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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 6, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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caught on camera, part of a fence collapsed in a concert in camden sending dozens to the hospital. the fbi carries out several raids in the philadelphia region a union boss and city councilman air the center of the investigation. today is a saturday august m jan carabao, rahel solomon is off today. here's meteorologist justin drabick with eyewitness weather. justin, what does our weekend look like. >> a split weekend. you can feel the difference a lot more humid. we are talking with showers and storms. tomorrow will be the best day of the weekend, comfortable still warm but outdoor plans a go tomorrow. even today it is not a wash out. don't cancel outdoor plans just yet but outside later
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today keep your eyes to the sky. we have threat for some stronger showers and thunderstorms. now this morning for the most part we are quiet, waking up to low clouds and fog in some spots. 76 degrees. it is warm, muggy in center city wind shifted out of the south at 8 miles an hour. everybody is the same low to hid 70's with the exception mount pocono checking in at 69 . seventy-two in doylestown. palmyra, new jersey at 77 degrees. big jump in the dew points, that means high moisture contend humidity in the air. dew point is 71. that makes it feel oppressive to our bodies a and that is the trend for the next 24 hours and then each humidity levels start to drop. we have a couple light showers, extreme southern new jersey cape may county parts of the central delaware around dover, down to sussex county delaware. everybody else is dry with cloud but later this afternoon with the daytime heating we will see showers and storms firing up. keyword scattered. it will be hot. we're up to 29 for
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philadelphia. upper 80's at the shore and at the poconos. then we will move back this is dryer pattern again. we have nice days ahead for early august you'll like it. we will talk about our next rain chance after today in the seven day in a few more fins, back to you. police say 42 people are recovering this morning, following this snoop dog and wi z concert at bb and t pavilion in camden. that is where we will find "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh from the frightening moments from last night, anita. >> reporter: good morning, jan. camden fire officials say dozens on have people are recovering from minor injuries after that railing collapsed during a concert here at bb and t pavilion it happened around 10:30 last night as wiz and snoop dog took the stage. concert dog described panic as 3-foot railing collapsed send ing 42 people to the hospital, and dozens more tumbling to the ground. many piling on top of each other. we spoke to several people at concert who say they caught
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video of the collapse on their cell phone, pedro gomez is one of them and he says it seems railing was too thin holding back dozens of fans pressed against to it take video. >> it is just one guy who was pushing his face on all of his part was opened. >> reporter: that railing separates the line from a covered portion of the venue and self feet above a conn creek walkway. you can hemorrhage the injuries ape damaged sustain this is fall like. that emergency crew it is respond quickly. they treated mostly minor injuries and organizers cancelled the rest of the concert shortly thereafter. live from camden, a neat a oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> scary situation, thanks a neat. now to the latest on the federal investigations involving two prominent philadelphia a leaders. raid took place in ten location as cross the city yesterday, including the ibew local nine will headquarters and union hall, union leader
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john dougherty's home and bar and councilman bobby henon's two philadelphia offices. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has the story. >> reporter: as federal agents raided his home in south philadelphia, ibew business manager john dougherty paced back and fourth on the sidewalk making phone calls and talking to cameras. >> i'm very comfortable with where we're at right now, once we get this ugly scenario bye everything will be fine. >> reporter: agent left with several boxes and computers. they took items from another nearby home dougherty owns. and, dougherty's pub down the street. four and a half miles away a semi truck pull up to the ibew headquarters and union hall where agents took out boxes filled with paperwork. the authorities also raided two offices of city councilman bobby henon a close associate of dougherty. philadelphia's mayor jim kenney a man close to dougherty and henon didn't have much to say about the
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raid agents left the scene in the a after noon but future for both dougherty and henon is uncertainty. >> i have been under scrutiny my whole life. i don't understand why. maybe because i win too much. >> reporter: fbi spokesperson confirms yesterday's investigation, no more details were given, no one was arrested. reporting from the union headquarters david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in 2006, federal agents searched john dougherty's home, documents revealed they were investigating whether doing heard received free labor at his home and then got a condo at a shore for below fair market value. they up investigated if he evaded taxes. no charges were filed n february dougherty was accused of hitting a non-union workers during an argument at a south
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jersey surveillance site. it shows an altercation but not the incident. dougherty claims self-defense, charges were never filed. meantime another location raided yesterday was a warehouse in camden county, chopper three over the njk electrical building in berlin. fbi confirms this is part of the same investigation but has not released any other details. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the federal raids, we will bring you latest updates on tv and anytime on line at cbs a judge in florida has ordered reputed philadelphia mob boss joey merlino held without the bail pending a detention hearing on tuesday. merlino was arrested on thursday in palm beach county. he is among 46 people indicted in connection with alleged organized crime activities. wide ranging charges for the group including racketeering, conspiracy, arson and firearms trafficking. pennsylvania's highest court has cleared the way for attorney general kathleen kane's criminal trial to go as
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planned. state supreme court denied kane emergency petition to have charges a begins her drop. she's accused of leaking secret grand jury information and then lying bit under oath. jury selection for kane's per injury i trial gets underway in norristown on monday. kane is in the running for a second term. montgomery county officials announce at rest of daniel jake on erb of hatboro. investigators say gymnastic instructor sexually assaulted a girl multiple times from the time she was eight until she was 11. erb faces a number of charges including endangering the welfare of the child, indecent assault and unlawful contact with a child. well, eyes of the world are focused honorary owe de, as olympic games begin but country is putting on those games at a time of economic and political turmoil. jamie youkiss has more. >> reporter: millions around the world tuned into the olympic opening ceremony at
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rio di janeiro's marcana stadium that highlighted brazilan culture with the help of the 5,000 performers and volunteers. along with about 11,000 athletes, super model gisele bunch chin but p el e stayed at home. those who scored a ticket got to check an item off bucket list. >> every day is closer and more exciting. >> reporter: while excitement build so does frustration of the many locals who believe the olympic games has not been good for the country: a 20 minute walk from the opening ceremony stadium people protesting the games, gathered and were search by a strong force of police officers. protest erupted throughout the day, supporters of the brazil's ousted president, blocked the main road that runs alongside copa cabana beach forcing the olympic
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torch procession to teave eighth from the planned route. are you upset. >> yes, military of our city has killed more than 2,500 people. >> reporter: more fire works are likely yet to come on the streets, not far from the real burst friday night above the stadium. jamie youkiss for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". world class athletes are not the only ones in rio for summer olympics, pokemon go is also in brazil. popular game, has clogged servicer from the u.s. to japan and any launch across central and south america in time for last night's ceremonies. who knows if pokemon will make an appearance. is there much more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". donald trump makes up his mind bye a couple key endorsement. and that cup of coffee you enjoy on the way to work could cost you. we will tell what you they are planning to do about it. a warning about dangerous
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rip currents at new jersey shore what you can do to stay safe in the water, when "eyewitness news"
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what's that?! a bird? no, it's gus, the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania!
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have no fear, wonder gus is here! wonder bucks! whaaa... wonder bucks, the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery, with top prizes of $300 grand! one can dream. you can say that again. (giggles) keep on scratchin'! ♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪ welcome back. dop old trum april period in two western states evening the wait with long awaited endorsements. new poll shows hillary clinton is making inroads against trump about three months before election. craig boswell has the latest on campaign 2016. >> reporter: donald trump
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endorsed house speaker paul ryan of wisconsin at a campaign rally in green bay, friday night. >> i support and endorse our speaker of the house paul ryan. >> his announcement comes just days after declining to back ryan in his congressional campaign, republican party heavyweights skip the event, a monk them ryan, governor scott walker and senator ron johnson. earlier in the day at a rally in iowa with running mate mike pence trump took aim at hillary clinton's temperament. >> she's pretty close to unhinge. >> reporter: trump defended his own demeanor. >> i have been told by so many people that know me under pressure that done will old that is when you do the best. >> reporter: nationally clinton has an average seven-point advantage over trump who by all accounts is having a pretty bad week. the clinton blame herself for inconsistencies during an interview about what fbi director james comey said about her e-mail and what she
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told the american people. >> what i told the fbi, which he said was truthful, is consistent with what i have said publicly. so i may have short circuited it. >> reporter: on monday clinton campaigns in florida where she has a significant edge over trump in the polls. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a virginia marries facing drug charges after a police sting operation, investigators say fairfax city mayor r scott silverthorn was arrested in the methamphetamine for sex sting operation. silverthorn was corresponding with detectives on a fake web site and agreed to meet at a hotel to provide drugs in exchange for sex. mayor allegedly gave meth to the detective and was arrested. well, that cup of coffee on your way to work could cost you a few you more dollars and fine if new jersey lawmakers have their way with the new bill. people who eat, drink, groom, or use electronic devices behind the wheel could face a
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200 to 400-dollar fine for the first offense. for a second offense, drivers face fines of 400 to $600. a third or subsequent offence could mean a fine of 600 to $800. up to a 90 day license suspend with motor vehicle points. a warning now with at the shore or heading down there this weekend is there a rip current advisory in effect. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan shows us the danger from atlantic city. >> reporter: it only takes a moment for a fun take at the beach to take a turn for the worst. >> i like it. >> reporter: as we talk with the atlantic city beach patrol about a rip current advisory latoyia jackson from fill almost became a victim. life guard launch the rescue boat while she was swallowing water trying to regain her footing. >> i almost drawn, the water was pulling me and trying to swim out and i could swim. but that was crazy. >> reporter: in the last two
5:16 am
days atlantic city life guard have performed about 60 rescues. and they moved hundreds of people out of the way there rip currents. >> you can go from waist deep to over your head very quick. >> reporter: chief steve downey says his life guard are always ready to respond but he prefers swimmers pay better attention to the life guard. >> they think they are fine. we are actually blowing them out of the rip current areas. >> reporter: rip currents are brown sandy areas where water recede out to sea. they are of along jetties but can pop up anywhere and that was case for jackson who received help from two good samaritans. >> she started to go under, he put his arm up and we held her up in water. it is strong out there. >> reporter: nearly all drownings happen after life guard go home for the day f you wanting to swimming in the evening make sure you find out fur town has a protected beach in the after hours. cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". really important to be knowledgeable about rip currents if you are going down the shore.
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>> they can happen being always, whether the surf is rupp or not, incoming and outing tides, that is best chance to see them. life guard to have be on duty. keep your toes on the sand until life guard hit the stand. >> i know you like to hit the ocean. >> yes, not the best beach day because we have some clouds and maybe a few showers and thunderstorms but tomorrow certainly the better day of the weekend. so kind of the split weekend. we will take you up to northampton county, thinks a live look at bethlehem where musikfest has kick off for the next couple of days. it will be rocking up there, heads up later this afternoon up until lehigh valley we could be dealing with some showers and strong to even possibly severe thunderstorms, containing heavy rain and gusty wind in any storms that do develop. check out storm scan three we have shower activity south jersey, delaware right now, again, about to wake up right now jersey shore, and thinking about heading to the delaware beaches, maybe a little bit of rain, hid morning in the afternoon and then we will get
5:18 am
this line of showers and a few thunderstorms firing autopsy long a cold front impacting us mid to late afternoon around philadelphia and certainly in the evening hours and then things improve later on tonight. it is warm though low to mid 70's. seventy-five in cherry hill. seventy-three in dover, delaware, philadelphia same thumbs. everybody is uniform right now. we have a lot of humidity, much different then past couple of days, mount pocono is only cool spot at 66 but doesn't feel cool with the humidity. dew points running real high from the mid 60's in the mountains to the mid 70's in parts of the south jersey. seventy in dover, delaware this makes it feel like a tropical air mass in place. so even though our temperatures will be right around 90 today, it will be feeling hotter then that when you factor in the humidity. here's the shore forecast. we should see sunshine. i wouldn't cancel your plans. things should get better for a few hours. eighty-three for the air temperature. ocean water temperature 78. heads up about the rip current
5:19 am
risk at moderate threat as we head to the start of the weekend. cold front comes through later today before it hits lower 90's in the warm spots this afternoon. you'll notice drop in humidity tomorrow but it will be still warm. we have highs upper 80's which is average for this time of the year and then to monday a real pleasant conditions, high pressure build in control out of canada a, nice dry air mass low humidity with comfortable temperatures. we have a severe threat today only marginal a 5 percent chance of the severe thunderstorm throughout the entire delaware valley. main threat from these storms would be strong wind, up to around 60 miles an hour and obviously heavy rain in any storms that develop. so through mid-morning and early afternoon for the most part we are quiet, a stray shower, or two, some sunshine, heavier showers and storms fire up mid afternoon and coming through around 4:00 o'clock and then off shore around ten or 11. we will get better overnight. then tomorrow morning looks great, practically all day long we will see clear skies, and then comfortable temperatures.
5:20 am
so today it does get the hot, lower 90's for the warm spots, lower 80's near shore points later this afternoon once sea breeze kicks up and then tonight still warm and muggy 60's 70's for the low temperatures, we will cool it back down tomorrow mid to upper 80's for the warmest spot. that is closer to average. stowe for today it is hot and humid. watch out for scattered showers and storms coming in this afternoon, up to 91 degrees. then tonight a chance for shower or storm early this evening, otherwise partly cloud which a low of 72. wind shift at the five to ten. that brings in the will cooler, dryer air mass. we will knock it down to 88 tomorrow. still warm. in the sunshine but less humid. mid 80's, will feel good for monday and tuesday with some sunshine but by middle of the next week notice that increase in humidity on wednesday, and then, finally by end of the week next thursday and friday, jan we will talk about more rain chances in the form of showers and storms, justin, thank you. florida department of
5:21 am
health is reporting a new case of the zika virus transmitted by local mosquitoes. so far there is no evidence that the virus is spreading outside of the 1 mile area of the wynnewood section of miami but cdc is advising all pregnant woman and their doctors to be vigilant. the meantime, researchers are intensifying their work to develop a vaccine for sick, testing will begin at the university of school of medicine, emery university at atlanta and national institutes of health. there is new evidence that there are any zika affect mosquitoes in our area but you are advised to avoid bug by the but that is not always easy. have you noticed mosquitoes ten to like some people and leave others alone? well, "eyewitness news" health reporter stephanie stahl explains like many kelly clark war business mosquito by the. >> i'm concerned so i use products and i'm consistent about it. >> reporter: drinking wine could make her more appealing to mosquitoes. >> theory is that alcohol may
5:22 am
raise your body temperature a little bit, and make your mow track turf toe mosquitoes. >> reporter: they are also attracted to pregnant woman, at the let's and people with type zero bug. >> they should inact more precautions and protection begins mosquitoes. >> reporter: studies show pregnant woman exhale more carbon dioxide which attract more mosquitoes and for athletes it is lactic as it by people released by sweat. >> i'm not going to be hanging around a lake that is swamty. >> reporter: people with type o blood were 83 per september more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes but kelly is willing to take the risk of mosquito by the rather than give up her wine. >> i will still drink wine outside. >> reporter: people, least likely to attract mosquitoes are those with type a blood, experts say, no matter your risk people who are outside around mosquitoes should protect themselves, with insect repellant that contains deet, most effective at
5:23 am
preventing bug by the. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead a new film where bad guys are the good guys. i'm kevin frazier, coming up will smith and margot robbie tells us what it takes to be the worst heroes ever as bad guys save the
5:24 am
5:25 am
welcome back. one of the summers most anticipated films hits the big screen. suicide squad has a huge cast including west philly's own will smith. kevin frazier from entertainment tonight has new in theaters this weekend. >> this week cast of the
5:26 am
suicide squad share how they became bad is from the stunt to the costumes to the on set craziness and why they had so much fun being bad, in the wildest movie of the summer. >> i want build a team of some very bad people who can do some good. >> reporter: what if the the bad guys tried to be here owes, that is what happens when a government agency led by viola a davis puts together a team of villain including will smith and harley quinn to save the world from something even worse. >> action. >> let's go. >> reporter: characters looks, and sound are right out of the comic book whether it is cara dell levin enchantress or the stand out margot robbie red and blue ensemble that had everyone talking. >> they are trying on a hundred different variations of the outfit and saying, that is fascinating. >> i'm known to be quite sexy i'm just warning you.
5:27 am
>> reporter: is there another bad guy causing trouble for would be good guys, jared ledo's joke shore caused a stir on the set with his unusual gifts for his cast mates. >> what do we have here. >> i gave people all kind of different gifts. i think people have have had a little bit of fun with it but it was a really interesting way for me to create a dynamic, between the characters. >> i can't wait to show you my poise. >> your a's bad guys, it is what we do. >> for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier, now back to you in the studio. it was a perfect evening, for enjoying some music, by the river. >> ♪ on penns landing avery sunshine was performing for smooth jazz summer nights
5:28 am
concert, "eyewitness news" anchor ukee washington was there as they kick off the first in the series of free smooth jazz concerts which will take place every friday night in august, cbs-3 and cw philly are sponsors of the event. well, coming up in the next half an hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a concert in camden comes to an abrupt end after a partition gives way, ape eyewitnesses tell us what they saw in the theater and see it for yourself. another sunny stretch is on the way but a thunderstorm could interrupt weekend plans, justin drabick's eyewitness weather is coming up this saturday morning,
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oh! (to dog)i'm so proud of you. well thank you. get your free credit scorecard at even if you're not a customer. a camden concert featuring two top artists is cut short, the reason why is caught on camera. and criminal justice center is still closed as investigators look for what caused an elevator accident that injured two people, and it were hope in town find out when philly can enjoy streets without the traffic once again. today is saturday august 6th good morning i'm jan carabao, meteorologist justin drabick is out there on the sky deck this morning with eyewitness weather, justin what can we expect today rain in our future. >> we have the chance of some rain with storms and you can feel a big difference, pretty
5:32 am
comfortable, very muggy, sticky, humidity around. it only lasts today but it will feel better because of all this humidity we have to talk about showers and storm chances. i wouldn't cancel your plans outside just yet, check out temperatures we're waking up to some low to mid 70's, pretty muggy outside, not much change, where you are across the region they are 07 in mount pocono. mid 70's around philadelphia, palmyra, new jersey, already 77 degrees at this hour. big jump in the humidity. looking at that change over past 24 hours. 8 degrees warmer in philadelphia. ten in wilmington. fourteen in millville. that indicates that humid air mass is continuing to rise, compared to yesterday at this time. we have showers around maybe even a rumble of thunder in south jersey over next few hours in parts of the central delaware. everybody else dry, little bit of cloud, we will see limited unshine but later this afternoon with the daytime heating watch out for better chance for scattered showers
5:33 am
and storms and because there is so much humidity answerer, they will dump heavy wind and gusty wind and that is main problem or threat with storms that become severe. ninety-two in philadelphia. lower 80's in the poconos. it does feel better and we will talk about cooler temperatures and nicer stretch of weather coming up in just a few minutes, jan, back over to you. well, it was a frightening moment during a snoop dog and wiz khalifa concert at bb and t cons inert camden. a fence collapsed sending dozens off the platform. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is at the scene where it happens, what went wrong. >> well, good morning, jan. going to a concert you certainly don't expect something like this, camden fire officials say 42 people were hurt after a railing collapsed during a concert here at bb and t pavilion that happened last night around
5:34 am
10:30 as wiz khalifa and snoop dog performed and as two wrappers came up on a second stage concert goers say many people pressed against that railing to snap video and that is when the 3-foot railing collapsed end ising dozens of fans tumbling to the ground. many piling on top of each other. we spoke with several people at the concert say they caught video of the collapse on their cell phones. pedro gomez said he saw one fan bleeding from his head. while's tended many concerts and festivals around the world he never seen such a fragile fence holding back such a large amount of people. >> for the amount of people, it was only one line, it is not safe. >> reporter: that railing separates line from the covered area of the venue, and several more seats below that there is a a concrete walkway. emergency crews responded quickly, they treated mostly minor injuries on the scene and organizers cancelled the rest of the concert shortly thereafter. live, anita oh for cbs-3
5:35 am
"eyewitness news". there are new developments surrounding the unrest in turkey that has ties to pennsylvania. lawyers for turkish cleric fethullah gul even lives in the poconos fear an attack on his life. turkey issued an arrest for gulen and accusing him of orchestrating the coup attempt there. gulen denies any involvement. >> he condemned this coup and we have condemned every other coup in turkey. for mr. gulen to be involved he would have to be acting inconsistent with everything that he has done in his entire adult life. >> now turkey has not yet made a formal extradition request, the u.s. has asked turkey for evidence, of gulen's involvement. back here at home republican lawmakers plan to introduce legislation revising delaware's death penalty law. the state supreme court declared that the current unconstitutional, this week. the state justices said delaware's law was
5:36 am
unconstitutional because it allows judges too much discretion and does in the require a jury find unanimously that a defendant deserves to be executed. state g.o.p. leaders say they will introduce legislation next year. police are looking for two men in connection with the shooting that wounded a ten year-old girl in north philadelphia, earlier in july. these are the suspects 23 year-old richard holmes and 29 year-old steven they say the happened at north rosewood street after an argument. investigators say the suspect opened fire missing his target but hitting the girl in her arm. police say that the second gunman then began firing from a second floor window at the man involve with the argument, both suspects remain on the loose, child was treated and release. well, it is unclear when philadelphia criminal justice center will reopen for court business, after an elevator mishap on thursday, injured two people, one critically. yesterday, the cjc was closed
5:37 am
again while investigators work to pinpoint what went wrong, sheriff williams told "eyewitness news" that sergeant paulaens has a long road to recovery. he suffered a broken back and other injuries after the elevator he was riding shot from the 11th floor up through the ceiling of the shaft. the collision rain debris on the second elevator in the the basement, a clerk inside that elevator was treated and then released. parts of the philadelphia will be shut down for a day next month, it is part of an event called philly free streets. the event was inspired in part by pope francis visit to philadelphia. many streets were closed to cars, and people, really seemed to love it. city officials have announced upcoming plans for a one day event during which miles of the streets will be closed again, on september 24th philly free streets will open seven plus miles for streets for children, families and adults to walk, bike, play and enjoy cities parks and rivers.
5:38 am
>> now the event will also include free family friendly fitness activities, and educational programming about our cities waterways, public arts, and architecture. and we have a lot shore still to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", body camera video released in a deadly police shooting. more of that dramatic footage and chaos that shut down a news conference on the shooting. plus an old cruise ship that there are plans to restructure is former glory, find out why and what organizers will do instead. and there is a chance of then are storms that could interrupt your outdoor plans, meteorologist justin drabick has the eyewitness weather forecast in a few minutes, stay with us. for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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and the bright refreshing taste of lipton iced tea. lipton. be more tea. everything naand it doesn't take is so wholesothe whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. chicago police are looking at training, and tactics after an officer fatally shot a suspect car thief last week. as jericka duncan reports the actual shooting was never caught on tape but we want to warn you that you may find video released disturbing. >> reporter: within second of spotting a reported stolen jaguar, police fired more than a dozen shots at the car, 18 year-old paula neil was driving. o'neill sped off and then rammed into a police car.
5:42 am
o'neill then fled on foot, after a short chase, he was shot in the back, but fatal shooting was not captured on any camera, only the after math. >> unaudible. >> reporter: officers believed o'neill was firing at them, but no gun was ever recovered on o'neill or in the car. michael opphimer represent the family. >> these police officers decided to play judge, jury and executioner. >> reporter: the video was made public eight days after the incident a far cry from the 14 months it took to release video of officer jason van dike shooting and killing 17 year-old laquan mcdonald. the officer who said on video he thought he shot o'neill, knew early on there would be trouble. >> i'm going to be on the desk
5:43 am
for 30 days now. >> chicago police have pretended eddie beyond son tried to have news conference outside police news conference but he was shouted down by protester. >> reporter: three of the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave. we have tried to reach out for comment but got no reply. meanwhile the police superintendent says a new policy may have been violated, preventing officers from firing, at a moving vehicle. jericka duncan for cbs news, chicago. meantime back here at home plans to revive the ss united states, and convert it into a luxury cruise liner have been abandoned. earlier this year crystal cruise has announced it would restore the ship that is now docked in south philly and get it back out there on the ocean but company determined it would be too expensive to restore that six five-year old vessel. instead they will make $350,000 donation to the conserve antsy group that owns
5:44 am
the ship. all right. lets see what our weather looks like this weekend, i hear a mixed bag. >> split weekend, today is not an all day wash out but if you do in the like humidity you were ill not like today. we feel a big difference and they are fueling showers and thunderstorms later on. the right now in south jersey, cape may county, shore points seeing light rain, that extend back to dover, delaware this should pass through in the next hour or so, a and then most areas will be dry but as we head later on, to the mid afternoon hours and we will see another line of some showers developing along a cold front, and with the daytime heating we should see these showers turn into some stronger or severe thunderstorms, so watch out mid to late afternoon around philadelphia, we could get stronger thunderstorms. they are out of here during this evening and then the second half of the weekend turns out really nice. if you have outdoor plans today just keep your eyes to the sky for any threatening weather, if you can hear thunder you are close enough to be struck. so head indoors. if you can hold off your outdoor plans until tomorrow that is obviously the most safe bet.
5:45 am
seventy-three in allentown. we have musikfest, heads up for thunderstorms later today. seventy-four trenton. mid 70's in south jersey, the shore points, we have a is in breeze coming from the southwest right now, so, you know, humidity levels on the rise because of the southerly win. ocean is warm at 78 degrees, you about usually when we get stronger wind flow the eventually top surface water gets pushed off shore and replaced by cooler water. owe possibly ocean water temperatures could be cooler then what they are today. dew points running high, past couple of days it was pretty low so it felt nice to be outside with low humidity but now it is oppressive, it will stay like that throughout the day-to-day. tomorrow we will bring back pleasant conditions and that will be a trend in our forecast, really at least through the first half of next week. here's the forecast dew points, but right new we are in the upper 60's to low to mid 70's, it will stay like that throughout the afternoon but tomorrow we have dew point in the upper 50's and 60's. enjoy. that shore forecast today, morning showers, watch out for
5:46 am
thunderstorms later this afternoon. warm and humid at 88 degrees. to real nice beach day full sunshine, less humid, 86 for the high temperature. we will keep nice weather going in to next week. monday looks great. pleasant conditions. 84 degrees. humidity levels are on the lower end, and i mentioned the water temperatures in matter where you are, delaware beaches, up the new jersey shore, feeling pretty nice, mid to upper 70's but again we could get that cold the water upwelling developing with that southerly win, happening right now, and here's the cold front still to our west today, out ahead warm and humid, watch out for shower and thunderstorm chances specially this afternoon. front moves through our region tonight replace by high pressure coming in out of the canada so that brings cooler and dryer air mass in here so say good bye to the humidity and as long as this high pressure stays on top of us, we will be comfortable for early august. our storm threats today, heavy rain, that is main threat because it is so much moisture, you can feel it, watch out for brief downpours, and in any of those showers that develop, wind,
5:47 am
lightening, moderate threat and low threat for hail, and tornadoes. let's time it out, this is three or 4:00 o'clock we will see our best chance for some showers and storms, again, they will be scattered so they will develop north and west and move in south and east so later for south jersey into delaware and then by 11:00 o'clock these showers and storms could come to an end as they move off shore. it is hot. we are backup to 92 degrees for this have afternoon's high. tonight chance for a storm early otherwise partly cloudy, mug which a low of 72. here's that extended forecast. we will drop back into the upper 80's tomorrow, it will feel good, monday, mid 80's and tuesday, a nice couple of days to start off the workweek. by the end of the week we have an high up to 90 with more humidity, shower and storm chances coming in for thursday and friday. danger from above, there has been a recent rash of lightening strikes in the u.s., some deadly, meteorologist lauren casey is in the einstein health care science center with more on what you need to know about
5:48 am
lightening. struck by lightening synonymous with rarity but with 12 lightening deaths in the u.s. in just the last few weeks adding up to 21 so far this year danger on have the lightening is very real. just this past weekend a five-year old boy from delaware county was killed on the outer banks of the north carolina while on vacation. now lightening is fascinating, mess more rising but it is very hot and this is what makes it so dangerous. at 40,000 degrees, right evening is four, four times hotter then surface of the sun. and anytime you hear thunder you are the at risk. the lightening cab strike 15 miles away from the parent thunderstorm. from 1950 to april of this past year 143 people in the delaware valley alone were reported injured by lightening, last month two people were struck in ocean county, new jersey. men, you need to pay extra mind to the sky statistically
5:49 am
80 percent have of lightening strike victims are male. most lightening deaths occur when people are outside having fun relaxing. water related activities account for largest percentage, a statistic we all need to remember as we head down the shore this summer. to dispel another myth out there golfers are not the most at risk, of the sports related lightening deaths from 2006 through 2013, soccer accounted for the most. and believe it or not, since 1940, lightening has taken more lives, then hurricanes. that is why it is so important to remember, when thunder roars, go indoors. in the einstein health care center i'm meteorologist lauren casey. >> very good advice there. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning a late night out west for phillies, this one right here, it goes way out of the park but can they keep the momentum going? that is straight ahead in "eyewitness sports". finding a a pal, pat
5:50 am
gallen spotlights the police athletic league and his involvement when "eyewitness news" continues.
5:51 am
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and spent eleven months in a pow vcamp.m what donald trump said about our members of the military being captured is a disgrace. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. when you fly over enemy territory, the odds might be against you being able to come home. donald trump doesn't understand the weight of sending americans into harm's way. he's unfit to be president. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. eagles will take a break today last couple of days the contact has taken a toll, yesterday four prepares todd leave with injuries. defensive lineman mike martin and smith left practice, martin with the knee sprain, smith with the concussion. also joining them receivers zach ertz and jordan matthews. both injured when they were hit low during a live drill by rookies blake countes and jalen mills.
5:53 am
despite these injuries, head coach doug pederson says it is part of football. >> it is a contact sport. it will happen. and whether it happens today or it happens thursday night, it is part of the game and i'm a big believer you never shy away from contact you got to have contact. >> tom brady speaking for the first time after dropping his appeal in deflate gate, he will miss the first four games of the season after commissioner goodell suspended him for using under inflated football. tom explained why he dropped at peel. >> it was a, you know, just a personal decision. i tried to come out here and focus on than what i need to do to get better and help our team and like i said, i will be excited to be back when i'm back. i will be cheering our team on hoping to go out and win every game. >> pro fight balance hall of fame class of 2016 will be induct tonight in canton, ohio. one of the players there is marvin harrison, he played 13
5:54 am
seasons for indianapolis colt and holds the team record for receptions, yards and touchdown. he also owns nfl mark for most receptions in the season, and marvin reflect on his career. >> i have never really paid attention to the stats i just played the game week in and week out. i have never looked back on what i have done and what i have done. i just wanted to play the game extremely well every week. the goal was always to play the perfect game. no matter what i did the week before the next week i wanted to play better. >> that is all for sports i'm leslie van arsdal have a great day. now the phillies are on the road taking on the padres, phillies are down two-zero in the fourth inning until cameron rupp hits a home run in the stand. aaron altear and miguel franco score and phillies take the lead three-two. game remain close but phillies do win five-four. they lay padres again tonight, at 8:40.
5:55 am
local kid getting a helping hand from those who serve our community. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen has the story of the police athletic league and how it continues to strive for better relationships in the community. >> start with your right. >> reporter: since 1947 the philadelphia police athletic league has been helping area kids escape dangers of the street while dividing them a positive fun learning and playing environment. officer bruno knows the importance have of those relationship. >> bond between child and officer is something that can change a child's life, the fact that we, in many ways, we groom them, sometimes it feels like we're raising some of these kid. >> um-hmm, good. >> reporter: here at the jardell playground in northeast philadelphia kid are taking part in the six week tennis camp but many other sports are part of the program. >> to you like tennis. >> yes. >> do you kind of like tennis. is what your favorite sport.
5:56 am
>> soccer. >> i like everything they have to offer. >> really. >> is what your favorite. >> baseball. >> tony, recently retired after 34 years on the force, and has been with pal for 25 years. so he too understands why pal continues to be successful today. >> it helps them be safe, keeps them off the street but it brings neighborhoods together. my pal center was at lawncrest or lawn dale pal but it brought people from, kid from the lawncrest community, lawn dale, burholme, fox cause brought them all together. >> reporter: i was a pal kid, tony and i go way back. anything comes to mind about kid that grew through pal that you were at. >> well, you are one of them right. >> true. there have been many success stories stemming from pal and having played multiple sports there i know first hand the good it can bring to the people of philadelphia. >> winner, good job. what a great organization. >> coming up next half an hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" a concert with snoop dog and wiz
5:57 am
khalifa come to a halt after a railing collapse. federal agents descend on philadelphia in a series have raids at the a union hall and city councilman's office. it promises to be a nice weekend for the most part justin drabick's eyewitness weather is coming up next this saturday morning. (man) what i love about the tempur-breeze bed is it's cool. you're not too hot, too cold, you're just perfect. you just get in and it naturally adapts to your body and creates the perfect temperature for you. (vo) sleep cooler, wake more refreshed. discover the new temper-breeze.
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caught on cam part of the fence collapses at a cons inert camden sending dozens to the hospital. the fbi carries out several raid in the philadelphia region a union boss and city council hand are at certainty of the investigation. it is saturday august 6th, good morning i'm jan carabao in for rahel solomon. now here's meteorologist justin drabick with eyewitness weather. i hear it is hit or miss showers today. >> yes, typical summertime day, scattered stuff coming in the afternoon. hot and humid though. we had a nice break from the 90's but it is back today one day and second half of the weekend looking better but this morning we are dreary with some cloud, limited sunshine, actually there is a few showers in south jersey right now but main or best chance to see some storms, will be coming mid to late afternoon today. outside center city you can se


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