's unprecedented, right is in the notion that a nominee of a major political party would try to be spinning his defeat in advance, and suggesting that basically the american democracy is broken and crooked in some way, never seen that before and i think it's quite troubling. >> he has said that a lot, "never seen that before." >> thank you, john heilemann. president obama is responding for the first time about the questions about the controversial 400 million dollar cash payment to iran and one of the issues that came up at his news conference yesterday at the pentagon. the president discussed new air striks against isis in libya. major garrett is at the white house with more. >> reporter: good morning. president obama called talk of ransom pay to iran for u.s. hostages a transfer that was carried out in big bundles of nonu.s. currency the stuff of spy novels. the president said it was much more boring than that. monoed to iran in the first place and couldn't be
7:15 am
transferred any other way. after reviewing military efforts against isis and iraq and syria, president obama, for the first time, addressed questions about a 400 million dollar payment to iran at the time four detained americans were released. >> we announced these payments in january. many months ago. there wasn't a secret. this wasn't some nefarious deal. we do not pay ransom for hostages. we do not pay ransom and we didn't here and we don't -- we won't in the future. >> reporter: as yet the administration has refused to say if the plane ferrying the americans from iran to switzerland departed before or after the currency arrived. deepening the sense iran viewed it as ransom. the president suggested the nature of the payment, not the timing, made the story intriguing. >> maybe because it kind of feels like some spy novel or, you know, some, you know, crime
7:16 am
novel because cash was exchanged. the reason cash was exchanged is because we don't have a banking relationship with iran. >> reporter: in the fight against the islamic state, obama said the tide is turning. >> isil has not had a major successful offensive operation if in either syria or iraq in a if you year. >> reporter: but the president took painful note of isis-inspired terror attacks in europe and at home. >> as we have seen, it is still very difficult to detect and prevent lone actors or small cells of terrorists who are determined to kill the innocent and are willing to die. >> reporter: the president also touted coalition air strikes that took off the battlefield three top isis commanders and intelligence gained from former isis strongholds in iraq and a vae. the optimistic investment against the islamic state and one that flies in the face of criticism of gop nominee donald
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trump. >> police in london say a stabbing rampage that killed an american woman was not an act of terrorism. 64-year-old darlene horton died in wednesday's knife attack. her husband is a florida state university professor teaching in london for the summer. five other people, including a second american, were hurt in the attack. police say the somali norwegian teen behind the attack appears to suffer from mental health problems. a georgia father is under arrest after his twin daughters died after parnl left in a hot car. it's unclear how long the 15-month-olds were in the vehicle. it happened in carrollton, georgia. mark strassmann shows how it's a deadly summer for children left in overheated vehicles. >> reporter: police say when they arrived on the street in carrollton, they found the father asa north along with neighbors trying to cool off the unresponsive toddlers in a
7:18 am
kiddie pool. another neighbor rushed over with packs of ice but it wasn't enough to save the girls. >> we did find a car that did have two child seats in the back seat of the car. we believe possibly that is where the children were possibly left. >> reporter: the temperature, at the time, was around 90 degrees. north faces multiple charges of involuntary manslaughter and reckless conduct. this is the latest in what is a tragic string of hot car related deaths this summer. earlier this week, an 18-month-old girl was pronounced dead after she was found not breathing in a hot car outside of abilene, kansas. sore far this summer, 26 kids in 15 states have died after being left in hot cars. that is two more than all of last year. >> we are really concerned about the numbers that we are seeing this year. >> reporter: deborah hersman is the former chair of the ntsb and now runs the national safety council.
7:19 am
>> it takes minutes for a car to heat up to dangerous levels. kids' bodies heat up four times faster than adults and cracking the windows doesn't matter. >> reporter: the twins' death in carrollton are still under investigation. for "cbs this morning," mark strassmann, atlanta. >> we have stories like this every single summer. you hope people would get a system in place so they could figure it out. she made a good point, cracking the window does not make a difference. important to remember. >> a cargo plane overshot a runway at an italian runway overnight. it burst through an airport fence and blocked two lanes on the road. the accident delayed the flights for hours in italy's third busiest airport northeast of milan. the pilot and first officer were not hurt. a cbs news investigation into used car dealerships sparks action. that is ahead. first, it's time to check your local weather.
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announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by chick-fil-a. we didn't invent the chicken, just the chicken sandwich.
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the opening ceremony of the olympics generates controversy before it begins. >> ahead, the events director addresses a reported mugging scene featuring super model gisele bundchen that has been described as racist. >> the news is in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." does your makeup remover every kiss-proof,ff? cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena® makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena. maybe almond breeze tastes because it's the only almondmilk made with california blue diamond almonds. but if you ask our almond growers... there's no maybe about it. almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. proud sponsor of usa volleyball. to win an olympic medal, i tell them, "you already know."
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>> live from. cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good morning, i'm brooke thomas. philadelphia police hope you can help them track down a man wanted for an attack in kensington. and several other serious crimes. they say, this is the man on surveillance video. he's wanted for attack ago woman last month, on jasper street in kensington and for a murder and four rapes. now, let's get a check on the eyewitness forecast with meteorologist, lauren casey. >> thanks so much, brooke. another thing in store today, string every nice days so far to kick offer the month every august, eight # 7 degrees, mostly sunny conditions, but, a bit more humid as we head into the second half of the day. then overnight tonight, that will be dropping back to 73 degrees, increase in clouds with the muggy conditions, and we do have a steamy saturday in store, high temperature at 90 degrees, and scattered
7:27 am
storms develop as we head after the lunch hour, and few could be on the stronger side, but by sunday, meisha, beautiful conditions, return, sunshine, 87 degrees, and that humidity drops off quickly once again. >> all right, lauren, awesome, thank you so much. good morning everyone, happy friday to you. looking at minor accident here pulled off to the shoulder northbound near norristown, also police activity in camden, offer ramp to atlantic city closed right now, another accident involving a motorcycle, county line road howard avenue. make note of. that will going to the wide 13 on the schuylkill, 25 on interstate 95 pushing in the southbound direction. >> next update at 7:55, up next on cbs this morning, what to expect at the rio olympics. i'm brooke thomas, good morning.
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♪ the olympic games from rio de janeiro, where they are hours away from the opening ceremony. it's always exciting for me to see the athletes from all of the countries together holding their flags. our american team will be wearing uniforms designed by ralph lauren. these are the uniforms they are going to be wearing on the field. as you can see, they are terrible. looks like an nothing instills fear in your popt li popt like a blazer and a pair of white capri pants. >> i have to disagree with jimmy kimmel there. >> if you look at the years past, this is a marked
7:31 am
>> i would wear that outfit. >> i was just going to say that exact same thing. would you wear that outfit? >> the white capris might be a tough look for me. >> they could make it longer, josh. >> you are a tall guy and that would look funny. welcome back to "cbs this morning." in this half hour, the uniforms are not the only olympic controversy we are talking about. the olympic torch has nearly completed its chaotic journey you could say through brazil. ahead, we are in rio where there have been questions about super model gisele bundchen's starring role. "cbs this morning" investigators used car dealers that don't tell you about defects that can kill but one dealer is fighting so change the industry enter-from-within. looking barred to that. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around th globe. politico reports on president obama's criticism of congress for not approving of
7:32 am
more money to fight zika. the president blasted lawmakers for leaving washington for not making available funds he asked for six months ago. florida says a ten-block area of a miami district where people caught the virus have now been cleared of local transmissions. former cia deputy director michael morrell says he is endorsing hillary clinton for president. morrell says he is neither a registered democrat nor a registered republican. he has voted for candidates of both parties in the past and remain silent about his preference for president but now morrell says he plans to vote for clinton because she will keep the country safe and that, quote, donald j. trump is not only unqualified for the job but he may well pose a threat to our national security. until recent, morrell was a cbs news contributor. "the washington post" says u.s. coasts have gone without a major hurricane impact for a record length of time. the last one was wilma which hit florida in 2005. the hurricane drought has reached nearly 4,000 days.
7:33 am
experts fear the potential damage from the next impact could be huge. florida's coastal communities have added 1.5 million people since the last big storm. the richards times dispatch says a former police officer could serve at least two and a half years in prison for killing a shoplifting suspect. a jury recommended the sentence yesterday after convicting steven rankin of manslaughter. rankin shot an unarmed black teen last year outside a virginia walmart. the prosecutor said rankin brought a gun into what was, at worst, a fist fight. britain's "guardian" reports that most of russia's team will compete in the olympic games despite the doping allegations. the ioc cleared 70% of the team. whistle-blowers revealed to "60 minutes" in may that a russian lab gave athletes performance enhancers and hid their drug use. we are just hours away from the official start of the games. the olympic torch this morning
7:34 am
reached the iconic christ, the redeemer statue that looks over the city. after a 12,000-mile road trip all around brazil. ben tracy is at a fan site where crowds are expected together to watch tonight's opening ceremony. ben, good morning. >> reporter: good morning from the olympic city. this is a part of rio that has been completely transformed by the olympics, including this brand-new museum over here. tonight, they are expecting a whole lot of people will fill this plaza to watch the opening ceremony on this big screen tv over here. worldwide, 3 billion people are expected to tune in. ♪ >> reporter: with the help of a local surfing legend, the olympic torch went for a ride along rio's coast on thursday. >> welcome to rio de janeiro. we will be able to show the best olympics in the world. >> reporter: getting the torch to rio has been torchtorcherus.
7:35 am
some of the runners fallen flat on their face and protesters have tried to douse the olympic flame and one torch bearer beared a little too much for brazil's unpopular interim president. but now all eyes are on the opening ceremony where even the fireworks have been given a practice run. >> opening ceremony is an amazing time for us and the world. it's a surreal experience. >> reporter: they have been planning this opening ceremony for the summer olympics for two years now. it's going to be held here at brazil's most famous soccer stadium. this is where the 2014 final of the world cup took place after they poured more than 500,000 of renovations into the building. the oscar nominated director of tonight's show says it will cost a fraction of the elaborate london and beijing ceremonies
7:36 am
and describing it simply as cool. >> it's such a challenge and responsibility to represent the country for the whole world. >> reporter: it's been widely reported this past weekend's rehearsal included a moment where a woman, expected to be super model and native gisele was scrapped because she was mugged by a black person. >> it was never in the show. >> never. >> it was never in the show despite people who saw the rehearsal on sunday night? >> no. >> reporter: the question is whether the ceremony will create an iconic moment, such as the arrow that lifted barcelona in 1992 or muhammad ali shaking from parkinson's at the 1986 soccer games. pele said he was asked to light the fire in rio. brazil is trying to avoid the kind of mishap from the sochi winter games when an olympic
7:37 am
ring was m.i.a. rio believes putting on a good show in its dazzling natural scenery will impress the world. one big name not at tonight's opening ceremony is the president dilma who is facing impeachment. >> that could be a little awkward. let's hope it all goes well there. i'm glad they dropped the gisele thing. have the beautiful white woman mugged by the young black guy. i'm glad they dropped that even though he goes that was never the plan, despite what you saw in rehearsal. >> i can't imagine the context. >> oh, no. hope they have a good time and everybody is safe. ben tracy, we thank you in rio. new fallout in this morning's investigates in car dealers who don't reveal dangerous defects. >> some people say i don't want to buy the car and that is an emotional reaction but, frankly,
7:38 am
it would be my reaction. >> you wouldn't buy that? >> he wouldn't buy it for me or my family. >> ahead, another dealer takes steps to warn customers about the risks. if you're heading out the door, you don't have to leave us behind. why? because you can watch us live through this great cbs all-access app. where is it in on your digital device. you don't want to miss more of norah's conversation with vice presidential candidate tim kaine. >> more norah coming up. everybody needs that. they were the first to have a vitamin verified by usp. an independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards. nature made. the number one pharmacist recommended vitamin and supplement brand.
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♪ auto safety regulators are escalating an investigation into another potentially deadly problem with airbag inflators that my explode. the arc airbags have been linked to two injuries in the u.s. and a recent death in canada. as many as 8 million vehicles in this country could be affected. a "cbs this morning" investigation found used cars with faulty takata airbags and other serious defects are still
7:43 am
for sale all around the country. now one car agrees it's a problem and is pushing for change. he spoke with anna werner. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that dealer saw our undercover shopping investigation at used car dealers where we found cars with unrepaired safety defects being sold and no law requiring dealers to tell consumers about the recalls. now, he says, there should be a law against selling those cars, period. how many consumers do you think really understand recalls? >> i would say maybe 1 in 10 use earl stewart believes recalls should be made obvious to shoppers so at his toyota dealer near west palm beach, florida, any used cars for sale with defectivive takata airbags are clearly labeled right on the windshield. is this how you mark them? takata recall? >> yes. >> reporter: this spells it out on the windshield? >> it does. >> reporter: the notice even tells a shopper these defective airbags may seller injure or
7:44 am
kill the driver. >> our purpose is to be bold and unmistakable, clear and conspicuous. >> reporter: the opposite of what we found in our undercover investigation. not only were the cars we saw not labeled, but salespeople either didn't tell us about recalls or didn't even know about them. >> any recalls? anything with this vehicle got done? >> reporter: stewart contacted us after he saw our story. were you surprised by what you heard those salespeople saying? >> no. it's exactly what goes on every day. >> reporter: he even had his own mystery shoppers check 20 florida car dealers to see whether they disclosed takata airbag recalls. >> we called on that car that was advertised and they denied that car had a safety recall. all 20. >> reporter: not one. he says with no law requiring disclosure, salespeople aren't inclined to do it. >> as a salesperson that feed his family based on commission, they look a customer in the eye and say, this has got a
7:45 am
potentially deadly recall. they don't have to do it. they feel like why should i? it's going to cost a sale. >> reporter: stewart says he still sells the cars to keep up with competition. but given the dangers, we wanted to know why he is selling them at all. how are you going to feel if one does explode in a car that somebody bought here from you even with disclosure and they are severely injured or killed? >> i ask myself that exact same question. how would i feel? i would feel absolutely terrible. and i feel like i'm stuck. i don't have a choice. i'm doing all i can and that is not enough. there has got to be a law. they have to make it illegal. >> reporter: for that to happen, he says he need the support of the florida automobile dealers association. their president ted smith told us it's under discussion but they want manufacturers to take financial responsibility. >> so is there an answer? absolutely! but the answer doesn't come -- have to come from the consumer or the dealer.
7:46 am
it should come from the automaker. >> reporter: is that passing the buck? >> no. it's a sign of responsibility, where it belongs. >> reporter: one of the manufacturers associations told us automakers work individually with their franchises and in every instant, the dealer is compensated for their work. but for now, the cars are still being sold all over the country. >> how can you possibly sell a car to a customer that you know has got a safety recall that could potentially kill that customer? how can that be? it has to be illegal. it has to be. >> reporter: well, it turns out, one of the places you won't find cars with serious safety recalls being sold now is earl stewart's own dealership. he tells us that our interview prompted him to rethink what he is doing and he has now stopped selling any cars with recalled cars that kacause injury or dea.
7:47 am
he is calling back more than 30 million cars or more and at the end of the year probably cost him $500,000, that decision alone. >> a rare guy. you can tell he was conflicted in your interview. >> ed to us after your interview, he said i have to tell you, it had a big impact on me and i can't do this any more. >> i have a feeling he talked to his lawyer. >> i think it pushed him over the edge. i think he was rightly there hovering to begin with. >> i felt that and i thought i might want to buy a car from him. >> i think you'll know that 95% of dealers don't know how to handle a recall. >> thank you, anna. taking dumpster diving to a new level. officials in one city say the
7:48 am
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♪ a block party is over for some creative people from philadelphia who turned dumpsters into pools. they powerwashed the empty garbage dump and lined them with plastic before tapping into the nearby hydrants and filled them with water. the city says a reason for the ban is obvious. ahead, america's rookie olympic swimmers. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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7:56 am
>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. the environmental protection agency investigating possible contamination risk in west depford, gloucester county. epa soil testing revealed pieces of plastic were found in yards on birch court, from car batteries, battery recycling business was there until the 1980s, township administrator says they're cooperating with the epa. >> let's sends right over to lauren casey and the eyewitness forecast. good morning. >> good morning, much better day today, as we've had over the week, nice conditions, and today's going to be much of the same. 87 degrees, mostly sunny, bit more humid, into the second half of the day, and then for tonight, becoming muggy, especially as we head
7:57 am
into the latter portion of the overnight, here you'll feel that waking up tomorrow morning, increasing clouds, 73 degrees, and near seven day forecast nice conditions, except for storms on saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, meisha, a all look grade. low humidity and lots of sunshine. >> lauren, thank you so much. looking on the roadways right now, guys, we have an accident. southbound boulevard at the off ramp to the schuylkill. the right lane is blocked, so is that left lane leaving the center lane open, will cause slow downs there, also, vehicle entering the barrel guardrail here, pulled off to the shoulder, accident pa turnpike, left lane block there, jan, over to you. >> next update at 8:25, and coming up on cbs this morning, nora prodders, shuckersers,
7:58 am
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♪ it is friday, august 5th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including more of our interview with democratic vice presidential nominee senator tim kaine. he says the clinton administration would be different from the obama presidency. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> when donald trump comes here to campaign in green bay, wisconsin's top republican officials will not be here. >> clinton isn't saying much about trump's nightmare week because a growing number of republicans are willing to do that for her. >> tim kaine is saying trump is confused. >> a mild version of what he thinks. >> what does that signal? >> the clinton campaign have a
8:01 am
double frame on donald trump. he ask temperamentally unsuited to be president and the other he is a jerk. >> president obama called ransom talk of u.s. pay for hostages is stuff of a spy novel. >> this is a part of rio completely transformed and, tonight, they are expecting a bunch of people to watch the ceremony. >> i would wear that outfit. >> i was just going to say the exact same thing. would you? >> the white capriss might be a tough look for me. >> they could make it longer. orlando bloom and katy perry are enjoying a romantic get-way in italy and orlando got completed naked on paddle boarding. >> now she is on a paddle board with orlando bloom. if this is what america is offering, i am in. >> i'm norah o'donnell and i'm thinking about italy with gayle
8:02 am
king and josh elliott. >> i've seen the actual video and may i say, it's impressive. it took a while to find it, but they found it yesterday. >> i'm going to sit this one out. >> do you like waterboarding, josh? >> i hear great things and saw some things as well. >> i mean paddleboarding. whatever it was, it was fantastic, whatever it was. >> it was. off the rails 8:02. charlie rose is off. there is josh. glad you're here wr we got lots of news this morning. >> shall we continue? >> yes. the latest poll shows hillary clinton with a growing advantage over donald trump. the average of nine polls over the last eight days shows clinton with a lead of about seven points. she has more than 47% support. yesterday, trump repeated his debunk claim that this video showing a release of american hostages from iran was a secret cash exchange.
8:03 am
>> donald trump tweeted this morning saying the plane i saw on television was the hostage plane in geneva, switzerland, not the plane carrying 400 million in cash going to iran. this is the latest incident and a tumultuous week for donald trump. he attacked a fallen soldier's parents and seemed confused about russia's president and ukraine. >> he is not going in ukraine. >> he is already there. >> he's there in a certain way but i'm not there yet. horrible things were said about me. so all i did was respond and i will always respond. she was standing there. she had nothing to say and probably maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier. blood coming out of her eyes. and i meant her nose. or her ears. or her mouth! but these people are perverted and think think it was another location.
8:04 am
i've never been a big fan of john mccain and i just hate the way our veterans have been treated by john and other people. and i'm afraid the election is going to be rigged, i have to be honest. the campaign is doing really well. it's never been so well united. >> meanwhile, president obama was asked yesterday about donald trump's assertion that you heard there that the election could be rigged. >> it is -- i don't even really know where to start on answering this question. of course, the elections will not be rigged. the federal government doesn't run the election process. >> the president went on to say that he has heard of people complaining they have been cheated after losing, but not before the game was even over. hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine may be trying to shed his self-described boring image. the virginia senator was part of bad jokes in philadelphia.
8:05 am
yesterday, he greeted voters at a virginia diner and in our interview, kaine went on the attack against donald trump. he has said, in your home state, that he is going to take care of veterans better than anybody. >> i don't think anybody believes that. here is what he has done in my home state the last two weeks. he trashed a virginia family, the khan family from charlesville whose son is a uva grad who was a hero who was killed and trashed this gold star family. he came to a rally in northern virginia a couple of days ago and kicked a crying baby out of -- out of a rally. and then he had the nerve to say to the crowd, thanings are goin lousy for you here in loudon county. they have the highest family income in the united states and told them how bad were. this is not a way to win friends and come into a state and trash military families and trash institutions that people care about and good a false hood about the state's economy. >> at the democratic convention, the former mayor of new york
8:06 am
city, michael bloomberg spoke and he said that americans need a sane and competent president. do you think donald trump is sane and competent? >> i don't know donald trump. so i'm not going to make any comment about mental capacity, et cetera. why would i do that? i don't know him. but, again, when you say things, they reveal who you are. and when somebody shows you who they are, you ought to trust that. and he says he is going to be great for vets. he spent his whole life bragging about how he uses every dodge he can to pay as few taxes as he can. how do veteran services get supported? get supported by you and me paying tax because we want to honor their service or sacrifice. a guy dodging to pay taxes is no friends of vets. >> is a clinton/kaine administration a third obama term? >> no. it's a first hillary clinton term and that is the case. what you're going to see in hillary clinton's choice of people around her when she gets in is a clear signal we are
8:07 am
taking advantage of new talent, new idea, innovative people, because this is the first hillary clinton term and i think she is going to make that plain from the very first day. >> how would it differ? it's not secret that president obama has not had the warmest of relations with republicans in congress and as a result, there has been a lot of gridlock and a lot of really important issues facing this country. what would you do differently than president obama? >> i wouldn't lay the gridlock at president obama's feet. before he made his first visit of congress there was a meeting of congressional republican leadership and their goal was to make him a onetime president. >> reporter: do you get along with mitch mcconnell? >> i do. what is more important is the number of republicans who tell me hillary was actually really good senator, they tell me that all the time. >> reporter: you think hillary clinton has better relationships with republicans than barack obama? >> she was in the senate for eight years and then four years as secretary of state. so she has got 12 years of working together with the senate. when the president was elected. i'm a big supporter of president
8:08 am
obama and a friend. he had been in the senate four years and two years he was running. in terms of the time into the relationships, yes, on her first day, she will have a deeper well of relationships in congress than president obama had on his first day. >> that's interesting. >> it is. >> norah, the fractured nature of the relationship between donald trump and house speaker paul ryan has dominated the news circle. >> i asked him about that. he likes speaker ryan. he dealt with him on the budget deal because they served on committees in different house you be he said he feels sad for paul ryan anne what d what is g. tim kaine is a fund-raiser for hillary clinton in many ways and he is in the same state today that donald trump is today. >> we have more to come. a new air war over delivery drones. google's parent company and
8:09 am
amazon are trying to outdo each other with tests on opposite sides of the atlantic. we will talk to digital expert nick thompson. he's there in the toyota green room.
8:10 am
one olympic rookie wrote the book on his own future. another says taking the break saved his career. ahead, the rising stars of team usa's swimming in rio. you're watching "cbs this morning." if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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8:14 am
♪ google's parents company alphabet is testing drone delivery service here in the united states. the white house approved the program this week as part of a wider initiative. the british government is testing its prime drones in the uk. nicholas thompson is with "new yorker" website called new i know people have to get with the program. it's 2016. for people still worried what are the issues that have to be worked out before the delivery drones are here? >> there are technical issues and drones can't fly in cities and they can't avoid power lines. if they land on your porch to
8:15 am
deliver a package they might collide with your dog. you have to solve those problems. how can drones avoid each other in the air? if they are all flying you don't want to crash into each other and you don't want them to crash into other airplanes and there are privacy concerns. a lot of people are concerned about drones flying above them and taking pictures. all of those problems have to be solved. what the obama administration has ton the last few months it has said we are going to try to solve these problems and try to have the drone industry happening here in the united states. >> milli million for a five-year study. >> we are behind as the drone industry thinks about it. the reason uk is testing because their regulations are less restrictive. the person flying them has to be able to see them and in britain not the case. a whole bunch of regulations here they don't have there.
8:16 am
amazon's belief the industry will take off first in europe and then the u.s. >> the companies leading the way in terms of drone delivery are amazon and who else? >> amazon and google and alphabet, the parent company of google is following. we don't really know what alphabet has planned. we are not sure what they are up to. >> amazon today has a big announcement about their own cargo plane? >> amazon really cares about how fast stuff gets to you and where the cargo planes and drones come in. they have leased 40 cargo planes and showed the first ones painted amazon prime. they are trying to optimize delivery and why drones are important to them and particularly in rural areas. >> like air force one, calling it amazon one? >> i know the branding is a little dramatic there. >> fedex and u.p.s. can't be happy with this. >> amazon's business is growing so much and people move from internet purchasing to instore purchasing a lot of benefits to fedex and u.p.s. think about people who need to worry about drone delivery are bike messagers.
8:17 am
>> i only order from amazon. yesterday for the first time i ordered from they are about to buy -- >> what happened? >> i think it will be good. now they are going to expand it by what does that mean for walmart? >> we will see what happens. >> the near future with nick thompson. thank you, nick. >> thank you. still ahead, dallas police are sorting through hundreds of new applications. ahead, how these recruits could change the dynamic in a city still grieving after the deadly police ambush there. stay with us. you're watching "cbs this morning." use it's the only almok made with california blue diamond almonds. but if you ask our almond growers... there's no maybe about it. almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. proud sponsor of usa volleyball.
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8:20 am
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8:21 am
recruits are lining up to join the dallas police department after last month's deadly ambush of officers. police chief david brown delivered a call to action after the shooting rampage during a black lives matter protest. five officers were killed and nine wounded. >> get out off of that protest line and put an application in. and we will put you in your neighborhood and we will help you resolve some of the problems you are protesting about. >> since those comments, there has been a surge of people signing up to protect and serve. omar villafranca is outside of a dallas police station for us this morning to show us what inspired people to apply. om omar, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning.
8:22 am
officers from this substation responded to backup calls during last month's attack and now police from dallas and the surrounding area are responding to chief brown's call to service, going from protest march to police academy. >> become a part of the solution. serve your communities. don't be a part of the problem. >> reporter: dallas police chief david brown's challenge to people frustrated with the system was met with a hardy response. >> we have been receiving e-mails, phone calls, twitter, facebook, i want to join the police department, where can i apply? >> reporter: dallas police sergeant rondo is the president of the national latino law enforcement association dallas' chapter and also works on recruiting for the dallas police department. >> it was a very strong and very much needed statement he put out there. >> reporter: in the weeks after the attack, 467 people applied to join the dallas police department. that is nearly a 250% increase
8:23 am
in applications compared to the same time frame a month before. >> keep working. >> reporter: although dallas p.d. does not have the demographics of these new recruits yesterday, sergeant rondo says having a diverse force is important. what point of view do minority police officers bring to a force that all-white force will have? >> a sense of culture. recognizing the culture and being able to talk andnd that different aspect of reaching out to the african-american or the latino community. sawyer is one of those people who took chief brown's message to heart. he works a security job but was a military police officer during his time during the navy. >> i am from denton. i would police in a community i know because i feel like it's important for the police to know the community and the community know the police. >> reporter: are the cops here all the time? >> cops are here all the time. throughout the area, crime is very high.
8:24 am
>> reporter: this activist helped organize the march the night the officers were killed. he believes the issue is less about color or about community connection. what do you want a new recruit to look like for dallas p.d. because you're saying they are not serving this commute. >> i want a new recruit to look like this. a knew recruit to understand the dynamics of race and a very diverse city. >> reporter: if there is anybody thinking about applying the way you did, but they haven't made up their mind, what would you tell them? >> if you really want to change what the police are doing in your community, you're going to have to go out there and do it yourself. you can't rely on other people to be better police. the best way to see a better police force is to be change that you want to see. >> reporter: applications continue to pour in, but only about 15% of those apply -- who apply will actually make it through that application process. and it will be another year before they are out on the streets patrolling. norah? >> it is a tough job. be the change you want to see. i like that.
8:25 am
>> listen to the ch >> rocking tonight! the allen iverson celebrity summer classic, kicks off at 7:30, ai kicks off his star studded weaned end last night at society hill, he has hosed his annual celebrity basketball ball in his native virginia for several years there is time it is in philly. benefits the police athletic league. now, for the eyewitness weather forecast, here's meteorologist, lauren case. >> i off to beautiful start on this friday morning. comfortable humidity levels, bright blue skies, that's how we will keep it for much of the day today. head into the evening hours, will turn bit more humid, mostly sunny, 83 degrees our high temperature today, for tonight, increasing clouds, muggy conditions, falling back to the 73 degrees, so not
8:26 am
quite as cool overnight tonight. we have steamy day in store for our saturday, high temperatures climbing back up to 90 degrees, thunderstorms develop during the afternoon and few stronger side, even isolated and severe, so keep eye to the sky, as we head into sunday, no problems get out there for all of your outdoor plans, nice sunshine, lower humidity, high temperature at 77 -- 87. >> thank you so much, good morning, everyone, happy friday, looking outside we have an accident here bucks county route one northbound, near route 13, blocking the center lane. careful of that that will slow you down. another accident southbound boulevard at the off ramp to the schuylkill. right lane block, and it looks like one car right there on the left shoulder. so that is also going to slow you down there. then police activity near camden, 676 northbound atlantic avenue. off ramp closed right now, and another accident pa turnpike, that has now just been cleared. so great news for those of in you that area, although, you can see all of the red on the map letting you know it is still slow moving around there, 16 on the schuylkill, 27 on 95, 29 on the vine, and 54 on the blue route.
8:27 am
brooke, over to you. >> thanks, meishament next update is at 85:00, a ahead on cbs this morning, the new class of american olympic swimming stars. i'm brooke thomas, great morning.
8:28 am
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♪ andy murray will carry britain's flag tonight during the opening ceremony at the rio olympics. despite his clumsy handling of the union jacket, princess ann said don't poke my eye out! we are sure andy murray racket handling skills are better than his flag bearing ones. the princess had a good sense of humor but it did look dangerously close. >> it has a sharp point on it. did you see that? >> that could hurt. welcome back to "cbs this morning." this half hour, the next generations of americans hoping to make a splash at the olympics. will leah smith or lilly king following katie ledecky's to
8:31 am
capture the gold. see how olympic veterans are getting the inspiration from the rookies. the controversy over comic book-inspired motion pictures. online movie reviews are suddenly getting some awfully negative feedback of their own and why some fans are angry and rather frustrated. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. the "los angeles times" reports that a roundup of reputed east coast mobsters had the makings of a gangster movie. federal official say some of the 46 men arrested discussed whacking and knee breaking on wiretaps and nicknames for the suspects listed in the indictment included, get this, beast, tug boat, and tony, the cripple. >> which one do you think is tug boat in that picture? >> the one in the white shirt. >> most likely the one in the white. >> i like it. >> hi, tug boat. "the new york times" reports on the answer to a mystery about the french impressionist. the art world has long wondered about the imagine beneath his famed portrait of a woman. a powerful x-ray reported the
8:32 am
picture he painted of a different woman. the work hangs in an australian gallery. >> that is a doover i tell my daughters. britain "guardian" reports on the tallest moving tower. it is about 450 feet high and opened yesterday in brighton. it is called the most slender tower in the world and fewer than 15 feet in diameter. "the washington post" reports on a milestone for director dubernay. the first woman of color to direct a live action movie with a budget of more than $100 million. go, ava. she will direct "a wrinkle in time" based on a 1960s novel. she directed the oscar winning movie "thelma."
8:33 am
and i've heard from a reliable source, oprah, she is psyched about this deal. a big deal for her. >> important history. meanwhile, two comic book battles are under way as we head into this weekend. one is all about the notorious characters that team up in the new film "suicide squad." the other involve "die-hard" fans believe the movie is unjustly panned by critics. jamaica jamie wax has more. >> reporter: the controversy center around "rotten tomatoes." if on film like avengers rotten tomatoes has determined all are positive and pretty good score but for "suicide squad" the reviews are in and it's not looking good. now some fans of the comic book apparently feel critics are carrying out a secret mission of their own to sabotage the film at the box office. >> nice to meet you. >> love you perfume.
8:34 am
what is that? the scent of death? >> reporter: "suicide squad," the latest comic book adaptation to hit the silver screen opened this week to great anticipation and not so great reviews. >> we are bad guys. it's what we do. >> reporter: it's critics score on rotten tomatoes is a paltry 37%. not good. >> i think critics are looking for good movies in any form they find them and i think there have been a lot of good super hero movies and been a lot more terrible ones. >>. >> reporter: another recent film panned by the critics, "batman versus superman dawn of justice" was also rated at 27% and both rated on characters from comic books but captain america's s r civil war and that has some dc
8:35 am
fans crying conspiracy. it got so bad one dc fan started a petition to shut down rotten tomatoes. the petition was cancelled but not before garnering more than 18,000 supporters. >> i do feel like there is some semblance of a bias. >> reporter: brian anderson, who hosts the comic book podcast nerd rage says some fans have crossed the lip with their tactics, he remains suspicious. >> i do feel something is going on. i do feel there is probably some level, i guess you would say, influence. >> reporter: i don't know any critics who go into any movie going which company made this? oh, it's dc, i don't want to -- i'm not going to like this. >> reporter: matt singer is both a comic book fan and a professional film critic. >> we deserve a better class of conspiracy here. there is no conspiracy. all it would take is one good dc movie or one bad marvel movie to
8:36 am
flip that. >> reporter: part of the issue stems from a feeling of ownership that fans can have over their favorite characters. but that isn't a consideration for this rookie. >> i won't settle for a mediocre comic book movie just because it features characters that i, you know, loved growing up or that i've always wanted to see on the screen and maybe that is what sort of makes critics look like we are too critical, too negative all the time. >> reporter: we reached out to rotten tomatoes for comments but haven't received a response. "suicide squad" to open $1100 million at the box office but need 800 million to return a profit. i think it's part of the internet age. you have a voice to respond to critics in a way you didn't before. >> could be that the movie might not be that good. >> that is the bottom line sometimes. >> back in the day if you had a bad review, you would, what, write a letter? >> that's what you would do and
8:37 am
now you can put it online. >> people will go see that movie. >> yes. has a good all-star cast. ahead, the
8:38 am
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>> that is james corden before leaving for rio. the swimmers had their own version of carpool karaoke. more than 11,000 athletes get down in the brazil competition. jamie yuccas is in rio where starting tomorrow swimming is one of the first big spots of the olympics. >> reporter: going into the olympic games, all eyes are on the big stars like michael phelps who has 22 medals to his name. but he has already said this could be his last olympic go-round. who will pass on the olympic torch? luckily for team usa, there are so many olympic newbyes and any one could be a next big olympic star in the pool. >> it's a great group and eager group of kids who are eager ready to take over after some of us step out of the sport. ♪
8:42 am
>> reporter: of the 45 swimmers on the u.s. olympic team this year, 30 of them are competing in the games for the very first time. do you ever want to just pinch yourself? >> i honestly do not feel like it's it's set in yet that i'm an olympian. it's just been my dream. >> reporter: 21-year-old ryan murphy holds the records in two events that give him a solid shot at gold in rio. his dream started at age 7 when he wrote and illustrated a short book in library class. boldly stating that he was going to be an olympian. >> when i made the hundred back i threw my arms up and looked down. it didn't feel right for me to take it all in and all of these people were cheering for me. it's something i'm getting used to, the attention and it's having that confidence to be able to stand there and be, like, i'm one of the best. >> reporter: also in that elite club, 19-year-old caleb russell. competing in the 100 meter freestyle race. considered the best young sprinter in the united states,
8:43 am
he grew up one town over from murphy in northern florida. >> i remember watching caleb at a summer league meet. >> really? >> i was 6, i think, he was 5. this kid is going to break a record. >> reporter: russell didn't break murphy's record. as one of the youngest male swimmers at the 2012 olympic trials, he also bested age group records previously held by none other than michael phelps. two years later he took an almost six-month break from the pull. >> i was dealing with some mental demons at the time and i kind of lost track of my love for the sport so i think i needed that time off. i wouldn't change anything. i don't think i'd be where i am at right now if it weren't for the time i took off. >> reporter: on the women's side, 21-year-old leah smith is swimming the 400 and 800-meter freestyle competition and races she qualified for just behind '12 gold medalist katie ledecky. >> i was in a pretty good position to make it, but it doesn't seem like touching the wall and seeing the number by
8:44 am
your name and then just when i touch the wall, katie looked at me and said, "we are going to rio!" >> i was a rookie in 2012 and i feel it's just as exciting this time around and i think a large part of that probably has to do with seeing the excitement from the rookies. >> reporter: you have so many young swimmers on this team. how does that change how you coach? >> well, what it does, it allows us to really use a lot of veterans on the team to kind of set the tone. >> reporter: david marsh is the head coach for the u.s. women's swim team and it's his job to mold the new kids on the squad into olympic champions. >> 3 billion people will be watching swimming. there is going to be a crazy crowded facility. very different than anything you've ever experienced and what we want to try to do as coach make it as simple and calm as possible. just swim meet. it happens in the water and that is what they need to know. >> reporter: one of the best hopes for american gold is 19-year-old lilly king who currently has the world's fastest time in the women's
8:45 am
100-meter breast stroke. you see the big name and now you're hanging out with them. >> yeah. >> reporter: what is that like? >> it's a little weird, to be honest. i was a little star-struck at the beginning but i'm starting to, like, pretend they are normal people because they are. ♪ >> i think both parties benefit. we get a lot of great advice and we get to look up to our role models and then they get inspiration from people that they wouldn't have before. ♪ >> reporter: of our four rookies, leah smith has the first chance at winning a melda on sunday during the 400-meter freestyle but tough competition, namely her teammate katie ledecky who is expected to dominate the pool throughout the games. gayle? >> all right. thank you very much, jamie yuccas. we have heard from reliable sources. john peck says it's your birthday today. happy birthday. what are you doing? >> actually, my birthday was two days ago but i'm a leo so i
8:46 am
party all week. we are in rio, right? we will figure something out. >> happy birthday two days ago. i love the back stories of the olympics that you get to hear their back stories when dreams come true. >> i love when a beautiful sport gets center stage. >> i would say that mr. water polo man. next, we take a look that all that mattered this week. yo
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
that does it for us. >> really good song there. >> a perfect way to end the way. >> tune into the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley tonight. let's take a look back at all that mattered this week. we hope you have a great weekend. donald trump says he saw money pouring off of a plane in iran. >> i have no idea what is he talking about. he recently criticized me saying i was a bad governor of new jersey. >> do you think donald trump is confused? >> i absolutely do. >> donald trump's campaign appears at this moment --
8:50 am
>> we are united. we are coming together. >> she argued trump has to meet so many people it's hard to know where the bottom is. >> she's a devil. >> somebody who attacks everybody has something missing. >> he keeps on proving it. >> these will become miami's new perfume. >> it's working as well as we hoped. >> an litter sthey were told to landing and minutes later it came down any way. >> a man stabbing people apparently at random. >> 6 inches of rain fell in hour. >> they started yelling get out of your car. >> here is the democratic reaction as hillary clinton opens up a six-point lead.
8:51 am
>> we are here to surprise jimmy. >> a lot of men wouldn't mind waking up that way. how about you, charlie? would you kick her out of bed? >> no. even shall fsif she ate cracker >> i know. ♪ >> hold on. channel your inner dance move. >> that is always a bad idea. >> i still don't believe that i'll be there in rio this summer. >> ready? >> 1-2. >> nice. >> you see the big names. now you're hanging out with them. what is that like? >> it's a little weird, to be honest, but i'm starting to like, pretend they are normal people. >> the underground railroad. >> what was your reaction when you learned that oprah had chosen you and your book? >> shut the front door! >> whoa. now the wind is going real -- whoa!
8:52 am
>> shaky cell phone video captured incumbent tennessee state representative todd moving his opponent's sign. guess who bailed him out of jail? norah, i would do that. >> leave her in there for 24 hours. >> so she would learn her lesson. >> hopefully, it won't get to that. ♪ touch me >> we were to be like cats for the day and crawling around and eat like a cat and take a nap like a cat. >> eat out of a bowl? >> get down on the floor and pretending to eat, yes. ♪ ♪ memory >> all that. ♪ >> and all that matters. ♪ memory >> on "cbs this morning." >> stand by. >> meow!
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good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. we're following a developing story right now, federal authorities are conducting investigations at several locations in philadelphia. one of the locations under scrutiny was in the hour is the ibew union hall at 17th and spring garden streets. pennsylvania state police are also involved. as of right now, we don't know the focus of the ongoing federal investigation. but we do expect a statement from investigators soon. we'll have more details on "eyewitness news" at and on "eyewitness news" at noon. let's head over to meteorologist, lauren casey now with a look at the weather. hi, lauren. >> jan, off to beautiful start on this friday, bright sunshine, comfortable humid at this once again, nice week so far. we top off right around
8:56 am
average in philadelphia, 87 degrees, but turning more humid, especially, as we head into the evening hours, and muggy tonight, have to close up the windows, increasing clouds, low of 73 degrees. for the upcoming weekends not so great day on saturday, scattered storms developing headed into the afternoon hours, warm, steamy, high temperature at 90 degrees, but improvement by sunday, beautiful ends to the weekends, 87 degrees, less humid, bright sunshine, and really nice quiet start to next week. sunshine for both monday tuesday with high temperatures meisha, in the mid to upper 80s, it will be so nice, thanks, laurenment looking outside right now disable truck 95 south before allegheny avenue. right lane is blocked. also, southbound boulevard at the off many ramp, is he the right lane obviously blocked, left shoulder also blocked leaving central lane slowing you down just little bit, also, we saw this police active any camden, 676 northbound atlantic avenue off ramp still closed for those every in you the area, also a look at the wide, 34 miles per hour on the schuylkill,
8:57 am
looking very red on route one. twenty-four, 95 south pushing in the southbound direction, 26 on the vine but look at this, 55 on the blue route, northbound direction towards route one, jan over you. >> thanks, that does it for "eyewitness "eyewitness news", join us for more on the federal investigations on "eyewi
8:58 am
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>> the drink that got a woman's newborn child taken away. >> this is a problem, something we take very seriously. 30-minute procedure caused this woman an endless amount of pain. >> i wanted out of my body, i want my life back. >> announcer: and on stage. >> i think it is a complicated issue. >> dr. travis: is this a viable option? >> announcer: plus, this may be one of the grossest gifts you may ever receive. >> dr. travis: wait a minute. >> announcer: "the doctors." >> dr. travis: welcome to "the doctors," how is everyone feel something you ready to have some fun? we have breaking news affecting you health, starting with this story. a server in ohio didn't get a tip from a newlywed couple, at least in the form of money. she got a nasty note from the wife saying, "he's my husband, find your own, good luck."


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